GM Diet Day 3

Day 3, nearly half way through the GM Diet. Things should only get easier now. Day 1 of the GM Diet and to a certain extent, Day 2 can be really hard for some people. On Day 3 of the GM diet weight loss plan, followers are now allowed to eat a combination of fruits and vegetables. There is no limit or restriction to the fruits and vegetables to be consumed on Day 3, although bananas are still not allowed. Followers of the diet plan may find less pressure to keep up with the regimen’s demands, as they have already adjusted their systems to fruit and vegetable intake during the past two days.

During the first three days of the GM diet, it is important to consume only fresh produce, as they contain more nutritional value. Organic harvests are also recommended, although these tend to be more expensive, local is even better.

Preparing the Body for Day 3

Preparing for Day 3 isn’t as difficult as that in days 1 and 2; it actually easier to keep up with the dietary requirements in Day 3 as the body is already used to fruit and vegetable intake. In most cases, individuals following the diet experience slight headaches in the succeeding days as they are already allowed to consume meat.

It is likewise encouraged to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables in every meal on Day 3. Having a variety of servings during breakfast, lunch and dinner would not only keep the stomach satiated, but at the same time content as the appetite’s cravings are regulated at lower levels.

It is as well recommended to perform breathing exercises in the morning at the start of Day 3. Doing so will release the tensions garnered from Days 1 and 2, and followers may experience a more relaxed time ahead.

At this stage, followers should have already lost 2-4 lbs. of body mass.  NO CORN – PEAS – CARROTS

GM Diet Day 3 Breakfast

Breakfast in Day 3 may start light with an apple, but those who are looking for heavier meals may consume melon. When consuming melons for breakfast, it is important to have them supplemented with two glasses of water for better digestion.

GM Diet Day 3 Lunch

The diet regimen on Day 2 may be repeated on Day 3, but with more variety. Tomatoes may be included in lettuce-cucumber salads, but still these should be dressed in olive oil or vinaigrette.

GM Diet Day 3 Dinner

A serving of boiled vegetables would be ideal during Day 3 dinners, and they can be followed up with fruit desserts like watermelon apple.

GM Diet Day 3 Midday Snacks and Beverages

A combination of tomatoes, fresh greens, and different fruits may be consumed all day. Fresh juices such derived from berries, oranges and lemons would be ideal to those who are not into drinking water, although these should be as well consumed in proportional amounts to avoid bloating.

Vegetable juice like carrot and tomato juice may be served during evenings so as to satiate the appetite for sweet snacks.

Sample GM Diet Day 3 Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)

1 apple and 1-2 glasses of water or 1 cup of diced melon and 2 glasses of water

Mid Morning (10:00-11:00 AM)

1 bowl of cantaloupe mixed with papaya and 2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)

1 bowl of mixed cucumber, lettuce and tomato with ½ boiled beet and 2 glasses of water

Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)

1 orange or ripe mango and 2 glasses of water

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)

1 bowl of boiled broccoli, fresh greens and raw papaya and 2 glasses of water

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  1. morning — orange and apple

    snack — apple

    lunch — cucumber,tomato and beans

    dinner — orange and apple

  2. today checked my weight

    start – 84 kg (sep / 20 / 2011)

    today – 82.5 (sep / 22 / 2011)

  3. today checked my weight

    start – 79 kg
    today – 74.

  4. What is fresh green?

  5. this programe is well and i losse my weight 7 lbs 10 days so i am doing same but only vege and fruits eighting so lets see how much i can losse weight

  6. This is confusing. In the GM Diet section on the top if you read after all the 7 day schedule it says that the GM Diet soup can be consumed from the 4th day and in the recipes section it says we can consume the soup at any point of any day…… what is to be done. Can anyone clarify please? Would be appreciated. Thank you.

  7. hai how follow to diet full details

  8. start 2nd day i am loss 1kg

  9. Lost 5 Kgs when I completed my first session of GM diet last month. Lost 2Kgs in after completion of second day in my second stinct of it. It realy work gr8. Lost one kg between first GM session to second GM session due to controled diet. Planing to do it once in every month untill I would come to shape. I was 88Kgs before starting GM diet and now 80 Kgs in middle of second session.

    • Hello Prashant,
      Please help me understand what you meant by control diet post first session of GM Diet.
      I am in my Day2 of first session and have lost 500gms. Please advise what am I doing wrong, if you think this is too less.
      Also, what gap did you give between first and second session

  10. hi team

    i am diabetic . can i perform GM diet.


  11. Hi,
    Iam on my second day today

    7th Feb
    Weight 78.1 kgs
    Fat % 37%

    8th Feb
    Weight 77.6 kgs
    Fat % 36.9%

    Will update my status tomorrow


  12. Today is my 3rd day. I loose 5kg from the beginning.Thanks a lot to GM diet.

  13. hey i just started today but dinot check my weight

  14. can i have soup in 3 day:-)

  15. Started at 78kgs, today is day 3 and i hv lost nothing sofar!
    I am Following it prefectly, i hv been feeling hungry alot of time esp on day 1&2
    Still no weight less so far.. I m so sad to see it.. Dont feel like even checking the weight now.
    I was so excited to read everyones commebts that i thot i finally got the solution for loosing weight :'(

  16. Hello We are on day 3 can you let us know if we can have sprouts during this 7 day diet plan.

  17. Are dill pickles considered a veggie for this diet?

  18. is it ok to have a little salt in vegges and soup.???

  19. I am on my second day of GM diet.
    I am feeling excited but i want to ask what should we do to maintain the same wight after wight loss?
    and is it safe for hair? because i read on some blogs that some faced hair fall after this and i have already problem of hair loss..:( please suggest!

  20. I checked my weight today , its 87 Kgs . already 3 days passed , dinner remained for day 3

    Lets c wish me best of luck 🙂 but feeling good what ever the result

  21. i had started it plan that time my weight was 81.9 kg than today it is my 3rd day checked my weight it is 79.1kg… was awesome i m feeling top of this world 🙂 keep updating about it …I m loving it …God please give me power to control my hunger…:P

  22. Day 3 is here!! Breakfast – 4 Orange segments, 3 blueberries, a handful of pomegranate seeds and 4 mango segments. Yum 🙂

    I haven’t weighed myself yet as I don’t have any scales until tonight but I am definitely lighter. I put on a pair of size 14 denim shorts which I could fasten and fitted me perfectly. On Sunday I could not even get them past my thighs!!

    For lunch and snacks today I have made a big melon based salad with a little kiwi fruit, mango and strawberries in too.

    I will then eat vegetables for dinner.

    With it being so warm here I love eating the fresh fruit more so than vegetables.

    How is everyone doing? Well I hope!?

  23. Finished out day 2 and I”m soooo tired (chasing kids and keeping up with lots of tasks today!) I find that if I’m really hungry, I first drink a glass of water and then I work on what to eat. It helps a lot with staying on track.

  24. I’m on 3rd day…. followed the diet as mentioned…but seems to be no weight loss as of now 🙂 Can any one reply ..

  25. can we replace any other fruit or vegetable with cantaloupe because cantaloupe is not available please reply

  26. can i drink as much water as i can or there is some restrictions … thanks

  27. checked my weight.. lost 2 Kgs by th 3 rd day!!!!
    so taht Keeps m going.. 🙂
    though I have som cravings while I cook and serve

  28. lost 1 and a half kilograms in the third day!

  29. I am super hungry but I’m so excited to loose weight 3rd day tom.

  30. Can u pls send me the sample menu for GM diet fr day 1 to 7. Thank you.

  31. It says no bananas but nothing about potatos can we have one potato today?

  32. hi today is my 3rd day.i hv not checked the weight,but i feel light.i hope i will reduce at least 2 lg.feeling good.thanks to G M

  33. On my 3rd day, lost 4.3lbs. This is easier than I thought. If I have had hunger pains, I drink more water. The colder the better. I have only eaten melon for my fruit. I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning with half a packet of Truvia. With my veggies, I add an avocado in their to supplement essential fatty acids and protein. I could only eat a little but and felt full. For dinner on Day 2, I had a whole bag of Edaname (sp) with a bit of sea salt at 5pm and was satisfied the rest of the evening and slept great. I woke this morning, Day 3, feeling weak…but as soon as I had my bowl of watermelon, I feel good again.
    I am amazed of the weight loss so far and only 3 days in.
    I am doing this to jump start a life change in my eating habits. It is not only a good cleanse, but it also helps trains your body to want good, clean foods. Cutting out sweets and getting clean for a ‘clean’ diet.
    Tomorrow, Day 4, I will start light cardio to accelerate the flush. On Day 5, I will start to lift in the afternoon.
    Hopefully by Day 6 I will have the energy to do both and then continue a regime to clean eating and energized workouts.
    I used to compete in Fit Competitions and was in the best shape of my life. Everything went downhill after a diagnoses of cervical cancer…I am in remission now, but after long months of treatments and then a surgery that left me in bed for 8 weeks…I packed on the pounds and lost muscle mass.
    This diet is great to kick start a healthy life and wouldn’t be healthy on your body to go past the 7 days. You can repeat, but give yourself a 2-3 week break with continued healthy eating.

  34. Organic food tastes SO MUCH BETTER than anything else. There is ABSOLUTELY no comparison to a monoculture carrot from Monsanto and sweet organic carrot from a small family farm who treats the land with respect and who gets respect from the land back.

  35. dis s first day
    weight- 75.85
    lets c….

  36. I am staring from tomorrow..

  37. Hi
    Today is my day 3 and I started with my weight being 120 lbs.
    On day 2 I checked my weight and it was 118.6lbs, wow..

    Day 1
    Breakfast 1 apple
    Lunch 1 Bowl of watermelon
    Snack 1 cup coconut water
    Dinner Chicken nuggets

    Day 2
    Breakfast 1 apple
    Mid Morning Half bowl cabbage
    Lunch 2 apricots
    Snack Tea
    Dinner 1 cup to daal

    Will keep you posted for my day 3 food intake…best of luck

  38. shal i drink 4 glases buter milk instead of 4 glases water.

  39. hi,

    i am in day 3..i already see the difference..I didn’t check my weight..I want to see the magic number after 7 days..

  40. I just want some peanut butter!! But it’s working so I’m not going to eat any….

  41. Its my third day,,still feel any difference.

  42. On day 3 now. Lost about 2 Kgs / 4 lbs until this morning.
    Feeling slight headache for the past 2 days… But I think I’ll continue with the plan.
    No hunger pangs yet.
    No cravings on day 3.

  43. lost 4kls m, from day 1, im onmy day 3 today…amazing

  44. I am on my 3rd day & already lost 2kgs but I cheat today. I took 4 strips of potato french fry.
    Feeling very sad now. But still continueing the diet plan.lets see

  45. Today is my 6th day & lost 3 kgs. Very happy with the diet.
    Planning to do it once again giving break of one week. Let u know
    My final result day after tomorrow. Thnx

  46. is it OK if I break the diet here !?
    If I lose what I want to lose for example

  47. Day three Started with 95.2

  48. Day 3 started – lost 1.7 kg in first two days.

  49. today is my first day i followed the diet very strictly but i had fresh orange juice instead of orange is tht ok…planning for day2

  50. Day 3 started with preparation…

    Had Wonder Soup yesterday.

    Good thing is this regimen has given me enough will power to quit tea and coffee altogether. I plan to drop it from my intake forever. Also wonder soup seems good to make it a palnned low calorie intake every week. May be once or twice a week I can simply have Wonder Soup – I add a dash of olive oil and soy sauce to make it tasty. Even my toddler and wife likes the soup.

    Working in high stress office environment and keeping this diet is not easy – at least for me. But I shall try my best.



  51. Abby Congrats…. You Are On Ur Day 3…Just Saw Your Review…Waiting For The Day 7..Share How Much You Reduced…Mine Is Day One… 🙁 All The Best


  52. Day 3 is near completion. I did not check weight yet,. I will check on day 8 only – after I am done. My weekend is going to be tough… as weekend binge should not take over 🙂

    Just keep up with your regime – all the best…. 🙂 Cheers

  53. Day 3 Ends with still some bouts of hunger pangs and craving for some “real food”

    It is 11:00 pm in India – I am having a handful of grapes and 2 strawberries – some sugar satisfaction will help sleep better. At least the good side of this is assurance that I am able to make conscious effort and plan for healthier food intake.. I have never observed any kind of fasting – religious or otherwise.

    Got my milk and banana ready for day 4 – rock on those who are following this stricter than me and those like me who are barely making it through… God bless 🙂

  54. i started my diet day before but was out all day ystrday so had a heavy meal for lunch (had some veggies for dinner tho) ….. can i still continue the diet or i need to start afresh???

    Please somebody help …..

    • Hi Jess ..I Am Not An Expert In GM Diet…In Day 2 You Suppose To Eat Vegetables…!! If You Had Any Protein Rich Foods/Non veg….I Suggest You To Start Again…!! Because If You Start With A Potato In The Morning Itself Give Lot Of Carbohydrates..In Addition To That Rich Calorie Foods May Affect Your Diet Plan..!! You Can Do It Jess..Come On…!! Its Ma Personal Opinion..All The Best For Your Diet…


    • Just start again Jess… Try to carry fruits with you in a container for days like these…

  55. Day -3 Started with 91.5 Kg.

  56. i am into 2nd day today, heavy headache, cant control the pain dinking lots of water. i checked ma wt after 1st there was no changes in it.

  57. hey abby…wat abt the result????

  58. Completed 2nd day, it was horrible both d days, I was fasting for all those days in Ramdhan without having food, here I could tolerate my hunger. But this was horrible even including few food stuffs in days. I am getting lots of motivation though. Now I can see a result; I have reduced 1.5 kg for 2 days… 🙂


  60. me 2 completed 2 days…veg day was not so gud..anyways lost 2 kgs in 2 days….too happy abt tat…..but even i too doubt whether ths will long last….

  61. can i use the salt for boil vegatebal

  62. Day 1 – Sun 24-Feb-13 Start Weight 72 kgs

  63. First time I’m on GM diet ..
    Started weight -. 206.12
    First day I had very less fruits and water .
    Second day -Had veggies and about to loose my control but reading all comments kept me motivated
    After Second day weight – 202.54
    GM diet really working for me …:)

  64. Just completed my third day..unlike the other two previous day…i feel much relaxed and energized today although I am unable to resist looking at other food options.

    The plan is really working for plum chin and extra fat around the face has vanished magically.

    Since I am only going to check my weight on the final day..but looking myself at the mirror I can definitely tell I have lost a good weights.

    I am eager to start tomorrow 🙂

  65. Day 3: I am down 3 lbs! I can actually tell a slight difference in my face. Looking forward to changing up tomorrow on Day 4. I feel much better already, more awake, skin has a certain glow to it. I am very please so far and can’t wait to see what Day 4 will bring!

  66. my husband is diabetic.should he follow the gm diet? n i feel good im following gm diet. on day 3 what is the greens exactly we should it? and i dont eat beef s is it ok eat fish or chicken ?

  67. I am on my day 2. First day i lost 1.6 kgs. I have few questions???

    1. Can we add salt to cook veg’s ??
    2. And also can we add soup to diet on day 2??
    3. I dont eat beef but either i dont get brown rice here what can i do??
    4. In your sample menu on fourth day only 3 bananas are mentioned is it enough or we have to take all the 8??
    5. Can we take low fat milk instead of skimmed milk??

  68. I am on my third day and I feel constipated. Is this normal please?

  69. Started day 3 but just lost half kg:-(

  70. I did a mild cardio work out at the end of day 1. Felt weak and unwell and threw up. Was craving carbs and sugar and ate chocolate brownie. Feeling disillusioned but continuing.

  71. Day 3 is good. Feeling much more energetic than day 1 and 2.

  72. Day 3:

    Weight dropped by 7 pounds. Really not enjoying eating the raw papayas. They have a odd smell and I am not use to the taste of them. I have been following the sample diet plans to a tee. Urinating a lot due to the water intake. Not exercising as of yet. Very weak and tired since starting. Craving everything, but so full throughout the day that I haven’t fell victim to cheating.

  73. hi..this is my 3rd day…having slight headache…had soup on 2nd day night…is it ok

  74. for those who say brown rice is not available…
    esp. indians. brown rice is nothing but d very popular usna chaval… the thick rice dat is normally eaten by villagers….

    btw 2day is my day1.. trying gm diet 4 d first tym… need to lose alot of weight… wish me luck.., an good luck to u all! 🙂

  75. Kavitha headachces can happen when you cut foods from a diet, especially sugar.. Keep on going ifRA 🙂

  76. hi ..on day 5 ..we are supposed to have only tomoatoes or with tomatoes we can have other fruits and vegetables ..since i’m vegetarian…planning to have soya chura and soya it fine

  77. The soya stuff should be fine, many people do.
    Tomatoes, dinner maybe some cucumber. You can of course have the soup. No fruit.

  78. Hi. I am on day 3 came down from 55.9 kg to 54.3 kg 🙂 … However had Vegetable soup in a restaurant On day 2 … And had one fourth cup of tea today hope it doesn’t effect the weight loss much .

  79. I stareted gm diet on monday..
    followed it 95% correctly..
    Just that i cant resist Tea.. Had it 1/2 cup twice a day (widout sugar)

    my weight be4 starting – 73.2 kg
    On wed morning – 71.7 kg

    Good results i guess..

    3rd day is abt 2 finish and m really fed up of eating veggies n fruits!!!! although m not craving for other food stuff which i myself is cooking for my family..
    my digestion system and hence hunger sensation is confused i guess 🙂

    M gyming regularly as i do… but instead of 1 hour i just do cardio for 30 mins..

    1 suggestion for those who r not losing at all- dont sit on couch having reason tht u r on strict diet, do ur regular physical work and exercise atleast for 20 mins..

    will update you guys tmrw..

    kept fingers crossed!!!

  80. Today is my first day, Can we’ve SALT on day 2 over potato, cabbages, tomato or any other vegetables?
    Please reply fast as today is my first day.

  81. salt is fine, don’t overdue, will cause you to hold water weight so your numbers if you do too much will not be as good it seems on the scale.

  82. I’m on day 3. Havent tried weighing yet but as of this morning, I just lost 2 pounds.

  83. are we allowed to have buttermilk?

  84. no, not a good idea for 7 days

  85. I had half a cup of tea (with milk and sugar) on 2nd and 3rd day of GM diet.. Is it ok?

  86. Sorry on the tea, no…. Got to get off the sugar..

  87. But i already did.. 🙁
    Can I Continue It?

  88. Robin of course you can continue….

  89. Can we eat Cauliflower on day 3 cooked and mashed?

  90. Mashed cauliflower should be fine….

  91. I am also making a lg pot of the wonder soup so what alterations can we make to it? Does pepper color effect it, I like red yellow and orange. Also on Day 5 can we use patties for breakfast as long as they are lean? Love this diet it has turned out amazing….in three days I have lost 4#’s but on wonder soup can we add the lipton package for extra flavor or no? Thanks you

  92. You can alter some, but mostly with spices. I prefer not to use Lipton, but only organic spices and produce. You can do a patty for breakfast.

  93. Hi!
    Can I have one skinny Latte on Day 3 please?

  94. No, not really, sorry. These little changes, well in this case big can hinder you. But it is up to each person how they want to try it 🙂

  95. I am towards the dinner time soup for Day 3. Have followed the diet to the T but haven’t lost anything so far 🙁
    I am slim ..doing it for detoification and a trimming! can someone suggest why am I not losing? Will I lose in the coming days??

  96. I would be travelling day 3 eve buy bus on a 11 hr travel can you suggest me on what i should be taking along ? 2 apples for the night should do the trick?Also can someone tell me what can i use instead of chicken and beef not coz im a veg just that as im working getting these to office makes me late… so is there anything i can grab onto other than these ? if so can you please let me know for day 5 and 6 how would i manage? egg white is good?or anything else to substitute them

  97. and neha … i was solid 96 kgs before is started right now aftr 2 cycles i stand at 88 so thats a huge change in 2 weeks … keep drinking water that matters a lot … i guess.. if your thin already spend more time excersing and jogging or walking to trim yourself up.

  98. today was my day three. i had apples in breakfast and papaya n melons for lunch and had lots of water. i live in a hostel so i don’t get boiled vegetables what should i eat for dinner.? reply fast

  99. Hello sejal…

    I am not sure what to recommend if you cannot have veggies, can you eat some raw and not boiled?

  100. Priya….

    Egg whites? and no yolks? I am not big on that. Chicken yes is fine though…

    11 hour trip? meat is tough unless you have a cooler. Raw veg is fine if that helps…

  101. I started.
    At 84.
    Not be measuring till last day.
    Hard to do this without family support for Indians.
    Will it work.

  102. Read the reviews of GM diet plan , and started it yesterday. Day 1 was Tough ! Day 2 is a bliss as there are lots of vegis , adding a dash of salt to it. Hope its fine.
    Can we have juices .. like carrot and apple juice on Day 3 ? Is it recommended , specially at night ? Can someone help.

  103. salt is OK, no juices like that, especially at night. 🙂

  104. Day 3
    starting weight:68kg
    I had fruits in the morning, vege at noon, fruits for tea and gonna have papaya for dinner later.

  105. Can I have tomato basil soup in day 3

  106. Now in my 3rd day!! Hopefully looking forward:-)

  107. I added salt and pepper in my 2nd day.. Was that ok??? Worried a bit…

  108. Hi I’m ending of 3 day of gm deit … I started from 77 kg n still no weight loss …. What’s the reason , plz help admin it’s very depressing :((((

  109. Hi
    I am currently 45.8, have started the GM diet plan on 4th Nov. Did a lil cheating on day 1 but I am now completely focussed and will share the results by end of day 7

  110. Hello everyone! Day 3 was not that easy, for me. However I managed to finish it. This was my menu for today:

    1 Green apple
    1/4 melon


    Salad, with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, garlic and lettuce, with a little bit of olive oil and salt

    1/4 melon

    Stir fried marrows, very little bell pepper, little broccoli, cabbage, carrot and little green beans (+ salt + some olive oil).

    Admin, I think here I did a mistake – I took very little green beans, but after I realised that maybe they were prohibited during this 7 day plan or am I mistaken? And another question please, today the whole day I was and still am very bloated, and it seems that my tummy remained the same + more bloated, do you have a suggestion why this can be?

    Thank you very much!

    • Bloating, not sure. Salt, too much, it can really vary, maybe not enough hydro chloric acid, seems like a digestive issue, but I am no doctor and this can vary big time. Maybe Google it some. Ficus on your digestion. Green beans are fine.

  111. Thanks a lot for your quick answer!! You give us so much support!

  112. Day 2 was very hard for me as I am not at all fond of Boiled Vegetables.
    I am stating Day 3. Can I stick to just Fruits today?

  113. Day 3, my menu:

    Breakfast: Green apple & slice of melon

    Snack: Tangerine

    Lunch: Grilled Aubergine + grilled marrow + grilled peppers & fresh salad + olive oil

    Snack: Tangerine
    1 green apple

    Dinner: Steamed cabbage, carrot, broccoli, with onion, garlic, few olives, capers & olive oil.
    1 orange

    Hope I’m doing well! Will weigh myself tomorrow morning, I hope not to be disappointed :/

  114. I’m breast feeding so is it ok to follow GM diet

    • Not a doctor, you will need to ask yours. my guess, is if you did this, add more fat to the meals that have none, say just under a tablespoon of coconut oil, also eat the soup never fast!

  115. Can we take coconut water in all seven days?? and also suggest whether lemon tea can be consumed during this diet.

  116. can i hav green tea @ cocunut water?al 7 days i dnt use sugar bt can i us sugar free NATURA?

    • fake sweeteners do not trick the body, so beware but that’s up to you. Yes you can have tea and 10 oz of coconut water a day or so, just don’t overdo.

  117. Hey its my 3rd day.. i lost total 3 kgs…. i m happy to follow this diet.. its very heplfull.

  118. Starting DAY1
    196.65 Pound. Keep you posted… 🙂

    today’s plan
    An apple – 8am
    Two Sapodilla – 12pm
    200 gm Water Mellon – 3pm
    200 gm Water Mellon – 6pm
    An apple – 8am and Two Sapodilla – 8pm

  119. Guys (URGENT)
    Hi, I am losing weight because I need to shut the faces of people who taunt me all the time.
    with a lot of will power, i followed the diet strictly.

    but today on day 3
    i had 3 dahi puris.
    it contained very little cured, sprouted seed, and little sugar.

    Please help 🙁

  120. Also, I cannot eat the soup as I have no resources to make it (I live in a college hostel).
    Any substitutes?

  121. Hi everyone, im drinking more then 12 glass of water any harm in that?

  122. Can i put Ajinomoto in boiled vegetables

  123. What I am interested in knowing is what people’s starting weight is….
    It is nice to know that people are loosing weight, but since I am only 137 lbs to begin with (at 5foot 6inches) I feel as though I am not loosing what I should be (started at 137 and morning of Day 3 was at 135.7).
    As well, I am drinking tea and I have also allowed myself one diet pop a day. Is this going to negate the whole experience? Thanks 🙂

    • Diet pop? yes it can, what does diet pop have to do with weight loss or diet? Your body is not fooled by the fake sweetener, rather hurt. Tea fine no sweetener. Seems like you may want to consider following the diet as we have it rather than negating the soup and adding stuff. Good luck though!

  124. Also, I have not and don’t plan on using the soup. Will this hinder my progress as well?

  125. This is my 3rd day today but no change in weight.. i am strictly following it.

  126. can i add salt to my fruits and vegetables, will that hinder my weight loss

    • salt is fine, just a little, it does not necessarily hinder weight loss, may just cause a little water retention. Can make it seem like you’re not losing that much weight,

  127. Hi, i am on day 3 of gm diet. i am breastfeeding as well. from day 2 i am having these strong headaches but i am being strong.
    So i wanted to asked. I have had 2 apples for breakfast. Can i have baked potato for lunch? i will be having a 1/2 melon for dinner.

  128. Its my day 3 today…. and no cravings fr food 2day 🙂

  129. Lost 2.5 kg in fist 3 day

    I am having coconut water in morning and lemon in hot water 3.4 times a day, is that OK?

  130. Hi
    Can I eat dried fruits like dried fig or mulberry?or almonds?

  131. Dear All,

    Please advise if I can have Tomato soup(mixed with onions,red and green pepper) for evening snacks/dinner on 3rd day or for lunch/dinner on 4th day.

    • no tomato’s in wonder soup, which can be had any day. day 4 is bananas and milk or wonder soup only. Make sure you read each day….

  132. Hello Author,

    I have tried GM diet before, however only lost 1-2 kgs during 7 days.
    However, this is my 2nd shot at it and today is my 3rd day !

    I just wanted to ask you a few quick questions –
    I am preety confused about coffee.. Can we have cappuccino / with 2 satchets of sugar free like “equal” etc? or may be without sugar ?
    Secondly, i am not eating much as i dont feel hungry that often otherwise as well. I could blame it on my laziness though.. so is it okay to just have the diet recommended meals twice or thrice a day ?
    Lastly, is chciken burger (lettuce, chicken patty, bun slices of tomato) okay to have on day 5 ?

    hoping to get answers ! Thanks

    • No coffee, no sugar, no creamers, no fake sugars. You have to go into this and come out with the mindset that you are making a lifestyle change and eating real foods. If you did do coffee then it has to be plain.

      You should really stay on the plans, eating less is not good at all.

      NO buns no grains…. If you were doing any of these last time, there will be little to no weight loss.

      Good Luck 🙂

  133. hi,
    I’ve been on ur diet plan since 2007 & without a doubt its the best one for the ones like me! I just hate the idea of fasting and also I do eat till my plate shines bright… I thank u all for this wonderful diet plan. now my querry is that as the time has passed by many GM diet experts hav had their say in different aspects, as I hav advised many to follow this plan with a restriction of minimum 3 months gap, I am now being told that 3 days gap is enough…also what bout those who wants to have tea, as per my knowledge its not at all to be taken but now i’m being told that it is to avoided / restricted to black tea or lime tea….please clarify!!!!

    • experts? There is only 1 GM diet, this one…. So what others have said may have worked for them, but beware!

      Tea, a cup or 2 a day fine, go herbal, something healthy, no sweeteners at all! I am big on a 2 week to 1 month gap. But that’s up to each person 🙂

  134. hey thanks for the clarification, now this time around today is my third day I theres no reduction in my weight… I told I do tend to eat a lot, but as I hav always done, stick to the diet plans….my wife says that i’m eating more that’s why the effect is not there, but I don’t agree as all I hav increased is the gm wonder soup in my plan that too from yesterday (2nd day) which I take every now and then….can I take soup on 4th day too??

  135. Starting Day 3 and going strong! I accidentally cheated on Day 2 and cooked my lunch time vegetables with a bit too much olive oil (I felt horribly bloated after that too), but I still have lost 5 pounds in the past two days! I will be more conscious of oil use today. I am only eating raw or steamed vegetables from here on out! I’ve been eating so much and really surprised with how satisfied my hunger is PLUS the weight loss. I am using this diet as a jump start to a healthier lifestyle, and plan to repeat the GM diet week once a month. I have kind of strange eating times due to my job, but it’s been working (aside from having to take a bathroom break 1-2 times per hour). I also was a total coffee addict, but I have made the switch to having black tea without sugar while on this diet and it has satisfied my caffeine cravings.

    Day 1:
    Right upon wake up: down two glasses of water.

    Breakfast: 1 1/2 cups mixed melons and a cup of water. I bought a watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew, chopped it all up, put it in a large bowl and still have some left for today’s diet plan.
    Morning snack: 1 apple and a cup of water
    Lunch: 2 cups of melons and an orange and about three cups of water (I have a large thermus and consume all of it by the end of the work day.
    Afternoon snack: a container of blackberries a cup of water
    Dinner: 2 cups of melons, two glasses of water, and a few strawberries for dessert.

    I did have some stomach pain that night, but it was bearable. By the end of the day, most of my cravings subsided.

    Day 2
    Upon wake up: Drink two glasses of water
    Breakfast: 1 cup of boiled potato with a pat of butter and minced garlic
    Morning snack: I actually did not have one this day, I forgot my snack at home when I left for work..
    Lunch: Lightly sauteed asparagus, daikon radish, and cherry tomatoes(this is where I used way too much oil, but it still was a healthy meal) and three cups of water
    Afternoon snack: a red lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes and a herb-infused vinegar(I made this at home, apple cider vinegar, fresh basil, dill, rosemary, and garlic. very good for salad!!)
    Dinner: since I was so full from lunch, I had a roasted beet with a bit of sea salt for dinner and two cups of water

    On this day, I horribly craved for something with the crunch of chips. However, I prepared for this by buying roasted seaweed. And munching on a sheet of seaweed when I got a craving. No fat. No salt. Barely any calories, and great for detoxing! Gave me that crunch-craving I desperately wanted.

    And now, for day 3:
    Upon waking: two cups of water
    Breakfast: 1 cup of melon, two cups of water
    morning snack: an orange
    Lunch: lightly sauteed and spiced/seasoned cabbage and one roasted beet (leftovers from last night) and some strawberries
    Afternoon snack: red lettuce with my vinegar and a mango
    Dinner: I am planning to make the wonder soup tonight, so that’s what dinner’s gonna be. Maybe with a little melon or some fruit for dessert

    Today’s gonna be hard! It’s Friday and pot luck day at work, but I got this! Hope all of you the best with a jumpstart to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle!

    • Tea is fine no sweeteners. Hang in there, nobody including myself ever says dieting is easy. But keep in mind how well you feel on this diet, then eat this way after but more balanced of course. Pot Lucks, RUN 🙂

  136. What can i have instead of tomatoes?

  137. Okay so I’m on day 2 but I’m really struggling because my stomach just keeps feeling empty. I have used zero salt or pepper or anything but I see that many use it, is it allowed? Also I am getting lots of headaches. Could i have plain non-salted crackers with the salad?

    • Or cheese ?

      • Yes use salt and pepper. have the soup when you need food. NO cheese and never on crackers. They may not have salt or fat, but it’s those empty junk carbs like in crackers that cause most weight gain. Also you can use pepper,s spices, etc…

  138. Hello what type of seasoning would be ok to use for the meat I know it’s salt and pepper but what about organic cayenne and stuff like that? Anyone know any brands that Walmart or Publix has? Thanks

  139. hi author,
    i am on day 3 , is it ok if i make a green leaves salad dressing at home which will be very little olive oil+ vinegar+ mustard sauce + sweet chili sauce+ 5 peanuts crushed) the sauces are fat free and i used very little..

  140. Can I hav soup with little salt and peeper instead of raw veggy can I have 5 day plan after this gm diet can I hav ma regular food

  141. I added soup powder to my soup on day2 I am on day3 today. Is it bad? I feel like I got rounder. On day 1 I felt slimmer

  142. Today is my third day of gm diet. Morning i checked my weight..reduced one kg. But in the afternoon..showing the same weight. Can anyone pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me…. why its like this.
    need urgent help. im upset 🙁

  143. mashroom is ok..if we use in wonder soup.

  144. Hi,
    Tomorrow is my 4th day, please let me know, is it big bananas or just the small ones we are supposed to eat? And exactly how Many cups of milk can I have for the entire day? Kindly reply soon as tomorrow is my 4th day. Many thanks.

  145. Many thanks

  146. i just lost 2.8kg at the beginning of day 3…. can’t wait to start day 3!
    for dinner, can we substitute with spinach soup?

  147. hi,
    I had lost 5 lb by the morning(3rd day)
    Today i had :
    Breakfast- 1 cup watermelon
    lunch – 1/2 cup cabbage soup and 1/2 cup sautéed Birds Eye Recipe Ready Mixed Vegetables
    dinner-1/4 cup sautéed Birds Eye Recipe Ready Mixed Vegetables.
    * mixed veg has Peas, carrots, corn, cut green beans …
    I used 1tbs oil to sauté them,.my doubt is whether my diet is on the right way or not…i fear that oil or sweet corn might add up to my weight..
    And for tomorrow do we have any substitute for banana… as it has lot of calories in it..

    Can you please guide on it.

    Thank you..

    • Stick to the plan it actually works. I am not a big fan of corn, seasoning with it is OK though, Where is your protein/meat? Why are you skipping stuff. Other fruits not much better tan bananas, bananas are on there for a reason.

  148. thank you author.. i will follow the plan as it is.. actually i am not feeling much hunger so im having small size meals.. i will have bananas n skim milk tomorrow..:)

  149. hi.. is the diced tomato & broccoli soup 1 cup can be taken on day 4 along with 3 banana and 3 cups of milk…??

  150. the soup has 1/3 can diced tomato, few florets of broccoli, garlic , very little salt, cilantro,mint n pepper…

  151. on day 3, can I have mongo soup? thanks

  152. dear author,

    now im on day 3 morning. i was strictly following the diet, but i didnt any weight. i was 68.5 when starting , still on same diet. pls suggest if anything more to be done with this diet.. pls help

    • hang in there, keep going, tell me what you at day 2 and 3… and drank…

      • on day 2 i took the following

        Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
        1 cup boiled potato and 2 glasses of water

        Mid Morning (10:30-11:00 AM)
        1 bowl of boiled cabbage and 2 glasses of water

        Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
        1 cucumber, 1 tomato and ½ boiled beet and 2 glasses of water

        Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)
        tomato juice and two glass water

        Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
        Boiled broccoli, cauliflower, a little carrot, little onion with salt and spices and 2 glasses of water

        but still i didnt lose any weight. now im on day 3, pls suggest anything more to be done to lose weight

        • You had not fat on your potato, this is NOT a non-fat diet, you have to follow the plan. That fat was so important. also 1 cup was not enough

  153. No change at all
    Start 90
    Today end of day 3 still 90
    Following Deit instruction in totality
    Any reason why no effect?

  154. Hi
    1)Can I hv semi skimmed milk with bananas ?as skimmed milk is hard to find
    2)Can I hv tea without sugar ,once a day with semi skimmed milk in following days?
    3)plz mention me days when i cant hv tomatoes in any form like soups or raw…


  155. Hi
    Can we drink Green Tea and little salt is ok in salad ?

  156. hello!!
    1)Is there any other substitute than brown rice?I m allergic to it 🙁
    2)when can I hv sprouts? or cottage cheese(paneer)?any lentils?
    3)day 5 with only 6 tomatoes and brown rice..?I m working …hv to walk a lot….can we I something else?


    • quinoa, white rice. a few sprouts are OK. you can have the lentils, cottage cheese, etc when replacing beef/meat meals yes. up to you to make changes, you just really need to stay in the plan.

  157. Hi my mother is on this diet and she refuses to take any fat vegetables she is 42 and is on the second days almost ending please help on showing her if it is really important to not have any Intake of fatty vegetables

    • Well I can tell you with no fat, this fat free or low fat craze causes weight gain in most, gallbladder issues and more. Your body needs goo fat, animal fats, olive oil, coconut oil, etc

  158. I am on day 3 can I take sprout salad for lunch and dinner?

  159. Hi there! Does anyone knows if I can add sugar and salt on my cooked vegetable on day 2?

  160. I am on day 3 now, have lost 3 lbs so far. Looking forward to loose more. Had melons and water in breakfast today. Please let me know if I can have vegetable soup on Day4..

  161. hi author
    Can i have chicken soup mentioned in your recipe for day 3? or is it for day 4

  162. Author,
    Can I have mushroom for dinner on day 2 & day 3 ?

  163. Hi,

    How many bananas can be taken on day 4?
    Is 4 big bananas ok? Kindly reply urgently as tomorrow is my 4th day.

  164. Hi Guys…
    Sharing my GM diet experience.
    Today is day 3 of my 5th week of GM diet.
    It all started when i was 98.6 kg’s, 4 months back and decided i dont wanna score a century like tendulkar. 🙂
    I started my 1st week on 26th jan 2014. After 1st week my weight dropped to 93.5kg’s… I gave a gap of 8-10 days and started 2nd week.. I kept on doing this for 4 weeks giving a break of 10-12 days between each gm diet week. At the end of 4 weeks i was a good 12.6 kgs less than when i started. i came down from 98.6kgs to 86kgs. Now lot of people here are having a lot of doubts as to how to follow the plan correctly. Well let me share my way of doing it. Im not claiming that im doing it right or everybody should follow me. Im just sharing my experience.
    I normally start my week on a monday and end on a sunday.

    Day 1
    Just water melon and sweet melon for breakfast, lunch dinner.
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 2
    -2 potatoes for breakfast… Here it says u can have baked potatoes with a pat of butter. Well i improvised and boiled 2 potatoes and then light fried them in a pat of butter with salt, pepper n garlic. taste just like fries… 🙂
    -lunch: a bowl of raw cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, celery, corn, red and yellow bell pepper sprinkled with black salt and pepper.
    -dinner: same as lunch
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 3
    – Breakfast: Watermelon and sweet melon
    – Lunch: same as day 2
    – Dinner: same as day 2
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 4 (Toughest for me. I almost give up this day)
    -Breakfast: a glass of milk with a spoon of honey in it. 2 bananas
    – Lunch: same as breakfast 🙁
    – Dinner: same as breakfast 🙁
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 5
    – Breakfast- Chicken soup with green veggies. (diced boneless chicken w/o skin)
    – Lunch- Chicken or mutton patty (normal burger patty size), tomato and cucumber. I myself make my patty at home using minced meat which is readily available in cold storages. I add garlic, salt and pepper to my patty and fry it in 1/2 tbsp of olive oil.
    – Dinner- same as lunch
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffe’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.
    NOTE: from day 5 I also start having maximum 2 beers a day as i cant stay away from alcohol on weekends and since i start my GM diet week on monday, day 5 comes on friday. 🙂
    A gentle reminder again, I am not recommending anybody to have alcohol during a diet and expecting nobody to follow me. I am just sharing my experience.

    Day 6
    -Breakfast: Vegetable soup. (Broccoli, celery, red and yellow bell pepper, cabbage, corns, salt and pepper)
    – Lunch: Chicken kebab with a tomatoe and cucumber… Just take chunks of chicken, red and yellow bell pepper, some garlic. arrange them on a skewer and put them directly on flame till they turn dark brown and slightly charred.
    – Dinner: same as lunch
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 7
    – Breakfast: watermelon and fresh fruit juice (a mixture of pomegranate, water melon, sweet melon, apple)
    – Lunch: Brown rice with chicken stew.
    – Dinner: i normally quit till i reach here and eat a normal indian sunday dinner (Rice, Chappati, Chicken masala etc)

    I usually lose 3-4 kgs’s per diet week with an exception of my 1st week where i lost 5.1 kgs and 2nd week where i lost just 1.2 kgs as i cheated in between eating snacks like samosa and wada.

    Now i read some comments saying do not follow GM diet as u tend to gain weight much faster after u quit.
    Well im not saying they r wrong but what i feel is it all depends upon individual’s metabolism and lifestyle.

    i have a very sedentary life style sitting in front of computer 10 hours a day and drinking 4-5 days a week. (except th 50 min i put in for exercise.) and i have noticed the following.

    -i gained weight at the rate of 500 grams per week with the above life style but not eating any sweets or additional sugar.
    – i gained almost 1 kg per week when i had additional sugar such as sweetened soft drinks, indian sweets and chocolates.
    In any case if you lose 4-5 kgs per week and then take 5-10 weeks to gain those 5 kgs back, i think its pretty much ok.

    Additional benefits
    1) i personally experienced my blood pressure lowering to 120 from a constant 140 plus initially. (Rechecked 4-5 times to confirm)

    2) a friend of mine followed this diet. He always had swollen toes due to high sugar levels. After doing this diet 4-5 times he found the swelling to reduce.

    Again im not claiming or recommending any one to follow this diet but simply sharing my experience.


  165. Day 1

    2 cups black tea
    1 bowl melon
    1bowl water melon
    1 bowl Papaya
    1 mango
    1 orange


    2 cucumber
    small cup of corns
    2 bowls of soup


    till afternoon

    1 small bowl of soup
    1 black tea
    1 bowl of mango
    1 bowl salad(cucumber,tomato)
    1 bowl papaya

    Am i going in the right way?
    i haven’t weight yet.
    will do it on 7th day fingers crossed 🙂

  166. Assuming the tea has no sweetener that’s ok. Where was that potato on day 2? That is a huge miss, you really needed that. By the looks of it you seem like you think eating less is better, it is not, please stick to the plan. Keep going though 🙂

    • Yes i had tea without sweetener and
      yeah I had potato as well with a pat of butter on Day 2.
      i missed to mention over here.
      one more thing :
      DAY 1: 5 litres of water
      Day 2 :6 litres of water
      Day3 :4 litres of water

      Day 3
      after lunch

      Evening :
      1 bowl of water melon
      1 mango
      1 bowl of soup

      Day 4
      yet to start eating 🙂

      • Day4
        till lunch
        1 glass milk
        3 bananas
        1 big bowl of soup(tomato,peas,beans,onion)

        i ate one walnut as well 🙁

        • Beans are a huge mistake in your soup! This is not our daily soup. Keep that in mind, can really throw you possibly. Other than that not bad.

          • oh i used 250 gms beans in total for 3 days soup.
            is it too bad?
            Day 4
            post lunch
            2 bananas and 1 glass milk

            Banana Shake (2 bananas n 1 glass milk)

            Please note bananas i ate were small sized.
            My day went very refreshing…
            Day 5 plan

            breakfast :soya mixed with onion,tomato,peas and tofu.
            Lunch :soup(tomato,cauliflower,onion,peas )and small bowl of soya
            Dinner :Half Roasted chicken
            Will Have 4 tomatoes in Entire day

            Please confirm is it fine ?

  167. soya chunks used

    • Hello
      all looks good. glad you feel better processed foods are a killer. The beans are fine after diet, just not during on veg days, soya chunks are up to each person, there is just nothing healthy about soy. You are doing well by the way, keep going 🙂

      • Day 5
        Had burning sensation in stomach entire day.


        Had 1 small bowl of soup
        1 bowl of mixed vegetables (onion ,tomato,cucumber,capsicum,carrot)
        1 bowl of boiled black eyed pea (lobia)

        i made a mistake unintentionally
        had melon
        (i thought it is allowed ,then checked but fruits are allowed on day 7 🙁 …..)

  168. hi Author,

    i wanna to ask u something/ actually i dnt like fruits much, so can i eat some dal or eat any vege ( like spinach ).
    Please reply asap.


  169. Hi author, me and my brother have consumed potatoes on day 3, only came to know that no potatoes are allowed on day 3. can i continue? but my brother and I lose 4kg and 2 kg respectively on day 3.

  170. I Started with GM diet today…pls let me know can i have wonder soup on any day…& iam not following specific time to eat..pls let me know if this affects?

  171. All also pls share receipe for wonder soup cos somewhere in comments i saw tomatoes should not be there in soup whereas in wonder soup receipe its included

  172. Day 3

    I was unable to weigh myself in the morning.. but guessing, my weight would be around 70 now… need to buy a new weighing machine…

    Morning has started with a usual lemon+ginger juice
    Having Mango+Kiwi+green tea + water for the breakfast…

    Have a great day guys…

  173. Iam alergetic to vegetable…pls let me know if can eat only fruits on Day3??

  174. Yippe.. I have weighed myself and quite happy to see the scale has touched 70.8 KG today. All the hunger pangs, all the temptations, all distractions have moved out from the way of determination.. Today not even a single deviation from the Diet plan

    LemonJuice with Ginger
    Fruits – Mango, Orange, Kiwi, Grapes, water melon, sweet melon n loads of water n green tea
    Vegetables – in sauté – baby corn, cucumber, baby carrot, asparagus, capsicum ..
    Whole day munching

    Not forgetting to say, my multivitamin tablets, as I have hairfall issue… today I have added one extra hair-nail-skin tablet to meet with my vitamin needs

    See you all tomorrow .. the confusing 4th day of GM diet

  175. Yesterday was my second day, I had wonder soup. I modified it bit pls let me know is this ok. as I am going to have it today also…
    I couldn’t get cabbage yesterday so used carrot instead
    Step1: Bolied onion(2),tomato(2),garlic(1), coriander leaves(instead of cerely)
    Step2: Grinded all together
    Step2: added 1tp of oil,added all grinded content, carrot & salt and boiled everything for 15min

  176. So iam going to have above mentioned soup tonight also
    I forgot to pack vegetables to office today…so please suggest me can I have fruit bowl in the noon???
    Morning had one guava…
    Yet to check my weight..crossing fingers to see good results..
    Please answer me wat I can have in the noon…

  177. Had 2 carrots for lunch…:( thank u for ur quick reply author:)

    In plan for 4th day noon we are suppose to take soup…but i will be in office can so i cannot have it….:( so can i take soup in the night & banana in noon?????

  178. Is there any difference b/w toned milk & skim milk…?

  179. I have completed my diet plan but not weighed myself. I dont know whether I could loose any weight or not.

  180. :)Weighed today morning reduced only 1.2kg:( is there any wrong in my diet:(

    Day1: had Apple in the morning, fruit bowl in the noon, Grapes in the night..did skipping 200 i.e for 10min and half kilometer walk
    Day2: lemon with water, had boiledpotato in the morning, noon cucumber, night soup which i have mentioned above(no exercise).

    day3: lemon with water, had gauva in the morning, 3carrots in the noon , soup and mango (no exercise).
    everymorining i walk half kilometer, & i use steps in office…even then 🙁 please let me know will i be lossing any weight in other 4 days..

  181. 🙁 i hate vegetables…so there was no way to do so:( shall i restart or…shall i continue…

    • all veg? tough call, you can continue as you see fit, but it will be tough, I am so sorry… You cannot eat nuts, fruits, wheat, cheese, etc and think you will be able to keep weight off. There has to be balance. Do you eat loads of processed foods (Canned/boxed foods)?

  182. Pls let me know what i can take on day 5 pls..iam vegeterian,,, & indian pls suggest what i can eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner

  183. Ya b4 i use….alergetic to veg means hmmmm:)sorry….i will really try eating next time…but on second say i had lots of cucumber..:) please let me know if want to restart or continue…

    • don’t be, I’m sorry, hang in there, take a day or 2 off and then start again. Cucumber is good, any other veg you can have?

  184. Carrot,tomato,cucumber & caulifower…pls give me plan…i wil start again from 1st june…Thank u thanks a lot for caring & answering my questions 🙂

    • Follow what we laid out, then use these veg we we call for nay veg. Make a simple soup from tomato and cauliflower, add whatever spices you like.

  185. can any one tell me can we use calocasia in vegetables?/

  186. day 3
    2 apples in the early morning
    breakfast: fruit bowl with pineapple, half a small papaya, one kiwi and an apple
    pre lunch: one mango
    lunch: bowl of vegetable soup(same as in day 2)
    post lunch: more soup
    dinner: left over soup and 2 oranges

  187. I am on day 3 of the diet, but I feel weak.Y is it so?

    • It can be normal, when you cut processed foods, wheat, sugar, etc your body will let ya know for a few days. Most people end up totally energized afterwards.

  188. Can we cook vegs like peas, lady finger in olive oil for our meal like we saute green pepper and onions for wonder soup.

    • you can cook the veg per the recipe for the soup yes, other than that no. Although 1/2 tsp of oil would not hurt.

  189. Weigh myself in the morning of Day 3. Lost 4.5 pounds already! Happiness!

  190. I started on 18th June i weighed 85.5 Kg
    today on 19th june woww its 83.5 Kg..
    i got one thing 4m this that if u want bestest results then do physical exertion also….
    then the same result u will get as I 🙂

  191. Hi. I am in obese category. I was currently weighing 145.8 kg. i finished my first day of GM diet yesterday and today i checked my weight, Awsome my weight was 144.3 kg. Today i am having all the vegetables. mostly carrot, cabbage and tomatoes is it fine. Please suggest

  192. Started with 92.2 Day 3 started and I am 91.3 Kg as did some cheating on day 2…. 🙂 🙂 I had beans and 2 bowl curd at dinner. Later on somewhere I read that beans are not good for Gm diet.

    Will make sure to honestly follow the plan on day 3 😀 ;D

    Can I have some Chach( Butter milk ) n my day 3. ???

  193. Started this morning with weight at 92 Kg…
    Followed the plan with some deviation of having 2 cups of regular Tea (without sugar)… and some wonder soup when I felt hungry. I have consumed fruits with the condition of unlimited supply …:) that is till my satisfaction, which anyways did not go way beyond the prescribed limit.
    Important change that I noticed: lesser or almost no pangs or cravings for sweets / snacks that I earlier had. Will check the weight tomorrow and am all excited to see the result. … (y)

  194. tea no sugar as long as it’s herbal is OK. your body will start to pull away from junk, however introduce any at all, and scientifically your dopamine levels will shoot up and you will crave it once again. BEWARE (from personal failures and experiences 🙂 )

  195. Starting the Day 3…… on a jubilant note…. have reduced to slightly under 90 Kg from 92… losing over 2 Kg in 2 days…. that too when I cheated on a dry fruit barfee yesterday… could not resist it…Blame it on my sweet tooth… 😉
    Important thing that I noticed was tantalising your test buds with your favourite taste , and not consuming any real calories acts a s a positive deterrent to your cravings for sweets etc…. 😀
    I would not advise others to … but I do enjoy indulging into a bit of ..just a bit of ,change of taste. And it works to keep you happy, which I think is important to keep you stress free… (y)

    • Well define stress free? To me I found denying myself foods that will cause issues later down the road are so beyond stress free, it’s an amazing feeling to say no. That cheat, that sugar is short lived pleasure asking you to come back for more and more. I can assure everyone here, stress free is doing what it takes to get you life back on the right track. However this is a personal decision, I had a sweet tooth and could eat a pound of organic dried mangoes in a day, and it only ended up causing me stress in the end.

  196. Hello, I’m starting day 3 today, and I’m very demotivated as I haven’t lost even a pound! Could someone please tell me why that is? I should add that I’m 52 Kgs, and have over the last 10 years put on and lost small amounts of weight fairly frequently. This time last year, I was 47.5 Kgs. Now though, no diet seems to work – my body seems to have become immune to weight loss. Could anyone share any insights on this? Many thanks.

    • Hello….

      What is you diet like on a normal day? do you eat wheat, sugar, fake sweeteners, processed foods, bad oils? etc etc this will help to know 🙂 Hang in there.

  197. Hi,

    I do have wheat occasionally – when the diet demands it, but none on the GM diet so far. No sugar, no cheese/butter and just normal vegetable oil for cooking. I do use sweetener in my tea. My body just doesn’t seem to respond to my attempts to trick it into losing weight lately 🙁

    • yah, there can be underlying health issues like high cortisol, thyroid problems, etc. To me, the only thing that worked for me was cutting all sugar, eating balanced meals like I posted the example diet in the forum, cutting junk vegetable oils (Use coconut, palm or olive), cut too many snacks and never eat processed foods. Think nutrient dense and never eat gluten. it’s not easy, but when done it’s bliss!

  198. Many thanks, please could you also suggest a beef substitute for day 5? It would be so helpful if you could list all 3 meals with a substitute for day 5. The website isn’t too clear here.

  199. Would chicken work equally well?

  200. And another question – tomorrow is day 6 for me,which means chicken and vegetables. No brown rice is allowed on this day right? I ask as the Chinese stir fry recipe listed on the website says that the chicken stir fry should be served on a bed of brown rice. But there is no mention of brown rice for day6otherwise.

  201. are olives a veggie. I put them w my lettuce day 2. How about spinach. haven’t seen any mention if this is ok.

  202. is almond milk ok for day 4?

  203. My starting weight was 76.5kgs gained after pregnancy.
    After completing this diet, I weigh 69kgs.
    This diet is great! Tried almost anything but without success. I’m a nurse, so I have a moderately active lifestyle. I cheated on day 2, I can’t eat raw and bland veggies so I ate fruits instead (cherry, strawberry & grapes). For the exercise, I did the jillian michaels level1 30day shred every other day and 7minute scientific exercise everyday.
    My target weight is 60kgs. I will do this again after 2weeks.

  204. Is there a specific recipe for the day 5 beef soup or is it ok to just have the cabbage soup.

  205. Can I have boiled corn on cob on day 2 and day 3 for lunch. R corn high on carbs?

    • I never recommend corn, technically a grain, a high allergen food, normally heavily genetically modified and nutrient dead. So for at least this plan, no corn.

  206. can i eat sweet corn in day 2 and 3?

    • try not to, it’s nutrient dead, normally over genetically modified, technically a grain and relied upon way too much as a veg.

  207. HI ,

    this is my 2nd time when i am following this diet. Today is my 3rd day and in morning i was feeling so weak. i am taking soup of all veggies with lil salt and spices , as i cant eat bolied or raw veggies. Is this i am feeling weak because i am taking too much watery soup and not whole plain raw veggies?(this soup is wonder soup kinda only added spices to it).

    Thanks for your guidance.

    • Add as many spices as you like to your food. Weakness the first couple of days can be normal, take a cup of herbal tea (no sweetener) or coconut water to help some. The soup should help you with electrolyte issues, over drinking water can cause you to be weak, flushes out minerals needed. The soup or coconut water can help with that.

  208. Hi,

    I’m in 4th cycle 4th day. When i started this diet my weight was 77.8 and now 74. I’m not reduced atleast 5kgs overall this cycles. Can i know the reason for this.

    I have to reduce my intake as much as? Or i took boiled sweet corn…that’s the reason?

    • boiled corn is a huge no no. however you could have it once, say 1/4 cup. problem is folks over do it. Technically it’s a grain, nutrient dead, genetically modified and a big health hindrance. are you doing each cycle back to back? you cannot do that. please let me know.

      • Yes. I’m doing back to back. Is any wrong? In 4th cycle day 2 my weight 73.2…happy to see that and in the next day(day 3) i expect atleast 73 to reduce..but my weight on day 3 is 74.4. shocked…why suddenly gained 1kg..I cant understand… 🙁

  209. Yes. I’m doing back to back. Is any wrong? In 4th cycle day 2 my weight 73.2…happy to see that and in the next day(day 3) i expect atleast 73 to reduce..but my weight on day 3 is 74.4. shocked…why suddenly gained 1kg..I cant understand… 🙁

  210. Hi All

    I am in day 3 Diet. Pure Veg 🙂

    can i eat guava in mid evening. Also how to prepare for day 4?

  211. Can corn be eaten on vegetable day?

    • It could season 1 dish, meaning less than a 1/4 cup all 7 days. for so many reasons corn is just not healthy. technically it’s a grain. it’s 95% genetically modified and nutrient dead. most people whether they realize it or not do not do well on it. Unless you can find sprouted organic pure old style corn. I would not. Sorry 🙂

  212. I’m on day 2, Today was much better then yesterday as I made all different kind of cooked dishes. Was that a mistake, were the veggies supposed to be eaten only raw? Does that apply also to day 3?

    • good news, cook the veg if you like for sure. raw veg can be tough in the digestion for some that have digestive issues.

  213. Thanks for the promp response.
    What about potatoes can I have one for lunch?

  214. just breakfast day 2

  215. I started my first day of diet with 1 apple and 2 guavas then in lunch 1 cup Sun melon and then in dinner I had 1 Cup papaya, 1Apple, 1 guava. Then on 2 day i had one bolied potato in breakfast , 2 carrots and 2 cucumbers in lunch, then in dinner 1 small bowl pulses. Hope it would work. Now i will not eat pUlses again. Please suggest diet for Day3

    • Did you have any fat on the potato, day butter or olive oil? We have laid out sample days for you under each section. It’s hard to do much more than that since much is determined by your location.

  216. Yesi used olive Oil 1/4 tblespoon

  217. Would it work now as i had pulses on Day 2 in night?

  218. Thanks for the prompt response. Hope it would work!!!!

  219. Helow

    Im on 3 day of GM Diet… i hd dysentry … its gud or …

  220. Hi can I eat pickles and corn on the cob?

    • NO, corn is technically a grain. Pickles would be fine if they are a pure type, that does not have chemicals and bad oils in them.

  221. Pickles are called cucumbers in brine. Ingredients are selected cucumbers salt spices water acidulants are they ok?

    • I know what pickles are, I actually ferment my own. you can have if you like. Acidulants, scary they will not say which ones, trust me you likely do not want to know. Keep in mind natural is better, pickles do not need those ingredients.

  222. Sorry I was just writing what it said on the jar. Just wanted to make sure all ingredients are known. Thanx for the reply

  223. Hello i am presently on my day 3 of the gm diet, i feel better, but my question is on the days 5-7 can i substitute meat for fish? i got confused because everywhere i was seeing meat with rice or can i substitute the meat for the cup of rice? i dont want to eat beef. please advice me on what to eat for days 5-7, no beef pls, will prefer chicken if its allowed or fish.

  224. hii i am on my day 3 of gm diet..can i hav sprouts and red chana today and remaining days

    • some sprouts, just a few with your veg. NO red chana, it can replace meat. You cannot have legumes when you like on this program. They have carbs and protein and will throw off the balance of it.

  225. hi ,
    i m started plan on 15.09.2014,
    day 1:
    4 lit water.

    day 2:morning big boiled potato
    afternoon:carrot,cabbage,tomoto-boiled without salt.
    evening:2 carrots raw.

    day:3 i.e today..
    Morning:1 pomogranite.
    1 cup:corn boiled without salt.
    Lunch:2 cup corn.
    1 cup shredded carrot.

    just now only i read corn is not included in veg.
    What i will do now?
    May i skip this diet plan.

    But i want to continue this.
    Corn affecting to reduce weight ???
    Answer asap.

    • You can continue, but you cannot only eat corn and carrots as a veg. Corn is technically a grain and nutrient dead. Sorry, it’s just a fact. Folks always go for corn, peas and carrots for veg. However keep going if you like. Sorry. Carrots are also higher in carbs, we do not say eat carrots. They are fine off plan but not now.

      • Good Morning,

        I ate 2 apples last night.
        Day 4:
        today morning had 1 cup of milk and banana one big size.
        today my plan is totally 6 bananas and 4 cup milk.
        4 litres of water.
        Day 0 my weight is 65.
        today morning 62.9 (i.e) 4th day morning.

        Now GM Diet is working for body or not.

        Day 5:
        Boiled tomoto with veg like cabbage.and peas,cauliflower.
        1 Cup of rice with indian sambhar.
        No veg….No Fruits.
        15 glass of water.

        Day 6:
        2 chapathi and veg soup 3 times.(1 ts olive oil,onion,green peppers,tomoto-1,peas,Cabbage with salt) no extra flavours.
        What about soya,Butter beans…..
        They have you allow in this veg soup?
        Or may i skip that items(i.e soya,Butter beans…..)

        10 glass water

        day 7:
        1 cup rice and Watermelon juice 3 glasses.
        It is okay to follow.
        Or any changes to modify.
        Reply asap.

        Kindly help me to follow correctly.

        I feel tired in the afternoon.
        Morning and after evening its okay.
        But in between time 1.30-5.30 really tough time to follow this strictly diet.
        But i will control to eat other foods.
        I will follow only as per your Diet Menu.

        But some of the Food items are not available in local indian market.(Except metropolitans…)

        Thank you for your immediate reply.

        • Too much to reply to, but you are not following this diet here at all per plan. It’s 4 bananas not 6, you cannot have BREAD, you are not eating enough food, You are not subbing correctly for meat on 5 5 and 6, you are eating the wrong types of foods. Sorry. Please carefully read the comments here and each day before doing it again, you cannot make up your own plan. Sorry 🙂

      • Awaiting your reply

  226. Hi, nearly finished day two and already a few pounds lighter. I am prepping for the following days and just wondering about the rice. Would Basmati rice be ok? Thank you 🙂

  227. Excellent, thanks so much for your reply. Woke up this morning (day3) and woohoo 2.1kgs lighter.

  228. today is my 3 day, m strictly fallowing diet but there is no difference in weight, why???

  229. Hey can we have salt and spices…. if yes how much in the whole day!

    • Yes, with salt whatever you are used to, just never over do it. Pepper, spices, herbs, peppers, etc go for it for the most part.

  230. i just follow the gm diet..this is second day for me….

  231. Can I have a roasted fresh corn a day in the diet plan? I have completed 3 days of the plan. I am a vegetarian and little choosy with my eating habits. Please suggest.

  232. Thank you for the quick response. I lost 2 kgs during day 1&2, added spinach and carrot in the veg soup, had it 3 times during day 3. Lost no weight after day 3. Please suggest is adding spinach & carrot to the soup the reason of not loosing any weight(as these are not mentioned in ingredients to be used in the soup ), I am little disappointed. Also to confess – I had a roasted corn in day 3. I am on the day 4 today, can soup be taken today.

    • Carrot not recommended. The corn was the kicker though. Folks think corn is a normal veg, it’s technically a grain and does nothing to help in weight loss, quite the reverse.

  233. day 1 ate
    melons for breakfast and melons guava and papaya for dinner thats all
    day 2 ate
    cucumber tomatoes and lettuce for midsnack and cucumber toamatoes and lettuce for dinner followed by roasted pumpkin

    am i go doing ok or is there something wrong in what i am eating?

    • Well you missed the potato and butter/good fat for breakfast day 2. That was a huge miss. Other than that it’s OK, although pumpkin not a great veg choice during the program. great to eat after, has good carbs.

  234. can we have tomato soup for dinner on day 3?
    secondly what can we substitute for banana on day4 ?
    and thirdly what can i substitute for beef in the succeeding days?

    • no, sorry
      pick another fruit, it will be fine.
      chicken, eggs, legumes (needs good fat like ghee or olive oil), rice (same needs good fat)

      • any specific reason for not having tomato soup…..because it would be home made without any oil ….

        • As a part of a balanced meal great. It does actually at that point, when you are eating a normal diet need good fat. You cannot have a meal without good fats. However it can mess with the carb balance of this diet. Cooked tomatoes are higher in carbs and natural sugar. FYI… So I tend to be more picky within the 7 days. 🙂 Good question though…

          • thanks for the reply….
            just a few more questions i need to ask..
            1) can i have buttermilk (curd with water and salt) instead of milk on day 4?
            2) how many eggs can i have on day 5 and can i omit the yellow part on day 5?
            3) can i have white rice instead of brown?
            4) can i replace beef with a paneer ?

            • 1) yes
              2) Never omit the yellow, it’s where all of the good fat and nutrition will be.
              3) white is great, a basmati or jasmine especially.
              4) Sure can…

  235. Im gettin married on the 23rd of this month already lost 1 stone through various diets but really want to shed another 7 pounds before wedding, starting tomoro im gunna see if this diet works. Fingers crossed feeling motivated.

  236. How about green tea n light exercise along with gm diet plan? Its not recommended but still wanted to knw coz i hv habit of drinking green tea.. thnk U

    • light exercise is fine, just don;t tear down your muscles. Green tea is OK no sweetener unless it’s stevia.

      • Thnk U so much 🙂 started with the plan n completed Day 3…. getting ready for the next day with banana n skimmed milk 😀 Regarding weight i had 60kg with 5’3 height… Gonna check only after 7th day… 🙂

        • Good luck. remember to weigh right when yo wake up, after going ot the bathroom and before you eat or drink anything. This is vital to knowing your true weight 🙂

          • once again thnx for ur warm wishes n i knw i reduce a bit coz i feel lighter than any of my days… will let u knw how much i reduce n by chance if i dont then i will seek ur help for any changes to make in next cycle…

  237. Managed to get through day 1. Just wondered if I can use any soya sauce with veg tomoro and flavourings at all?

    • Pure dried herbs and spices are OK, sauces likely like that are not pure at all, have too much bad sodium, MSG possibly and other preservatives. Be ware of poor flavorings, they contain things that really hurt your body…

  238. Hi,
    Can i eat boiled Ghiya (Bottle gourd) on my 3rd day..
    Pls reply..

  239. Tomrw is my fifth day… i plan to have tomato n mint salad coz eating as whole will be difficult for me… so can i add a bit of oil in salad… if yes wic kind of oil i sud go for??

  240. Hi… I am allergic to bananas. Can u tell me what i can eat on day 4

  241. Hi thanks for all ur support in explaining to us.
    I am on my 2nd day and i have list 1.5 kgs. I had soups on 1st and 2nd day and added greem chillies for taste (asbi am used to eating very spicy food). Is it ok?

  242. Hi.
    Today is my first day
    Can u help with types of soup I can have,

    After how many weeks can I repeat the diet again?

    • Hello
      Just a base veg soup really during the diet. No potato or tubers/starchy veg in it.

      Best to wait at least 2 weeks in between plans. We do have a plan you can follow in between plans in the After 7 Days section.

  243. I am starting my diet tomorrow. I have a long day ahead of me and all I have for fruits are pomegranate and apples. Eek

  244. I start tommo!

  245. Dear author, thanks again.
    I have lost 2 kgs and today is my third day..
    Would keep u posted…. i am super excited…

    Eating papay right now 🙂

    Millions thanks

  246. Hi, can i add eggplant to my diet today?.
    Basically saute in a spoon full ghee or olive oil and then mash and eat it? Is it ok?

  247. Can I have mushrooms and olives on day 2? Also how much salt intake is preferred? Thank you.

    • Salt is up to you. If you over do it, the worst that will happen is your retain a little water weight for a day. Mushrooms, a few are fine. No olives until after the program.

  248. I have a general question on eating after 8 pm. Since my work timing start from the afternoon 12.30 pm to night 9.30 pm, I get to sleep only by 12.00 or 1.00 am. Is it ok to eat @ 10 or 11 pm? I see most diets ask you to stop by 8 pm. I wake up late in the morning @ 8 am so I tend to have breakfast only @ 11 am. Is my cycle correct? or Should I change the pattern and strictly follow no eating after 8 pm or 10 pm?

    • Well, I will try and summarize the main points. You first have to just do your best. Yes, your circadian rhythms play a huge role in your weight loss and how you digest/heal. So it’s best to be in bed by 10:30pm and have eaten by 7:00pm to 7:30pm. These factors play a huge role in weight loss/weight gain. Stick with the plan, just do the best you can…

  249. Hi,

    Can I have roasted chana, on any day as i have this habit of munching something along with my green tea.

    Also I have heard that having cucumber with green tea helps in loosing weight.

    Thanks 🙂

    • NO roasted channa daily, sorry.
      Tea is fine, no sweetener unless it’s stevia. cucumber is fine also. Quick note, little things like tea helping you lose weight, these types of things you read mostly are there to gain reader interest, I can assure you the only thing to help with weight loss is a lifestyle change. Make that first then do the green tea and cucumber last to support it 🙂

  250. this is my second round for GM. 1st try i lost a total of 7kg. i took a 2 week break and started again. i lost 2kg on the first day, but gained it back this morning which is day 3. is this normal? i’ve been following the diet very strictly.

  251. here’s what i ate by the way:

    day 1
    breakfast and lunch was watermelon
    had some grapes and pineapple for dinner
    3lts of water

    day 2
    lettuce with vinaigrette
    grilled eggplant for lunch
    spinach for dinner
    3lts of water.

    i lost 2kg on the first day and gained it back today. i weigh myself first thing in the morning. thanks 😉

    • Well you first missed the best food to eat for weight loss day 2. A potato and the fat needed with it. Huge miss. You also seem to be barely eating. That’s not good either. Keep rolling though all should be OK 🙂

  252. last 2 days were good! I’m feeling light and more energetic today!
    Today I had 1 orange + 4 pieces of Cantaloup in breakfast
    In lunch I had a bowl of cabage+1/4 sprouts+1 onion+3 tomatoes +1 cucumber
    for eve snack, I will have a bowl of salad(cabage,cucumber,carrot,beat,shimala mirchi(chili)
    and for dinner will plan to have, 2 apples and cabage soup…
    Please let me know if I’m going wrong anywhere… 🙂

  253. I ended up eating grilled chicken for the last meal on day 3. Did I mess up big time?:(

  254. Can we have plums in day 3?

  255. Can i have grapes on day 3

  256. Today is my third day and would like you to confirm my menu
    Breakfast I had 4 oranges
    Had Okra chopped and cooked in water and plan to eat oranges or watermelons for dinner with the wonder soup.

    Please confirm that’s fine

  257. Please also confirm that I can replace the banana for tomorrow with watermelons or oranges and the wonder soup. Please confirm
    Thanks for your help

  258. Please confirm oranges to replace each banana.thanks

  259. Sorry mean how many oranges to replace each banana

  260. Can I drink freshly squeezed pineapple, Apple and ginger juice today

  261. Thanks, really really appreciate all your help and quick responses. Have a good day

  262. hi … im on 3 rd day. i reduced 1.5 kg.
    shall i intake unlimited fruits and vegetables? is there anything possible to reduced more weight by having limited quantity of fruits and vegetables? if so i Am ready to do that.Pls suggest.

    • never unlimited fruit, veg you can have more of. The soup can actually help in losses, less is not better however never over do it.

  263. I had wonder soup on day 3 and 2 is it fine?

  264. Can we have baked potatoes on 3rd Day breakfast as well ?

  265. i am on my day 3 of the plan, dont like plain water, so i am adding squash wiht no added suger to get bit of flavour.. will that be ok??

  266. Day 3 was good and easy. Menu:
    Breakfast – 1 black coffee, 1 mango, 1 glass of water
    Snack – strawberries + 1 glass of water
    Lunch: sauteed zucchini, butternut squash and broccoli + 1 cup of green tea
    Snack: some iceberg lettuce with lemon juice, salt and pepper+ 1 glass of water
    Dinner: wonder soup + 2 glasses of water

    Now on Day 4… looks like it’s going to be the worst day of the diet. Ever.

  267. Today is day three and had peas and other veggies for it fine to go with peas?

    • NO, they are not a regular veg, they are a legume actually with loads of carbs. Fine post plan but not on days we say eat regular veg.

  268. what about the timing of diet,coz i did not do on accurate timing,,any suggestion plz?

    • Not sure what you mean. If you need to swap a day or 2 you can try if you like. If you mean when you have each meal, just do your best.

  269. Hello…I’m on day 3 today and this is what I had:
    Morning-Few Strawberries…Lunch-Wonder soup…Later-Some melon
    Evening-Spinach soup (was not that great but finished somehow : ( and had orange juice after that without sugar.
    Dinner- Plan to have wonder soup and 1 cup of melons.
    2 questions I have: a) tommorrow I can have wonder soup n 4 large bananas and 3 glasses of milk, so can i say 500 ml milk?
    b) Also, on all days I’m having ginger tea with less milk n no sugar (twice a day). I hope that’s not a problem. Bcoz i get a headache without my morning tea.
    Please reply. BTW i lost 2 kgs in total so far.

    • Orange juice is technically sugar… However fresh squeezed better for sure. If from a carton – bad choice.

      1) yes on the milk, bananas and soup.
      2) Well, milk is not good in the tea. However your headaches are a sign of possible health issues, so the tea technically does not help yet will pacify the issue. I mean in kind, please consider checking into potential issues. Blood sugar issues, etc.

  270. I had done a health check up recently, n found no issues with respect to sugar/BP. Yes, but I do have a low haemoglobin. Thanks for your reply but. Will try n cut down on milk tea. N I had fresh squeezed juice, not the packed one. 🙂

  271. Hi I started yesterday and going good till now…havent check my weight yet… Tom is Saturday and scared about the food temptations. Hope I can resist them and continue with the diet.. and btw can I have coffee?

  272. On Day five can i use spices such as corriender powder,red chilli powder all home made..

    I am on my 3 days already lost 2 Kgs 🙂

  273. All the above spices on meat.. and instead of beef i want to substitute chicken is it okay ?

  274. hey, I have completed my second day but no weight loss. Is it ok? One more thing, can I take about half a cup of tea with milk and sugar if I can not resist?

  275. I weighed just 15 mins before. On day 2 I took baked potato with cheese in the morning n cabbage, tomato, cucumber, onion salad in the evening and just cabbage now

    • Day 2 is good…. 15 minutes before what? Your true weight is first thing in the morning, when you wake, after going to the bathroom before you eat or drink a thing. You cannot weigh during the day, it does not work like that. Sorry…

  276. does not work like what?

  277. Ok thnku i got it

  278. And one more thing plz that we can consume the gm soup on any day of the plan. Right?

  279. Can i eat ketchup n canned corns with gm soup?

    • not unless you want to gain weight, sorry… This is a pure and natural plan. No sugar or junk like what’s found in ketchup and canned corn.

  280. Ok. Thanku

  281. Hello author,
    Nice to see prompt help provided the queries.I AM starting day and planning to take below :
    Bf:one apple
    11am:1bowl papaya
    Lunch:boiled cauliflower, beans nd peas
    Dinner:same as lunch or cucumber nd tomatoes
    Pls let me know if this is ok.

  282. Hi !
    I m, feeling quite low on energy and even fed up of of fruits and vegetable by afternoon…any suggestions for dinner ?? Also I feel so weak during running and gym, but guess its bound to happen !!

  283. Hi,
    I am confused. Why aren’t carrots not advised again? I had carrots with other veggies every time there are vegetables indicated – day1 and day3. Will this upset the diet?Should I restart?
    Also, apart from the cabbage soup, can we make other soups from vegetables as we like? Since there is minimal cooking?

    • carrots are more carby but the main reason is that would be the only veg along with peas and corn people would eat. Diversification is key.

      you do not need to restart though, all will be OK. other veg soup is fine assuming they are nutritionally similar.

  284. I have had sprouts in my salad by mistake on Day 2. How does this effect my diet?

  285. hi..i completed my Gm diet last week..followed evrything but lost only 1kg…terrific…again i started this week ,today i completed 3rd day but lost 300gm…i dont know what z going wrong??? i m not able drink much it necessary to drink lots of water for weightloss?? otherwise i m following everything…feeling like hell…Please help me…

  286. Hi all
    day 1: Breakfast
    water melon , strawberry & 1 coconut water

  287. normally from which day of ur diet u start reducing weight.

  288. Greetings from Cambodia- the Kingdom of Wonder,

    I’ve heard of this diet from a work friend who lost 5-6 kgs after 2 rounds of this diet (153 cm 58 kgs down to 52kg).

    I’m now finishing my 3rd day with no weight loss but clearer skin (I’m 153 cm and 56.5 kgs). I’m following the diet as advised by the website, drinking 3 liters or more of water. My questions are:

    1. I ate required veggies and fruits in larger portions than advised (1 cup per meal is whats advised..?). Did that impact my no-weight loss issue?

    2. What day would you think Id show some sort of weight loss?

    Many thanks,


    • Hello 🙂
      1) cut back to 2 litres of water. eating too much fruit after day 1 can cause issues

      When do you weigh yourself? What did you eat day 2?

      • 1) I realized I was eating too much fruit on Day1 because I was too hungry. Hindsight: I read that I couldnt have the wonder soup on that day, so I didnt bring any. On Day 3, I read somewhere I could have that on ANY day!:(

        Day 3: Half a small melon, 1 apple for fruit,then soup and cucumber salad-Chinese style.

        2) Even before the diet, I already drink more than 2L a day, but I found myself thirstier compared to before. I’m not sure if I could cut back.

        3) Good side: No hunger pangs after Day2, never had any headache.

        4) I don’t weigh myself unfortunately. But I don’t feel any difference. still the same bulge, but my face look less bloated.

        • 1) yes any day for the soup.
          2) that’s OK
          3) nice to hear.
          4) keep going, it could be water retention which should go away.

          • Thanks! Truly appreciate your help. I’m feeling better, feeling skinnier when I woke up this morning but bloated nighttime. 🙂

  289. Hi There,
    I just want to thank your team for your valuable inputs and help.
    I have started with the 3rd day, lost a kilo already.


  290. Today I am starting my 3rd day lost 2 kgs already really happy with that. Couldnt have done it without the support of this site. I knw i might have tired u with questions but that’s what is getting me through.

    I tried this a year ago and didnt get through day 1 .

    Thanks will keep you posted of my progress.

  291. Hi 🙂 I have a couple questions for you:
    1) On Day 4, does it have to be skimmed milk? Or can it be any kind of milk (1%, 2%)?
    2) On day 5, can I make a chicken soup with just tomatoes and chicken?
    3) On day 6, can I eat chicken for lunch, but then switch to salmon for dinner?
    Thanks in advance for your reply 🙂

    • Hello 🙂
      1) any will work.
      2) yes, you can add onion, garlic, peppers, spices and any ingredient found in the wonder soup.
      3) yes you can…

  292. Hello,
    For day 2 and 3, can I pan fry all the vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and garlic?
    Thanks for your reply.

  293. Hi.. I just wanted to ask i am following g.m diet.. and day 1 was apple,orange,melon,guava,strawberry and 8 glasses of water ..Day 2 is cucumber,onion,pepper,cabbage, potato,tomato.. But i am constipated .. what to do and does it really work

    • does what really work? constipation can happen for loads of reason, especially on a detox planned especially when you change how you normally eat. fiber can be a great way to help. it has nothing to do with the success of the diet or not.

  294. How to maintain the weight after finishing this diet?

  295. Can i eat a mix of vegetables and fruit like fruitchat without any dressing I mean i cant eat a vegetable and a fruit ….

    • little confusing, not sure what you are saying. I will take a stab at it though. you can fruit chat day 3, assuming you seasoning is pure. no added sugar, msg, etc.

  296. Some more things to ask.. On day 4 can i have knor soup mix as a flavour.. please try to reply asap

  297. Hey hi,first of all you guys have made gm diet so easy with every minute details
    Good job !!!!
    I have started this first from yesterday with the weight of 57.8kg
    And today is my day2 its 57.2kg …
    I want to ask is there any need to do exercises
    Because seriously I don’t have that much do m doing regular routine work….
    Please help me
    Thank you

  298. Can I have leafy veg and 1tsp olive oilon 3rd day for makin boiled veg recipe

  299. Today is Day 3 and I started at 72.6 kg and I’ve lost 1.1kg making me 71.5 kg. So pumped and this weight loss has motivated me to keep focused so I can reach my goal.
    Day 1 was the hardest and was in bed as soon as I got home from work but now my body has adjusted.
    I’ve always eaten regularly so I eat a small snack of the recommend foods every hour to keep my blood sugar balanced.
    Listen to your body and eat when you need too every one is different.

  300. can i roast come carrots on day 3?

  301. also, for dinner on day 3 i am roasting veggies like eggplant, zucchini, beans, mushrooms, capsicum – are they all okay?

  302. Is it okay to have almonds raisins to keep hunger away ?

  303. Hi,
    I will be starting day 3 tomorrow and I was planning to have apple’s for breakfast…. My question is can I spruce if the apples a little by chopping them up, add fresh ground organic cinnamon, some Stevia abd heat them in the microwave to make hot cinnamon apples?

  304. Hello, Tomorrow is my 3rd day, can I eat eggplants wth garlic and 1 tea spoon oil on lunch. Also add salad and boiled broccoli on lunch? II’m feeling all the time hungry. Can I eat large quantities all the time?

  305. One more question I couldnt find an answer in GM diet., is the total weight lost during the 7 days considered as a fat loss or a mixture of fat, water and muscle? I’m asking This because dieticians say that u can only reduce 1kg of fat per week( without exercising) all the other weight losses may be water and muscle!!

  306. Ok Thanks so much for the reply regarding my cinnamon apples question on yesterday but I’m going to aggravate you again today with another. I know it’s only day 3 & I should be patient just concerned bcuz my weight hasn’t dropped at all. It’s been very hard this year to lose. I promise I have been following directly…. Should perhaps try to add even more water? If my metabolism is sluggish how do I speed it up?

    • never an issue, ask away 🙂
      when do you weigh? let’s start with that question first.

      • I weigh first thing in the morning after I use the bathroom. But also having issue with regularity I thought the extra cabbage and green would help but they aren’t I was going to try an herbal tea to help with that but wasnt sure if it’s allowed on diet. My skirt feels slightly looser today is it possible to loose body mass and the scale not move? I Still have 4 days to go so I’m not go to get discouraged yet. LOL

  307. Is it ok to eat vegetables cooked with turmeric powder and chillies

  308. No mention about hair loss ?

  309. Hi Kevin,
    Here is my Day 3 menu. Water melon 2 large cups and two slices of Mango for breakfast. 2 cups of wonder soup and few grapes(green) for Lunch. As I was tired and not feeling hungry did not have my dinner and slept off. Let me know if this is OK or do you want me to make any changes to my Day 4 menu

  310. Hi, today is my 2nd day. Is it ok to consume buttermilk in between instead of water? If yes, pls specify quantity….thanks

  311. Today is my day 3, I started the day with wonder soup, on lunch I will have a mango, at evenening a apple and during night I will have some water melon and a cup of wonder it ok???or I am doing any msitake. I made the wonder soup according your reciepe ……please lemme know, I am really curious and working hard.

  312. My fourthday starts with 3 banans and a glass of milk, on lunch I want to have two glass of milk during dinner two banans and a one bowl soup is that ok??? Tomorrow I want to eat eggs instead of beaf or meat, how many egg I can eat in that case?

  313. hi. i have started my GM diet plan and today is the end of 2nd day.
    day 1: breakfast- apple, mango, sapota with sugerless coffee
    lunch- mango, sapota, half pomegranate,
    dinner- half pomegranate, papaya juice without sugar, orange, apple

    day 2: breakfast- 1 potato boiled
    lunch- caauliflower cooked, raw carrots and cucumber with sugarless coffee
    dinner- onion carrots and cucumbers.

    is this fine? didnt take any soup or oils. only water intake.
    am i doing the right way or is it over doing??
    tomorrow Day 3.

    • day 1, no juice.
      day 2, no carrot and did the potato have good fat.

      no, you are not following the program correctly. Sorry. This is not a fat free plan which is so unhealthy and does not work well for weight loss.

  314. can i have knorr mushroom soup for day 3 for any one meal ?
    thanking you.

  315. Day 2 and 3 , cant have carrots??

  316. Oh!! i am so sorry….i was confused reading the whole plan and had carrots for day 2. Potato had bit of butter.
    So as i had sugerless papaya juice(day1) and carrots (day2), has this ruined my diet plan. Should i start over again??

    • You can keep going but no juice day 2. Carrots would have been survivable. Just keep rolling and read each day carefully.

  317. I posted a note yesterday that didn’t make it. Can author please check and post ?

  318. M on 3rd day and sorry i had one table spoon rice with veggie-breakfast today :'( and also two table spoon biryani -dinner lil cheated is it okay what should i do now?

  319. Today i had 2 banana one glass double tonned milk – breakfast and workout for an hour did cardio is it okay

  320. Cardio isn’t a good for diet 🙁 or what went wrong had breakfast – two glass banana one glass milk tonned , lunch – wonder soup ,mid day – one banana and one glass milk Wonder soup planned wonder soup two glass milk one banana is it okay 🙁

  321. Two banana*

  322. Hello,

    Since last 6-8 months, me and my wife wanted to start this diet plan, however due to some obstacles we couldn’t do it!!! We both gained heavy wieght post marriage (2 years) of 10-15 kgs extra!!!!! we are really worried this over wieght !!
    so,finally last weekend we both decided and and planned to start it by today.. purchased all possible fruits (jack fruit, water melon, orange, mosambi,papaya and apple) and green leafy veggies!!

    So, we started the DAY1 with organic greean tulsi tea with little bit honey and lemon..
    breakfast with 1 apple and some organge + mosambi slices,pappaya,pome granite, little bit water melon and enough jack fruit..

    Lunch was same..had mosambi, pome granite, jack fruit and water melon..

    Now , we are going to take the same fruits for dinner as well..

    whole day we drank around 6-7 bottles of luke warm water(around 12-15 glasses)..

    Till now , we are good hwever feeling little bit energyless in legs…and morever good thing(feeling) is that feeling LIGHT in the body!! Happy with this…

    So, for DAY 2 to till DAY7 , my wife is planning on what to take…

    We both are hoping for the best results, as we heard of this diet plan from everyone…
    Our target is to reduce 10-15 kgs as soon as possible..

    Please suggest to help us how we can acheive this 10-15kgs within how many diets? how many months?

    thanks much..


    • 1) you cannot have honey, basically you are drinking sugar water hence a great way to gain weight.
      2) Follow the plan here carefully. Example the morning potato day 2 needs good fat 🙂

      Weight loss will vary per person, the key will be after this program how will you eat? What changes will you make? I can help if you need. I truly think it’s great to have someone to do the plan with 🙂 Keep me posted please…

  323. Followed strict diet as below
    Day 1 – bf 2 small apples, lunch water melon and musk melon evening water melon juice and at 6 pm had coconut water, dinner water melon
    Day 2 – bf 2 small potatoes boiled and ate with ghee, lunch cabbage soup, evening cucumber and dinner Palak boiled.

    Day 3 – bf apples from day 1 lunch tomatoes and cucumber evening snack one orange and dinner cabbage soup

    Day 4 – banana and milk

    Day 5 – brown rice and lentils 1 cup and evening fruits

    Day 6 – brown rice 2 cups one for lunch and second for dinner

    Day 7 – day 6 but evening snack was a fruits.

    Lost 5 kgs but question is how to control from gaining weight now ?

  324. hi.. i started gm diet on tuesday..i am following it as mentioned .only fruits on fist day.second day only veggies along with power soup.. i cheked my weight today .. it s same as before..from which day onwards it will reduce..plsss respond……………:) 🙂

  325. i checked my weight in the evening of second day. it was the same. I am following only the diet and i am not going for walking, since in the evening i feel too tired after office work. whether i have to do exercise also ??.. 🙂 🙂

    • OH, well there ya go. your true weight is when you wake, after going potty before you eat or drink a thing. You cannot weigh at night weighing food, water and so on, sorry.

  326. thanks for the reply.. 🙂

  327. i wanted to know if an early morning coffee is permit able, for the course of the diet.

  328. Good morning… I am on day 3 which is my fruit and vegetable day but I was running behind this morning and forgot my fruit for breakfast. Its storming really bad here so I didn’t want to run out to get more so I just purchased an order of scrambled eggs (no oil) from the building cafeteria. My question: Is the eggs(protein) going to mess up my entire day if the rest of the day I consume only the specified fruits and vegetable? Or should I take today (day 3) and simply swap it with possible my day five? … I will be able to do fruit and veggies the remainder of the day but if its better to swap that is doable to. Please help! Hope I’m not being confusing!

    • Hello, Just keep going, you can only do your best. Sad the cafeteria does not offer fruits or veg. Yes the eggs breaks the detox cycle however it could have been worse.

      • Ok thanks…. Yes you’re right, it would be nice if the cafe offered fresh fruit. Thru only offer bananas and fruit juices so I thought I’d be better off with the eggs. Maybe I will just stay on healthy eats the rest of the week and start over on Monday. I really want the full detox effect.

  329. 1. Can i have curd with salt on day 3 onwards??
    2. Can i have rice from day onwards??
    3. can tomatoes be cooked in olive oil and had on day 3 ?
    please reply soon

  330. Day 3 –
    Breakfast – hot water with lemon, cherries and mango (could not find apples or melons today)
    Lunch – Wonder soup (is it okay to add babycorn?), 2 peaches
    Dinner – Steamed vegetables and mango

    what do you think?

  331. Day 2 – I had some papaya along with veggies for dinner. Will it affect the diet plan?

  332. Hi. I screwed the diet on Day 3 by eating a meal(dinner). so I’m starting the diet again from the next day. Is that fine?

  333. Can I replace beef with morning star veggie patties? If yes, how many patties can I eat?

  334. Hi thank you fr this page. I started out with the program without planning ahead, I also haven’t come across this thread until late evening of my first day on the program.

    I’m on Day 2 and with the help of this page I had been able to lay out my meals for the day. I have also planned my meals for the next 2 days and got that grocery list ready so I wont miss out on anything on the menu.

    However I screwed on Day 1, it is in fact the most challenging part to me (next to Day 5 because i don’t eat raw tomatoes) because the hunger just kept coming. And I didn’t read about the WONDER SOUP until day 2.

    You wont believe how expensive fruits can be in a tropical country like mine, especially organic ones. It was an abrupt decision I made to start with the program then and there, so I bought fruits in a local wet market thinking I purchased enough to last the whole day but I was wrong. SO here I am in the middle of a hot afternoon feeling dizzy – one that is unfamiliar and i was sure it wasn’t my migraine. I realized I was extremely feeling hungry and i had consumed all the fruits that i bought so i took spoonfuls of rice with “pancit ” because i was in a panic (a local noodle dish kinda oily but had a lot with veggies). but i got hold of myself thinking I cant ruin the first day! Plus i already spent some money on the fruits lol. I also haven’t check my weight before i started but i honestly feel a bit lighter, except my bloating still is still boating.

    So I have listed all my queries below and hope I don’t forget anything here goes:

    1) Since i flunked on DAY 1 and still carried out to day 2 how bad can this be? should go back to square 1?

    2) what kind of butter are we allowed to use?

    3) for fruits are raw green mangoes okey?

    4) what kind of bananas are we allowed to have on Day 4 – sweet ripe bananas or the unripe ones we have to cook (boil in water)? or both?

    5) is it necessary to eat raw tomatoes or can i have them boiled together with some veggies or sauteed with a bit of butter until they are mushy and be be used as sauce?

    6) can i have white meat fish instead of beef on day 5 and 6?

    7) what are other alternatives i can have to replace beef?

    8) on the 7th day what kind of meat are we allowed to eat?

    9) is it necessary to use everything organic? because the veggies and fruits that we have here are merely organic.

    10 ) are crops like cassava , corn . sweet potato allowed to count as vegetable?

    11) are tofu counted as a veggie?

    Thank you much. will be looking forward to your response! Thanks for all the help!

    • 1) it’s bad, the bad oils are way off plan plus this 100% killed the point of day 1 and the detox process so to speak. sorry.
      2) ghee or grassfed if you can – quality always better.
      3) no
      4) either as you like
      5) boil and cook with other veg is fine – like peppers, onions, garlic are great. sauce fine assuming you make it out of the 2 tomatoes.
      6) fish great
      7) other meats or 3 eggs max per meal
      8) No meat, rice only.
      9) personal choice, your level of what you allow to enter your body as far as pesticides, herbicides and GMO veg you choice.
      10) NOPE, tubers and corn a grain.
      11) Not at all, not a health food either.

      Hang in there 🙂

  335. Hi again.. I just have some additional queries (apart from the 11 questions I already asked). Sorry for asking a lot 🙂

    12) ca I use coconut milk to as garnish os sauce to my veggies?

    13) can smoke half a stick when i Poop (sorry for asking)?

    14) my body feels weird its like I’m shaking but in not is this normal? is this due to the craving my body have and the adjustment its making?

    Thanks again! Looking forward to your response! thank you!

    • 12) not much
      13) smoking just a bad idea overall with health and weight loss. be careful
      14) could be, it takes 30 days to reset your dopamine levels. have a glass of coconut water

      • Thank you so much for the response despite all the people who drops by for a query and your busy schedule your find time to answer our questions. Now I have a better understanding of the whole program, thanks too for noting down too that it takes a month to reset dopamine levels. And the best think about this is that my kids also gets a taste of a healthy diet plan because they eat what I have prepared (eg: soup , fruits, veggie menus)

        May I share this post on my blog and my page to inspire friends and family members? Thanks again! More power to you!

        • Sure share away. I feel really bad for kids, meaning the food supply for them has worsened so much since we were kids. It’s so much tougher, so many temptations and for parents so many tough decisions to make. Good luck and I hope this spurs on some good changes for you and yours.

          • Thank you. Yes I’m sure it will, I already made changes on the food I cook and lay on the table.

            I already have discovered a lot in last few days. I also realized that my cravings are not towards sweets but towards savory and gourmet food, so does my kids and my husband.

            I’m a good cook (so they say lol) an im into gourmet and savory. I noticed that most of the stuff I have read here about craving are pointed to sweets. What can you suggest to cope up with such cravings such as mine?

            By the way, I stopped at day 4 and getting back to start from DAY 1 tomorrow because i failed on DAY1, i referred to your advise that i killed the point of day 1 and the detox process 🙂

            I am pretty thankful for this page and all the support it changes lives. Thank You.

            • happy to help, to me savory cravings are easy, I eat ZERO grains, not even beans or rice. However I can spice up my food as I like so making dishes savory are easy to do. most pure herbs and spices are quite healthy. The key is not snacking hardly at all and eating balanced meals.

  336. On my third day today. Lost 3 kgs in 2 days! Feeling great and hope to lose more.

  337. Can I have one cup of brown rice on day five , half for lunch and half for dinner? Please let me know.

  338. Are canned vegetables permitted.

  339. I’m on day 4. Can I have milk on my tea with no sugar? Thanks

  340. It’s my first day today and I accidentally had a bunch of grapes throughout the afternoon :/ is that bad?! I didn’t realize that was not supposed to be included on Day 1. I’m concerned this will throw me off for the rest of the week. Is there anything I should eat for dinner to balance it? Is it because they have too much sugar?

  341. I am on Day 2, Can I have baked potatoes and some fruits as a part of Day 3 Breakfast.
    Is it ok to have plain espresso during the diet?
    Is it ok to have plain Lemon Juice (no sweetener ) in the morning before I start the diet.
    Is it ok to continue drinking infused water with cucumber, ginger, mint, and lemon during the 7 days course?

  342. Hi there,

    I am on my day 3 of the diet, I wanted to know if I can have carrot juice on this day?


    • no sorry, for future reference drinking carrot juice is like drinking a glass of sugar. if you juice a carrot is once thing but you need greens, cucumber etc to actually make it healthy.

  343. starting day one today with 84 kg weight

  344. On day 3 on 2nd time in3 weeks.. Had lost 5 kgs last time but stupidly gained back 2kgs. Third day today lost 2.5 kgs. Will having stevia sweetened coffee hamper my wt loss? Author please advise.

  345. Start Weight: 76.2

    Today’s weight: 75.1

  346. can i eat as much fruits on day 1 and as much veggies on day 2 and as much fruits and veggies on day 3? (with potato as breakfast ofcourse)

  347. am I going to lose weight if im going to consume Gm soup 2-3 times a day in a week?

  348. Hi…can I have wonder soup day 2 onwards…?
    Please reply soon…. am waiting. . Need to have some salt..

  349. Can i have cabbage soup with the ingredients for Day 3 dinner

    Cabbage diced 1 medium
    Onion diced 2 medium
    Tomato diced 4 medium
    Salt to taste
    Black pepper powder to taste
    Green capsicum diced 1 medium
    Lemon juice 4 teaspoon

  350. Hi. Can I have ladyfinger cooked in olive oil as dinner….?
    Please reply soon

  351. Hi dear,

    tmrw is my 4th day Means banana Day # large bananas and 3 glass Milk ( Can I use full fat Milk it is in my fridge)
    No 2; if I skip one time banana to add 3 Eggs per meal (I want to try can my stomach bear half boiled eggs together ) can i have one cup of milk tea w o sugar .. I didnt take any day tea but as i m used to take one cup daily so I have severe headache only today I took one cup green tea w salt.

    Every time I was taking wonder soup this time I felt less hungry so I didnt add soup in my GM diet thinking to add tmrw ( I m sure I will feel weakness) As I m doing 60-70 minutes walking, jogging and
    7-10 minutes lighter exercise for my belly and bicep.

    Whenever I tried GM diet its really works on me I lost 3-5 KG :):)

    I m sure this time I will loose 5 Kg cnfm 2 kg lost 1st day let s see wht will happen 7th day.

    Today is my 3rd day Morning I had One mango and few water melon cubes but it was not good so I left it.
    Mid Morning One Apple

    Lunch 1 carrot, 1 tomato , 2 cucumbers little cabbage and Lettuce leaves with seasoning of salt pepper and vinegar and olive oil.

    For Night can I take only fruits Papaya , apple or Pear I m not feeling good to eat vegs :):

    Waiting for yr answer Thanks

    • full fat milk is fine 🙂
      milk tea fine and no eggs day 4. and unsweetened green tea is fine any day
      so far you look good, however try and not eat so much fruit day 3….

  352. many thanks

    I m eating Vegs Now ( Although hardly cooked these but I didnt eat fruits) Can v add little bit soya saas few drops on salads and vegs while cooking ? for Day 5th total beef which we can eat only 300 grams not more ? I always using Minct to add onion green leaves and make kabaabs and boil in water then few drop olive oil to fry and eating with tomatoes I will eat same now and also eat one time Mict + channa Dall Shami kabaab with ( i m not fryng these only few drops on non stick pan to fry it ) Are these ok Bcz I m not adding any other things except spices and onion in it. we can easily make 3-4 pcs for one meal from 100 grams minct with out fat. I hope its good as I m eating it 4-5th Day of diet.

  353. Yes day 5- 6 beef cutluts boiled thn fried in olive oil

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