How Does The GM Diet Work?

The GM diet, also known as the General Motors diet, is a 7-day eating plan that offers significant weight loss results. Unlike other diets which require intake of supplements that aid in losing weight, this diet relies mainly on natural produce. The main objectives of the GM diet are to get rid of the excess pounds and at the same time alter the individual’s eating habits towards a more organic lifestyle.

How does the GM diet work? A lot of people remain to be curious with the diet plan’s effects. This is because all it requires is to follow the prescribed foods for each day of the week. Dieters are not required to undergo exercise or to supplement their diet with nutritious non-food items. Some experts also find the diet to a mere weight loss fad that doesn’t produce long-term satisfying effects.


In contrast to what many people say, the GM diet is an effective way to start detoxification. Indeed individuals are deprived of eating fat, unhealthy proteins and carbohydrates during the first few days of the week. But at the same time their body systems are cleansed and the toxins that keep them tired, stressed and overweight are flushed away. Followers of the GM diet are inclined to drink up to 2 liters of water each day, which is sufficient to digest all the food they have consumed and wash away all the unwanted entities inside their system.

Regular detoxification aids in faster digestion, regular bowel movement and urination, and eventual weight loss.

Faster Digestion

GM diet fosters digestion in two significant ways. First is through the foods consumed each day of the diet week. Individuals are subject to consume only high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar. These meals alone already speed up digestion as they are easily absorbed by the stomach.

Digestion is also sped up with significant water intake. Foods that are rich in fiber still need water for them to be dissolved into nutrients. With regular water intake, the overall digestion process is maximized. In turn individuals get to use all the nutrients they have consumed and at the same time utilize their reserved energies through by means of metabolism.

Regular Bowel Movement

One of the reasons why people tend to be overweight is the unnecessary wastes trapped inside the body. These include elements that have not been able to be digested and had to be removed from the system through defecation. Due to the high fiber foods and consistent water intake in the GM diet, the solid entities in the digestive system are flushed away from the body in a regular manner. Bowel problems such as constipation and LBM are thus avoided.


The above mentioned processes all contribute to faster weight loss effects. Through the GM diet, individuals not only get to lose weight; they also find the way towards a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. In time, those who follow the diet also get rid of their poor eating habits and find ways to enjoy life in a more natural manner.

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  1. iam going to start this diet from tomorow. i shall post my weight loss exactly after a week. tq.

  2. This diet seems to be interesting but being a diabetic can i follow this?any sp.sugesstions which i should follow.My husband has undergone open heart surgery 3 years before can he also follow?I’m 54yrs.he is 62yrs old.

  3. I too have same Qn as Ms Revathy; can this diet suitable for a person with diabetis person? What precautions to be taken?

  4. hi am sanjana ma wt is 95… and am a three times surjeried patient shall i try this diet??????plsssssss any 1 tel me

  5. It works and I have tried it…12 lbs in one week guaranteed…stay away from alcohol.

  6. I have started with the GM Diet Indian today and its taking a lot of control to avoid my regular food… i weigh in at 68 kgs today. will post report on the 7 th day.

  7. I started on Monday 136. my fear is I have constipation problems. It is toward the end of day 2 am I supposed to be having bowel movements yet?

  8. I followed the diet strictly for one week and lost 11 lbs…..taking a weeks break and then doing it again!

  9. its my 5th day today….i worked hard all days…not even taken single bite other than diet…doing exercise daily 1 hour……today taken dal with polished rice….but my weight is very same i started…feeling preety depressed…..can anyone suggest what happend or what can i do:…..i m an veggie..

  10. hi, it really works wonders, today 6th day, lost 4kgs.Being a vegetarian I had whole wheat rawa, instead of brown rice and beef.Planning to do again.

  11. Sir,
    I have just started the GM DIET. I want to know whether i can consume EGGS , instead of Beef/chicken ?
    The idea is to have Protine & i believe , eggs have a lot of protine.
    Your suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks,


  12. Eggs will be fine, I love free range real pastured eggs, so healthy. Do the right amount.

  13. HI..
    I started it today… where it takes me…. :)

  14. I started 6-feb-2014. almost completed 6 days, but didn’t get any weight loss.

    Before starting my weight 76 now also the same

    • have any cheats? did you follow it 100%? can you tell me how you ate each day? how many bananas on day 4? Do you eat any grains at all?

  15. Hi. I started this diet on 17 Feb 2014. Today, on 22 Feb Morning (Day 6), I have lost exactly 3.2 kilos. Should I expect a total loss of 5 kilos plus this week. I plan to repeat next week. Should I start from Day 1 or repeat day 3 thrice? I have been exercising every day. 10 km on the elliptical bike plus 20 mins Yoga.

    Please advice

    • It can vary per person, also most people tend to not follow the diet correctly. So make sure you stick to it 100%. I am more into HIT/Burst training, so it’s tough for me to comment on long exercise like that.

  16. Hi. Lost 4 kilos exactly in one week. Bit disappointed as I was expecting to drop 6. Starting an intermediate level weight training program from today.
    My original question to the administrator remains– I plan to repeat this week. Should I start from Day 1 or repeat day 3 thrice then continue the schedule?

  17. I’m on day 5 I’m down almost 8 lbs . Don’t really like the soup is it a must ?

  18. i am 19year old and 87kgs 5’9feet , can it help me to reduce 5kg in a week

  19. I don’t want to take the time to make the soup. Is it absolutely necessary? I saw that someone stopped at day 5, but I don’t want to eat it at all, but I will if it helps me lose more.

  20. I’m on day4 and craving food really badly.
    one question though, I am afraid that the pounds we are losing is the water weight, not the fat. any words on this thought?

    • eat the soup if you need food, no, it’s not just water weight, trust me on that. This diet should teach you to stick to real foods, run from processed foods, etc,

  21. Is there any restriction for consumption of tea / coffee during diat?

  22. for day 5 that is for rice and tomatoes, should the rice be cooked plain or are there some vegetables and spices allowed

  23. thanks for the information. it was really helpful.

  24. shall we eat chickpeas and redkidney beans for day 5 and 6 instead of nonveg

  25. for day 2 shall we eat boiled greens and salads

    • yes on the salads, red beans preferably, and don’t forget the potato for breakfast day 2, best with some fat on it.

  26. Hi,

    I just started today.. Once I finish the cycle how soon I can start the next one.. I am into weight training and HIT on which days of the GM diet cycle I can do those exercises? I just wonder as we are not having don’t protein in first three days..



  27. Hi,

    I lost 10 pounds following the GM diet in true spirit from 11-17 June.

    Daily weight loss recorded were as below (Weights were taken in the morning of subsequent days)

    Day 1: 2 Kg
    Day 2: Nil
    Day 3: 2 Kg
    Day 4: Nil
    Day 5: 1 Kg
    Day 6: Nil
    Day 7: Nil

    Encouraged by the results I restarted after a week’s gap and today is my day 3. But this time I have just lost 1.5 Kg. Does the result slows in consequent repetitions?

    • You cannot wait 1 week, my suggestion is a month, no less than 2-3 weeks. What you need to do is eat balanced meal in between month long rounds. Cut gluten, processed foods and sugar. You may be shocked at how well you do that 4 week period.

  28. Hi i am 29yrs old n 66 kgs.i started this diet 6 days back n today is my 7th day.I am also doin exercise on alt days but i lost only 2 kgs till nw.Wat shd i do? Help.

  29. Hi I had 4 bananas n three glasses of milk n soup at nite made of tomato garlic n onion n lots of water on day 4. On day 5 I had sprouts in morning , brown rice n paneer in lunch n six tomatoes in the entire day but couldn’t do exercise on both days. But to be honest I cannot leave my morning tea so I take one cup of tea in the whole day but wit sugar .wat should I do?.thanks for ur reply.

    • well stop drinking sugar tea. use stevia. that sugar ruins your body, there is no debate on this, it is junk. also, you cannot have tomato when you like. You can only have wonder soup. that is actually way off plan. way off. did you have any fat with the rice dishes. please make sure you follow our plan closely.

  30. Thanks for ur advice. But can u actually give me the complete diet plan as in for breakfast, lunch n din for the entire week. It’ll really help me.I am an Indian n a working lady so please guide me accordingly how to do this gm diet plan.please please please.

  31. N yes I had vegetables made in olive oil wit brown rice on day 6 n 7 only in lunch.

  32. I eat eggs. Please give me a proper n an elaborate diet chart.I am really lurking forward for ur rply. Thanks a lot.

  33. Pls reply when u gt time.

  34. Thanks for the reply. I’ll follow this plan once I am done wit this week. Can I start the next cycle after 3 days gap?


    • Yes, if you do not make a lifestyle change, weight will come back on any diet, end of story :) You have to make a lifestyle change in some way.


  37. Its my 5th day and havent lost any weight….ill be honest that i felt craving in between so had one biscuit on Day 1, One bite of roti in between for all days and had one sugar tea on day 4….is that the reason? Also i m looking very dull and entire glow from face has gone….suggest please…also no bowel movement as well

    • Sorry, you cannot cheat on this program, these junk carbs so to speak kill this plan and just goes to show you how negatively they affect the body. Sorry. This is about a start to a lifestyle change. It’s a must.

      Sounds like you need to come off and start again later. You need bowel movements for sure. This can be why you are not showing any weight loss. You may need to seek a doctor to suggest alternative ways to get yourself moving again.

    • Sorry, you cannot cheat on this program, these junk carbs so to speak kill this plan and just goes to show you how negatively they affect the body. Sorry. This is about a start to a lifestyle change. It’s a must.

      Sounds like you need to come off and start again later. You need bowel movements for sure. This can be why you are not showing any weight loss. You may need to seek a doctor to suggest alternative ways to get yourself moving again. Hang in there

  38. Hi can I eat corn on any of the 7days?

    • to me no, technically a grain and has little nutrition. If you do, when we say eat veg, you can have less than a 1/4 cup to season that veg.

  39. I am on Day 2 of the plan. Have lost 1.3 kgs till now. I read somewhere we are not allowed to have tomatoes? But the Wonder soup recipe has tomatoes in it. Is that fine?

  40. GM diet really works. I lost 5kg during this diet last week. Beside this diet I walked 45 min in the morning.Thank you!

  41. Hi
    I’d like to start gm diet but I have some questions. 1-can I take grapes on day 1.
    2-can I take peas and tomatoes on 2nd day.
    3-how many litres of milk can I take?
    4-can I take gm soup in all 7 day or only 4th day.

    • 1) yes, make sure you do have a variety in fruit overall.
      2) no tomato, no peas. Problem is peas can be high in natural sugar and it’s all really people tend to eat along with corn. If you do really want some, actually a 1/4 cup will be fine.
      3) 3 – 8 ounce glasses or so day 4
      4) all 7, just when you are hungry and need some extra food.

  42. Hi
    Can I eat tomatoes
    On Vegetables Day’s . because tomato is vegetable.
    Like 2nd , 6thand 7th day

  43. Hi
    can I eat tomatoes as salad on 2nd day

    Pls reply.
    When ihave seen my answer again ,it disappears from these questions.

  44. Hi .
    Can I have stock of chicken on 6th day or soup (chicken+veg) on 6th day.

    • chicken soup post program seems great! However do not over do the broth now, don’t upset the delicate balance of the program so to speak. You could make a veg stock, and a little chicken stock to it with the chicken that way.

  45. Hi
    can o make soup of meat and vegetables on 6 day.

  46. How much lean meat eat in whole 6th day.

  47. Hi Good day to you.

    I’m on my 2nd day GM diet i eat only sweet potato, potato and cucumber. This is good? thanks

    • Was there butter or fat on the potato? Did you eat only 1 cucumber? You only get potato for breakfast. Why both. Looks like you are really missing the boat here. sorry

  48. Hey, with this loss in weight after the diet, what kind of waistline reduction can I expect, if any? Thanks

  49. I took a lil boiled beetroot on the third day with green pepper is it ok?

  50. Hi, I m Hypothyroid, will this diet work for me. I am gradually puting on weight. I m 40yrs & 5.2ft, 68 kgs.
    Pl reply. thanks

    • Hello. I am also but mine is getting better. You may need to check with a doc. You must go gluten and sugar free, talk about 2 killers to the thyroid. Happy to discuss more if you join the forum.

  51. I m an Indian & a vegetarian

  52. Hi
    I am following original gm diet since 2006 on and half but I read no carrots,beets,peas,corn and lentils ,only cabbage soup every day without the above ingredients . I checked now days so many web sites indian version mentioned in recipe those ingredients.
    I have so any doubts I have it use salt or not etc., I donot see that many Indian vege versions I 2006.
    My question is 5th day can I go instead of brown rice (has more carbs) quinoa or tofu Greek yogurt these are protein rich for vegetarian. Pl answer ASAP I am in 4 th day today

    • Hello.

      1) I do not support other sites or variations of the original plan here. Sorry. Why would they not support you in the plan they gave?
      2) Look at the ingredients of the soup recipe here. What so the veg have in common? They are first vegetables not legumes. Next they are carbless, making that soup recipe mineral rich, good fiber yet really no carbs. So you can eat as you like.
      3) Peas are legumes. Lentils are legumes. They have protein and are not technically veg. That will throw this diet off. Corn is a grain actually and completely nutrient dead, a huge GMO food and most folks if they tested for it would find they are sensitive to it. ALSO, most people rely on 3 vegetables – corn, peas and carrots. 2 of which are not technically veg. carrots are fine, but have more carbs than most veg. So when it comes to the soup stay away!
      4) Salt, pepper, spices, herbs etc are fine. Never overdo salt though.
      White rice is better than brown, quinoa is fine as well, lentils or legumes are better because they have protein. Also each meat replacement meal needs fat! Meat has fat, so should the replacement. Yogurt is OK as well.
      Good luck…

  53. Id like to ask. I see on one of the comments you didnt recommend sweet potatoe and potatoe on day 2 and peas. Please tell me what vegetables i can and cant eat.

    • sweet potato and potato can be had for breakfast on day 2 with some good fat like olive oil or ghee. No peas, no corn, no avocado or carrot.

  54. Hi,
    I have started GM Diet today.Wanted to Know whether i can have boiled Chickpeas and Boiled Sween corn on Day 2. Also whether i can cook the vegetable in little oil.

    Also whether manchow soup is allowed for Day 2.


    • NO you cannot, corn is not good, chickpeas are not a veg. Sorry. I tiny oil only. Soup is allowed any day, any time you are hungry. Good luck :)

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