GM Diet Exercises

Exercising while on GM Diet

The GM Diet can be very stressful and weakening due to the lack of adequate carbohydrates that serve as the body’s source of energy. A lot of followers of this diet usually feel lethargic during the first three days of the diet program. Because of this they either fall out of the diet or just feel sick for the rest of the week. Either way, they won’t lead to significant weight loss results.

Exercising While On GM Diet

It is thus best to implement an exercise regime of workouts during the course of the GM diet. These exercises do not necessarily have to be high intensity; they are just used to keep the muscles active and functional. Exercise also boosts up the body’s serotonin levels which results to a more positive attitude towards the whole weight loss routine.

Below are some of the effective exercise tips that can be put to use when on the GM diet:

  • Start with breathing. Breathing exercises release the stress incurred during the diet program. Breathing allows the organs to relax and stay together despite the changes brought by the weight loss regimen. Taking slow, deep breaths at the start of the day and before going to sleep may prove to be vital in a GM diet. Practicing breathing exercises also last for only a few minutes and are not physically strenuous.
  • Stretch. Breathing exercises can be followed by a few stretching routines. Stretching is important as the muscles are flexed and used without getting stressed or torn apart. Stretching improves balance, stamina and endurance. It also prevents the body from feeling sick or sleepy later during the day.
  • Take a walk. Those who are starting to get bored at home may supplement their GM diet with an hour of walking. Walking also helps keep the organs intact and not feel weak due to the weight loss. The exercise also keeps the mind busy and entertained; thus the person won’t feel the depression brought by the diet. Walking also burns calories on its own, thus helping get rid of a big chunk of pounds in the body.

Activities to Avoid during a GM Diet

There are also certain exercise activities that should not be performed during a GM diet. This is because during the diet period the body doesn’t have enough energy to sustain such physical activities. In turn the individual may feel weaker and even fall sick due to fatigue.

  • Cadio. Running and other high intensity cardio exercises may negatively affect the person’s health while on a GM diet. Running causes the heart to beat faster and eventually run out of oxygen. Walking may be used as a substitute to running during this period, or until the person feels better and more inclined to run.
  • Strength Training. Weightlifting and strength training exercises are also not recommended and best avoided during the General Motors diet. The muscles are weaker during this period and they don’t have enough sources of energy for workout. They may only tear the muscles inside. The recovery process of muscles during a GM diet is slower due to the lack of carbohydrates and starch, thus the person might feel weaker for a longer period of time.


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