GM Diet After Delivery?

The General Motors diet, also known as GM diet, is a popular weight loss management program that requires you to eat mainly on fruits, vegetables and liquids. It is a rigid diet that has to be followed for a period of one week. Because of its stringent rules and actions that require discipline, this diet tends to provide effective weight loss results after being followed for only a week.

Pregnancy and GM Diet

GM Diet while PregnantThe GM diet however can be dangerous for some people. Among the people who are not advised to follow this diet are pregnant women. Due to the avoidance of various foods as part of the diet program, pregnant women will be deprived of the nutrients they need for their baby’s growth inside their womb. This is why you must never go on the GM Diet or any diet for that matter when you are pregnant.

GM Diet Post Delivery

A common problem among women who have just given birth is the excess pounds they have put on during their pregnancy term. Getting rid of these excess pounds and flab is important so that they can get back to their pre-pregnancy body.  Since regular diet and exercise take time to produce positive effects, is it safe to start the General Motors diet after immediately childbirth? The answer is no. That said, you can eventually start the GM Diet but after a certain period of time. Let’s take a look at why it is safe and the reasons why it is unsafe to go on a diet, any diet for that matter, immediately after child birth

Why It is Safe

GM diet is a safe weight loss program mainly because it doesn’t rely on chemicals such as diet pills or drinks in order to lose weight. Rather, it detoxifies the body by ensuring regular water intake and reduction of foods that contribute to obesity. It is safe as it only promotes more disciplined eating habits but not at the expense of the individual’s overall health.

Why It is Not Safe

GM diet can be dangerous and produce health risks when women who follow it are not yet done with their breastfeeding period. Women who have just given birth need enough nutrients to get back their strength and at the same time provide the right vitamins and minerals to their babies. Babies get their main source of nutrients from breastfeeding. Hence, lactating mothers should be able to get as much nutrients they can consume from food in order to provide for their child.

So when is the right time to start GM Diet?

The effectiveness of the GM diet among women who have just given birth lies mainly in the timing. Below are few tips that you can keep in mind when planning to go on a GM diet. These tips will help in keeping a healthy post-pregnancy body and at the same time shed off the excess pounds after giving birth.

  • Go on a GM diet after you are done with your breastfeeding period. Breastfeeding period varies among women and is the mother’s choice. Some women prefer to continue breastfeeding until the baby is six months old, while others stop breastfeeding only after a few weeks.
  • Ensure you take rest fora good two to three days after a diet week has been completed. The GM diet can be very tiring as it deprives the individual from the carbohydrates he or she needs to use as energy. Taking good rest helps get back the energy lost during the week and prepares the body for another round of diet.
  • Do some stretching. Stretching exercises help a lot in keeping the muscles relaxed and full of energy even while on the diet. It also helps tone the muscles while losing weight. Stretching also reduces the anxiety felt by women after giving birth, thus giving them a brighter attitude towards losing weight as a whole.


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  1. HI ,
    My son is now 9 months old now and I did WM diet a week ago. I have hardly lost 2 kgs. after a week I am again doing it but this is my 2nd day and I havent lost anything. Before marriage I used to do this diet and I used to lost around 4 kgs but now I am not reducing much weight. What could be the reason?

  2. Awe I feel so bad nobody answered you! I would say with it only being 9 months post pregnancy, give your body time to revert back to its normal ways! Wich can actually take up to 18 months in some women

  3. Hello,
    I delivered on jan 29the of 2012, my baby is 11 months young can start with gm diet.

  4. Can we do Gm diet during period time for women??

    • Sure…. Keep in mind hormones can mess around with your weight… don’t weigh daily, you may just get frustrated…

      • Hi, Today is first day of my GM Diet Plan. My Menstrual Period also started from today. Will it effect the expected weight loss? What are the effects of GM diet and Menstrual periods going together on our body? Should i continue my GM diet or should break off and start after Menstrual period is over as i want to get best possible results. please advice

        • In reality no, you will be fine. However you may feel bloated, retain water and the scale may not be your friend so to speak. In the end the weight loss should be the same though and will show once it ends after a few days. My wife told me this 🙂

          • Thanks for being there at all times..Its really a great help

          • Today is my 7 th day. I checked my weight at the end of 4th day. It was lesser by 1.5 kgs. As u said scale may not give corect figure – can you please tell when should it give me correct figure as how much i lost exactly.
            Thanks in advance

            • It can, only if you weigh yourself right when you wake up after going to the bathroom. Keep in mind also inches make a difference if you measured yourself.

  5. Hi my baby is 1 year old but i am still breastfeeding .. can i do this diet now? Will it affect my milk flow?

  6. Hi I m radha
    I got tremendous benefits from gm diet plan. I started it after completing breastfeeding n lost around 9 kg in 5 sessions.had great inch loss bt my breasts size hav became v smaller n there any solution to this problem? I m v disappointed

    • Seems like weight loss this would be natural when losing weight and having a baby, I am no expert on a solution for this. Make sure you only do this diet once every month or so.

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