GM Diet Overview

What is GM Diet

GM diet is a weight loss management plan developed by the General Motors Corporation to help keep their employees stay in shape. This diet system involves the consumption of specific foods per day, in contrast to weekly schedules like that of Atkins and South Beach diets. What started as an in-house program for individuals within the General Motors Corporation today has become a worldwide phenomenon. The GM diet plan has grown to be a popular diet plan over time has caught on and today has become very popular with people looking for a diet plan that works.

The GM diet and it’s unique diet plan help your to reduce close to 10-17 lbs in 7 days. Reducing weight is the primary goal, additionally with reduced weight comes the added benefit of feeling good, looking good all translating to a great experience. Not only does it improve the mental state and attitude of the person following the diet course, it also help you to cleanse and detoxify your body. Infact quite a few people follow the diet once every 6 months to cleanse and detoxify primarily rather that weight loss.

Does the GM Diet Work?

While it has been a very popular diet plan over the years, there are still some questions about the effectiveness of the GM diet. According to recent studies, this diet plan is indeed effective in reducing excess pounds at a fast rate. While normal weight loss strategies induce at the most of 1 pound per week lost, the GM diet can help get rid of up to 10 lbs each week by simply following its food intake regimen.

At the same time however, this diet plan may prove to be overwhelming to first time users, as it involves radical change of diet intake that consists mainly of raw fruits and vegetables and reduced meat servings.

The effectiveness of the GM diet should also be supplemented by a regular exercise routine, as according to nutrition experts, the diet alone would leave the individual tired and weak. Through routine exercise of up to 10 minutes each day, the body’s metabolism would be sped up and be able to keep up with the diet requirements. Followers of this diet plan would also benefit from regular exercise as they get to enjoy normal energy levels and use the pounds they shed in more productive activities.

How to Prepare for the GM Diet

To those who are planning to follow the GM diet as their weight loss management regimen, they should be able to withstand excess sweating, occasional feeling of hunger, and momentary weakness, as these are among the common side effects during the first days of the diet routine.

One way to prepare for the GM diet is by staying hydrated. That is, regular water intake should be observed, at 8-10 glasses each day. This is because once the body welcomes the effects of GM diet it would require extra water for energy and metabolism. Those who instantly follow the diet system may suffer from incessant muscle pain and weakness, increased body heat, and malaise, and all of these could only be regulated by adequate amounts of water in the body.

Avoiding alcohol intake should also be observed when preparing for the GM diet. This is because alcohol prevents the effects of the diet from taking place, and followers would only end up stumped with their current weight even after a week of weight loss management. Alcohol also triggers water retention, which prevents individuals from getting rid of the excess fluids from their systems.

Weight Loss Objectives and Goals

The primary reason for the development of GM diet is to help middle-aged employees of the General Motors Corporation to slim down and enjoy better health as they are only a few years to retirement. Through this diet plan followers were expected to get rid of the unnecessary pounds they possess, as this triggers various health risks that may interfere with their work at the company and at the same time prevent them from enjoying retirement.

Those however, who are planning to follow the GM diet plan should have the following objectives in mind:

  • Shed off the extra pounds in order to achieve a proportional weight-height body mass.
  • Experience a cleaner body system through routine detoxifying effects.
  • Enjoy a better toned muscle through supplemental exercise.
  • Prevent the onset of obesity related conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis.

Followers of the GM diet should also observe strict yet at the same time manageable weight loss goals in order not to experience the diet plan’s side effects. These include:

Following the diet plan in daily schedules until desired weight is attained.
Using the diet plan in weekly intervals to maintain the achieved weight combined with proper exercise to avoid bouts of fatigue and other related health risks.

Side Effects of GM Diet

Being a fast-paced diet plan, the GM diet has also become known for its side effects. Like many other quick weight-loss regimens, followers of the GM diet may experience conditions such as:

Sudden muscle weakness. This is because the muscle tissues are deprived of adequate amounts of protein during the first few days of the diet plan. This condition can be regulated once the system gets used to the nutrients provided by the regimen.
Incessant thirst and dehydration. Persons following the GM diet also feel incessantly thirsty and even suffer from dehydration as their fluids are used by the body to foster metabolic processes. Followers are therefore advised to take more water to prevent the onset of dehydration and experience a more rejuvenated feeling.
Headaches and malaise. Persons who are in their first days of the GM diet may experience headaches and malaise, as they are still on the process of getting used to the diet effects. These tend to be psychosomatic, as followers are subject to cravings which have to withstand in order to achieve their diet goals.

The side effects of GM diet are likewise similar to those of other diet fads, but these can be effectively managed by

  • Following the regimen in a sequential and chronological manner. Skipping days and cheating on the food intake may result not only to the ineffectiveness of the diet, but as well as getting extra, unwanted pounds.
  • Supplementing the diet with proper exercise, rest and water intake. By supporting the body system with regular exercise, water intake and rest, the body would be able to adjust to the diet settings at a faster manner and avoid routine side effects. It would also lead to better effects and easier maintenance procedures.

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  1. Hi

    Im on 2nd day. please confirm shall i take 6liters water in a day or i need to only 8-10glasses of water in a day. please reply me. so i will take only mentioned ltrs.


  2. I am taking medicine. Is it okay to take medicine along with this diet plan or not.

    Awaiting your reply.


  3. After 1 week course is finished ,will it provide a better result if I continue GM Diet for few more weeks or perhaps for a month ? Is there any restriction to continue GM Diet for longer period ?

  4. I want to continue this diet arter one week. Is it possible.

  5. I am diabetic type 2 and is taking insulin. Can i go with this diet?

  6. i am type 2 diabetic is this diet good for me

  7. iam 18 year old girl is it okay to follow this plan?? my weight is 68 n height 5.4

  8. I do not like tomatoes, on the day that you are supposed to eat all of those tomatoes is it okay to cook them in with the meat and eat them that way or should they be eaten by themselves?

  9. I want to start G M diet from tomorrow. Can I mix a little bit Salt in Vegetabales

  10. I followed this diet for the seven days on the day i was supposed to drink milk i substituted this for water as i dont like milk. After the seven days i had not three pounds which i thort was alot less than the advertised 10 to 17.

  11. I am on day four and loving it! I’ve lost six pounds so far and feel great! I added onion soup broth to the soup as well and it made it awesome along with southwestern spices. After day three it’s a lot easer to follow πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve done it twice & lose only 2 pounds.i dont believe it can reduce more weight with in a week.

    • It will definitely help you shedding 4-5kg provided you follow it religiously…avoid oil altogether..drink at least 10-12 of water every day …

  13. i am a hypo thairoid patiant,my waight is 82kgs .height 5ft 4inchs.i take medicines which is thyronorm 125.i am going to gym regulerly from last 2 i want to start gm,sugges me how to start it.

  14. Make sure you talk to your doctor. But my wife has thyroid issues and stays away from goitrogenic foods/veggies. Has really helped her.

  15. yes.. U can continue it after 1 week bt take atleast a day off and eat normal food but in quantity. I have lost 15 kgs in 2.5 weeks.. more than expected

  16. Can chicken or fish be consumed instead of beef

  17. Hi, I am on day 1. Please suggest me if I can add little salt in fruits because I have low BP problem. And also suggest me which all veggies we can intake on 2nd day. Cooked in oil or boiled.

  18. HI, Any Hair loss problem will be there when or After GM Diet.


    • If you are having hair loss issues, there could be a ton of issues. I would suggest get tested and find a good health care practitioner. It could be a thyroid issues, stress, etc etc etc…. This diet? No…. If anything looking at the foods here, this is a huge step up for most getting away from processed foods and such.

  19. Hi all

    I have tried this diet however each time i fail to continue on 4th day. I get depressed.
    I also get started to get carving to eat something spicy. Please tell me what can i have.

  20. hi i had completed my 7 days diet successfully & lost 4kgs but unfortunately again i have gained 1kgs pls help me how to maintain my weight… getting embarrassed & again lost hopes…pls reply me…

  21. Well this can be natural, however what are you eating, are you back to eating lots of grains and such? sweets?

  22. I tried this diet for for a week and i lost 16 pounds I was glad for it and i dont crave any sweet i stop drinking diet coke and junk foods . i feel great i will do one more week and then eat healthy .please dont give up its worth it ….

    • wow nice job, that was what got me going, great weight loss, come out of it eating nutrient dense real foods and the weight stayed off!

  23. can I continue gm diet fr 4 months .
    ……giving two dats gap aftr each week????

  24. Pls tel me how to retain weight loss after completion of G.M diet plan? Actually my mom,68 yrs of age,is following dis diet plan. she’s of 60kg with height of 4 feet,10 inches. She wants to attain 120lbs. So how frequently she shud repeat dis diet plan n after attaining her goal wat shud she take in her food in daily routine? Pls must giv detailed answer. Thank u πŸ™‚ (Pakistan)

  25. i dont like the vegetables in the soup ! can i skip them and drink only the clear soup ?

    • Sure thing…

      • Hello, i followed this in one week. The result was good. I loose 3 kgs. I want to repeat it and want to loose 3 to 4kg more.

        My query is can i repeat it again after one week ?? I did it on 23-Feb-2014 to 1-March-2014. Today is 5-March. Can i repeat the same plan from 9th-March-2014 to 15th-March-2014 ??? Please reply. Thank you.

  26. Hello, i followed this in one week. The result was good. I loose 3 kgs. I want to repeat it and want to loose 3 to 4kg more.

    My query is can i repeat it again after one week ?? I did it on 23-Feb-2014 to 1-March-2014. Today is 5-March. Can i repeat the same plan from 9th-March-2014 to 15th-March-2014 ??? Please reply. Thank you.

    • I would wait 2 weeks. But if you eat good foods in between like balanced meals daily with protein, veg some fruit and good fats you will likely keep losing!

  27. Hello..i was following gm diet and it was my second day..however i was in rush and i had egg andbread in the morning and eventually broke my diet by the shud I resume it tomorrow from day two or I will have to start all over again..

  28. Heyyy…i so want to start this diet as i know it works for sure…but i need a diet partner for motivation…wondering if i can get any herr…
    I did this diet before till 4thday and lost all most 3kgs…i want to do it again…but this time want somebody to do it with me so that i donot leave it in between this time

  29. I m a breastfeeding mother.and 4 months old son. Can I go for gm diet. Please suggest. I want to loose weight. Please reply. Thank you

  30. Is it ok if we eat a tbsp of. Something noodles or curryduring the gm diet..will it spoil the diet?

    • No grains, so yes it can 100% spoil it. Noodles are empty carbs, a detriment to your health and have no redeeming nutritional value.

  31. It’s really works , me and my roommate start together the diet
    Now it’s the 4th day ,
    Before I was 99 kg
    My roommate 102 kg
    Now 95,8 kg
    Roommate 99,2 kg

    It’s really amazing
    My question is can I continue the diet without stopping
    Coz i feel so energetic .

    • Not bad πŸ™‚
      No, stop, however consider going no grain. You will need some potatoes or white rice with each meal, do not want to go low carb. Try 3 square meals a day, good protein, lots of veg, some fruit, etc. You may be amazed at the additional weight loss and how great you feel. RUN from process foods.

  32. I am doing Diet plan as said. But in night after 12. I become hungry and I do not get sleep.I f I drink work for an hour but again same probelm. I also tried by drinking milk (cold). but it did not work. Finally I get half sleep. What should I do.

  33. I have started my diet today.. day 1… had orange papaya for breakfast..can I have almond nuts.. n gree tea in the morning??

  34. And the soup can be had from day one?!!? Cuz its not mentioned in the plan.. it says only fruits.. and 2nd day only veggie. . Pls lemme knw if I can have the soup everyday…

  35. gm diet plan is working without soup ???? please answer

  36. Thank u for yr reply.. I need to be prepared for the 4th day.. milk n banana.. can u suggest some combination… can I have lassi with less sugar.. or cold coffe.. or milk tea.. or butter milk with salt. I love banana.. so can I have as many as I want ?!? Till I feel full ..

    • NO, 4 bananas total. you can do buttermilk, coconut milk or almond milk. No other sweeteners. You can also have the soup.

  37. Can I add some cheese to my salad.. any cheese tat u recommend

  38. For 5th day.. how many cup of rice I can have..for lunch n dinner… m veggie.. so curd can be added huh?

  39. Hey author.. with all due respect.. can u pls explain y i haven’t lost any weight. . Its day 6.. m quiet disappointed. . I followed it very strictly. .I feel light.. n feel my stomach area has become little flat..but kg wise.. no change much.. just.. 1 kg less

    • weight loss can vary for lots of reasons. 1) health conditions, issues. 2) Did you take anything off plan? How many bananas on day 4? Any wheat products taken or extra sugar/oils? If you did vegetarian version did you have rice to substitute meat and if so did you have fat with the rice? Also you can gain muscle, weighs more than fat.

  40. I dint take anything off the plan till day 6. And I had small banana real small ones.. so had 8 in numbers with normal milk.. had brown rice with coconut oil.. though I feel good after diet. . I cant see any difference in weighing machine

    • You should feel good, you ate real foods. However 8 bananas, so so wrong. Sorry it can really affect you. You must have read that somewhere else, which makes me think you are reading another plan. I just can;t help, you and everyone else must realize those plans will not work right for most.

  41. But author I have been reading day to day plan from this very website.. can u pls send me a link where I can see the right plan u talking abt.. cuz I would like to try after 2 weeks. And did u mean me eating brown rice was wrong.. ? I had coconut oil with tomato to add fat.

  42. I said tat cuz u mentioned in the previous chat that I must have read that from some where else… I read everyday from the top corner link only… I didn’t ask for another site link.. u misunderstood…

  43. Anyways I will try this again after 2 weeks n see..

  44. I m an 18yr old.i weigh around 93kg nd height is 5’ is my first day of
    will I loose weight.i really want to nd I m walking 3 kms in the morning nd doing hoga…plz reply

  45. can i have one cup of tea in morning during this program…?

  46. Banana in other countires are large in size and if we take 4-5 those are enough but banans available in Pakistan are smaller size and do blv me I took 9 bananas in my diet and I lost 5.5 kg its hard to eat only 4?? as these are tinny in size but these are v sweat shall I take 4 or 5 this time to reduce more weight ??? but It will be hard :(:(:( hehehehe

  47. Thank you….today is my 2nd day of this program….i m 23 year old and my hight is 4.9 n weight is 53 kg…is this plan is ok for me?

  48. Thanks for reply my 4 day is far Today was my 2nd day and I hv chkd early morning my weight N I lost nothing after my last week diet I gained back 2 kg in the rest week and started my diet after one week and ate only melon, 8 glass water and one cup tea without sugar and one orange and wonder soup But nothng happned :(:(:( i m v upset even today passed I completley followed the diet as followed last time today I skipped tea to chk why my weight is not reducing but no affect tmrw. Last time I completed 10 glass water might b this was the reason? but I fel;t kidney pain in 4-5 and 6th day so U said i shall trey 6 glass but I completed 8 glass in last diet Now I took 8 glass i m helpless to find the mistake in my diet as I didnt ate anything extra or any suagr or anything else But no affect Can u pls advise me what s the reason ?

  49. Hi , I m v upset I did completed all 7 days w o any cheat and I didnt lose any single pound My weight 1st increased in rest week as 2 kg and then it was again reduced might 2 KG in this diet week. I started this diet on 72 I m not usre as my weight scale was showing a bit differnce in its needle so I think my weight ws 70 kg and it remains 70 KG :(:( I was assured this time I will lose at least 3-5 kg. I want to know the reason except diet as I was perfect in diet planning. I have only one issue that was conctipation in my free week ( almost 4 days) and when I start diet week again I had 5 days conctipation from 2nd day till 6th day N this is very horrible thing always increasing my weight and waist. 2nd thing I took medicine flagel Vibramycin almsot 5 days but not in diet week it was also in my free week. I know conctipation issue was bcz of medicine But can it affect on my diet plan ( I didnt eat it in my diet week I took earlier) Pls I want to know the reason. My will power is very very strong I m not taking any sweat and grain since 3 months and if I plan something I can do it untill I achieve my goal. I want to have yr adivse to start again my Diet plan after one week s rest. I took only 7 days off Again I will take 7 day off Is it ok for me Pls pls pls reply all my Questions I have to reduce my weight upto 60 KG . My height is 5.5 and N having no disease no issue except I pass lots of urine since my childhood. I m healthy and fit thanks To Allah.

    • Hello, sorry to hear that. Yes various things like what you have mentioned can hamper weight loss. But don’t stop eating healthy. So you don’t eat chapati? Do you drink fake/artificial sweeteners? What is a normal diet day like for you?

  50. hello,
    thanks for reply yes I dont eat Chappti My normal Diet is One glass Milk without sugar and one an Apple in the monring then I take any fruits or vegs or Lighter food in Lunch N 200 grams or 150 grams Meat, beaf chiken almost boiled Or some times ( rarely half chappti) Or if rice r cooked then One bowl rice I never eat artifical juices or pepsi or any other drink drink or Fast foods etc. Since last three months . One cup tea without sugar one time and one green tea one time its my daily diet. N I have added Fruits in my diet I try to take any fruit like I ate pomigrante yesterday so I blv I m taking healthy food since 3 months. Further I did 1-2 hrs daily walk inside home.

    • by first glance most would think how you eat is healthy. Problems: breakfast should be balanced, meat, veg and a little starch like in potato or rice. same with lunch and dinner. Drinking milk and having an apple is so very carby, high in sugar since milk has sugar naturally.You diet is very void of good fats. You need them and seems way to low calorie.

  51. Authro,

    Rerally an apple with no sugar one glass milk warm is it heavier ??? strange Any ways I will change it I m also using brown bread one or 2 pc simple w tea. I have checked calories in one apple and one glass and other calories which Im taking in one day I blv I m not taking less than 1000 calories per day ?

    • This is not about calories so to speak. White sugar is garbage in the body. Are you comparing a natural apple to bleached out processed sugar? Brown bread? There is nothing healthy about brown bread. You are not following this plan at all. So sorry.

  52. Hello , Can u pls guide me about good healthy daily routine diet I mean which we can take daily untill we start our next round and we can always take lighter but healthy foods in our life. I would be thankful to have that plan. I was in impression I never filled my stomach so I m taking less calories even I have calculted my daily calories. Pls refer the link for daily healthy foods as breakfast, lunch and dinner so that I can even reduce my wieght with normal diet plan. Thanks

  53. Always happy to help, start with post 8 here, and let me know if you have questions.

  54. Hi! I’m doing this diet and its my 4th day today. I have lost 5 pounds already and I’m hoping to shed another five by the end of this diet. However, i wanted to ask if i can have knorr soup like hot n sour etc instead of the soup mentioned in the plan as I simply can’t have that one. Kindly reply soon. Thanks!

  55. This is my fourth Day, Can i add some sugar in Milk & For tomorrow what i had with brown rice?(Dhal curry…?)
    i don’t like cheese & Curd.

    Please help me.

  56. This is my fifth Day, Can i have Gm wonder soup today?

  57. can i take yogurt with brown rice on day 5,6,7. ??????
    reply soon sir

  58. successfully completed my 4th GM Diet. Reduce 210lbs to 202.5lbs.

  59. Hi.can you please tell me what do you mean by brown rice? Is it what you cook with fry onions to make it brown or raw rice should b brown? Do we need to drink soup everyday and how many cups ? Is it ok to drink soup without veggies?
    Plz do reply. Thanks.

    • brown rice is a type of rice, you an use white, raw rice can be brown or white, up to you. drink or eat soup when you are hungry.

  60. Its my 4 day…and i only loose 2.4 kg ………:(

  61. And today i gain 1 kg bcoz of bananas…. I only eat 3 banana …:(

  62. No …no oil…even no potoas ….i only eat salad….

  63. Help me

  64. i ate 1 bowl low fat double toned raita in d evening of my 3rd day… will it increase my weight?
    also wat diet should i take once i compelete gm diet plan, to remain slim?
    i m 19 years old. height 5.3.
    i weigh 60 kgs

    • We can work on after when you are done. But you have to cut processed foods, etc. Yes, eating off the diet can hurt you.

  65. Hey ,can i use sprouts instead of rice for 5,6,7 day….is it fine
    Plz tell me..

  66. Ok i have to eat rice with dal for 3 days ryt ok..
    M start g from tomrrow ,m very excited.

    Also plz tell me for 4th day how many banana and milk i required
    5th day rice and 6 tomato . 6th day rice and vegetables. 7th day rice fruits and veggie ..
    M i ryt.

  67. 4 banana and 2 glass milk ryt.
    Can i have green teA every day.
    Also,i can eat any rice or only brown rice,(rice with dal)fine na….

  68. Okay thankz a ton..
    Tell me can i have soup all 7 days any time..soup made of ( tomato,onion,and cabbage ,salt and pepper)is dat soup fine for all days..
    Also 2nd day can i have loki juice…

  69. no on juice, yes on soup and you can have other spices, peppers, etc

  70. DiZ soup is fine naa….Okay thankzz…tmrw m startng gm diet sounds really good…

  71. Bcz in diet plan there was not mention any soup to have all 7 days…dats why i asked ….dat can we have soup everyday…

  72. Hello author,i am going to start gm diet from tomorrow.
    Before starting i want to know from 4th day to 7th day diet chart what to it as m vegetarian .so please tell me here .i saw the diet plan but still m confused so author you tell me ..
    We have vegggiee soup everyday at any time..or is there any time for that.
    I wanna loose weight for my sister tell me…

  73. we can eat any time in diet plan given time to time breKfast lunch ii can eat any time or accor to time.

  74. Hello author i waannaaa ask dat today was 3th day of gm diet i follwed.things is that 8 ‘o clock today i had rice and can i continue to this gm diet.or i have to start again …plz tell meee

  75. Sure naa…or i should start it again from tomorrow aur day after tomorrw again gm diet..wat u say

  76. M continuing it.
    I loose 3 kgs .today 4th day going on…

  77. my current weight is 78kg and height is 5.3ft. I desperately want to reduce my 20kgs. Till next month as i wanted to attend wedding of my bro. Can i acheive it?? Does it require workout too?? Pl reply its very imp for me

  78. plz help me…i really need ur advice

    • OK. people have lost lots of weight on this plan in a short period of time. However, no diet can guarantee that much weight in that short of a period of time. 1) You must follow the plan perfectly! 2) you must come out of the diet eating perfectly. No wheat, no processed foods, balanced meals with a protein are a must and good fats. No sugared drinks, no msg, no sugar in your milk, REAL FOODS! It’s the only way

  79. Author temme after completing this diet plan…
    2 week break required ..
    Tell me after 7th day completing what we have to eat..
    I dnt wanna increase my weight ..plz tell me wat to eat at breal fast,lunch ,dinner nd all,

  80. Yaa author i read that.but u tell me wat to i am vegetarian ,so tell me aftr completng thia diet plan wat to wat to eat…breakfast
    Plz tell me

  81. Not big on soy, so bad. You need balanced meals. So a protein with each meal, legumes, etc. White rice is great, so much better for you than brown. You need good fats, olive oil, coconut oil ghee, etc. Lots of veg, and some fruit is great. be very careful with too many nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Do not over snack and stay away from processed foods. You need to thing nutrient dense FOOD! πŸ™‚

  82. Means i cn acheive my target weight by loosing 15 kg in 1month.. I l start this diet frm tomorrow with d hope i cn reduce 15 kg,

  83. Breakfast -sprouts
    Lunch- 2 chappati,vegetable,dal salad
    Dinner-dal or soup

    Is dat fine after diet plan

    • seems a little bare, plus The chappati is just empty dead calories (weight gain). you have to get off of bread, sorry. Don’t be afraid to eat. You cannot go low carb/low calorie

    • hey how much u lost weight after doing this diet?

  84. Can I have green tea all 7days

  85. Tell me what to wat at breakfast,lunch,dinner plz systematically tell me..

  86. today is my first day…

    i totally agreed with u dat no diet assure dat much weight loss.. But i hv 1 n half month so dat i cn do this diet atleast 4 times strictly as u said….. So will it help me to reduce 15kg to 20kg? If no den approx how much i cn loose with help of this diet??

  87. Author, I don’t like milk and I don’t like bananas what can I have in its place. Can i just have the soup that day? Please let me know.

  88. Today is my 2nd day can I have corn along with vegetables

  89. hey bhavna,,
    How much weight u reduced by this diet plan?

  90. Hii isha i lost 5 kg

  91. Hi isha do diz diet plan okay..2 times in 1 month..
    Do 20 times suryanamaskar every day any time ,believe me itz very effective ,bcz u have just 1.5 month do suryanamaskar 20 times and 20 min walk brisk walk..beleive me u will see the best result.i do yoga just do dat.
    With diet we need excercise too just do dat…

  92. hi bhavna,
    thanks alot for information.. Act i was really needed it. Cz i hv very less time. I ll def do it. Thanks alot. Have u suffer any weakness cz of diet?

  93. Yaaa first day little bit…even i m addicted to tea so used to drnk tea every day…
    Just do dat…yoga and walk is very effective…do dat..

  94. Yaaa author i agree with riddhima.
    My ques is also same.plz tell here only.
    Even i dntw ant any link…

  95. yes bhavna, i ll do it. Even m also very addicted to tea. N its very tough for me to avoid tea or take it without suger. Today i did 12 surynamskar. Cz i dnt hv habit. I ll increase day by day. Baas having prob of tea… Bt ll try to avoid it too…

  96. Hey isha i take tea with sugar only.u can also take but less sugar.for me not possible widout sugar.u also take suagar but less,do walk and suryanamaskar…
    Do dat…

    • Actually Isha you CANNOT take any sugar, and if you do it will cause issues down the road. Do it at your own risk. If you like sugar tea, best to switch to Stevia at least.

  97. Thanks Bhavna,,
    U again solved ma second prob also. I ll restart frm tomorrow with walk n surynamskar. Thank u again N ll update my weight loss…

  98. Author plz tell me wat to eat at night

    • First, never suggest folks take sugar in their tea. it is beyond bad for weight.

      I need to know first, what kind of vegetarian are you? Do you eat eggs or cheese?

  99. I dnt eat egg.yaa cheese ok

    • 1) Cut processed foods, sugar and such. 2) Wheat is so beyond bad. Unfortunately you have to cut it. Your meals should have a protein, some good fat and good carbs.

      So maybe have dhal, however you may need more protein, more than likely so add some curd/cheese. Legume dishes are a good way to go. Sprout dishes are also good. You can have curds and white rice. They key here is watch snacking and drinking sugar drinks. If you are going to have a cup of tea best after you eat so you have fats and protein to balance out the sugar so to speak. Each dish, not matter what you have some good veg and you need carbs like potato, squashes, plantains, white rice, etc. This is key. Do not go low carb. Only eat good oils like olive or coconut. You need fat with each meal, just never over do it. SO for example, if you have curds, you don’t need extra oil really unless you need some to sautee veg. Also, if you have no fat in the dish, use up to 1 tablespoon of oil in it. Never overdo protein, convert to sugar too much will. Protein, you should need as a man 30 grams a dish, women a little less. If you snack, try and balance it with a little protein!!

  100. Ok so breakfast i can have sprouts ,poha,idli all thing ryt
    Lunch- no chappati,i can have dal boiled veg ryt
    But for dinner tell me
    Also u sayng i need fat and protien food ryt .
    Tell me protien food.even rice increase wheat.

    • idli is semolina, semolina is wheat. I am not saying it’s easy to cut wheat. People here would have a fit. However it can be done, I don;t miss it at all, and I do not even get rice. Proteins would be cheese, curds and legumes. Fats would be the cheese or curd or good oils like olive or coconut oil. Increase the rice if you like. Especially white rice, it’s really just a good starch, brown rice, although people think it’s healthier is not. Dinner? Have some sort or bean/legume dish. Or curds and rice possibly. eats lots of veg in the dishes. Oh yah, good carbs would be fruit, say 2 servings a day. However try and have it after a meal instead of on it’s own.

  101. U mean i have to stop eating at lunch and dinner sen wat i have eat tell me some name

  102. Okay….i will stop eating wheat.also tell me every day earing rice in lunch will not increase weight.
    Also tell me legumes dishes such as????
    I have to eat rice everyday is it at at night i will follow dal nd fruits..

    • rice at lunch with fat, protein and veg is balanced… WHole natural foods are not the issue. legume dishes? up to you, I make lots of soups and hashes…

  103. By eating everyday rice my weight will not increase na…i m not eating wheat.
    Brkfast- i had sprouts
    Lunch- dal rice
    Dinner- dal
    Is dat fine naaa…or wat to have

    • I did not say eat rice every meal, you need diversity, have plantains for good carbs/starch, fruit, etc. BALANCE!!!!

  104. bhavna,
    i asked u abt weakness cz i hv my exams in 2month. Can i do diet in dat situation means u hv to study full time also… So ll it be affect on my study??

  105. @ Bhavana
    actually m asking all this to u cz u hv personally experiance this diet with success… So m taking ur guidence…

  106. Yaa ishaa u can …first day u will feel weakness bas rest u will not dear…
    U started diet plan??

  107. Bhavna,
    act i started before 3days… Bt my frnd said u cnt study till ur last day… So i left.. Dats y i asked u will i able to study in diet period…?? N ur ans is positive so m starting frm tomorrow… I even brought all fruits, veggies for it… I hope it wont affect me on my study.. Bt as u told i hv started 20min brisk walk n 20suryanamskar for d day onward only… I hope i ll loose atleast 15kgs in 1n half month…

  108. Do one thing focus on ur studies…
    Do diet aftr ur exam..but haa do walk nd suryanamaskar for sure ok…
    U will loose weight by this also…

  109. Isha i will suggest u sum thng but how …not here yaar

  110. Hello author i waanaa ask that when i did this diet plan i lost 5 kg..
    But aftr eating again m gaining my weight..why..

  111. author,
    i wanna ask u.. Today is my first day… I have ate lot of fruits like melon n pomgranate. N i aslo ate some cumcumbers. I ate them so much to full cz if hunger stikes i ll end up with eaching something outside diet.. So ma que is… Is it ok to eat that much fruits, veggies and soup alot?? i did it because i dont wanna feel hungry n leave diet…

    • yes, however best to eat the soup as much as you want, that’s the point of it really to help with hunger. It will not affect the diet if you eat a few bowls, in fact it seems to help folks lose better weight.

  112. Hey Author,

    This is my 3rd tym of being on gm diet and the results are pretty good. I still have one doubt, taking banana n milk on 4 day, will that not again increase the weight what we have lost in early 3 days. As, banana and milk is recommended to gain weight. Please confirm.

    • Well I can tell you processed foods, sugar, fake sweeteners, and bad oils cause weight gain. It’s all a part of the bigger plan here and you will be OK. most do amazing on this diet, except the one that east 8 plus bananas. Keep going πŸ™‚

  113. One more thing pls. I will take 5 bananas in form of milk shake. How much sugar has to be added to avoid inc weight? Can i use sugarfree in my shake. Pls advise.

    • Well on day 4 we say 4 bananas all day, not 5. And why would you want sugar in it? Bananas are so sweet. You can use stevia here and there. Sorry, other fake sweeteners are toxic and cause weight gain funny enough.

  114. Dear Author, have my CAPF medical exam. and got overweight by 7kg. Remedical will be arround in 30days. Already 2days with GM diet plan. I take 2 Chapati at Day and 1in Night along with GM diet plan food.. Now I feel I should stop taking Cahpati.. Question 1) Is it good to add anything with GM diet.. 2) not much variety of Veggi and Fruits in our village, so can I suppliment that with rice(a little) or any other advise form you in my case.

    • 1)No, especially read/chapati. This is wheat FREE! Chapati is doing nothing for your health only hurting you.
      2) No rice supplement for veg, they are not the same at all.

  115. Thanks Author.. One more question. Can I add atta to my veg soup to give some thikness, and is it veg knoor soup be used?

    • No, so sorry, atta is just wheat, and unless from a super ancient grain that has not been genetically modified it is really bad for you.

  116. I tried to do GM diet after one and half days I lost my stamina… No strength even after having my lunch. And on third day I was sleeping the first half….

    • when you cut processed foods you will feel roughed up a few days, but most end up with tons of energy. Also make sure you eat enough, have the soup, eat salt on your meals, etc

  117. Can i have black coffee during gm diet? And boiled plantains on day 4? Also, I want to ask if I can cook the veggies with fish etc but will not eat it… just for flavors? Thanks

    • I am not a fan of coffee, up to you, no sweetener though unless it’s a little stevia. Plantains are fine day 4. uh, huh, maybe too much oil from the fish, better not.

  118. Is there a limit on how much ripe mangoes can i take on day 1? And is avocado ok?

    • don’t go too many, say 4. no avocado, loads of fat, good fat though is great just not during the 7 day plan, afterwards go for it.

  119. Oh no i just had avocado this morning and im on my first day… should i restart?

  120. I lost half a kilo… regardless of the avocado and the amount of mangoes I took yesterday

  121. By the way our bananas here are like 4 inches long? How much do I take?

  122. I m on 5th day!!
    Can i continue with the plan after 7th day or i should stop and take a break??

  123. Can i have lemon water with a honey? Im on my 3rd day

  124. What about the lemon maple syrup and cayenne pepper master cleanse? Is it bad for health?

    • That’s a specific cleanse, so when you cleanse yes, but that cleanse is not meant to be a daily thing. Sorry. You can take lemon water daily, even some cayenne pills but you don’t want maple syrup every single day.

  125. May i know a alternative for beef on 5th and 6thday, can i take chicken on behalf of tat?
    Also could you please let me know the substitutes for tomatoes?

    • chicken is great, make sure you do some dark meat as well. tomato? uh, eggplant, zucchini, squash, something like that, just do you best

  126. hi
    just second day feeling good, 1st day was dificult. just cheated myself with may be 20 grms of namkeen(mixture)
    but went for three km walking.
    i am 103 kg very determine to loose weight..can I take small bit of roasted namkeen this will
    keep me moving. if i loose 5 kg can i again go for it..i am 65 years old but physically strong.
    jagdish sharma

    • Hang in there πŸ™‚
      Keep in mind a cheat cannot be replaced by exercise, it just does not work that way like is shown on TV.

  127. Hi M on my 2nd day!!
    Have taken green tea flavored with honey and lime is it oki?

  128. Didnt lose weight on my first day… i just had plain black coffee… no sugar… watermelons… coconut….pineapple and mango smoothie yesterday… so disappointed πŸ™

  129. ok
    today is 5th cheat definitely can’t be replaced with walking understood.
    pl. suggest any form of namkeen for my next plan.

    • namkeen, salty snacks, sorry no on this plan. Cannot imagine these are healthy for you. what are you used to eating?

  130. Can mung bean soup be taken on day 2

  131. Ive read in the previous comments we cant have coconut avocado what fruits and veggies are anot allowed? Tnx

  132. HI author,
    I have read in the previous comments that i can skip beef and instand of that i can have chicken or can i use oil to cook that? if so which oil.? and can i have chichen or fish along with white rice?

    and plz let me know how many min i have to exercise(walking) during the GM diet.

    And as i dont like soups can i skip it ?

    • you can. you can a little yes. olive, coconut or palm oil. maybe ghee. never use veggie oils, canola, sunflower, etc. no rice with the meat meals unless it says. you can skip the soup. Exercise is up to each person, so up to you really. I recommend HIT training.

  133. hello author,
    is it compulsory to giv 2 weeks break between each gm diet plan?? plz let me know after successfull completion of 1st week of GM diet plan can i give 2 to 3 days of break and start again the 2nd gm plan for best.??

    • it really is. but during that time, follow a plan similar to day 6, balanced meals, you need a protein, a starch, good carbs, veg, couple of fruit servings day etc.

  134. hello author,
    thanx for the reply.

  135. Im.on day 4 havent lost any weight….i followed the plan strictly

  136. can i have normal tea(not green tea or black tea !) once everyday during gm diet ?

    • normal as in orange pekoe? no, never, it does not count as water it is not an herbal tea. No health benefits at all.

  137. hello author, can we eat onions and tomatoes everyday ??

  138. so tomato is not to be eaten on which day?
    and is it true that we cant eat fruit on 5th 6th and 7th day ?

    • When you read each day it will tell ya πŸ˜‰
      You can have fruit when we say have fruit, please read each day carefully, takes a few minutes.

  139. I think the disclaimer completely contravenes what you have published on the site-

    Disclaimer – The material on this site is intended to be of general informational use only and does not constitute recommended diets, dieting programs, treatment for weight loss or medical advice. Always consult with a licensed dietician and a doctor before embarking on any dieting program.

    • We are happy to help with this diet and offer suggestions as do thousands of other sites out there. Keep in mind though many throw up a diet and offer zero help. People should always consult a doctor or dietitian if they prefer. You know was well as I do many cannot afford or are just here looking to lose weight and know this. We offer basic suggestions, and if you read our comments for example we say eat, pure whole nutrient dense foods. When people ask medical questions like can I do this diet after giving birth we say talk to your doctor.

  140. hello author,
    can we have any of these rice,cheppati,sugar,oil food on the day before i start the gm diet.or is there any restriction even on that day?

    • no, to me best to start it off healthier, maybe even a 3 day prep eating good balanced meals with good protein, good fat, some veg, fruit and good carbs like potato, rice, etc.

  141. Hi author,

    I am currently doing this diet and I am on day 4th, On 2nd day i took sweet corns , should I start again?

    • no keep going, corn is not the best choice, technically a grain, and so over done, genetically modified and void of any good nutrition. Keep going though πŸ™‚

  142. Hi friend…im on 3rd day of GM diet.. i want to make clear that.. on the 5th day we are adding veg soup… can we add the desire amount of salt in it ???

  143. thanks alot friend..

  144. I have been following this diet strictly since April 2014 and till now I have lost 15 kgs but off late I have experienced lots of hair loss. My hair have become very weak and it breaks off easily too. I drink more than 15 glass of lemon flavored water every day to keep myself hydrated. Please advise.

    • You may need to see a doc. Why are you following this plan so much? You can only follow it once a month. It is not meant to be followed consecutively. Please let me know? It is a 7 day plan, not 30 days. You may be drinking too much water, too much water flushes all of the good minerals from your body.

  145. Iam 37 years oldI have hypertension, Tyrod and arthritis since 12 years I can do this diet

  146. i author next month am undergoing my sis weeding… need to seriously weight lose… am 5.1 and am 60… shall i do this for 2 weeks???????? plz do reply fast

  147. I am on second day of this diet pl As per the plan Fifth n sixth day include beef. Can I replace it with chicken or any other substitute?

  148. Hi!!!!!!! Iam 29 years old ….. I have diabetes and take the medicines… (diamicron 30mg and 3 times glucophage)… should I follow this diet without taking the medicines???? I actually have started the diet and today is my fourth day… since yesterday I just started feeling abnormal…. I checked today and my sugar was high…. for your info,, I have followed the diet ditto…. and today even I have jst taken 2 bananas with skimmed milk and soup….. then why my sugar is high???? is it because this deit is not for me or does improper sleep and stress is the factor ??? If this diet cannot work for me than shud I stop it or shud I take the medicines with it???? please reply me asap… Im very dipressed……….

    • Hello
      WOW, hang in there. First, based on what your doc says, should you be doing this diet? Meaning it seems to me, opinion here, not every day is suitable for someone in your position. I mean on the forum, someone did it with diabetes, lost lots of weight and now follows a balanced plan sugar and gluten free. Then reported their diabetes meds went down a ton. We have balanced eating plans here, top 2 posts, but you have to make sure your doc is OK with these per your condition.

  149. Basically . my question is that even I have started using the diet without asking the doctor…. should I take my medicines or continue it without the medicines????

    • I would never tell anyone to stop meds, only a doc can do that, You can take meds and be on this program assuming the foods in this program are OK with your doc and are not an issue with the meds.

  150. Thanks tons……… I have realised that I should not have left the medicines without prescription….. πŸ™ :(….. better luck next time…..

  151. I am starting this diet with my parents my dad is diabetic, and I am little cautious for him. Do you suggest any do’s and don’t s for him. Also doctor has prescribed him to have 5 soaked almonds with black pepper, which I don’t want him to stop. Rest if the diet is not clubbed with excersise will the effect be very minimal. Awaiting for your quick response because we are starting from today.

    Many thanks

    • balance to me is the key. I posted a plan or 2 in the forum, in the after 7th day forum. Also here are some notes from someone who had diabetes and did it. Never stop what you doctor says. He will just have to do those on the diet. You just need to look at this plan and does it line up with what he can have or the doc says.

  152. Hey author. . .
    Please let me know…can I eat guava and corn on 1 St day. . .nd wat kind of veg on 2 nd day

  153. Can I have beetroot and carrot

  154. Hey author. . .
    Let me know 5 th day schedule for vegetarians. . .
    Is tat 1 cup of brown ryc for whole day . . .nd can we make tomato curry using lil oil and spices . . .nd wat abt soup can we have it

  155. Hey is tat ok if I have white ryc instead of brown ryc. . .

  156. Sorry author . . .I didn’t get you can I have or not

  157. hi … i followed the gm diet plan and after some days i had a problem of hairfall so want can i do to overcome this drawback while following this gm diet

    • Hello
      for hair to fall out so fast on a nutrient dense diet like this with good oil in the soup also, you must be dealing with underlying health issues like possibly a thyroid issue. Please seek a good doctor and get tested. Stop dieting also and eat nutrient dense good foods, balanced with good fats and protein with good carbs. Clearly your body is struggling and the diet is not the issue.

  158. I am 10 Lbs lighter at the beginning of 5th day. Works like charm. Changed my life.

  159. Hi,
    My brother had introduced this diet to me. And I feel good tht he did. I love fruits nd veges. My weight on the first day was 73.4kgs nd on 5day it was 70.8kgs. We have festival time here in India,but still I did eat only sprouts,cumcumber,tomatoes,twice on day 5, one fourth rice (not brown) with spinach bhaji cooked in a tsp of olive oil,a cup of curd and 15glasses of water ,had a small Prasad (food tht u give to people after praying to God) ,and my weight today is 71.1kgs. Wht do u think I did wrong. Or this happens.
    Can I continue this diet as I need to reach 60kgs after 2-3days gap. Or pls let me know how shld I do this diet.
    Awaiting a reply.

    • Well, those foods are not allowed and will really mess with the diet. I understand you have religious connections/beliefs ad did what you had to do, however the foods you listed are not allowed those 7 days. Either stop and start in a week or so or finish and wait at least 2 weeks to begin again. We do give a great plan here, the top 2 posts if you need a great loss diet in between.


  160. Hi
    What can replace papaya and milk ? I don’t like eating them. Also if we can eat soup every day what are the best components.Another thing is this suitable for children younger than 14? Thanks

    • As a parent I would first have my child make a lifestyle change before a diet. Butt hat is up to a parent. Look at this plan and see what would be wrong if a 13 year old did it. Papaya, just pick another fruit. Milk, do almond or a lite coconut milk.

    • Hello, sorry missed the soup portion. Calorie/carb less veg. These veg can be eaten as much as possible and will not affect the diet. Cabbage, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, a few green beans, you do get a little tomato, some onion, etc. Don’t use winter squashes, etc.

  161. Please reply to the previous question regarding the components of soup..Thanks

  162. Hi I had avocado at my first day is that wrong? and I skipped potato at the second day

    • Then sorry to say you are not following this plan at all. No avocado (they are very good for you after this diet) and that potato was a key food with the butter/fat. You may want to start over and read each day carefully and follow.

  163. hi i started gm diet today.
    please suggest me the replacement of milk ,i dint like it.
    and how much paneer i can eat in day5 6 7
    can i eat 1 chapati instead of brown rice
    can i eat black eye peas instead of red kidney beans
    please give me any other suggestions.
    thanks anjali

    • Almond milk works. No wheat, no chapati, it’s not the same. Unless you want to ruin the program then eat bread. White rice is fine though. You can have beans as a meat replacement with some good fat added like ghee. Paneer? A bowl of it or so.

  164. oh this is an unbeliavable diet I had my diet compleyed well and lost 11kgs it real works,now I have lost all that craving I used to have before and Im now very aware of my intake everyday. In addition my west line reduced too
    feel more energetic than before.
    thank you GM for this wonderfully life prolong diet

  165. Hi..m startng the
    gm diet frm tomorrow n m very excited at present m 79 kgs n wat to loose 20 kgs in 3 months….so i wated to know how often sholud i repeat this diet

    • best to wait at least 2 weeks in between plans, we do have a plan in the forum for in between. In the after 7 days section, top 2 posts. Good luck πŸ™‚

  166. Hi Can I do GM diet during my periods?? please help answer soon.

    • you can, however with hormones they can throw the weight loss off and it may not be as good. Best to wait until you are done a day or so after then do it if you can πŸ™‚

  167. I lost only 1 kg in first three days even I have followed the diet perfectly
    I don’t knw y is it so
    D only thing I changed in d diet plan is dat I had tomato soup on the 3rd day
    Is dis d reason i didn’t lose d weight
    Kindly lemme know
    how can I lose more weight

    • not necessarily on the soup. Although, what was in the soup? I assume it was not just tomato. What did you eat day 2? What time of the day do you weigh yourself?

      • The soup was of tomato n cabbage
        n on the day 2 I had 1 boiled potato in d breakfast den in d lunch I had mix boiled vegetable n in d evening i had cucumber n tomatoes
        N I weigh during morning

  168. Thnkuuuu
    n plzzzzz lemme know what shud I hav tomorrow day 6

    • Same on the proteins. However you get a snack that day. Basically mix in some veg, grill then etc and eat with your meals. No tubers, potato, etc though.

  169. I have plannd to hav
    Sprouts in breakfast
    Vegetable pulao (white rice)with less oil in lunch
    Paneer in evening snacks & again sprouts in dinner
    Is everything correct or I need to change anything

  170. What kind of snacks can I hav
    n m not loosing the weight fastlyI think s m following d diet perfectly
    on d very first day my wgh8 was 70.2 on d second day it was 69 .2
    N till yesterday it was 68.9 n today its 68.35
    I hav to losse fast s oder people r loosing soo fast wid d same diet even wid cheating den y m not been able to loose
    Plzzzz hlp

  171. In d morning in d gym

  172. Plzzzz hlp
    I hav planned for my day 7
    Orange n pomegranate juice in breakfast n later on papaya
    Raisens lil bit in noon snacks
    Pulao (white rice) with less oil in lunch
    Strawberry in evening n spinach in dinner with rice
    Is everything alright

    • No it is not.

      No juice for breakfast. have rice, some veg and a little fruit.
      Lunch fine, but you need veg
      Dinner fine πŸ™‚

  173. Plzzzzz hlp
    my weight is not reduces even a single gm from yesterday

    • what time of the day do you weigh yourself?

    • Plzzzzz tell me y m not been able to loose my weight evn m following d diet wid complete dedication
      M exercise very hard is diz d reason i havnt lost yet my weight
      Bt itz actually not so hard
      I used to do aerobics , trade mill, side exercise
      n even I take hot water to drink s well still m not loosing itz my 7th day n untill yet I reduced only 2 kgs

  174. I weigh during morning

    • Just to clarify you have to weigh right when you wake up, after going to the bathroom before you eat or drink anything. That is vital to knowing your true weight.

  175. That how I weigh exactly

  176. Plzzzz tell what exactly I can hav today ( 7th day )

  177. Can i continue this diet during menstruation cycle?.. Please reply..

  178. can i follow it during my periods,,,

  179. Hi,
    I have a doubt.. can i continue this GM diet without any gap for 1month?? will that have any side effects? Can i have green tea when i follow this diet?

  180. Hello there!!
    I am 22 yrs old, 221lbs and stand 5.6ft tall. Is it possible to lose atleast 5kg per week in this diet?

    Also tell me, is soup a compusion?

  181. Hello..

    Thanks for the reply..

    During my second day is it good to have boiled green peas?

    also what about the salt content?
    can we add salt to veggies while cooking??

    Awaiting reply!

    • No peas.
      Salt is fine as you prefer… too much salt can cause some temporary water weight gain, but it’s not real weight gain. add salt as you like and spices/pepper as well.

  182. I didnt know about peas.. πŸ™
    so i had a small cup of peas and sprouts!

    Is that okay?

    • Not really but at the same time you will be fine, keep rolling. When you say sprouts, do you mean the long green kind or are you talking beans with a tiny sprout out of the end?

  183. Green grams with tiny white sprouts at the end!

    • Yah, these cannot be eaten unless they are as a meat replacement, These are technically still beans, just sprouted So basically they are healthier beans because they are sprouted.

  184. So basically i have wrecked up my entire day 2??? πŸ™

    • Well legumes/beans are high in carbs and have protein, so they are not like at all a normal veg. Sprouts here are pure green sprouts and are a veg. However I am a foodie, I would sprout my beans before eating, they are so healthy.

      Keep rolling though πŸ™‚

  185. Can I eat eddoe or sweetpotato on vegetable day?

  186. Hi author
    Can I continue gm diet without any gap?
    Reply asap.

  187. I have to loose 15 kg in a month. may I continue this diet plan for whole month

  188. I am on 3rd day… I had 1 cup of coffee every morning… Ll it effect diet plan ?i ll not have any weight loss becoz of that ?

    • Do you sweeten it? If so yes. If not, then not sure, I am not big on coffee for many reason, however you should be OK with black coffee.

  189. Can i have fruits on day 5,6,7 instead of vegetables ?

  190. Still i don’t see any weight loss …:(

  191. I am GM diet starting today πŸ™‚

    can i have grean tea in between?? reply fast…

  192. can i add chicken stock in soup ?

  193. hi, i was just wandering, when i finished the diet i lost a good 3.5kgs, so im gonna wait another few weeks before i do it, but will i still lose the same sort of weight?

    • Hello, as you lose weight, your losses each time you do any diet will reduce at some point. So it can vary. It depends on your total weight currently.

  194. i used stock i m on 2nd day shall i contiune plan or shall i quite the diet plan and restrt it ?

  195. ok thanx auther but i didnot loss any weight till now

    • Yah, like I said bone soup is awesome. But the point of that soup is that it has little fat and is very base nutritionally, it’s high in fiber and has little to no carbs. If you were eating lots of it, start over.

  196. Can v do dis plan during our menstrual cycle? If yes how vl i loose weight as told in the plan ?

  197. Hi,
    i am following the diet and i am on day 2. I have a mild headache from morning. also i had a cup of boiled pea as i did not know that it is not allowed. also can i have cold coffee on day 4 without sugar? i hate plain milk.

    awaiting reply

    • Peas, a few are OK technically. The issue with peas are that they are nutritionally different than most veg, and people only tend to eat corn, peas and carrots. yes on coffee. you can do almond milk or a lite coconut milk.

  198. Do i have to repeat my diet if on day 3 i cheated by eating a small piece of escalope (fried chicken) although day 1 and day 2 i followed it strictly and now im in day 4 . Will i lose weight ori have to repeat

    • Up to you, if it had breading/wheat, you will struggle likely.

      • Yes it has , what do you mean by struggle ? Do i have to repeat it ? And thank u for answering

        • Well wheat is beyond bad for you and causes weight gain to just name 1 issue.

          Struggles means that these foods first have triggers that can cause the body to stop in weight loss and detox. What may seem like a small cheat can actually throw you off for a day to several. Hang in there πŸ™‚

          • Oh my god i am now in my fifth day and i really want to lose weight ? What do you suggest i should do ? I struggles these five days for nothing ,

            • I suggest taking a 2 or 3 day break, eat good foods, go gluten and sugar free at least then start over,

  199. I have completed 6th day today and lost 4.0 kgs , I want to continue this diet plan for next two or three weeks , does this pose any health side effects , while i will remain taking proper proteins ,minerals and 4-liters daily water intake

    • nice loss.
      well doing the diet means no protein for first 4 days really. some will do it back to back once. No more than that, I would wait 2 weeks after second round.

  200. I am on my 4 day of my GM diet and I got menstrual cycle. Should continue my diet or not

  201. Hi,
    Is this diet suitable for diabetic patients ?

    Please advice

  202. Hi, i am using cholestrol tablets and aspirin from last 2 weeks and today is my 1st day of GM diet. Is the medicine affect the diet? Can i reduse my weight?

  203. I have high cholestrol level (total Cholestrol 10.3mmol/L and LDL 7.2mmol/L.). My hight is 180 Cm and weight is 104.5kg.
    It is my second day of GM diet and i check my weight today evening and reduse 1kg

    • Well you cannot weigh in the evening, it mus be first thing on the morning, right when you wake after going potty, before you eat or drink a thing. So that to get your true weight.

  204. Hi,
    Yesturday was my 7th day of GM diet. Today evening i check my weight and 96.6kg ( it was 104.5kg) thank you GM diet…… After one week i will repeat the diet again. my target is 80 kg.

  205. can i continue next week of gm diet or should i have to take a break and eat a normal food….please help me…i will wait for your reply

  206. i took a cup of tea in the morning with little milk and sugar and little dal say 4 to five spoons for salt will it harm

  207. Hi, I started the gm diet plan from today itself so just wanted to know….is there any side effects of Following this…

  208. Hi can I have a cup of tea daily…reply soon

  209. Can I have salmon on day 5 instead of beef ..
    Also I don’t follow timings but I follow the diet strictly .
    Today on day 4and am feeling quiet acidic .yet hungry
    Have had 3bananas and 2 glasses of coffee and and 1 banana shake

  210. Hey hi,

    I have completed my first day
    i ate 4-5 stawberries,grapes,2 chiku,1 orange , 1 apple, 1 coconut water,one glass hot water with lime juice.

    Now i have started with my day 2
    ate boiled potato with bit butter and salt in it.

    Please advise m i overeating, should i reduce my intake.

    I am drinking lot of water though.

  211. I have tried to follow this diet twice earlier, but always somehow i fail to continue on 5th day. First time i did, After first 4 days i lost 3kgs. But after 1 month i gained back 2 kgs. Its my fault as i didnt maitained any diet and went back to all junk and everything.

    Though again i started from today. Wish me luck. This time i really want to complete this diet. Current weight is 63kgs.

  212. Hi ,

    I am on my 2nd day now…Is it mandatory to take soups on 5th and 6th day…can i take it as raw vegetables and sprouts…Plz do suggest me

    • You do not have to have soups. Sprouts? What kind? Are you talking beans with a tiny sprout? If so those are your legume. Or do you mean long green sprouts?

  213. Hi,

    today I m on my third day…I mean chana dal as sprouts.Can i take it?

    And one more thing πŸ™ i checked my weight today,I gained one kg.
    Should i continue or stop it and i feel depressed

  214. first week i lost 4kg week started today is forth day but i cant loose 1kg whyyyyyyy

  215. I am planning to have tomato soup tomorrow.Is that okay.Can i have anything else if i feel hungry
    ?if so wat should i eat???

    Please suggest me if i can take vegetables instead of soup for sixth day ..

    And also where can i get the exact menu for sixth and sventh day..bcos different sites post different things.

    • What’s in the soup? vegetables are fine day 6 instead of soup. Sorry? You are reading other plans? We posted the meal plan day 6 and 7 on, if you need answers to the other plans ask that site. Likely nobody will answer, those are fake plans with ZERO support. No wonder you struggle here,m you are likely not even following our plan.

      • I took vegetables on third day but dominantly i took fruits….

        I m now on fifth day and i m drinking tomato soup today..and in that sopu i added garlic and curry leaves a little and a teaspoon of oil πŸ™

        Is it bad??I checked out for sixth and seventh day and I wil follow it for sure

        • you cannot take dominant fruits day 3.
          what protein did you have day 3? The oil, garlic, etc is fine in the soup

          • And finally I completed my seven day plan yesterday…I lost 3.5kgs totally..Thank yu for ur guidance

            Now I would like to restart.What is right time to restart??What food should i be eating in the time between to maintain my weight

            But my body is become too hot..Is there any remedy to reduce it???

            Next tym i ll follow more strictly..My doubt is all say second tym we dont reduce as much weight as we did for first tym ..Is tat so..?????

  216. sir plz answer….

  217. My 72 year old mother is on the GM Diet for the first time and just told me she’s still taking her fiber at night (Konsyl with water). Is this ok during the diet or should she discontinue it for the week she’s on the diet? She thinks she will be constipated if she doesn’t take it.

  218. three days gap

  219. u means after 2 weeks i can stop…now i m 70kg .. i want 65 kg ..tell me wat can i do????? can i start after 1 month?

    • you can do the 7 day plan, then wait 2 weeks then do it again. In between that time make some lifestyle changes. Go gluten and sugar free. Cut processed foods, eat pure foods, no foods with chemicals, fillers, etc.

  220. Hello sir/mam
    I have started my gm diet from today.had watermelon and then had two servings of grapes till 4pm.I am feeling a bit acidic and nauseating can I have a bit of salt in the soup so that I don’t feel much craving for food.and can this diet be broken at any point in 7days.please suggest and help
    Thank u

  221. Hi! I am an 18 year old girl in high school and I am starting this diet tomorrow.
    I exercise 3 times a week at school and most of the time 3 times a week at the gym. Should I still be exercising this much while being on the diet? Will I have less energy in fitness class at school? And will this diet make me less energetic and focused at school?

    And would you recommend weight lifting or cardio?

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Hello πŸ™‚

      the first 4 days be very careful, you are on more of a detox plan. Also no protein means do not tear down muscle or you could cause problems. You need the protein to rebuild after a workout. So be very light with the workout.

  222. hey.. I am 33 yrs with around 65 kg and 5feet. My tummy is bloated and it create lot of problems. IS GM diet helpful for my tummy fat reduction? IS it essential to do exercise while GM diet? I dont get time to go for walk in the morning or evening. …

    • Hello… You should not heavy exercise on this plan, keep it light. Your tummy is like that mostly and likely because of sugar and wheat. So yes this plan can help it’s gluten and sugar free…

  223. Hey Thnx for the reply…but I am having 2 chapti with Tea, 2 chapati with veggie for lunch and 2 chapati with veggi, fish curry at night as dinner. I dont have rice at all. now if you said’Your tummy is like that mostly and likely because of sugar and wheat.’ then what should I eat?

    • Well now you can see what your problem is with your weight and how to fix it. There are loads of things and ways to eat without wheat. Are you saying there’s not? I eat happily and joyfully with ZERO grains, pure meat and veg with good fats. My carbs and a little fruit and plantains, The choice is yours.

  224. Also Plz clarify that does 2-3 cloves of raw garlic in the morning is helpful to reduce belly fat.?

    • I call those tricks. My suggestion, drop the tricks and make a lifestyle change. I understand wanting helps such as those, but it’s in how you eat not is those little things you will find success.

  225. Ohhh.. That means I am having extra wheat !! ? :-O so… can you suggest me something else… plz.. I have noticed that even those 2 chapati’s at dinner are heavy on my stomach .. I still feels bloated even with those 2 chapatis…. recently i have started a spoon of white rice, not every day but 2-3 in a week.. I feel my stomach cool when ever I have little rice.
    Plz suggest me

    • Yea, wheat is toxic, your body cannot digest it properly, it gets worse but I won’t go into that here.

      White rice, a good organic basmati or jasmine, they are a simple starch. So assuming you have no issue with rice (I have tested ad I do) it is easier to digest and works as a good carb. The key is finding how many carbs you do a day. For me I vary it between 100 to 200 a day. My wife under 85…

  226. I am having on day 3 of gm diet and having muscle pulls in my legs. Is it just a consequence of the diet
    Also, i do not like soup so can i continue only on veggies and fruits.

  227. Its my 5th day of gm diet and m loving it but I got into periods should I continue or stop it …only 2 days are felt. What should I do?

  228. I did this gm diet.i lost 2 kg weight day 5 ..but on the day 8 I checked my weight increased by 1 in whole diet plan in 7 days I lost only 1 kg..why this is so…and I had KFC chicken burger on day 5 and day 6 .bcaz of this I increase my weight. .

    • KFC!!!! Oh my, do you have nay idea what’s in that? Yes, of course your weight increased. If you are eating fast food like that, just understand you health and weight cannot improve much if any at all. This is a pure whole foods natural plan.

  229. I have followed strictly gm diet but lost only 0.5 kg the only thing i did is i had 2 egg, is it bcoz of this i had lost very less ?

    • what did you eat day 2 and 3? When do you weigh? Eggs are not allowed the first 4 days so yes they can cause an issue. It’s detox those days.

      • I didnt expect that bcoz of taking egg white on 2nd and 3 rd i didnt loose any weight

        • Why not, it’s not written into the plan for a reason. Eggs break the detox cycle thus ruining day 2, Plus my guess based on what you are telling me is that you are not following the plan correctly most days. There were more errors on day 2 other than the egg.

    • I checked my weight on 8th day, i has egg white on 2 nd and 3 rd, i lost only 0.5 kg

    • On 2nd day i ate vegetables and one egg white and on 3 rd day i ate fruits,vegetables and one egg white. The reason why i had egg white is i came to know that threre is no fat and only proteins in egg white

      • It does not matter if it is fat free, you missed the point of day 2. Did you have potato for breakfast. You will save yourself a ton of grief if you follow what we wrote.

  230. Hi
    I am following gm diet , am on6th day. Feeling light, but not much of weight reduction. Am a vegetarian, had chick peas with tomatoes on day 5. Today had green gram in the breakfast and rice with veggies for lunch. Dinner planning to have soup. For day 6 its rice, fruits and veggies. Since rice is allowed can I have idly, dosa with little oil?

    • day 5 did you have good fat with the dishes? Meat has fat, your replacement must have it! If not you basically ate pure carbs with ZERO balance of fat.

  231. Sorry it was for day 7 I enquired. Is there weight reduction after 5th day?

  232. I had 2 tomatoes sauted in coconut oil

  233. I had 2 tomatoes sauted in coconut oil for day 5. And my other query, can we have dosa, idly on day 7?

  234. Plz tell me i will eat only egg and brown rice . Can u tell me exactly what to eat on day 5,6 and 7

    • 3 eggs per meal max and about 1/2 cup of cooked rice per meal. DO not eat eggs with rice tough.

    • 3 eggs per meal means 3 eggs for breakfast , 3 eggs for lunch and 3 eggs for dinner ? Is it correct, egg with white or including yolk, when to eat brown rice and if we should take brownrice what should we have with brown rice and when to take tomatoes

  235. Hi, I have a problem on my first and 3rd day. I don’t eat fruits! usually i have hyper acidity/ stomachache on this days. what fruits can I eat to prevent this. thanks

    • Not sure, if you cannot have fruits then it is tough, Have you tried melons. Just replace with tomato if you can, carrot, cucumber, etc.

  236. I ate a bite of omelette n 2 3 spoons of da on 1 day of GM diet plan…Should I continue the GM plan or will hv to start it again from day 1 which is fruit diet

  237. M having fruit on day 1 but hd only a spoon of yippee noodles… Will it harm my GM diet plan….what should i do?

  238. hello!!
    Mm planning to start the G.M diet but mi mom won’t allow me coz she says it may lead to lack of growing height is it true???
    m 16 n mi height is 5.4 + i take Mixed Martial Arts class.

    Btw wat r da fruits n vegetables that I shld ve ……in da 1st n 2nd day…..ani suggestion..!

    I would b gr8ful if u will rply to mi comment.

    • Trust me, if you are eating processed foods, wheat, junk food etc, that will ruin your health, This is a whole foods natural plan. What you need to ask is what is the “mechanism” in this diet that causes that? I can list a ton of mechanisms in a standard diet hat causes those types of health issues. hang in there, be kind to your parents πŸ™‚

      day 1 any fruit but bananas. Day 2 start with a potato and good fat like ghee or olive oil. Then veg do most but NO peas, corn or carrots.

  239. Can I skip day 4 nd continue on day 5 will it effect my weight loss nd aftr a week can I be on liquid diet fr 3 days nd strt again with gm diet rply soon thnk u

  240. I am taking medicine for allergy, Can i start GM diet while taking medicine?? will it affect in anyways??

  241. Plz tell me what i need to have on 4 th day

  242. How many bananas l need to take on 4th day

  243. day 6 evening lost 3.1kg. want to lose 20 kg.can I continue this dite till achieve target.can I replace beef to chpati.

  244. Plz let me know what can i have on 5th,6th and 7th day.i will eat only eggs, tomatoes and brownrice . How much quantity 3 times in a day

  245. For day 5 can i have
    Breakfast: 2 eggs and tomatoe curry
    Lunch brownrice with tomatoe curry
    Dinner :2 eggs with tomatoe curry

  246. Day 7 evening lost 3.2kg . Thank you Gm Diet. Can I start again GM diet . one day gape .want to lost 20kg. πŸ™‚

  247. Hello ,

    sir I forgot to take bolied potato on 2nd day.I taken on third day morning. will it effect my weight loss . I am very worried πŸ™ . plz let me know. how do I do now ?

  248. Hey can I con with my gym .. Along with this plan n can I add sugar free tablets to my mil on day 4

    • no heavy gym workouts, the first 3 days you have to keep it light. no, no sugar free tabs unless you want to gain weight and ruin your health.

  249. can v have oats during breakfast if we are on diet?

  250. can I hav sweet corns during d diet

  251. Hello,
    I done gm dite 7days .lost 4 kg. After 1 day gap I done it again lost only 1.4kg .with little cheat. Now how many day lap I should do.

  252. Hi,
    I have the habit of smoking.. 8/day.. Can i smoke during the diet? Gonna start it from monday.

  253. hi i started my gm first day yesterday, i got my period during the day but i continued, today i went on the scale and i didnt lose anything . ususally i do on the first fruit day so in the morning i had a toast with peanut butter i thought ill start when i finish my cycle but i prefper to continue you think i will lose or no thank you

  254. Hi author,
    Finished day 3, still no weight loss
    I had the following meals:
    Day 1:
    Breakfast: 1 bowl of diced apples
    Lunch : 1bowl of papaya and watermelon
    Snack: oranges and apples
    Dinner: papaya and water melon

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: 1 boiled potatao with butter
    Lunch: roasted eggplant,tomato and raw cabbage
    Dinner: cabbage and tomato soup
    Snack: tomato and cucmbet salad

    Day 3:
    Breakfast: 1 bowl of raw papaya
    Lunch: cabbage and tomato soup along with tomato and cucumber salad
    Dinner: soup along with veggies (capsicum, tomato, onion sauted in olive oil) and then after sometime had half cup of raw papaya
    Snack: oranges

    Have I done any mistake?
    I do feel lighter, but the weighing scale doesn’t show any change in my weight.
    I also practiced yoga on day 1 and 2, but day 3 I felt very tired so gave up on the yoga

    I am going to start day 4 of 4 bananas and 2 glasses of milk and soup

    Hopefully I should lose something

    • Hello
      You will feel tired likely with yoga, you cannot tear down the muscles on a detox plan the first few days here.

      When do you weigh. The only issue was the tomato soup day 3, what as in it?

  255. I weigh in the morning, after I am done with my bathroom routines and before eating anything.
    It was not an only tomato soup.
    I had stewed tomato, cabbage and onions with 2 cloves of garlic and little bit ginger and chillies.
    Added some salt, pepper and some spices ( chilli powder and coriander powder)

  256. Hi,
    I have 2 more questions:
    1. Can I add tomatoes in today’s soup (day 4 I.e.)
    2. Can I eat a combination of eggs and chicken is n day 5 and 6. Like 3 eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch and dinner

  257. Hello , firstly I lost 3.8kg weight with GM Diet. After7days I am doing it again. today is my day 5 morning i lost only 0.8gram weight .this time I am doing v v strictly but …… i am v v sad with my result. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  258. hii, i started gm yesterday and got my periods today….so can i continue the diet plan …..,plzzz rply fast…thanks

  259. n i have taken a orange with salad for lunch…is it worth?

  260. i mean is it ok to have orange with salad on 2nd day

  261. Hello sir ,Can I do 5day and from 6th day can start day1.bcoz there is any function in my family and i want to loss more weight.Because I done it three times every time last 2day was no weight loss for me.

  262. firstly I lost 3.8kg weight with GM Diet. After one day gap done GM diet but lost only 1.5kg.After7days done.and lost 0.8grm.

  263. Hello sir ,Today is my Day2 .I eaten indian spices kachori made with (all propose flour ). should i start it again.
    I am v sad after eaten . how we cheat us for tongue taste

    • Well flour is not a spice, it’s a junk carb. So you can have pure dried herbs and spices. Pure meaning no additives. Yes start again πŸ™‚

  264. Hey Author,

    I am 66 now and looking for 6 kgs weightloss this time.

    Last time i have lost 3 kgs n able to maintain the same.

    Wish me gud luck , looking to get till 60kgs , my height is 5″, luking for 16kgs weight loss total.

  265. Hey author,

    feeling wonderful , completed with first day nd lost 1 kg …started with 2nd day but i had tea with sugar…it will affect ma diet? Please advice.

  266. Hello Author,

    I am on 6th day of GM diet , n lost only 1 kg this time.
    Only first 3 days reduce the weight ??
    Is der any chances of reducing in last 2 days?
    I am so much frustrated , i am not loosing after following diet so strictly.
    please advise.

  267. 4th day :
    I had 4 bananas and 3 glass of milk

    -2 banana with 1 glass of milk in morning
    -1 banana for lunch
    -1 banana + 1 glass of milk evening
    -1 glass of milk night

    5th day :
    -1 cup brown rice cooked in 3 tomato puree with little olive oil in morning
    -1 egg omlet (1 onion,1 tomato) lunch
    -dinner (same as morning)

    i have reduced 1.5 kgs only this time .

    Is this because of summer here in India?Is this the reason?

  268. Hi Kevin,

    I am a big fan of GM Diet. I’ve lost all most 17 kgs by doing this diet along with exercise. Today is my 3 rd day of GM diet and I haven’t lost a single pound yet :-(. My periods are also going on. Its really demotivating when you try hard and don’t get any result.



  269. Completed my 7 days of GM diet. Strictly followed my diet plans. I check my weight reduced only 1kg. But im feeling very light. Feeling very bad about my result. Pls advice

  270. I started my diet on monday i checked my weight on Sunday. On 2nd day i had Soup and vegetables. On 5th day Tomoto salad with Red kidney beans and Tomato Soup

    • you cannot have tomato soup day 5. it is not the same at all as raw tomato or lightly cooked tomato. Also no potato day 2 with good fat or good fat day 5 is why you did not lose weight, you have to follow the program as we have it here. So it was not followed strictly at all. Sorry. Plus your true weight starting is when you wake day 1, before you eat or drink after going potty.

  271. Have to eat potato (Good fat) on day 2? Which is good fat Instead of potato?

  272. Ill try again which u given the program here. Thanks for your advice

  273. And also pls suggest any other food instead of Raw tomato

  274. Can u pls tel me (vegetarian) 7 days diet plan. Instead of Raw vegetable items.
    Shall i eat mango on day 1?
    Boiled or cooked Carrot and beetroot on day 2? Pls advice

    • Sure, other than days 5 and 6 it is vegetarian. look at the bottom of the site for the vegetarian help. a mango day 1 is fine. no carrot and not too much beets, mix it up.

  275. on the 2nd day i had roasted chicken with salad from subway, is it ok or i have to restart it.

    • Well nothing from Subway is OK, have you actually read the ingredients as to what you are eating? did you have dressing? up to you whether or not to start over. I hop the rest of the plan goes well.

  276. Hello, I would like to know if I can continue
    Doing the diet for a month or 2? I already finish my first week and I lost 13 pounds, now I’m on my 2nd week 2nd day feeling great and motivated to continue to reach my goal .. I’m also working out in a daily basis doing 40mins of cardio and some other stuff at the gym.. Is it healthy to continue until I reach my goal? Right at this moment I’m at 88kg and 5″7 tall., my goal it’s 70kg! I will appreciate if you reply to me.
    Thank you in advance.

  277. I take breaks for weightsweido them may be 2 times a week its all I do.. But I’m just doing the cardio everyday 20mins treadmill and the other 20 elliptical

  278. Is there is any age limit for this diet plan?

  279. Sorry to bother you again.. But u didn’t really answer my question.. If it’s OK to continue until I reach my goal? .. The most important thing for me is that I feel great about it and I don’t feel sick or weak at all I’m doing good n I would say this is the best diet plan I have ever follow in my life I’m really motivated and happy my mood it’s better my self-esteem it’s getting much better n I would totally Recommend the gm diet to ppl.. I’m telling everyone about it.. There’s already 5 of my friends trying it too ☺ so thank you so much!!

    Ps: I would definitely keep you post it with my results. Have a great day
    N I appreciate your time for messaging me back.

    **Please answer the question I did ask about continuing with the diet until I reach my goal**

    • no bother, you cannot do this plan continuously, it needs a break.

      However, look at days 5 and 6, you can eat like that though, making sure (if your are a meat eater) you add some carbs to the meals. However if you are vegetarian, days 5 and 6 will have carbs because you do rice or legumes. That way you are cutting sugar and gluten and snacks and eating a more balanced plan.

  280. Thank you so much for replying.
    I will definitely take a break after one month.

  281. The problem is not so much need to consult a doctor and I do not find any food bad for my hair


  283. Hi there: Started this plan yesterday, wanted to confirm if taking vitamin supplement (opti- women)
    is allowed. Thanks

  284. Hi..I’m going to start this diet plan from tommorow…!! Can I lose 3-4kg?? Plzz rly..and I’m doing cardio & some workouts in gym…can I continue exercises by doing this plan???

    • Stick to the plan and i hope you can. Do not over exercise, the first few days have no protein to rebuild torn down muscle.

  285. And I want to loss my belly fat& buttocks fat..this diet plan will help??

    • Well that is yup to you. What I mean, this is a 7 day diet. You will get a great start into weight loss and a healthy lifestyle change. At that point what do you do? DO you eat as you sued to? etc… Also if you carry most of your weight there, it can be a sign of underlying health issues.

  286. Can I do elliptical machine for 20minutes?

  287. hello
    I m going to start the GM diet plan from tomorrow.
    but I have some question s.I have pcod .during suffering this disease I gain 80 KGS weight with so many problems.(1)- can I get back right body weight with this plan ? I know its not possible with in 7 days. (2)-in 7 days how many weight I will losing after stop diet plan is it possible to gain weight again???? I m not heavy eater. i m not feeling hungry every time. (3)- this diet can I prossed during periods? I take thyronorm tablet every morning in empty stomach. (4)- Can I take medicine in diet week?
    plz reply soon .I m starting plan tomorrow.

    • Never stop meds unless you ask a doc. Well PCOD your hormones are a mess, high testosterone is normal as is high blood pressure, you need an extreme lifestyle change to heal and nurture your body. Weight loss varies per person and per health conditions, however are you just going to eat as you do now after the plan?

  288. thanks for reply. today is first day of gm diet plan. At morning I take a cup of green tea without sugar .lunch was fruits slices as per plan. that’s OK ?can u help me to set diet for normal day ? u suggest I have to change my lifestyle extremely. but how ?

  289. I m feeling little weakness on day one. its natural is not it?

  290. good morning AUTHOR

    • No, so sorry, this is totally way off. 1) Margarine – pure junk food and bad for your health. No carrot and beans are not a vegetable. I suggest reading each day here very very carefully please. It will make the plan so much better.

  291. I have habit of dri,king hot milk at night can i take it with diet


    • So you are reading other plans but asking questions here? I am totally confused by that. You would have to ask them why they do what they do, although those versions are not real and they offer ZERO support. We don’t say eat legumes/beans here except to replace meat days 5 and 6. Where does it say eat carrot and beans?????? Please read each day carefully here and follow this plan. Sorry, Good Luck…

  293. is it ok for 17 yrs old to take up this diet?
    my weight-64
    height-165 cm

  294. Today is my first day and have lost 1kg. I would pls like to ask if I can roast my vegetables for tomorrow or use soy sauce stir fry with veggies such as cabbage, snow peas and asparagus with baby corn?

  295. Hi,

    I cannot eat banana. please suggest something else to eat on Day4

  296. hello sir
    m starting from tomrww diz dieat plan! What precautions should i take during diz diet plan!!!
    Also, I wanna know after completing diz 1 week diet plan, what we have to eat another week so weight should not be gain!!!

  297. can we have 3-5 cups of green tea without sugar
    plz reply soon

  298. Hi,

    Today is my day 3,and I dont see any weight loss inspite of having tons of water,Please suggest me

  299. Hi author,

    I am on the Day 4. I am following the plan religiously, My only concern is I had my menses from Day 3. As I did a brilliant job for Day 1 and 2, I dnt stop and wish to continue.

    My menses are never a botheration to me, as I do not feel any pain or bloating of Body.

    Still I want to know, Is it a must that menses reduce the weight loss? Or it depend person to person.

    Day 4 is really very nice, I m full of energy and feeling very light!….I do not want to weight in between, as I might get disappointed, I will weigh On Monday.

    Kindly answer my doubts? Thanks!

  300. Hi So i started this yesterday. fruit day is my least favorite but i somehow went with it. Loved my baked potato this morning. But as I was going through my day, after lunch time, even after i had my afternoon lettuce salad, i started feeling very weak and I was having tremors and stuff. So ate a slice of brown bread. Felt much better after that. Can i continue with my diet?

    Also, day 5 onwards; can I have curd/yogurt? Does this have to be low fat?

  301. Hi evrything was going normal but after day 5 my weight went up. Is it normal? as today is my 5th day

  302. any replacement for potatoes??

  303. tried this for 7 days (including 1 hour daily walk). exact plan but only lost 6 pounds. how can i lose more?

  304. Hello, today is my last day of this diet.i feel very weakness today can i take some juse.pls repply now

  305. Hi,

    After 7 days plan how should we maintain the diet?

    so that our weight dnt get increase

  306. Hello Sir,

    I am starting my diet plan .. Till day 4 m fine but for day 5,6 and 7 can i have sprouted moong instead of brown rice or ne other option in ved than brown rice. Please suggest because it is difficult for me to have brown rice.

    Also can i have green tea without sugar, cxoconut water iif i am hungry in mid meals.

    also can i have end number of fruits and vegetables on day 1 to 4 as per plan or only restrict to given qty.

    In soup can i have only palak & tomato soup or shall i stick to GM soup.

    I will be highly obliged if u could revert.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • yes on sprouts with good fat. we do not suggest brown rice, why are you focusing on it? are you not reading what we suggest here.
      yes on tea and coconut water
      yes on qty day 1
      no, you cannot have tomato soup.
      good luck πŸ™‚

  307. Hello Sir,

    can i have in qty all fruits on days mentioned for fruits. Also i want to confirm , which legumes v can have.

    Will be obliged if you could assist me fr d same..

  308. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest is below given diet fine to follow for GM diet plan for vegeterian

    Day 1

    Morning – Apple
    Mid Morning – watermelon 1 plate
    lunch – mix fruit plate i.e watermelon+ papaya+pineapple + apple
    Evening – Coconut water
    Dinner – papaya


    Morning – potato with oil & salt
    Mid Morning – 2 cucumber + 2 tomato
    Lunch – cabbage+green pepper+tomato+chilly veg with bit oil & spices or cabbage + green pepper salad
    Evening – Coconut water
    Dinner – broccoli+cabbage+letuce wth salt & spices


    Morning – mix fruit plate or watermelon + papaya
    Mid Morning – 2 cucumber + 2 tomato
    Lunch – cabbage+green pepper+tomato+chilly veg with bit oil & spices
    Evening – Coconut water
    Dinner – Papaya+green pepper

    Day 4

    Morning – 2 Banana Milkshake
    Mid Morning – 1 Banana
    Lunch – 2 Banana Milkshake
    Evening – 1 Banana
    Dinner – cabbage+palak+tomato+onion soup or 2 Banana milkshake


    Morning – sprouted Moong with bit oil & spices
    Mid Morning – 2 to 3 Tomato
    Lunch – sprouted moong with tomato curry
    Evening – 2 to 3 Tomato
    Dinner – sprouted moong with tomato curry with cucumber


    Morning – sprouted Moong with bit oil & spices with cucumber & coriander leafs
    Mid Morning – 2 to 3 cucumber + cabbage
    Lunch – sprouted moong with oil & spices
    Evening – coconut water
    Dinner – sprouted Moong with bit oil & spices with cucumber & coriander leafs + curd


    Morning – mix fruit plate except banana
    Mid Morning – 2 cucumber + 2 tomato
    Lunch – sprouted moong with onion garlic
    Evening – coconut water
    Dinner – sprouted moong with sprouted moong with onion garlic

    • the oil must be a good like olive oil, coconut oil, etc
      4 bananas day 4 not 8!
      no tomato as snacks days 5 and 6, only with your meal.
      other than that looks great

  309. Thanks a ton !.

    Is it fione to have coconut water to have around in night as i was having acidity. I had cucumber & onion salad with garlic paste without butter on day 3…..

    I reduced 1.5kg in 3 it fine ths much weight or i should reduce more . Also my cherms date is 18…so does it affect weight

    • a little good fat like butter is fine with your veg, coconut water is OK, anything right before bed is never a good idea.
      you are doing well, when do you weigh? what did you eat day 2? yes hormones can cause you to lose less.

  310. Thanks for ur prompt rerply

    Find below my day 2 diet

    Morning – potato with oil & salt
    Mid Morning – 2 cucumber + 1 tomato
    Lunch – cabbage + green pepper+ 1 cucumber salad
    Evening – 1 tomato + Coconut water
    Dinner – cabbage+green pepper+chilly veg with bit oil & spices

  311. I weight today morning…. On 1st day early morning it was 73.96 and today morning it was 72.40

  312. Regular oil …..

    Today is my 4 th day of diet.. in dinner will b having 12 to 15 laeves of Pala + 2 to 3 tomato soup…will that b good

  313. Regular oil …..

    Today is my 4 th day of diet.. in dinner will b having 12 to 15 leaves of Palak + 2 to 3 tomato soup…will that b good enough

  314. In a day i am almost having 4 to 5 litre water….

  315. on day 3 i also had lime water twice with bit salt for energy

  316. Ok..instead of oil, i will use Amul Butter….Oil i just used 1/4 tea spoon in entire veg..i guess that will not impact much…because it was hardly few dropys

    Today is my 4 th day of diet.. in dinner will b having 12 to 15 leaves of Palak + 2 to 3 tomato soup…will that b good enough

    • well then you are not getting near enough good fat hence the losses will be less. and a little does matter, it’s just that bad. well it is supposed to be 4 bananas, milk and veg soup NOT tomato soup. please read each day more carefully.

  317. if Palak & Tomato soup for dinner will not work than will have veg soup as mentioned below.

    And is amul butter is fine for substitute of oil ?

    On day 4 i already started my day with milkshake and mid morning 1 banana.

    rest will have as mentioned below

    Day 4 diet

    Morning – 1 Banana Milkshake
    Mid Morning – 1 Banana
    Lunch – 1 Banana Milkshake
    Evening – 1 Banana + coconut water
    Dinner – cabbage+palak+tomato+onion soup

    Please suggest.

  318. Gm Sir !

    Palak is green leafy vegetable.

    I reduced 1.76 kg in 4 days …May b i also have cherms dates so it is not reflecting in reduction in weight.

    4th day nyt i had cabbage onion garlic and green pepper soup and i am using nutrilite delite butter for vegetables and sou[s.

    5th day morning i had sprouted moong, tomato , coriander leaves with small qty of white cheak peas in breakfast

  319. Is that fine for breakfast on 5th day

  320. i did not had any dates yesterday…just had vegetable soup sir…what is he dates ?

  321. Sir but i reduces only 1.76 kg in 4 days, is it fai…hv not done any cheating as well….Is cherms s the resaon as my date is 18 th Sep

  322. Y offf…can u plz let me know where i m wrong

  323. Sir, today is my 6th day of diet..and got my cherms …and in dinner i had cabbage greenpepper chilly and onion vegetable…breakfast i had sprouts…mid mrng i had cucumber……lunch i had sprouts with cucumber….hope m going right

  324. I am vegeterian….yes all dish has butter

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