Common GM Diet Questions, FAQ's & Tips

Common GM Diet Questions, FAQ’s & Tips

1) Can I have tea or coffee?

Herbal teas are fine. The only sweetener allowed is stevia. I will never recommend coffee, however if you do have it you can only have stevia in it.

2) What days can we eat the Wonder Soup?

You can eat the Wonder Soup on any of the 7 days when you are hungry. Never go hungry on this diet. Folks tend to have better results when they eat the soup.

3) Can I drink alcohol?

No alcohol during this plan! There are no redeeming health values to alcohol.

4) Can I eat at places like Subway or eat processed meats/foods?

No, never actually. Subway foods like most processed foods are full of toxic chemicals like dough conditioners in the bread, sulfites, msg, nitrates and phosphates in the meats, not to mention sugar and too much processed salt in the dressings. Run away from foods like this. The point of the GM Diet is to cut all processed foods.

5) How many bananas can we eat on day 4?

If you have read that 8 bananas are allowed, you are not following our plan but another plan. We do not help with other plans. This is the original GM Diet here. The answer is 4 regular size bananas, or of the 6 tiny bananas.

6) On day 4, can I have buttermilk or yogurt in stead of milk?

Yes, yogurt or buttermilk is a fine replacement as long as there is no sugar in the yogurt.

7) Can we have chapati, wheat, cereal, bread, etc?

No, this is a gluten free diet. Wheat is so bad for you. It has been genetically modified and over processed. It causes weight gain and other health issues. If you eat lots of wheat, you will likely not maintain your weight loss after the diet.

8) Can I have honey – lemon water in the morning?

No, you cannot have honey in your water. There is nothing healthy about this at all; you are essentially just drinking sugar water. You can have as much lemon in your water as you like though.

9) I am a vegetarian, what do I do instead of meat?

We have laid out two plans for vegetarians. Here are the links. Keep in mind whenever you replace meat, you need to make sure you have a little good fat in that dish. Example would be: olive oil, coconut oil, butter or ghee. Also if you have curd as a meat replacement, it will already contain some good fat.

10) Can I have salt, pepper, or spices?

Yes, you can have a normal amount of salt. Never over do it. However since you are drinking extra water on this plan, salt is very important. Even adding a dash in your water can be important if you are using the unprocessed form of salt. Sea salt or unprocessed salt is always the best option for salt. Pepper, herbs and spices are allowed. Try and enjoy your food.

11) Will I gain the weight back after the GM Diet?

Most diets are going to fail if you plan on returning back to an unhealthy lifestyle after the diet. Yes, you will likely gain your weight back if you go back to a poor eating plan. If you want to keep your weight off you must make a serious lifestyle change. Many people have underlying health issues such as thyroid problems, cortisol issues and so on. These health issues can hamper weight loss and cause weight gain. In order to try and maintain a healthy weight and lose more weight you must eat healthy!

12) Can I have dried fruits or nuts?

No, you cannot have dried fruits or nuts on this plan. Afterwards you can enjoy them in small quantities but you do have to limit these as they are very concentrated sources of food.

13) What do I eat after the GM diet?

This is a loaded question really. Here is what we have found by study and experience. Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, each meal must be balanced.

Eat 3 meals a day. Do not eat them all at once, spread them out. Each meal should have a protein, a good carb and plenty of vegetables. You can also have 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day. We never recommend wheat or bread. We prefer gluten free and even grain free. Whole foods are always best. Cut out processed foods completely if at all possible.

Good carbs/starches are white potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, squashes, white rice, taro root, plantains and celery root.

Also do not go fat free. You need good fat like animal fats found in good grass fed meats, ghee, olive oil and especially coconut oil.

14) Can I do the GM Diet continuously?

No, this is meant to be a weight loss kick starter. The GM Diet should not be a lifestyle. You can however do the diet again but you must wait at least two weeks, but preferably one month. In between that time eat healthy. Do not go back to your original way of dieting or eating.

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  1. Dear author, today was my 1st day of the diet. No headache, mentally balanced. But my concern is that I had a cup of the soup that’s mentioned on this site with a little bit of salt and pepper. Is that alright?

    • You can have the soup any day when you are hungry πŸ™‚ That’s what it’s there for πŸ™‚
      So no worries.

  2. Hi
    I had taken a bowl of Yellow Daal with 1 chapati on end of Day-1. Is it ok ?? Also i cant leave first normal tea without sugar in morning ??? It will effect the plan ?
    3rd Question – i m drinking 4-5 Green tea without sugar. Did it will help me to reduce weight. ?

    • tea is fine no sweetener, daal and bread yes 100% ruin the diet. green tea does not help you lose weight at all. please read the plan and follow, you cannot eat what you like.

      • I had 2 slices of bread with lettuce and tomato and cucumber for breakfast is it going to effect the diet. on first day i lost around 1.5 kg on first day

        • yes, wheat is a great way to ruin a diet and gain weight, sorry.

          • I had 2 slices of bread as I didn’t have any other option but all through the day today I had only veggies..

            • Not saying you did have a choice, it’s a personal choice actually, up to you what you want to eat, it’s just junk food and 100% off the plan, however keep going πŸ™‚

          • Hi,

            today i am on 6th day! lost around 2.8 kg .. i followed the plan strictly but i was expecting a loss of around 6-7 kgs but not happened.. what to do?

            • when do you weigh? what did you eat days 2 and 5

            • Day 2 morning I had 2 sclices of bread with veg and other all veg like lettuce and cucumber, am throughout the dayi had only cucumber and lettuce and veg as recommended.

              Day 5 I had chicken grilled in charcoal without oil and tomatoes 2 times a day for the 3rd meal I had chicken with tomato soup of packet, I think I did wrong?

            • This is not the plan at all that is the reason for your issues. Sorry…. I cannot help if you do not follow the plan. Trust me, the bread finally caught up to you and 100% hindered the plan. Also my assumption is you have not followed the plan properly on any day, You cannot have tomato soup packets day 5. Sorry….

            • I have seen good drop in weight even after eating bread on second day for breakfast. Almost lost 2 kg in first 2 days

              But from 3rd to 6th day only lost 1 kg

            • The brad finally got ya’, you have to actually follow the plan here for effective weight loss, bread is a great way to gain weight.

            • I weigh myself early in the morning as soon as I wake up and freshen up

            • Yes u r right .. I will repeat again after 14 days and try to do perfectly it was truely a good experience thanks a lot for ur help and also today day 7 I lost 3.5kg

          • hi,
            i have lost total of 4 kgs in 7 days. sir, please reveiw my next plan and update me if any changes required.

            bf- 2-3 eggs with fruits
            lunch- rice (boiled one which is not basmati) with vegetables or fish
            midmorning a fruit like apple
            evening – a fruit
            dinner – soup with vegetable salad.

            will this diet help me with reducing further weight in coming days or months.
            please add if i need to do any changes.

            also if i have some sweets or oily food like chicken biryani ocasionally will it effect? I am running to burn calories. is this the way we can maintain weight?
            please reply

            • You mean this will be your daily lifestyle? too much fruit, not enough veg, not enough protein, you need good fats not bad oily fats. Running can be OK I assume you are resting though and not dong this every day. You are eating fruit alone which means you are eating pure sugar basically with no balance of good fat or protein. look at the top 2 posts here for some potential helps

  3. hey
    Is there any substitute for tomatoes on day 5? i cannot have them in raw or cooked form.

  4. I have habbit to take butter milk daily should i take in GM diet plan

  5. hi,

    1. can i swap milk with soy milk instead?

    2. and can i skip the GM soup and just take bananas and soy milk on 4th day

    3. is corn fine for a vegetable on 2nd day? because there are limited types of veges i can eat

    • 1) Yes
      2) no swapping for the soup. That’s not how it works.
      3) not really, you can have just a little corn. Try something else. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi,

    My sister just completed this deit yesterday but just 1kg is reduced. let us know what to do. cant see much diffrence

  7. My father is a diabetic and is taking medication for the same. He also takes medication for high blood pressure He is 50 year old. Can he follow this diet plan?

    • You really have to ask a doctor, sorry. Or look at what’s here and decide if it fits how he can eat. On the forum someone with diabetes did amazing, but that can vary.


  9. I am highly allergic to bananas. I’m mean hives, throat closing, cannot breathe allergic. Do you recommend any substitutions?

  10. Hi the 1 cup brown rice mentioned in diet is measurement before cooking or after cooking

  11. Is okay to make a soup out of tomato sauce/paste on day 5? How many more tomatoes should I eat on that day? And is it okay to eat the tomatoes first before the beef? Thanks! Ill be using striploin for my beef

    • yes it is fine assuming the sauces don’t contain sugar, many do. no more needed if you do the soups. no, eat the tomatoes with the beef or within 15 minutes of eating the beef.

  12. I remember losing a whole lot of weight during my first attempt ( ate quite a lot on day 7 thinking that meats are allowed. ) as compared to my 2nd try. This is my 3rd try for this diet. But Ive only lost less than 1kg and Im on my 4th day πŸ™ I didnt do the soup though

  13. Hi can you be breastfeeding while doing this

    • Well the foods are whole and natural, but we cannot offer medical advice. look over the diet and see if it fits your needs.

  14. hi author, got a question please reply soon lol, i ate a potato on day 3 accidentally, didnt read it right i only thought banana was the one not allowed, can i still proceed with the diet or do i have to go back to day 1?

    • accidents happen πŸ™‚
      keep going, just don’t go over 4 bananas πŸ™‚

      • Dear Author,
        Today is my second day. I had a bowl of broccoli (steamed) in breakfast and one raw carrot in afternoon snacks. I can’t eat steamed veggies more. So I made soup of vegetables(carrot,broclli,potato, small amount of beetroot). Can I have soup of these veggies instead of eating raw or cooked vegetables.

  15. Hey hi,
    I want to know after how many months of delivery we can follow the diet..

    • that is up to a doctor, look at the menu and see does it meet the dietary requirements for your after delivery plan. Some do.

  16. Hey ya. Am successfully following this diet nw in the fourth day.. I am a vegan and hence can i substitute beef wit pulses lik sprouts. And i am not having the mid day and evening parts is that fine???

    • no, it’s not OK to eat less, actually it can work against you now and after the plan. This plan is not at all about eating less. However some skip a snack here and there and yes that is OK if they are not hungry. vegan? tough, you need a good protein source to replace beef, legumes, etc.

  17. Can I saute my veggies on day 2 with a tiny bit of olive oil ?

  18. Can use dates in fruits?

  19. sorry, no, you must really be careful how much dried fruits and nuts you eat. Dates are just pure sugar. After the diet just don’t over consume would be my suggestion.

  20. Can I smoke atleast 1 cigarette a day during gm diet??

  21. Can I take vitamin supplement with this diet

  22. can i take gm wonder soup on day 2?

  23. Can i take 1 glass juice of sweet lemon?

  24. hi, can i have milk shake (skim milk + fruit without sugar) rather than having whole fruits.

  25. I had made request for some clarification. I received message on facebook that reply is given but could not find where the reply is given. please let me know.

  26. hello, can i have 1 bowl sprout in dinner?

  27. Hello Sir, today is my 4th day i took samosa. so It cause any Prob?

    • oh yah, introduce a food like that to any diet and there will likely be repercussions. hang in there though πŸ™‚

      Keep plowing forward.

  28. can i have atleast 5 cigarettes a day on gm diet

    • I could never recommend 1, so do at your own risk. Cigarettes do ruin your bodies ability overtime to maintain a normal weight.

  29. Hey I lost 3.5 kg but my biggest worry is to maintain it.

  30. Can we get soup from panera or canned soup from trader joes or deli soup from sprouts?

    • not from panera, bad idea, so full of fillers and junk. Depends on what’s in the soup from trader joes or sprouts? Is it just veg broth, veg, etc? It’s not likely. The emphasis on this diet is pure, nutrient dense foods, whether or not it’s from a more natural store, still canned and not great.

  31. Dear author, i want to ask about the wonder soup. Somewhere it is given we should take wonder soup only after 3rd day. N somewhere its given we can take it on any of 7 days. Please suggest is it good to take wonder soup on 1st 2nd and 3rd day as well.

  32. have wonder soup any of the 7 days you need extra food

  33. Mango s allowed in day 1.

  34. 4 bananas is very less in one day … i will become hungry …today is my first day of GM diet … its very hard for me to follow this diet but finger crossed .. and hope i will complete gm diet and at least loss 2 Kg

  35. Hi,

    I am a vegetarian and I see that in vegetarian GM diet we can eat brown rice on days 5, 6 and 7.

    1. Are black beans allowed with brown rice on any day?
    2. Is home cooked tomato soup(with vegetable broth) allowed on day 4?

  36. Hi, tomorrow will be my 4th day. Wonder soup is really making me nautilus. Can you suggest a substitute instead?

  37. Is it alright to eat some salad on days 4 5 6 and 7?

  38. Lettuce spinach, little vinegarette. Would it be ok?

    • well, not the vinaigrette likely, is it pure? does if have canola or veg oil (bad for you). A dash of olive oil and some vinegar and spices will be ok though. keep in mind it’s these little things that get you in the end as well with weight.

  39. So can you let me know if any of the following is not ok. Lettuce, spinach, cucumber olive oil, salt and pepper.
    If it is a problem at any level, I will avoid it. Please let me know

    • those sounds great. olive oil is a good fat, just be careful with it on the program, there is a balance to the system. I eat loads of it, love it. but if I were on the diet I would just follow the plan here and be careful.

  40. Hi Kevin,

    I am a big fan of GM Diet. I have lost 17 kgs with the help of GM Diet (5 times) + work out in 1 year. Today is my 4th day of 6th GM Diet. The biggest problem I face is constipation & water retention even after drinking more then 5 Lt of water every day. Pls suggest, what should I do ?

    Thanks & Ragards,


    • take a light organic fiber supplement, but just a tiny bit a few times a day with your water. Increase soup, veg has fiber. don;t over drink water either, it can really mess with your kidneys. Try some herbal tea with no sweetener or coconut water as well to replace minerals. etc. Also add lemon sometimes to your water if you can.

  41. can i have ranch while eating…what r the replacements for cucumber asparagus

    • no, unless it’s homemade, pure and organic, that stuff is full of sugar and bad oils. So if you want to gain weight then yes eat it.

      You can just pick a couple of other vegetables, no corn or peas right now.

  42. What is the limit of beef on day 5 and 6? Can you have veg juice on this diet any day?

    • Sure you could have some veg juice, no more than 1 carrot though, cucumbers, greens and so on should be the majority of it. If you are just drinking carrot juice, like drinking a glass of sugar water so to speak.

      Beef, just do 3.5 to 4.5 oz per serving.

  43. Can I go to the gym and do my workout??

  44. Is the soup suggested manditory ? Is this help in loosing weight ?

  45. Can I replace the below:
    1) Rice β†’Oats
    2) Beef β†’ Chickpeas
    3) Soup β†’ Snacks such as cucumbers and carrots

    • 1) no, white rice is a simple starch, oats are not at all the same.
      2) chickpeas, if you are vegetarian then yes it will have to do, be sure it has a little good fat.
      3) sure I suppose, not really the point of the soup though.

  46. 10-12 glasses = how many liters ??
    Can you please mention them in Liters ??

  47. on day 5 ,can I eat egg instead of beef for breakfast.?

  48. hi, On day 2 can have three smail potatoes through out the day.

  49. Day 1 substitute for melon

  50. I had corn and potato for lunch on 2nd day.
    Had 3 spoons of white rice in the morning on 3rd day.
    Shall i continue the diet or drop out?
    Suppose i continue, shall i have white rice instead of brown rice?

    • I would,brown rice has loads of anti nutrients, white rice, like an organic basmati is a simple starch easier on the body.

  51. Shall i take 1 cup of basmathi rice instead of brown rice.

  52. What if I am lactose intolerant, can I substitute the milk on day 4 for unsweetened almond milk?

  53. Can i take just boiled veggies instead of soup on day 4?

  54. Can you eat chia seeds on any day of the plan?

  55. Hi. Now im on day 2. Can i eat cabbage soup with TOMATO at dinner today and whenever i feel hungry?? Plz reply soon. Thks πŸ™‚

  56. For Day 1 , can I take unlimited quantities of fruits? Similarly for Day 2 can I take unlimited veggies? Is Brinjal an accepted vegetable for Day 2 and 3?

    • well, never over do 1 type of fruit. unlimited, yes but don’t over fill. Brinjal is fine, nut only 1… Day 2, unlimited veg is fine, but not on corn – peas or carrots.

  57. Hi
    Can I add chilli to the soup?

  58. Can I season boiled veggies with little canola???

  59. Hello,I am on my day 2 and with my veg salad , i had 2 slices of brown bread. Would that effect the diet πŸ™

  60. Can I have poha instead of rice?

  61. my first attempt and Im on my 6th day now—- lose 2.5kgs..but there’s a bit problem while im on this diet..
    i acquired some allergies(HIVES on my feet)..i don’t know if it’s because of this diet or the foods/fruits that im far as i know i don’t have any allergies to any fruits or vegies..has anyone experienced same too?

    • Never heard of that one? may want to check with a doc. are you eating anything you have not before or have had in a long time?

  62. can i eat vegetables like eggplant and corn?? and on the first 3 days are we allowed to take soups or fruit juices? can i use the chicken recepies instead of the beef?

    • no corn! it’s nutrient dead and not good for you.
      you can have the wonder soup every day.
      chicken yes is fine.
      No juice unless that day says you can have a little for a snack. please read each day carefully.

  63. and can i have brown bread from day 2 and can dark chocolate bits be added as part of the diet in tiniest portions???

    • NO, this is gluten free. If you want to gain weight then eat bread and chocolate. πŸ™‚

      I don’t think most get how bad sugar and gluten are for you. They will hinder weight-loss more than just about any 2 things out there. If you continue to eat these afterwards like this, you will gain weight.

  64. Hi,
    on day 5 and 6 u suggested to take Brown Rice. what to take along with brown rice. also i stay in hostel, so
    1. i can only get normal white rice. is that ok ?
    2. what to take along with white rice? i mean what curry or buttermilk along with a bowl of rice ?
    plz suggest.

    • white is actually better, brown rice has too many anti-nutrients.
      you need some good fat when replacing beef, so curry is fine or a little butter milk yes πŸ™‚

  65. I love the gm diet ,I feel really energetic .
    The only problem I have is that I really don’t like the soup!
    Would it be possible to change it to a broccoli or tomatoe soup?

  66. is it ok to add salt and pepper normally in soups and while having vegetables on days 2 and 3 can v use salt pepper and lemon juice?

  67. can we take green tea during this period?

  68. can we make wonder soup without celery leaves, please suggest substitute?

  69. can we eat berries like strawberries, blue and black berries ? can we eat mushroom as a veggie on 2nd day? is it ok to drink fresh orange juice?

    • a few mushrooms are OK. Berries are fine when we say eat fruit yes. We mention juice on some days as a snack. I would not more than 6 oz. though.

  70. I am very much overweight and want to reduce 30 kg weight. So can I repeat this diet plan every week along with the exercise.

  71. My first question is can I drink one mug of coffee in the morning during the diet using no milk or sugar ?
    My second question is I can’t find the gm wonder soup recipe on your website can you please send me the link?

  72. Hi,

    I am on the second day,,So far its fine. But question is shall we add black olive and lemon with salads on second day???

  73. can i have sprouts in mid mng

  74. and can i drink green tea and lemon water in mng

  75. Hi..

    Is there any substitute for tomato in fifth day( how we can eat tomato and beaf alone!)
    Shall we take white rice instead of brown??

  76. white is better anyway so yes. Not sure what that means eat tomato only? Add some peppers, spices, herbs, make a soup, it’s easy and tasty actually.

    You can have another veg if you like.

  77. can i substitute brown rice with daaliya(wheat)

    • OH NO, not at all the same, you can go white rice or quinoa. You cannot have gluten on this program, talk about gaining weight, wheat will do it.

  78. k cn i substitute soup with fruits

    • No, not at all the same, huge mistake. Keep in ind fruit is full of fructose sugar. beware eating too much on a daily basis.

  79. and thanks i loose 2 kgs just in 4 days

  80. Can I substitute sun dried tomatoes for raw tomotoes?

  81. One more question. Can I add a packet of crystal light peach green tea to my water?

    • If you want to gain weight. Trust me, your body is not fooled by the fake toxic sugars in that stuff. The point of the GM Diet if you notice is all 100% natural, real foods.

  82. Hi,
    For how many times can we have the wonder soup in a day.Can wonder soup be had before going to bed at night.

    • as often as you need extra food. Try and never eat before bed, your last meal should be at least 2 hours prior to bed time. It’s a huge weight gainer thing to do for those wanting to gain weight and it can slowly cause health issues eating right before you sleep.

  83. 1.Hi, I am 64 kgs and want to be 50kgs how many weeks should I be following this diet and what should I be eating later to main my weight.

    2.I am married and planning for kids next year and I am a asthamatic pateint as well, will this diet effect any way?

    • 1) If you need advice for your asthma, be sure to ask you doc. However I will say likely how you eat now is affecting it as a guess. Wheat, gluten, sugar, etc are all PRO inflammatory foods. The foods here are just meat and veg, I would test for dairy sensitivities if I were you, it can cause mucus issues and inflammation in many people. I would not do this diet more than every 2 weeks. The top 2 plans here are good to follow after or in between.

      2) Once again you need to ask a doc. You can ask yourself why would these foods hurt you.

  84. Hi Author,
    Am on the 1st day of my Diet plan.
    1.I need to reduce total weight of 35 kg so how many months will it take if I fallow this diet.I have tried many but it was all failure.I hope this will work for my success.
    2.How long should the soup be in flame if I cook it in pan.I mean the total time.
    4.on the day 5,6 and 7 How many grams of chicken I can consume.
    5.Can i add little olive oil, 6 tomatoes, chicken and spices together and eat on day5
    6.During snack can i take a cup of green tea.

    • 1) Diet will likey fail, for example did everyone know that low carb diet, the success rate is 4.6 percent. WOW. I posted an easy balanced plan in the forum in the After 7 Days section, top 2 posts that can help after this while you wait to do another round.
      2) Soup, varies by heat, maybe 15 minutes once boiling.
      3) eat 4 to 5 ounces or so per meal.
      4) yes just a little.
      5) yes no sugar!

  85. i am 63kg i want toreduce 8kg…i have tried gm diet 2times but not able to complete even one day….i am getting heavy headach at the end of first day…so iam not able to continue….what i need 2 to do

    • Well, when you cut wheat, processed foods, and sugar your body will not be happy that’s for sure. You could add green tea to help with stevia or no sweetener at all. Also make sure you eat the soup.

  86. I ate veggies instead of fruits 1st day. will it make any difference to diet or in losing weight?Pls advise

  87. Kindly suggest a substitute for beef. I don’t eat beef
    Can I have chicken or egg?

  88. hello
    is it Okey to eat fruits such as peaches on the first day?

  89. hello iam on day 6 of the diet can we drink butter milk during the diet

  90. I just want to know if my plan id okay here it is
    Day 4
    2 bananas 1 milk
    Mid morning
    Banana shake
    Tomato soup
    2 bananas
    Cabbage soup

    Day 5
    Chicken w/sliced tomato
    Mid morning
    Brown rice w/tomatoes
    Tomato soup

    Day 6
    Bowl of mixed vegetables
    Mid morning
    Brown rice w/vegetables
    Vegetable soup

    Day 7
    Mid morning
    Brown rice w/vegetables
    Fruit juice

    Pls reply soon

    • Raisins not allowed.
      Day 5 and 6 where is the protein? Why not have it all 3 meals and on day 6 you can even have a snack of it. Less is not better. If you eat meat why rice? If you do eat rice it needs good fat like ghee or olive oil.

  91. What should i change pls tell me i can eat chicken so il remove rice ?

  92. So in day 5 all three meals is chicken with tomatoes and in day 6 also chicken and in day 7 brown rice ?

  93. Can I have the following for day5
    Brkfst — 2 eggs n 1 tomato
    lunch – Basmati rice 1 cup , spinach n paneer with 1 tomatoes
    dinner – Tomato soup n soya chunks
    midday snacks – Raw Tomato or Tomato soup / Egg
    Please suggest

  94. an i have a glass of milk everyday? i eel very weak because of my period…..if not what other substitute? what other veggies can b had? cauliflower, lady finger, ivy gourd(tendli), gourd(dudhi), carrots

  95. Hi can we add avacado in the vegetable category. how much can you consume if yes…
    Also how about egg whites for protein.. I dont like the yolk.

    • NO, avocado is not the same, it’s pure fat. They are great after this program but not now. Substitutions need to be similar. Potato is NOT a good veg substitute, it’s technically a tuber and pure starch. FYI.

      No egg whites. They are vegetarian days for a reason. Plus unfortunately for you the yolk is where all the nutrients are, the white is just base protein. Eggs in the whole form and coming from good free range chickens are truly a super food.

  96. On day 5 &6 can we hsve eggs and chicken both

  97. Thnx…but actually I wanted to know if it is ok to take whole eggs for breakfast n chicken for lunch and dinner??

  98. What can we substitute celery with in wonder soup….indian ingredient

  99. Can we have some popcorns on any day :p :p

  100. On day 4 can we hv a combination of milk , curd n buttermilk ????

  101. Hi,
    I have 3 queries:
    on my second day of GM diet i had a bowl full of tomato soup…made of 3 tomatoes, and also i didnt drink enough water, though i ahve not weighed my self but will this affect the diet plan
    On Day 3, can i have tomato soup for dinner, also i made GM diet soup using beans, carrots and onion, is it ok
    On Day 4 can i have lassi with little bit of salt…if not what other than milk i can have

    • 1) You should be just fine.
      2) No beans are not OK at all! By adding the protein you are really throwing things off. carrots, a tiny amount OK. Seems like you made up your own soup, very bad idea.
      3) assuming there is not sweetener in it, unless you want to use part of one of your bananas lassi is fine.

  102. 1-On day 5 if we r having eggs along with chicken n tomatoes(as I asked earlier)….what should b the quantity of chicken and how many eggs r permitted???
    2- can we marinate chicken in ginger-garlic paste n then grill ????

    • 1) you can have 1 or the other per meal. About 5 ounces of meat or 3 whole eggs. yes assuming the marinade does not have bad oils like canola, sunflower, etc and no MSG and other chemicals.

  103. I have followed diet as per the suggestion but on day2 I had 2 pieces of dhokla.Will my diet work??

  104. I am 191cm / 127kg, and I was wondering if the 4 bananas should be more due to my size?

  105. Can i have coleslaw n corn n bean salad in DAY 2 & 3 of GM Diet.

  106. On day 5,it has been suggested to eat hamburger in lunch. can I substitute hamburger with any other thing?like brown bread? please mention the quantity also. pls reply soon

  107. Can we have puffed rice? also for how much time wonder soup need to be cooked? can we have coconut water or lime juice without sugar on any day?

    • No puffed rice is terrible for you, processed, etc. Sorry. the soup cooks until the veg is tender to eat. yes you can, a glass will be fine each day.

  108. Hi….m on day 5 Of gm diet…still now no problems at all…..but on day 5 I ate one charburger without cheese at HABIT BURGER GRILL . M feeling little heavy after dat. Have I eaten correctly as per diet?

    • Not good if it had bread, sorry about that. NO grains on this plan. Not to mention the junk found in most restaurant burgers, over salted, MSG possibly, etc.

  109. Dear author….pls suggest me if there is any way for correction …if by mistake I have eaten something wrong …….I have gone wrong during the lunch time…..what I can do for rest of the day…..

  110. so can I have coconut water on day 4 as well? n do I need to cut down milk as m taking that? M on day 3 so is it ok if I cut cantaloupe n papaya n will have some other fruit ?

  111. Hi . I am on day 6 of gm diet. My weight is 55 KGS. How much chicken is allowed on day 6? Can I combine chicken with brown rice?please reply soon. I have chicken and veggie soup in lunch and breakfast.

  112. Can I have boiled veg mashed n added some spices n lemon on day 4 instead of soup also on other days n days when boiled vegetables are to be taken.

  113. Hi.. can I have vegetables in the first day and fruits in the second day..

  114. Hi Author, thanks a lot for your replies. Please draw a chart for day 5,6,7 as it is not properly mention that in how much quantity brown rice to be taken. Like what should i eat in breakfast lunch dinner snack, I m vegetarian so pls plan according to that. Today is my 4th day so I need to prepare today for remaining days. pls don’t share links as they don’t give accurate answers. Plz

    • The site does give accurate info. have you not read all of the links well. every day gives a sample plan. At the bottom of the site I give an Indian and Vegetarian change menu. Sorry I cannot re-invent the wheel here. If you read the vegetarian version it says how much rice to eat each day. Please read each day and page carefully.

  115. Hi Author,

    Please guide for day 5,6 & 7

    Day 5
    Breakfast – 1/4 cup Chickpeas ( Boiled / Sprouted) with 2 tomatoes
    Lunch – 1/4 cup Curd & 1 Cup brown rice cooked with spices, onions, tomatoes, ginger garlic
    Dinner – 1 cup sprouted moong with tomatoes,onions, salt & lemon.

    Day 6
    Same as 5 instead of tomatoes mix veg like cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers & Cucumber
    Also curd if permitted

    Day 7
    Breakfast – 1 glass juice of Orange & Sweet Lime
    snack – 1 apple
    Lunch – 1 Cup brown rice cooked with spices, onions, tomatoes, ginger garlic
    Snack – 1 Pomegranate
    Dinner – 1 cup sprouted moong with tomatoes,onions, salt & lemon.

  116. Can I take beef and chicken alternatively on day 5 and 6

  117. Hi,
    can i have bar be cue chicken plz tell me

    • no, that sauce is likely full of sugar and junk. These will be key steps in keeping the weight off, identifying sauces and foods like this that hide bad oils, sugar and more.

  118. Hi
    i am on day 5 and i ate 5 tomatoes, but i don’t eat beef.. what can i eat instead of beef, on day 5 and 6
    And also can i have boiled white rice instead of brown rice.
    Also day 7 says can have juices, so can i have any of juice.

    • white rice is actually better than brown. you need some good fat with it, since beef naturally has fat. Juices are fine when we say to have them, they need to be pure, no sugar.

  119. hi… please lemme know the alternate thing for tomatoes?

  120. im 5 5 and I weigh 62 kg …
    taken up gm today
    I’m scared that I might lose more muscles than fat

    • I don’t think a few days on a cleansing diet (the first 4) cause loads of muscle weight. There is much more tot hat then what you are thinking. However if you fear it talk to a doc.

  121. please suggest some alternatives for beef and brown rice for day 5,6 &7.brown rice is nt available in my town and I hate soya chunks as well..plz reply as soon as possible as I am in my 4th day of diet..thank you πŸ™‚

    • white rice, qunioa, eggs, millet or any legume actually would be best. Remember meat has fat, you need to add fat to your replacement like ghee. Soya chunks are processed and bad for you, so it’s good you don’t like them.

  122. hello author, thanks for your last reply.can u please clarify if I cn have white rice for lunch and 1-2eggs for evening snacks on day 5?

  123. Hi, I mixed tomatoes with my salad on day 2. Is it allowed because tomatoes are specifically mentioned for day 5.
    Also what can I eat along with rice on day 5.

    Thank You

  124. I am on end of day 5 and I reduced 3kgs plus sufficient amount of energy. Its superb..Thx doc for a wonderful diet..Luv you

  125. what can be the alternative of beef for vegetarians. I am on day 6


  126. hello, what about green beans, zucchini for veggies? and fish on day 5?
    for brown rice of breakfast on day 7, can i have it with kim milk ?
    thank you.

  127. Hi , on day 1 I had boiled peanuts is it ok, can I hav custard Apple . Nd threptin biscuits while I m hungry

    • No peanuts are not at all OK. Neither are those bad for you biscuits, if you want to gain weight, then keep eating those biscuits. They are processed and essentially dead food. No you cannot have custard apple. This diet is about whole fresh foods.

  128. Can u pls name a few things to eat on day 2. I got corn and peas n carrots n cucumbers. But it seems that all of those veggies are wrong. Tomorrow is my day 2.

    • Well we list several here. And yes carrots, peas and especially corn is all wrong. Sorry

      What do you have locally? Zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, various greens, green beans?

      Cucumber is great

  129. I can get beets, green beans, sprouts. Are bell peppers ok? Oh ya, and egg plant roasted with onions n few herbs?

  130. Thank you so much for your prompt responses. Really appreciate it.

  131. hi

    im in day 4 today and have certain queries

    1. i had half boiled corn for lunch and dinner on day 2. is that OK?
    2. for day 5 along with tomato, can i have brown rice with low fat curd? if not what can i substitute ?

  132. hi

    one more…
    can brocoli and carrot be added in soup??

  133. Hi, thank you for your prompt responses.
    I’d like ask for after the diet. Wath kind of breakfast, for example, can i have? Usually i have tea without sugar, whole bread and olive oil, some black olives and dried figs. Can i keep this breakfast for example?
    Also i can have whole bread for lunch, tuna, pasta, rice… for dinner.
    So i don’t know what should i keep after diet and what should i avoid.
    thank you.

    • bad breakfast. break it down. Wheat, sorry you may not want to hear this, but it’s essentially junk food, empty carbs, etc. You basically have a pure carb breakfast and have some good fat. However since there is no balance, it will cause weight gain. No protein is bad news. Those good fats are fine, dried figs are not a great choice, basically they are concentrated sugar. Olive oil great, olives fine. Tea fine also no sugar unless it’s stevia.

      Lunch, once again dead bread. Tuna is fine (beware high in mercury though). pasta and rice. Once again 100% carbs. Organic white rice is a good carb and a simple starch.

      Sugar and gluten free are good starts to lose weight. Checkout this page and read the top post. or the next for what a balanced diet looks like. then get me know if you need help πŸ™‚

  134. thank you, i want just be sure, the carrot juice that i can have in day 6 on 10:00, it’s with orange jus no?

  135. the carrot jus, i had it with orange blossom water an cinnamon, is’it good?

  136. Can veggies and fruits be eaten as mid day snacks or evening snack on days 4,5,6,7??

  137. How many days I have to leave between 1st week diet and next diet? And what I have eat in those between days?

  138. Hi,

    Can we have sprouts on day 2,3,5,6,7?
    Also on day 5 & 6 we need to take either of these or all of these – Brown rice, Curd, Sprouts, Cottage cheese.

  139. I had 1 raw carrot on day 2, not allowed?

  140. Dear Author,

    Last month i started this diet and lost 7kg. I am able to maintain my weight but i cud do this only by eating very very little through out the day. Am facing Hair loss problem also.can u please suggest me what is Gluten free diet. please give some example of Gluten free food. Am from India our major food is rice and wheat.

    • First of all please never do that. 1) You are starving your body of nutrients, causing health issues, stressing out your adrenals and so on. Hence the hair loss, please you may need to find a functional health care person and check your thyroid and cortisol levels. You are also starving your body, hence once your body goes into a starvation mode you will start to gain weight and your metabolism will shut down. It’s not the way, please i beg you to reconsider. Who cares if wheat is cultural, who cares if everyone eats it. It ruins your health, Good Wheat Belly and look at their site and book. Rice, white rice especially is a simple starch and a good carb. You also need good fats! They are a must. I have listed 2 plans here, the top 2 posts, please read them and see what real healthy eating is like. Then feel free to ask me any questions. Hang in there….

  141. Hi..
    1/ on day one can I drink milk instead of fruits?
    2/ can I drink water over the night? Meaning
    I wake up usually during the mid night Nd drink water
    And how many litters I can drink water during the
    24 hours?
    3/ can I use sweet N law as substitute sugar
    4/ can I drink tonic water during the diet?
    Thank u..have a nice day

    • 1) NO, not even close to being the same at all.
      2) Sure, drink water as you are thirsty. 2 to 2.5 litres
      3) No, it’s garbage and actually overtime causes weight gain. You can use a pure organic stevia.
      4) What’s that? πŸ™‚


  142. Tonic water is kind of soda water
    Also can I use NescafΓ© ??
    I don’t like fruits, so what can I eat on day one??
    Ty again

  143. K done
    But what can I eat during the first day instead
    Of fruits .. I don’t like any fruit

    • WOW, understandable… I would say veg, some sprouts, peas would be OK since you need some carbs but only because you don’t like fruit.

  144. Shall i do jogging or running while i’m in a diet week?

  145. Hi, Today is my day 3, 1st and 2nd was ok. Today I am feeling hungry. In morning I had melon and water melon. after 3 hours had small amount of papaya yet feeling hungry. In afternoon planned to have salads like carrot cucumber, and some salad leafs.

    I am feeling too hungry now.

  146. Yesterday I had 5 small carrots along with cucumber in lunch and evening, Is carrot not suggested.

    • You will be fine. I don’t recommend during the 7 days because people only ever want to eat carrots, corn and peas. Carrots after the diet are fine, however you will be OK.

  147. Shall I alter the fruits in the same day?
    Like you mentioned morning 2 apples in breakfast, instead of two shall I have 1 in morning and add the another one in dinner??

  148. Thank you.. May i know what i have to eat in those days? I mean in the 14 days..

  149. Thank you. Again a doubt shall i go for walking or jogging??

  150. Hi,

    what is the quantity of milk that can be consumed?
    Also can I add little jaggery in tomato soup ? Plz reply fast as today is my 3rd day. Thanks in advance…

  151. Hi,
    what is the quantity of milk for day 4?
    Can we add little jaggery to tomato soup on day 5?

    • 3 glasses.
      no, it’s just sugar, no matter what you call it. If you want to gain weight then yes you can have it then πŸ™‚

  152. Hi I’m in day 4. I have very important dinner meeting today. Can I switch day 4& day5 ?

  153. I have lost 2 kgs on 4th day morning but I gain 1 kg on 5th day morning?? I had 5 small bananas & 3 glass milk also Gm soup on day 4. Please reply ASAP I m very much disappointed with it….. πŸ™

    • Don’t distress, you will be OK. Although 5 small bananas is a couple short, you did find. It’t not likely you gained anything, see how you fair the next day, Be sure to weight first thing when you wake after going to the bathroom.

  154. M weighing in the same manner u described. will update again on 8th day morning…. Thanks for the reply

  155. 1-What is the maximum duration for which this diet can be followed ?
    Plz answer soon . I’m on day 5 of 2nd week, but can do one more.
    2-If I have to break when can I restart.
    My wt has reduced from 109kg to 102kg.I’m 5ft 9 in,31 yrs old,have excess of bad cholesterols.
    Any helpful suggestions?

  156. Hi
    can i have gm soup on day 2 for lunch and dinner? instead of having jus the veggies.

  157. Also on day 5 can i have tomato soup(made with 6 tomatoes as we are supposed to have 6 tomatoes compulsory on day5) along with other recommended foods

  158. Does 1 time mean 1 week off for every 2 weeks of dieting?

  159. Hello, i would like to tell you that i have finished my 1 time of the gmdiet, i have losted 3 kilos ” just without doing exercices !”. I enjoyed it so much. I look forward to re-try next mount.
    Now i would like to ask for my freind, can she begin the gmdiet while she breast-feed, her baby has 6 mounts.
    Thank you.

  160. Good Day to all. I am a male from India and I am currently tipping 93.4 KG. I started my 1st day of GM Diet. I am following it to the letter. I finished 2 lit. of water and 1 apple was my breakfast. Feeling light headed but no hunger pangs. Its probably because of the amount of water I had to detox. I am keeping a positive outlook and adamant not to cheat the diet. Grapes will be my lunch. Support & encouragement of readers are appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.

    • Hang in there, normally folks feel energized after a few days. Just got a comment from someone that did and they feel amazing. Remember to eat the soup if you need more food. Also less is not better, follow it as closely as possible πŸ™‚ Ask questions if you need help.

      • Good Day,

        My second day begins. My weight seems to have increased to 94 Kg. Maybe its the water which I drank yesterday though I had my occasional bathroom trips. Yesterday, my urge to eat tasty food was at its all time high but I held on. As stated, I had watermelon, MuskMelon, grapes and apples for dinner.

        I feel good today. No heavy, groggy or lethargic feeling. More light weight but the scale would disagree. Also feeling bit dizzy. My breakfast of veggies all ready. Boiled cabbage, cauliflower and beans. Raw beetroot, carrot and tomatoes. Same applies for dinner. No salt or pepper. Plenty of water today to suppress hunger and detox.

        As the author stated, “Eat to Live” not the other way round.

        I am aiming for 4 lit today. I want to know if thats excess or will it cause any negative impact on the body ? Thanks in advance.

        • Hello
          Hang in there… Feeling detoxy so to speak is normal the first couple of days. You really needed a potato with fat on day 2. It is vital. When you say beans ,I assume you mean green beans and not legumes. Beware too many carrots. All else seems OK πŸ™‚ Water is fine ,just never overdo it. You can flush too many vital minerals from the body. So add some lemon to it or have a coconut water.

          • DAY 3

            I am glad to be back on fruits at day 3.

            Note about yesterday: Somehow I couldnt go with boiled veggies. Personally i found it too hard to eat green beans, cauliflower and cabbage without salt. But pulled through. Had plenty of water.

            Today it was again grapes and apples. I cant think of veggies. It may be just me but I just couldnt go on eating more.

            I want to know if its Ok to stick to fruits and water?

            P.S: I know tomorrow is bananas and milk. cant wait for that.

            • Hello
              You can have salt, pepper and spices on your food. Spice it up actually. Day 3 should be a mix as we have it….

            • I thought I had to avoid salt, pepper and spices. I didnt know one could have that.

              I have heard people saying that salt isnt good for weight loss, no matter if it is cooked or raw. Is that so ? red chilli powder ok too ?

              Started day 5,

              3 to 4 bananas consumed. These are the small varieties. 3 glasses of milk yet to be gulped.

            • Your body needs salt, spices and such are totally fine if they are pure.

              Over doing salt will only cause some water weight gain. Meaning the next day you may appear to have lost nothing although you had. So just don;t over do it. Your body needs salt, I recommend a Himalayan or Celtic salt though. Chili powder is great. If they were small you can have up to 6. Trust me, other than over doing salt which is bad for your health, most people do not have a salt issue causing weight gain. Trust me it’s processed foods, gluten sugar and bad oils.

  161. Sure, thank you.
    What do you mean by “for in between rounds”?

  162. I hav noted always gain bAck 1 kg after the 7th day ii have done this 3times after a break of two weeks?
    Also can i hav eggs for breakfast on day 5?

  163. can i add tofu on the wonder soup? i’m on my third day tomorrow,can i fried tofu on olive oil? if its okey to have it?thanks

    • NO on the soup add. Tofu is a machined and over processed food. I don’t see the health benefits rather just the negative ones. If you want it as a meat replacement only, go for it, I just cannot recommend.

  164. Can we have corns , pulses or beans in day 3 of Gm diet plan ?

  165. Is it okay to follow below shedule-

    Day- 5

    Breakfast- 2 tomatoes, A Bowl of Red Kidney Beans seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon.

    Mid-Morning- A Cup of Curd

    Lunch- A Bowl of Brown Rice or wheat chapaties, 2 tomatoes, Palak Paneer (Spinach and Paneer)

    Evening-Sprouts Salad with onions, lemon juice, pepper and a pinch of salt.

    Dinner-Light Curry made from Soy Chunks, 1 chapati, Cucumber and tomato salad made from 1 cucumber and 2 tomatoes.

    • No, you cannot have WHEAT! Unless you want to gain weight do not eat it. NO CHAPATI, this is a gluten free plan. Make sure all of your meals have some good fat. Also, you only eat 3 times that day not 5. So that is also way off base.

      • Hi author, pls help advise ammended diet plan for day 5

        • Do this: (dried herbs and spices are all OK, as is salt and pepper.)
          Breakfast- 3 tomatoes, A Bowl of Red Kidney Beans (with ghee/butter or olive oil) seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon.
          Lunch- A Bowl of White or Brown Rice with curd, 2 tomatoes and spinach as well.
          Evening-Sprouts Salad with onions, cucumber and tomato salad made from 1 cucumber and 2 tomatoes. Make sure you have some good fat here like olive oil.

          Day 6 you get the same really and you get an additional small meal.

        • Pls advise if below is ok to be followed for day 5-

          Breakfast- 2 tomatoes, A Bowl of Red Kidney Beans with onions, cucumber, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

          Lunch- A Medium size Bowl of Brown Rice cooked with onions, tomato, soy chunks + a small bowl of Palak Paneer (Spinach, Paneer & tomato)

          Dinner- 1 cup sprouted moong with tomatoes,onions, salt & lemon + 1 bowl of tomato soup with cottage cheese in it.

  166. 1 , can we add soya sauce , chilli sauce and vinegar in wonder soup ?
    2 , I prefer to eat a vegetable salad in day 2 and day 3 , can i add ketchup ?

    • No, no and for sure no. Pure dried herbs and spices are great, those others typically contain MSG, sugar and other chemicals. Ketchup, if you want to gain weight then have it, if you want to lose weight and be healthy run from it. Good luck πŸ™‚

  167. Hi,

    I am on day 3 of the diet plan but don’t really see any weight loss. I strictly adhered to the Fruits on day 1 and veggies on day 2 (including a bowl of wonder soup at dinner) of the plan along with 30 mins exercise. Today also, I had a mix of fruits and veggies.
    What went wrong then? What should I do to make this effective for the rest of the days.

    thnx in advance for your advise.

  168. Hi,
    I have started this diet, due to non-availability of fruits in the dinner.I have had salad i.e. vegetables on my 1st Day. Do let me know if its fine and on what all days can i have juice whenever i feel hungry


  169. Hi I am on day 4 of diet plan and i havent lost more then a Kg ,
    ill continue with the diet anyways . Few questions :
    1 – Day 5 and 6 has beef in it . can i ignore the tomato parts ? and can i cook the beef in 3 tbsp yougurt ? can i make beef kebabs in olive oil
    2 – Can we replace beef with 2 egss / daal / chicken . Like if I eat 2 eggs in the breakfast , daal in lunch and chicken in dinner ?
    3 – Ive had carrots in wonder soup with soya sauce , vinegar and chilli sauce ? is that the reason for not loosing weight ?
    Please answer as soon as possible as i will be starting with my day 5 soon.

  170. Pls help advise what can be taken in place of brown rice on day 5,6 &7… I dont like rice at all.

  171. No, no potato, I only had vegies (broccoli, cabbage, carrot, capsicum, onion, mushrooms) and had a bowl of wonder soup. I weigh every day in the morning

    • The potato and fat was vital. You cannot just skip stuff as you feel. Sorry. Good, weigh in the morning after you go to the bathroom before eating or drinking.

  172. Oh I am sorry, i thought I may or may not have potato in breakfast. Can I have cheese (paneer) on day 5 & 6 both? Can I use all sprouts (steamed will do as I cannot eat raw sprouts), how much quantity each day?

    • No, the potato was totally necessary and important.

      You can have some cheese paneer, hard to measure so do a normal bowl per meal. I assume you will make it knowing the ingredients you put in, etc. A few sprouts can be had with your veg. πŸ™‚

  173. Can we have maggi vegetable aata noodles on day 5,6,7… I dont like brown rice or qunioa.

    • Those are literally pure garbage. Have you read the ingredients. If you eat those they are a sure fire way to gain loads of weight. Do eggs, millet, white rice. NO Wheat! Wheat is not the same as rice, it’s a junk carb, bad for you and will cause weight gain.

  174. Hi Admin,

    I m on day 5 right now and have lost only 1kg.

    • What did you eat day 2 and 3?

      • on day 2, I had

        Carrot and lime juice for breakfast
        One large cucumber as snack
        White radish(moli), carrot and avacado All Raw for lunch

        White potatoes with lime , green salad for dinner.
        I walked 3km on day 2

        FOR DAY 3

        Apple, pear, grapes and a slice of mango for breakfast
        Watermelon as snack
        Steamed broccoli, carrot, and red capsicum for lunch
        Mango as snack
        White potatoes with lime
        One half fresh pineapple in dinner
        No walk

        On day 2 I cheated twice with one morsel of roti and one morsel of biryani, just to taste πŸ™‚

        • Sorry your not following the program at all. There are so many errors I’m not sure where to begin, but I can tell you I see now easily why you’re not losing weight. You actually to follow the plan for it to be effective. Sorry.

          • Isn’t day 2 of veggies and day 3 veggies n fruits? Plz explain where I went wrong

            • Did you look at the sample plan? Can you please look first and then see maybe where you went off? Example why did you not eat potato day 2 breakfast with the good fat? It’s not good to eat right before bed. Why did you eat potato day 3? Why are you drinking juice day 2, its like eating pure sugar? Avocado? It’s pure fat. Don’t get me wrong very healthy balanced in a good meal post diet, I eat almost 1 a day. BUT 100% wrong for this program right now. You cannot sub whatever veg you want for the ones we list. Potato is a tuber, it’s all starch and carbs, so not at all the same as a broccoli, etc. Does that make sense? Carrot even for example is higher in carbs. Sure a great veg post diet, but it throws the program off some. Just some thoughts to help.

              And yes even small cheats can really mess things up, sorry. I know they were small, it happens, it can just throw you off chemically thus causing less loss.

  175. For day can I have chicken instead of beef and how much I can have?

  176. Can we have white vinegar as Salad Dressing?

  177. Thanks!

    I need to start again, I was following wrong GM diet.

  178. Hi, Can I have following for Day 5:

    1) Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs (whole) plus 2 raw tomatos.
    2) Lunch: 1 cup basmati rice with butter milk plus 1 egg (bull’s eye with little olive oil and pepper in it)
    3) Dinner: GM soup and 1 boiled egg.

  179. Is there any sort of side effects associated with the gm diet such as hair loss. I am already losing hair and i don’t want to lose more. Also is the diet suitable for 15 year olds

    • I cannot imagine there is, these are real wholesome foods on this plan. You may want to consult a physician. As far as a 15 year old, look at the foods here. Then compare to how she eats now. Most kids I know, well actually all of them eat junk food literally all day long.

  180. hai i am just on day2 i want to know whether green tea with sugar 4 cups in day is advisable

    1. and tender coconut water 400ml daily is my routine should i stop or continue

    2. Lemon water with 1 spoon honey is also my routine should i stop or shall i continue.

    3. wonder soup with vegetables in it or with out the boiled vegetables ( only soup)

    Please reply any more suggestions for me.

    • Sugar is not OK, never, Unless you want to gain weight.
      1) coconut water is fine daily, stick to a glass or so.
      2) Lemon in water is great. No honey. Why honey? You basically are drinking sugar water.
      3) sure, up to you on the soup


  181. can i take fruits on day 2 instead of vegetables?? Basically i want to replace vegetables by fruits in the diet plan (even if any particular fruit is fine )??

    • no, fruits are not at all the same in carbs and calories as veg. Sorry, the fruit day, on day 1 is one thing, but to have it for veg, not the same at all. If you do this post diet ass well, you will be in for a world of hurt when it come to weight gain.

  182. hai i have a doubt about the bananas on day 4 how many bananas allowed exactly & at can you give the split time for bananas for the day.

    More over i am taking amla juice i glass with salt is it OK this too is my routine.

  183. hi i accidently had pizza on day one can i still procced with the diet??

  184. Hi,

    Iam having Thyroid, so taking treatement for it but now its normal. I have just started GM Diet Plan, Will its work for me. Shall i continue this diet or should i take any extra ingredients.

    Pls help me out

    • It can work, however with thyroid issues you need good fats more. I mean detoxing like the first 2 days can be oK for most, but it could stress your thyroid out. You may need o ask a doc. Look at the forum, look in the after 7 days section (top 2 posts), that’s how I eat and i have a minor thyroid issue that now thanks to an amazing doc and my diet is healing πŸ™‚

  185. Thanks for the can i eat corn cooked and uncooked..on vegetable days with carot.

  186. Can we have cooked vegetables with little oil n species on day 2 & 3??

    • Sure, if you read the plan you should be eating veg. Very little oil assuming it’s a good oil like olive or coconut. Spices, go for it.

  187. Can kids aging 16-18yrs do this diet??

    • Well, first you may need to ask a doc. I know nothing of the child’s health. Second, how do they eat now? The kids I know literally eat junk food everyday. I suggest if they are overweight a lifestyle is sorely needed…

  188. hai

    I am an non veg but will not take either beef or pork Please suggest me on day 5 with out beef & hamburger for the 6 th day.I can follow veg or chicken or fish. Can we substitute with broken wheat insteat of brown rice.Since i am not getting brown rice.

    • yes, either veg, chicken or fish is great. No, broken wheat is not the same. Unless you want to gain weight don;t eat wheat. White rice is the best.

  189. Hi,

    1. How many banana to be consume on day 4
    2. What is measure of 1 cup rice (in gms etc)

  190. Hi,

    1. Cow milk can be used?

  191. what is subsitute for celery & onion in wonder soup

  192. can we eat carrot during the diet?

    • Better to hold off. The problem is they are a little higher in carb, and if we said yes, most people tend to only ever eat carrots, corn and peas. If you have one it would be fine.

  193. Can u please tell quantity of milk on day 4 in ml please. Also is it okay to consume less banana or its mandatory to have it. Cause it might lead to weight gain.

    • 3 cups.
      yes you can have less bananas, but I can assure you, your issue will not be with banana, likely what you eat after like wheat. However it;s up to you πŸ™‚

  194. HI Author,

    Pls answer the following queries
    1. If I feel hungry can I have fruits as snacks in additional to the menu you mentioned for day 3 and day 4
    2. Can I have guava in day 3 and 4 in between if hungry?.
    3.On day 5 can i replace beef with 3 eggs in each meal. I mean 3 eggs for breakfast, 3 eggs for lunch and 3 eggs for dinner (all with tomatoes).
    4. On day 6 can I have chicken and egg in more quantities? Pls specify the allowed qty for each meal.
    5. On day 4 can i have milk with sugar or without?

    • 1) No, you can have the soup.
      2) No, you an have the soup.
      3) Yes you can πŸ™‚
      4) You can have meat 3 meals plus 1 snack, so up to 4.5 oz per meal of chicken or 3 eggs.
      5) No sugar, unless you want to gain weight.

  195. Can you please suggest the measure of cup of milk . 1 cup= ?ml.

  196. shall we eat boiled chenna on second day of gm diet..

  197. shal v eat veg soup for everday whenever we feel there any restriction about quantity..

  198. 1. on day 5 & 6
    can we eat white rice with ghee
    eggs (pls suggest quantity through out the day)

    Rice or Eggs which is preferred

    2. Can we take take rice on one day and egg on another day?

    • Eggs is far better, Here’s why. Rice little to no protein and has loads of carbs. Pastured eggs loads of nutrition and good protein. 3 eggs per meal. Yes, you can have rice, then egg later, or better yet legumes.

  199. Thanks for reply.
    Total 9 boiled egg per day.
    Can you help to suggest which legumes and how much quantity

  200. Is it ok if I take normal white rice instead of brown rice on day 5?

  201. Hi
    1. On day 6 can I take mixture of white rice and lentil (tuwar dal) with vegetables

    2. On day 7 also can I take 2 cup mixture of white rice and lentil (tuwar dal) in place of brown rice .

  202. Thanks.
    Pls confirm
    1. on day 7 we can consume 2 cup of rice or 1 cup
    2. With ghee or without.
    3. On day 6 can we start BF with 3 eggs and remains diet with equivalent rice & lentil less than 1 cup.

  203. Hi..can i do an hour of running or joggin or swimming ,while on gm diet??

    • read the exercise page at the bottom of the site, but no, you do not want to tear down when you don’t get protein…
      be careful the first 4 days until day 5 when you get protein…

  204. Im on day 4 now. 1) On day 5, can i have hamburger from subway? If yes, how many for the whole day
    2) on day 6, can i have 3 eggs, 1 cup rice, 1 cup lentil plus veggies for the whole day ?
    Thanks in advance

    • 1) No. You don;t get bread. It means a hamburger patty, meat only. Also if you are eating at Subway then you are gaining weight, their food could not be worse for you. It’s junk food, all of it. If you want a sure fire way to gain and keep weight on, eat wheat.
      2) yes, rice and lentils 1 cup cooked. Also rice and lentils need some good fat.

  205. hello I am at the end of 5th day of my before yesterday I had checked my weight and had lost almost 2kg bt hvnt made any progress thereafter, don’t understand why πŸ™
    yesterday(day 4) I hd 5large bananas (took one extra by mistake) and 5 glasses of buttermilk and today I hd a cup of sprouts for breakfast; half cup brown rice, 2tbsp curd,3tiny tomatoes fr lunch; sprouts,5 tiny tomatoes and half cup rice for snacks and dinner.did I exceed the limit? I am worried because there’s only 2 days left and I want to lose more weight.plz reply soon..thank you πŸ™‚

    • it was only 3 glasses of milk.

      Keep rolling, day 4 was a mistake, day 5 seems OK, although each meal if you replace meat needs good fat. It’s vital to weight loss.

  206. @Author:

    Whats the amount of white or brown rice I should take on day 5?
    Day 6 says unlimited beef, is that ok to take unlimited rice too(with ghee)
    Am confused, kindly help.

  207. Hi, i am currently in Day 1, this is my first time doing this GM diet.
    1. Can I eat 1 boiled egg for breakfast for Day 3 and 4? / Can I eat eggs?
    2. For day 4, Can I have banana + milk juice?
    3. For day 3, which is fruits and vegetables, can I make FRESH watermelon/orange juice? without milk and anything, pure juice.
    4. Do I need to fry my vegetables..? any suggestions? for day 2

    I have alot of hunger pangs… i am trying the cabbage soup
    ingredients: onion, tomato, cabbage and potato (i only drink the soup and eat the cabbage and tomato without potato)
    Please advise! thanks!

    • 1) no
      2) whats milk juice?
      3) no, drinking sugar/fructose is not the same as eating it whole.
      4) no fry, you can steam,plan cook, etc. You cannot use bad for you oils like canola, sunflower, vegetable, safflower, etc.

      YOU CANNOT have potato in the soup. Please read the actual recipe. Potato nutritionally is not even close to the same as cabbage, etc.


  208. Mostly every night, i use to take one badam, one cashew, one half walnut, one pista before bed.
    Is it okey to continue the same during the diet or not???

  209. Hi can i take tomato and onion on day 2??and other vegetable day

  210. Thank you πŸ™‚ also if am on vegetarian gm diet plan..can i repeat the plan after 3 day gap.
    And why the weight loss is less if you follow the vegetarian plan ??

    • Well, you can but a 2 week wait is better. We do have a plan on the forum, in the After 7 Day section, the top 2 posts that’s great in between.
      Why? Well meat is pure fat and protein. Vegetarians replace meat with rice and legumes. Rice and legumes have loads of carbs. However good carbs though but you are taking a plan meant for meat and doing high carb foods instead of a no carb food. That;s why eggs are a great replacement. So eggs first, legumes next, then rice. And the rice and legumes need good fat on each meal day 5 ad 6. Hope that helps….

  211. Sure,it helps.thank you

  212. I am on day 2 but i made a mistake.i forgot to take the potato in the morning.instead i took should i continue with the day 3 or should i go bak to day 1.and i have already lost 1.5 kg by now..(i hope its not the water weight)as i am drinking atleas 4 litre of water from last 2 days..

  213. i had taken 4 digestive marie biscuts on day 2 will it spoil my weight loss regime

    • Oh yah, those things are so bad for you. I cannot believe they can get away with calling them digestive biscuits. they are basically pure junk food and have ZERO redeeming heath value. If you want 1 sure fire way to kill this plan, it’s eat wheat. Sorry πŸ™

  214. After a long struggle I am starting with the GM diet. Today on Day 1. Didn’t have anything except a bottle of water till 11.30 AM. Then had a musk melon juice without sugar. A lemon juice again without sugar. After this @ 5.45 pm I had an apple and again another one @ 7.35 pm. Hope I survive the night. Have had 4 glasses of water. I feel fine except for the craving to eat rice. Can I continue the diet to Day 2?

    • Sure keep rolling πŸ™‚

      You keep mentioning without sugar on your food. Please stop using sugar if you want to lose weight πŸ™‚

  215. Thank you for your quick response. Your response is really motivating. Thank u. I haven’t weighed myself but I know I am around 56 kg and should reduce to 50. I just finished having a potato with salt and mustard seeds. Hope I make through the second day.

  216. Just had a question, there is a spoon of olive oil used to fry the mustard it ok..or have I broke the diet?

  217. Hi Kevin,
    While preparing the 4 PM snack on Day 2, 1 tsp of lime was added.
    Is that ok?
    Secondly, my wife added around 2-3 tablespoons of corn. Unfortunately, I read later that I can’t have corn on Day 2. Is this ok? Or how’ll I rectify this please?
    I understand that these minor changes make a huge difference.
    Your advice will be appreciated please.

    • Lime or lemon is great, actually good to flavor and add some minerals to water with.
      You will be fine with that much corn πŸ™‚
      We say no corn for many reason, but a little like that will be OK πŸ™‚
      So you are doing great, keep rolling…

  218. Secondly… I had 2-3 raw cucumber an hour before dinner as I was very hungry and did not have the wonder soup with me (at work)

  219. Hey is it ok if i stop the diet on day 5 ?? As i have lost 2 kg in first 2 days and after that weight is the same no difference..

  220. It was on day 2. But I am feeling very very hungry now.

  221. If I have had Poha on Day 2, Have I broken the diet and should start again? Please advice.

    Also on Day 3 , is it ok to have potatoes for lunch?

    • You may want to start over. No potato. Potato is not at all nutritionally the same as regular veg. Potato is only OK day 2 breakfast.

  222. Morning Kevin!!!
    Can substitute watermelon for Papaya in my day 3 dinner?
    And I think I added a little extra chilly powder in my wonder soup. My stomach’s bloated.
    Should I restart my diet? Or is that common.
    Your advice will help a lot please

  223. Actually i sis not loose any weight after day 2..hence i wanted to stop..but now day6 completed so i will finish day 7 also.

  224. Can i eat rice and lentils with curd for my lunch after day 7?

  225. Am on day 3. Can you eat bananas on other days aside from day 1. It isnt that clear to me… Thanks.

  226. I’m having low BP. Can I do gm diet..

  227. Hi Kevin,
    I have the choice of having white rice, Brown rice and ‘dia’ rice. Which one is the best for Day 5 please? And should I add some ghee along with that?
    Is the below regimen fine?
    Breakfast – 1 bowl of rice (brown/ white/ dia) with 1 tomato, 1tsp ghee, 1/2 tsp salt
    Morning – 2 tomatoes
    Lunch – Same as Breakfast
    Evening – 2 raw cucumbers or tomatoes
    Dinner – Same as lunch but with less quantity rice.

    Please let me know if I have to make any changes. It will help πŸ™‚

  228. And can I add some sprouts to the rice please?
    2-3 tbsp?

  229. Hi,

    It is my day 3. All is going well but today my friends made me eat one laddoo (Indian sweet). Will it ruin my diet by any chance? πŸ™

  230. Hi author,
    A quick one please.
    I had a glass of plain watermelon juice (without sugar ofcourse) on day 5 as I was very hungry.
    I had this almost an hour before my dinner.
    Is that ok?
    Secondly, since I had white rice for breakfast and lunch, I’m feeling constipated.
    I actually had 1-2 servings more of rice than 1 medium sized bowl.
    Is that why I’m constipated?
    I am now worried as I’ll be having the same schedule for tomo (day 6)

    • If you ate too much rice that can be an issue. This is also a low fiber day and that can cause an issue. If you replace meat for rice, that rice better have some good fat or you will not do as well at all. Meat has fat, the replacement should as well.

  231. Hi
    completed Day 7 & reduce 5kg .
    please suggest me what’s should i eat after 7 day to remain fit,I m a Indian so i usually eat flowing food.


  232. Can we have sweet corn on 2-day of GM diet or remaining all days

  233. Plz snd me the diet plan for seven days.and I am confuse which one to follow
    Becz there r many same GM diet plans

    • It’s not confusing on our site, look in the sidebar and click each day, easy enough… I cannot recreate something that’s already on the site. If you are reading plans elsewhere, I cannot help, funny nor do they.

  234. HII

    I am on day 2 & I had corn on the cob this morning – will this be very detrimental?

    Also, what will be the better substitute for the milk – soy or almond?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  235. Hi Author,
    I’m going to start this diet next week. Have few questions :-
    1. Next week my periods are due. So, it is alright if can start the diet next week.
    2. Can I have wonder soup any time any day ex. day 1 or day 4?
    3. I don’t eat meat, so can I have boiled/scramble (burji) eggs on day 5, 6 & 7. If yes, how many in a day. Also, I can eat eggs with brown rice or just eat eggs only?
    4. Can I have paneer also with brown rice? If yes, how much in a day?
    5. Can I have fruits and veg on day 5, 6 & 7 as a snacks?

    Thanks in advance..

    • 1) You can start, but hormones can make your actual weight loss seem less.
      2) Yes you can, any day, any time
      3) you can days 5 and 6. Day 7 is rice only even for meat eaters. eggs only. You can do legumes only with good fat also.
      4) yes, as a meat replacement. Just a normal size bowl, less rice for sure though, more paneer.
      5) No, read the plan carefully. You get 3 meals day 5 only. Soup can always be the snack. Day 6 has a snack.

  236. Can I continue with d diet if I am on my menstrual cycle ?

  237. Hi there! May i just ask if I could stop after day 4 say I’ve already lost 3kg? What is the essence of day 5,6,7? I mean can I return to my usual eating habit but just without rice? Btw, i didnt eat potato on day 2 is it okay? I ate eggplants the whole day.

  238. Hi,
    I plan to start the diet from tomorrow.
    Problem is drank a little alcohol yesterday. Should I postpone it or is it alright to start it from tomorrow..

  239. Hello sir
    Almost lost 3 kgs before a week,and now I have started again and this my second day,
    instead of beef can I have grilled chicken without any sauces or boiled chicken.and hw much we have to eat pls tell me n gms.
    And on vegei day can I add little chickpeas to my salad

  240. If I am taking beef I should not take rice

  241. hi ,today is my first day .

    1) tomorrow shall i have cooked raw banana (Plantain).

    2) alternative days i am doing suryanamaskar n aerobics..shall i continue my yoga.

    3) for breakfast potato shall i season with mustard n green chilly n salt

    • 1) no, plantains are pure starch, they are not a real fruit, not at ll the same nutritionally.
      2) up to you, don;t tear down muscle, you have no protein to rebuild.
      3) sure, needs fat as well, season it as you like πŸ™‚

  242. Can I have coconut tea on this diet? And I had black rice instead of brown, is black rice better? It’s healthier

  243. Hi Author,

    Am on day 4 doing the program properly, incase i replace the skim milk to yougart what kind of yougart? ( i mean full cream or low fat or sour yougart) and how many ML i can take.

    thanks in advance

  244. I had a 1/2 cup of tea with milk and little sugar on 2nd day .Will it harm my GM diet? what should i do to compensate it? Plz reply

    • Sure it could harm you. Sugar is toxic. And no there is nothing you can do to make up for it. Don’t believe what you see on TV, it does not work as they show. Example you cannot just eat a piece of cake and then think you can workout more to burn calories. Sorry.

      However, you should be OK, keep rolling head πŸ™‚

  245. for 4th day i dont like to have raw tomatoes plz tel me instead of tomato wat shall i have.
    shall i follow this
    5 th day
    breakfast-rajma,chickpeas,whole green moongdhal salad
    lunch-red rice with onion n tomato with olive oil
    dinner- again some salad

    7th day
    breakfast -salads
    lunch -1 cup of brown rice
    dinner- 1 cup of brown rice
    instead of wonder soup shall i have mixed veg soup
    (carrot corn cabbage tomoto green peas)

  246. its my second day today..i really wanna ask if

    1. what should i do after the gm diet?
    because it is said that you cannot continuously do gm diet.

    2.can i have beef rice and veggies in day 7?

    3.Can i drink non-fat milk or low fat milk in day 4?

  247. thanks for ur reply.

    on 4th day how many classes of skim milk shall i take

  248. tomorow is my fifth day. Is it ok if I take a boiled egg alongwith rice and 2 tomatoes for each meal?

  249. Can We have white rice and Dal in lunch on 5th and 6th day of GM diet

  250. Hello sir,
    I am on day 4 today, on day 6 can I have 1 grilled chicken piece with little rice ( thigh or leg piece) only for the lunch becz its my birthday and we have decided to party on day 6. Plz suggest me for whole day diet for day 6.

    • No rice if you eat meat.
      Just follow what we have day 6 πŸ™‚ You can sub chicken for meat. Eat rice with chicken at your own risk….

  251. Hi Author,
    1. Can I have cooked yellow daal with one cup of rice on day 5 as you said legumes can be taken instead of beef. If yes how many cups with rice per day? Also one cup of rice is cooked?
    2. How many eggs can be eaten a day on day 6 & 7? can we eat them with rice with some veg?
    3. Can we eat curd on day 5,6 & 7?
    4. Is chickpea allowed on day 5, 6 & 7 along with rice?

    • 1) 1 cup of rice all day measured uncooked. But if you add legumes rice must be less. yellow daal is fine
      2) no eggs day 7, only rice. day 6 3 max per meal. eggs only – no rice with it
      3) curd can be taken, only day 5 and 6. Look at the Indian version the bottom of the site
      4) chickpeas yes day 5 and 6, but you get much less rice.

      Good luck πŸ™‚

  252. Hi author,

    I am a bit scared to eat 9 eggs in a day. wont it add back the weight I lost? Also wont it affect my cholestrol levels. I am a bit naive when it comes to health so please help me with this query. Thanks!

    • Hello
      I understand, I only recommend it since most will not eat meat. Normal days you need variety. But on this plan all will be fine, You can do 7 eggs. And the whole eggs are bad deal was so 1980’s, real good pastured chicken eggs are a true super food πŸ™‚

      But if you get eggs say at a typical grocery store, they will be bad.

  253. Hello sir,
    I have decided that I will not break my track becz I want good result.I hope for the best!
    Day 5 diet plan is clear how to take beef,
    but I am confuse for day 6 its mentioned to take beef in snacks with vegeies,thn in breakfast and even dinner.can y plz advice me correct amt of beef to be taken for 3 meals and even for snacI am ok with my diet I am not feeling hungry at all, so I am not taking the soup is it ok?
    ello sOr compulsary to have it.

    • you do not have to have soup.
      day 5 is 3 meals each with beef or another meat.
      day 6 has 3 meals with meat, but you can if you like have a snack and it can have meat.
      Hope that helps. Do not under eat, however if you are not hungry do not have the snack or soup.

  254. Hi, I m on may 4th day. I nedeed to what is the maximum quantity of rice that can be had on the following days. I mean without cooked. N as mentioned in the diet plan can I have rice as many times as the beef is mentioned? Thank you in advance

    • yes you can have rice with good fat when it calls for beef. Look at bottom of the site, we tell you how much in the Vegetarian link πŸ™‚

  255. Hi Author,

    im on my 5th day today and i took 2 eggs as my luch today. but as i just finish the 2 boiled eggs i start feeling itchy, just last week i had allergy and the dr prescribe me an antibiotic and antihestmine for 5 days, my last medicine was November 18, then i started my GM November 22. along the way its superb and i lost 4kgs already. and tomorrow is my 6th day and i wanna complete my gm. the question is, is it ok if ill take the antihestamine tablet (1 tab a day) and not the antibiotic, it will help my gm to remove the allergy or i should stop my gm so that i can take the medicine.
    or anything that would give conflict to both (gm and allergy). please advise.

    BTW the dr did not mention that i should not eat egg and chicken during my check up.
    i just got to knew it after eating the 2 eggs.

    many thanks,

    • take whatever meds the doc says to take if you want.

      Sounds to me you have an egg allergy, I do. They are common allergens.

      If you have an allergy, you have to find out. You have to be tested. You do not want to eat foods that you have immune issues with. Allergies to foods can hinder weight loss and your overall health.

  256. Hello sir
    Today is my fourth day 3 days more left,pls suggest I want to repeat this diet again becz 15 Dec we have function. And I am very much concerned about loosing more weight.I will take rest for 4 days in between and then start.

  257. I have finished day 5 with 7 whole eggs and as many tomatoes. I am feeling heavy. Please let know if its ok to go day 6 with white rice,curd and normal vegetable dishes cooked at home including legumes(chana)

    • well, it’s tough, I would say only eat eggs once a day. But vegetarian meat replacements are not any good typically. Soy is terrible, beans are ok but have lots of carbs for this program, and so on.

      Totally go rice or legumes this time. make sure each has good fat πŸ™‚

  258. Thanks for ur reply, but I can continue my gm even im taking the medicine only 1 tab a day and im taking it before going to bed.

    • sure, I never suggest stopping meds. However I suggest you think about this,if I were say taking an allergy med, them ed does not cure my allergy, rather stops the signal from going to my brain lessening the symptoms. I still have the allergy, I am still damaging my body. I suggest you get to the bottom of hwy you have allergies that’s all. πŸ™‚

  259. Thanks for the quick reply author,
    I’m on day 4 and lost 2kg so far. Can you please advise my next three days meals as below:-
    Day 5 – Breakfast – 1/2 cup Boiled Chickpea or paneer with 2 tomatoes with onion & cucumber as a salad
    Lunch – 1/2 cup brown rice with 1/2 cup daal with 2 tomatoes with 1/4 cup curd
    Dinner – Same as lunch
    Day 6 – Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs
    Lunch – 1 egg with 1/2 cup daal
    Dinner – 1 egg with 1/2 cup brown rice
    Day 7 – Breakfast – chickpea/paneer salad
    Lunch – Vegs with 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
    Snack – 1 cup fresh juice
    Dinner – Same as lunch
    Really appreciate.. Thanks!

  260. Thanks for the reply author.. can we take egg or daal on day 7 or what else I can have with rice?

  261. Hello si
    Day 5 beef patty how much to be taken, in gms
    Pls suggest.

  262. Pls clarify the following:-
    1.Whether 1 cup rice from Day means 1 cup raw rice. If yes, that is large qty?
    2.Can’t we have other vegetables along with tomatoes on day 5?

    • 1) yes raw but you can back off some if you like
      2) sure, a little extra veg will never hurt assuming it’s not peas, corn and carrots.

  263. hi [email protected] i am doing gm diet 3rd time this year now… am on day 1 today.i have read all the faqs..just want to nknow a few things:
    1. can boiled sprouts like 1 small katori (measured after boiling) red lobia, dhuli urad dal with veggies be taken on day 2 and 3??
    2. can 1 corn cob/day be taken on day 2 and 3??
    3. can dahi be taken on day 4?..i dont like milk. and if much?? pls tell qty in ml.
    4. for day 5 and 6: if i take 1 cup boiled red lobia or kala chana(chickpea)/ dhuli urad dal (with tomato and veggies acc to days)for a meal…is it alright? and i cup of these have to be measured before cooking or after cooking??
    also i dont like soup..can i take raw fruits and veggies as munchies??
    5. for day 7: 2cups (uncooked) ricw with veggies and fruits all day…right??

  264. and can cauliflower be taken with peas with spices and a drop of olive oil on day 2 and 3??

  265. Hey one more thing pls..on day says about 2- 3 glasses(200 ml/glass) of skim how much yoghurt should be taken to replace that??

  266. Hello sir,
    I am feeling very dissapointed.i dint even loose 1 kg as i am 100% sure i did not cheat my diet.
    Same diet when i followed last time before this i lost 3 kgs.
    Pls tell me why?
    I have taken 5 days gap and again want to giv a try.

    • Hang in there, issues like that can vary. It may be wise to try again a few days later. Try and stay gluten and sugar free until then if you can. Keep in mind although you may not have lost, you were healthy and overall in the long run that will help down the road.

  267. Hi author,I a have completed my 2nd day sucessfully with ease. i have just one doubt. i didnot feel hungry in the 2 days and also i feel more energetic is it ok? i have read that most of the people feel sick and tired. also i would like to tell i have followed the two day routine strictly. does plz reply, thanks in advance

    • It’s great. Some folks deal with detox harder then others. To me it could just mean your detox pathways are full open and working well, your body is dealing well with coming off other foods, etc. So enjoy πŸ™‚

  268. Hi!
    This is my 3rd attempt on the gm diet.And for the first time I have been able to reach day 3 successfully.So I have a few questions.
    1.I go for regular morning walks.Is that okay?
    2.After the walk I feel thirsty and by mistake I had coconut water and the pulp both in the morning in the last two days.Will that be a problem?
    3.I don’t feel sick at all.Actually I feel a lot more energized.But I am scared to check my weight.Can you tell me when would I actually start to feel the change in my weight?
    4.Last one. πŸ˜€ Can I have roasted brinjal with some chillies and spices as a part of the vegetables?

    • walks are OK. just do not over do workouts.
      do not do much pulp, coconut water is fine.
      it can take a few days before you feel lighter, getting junk foods, oils, etc out of your system can take time
      yes your sure cane have that πŸ™‚

  269. Thanks for encouraging me.i hope for best this time.

  270. Thanks a lot for the quick reply.One more thing.Can I use olive oil to sautΓ© my vegetables because it seems really difficult for me to have them boiled or raw. πŸ™

  271. hi i started the diet plan this monday and have been according to the prescription. but by mistake read the 4th day as 3rd and had bananas and milk today on the 3rd day. pls let me know if the diet will work. would you suggest me to stop the diet today and restart it from tomorrow. if i can continue, what day schedule should i follow tomorrow. pls let me know. thanks.
    Dear Author, please guide me. I am worried. i wanted to give my best but made a big mistake of having bananas and milk on 3rd day.

  272. Mistake? I would start over, wheat is a diet killer and a weight gainer.

  273. Hi

    I am on end of day 3, have been following it as per the plan.

    I am a bit confused about day 5, 6 & 7, I am a vegetarian egg eater

    Can you please breakdown the menu for breakfast / lunch / dinner / mid meals for all three days. I have gone thru the Indian / vegetarian version link but still confused.

    Please help!


    • Day 7 there are no changes. Follow what we have.
      Day 5 and 6, simply replace beef for rice and a good fat like some good oil or some curd, use legumes with good fat, or 3 eggs per meal. The veg stays the same. Spice your food as you like.

  274. Hi author..
    On 5th dec it was my day 6
    ..but i jad only one meal i.e a bowl of chickpea and veggies cz i was sleeping almost whole day. I am a doctor in india..shifts are crazy here. So now i have woken up at 12 am i.e 6th dec..
    i am a bit confused..should i start wd day 7 now as per schedule or continue on day 6 and start wd day 7 from

  275. * day 7 from 7th dec.
    # in continuation wd last msg#
    Pls reply asap..m hungry!

  276. more 1 cup curd ok on day 7?

  277. Thanks…is this OK

    Day 5
    Morning – 3 eggs with tomoatos and cucumber

    Lunch – 1/3 cup of rice with low fat curd or paneer

    Dinner – 3 eggs with tomoatos and cucumber

    GM Wondersoup as mid meal or whenever u feel hungry

    Day 6
    Morning – 1/3 cup rice with all kind of veggies except potato

    Lunch – 1/3 cup rice with all kind of veggies except potato with some curd or paneer

    Dinner –same as lunch

    GM Wondersoup as mid meal or whenever u feel hungry

  278. what in snacks??

  279. one more question….will I experience hair loss cause of gm diet??

    • Why would it? Not sure how that would work? These are healthy foods. If you lose hair it because you have moderate to severe underlying health issues.

  280. coconut water is allowed on all 7 days.

  281. Am I allowed Worcester sauce or soy sauce on day 6?

  282. Hi I have have heard about wonder soup but cannot seem to find the recipe. Please share the link.

  283. Can i have a couscous / quinoa salad with tomatoes, onions, peppers brocolli and spices on days when we can have veg and fruits??

    I live in the middle east where this is easily available.

    • no, those are not vegetables. And this program is gluten free. so no COUSCOUS. Wheat is easily available here, I would never eat it unless I want gain weight and be unhealthy. Quinoa would work as a meat substitute days 5 and 6.

  284. When on day 5 and 6 we can have only beef or only chicken or only eggs?
    We can’t have one meal beef, one meal eggs, one meal chicken?
    Or day 5 have beef and day 6 have chicken?

  285. Can we have grilled meat on day 5 and 6? so sheesh tawook, shawarma ( only the meat, no tahini, no bread).

    Also can i have plain chicken curry, beef curry without any rice or bread?

    Also i can either eat meat or rice right? can have both in one day?is white rice better or brown

    Can you suggest me a diet plan for day 7 please?

    sorry about all the questions but I just want to be sure I am doing it right. Don’t want to make unecessary mistakes

    • grilled meat is fine seasoned how you like.
      yes curry is fine also.
      either or, meat best!
      Always ask, no problem here. Day 7 is fairly base. So season the rice as you like and eat the veg as you normally would really.

  286. Hi,

    I want to ask if there is an age limit in doing this diet.
    During the two-week break, can I have Weet-Bix and milk for breakfast on most of the mornings?
    Can suggest some substitute for the meats that are in the diet? I’m not vegetarian but I just want to know.

    • No, no age limit. You can have those products for breakfast if you want to gain weight. That’s really all they do. You can do eggs or legumes, with good fat added.

  287. Then what do you suggest I have for meals during the two-week break?

  288. Hi,
    Can people with high blood pressure or under hypertension medication go through this diet? if not, could you please explain the reason and also suggest an alternative.
    THank you

    • I recommend this.
      This guy, a leading cardiologist – meaning he is out of the norm and changes people lives. You cannot go wrong here. Cut the gluten and the sugar. You need balance. You don’t need detox, it can stress your heart and your body too much.

  289. 1 can i hav daal and rice on day 5 in breakfast and lunch???
    2 how can i have rice with tomatoes ??
    3 can i make palao of rice tomates beans carrot ???

  290. 1 ) can i hav oats regularly after completing my gm diet ??
    2) can i hav bran roti after gm diet ??

    • 2) No, sorry, too much proof behind wheat and weight gain, not to mention loads of other issues with it. This is up to you.
      1) Oats, oats are good for cholesterol due to a fiber that’s in it. However is a huge cross contamination crop, meaning it cross contaminates with wheat. So if you want get certified gluten free. Next, very high in carbs. Have you ever checked to see if you have insulin resistance or what happens to your blood sugar if you eat it? Also, oats taste terrible unless you dump loads of sugar, milk, etc on them. SO what do you eat on yours? Be careful. If you did eat some you need it to be a part of a balanced meal, with good fat, protein, etc.

  291. Thank you so much! It helped.
    I have another question, as I am rather confused about the vegetables part. For day 2 and rest of the days, when we are supposed to eat vegetables, can we eat beans, peas and lentils as a part of the diet, or should legumes be totally avoided? This clarification will help me a lot.

    Thank you once again.

    • Well understand nutritional what makes up most veg (celery, cabbage, zucchini, green beans, broccoli, all greens, cauliflower, etc to name a few). Most veg really have zero real carbs. Then you go to tubers (potato, root veg) and squashes (like pumpkin) and they do have a good amount of carbs. Beans, legumes, etc are full of carbs and are NOT vegetables. So you cannot replace a cauliflower with a bean. So no beans and legumes unless you replace them for meat day 5 and 6. They are loaded with carbs yet have protein. However these are considered good carbs, so off of the diet yes eat as a aprt of a balanced meal (balance meaning good fat, good carbs, protein and lots of good veg), although I would only ever eat soaked and sprouted beans and legumes.

  292. i ate sweet corn on day2,….but i didnt eat anything after this ok ?plz rly me.

  293. today is 5th day and i lost only 1 kg ??? my diet was accurate…
    can i hav dhokla (channa dal ) after completing my gm diet

  294. i weigh in morning.
    today i ate 6 tomatoes nd 2 small bowl of rice…

  295. Can I have the packeted soupsthat are available in the market during the GM diet?

    • Not likely. What’s in the soup? Chemicals? MSG? Bad oil? This program should steer you towards whole – real – natural foods.

  296. today is 7th day and i didnt loose any weight :((
    i did not cheated… i had 6-7 glasses of water per day…
    should i strt again from tomorrow???

  297. i ate 5 banana an 3 glass of milk…
    on day 5 i ate 2 bowls rice soup and water upto 6 glasses

  298. Hello there,

    I am on day 2. And I have lost 1 kg yet. I walk everyday for 40 minutes and I have started some weight loss workout too. But, I took quarter plate of rice at dinner, the rice had a small amount of oil. I am afraid, that I’ll be able to loose more weight in the coming days or not? I have to loss at least 7 kgs in the coming days.

    Do I need to start the diet again?
    Also, in my area, watermelon is not available, so I ate a lot of apples yesterday. is that okay?
    Please guide me.


    • Hello…
      Any time you break a diet, say the mechanism that makes it work, yes it can throw you for a few days. Starting over though is up to you. You may want to consider it. Fruit, sure, do your best and eat what’s local.

  299. Hi… I m doing this GM diet for 3th time now. almost like once a month. I do hog on my fav biriyani’s n deserts before taking my GM diet before a day. Is it fine ?

    Secondly one of my friends she want to take this diet but she is intolerant to Tomatoes, can you suggest from alternative for this please. Thanks you.

    Seasons Greetings !

    • No, if you eat junk food like that you will likely always struggle with weight. They can just pick another veg, it’s OK to do that.

  300. Dear,I had 1 bread with minced on 3rd Day:Should i continue diet and stopped or restart it again

  301. hi,Can i restrat after bread or carry on?On 3rd day i took bread

  302. Can i have yogurt instead of milk on 4th day.

  303. can i have 3 meals only,i dont want snacks

  304. Plus is there a restriction on the amount of fruits we can
    Consume on day 1? Or the amount of Vegas on day two?
    Also can I cook the vegetables with spices but no oil of course ?

    • A small dash of oil is OK to cook veg, you can cook as you like. Base vegetable,s yes eat as many as you like. Fruit, yes you can eat lots, try not to over do fruit though.

  305. Well milk has sugar in it technically so no. Herbal teas are OK like green tea. Black tea is not herbal. Stevia is OK

  306. can i use chicken stock in soup ? n i hv to drink soup daily ? i m on 2nd day plzz reply fast

  307. Very much appreciate you for painstakingly answering every single question posted. Now I have a few πŸ™‚
    1. I use carrots, cabbage and onions for the wonder soup but add about 3 tsps of Knorr veg soup powder for flavour. Is that ok ? If not, is there anything I can use to enhance the flavour ?
    2. Is white rice ok on the rice days ? White basmati to be precise ?
    3. Is it ok to eat a half cup of mushrooms on veggie days ?
    4. Cqan lemon be added to the daily dose of water ?

  308. Very much appreciate you for painstakingly answering every single question posted. Now I have a few πŸ™‚
    1. I use carrots, cabbage and onions for the wonder soup but add about 3 tsps of Knorr veg soup powder for flavour. Is that ok ? If not, is there anything I can use to enhance the flavour ?
    2. Is white rice ok on the rice days ? White basmati to be precise ?
    3. Is it ok to eat a half cup of mushrooms on veggie days ?
    Thanks in advance !

    • No problem πŸ™‚ Happy to.
      1) Knorrs is never OK, they use junk additives and MSG likely. Learn to use pure and natural food. These additives and junk will affect your health. Cooked onions and peppers spice foods, or pure dried herbs and spices.
      2) perfect white basmati
      3) yes

  309. Hi, is a cup of light black tea (not herbal), with no sugar, ok to have in the morning ?

  310. Hi
    Can I hve tomatoes on all days of gm diet? Also is guava okay as a fruit on day 1 and day 3??

  311. Hi, I am on the second day of the GM diet. Now I was a little confused about the quantity of potatoes to be eaten. I have eaten 5 small potatoes for breakfast. Will the result be severe??

  312. Accidently I had a little honey on day 6? Is it ruin the whole deit plan?

  313. Hi,
    For Day 5, if I wanted to substitute tomato for something:
    1) does it have to be only 1 vegetable throughout the day or can it be a mix (cucumbers + sweet peppers/celery, for example).
    2) does it have to be raw? (e.g. Can I have sauteed/boiled cauliflower or broccoli?)
    thank you so much in advance!!!

  314. Can I have boiled vegetables on the days indicating that I should? I am on day 2 and lost and amazing 2 kilos! Watermelon and apples help a lot!

  315. Thanks a lot for the quick response! God Bless!

  316. I have 2 simple questions:

    1. Can I have 2-3 cups ot tea daily with small milk but no sugar during the diet plan?
    2. Can I substitue chicken with beef as I do not eat beef?

  317. I am on day 5 and i have lost 3 Kg so far. if i go out tonight and have a drink or two of alcohol, what are the consequences? what is the least damaging kind of alcohol?

    • when it comes to health and life, I am 100% against alcohol, so you are asking the wrong person, sorry. The calories in this case, etc are what can kill the diet.

      MY answer is totally biased.

  318. I am going to retry GM Diet. My first try had mixed results but I felt good.

    I was reading about GM diet success stories and one guy said he gained 2 pounds when he checked the scale on Day 5. This was because he drank ‘Whole Milk’ with Bananas on day 4. He says he should have chosen fat free milk. I would like to know if this is true.

    If yes, which of the following do you suggest ?

    >> Whole milk (Fat Content is 3.5%)
    >> Semi skimmed milk (Fat Content is 1.7%)
    >> Skimmed Milk (Fat Content of 0.1%)

    Thanks in advance.

  319. Hey there…
    1.on day 5,6and 7 can chicken be replaced by chicken sausages? If yes what quantity?
    2.will the packaged soup will do instead of homemade soup?
    3.with white rice is it ok to take cereal( yellow dal)?
    Kindly suggest.

    • Well you only get rice day 7, not meat. Day 5 and 6 chicken is great. 4 or so ounces per serving.
      No, packaged soup is junk food, full of bad oils, chemicals and MSG likely.
      Yellow Dal is fine…

  320. Hi There,

    After completing my first 7 days of GM diet successfully, how many days/months gap i have to take starting my 2nd & 3rd attempt of GM diet ?

  321. Hi hello.. This is my first query on gm diet well. I had gm diet last week n I started loosing 3 kgs in 4 days but being red meat hater n also be c ause of the fear regaining d lost weit I avoided chicken n fish n chose to live on eggs. N from my previous experiences I found out that soya bean was totally bad for me on d last few days where I gained all d lost weit. Moreover ur plan sez procuring white rice puts u away from gaining weit bt I dint work for me in fact it added a pot on my belly. So other than quinoa and white rice can u suggest something I can use. Thanks in advance

    • You message is a little hard to understand, I will try and help though.

      Grass fed red meat, eaten proper is beyond nutrient dense as good for you. Do you eat Wheat? Gluten grains? If so, Google Wheat Belly and you will see where the pot belly comes from. If you have a pot belly also, it takes time to lose that weight and hard work. Soy anything to me is bad news unless it’s pure and fermented. It throws off hormones and is just bad. White rice is a simple starch and balanced with a good fat and protein meal can be fine if you do not overeat. However if you want to go with chicken or eggs go for it.

  322. I had a small piece of chocolate on my day 2..will it ruin my complete diet process???can I continue r go back to day 1??