GM Diet Day 1

The GM diet is a seven-day weight loss management plan that consists mainly of selected fruits and vegetables, and strict amounts of meat. It can be a difficult diet to follow especially since it relies mainly on foods that are high in fiber and less in protein, fat and carbohydrates. At the same time however, this diet plan can be used for fast-paced weight loss regimens, with up to 10 lbs. lost after successfully completing one diet week.

Preparing the Body for GM Diet

On the first day of the GM diet, followers are only allowed to eat fruits. These fresh produce should contain no form of starch, potassium andΒ starchyΒ carbohydrates, such as bananas. This is because on the first day of this diet plan, the body is subject to detoxification. Only fruits and water can be consumed.

Persons who are planning to start the GM diet may consume starchy foods such as potatoes, oats and bananas the day before their targeted week, so that they would be packed with enough energy to last for the next morning. They should also practice drinking lots of water, so that they will not be dehydrated in the succeeding days.

Aside from preparing the body for the diet plan, physical activities should also be set into rather lighter tasks. Warm-up exercises should be performed before and during the diet, just to maintain regular metabolic processes and not feel the fatigue. Through exercise, the body system becomes resilient to the side effects of GM diet, and rather gives way for the detoxification and weight reduction results.

Day 1 GM Diet Breakfast

The first important meal of the day in a GM diet regimen is breakfast. Followers may observe a full breakfast consisting mainly of fruits such as melons and papaya together with 1-2 glasses of water. These fruits easily make the stomach full, and at the same time the sweet tooth satisfied, thus craving for more tempting meals such as pizza and pasta can be avoided.

Day 1 GM Diet Lunch

Lunch may consist of watery fruits such as apples or watermelons. Lunch time is observed at 12:00 noon to 1:30 in the afternoon. Consuming a bowl of apples or two cups of watermelons can already make the stomach full. Other fruits such as kiwi and mangoes can as well be served.

Day 1 GM Diet Dinner

During dinner, followers may return to melons, kiwi and oranges, as well as 1-2 glasses of water. Melons can be heavy on the stomach; hence only a half-bowl serving should be consumed in order not to have a cramped stomach later at night.

Midday Meals and Beverages

While the main beverage allowed for the Day 1 of GM diet is water, followers may also turn to fresh orange juice and coconut water during midday snacks. Orange juice fills in the cravings for sweets, while coconut water keeps the stomach full the rest of the day.

Midday meals still consist of fruits, but at varying kinds and servings, so followers can still maintain a good appetite during full meal times. Berries, oranges, and apple dices can be consumed during mid-mornings and afternoons.

Sample GM Diet Day 1 Plan

Breakfast (8:30 AM-9:00 AM)

1 cup of diced apples and 1-2 glasses of water

Mid morning Snack (10:30 AM-11:00 AM)

1 bowl raw papaya and 1-2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00 PM-1:30 PM)

1 bowl of watermelon or muskmelon and 1-2 glasses of water

Afternoon Snack (4:00-4:30 PM)

1 orange/sweet lime/chico fruit and 2 glasses of water

Evening (6:00-6:30 PM)

1 glass coconut water

Dinner (8:00-9:00 PM)

1 bowl of melon and 2 glasses of water

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  1. Day 1
    starting with 84 kg —

    Morning – 1 apple and 2 orange

    snack — melon

    lunch — 1apple and 2orange

    evening snack — papaya

    dinner — 1apple and papaya

  2. can i excersice during this diet ??

  3. Well after much pondering I have started the GM diet today. I weigh 60 kgs. I am getting married in 49 days and I want to lose at least 5 kgs!
    Wish me luck πŸ™‚

  4. It really worked for me …..lost 21 kgs over a span of around eight months.

  5. hi
    Into my milk and bananas day today and feeling quite light and quite bright. I have had no adverse side effects to date. I weighed 106kg prior to starting this plan but i think it is how you look and how your clothes fit that matters.
    I have tried this before many years ago with some good results of 7 pounds dropped in 1 week.
    The version i am on is different on days 5 and 6, on day 5 i have the rice and tomatoes only, on day six i have the rice and vegatables only.
    I’d be interested to hear from you guys if the results are different, i’ll post mine following day 7

    Good luck

  6. any substitute for melon in day 1……….????

  7. I have just commenced the GM Diet and keeping my fingers crossed to lose approximately 3-4 kgs. I want to follow the diet to the minutest detail and ensure that nothing comes in its way. Trust I have the determination and the positive energy to see it through….

  8. I had misunderstalingly taken dates on the first day. will it effect the diet.?

  9. Can we eat nuts like almonds and peanuts during this diet?

  10. i had started with 119 kg..
    now i am in the 6th day and now i am 114kg .
    can i be 80 kg within 2 months?

  11. After 1week of GM diet do i need to repeat this diet again on 2nd week or i have to be on normal diet then from 3rd week i need to follow GM diet.

  12. If I want to reduce more weights (or continue the diet for 3-4 weeks), should I go back to the first day of diet after completing one week?
    willwait for ur reply.


  13. right i have gotten through the first day but with a bit of a glitch i had a apple and glass of water for break no papaya but tangerine and water for mid morninh melon and water for lunch but had to have a bit of chicken so my mum would not get offended and melon and water for dinner and just to make it clear i did not have any erge to not follow the diet i did not have any problems or get hunger erges so feel quite hopeful but i could not drink 2 glasses of water.

  14. any substitute for milk?plz suggest

  15. Starting the Diet Plan from Today!!!
    Day1 – Weight 80.5 KGs

    Will keep you inform throughout the week πŸ˜€

  16. GM Diet

  17. I was 117 kilo 2 months before and i reduce 6 kilo in 3 months with slight excersie and avoiding rice in my daily food plan. I was not serious in the last two months. I have bet( USD-1000) with my friend that i will reduce my weight upto 100 kilo before 31 Jan-2012. The bet is Damm Serious now.

    I Started GM Diet today. I had only fruits today with lots of water. i feel carving all the night but i am dedicated . i am not going change my plan.. Will keep posted daily on what going on…

    Need all of your support

  18. i am on my 7th day of GM diet and now i am feeling like top of the world,this diet is proved succesful in my i want to loose more,from when i can restart this plan?

  19. Coffee or tea can be taken???without sugar

  20. can you have sweeteners in your tea and coffee, and if you tay on this diet for 7 days can you then go back onto another diet, ive been doing the dukan diet for a month but im now bored. thanks

  21. why u guys deleted my comments??

  22. hi,
    i started GM diet yesterday. i have watermelon in breakfast,apple & orange in afternoon,orange and watermelon in night. i have a weight of 68 kg. lets check what happening!!!??

  23. Today first day i was starting at 110 kg

  24. today started wid the day one..dnt knw my exact weight but check it hunger prangs till nw..jst had some fruits n loads of water..i may nt b able to stick to the timings n proportion but wil stick to d diet plan..wish me luck wann b some of dem who hav achieved weightloss…
    i had a query: can i join gym along wid dis diet???? coz i really wann c myself somwat slim after 7 days…
    plz reply to my query…

    and thanks alot for dis site..its js amazing…
    wll update u abt my wieghtloss..
    wish me luck..
    n all d best to all the followers of GM diet..only we knw hw imp.these 7 days r for us…

  25. day 1 started with 79kgs., lets see how it goes ??

  26. dec 11 – 2nd day

    i have 2 pieces of tappiocca instead of potato in breakfast(as it also gives lots of cabohydrates like potato). in lunch i have cucumber, carrot & tomato. in the dinner also cucumber & carrot.
    dec 12 – 3 rd day
    i have apple& pineapple today morning, cucumber, carrrot & a small piece of pineapple in lunch
    in the night i have 2 oranges
    both the days i drank lot of water. i checked my weight & its 66kg!!!!!!! ie, 2 kgs less in 3 days.

  27. to ashi
    just check this blog. it suggest u can do the exercise

    best of luck

  28. its the 4th day i have lots of banana today & 1 glass milk & a small cup of veg soup

  29. hey,
    can i do the gm diet for a month, do i repeat routine of day 1 on the 8th day??

  30. Coffee or tea can be taken???without sugar


  32. can i drink black coffee ?
    ie. without sugar and cream ?

  33. Hi, started first day with 67kgs
    Planning to follow the diet word to word.
    Pray for me guys!

  34. Hi, started first day with 58 kgs…but i didnt got melons in this season..and is it necessary to workout during this diet??

  35. Hi

    Started the GM diet today. Had an apple and drinking tulsi water. I am having severe cold, so is it ok to have home remedies of pepper, jeera water?

  36. Day 1 started with 76.3 kgs., lets see how it goes ??

  37. hi i’m on day 5 and it’s my first week i’m doing well so far,on day one my weight was 97.5 kg and i can’t wait to get on the scale on monday i will keep you posted

  38. Hey

    Today’s my 2nd day…….I started with 71.9 kgs on day one.
    Day Two morning im 70.5 kgs……felt a bit hungry on day one……but controlled the feeling… not able to consume enough water……how to over come this…..i just dont feel thirsty….

  39. I started my GM diet today, I had apple and orange for breakfast follow by watermelon for lunch and dinner….but I can’t stop my hunger so I cheated by having some meats :(…hope it will not have side effect as I am not going start my 2nd day tomorrow without repeating my first one….wish me luck guys!

  40. Hey guys i started at 130 lbs and today was my first day.
    Breakfast : one small green apple
    Snack: 5 baby carrots and 3 cerry tomatoes with hummus
    lunch: an orange
    Dinner: 10 baby carrots with hummus πŸ˜€
    YUMMM~ with water

  41. guess what i just checked and i lost 4 pounds today…Water loss i suppose. currently 126 LBS
    WE CAN DO IT!!

  42. finally I achieved losing 5.5 Kg after following this diet + total 6 hours of badminton πŸ™‚ ……

    I was 116.900 Kg on Day 1 & final day on 111.100Kg ….

    Much impressed … Going to continue the Diet with little modification ….
    Not yet decided plan the for next week …

  43. Started the GM Diet – had a touch time in the evening!!

  44. I just started today with 134 lbs.
    BF – one apple
    snack – papaya
    lunch – bowl of watermelon

    so far going good – not feeling tired at all. Hopefully I will stick to this.

  45. Starting on the GM diet today, i weigh about 97 pounds but im only 5″1 so my midsection is sort of chunky already. Ate lots of watermelon, a whole mango, and lots of steamed chayote dipped in spicy shrimp paste the entire day. Was only able to consume 6 glasses of water though—im never really able to drink a lot. I’ve been feeling really hungry the entire day because i’ve always been an overeater (read: 2 cups of rice, 2 varieties of meat, plus dessert, chocolate and junkfood all in my everyday diet). I dont know how long i will last on this GM diet. Its the first time i’ve ever done something like this and i cant wait to reach Day 7! I have a wedding to attend on Day 7 and want to look as fit as possible πŸ™‚

  46. tomorrow l am starting gm diet. my weight is 80 kg

  47. can we dates on day1

  48. i have started today and my weight is 65kgs
    i have taken chikoo,papaya,appls,oranges,watermelon,raisins,wonder soup and suggested glasses of water…
    but was feeling very hungry the whole day..almost the whole day i was eating some fruit or the other…

  49. Hey guys! Checking back in. I posted a few messages back. πŸ™‚
    Today I am on Day 4 and quite disappointed i cant have my usual mixed vegetables. That aside, Im happy to report that i’ve lost 5 pounds in the first 3 days. Huge achievement considering that i DID cheat on Day 2 dinner…i pigged out in a major way, with rice and pork and fried fish and everything. πŸ˜› Also cheated on Day 3 with a brownie.

    From 97, i am now down to 92 pounds and i just hope i keep the weight off until Day 7 (day of the event im attending). πŸ˜€

    Cheating again today —i had 2 Yakult bottles instead of milk along with my bananas. Heehee so yummy!

  50. Hi, i am on Day 4 but already prepping myself for the coming days… can anyone here answer, will the beef for the next 2 days not make us fat?? I mean come on, coming from just a fruit and vegetable diet, suddenly we get to feed our bodies meat. Fatty, oily meat.

    If i have other sources or iron and protein in mind, say, canned tuna or salmon or dried fish, and i still eat the 6 tomatoes, will it be okay? Im planning to do this for Days 5-6 because i really believe that beef is fattening and i dont need it if there are other healthier options.

    Appreciate your reply, thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jewel,

      I know I am adding the answer to 2.5 years old question. But it will help someone who is going through these comments.

      As per my information, you can replace beef with any other meat like chicken (avoid fats). Just boil the meat with some salt added. Don’t fry it. Be careful about quantity you are consuming.

      You need to have it in small amount so it should not affect you any way. Hope this helps.

  51. It was never answered if we could have almonds or peanuts anytime on this diet.

  52. GM Diet !!! ohh… Very effective
    Last monday my weight 65.54 today friday my weight is 63.00 kl 5ft day..
    Try to do this kind of Diet…you will be surprice..Promise its hard but worth it..

  53. am startng ma diet wit melon nd orange..wit lot f water…i want to loss weight/////////

  54. day 1-am starng ma diet with melon nd 1 orange…i want to loss weight/////

  55. Wish u good luck ppl…
    Hope u will update ur improvement in every 2 days… πŸ™‚

  56. I read that you can still exercise while on GM Diet. But I’m doing 30 Day shred by Jillian Michaels can I still do this workout while on the GM Diet?

  57. Starting tomorrow and cannot wait!
    Wondering if pineapples are prohibited?

  58. do v want to continue tis diet after taking the diet for 7 days or do v want to do this as a cycle for a month or a year

  59. Was strawberries ok to eat on day one along with the watermelon??

  60. Tomorrow is my ist day for GM diet plan. lets c the result.

  61. I am planning to start GM Diet tomorrow. Lets see how it goes. Current weight is approx 77 kg with 5’11”. lets see how it goes.!

    Best wishes Aamir!

  62. I am starting from today. Need to know that is it ok if I take tea twice a day while I am on diet?

  63. I see only few comments which show what result they got. Most of the people are writing about the first day and how excited they are. It is not much useful, though. Wish to hear more details about the final result after 7th day…

  64. started ytd and didn’t see any drop in weight till now…. Had 2 apples, 2 oranges, 2 slices of water melon. 2 papayas and one coconut ytd. Was it too much? Because I mistaken the servings to be ‘any quantity’.
    For today, I ate 2 small boiled potato and had a bowl of boiled veges so far (mid day).

  65. Today is my first day……will post results as the week goes on! Would like to see others post as well!!

  66. today is my first day and my weight is 62.5 kgs….ll now let u all knw my weight on 7th day…:):)

  67. I have started from today and my weight is 108 will keep updated. Hope this will work

  68. I started the Diet yesterday. I ate only 2 apples and one eighth of a watermelon. I felt fine all day.

    Have found day two slightly harder but having prepared my meals before hand has helped. I could not have the potato this morning so ate brocolli with a little sweetcorn and paprika to add taste, for lunch i’m having spinach with raw carrot sticks and a little sweetcorn, salt and pepper to taste. This evening I will eat the potato instead.

    Surprisingly easy! Did not drink more than 2 glasses of water yesterday so have made sure I have drunk 4 already today.

    Good luck everyone!!!!

  69. Second time trying this, first time went first 3 days but day 4 was too much. This time im going to make sure i have success. starting at somewhere around 450-500 lbs, 5’7. Too heavy to weigh on scale, so gonna keep doin this till i can weigh myself. Gonna try to add some walking in today. So far so good ;-}

  70. I have seen other versions of this diet and one said instead of the beef you can eat chicken and turkey? is that true? and are the fruits and veg unlimited quanities?

  71. i was 57 lost just 1kg in 4 days i wanted to lose atleast 3 kgs i never cheated how can i reduce i have a big stomach i want to reduce that also kindly guide me pls

  72. Hi , can I have water as much as I want like 3 liters per day ?

    Thank you

  73. Can we drink tea or coffee during these 7 days. And how many times.

  74. This is my first day of GM diet . I know the main beverage is” Water” but still can I drink orange juice or not? If I can how much can I drink ?

  75. my height is 5;3 and weight is 70 kg i m a married girl plz tell wht to do

  76. Day one of the diet, I start at 171 lbs. My goal is to loose 31lb I gained during pregnancy. My baby is now 6 months old and I plan to follow the diet to the sample menu. I started with a cup of apple, 2 glasses of water for breakfast. Mid morning snack, raw papaya. Lunch, bowl of watermelon and i plan to go walking for about 45 minutes. For afternoon snack I have an orange and green grapes. Evening, a glass of coconut water and Dinner, bowl of melon and pine apple.
    Im really good at dieting so I hope this diet helps me to meet my goal weight of 140lbs. However, I may have to repeat it several times over the coming months while I incorporate some exercise.

    • same here gain weight after giving birth to my 1st child. before i got pregnant i was 43 kgs now im 52kgs. but looking like 60 coz of my arms and tummy.

  77. I am 117.4 KG. Started GM Diet plan today. Will update on 25.6.12

  78. i have no melons at home…DO I HAVE A SUBSTITUTE??
    TODAY IS MY Day 1

  79. Hi today is my first day and now am 113.4kg, i will update my first week progress.

  80. Hi y’all. I tried this diet after my second pregnancy and I wowed myself by losing a whooping 13 kg in 3 months so I truly believe in the diet, it just takes some amount of discipline to start off though. My third child is 3 now and I am bigger than I have ever been in my life (109.0 kg)!! I want to begin the diet again, hopefully I am as lucky as I was the last time, fingers crossed.

  81. Today is my First Day and I feel kind of . . . weird. Now I am 54 kg. Will update my progress β˜†ε½‘

  82. Hi,
    My weight 76 kg..startin gm diet today…

  83. starting day 1 at 79 KGS. will keep posted on my progress

  84. Started with day 1 , feeling a little low on energy …. hope I am able to complete my 7 days …lol

  85. Hi,

    Day 1 started …lit bit headache…currently 79 kg. Taking lots of melon and plum.

  86. Hi Today is Day 1 and I started off with orange juice water and Jackfruit ( 8-10 pieces)which was th only thing available in kitchen!! hope hubby will bring in more fruits and veggies to continue my plan successfully

  87. Day is ending… getting alight head ache… can we drink soup tomorrow?
    I just hope to come out with a significant change when i look at the weighing scale

  88. Day 1 i lost 2.1 Pounds…i am energetic now and feeling great..

  89. On my second day …had a baked potato in the morn and the GM wonder soup in the afternoon. The wonder soup does taste great..Feeling pretty full… Lost a Kg on Day 1..Hope I make it throughout the week …

  90. Please let me know will that be problem if i keep taking tablets as part of a gynic treatment during this GM diet plan


  91. Hi,
    I had followed GM Diet very carefully last year (Nov-Dec) and had cumulatively lost around 7-8 Kgs in a month. (2 inches at least off my waist).

    I am going to start this again tomorrow, and feels good to know that people are contributing on this forum, sharing their experiences.

    I am gonna weigh myself today (I guess I weigh around 70kgs now, 34″ waist) and I want to loose atleast 2″ around my waist by next month’s beach holiday planned! So will keep everyone updated on the way the GM Diet goes!

  92. is it necessary that i should take a 3 day gap between the diet or can i again start the diet after the 7th day?

  93. Hello, I did GM diet last week and lost around 7.4 pounds. I am planning to start it again from next week.
    Very happy to see the results.

  94. i am starting today day 1…. will post the results after 7 days…….. hope for the best… my weight is 91KGS….

  95. Hi,
    I just finished my first day diet. Feelin little low.

  96. Hello everyone,

    Today I’ll be starting the GM Diet πŸ™‚ I weight 150 lb my goal is to lose 10 lb in 7 days.

    Morning- 2 glass of water

    Lunch- cup of watermelon

    Snack- cup of apple slices

    Dinner- one Orange and a cup of grapes.

    of course water in between.

    I’ll update you tomorrow.- DAY 2 πŸ™‚

  97. Please provide the substitute for beef as I am pure vegeterian.

  98. hi . am starting GM diet today . can i substitute melons to banana in day 1 because i have a ellergy wid watery fruits .

  99. Hi…I am starting GM diet today with 66KG…..My goal is to lose 5kg….:)

  100. Really waited a long time for this day… finally, we in a group of five had started this GM Diet plan.
    Me with 88 on scale is little scared to say, how am i going to continue without my Rice and chapatis πŸ™

    But, yes, day 1 today, started with an apple and berries(though not in guidelines).

    Adding lots of water in body is a real fun πŸ™‚

    Will keep posted about the progress!!!!

  101. Finally am done with the GM diet and lost 3kg. Feeling very tired after completing it……

    Suggetion : Avoid rice on 5th day which can improve the benefit of the diet plan…

  102. Day 1 has finished and was a lil headacheeee. Only water intake made it really difficult to continue.

    as we are in a group of 5, its lil easy becaz we get enough encouragement from each other.
    Olympic games on tele helped us forget our headache and finally, watermelon in dinner proved too good.

    Please do not forget to have a good dinner as it helps to have a good night sleep.

    Over to day 2 πŸ™‚

  103. Morning – 1 green apple

    lunch β€” 1/2 watermelon

    evening snack β€” 1 orange
    2 slices of papaya
    dinner β€” 1apple

  104. Can i eat dates on first day?

  105. Hi All,
    Anyone could suggest a substitue for Beef
    Can i have Chicken non coated (roasted / tandoori style etc.)
    and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper)
    Also in this entire diet program is it ok to have salt
    I am trying this program for the 5th time
    didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago
    so any suggestions please……………help
    ps.i am on my 2nd day now please please suggest

  106. Thanks GM diet …frnds its workiing. I have completed one round of this diet (7days) and lost around 5kgs.. In a week’s time I am satisfied and people around are noticing as well. I have taken two days gap ate whatever I wanted to and now again “ON” for the next round.. Today is my first day.. I am sure my target of 20Kgs is not far away now…only a sincere effort is required..which I will do it ..

  107. M 135 kgs…very desperate to lose atleast 60 kgs thru dieting. Gained all this weight due to physiological/hormonal disorders and wanna kno if d GM diet works on ppl wid medical reasons for weight gain.
    Doc suggesting bariatric…wanna try diet before. Cant exercise due to body pain.
    Suggestions frm u all wud help me:D

  108. Btw…m a vegetarian from north india.-NCR…so pls suggest grocery n edibles available during dis season in our region….also….does dis dieting tend the skin/flesh sag? What if i wanna repeat it…is thr supposed to be some gap or can dis b followed repeatedly unless desired weight is achieved?
    An expert’s advice is anticipated.

  109. Frnds…sm1…pls guide:(…i hv started it n todays my 1st day….started day wid lemon n honey…ate pears in brkfst..papaya at lunch…sipped green tea in snacks wid pears…now had a cup of tea….m i doing it right? Water intake is fine..a lil less maybe…had arnd 1.5 ltr till now…

  110. Can I eat a salad with no dressing on day one?

    • Chaska; u hv to stick to only fruits n water on day 1..maybe u can try fruit salad wid lemon…lil salt n herbs…:)

  111. dear
    To reduce weight ,SLEEP WELL for 6-8hrs only.
    do some yoga reularly for 30 mts daily.
    do walking exercise regular both moring and evening;
    drink water 500 ml daily immediately after get up from bed.
    tiffen ,light with out oil ,cooked in steam; only.
    never take food full stomach.,take less calori food. rich fibre food
    less fatty food, easy digesting food for night time;
    cleancing; do take pure caster oil after food before bed . not necessary daily
    continue…….all the best for best required result..

  112. 3rd day abt to get over…ystrday evening i was 1.5kgs less than my original wght..right now…its showing just 1kg less from day 1..means i hv gained .5 kg since ystrdy… Will it work upon me..? Tmrw is banana n milk day n m afraid it would add more bulk to me….GOD…pls help…dnt let my efforts go in vain;( m unsure now abt d results…:/

  113. Its my first day today.

    Morning ( 7 am) -> Warm water with Lemon + Honey
    BF ( 8 am)-> W.Melon+Muskmelon
    Snakes10 am -> Sweatlemon+apple
    Lunch ( 1 pm) -> Apple+W.Melon+Muskmelon+papaya
    Snaks ( 4 pm)-> Coconut water

    Yet to have my dinner. Feeling down but a have decided to stick to the plan. My target is 5 KG.

  114. Today I started my diet. I weight 169 lbs. My target is to go for 150 lbs and maintain that weight. I am 5’10” tall.

  115. I am on Day 1.. Had water melon in morning.. lot of water throughout the day and nothing else becuase got really busy in office… In eveining had Fresh Fruit Juice at home, some pappaya and one apple..

    Now someone told me that just becuase i had fresh fruit juice, My day 1 got waste and i need to start Again… Can someone please advice and Help Me

  116. Can i eat unsweetened applesauce???

  117. Wish me luck. Day 1 tomorrow!!!!!!!:-)

  118. Love this diet. Was 72 when I initially weighed in before Day1. Today is my Day4 and my weight this morning was 70. Way too awesome.

    Motivated to complete another 3 days with Day 4 going good so far πŸ™‚

    Tomorrow is my feast day with Brown Rice and Tomatoes πŸ™‚

  119. Can we have Black Tea/Green Tea in the evening during this diet?

  120. can i take protein powder during tis time?

  121. I wanted to lose 2kg in one week,I already do 40min tread mill,10min cycling,10min ellipitical for past 15DAYS but didnt lose even 1kg,can I follow this diet and continue my regular execrise?will I lose weight????

    • All i can say you are very active and just need to cut your daily calories. Keep eye on your Intake. During GM diet i wont suggest this level of intensity work out.

      Expecting work out result in 15 days is possible in few cases but i would say never give up. Cheers.

  122. Hi All,

    I smoke around 5-6 cigrettes a day, I have put on around 8 kilos during my visit to South Africa and looking odd with tummy….I have decided to take up GM diet plan and can one suggest if you are aware on smoking during this diet plan?

  123. will this dite help me to loose fat from my face…..?

  124. can we hve tea or coffee in this dieating plzz

  125. I want to start my GM diet tomorrow. Actually planning to start today but ruined it already with fired snacks and 3 biscuits and 1 piece of white chocolate. Can I still continue with the diet?

  126. hi,

    starting gm diet today.
    i am 28 years old, 5 feet tall and weigh 59 kgs. i want to shed 3-5 kgs instantly for my engagement later this month.
    i am also doing yoga along with it.

    i noticed lot of people repeating the GM diet within a week.
    i read it somewhere that GM Diet is meant for a week only and should not be continued after that cuz it may have some side effects. althogh i am not sure so please look up before you start 2nd week.

    i have started with apples and water in the morning and prepared for papaya in the afternoon and melon for dinner.
    goodluck to all those who are indulging!!
    and please keep posting your experiences πŸ™‚

  127. hi,

    its my 2nd day of diet and i have not yet lost any weight or inch.
    please let me know when will i start losing the weight.

  128. hi i am starting a GM diet plan from today with 70 kg

    and i wanted to loose 15 kg at any cost

    and i m a working girl, and i wanted to know, can i consume a more quantity of fruits then your suggested

    plz tell me

  129. hi…
    starting my gm diet today hope it will work for me. my weight is 67 and height is 4’11.And just want to know if its ok to drink black coffe and green tea

  130. Dear Friends

    Surely GM diet help u in reducing but it reduces the body weight not the body fat

    After few days when u will start eating normal food it will come back This change is temporray

    • Agreed !!! But why the option of going back after loosing wt … maintain your intake and in case you binge makeup with adequate workout.

  131. Starting the diet tomorrow… excited!!

    Can I have tea (green tea) without sugar?

  132. i am going to be on this starting from tomorrow. i weigh 215 lb now. Hoping to cut down to 200 lb . Wish me luck guys !!!

  133. I want to start in the next couple days, and want to make sure that diet coke is ok to drink besides water on this diet? I mean atleast one a day?

  134. my second day is about to finish. i lost about 3 lb yay!!!

  135. Hi, I have thyroid problem. Is it use full to me for wait loss

  136. hi i completed second day of the diet today..can someone suggest methods to denounce the constant headache that i am facing..i had a cup of tea and normal food for dinner..cuz of the headache πŸ™ plz suggest a way to counter the headache..

  137. i wanna losse my weight , is 62 kg want to loose up to 54 kg who it possible , give me advice

    • What is your height ? 8 Kg is a decent target. Go for it..GM Diet will work for you. Remain honest…no cheating…and drink lots of water…lots of it!!!

  138. starting today,weighin in at 124.4lbs… lets hope for a big loss. wish me luck

  139. Heyya guys i did the GM diet last week and lost 3.5 kgs!!! i feel so energetic and happy πŸ™‚
    starting the diet again tmrw after a week of normal diet.
    I’m at 103.3 kgs and my targeted weight is 98 kgs by 31st dec πŸ™‚

  140. Hey..
    I’m starting up with the diet tomorrow..
    Can melons be replaced with some other fruit..?

  141. Hi

    I have started GM diet today. I have a question for those who have lost more than 10 kg, was it visible to other? where there any inch loss in the body???

  142. 1st day was a lil difficult but u hv to keep up to it…All the best Sanjay !
    @Sonal you can have any fruit like apple , papaya , oranges , sweet lime etc…Good luck πŸ™‚

  143. Start of Day 1: 99.6 KG.
    Shall keep the weight and food chart updated.

  144. Hi,
    Today is my first day…. Tom is veg day … I dnt know how to manage … But am confident … Let me see!!!!


  146. Today is my first day

  147. can i include organic green tea on everyday?

  148. Day one Started with 97.5Kg

  149. Started GM diet today..I had one apple @ 8pm and one more @10 and bowl of watermelon @1 30pm and one orange @4 pm still feeling hungry..and my question is can i continue the diet after completion of first week?This is my first time..

  150. Hi,

    Starting today with 92 Kgs…. πŸ™‚

  151. Hi.I am starting the diet tomorrow. i weigh 67 kgs now.
    I will try to stick to the plan to the T. Wish me luck. Just hoping that i don’t faint at my work place πŸ˜›

  152. Hiiiiiiii am starting my gm diet today….has never tried it before… 65 Kg and want to reduce 16 kg to achieve my ideal body weight……. hope i can do it…..

  153. on day on. headache? check. Malaise? check. give up? heck no. plan to keep this up. πŸ™‚

  154. Started with Day 1 on 22nd Jan 2013

    I have decided not to measure weight – just see if I can keep up with this program for 7 days or not.

    My wife and colleagues are my best judge πŸ™‚ So i will leave it to them to decide how it has worked for me.

    I work in corporate office of a large conglomerate – so work pressure and stress can play mad with my plans; but I am hopeful.



  155. chioma, safe, athirakp, Dhirendra – yes malaise YES – Headache YES – Low Energy YES

    But lets keep up – and post everyday… πŸ™‚

    All the best everyone!

  156. Hi Today I Started My GM Diet… Weight 97.1…!!!! Want To Reduce 20 Kg For My Ideal BMI…!! Hope GM Can Do It Very Fast… πŸ˜› …Lets C …..Finger Crossed…!! I Am Excited But The Fact Is I’M Feeling Very Hungry … πŸ™
    Catch You Tomorrow …


  157. Is Anyone Plan To Start GM Diet Today…?? If Yea Let Me Know…We Can Start Together… πŸ˜€

  158. Day 1 started with 95.9

  159. Hi Again πŸ™ ….Yesterday I Cheat Myself By Having A Chocolate N Laddu (Type Of Indian Sweet)..!!!There Is No Point Of Proceeding By Cheating Myself…So I decide To Start Once More…But The Good News Is I Lost 1.5kg…So A New Start Starting With My New Weight 95.6…!!! This Time No Cheating…GOD Help Me For That…!!!


  160. Heey! I’m planing on starting the diet tomorrow. Just bought fruits and veges this morning. I’m so excited!!! πŸ™‚ I also made a plan for my diet.. Someone tell me if it’s good or if I need to change something. Feel free.

    Day 1:
    Breakfast: 1 cup of apple
    Lunch: 1 bowl of watermelon
    Dinner: 1 bowl of watermelon

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: 1 boiled potato (since I don’t have an oven, so, I can’t bake) with a pat of lite butter
    Lunch: Salad (contains raw cabbage, white vinegar, lemon, minced garlic, herbs, boiled carrots w/ a pinch of iodized salt) -is this salad fine?
    Dinner: Salad

    Day 3:
    Breakfast: 1 apple
    Lunch: Salad
    Dinner: Orange Apple Salad (same with salad but added half an apple and half an orange)

    Day 4:
    Breakfast: 3 Bananas, 1 glass of warm nonfat milk
    Lunch: 2 bananas, 1/2 bowl of wonder soup, 1 cup milk
    Snacks: 1 banana, 1 cup milk (I think I’m gonna slice the banana, put in the milk and let freeze so I can have a little ‘ice cream’)
    Dinner: 2 bananas, 1/2 wonder soup

    Day 5:
    Breakfast: 2 tomatoes (a pinch of pepper and salt so it’ll be good.. I guess)
    Lunch and Dinner: Beef slices, with 2 tomatoes each meal

    Day 6:
    Breakfast: Vegetable soup
    Lunch: Salad
    Dinner: Salad with liitle beef slices

    Day 7:
    Breakfast: Watermelon
    Lunch: 1 cup brown rice, boiled carrots and potatoes
    Dinner: Salad

    All snacks will be 1 orange.. if I feel like it.

    So, what do you think of my plan?

  161. Hi, Can I drink milk (one glass everyday) too? It is hard for me not to drink milk.

  162. Im under acne medication. Can I continue taking tablets during the diet or do I have to stop taking ? one tablet in the morning and 2 in the night

  163. It’s really exciting to see how we are all eager to lose weight. @redc, nice menu, I’m sure if u stick to it you will lose so much. For those who have headaches, it means you are not taking enough water! Drink minimum of 2.2 ltrs of water every day, I believe it also aids the amount of weight u lose. It’s my 1st day here and I’m determined to see it through! Drank 1.5 ltrs of water already and I feel good. Also did some cardio exercise especially for my mid section. Do slight exercise, even if its taking a walk! I am 34yrs mother of 2, 5.3″ and weight 78kgs. Was 82 as @ November ending lost 4kg via active exercise and permanent change of diet! 70/80% of weightless is on your diet, eat well and healthy,you will be surprise @ how d weight will sta dropping! Go for skimmed milk in place of full cream, ditch soda for water, herbal teas for coffee! Change ur diet for good! I will also advice those who have successfully done this to take a 2 wks break before starting it again! I wish us luck

  164. Hi
    im having thyroid and cholesterol. im talking tablet at empty stomach and at bed time.
    can i follow gm diet.. will it help me… if yes,may i take tablets during this diet. Im 24,weighing 62 height is 158 cms. i wish to reduce to 50 or 52

  165. Thank you for d reply zya

  166. Hi,

    Is there any limit /quantity to take fruits on first day? can we take more fruits as much as we can take?

  167. heavy head ache after 6Pm so droped… failed today πŸ™ πŸ™

  168. Hi Can I have salt on day 2 & 3 with vegetables?

  169. Today is My Day One. I started preparing myself from yesterday night on wards, didn’t have anything bulky just cornflakes with milk, half cantaloupe and one orange.
    Today started with a slice of watermelon at 7:30 AM. At around 8:30 I had a bowl of fruits consisting of one red apple, one green apple and a half cantaloupe. at 11 pm I had one orange. At 1 pm I had half a glass of pineapple juice to avoid the strange feeling of having no wholegrain food. At 2 pm I had a glass of orange juice. at 3 pm I am going to have a bowl of watermelon. At 4 pm I have my kiwi ready.

  170. Hi

    starting gm diet today

    i hope to complete the diet plan. fingers crossed.

  171. hi frnds i have started my gm diet today i am 73kgs my target is 53 kgs so wish me all the best

  172. Started my GM Diet today !!! I hope I complete it.. I tried this last time some 2 years back but couldnt make it even the first day.. but this time I hope I may survive… I weigh around 95 kgs currently….

    @ 8.15 AM Breakfast – Had two slices watermelon and two slices of MuskMelon… 2 glass of water…
    @ 10.30 – Had one guava and one orange…

    I have one question. Can Guava be consumed ? Also do we have any restrictions on the quantity ? I believe fruits (esp melons) howmuch ever consumed will be digested and the cleansing process takes place becasue of which we use rest rooms often.


  173. can we exercise while following this diet chart

    • Yes you can do to have good benefit out of this diet. Do mild strech exercise. Also it helps you out from joint pains and tiredness which you may feel during the course of the diet.

  174. i want 2 start this dieting system i hve now 91 kg can i reuce my weit about 70 like that

  175. starting day 1. i am 32 yrs old, weighing 85 kilos.i am 5 ft 7 inches. i was 78 last year. i will achieve last years weight first and then my ideal weight.
    good luck to all.

  176. Hi i’m on my third hunger pangs , no headache. I was 87 on day 1.

  177. I am on Day 4 today. I just dont like the wonder soup.I am drinking 3-4 litres of water all the days.Does the diet work without having the wonder soup ?

  178. 2day is my 1st day of d diet……hope dis time i will loose more then 2 kgs……..pray for me plz…..

  179. Today is day 1 on the GM diet. i had melons, grapes, kiwi and mango for breakfast. i decided to fill up on all the fruits i love and stay full rather than going with the sample. wish me luck! πŸ™‚

  180. planning to start after 2 weeks of Atkins phase 1.Just want to detoxify and if it happens,lose some weight πŸ™‚
    Good luck fellow dieters!

  181. Starting tomorrow on GM diet to loose a few inches will post the result starting weight 66kgs-day 1

  182. i lost 20 kg in hardly 4 months..this diet is the only thing that ever worked fr me but after that u gotta hv control on taste buds coz if u start eating sweets again,weight will shoot up even more than before!

  183. i was 84 in jan 2009 n 64 in may 2009 but later i left dieting n started normal indian food ,.i started hgaining in dec 2009 again n after that it increased like anything n now march 2013 i m 94,so again i thought of starting GM diet.its tougher this time.i remember the time wen i used to do GM diet frequently n i hardly felt like eating rice chapat oily fod n sweets.i was si happy with fruits raw veggies n soup..hope this time my body responds same way n i atleast get back to 74 as i was two years back.wish me luck!

  184. Hi Everyone !!!

    Its my 1st day and I weight 94 Kgs…. wish me luck… this time I am really very serious to loose up to 15 Kgs atleast and some inch loss too…

  185. i started my diet today weighing 71 kgs. my height is 5”1 and i am 20 yrs old…i expect to lose upto 4 kgs following this diet. hopefully that goes well.. *fingers crossed* i will keep u guys updated..
    oh, and thank you very much to who ever who made this wonderful diet. it is been very helpful πŸ˜€

  186. Just started my routine today. Guys must tell you the first day was really challenging and tough. Its was not easy to stop my craving need for other foods. With my determined will as I reached the end of the day I felt very dizzy and weak. Presently I am weighting 75 kg, lets positively hope I loose 5 kg by the routine end.

    I will update my result πŸ™‚

  187. Just stepped in my third day. The second day was even more tougher, there was a slight pain in the forehead and I caught for an early sleep. Good part was I really started the feel lighter and began to see a remarkable difference in my body. Although I have finger crossed and will only check my weight on the final day.

    As an advice, please don’t stretch much work if you are following this GM diet

    Wishing you all success in this plan πŸ™‚

  188. can one have tea (with milk) every day. and i never had soup. im in my 5th day. kindly help!

  189. Hey all πŸ™‚
    Today is my day one, I had melons, one orange and a guave so far. Am not really hungry but missing my routine food!!!
    I had 3 glasses of wAter and going to the toilet like crazy!!!!
    Anyone started today??

  190. Today i started GM diet, my weight is 84kg

  191. Hi I am planning to start the Gm diet on saturday – 20 april 2013.. Will do it with full positive energy as I want to loose 3-4 kg weight by this 1 week plan. Is the weight gain after GM diet plan when you come up to daily routine diet? or Something we need to take prevention of not to again gain the weight. Please suggest.

  192. Table which I have created by analyzing data from this forum for vegetarian GM diet plan- Suggest if i am missing something as i have to start this plan from 20 april 2013.

    Day Time Food with quantity
    Note-day1 (body is subject to detoxification) consume starchy foods such as potatoes, oats and bananas the day before their targeted week
    1 8:00am 1 cup of diced apples and 1-2 glasses of water
    1 10:30 am 1 bowl raw papaya and 1-2 glasses of water
    1 1:00 pm 1 bowl of watermelon or muskmelon and 1-2 glasses of water/ mangoes
    1 4:00 pm 1 orange/sweet lime/chickoo fruit and 2 glasses of water
    1 5:30 pm 1 glass coconut water/orange juice
    1 8:00 pm Β½ bowl of Melon, kiwi and orange,1-2 glass of water or 1 bowl of melon and 2 glasses of water
    1 9:30 pm off

    Note-day2 (foster metabolic processes, boost the fiber intake) should eat a full dinner consisting of heavier fruits such as melons, as they will be using supplemental fiber content the next day, can do heavy exercise
    2 8:00am 1 cup boiled potato and 2 glasses of water (with little salt and red chilly)
    2 10:30 am 1 bowl of cabbage(raw) and 1-2 glasses of water(with chat masala)
    2 1:00 pm 1 cucumber, 1 tomato and Β½ boiled beet and 2 glasses of water with chat masala
    2 4:00 pm 2 tomatoes and 2 glasses of water
    2 7:00 pm 1 bowl of Boiled spinach/loki , cabbage, tomato with salt and spices and 2 glasses of water
    2 8:00 pm off
    2 9:30 pm off

    Note- day 3 perform breathing exercise in morning
    3 8:00am 1 apple and 1-2 glasses of water or 1 cup of diced melon and 2 glasses of water
    3 10:30 am 1 bowl of cantaloupe(musk melon) mixed with papaya and 2 glasses of water
    3 1:00 pm 1 bowl of mixed cucumber, tomato with Β½ boiled beet and 2 glasses of water
    3 4:00 pm 1 orange or ripe mango and 2 glasses of water
    5:30 Carrot, tomato juice or orange juice
    3 7:30 pm 1 bowl of Boiled spinach/loki and tomato with salt and spices and 2 glasses of water, raw papaya1 slice or apple or water melon for dessert
    3 8:00 pm Off
    3 9:30 pm off

    Note-4 day followers of the diet have already gone through natural detoxifying processes, and they are found to be more cheerful and enthusiastic when it comes to performing physical activities, use skimmed milk
    4 8:00am 2 banana with warm milk in a glass no sugar
    4 10:30 am 1 banana
    4 1:00 pm A bowl of Vegetable soup- boil onion, green pepper, tomato, loki with water +salt +pepper
    4 4:00 pm 2 Banana shake in cold milk no sugar
    4 7:00 pm A bowl of Vegetable soup- boil onion, green pepper, tomato, loki with water +salt +pepper
    4 8:00 pm off
    4 9:30 pm off

    Note-day 5 (body’s protein requirements are addressed) Drink up to 14 glasses of water on this day so that the body system will be detoxified, no juice, all together 1 cup of brown rice in whole day remove starch of rice.
    5 8:00am a tomato soup
    5 10:30 am 1 tomato
    5 1:00 pm Grate these 6 tomatoes in a mixer and make a purey and cook it as a gravy….add some boiled soya balls (panner, dal- moong,tuhar,chaana) with peas and make it like a sabji with not much oil….eat with 1 bowl boiled brown rice. (Quantity- Brown rice – take a small cup of it which u c at chai wala’s tea stall, the smallest ones….and boil that quantity…see if any starch and rinse and eat wid ur made sabzi)
    5 4:00 pm water
    5 7:00 pm Repeat the lunch item again or have the tomato soup again.
    5 8:00 pm Off
    5 9:30 pm off

    Note-day 6 feast day or a cheat day , body is slowly gaining back its appetite but in a rather fructose craving mode(expected to have lost as much as 10 lbs previous fruit-vegetable consumption a different glow in the skin can also be seen.) – pursue lively activities, remove starch of rice
    6 8:00am 1 bowl Sauteed mixed Vegetable- below recipe
    6 10:30 am ΒΌ bowl veggies
    6 1:00 pm grate these 6 tomatoes in a mixer and make a purey and cook it as a gravy….add some boiled soya balls(panner, dal- moong,tuhar,chaana) with peas and make it like a sabji with not much oil….eat with 1 bowl boiled brown rice. (Quantity- Brown rice – take a small cup of it which u c at chai wala’s tea stall, the smallest ones….and boil that quantity…see if any starch and rinse and eat wid ur made sabzi)
    6 4:00 pm ΒΌ bowl veggies
    6 5:30 Coconut water
    6 7:00 pm grate these 6 tomatoes in a mixer and make a purey and cook it as a gravy….add some boiled soya balls(panner, dal- moong,tuhar,chaana) with peas and make it like a sabji with not much oil….eat with 1 bowl boiled brown rice. (Quantity- Brown rice – take a small cup of it which u c at chai wala’s tea stall, the smallest ones….and boil that quantity…see if any starch and rinse and eat wid ur made sabzi)
    6 8:00 pm Off
    6 9:30 pm off

    Note day 7 now allowed to eat starch in the form of brown rice
    7 8:00am 1 bowl of fruit papaya/ melon
    7 10:30 am Raisin\strawberry
    7 1:00 pm 1 bowl brown rice with veg curry as in day 6, mango slice after lunch for dessert
    7 4:00 pm Orange juice
    7 7:00 pm Veggies- spinach , little rice (not required have more veggies)
    7 8:00 pm Off
    7 9:30 pm off

  193. First day of GM diet, a little nervous that it will be difficult to stick with it. But I am hoping I get some results!! Starting out at 61 kg and hoping to get to 57 kg. Wish me luck!

  194. i am nervous will it work , i am worried about crash diet

  195. i am starting with 70 kgs , plz help πŸ™ wish me luck

  196. i am allergic to beef and hamburger, can it can be some how replaced plz,,, and i can have chicken portions or motton instead

  197. We have a combined weight of 170 Kgs, and we want this to work for us desperately.

    I am a bit nervous to start with as we have tried some things earlier without much success. Actually we have gained a good 25 Kgs in last 1 year.

    Starting tomorrow 22.04.2013

    The first and second day seems to be difficult..

    Going to buy lots of fruits for tomorrow..

    Lets see how it moves forward.. Wish us luck .. πŸ™‚

  198. Finished my first week and lost 4lbs, due to a couple of slip-ups while visiting friends. But I am very please with the way I feel and look! Going to start again this week, with no mistakes!

  199. I am starting my diet plan today at 91 kgs. Just curious about the salt intake during.the whole diet plan. Can I add salt to the vegetables on the second day?

  200. can I drink glass of milk without sugar on first day ?

  201. hi
    today my weight is 89 KG
    and i want to reduce this weight?
    is this plan is right for me??

  202. From today I start my GM diet. I think to stay whole day on watermelon and pappaya.

    Can I take lemon tea in my through my GM diet first day?

  203. i am starting my diet plan today at 75 kgs

  204. from today i start my gm dier plan..half day is ovr n having h light headache πŸ™
    i want to ask one thing that iam addicted to tea…can i take half cup tea in morning with half spoon sugar??? and green tea in evning without milk n sugar? will it work plz answer coz i cant stay without having tea in morning :/

  205. Can we have curd on 1st day of diet…??

  206. I have lost 4.5 Kg in a week

  207. I weigh 63kgs.. I am getting married in three months time..i wanted to lose upto atleast 8kgs.. I was 58kg till 2001, i was very active in sports when i was young..(till 18) now am 24.. I don gain weight easily nor lose weight that easily..So i wanted to know whther Gm diet will work on me.. Please do help.. I wanted to lose 8kgs at any many times should i do to lose 8kilos.. Please reply me..

  208. hi
    I am starting GM diet today. Anybody wants to join me and boost my morale. I think if someone else will be there it will help me keep me on track. I have been gaining and loosing weight since five years of my marriage.My only problem is I have a sweet tooth and thus I regain weight. Do anyone have suggestion how to control my cravings for sweets and is there any pill in the market that help to stop eating sweets altogether.
    Please advice.

  209. can i have sprouts on veggie days???????????????????

  210. Hello,

    Let me tell you that this GM diet really works, no need to carry confusion or doubt about it,
    just there will be variation in weight reduction as per body type.

    Following is my personal experience.

    I was weighing 83Kgs. when I started my first session of GM diet, First two days I found very hard to follow but my dedication took me towards completion of this session, In first session I lost 4 Kgs. and weighed 79 Kgs. upon completion.
    Later I took 1 week gap before starting my second session, in 2nd session I lost 3 Kgs. and weight was 76Kgs.
    Then after I stopped following GM diet and switched to regular diet just to check whether my reduced weight bounces back but it did not bounce back and because of my regular diet & 45 min. brisk walk every day, I could loose 1Kg weight per week. Thus I reached up to 69Kgs till now because of which I had to change all my clothing stuff.

    I started my first session of GM diet in first week of March 2013 and from that day to till now I lost 14Kgs. with combination of regular diet & GM diet. My ultimate weight target is 65 Kgs, summer is now about to over, so from today I am again hitting GM diet so as to achieve my aim. I am expecting 3 Kgs. weight loss in my third session & then will again stick to my regular diet plan.

    Following are some of the keys and trigger points.
    1. Strong Dedication.
    2. 45 min. walk / running with proper body stretching.
    3. One should follow diet timings.
    4. Upon completion of a session, not to switch to regular meal practice immediately, chances of weight bouncing back are high. Follow some basic diet after 7 days to maintain the reduced weight.

    All the very best guys…..



  211. hi
    can I drink morning tea? as I cant start my day without tea. I am 68kg and I want to reduce almost 10kg. so would you please give me reply about morning tea. I want to start Gm diet from tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  212. Hey,
    I am starting this diet from today, i am just wondering what type of coconut water is it? Is it the one in cans?Not sure.

  213. can i use oil or butter for coocking beef?

  214. Started with Day 1 on 2nd Jun 2013

    Weighing 96.5 kgs
    I have decided not to measure weight on day to day basis but surely in the end of the diet session 1 – just see if I can keep up with this program for 7 days.

    Had watermelon & cantaloupe plus water whole day long.

    Went for walk however energy level was quite down but I know it needs serious dedication & results will be great..

    Good Luck everyone including ME!

    • its will very help full to check daily weight morning & night (before sleep) its will alert you when ur scal will go up.

      good luck

  215. I am starting this diet from tomorrow… Want to loose 30 kg…hope this diet helps:-(

  216. Started with day 1 today…need some will power and inspiration πŸ™‚

  217. i’ll start tomorrow i’m 5’2 then 54 kg ,hope at the end i reach 50 kg πŸ˜‰

  218. hi

    i have started with 96 kg i have done 2 week with 3-3 weeks gap….now my weight is 88 kg & i am going to continue this …my tgt is 70 kg
    wish me luck πŸ™‚

  219. hi!!!
    i m going to start the GM diet 2maro onwards…
    i weigh 79 kg now…
    wish me all the best!!!

  220. I Have started my weight reduction plan by following the GM diet started today with 95kg plan to is 6-8kg
    Wish me the luck

  221. tday is my 1st day in this plan i follow under this diet plan but i ate few channa dhal with flake seeds wil that affect my diet plan

  222. pls rply me as soon as possible……….

  223. Awesome issues here. I am very happy to see your post. Thanks so much and I’m looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  224. Day 1 started with 65 kgs., lets see how it goes ??

  225. Hello there,
    I was 107 after first week i lost 5kg
    Now im at week 2 day 4 , during this week i lost 2kg sofar
    total of 7kg in one week and 4 days

    My questions is:
    For how many weeks i still repeat this diet? i have no problem to do it.
    It’s easy for me because i took my decision and i want to lose 15 more kg

    Please help me with my questions
    Cheers and good luck to all of u

    ps:It’s all in ur head !!!!! DO IT!!!!

  226. Hi . I am a vegetarian so on day 5 what should I have instead of beef n in what quantity. Secondly the wonder soup can be had on day 1 to day 7 ? Waiting to hear from u ASAP

  227. Try some protein powder, stevia sweetened or something of that nature to match the amount of meat protein.

    yes on the soup

  228. Hello guys,

    i’m gonna start the diet tomorrow…..I’m 142.5lbs. i hope i’ll reduce 10.5lbs and be 132 lbs…by the end of the week….fingers crossed…:(

  229. Hello guys,

    i’m gonna start the diet tomorrow…..I’m 142.5lbs. i hope i’ll reduce 10.5lbs and be 132 lbs…by the end of the week…..:(…I’ll keep u guys posted…:D

  230. Hey Sam, please do report back πŸ™‚

    Love to hear people progress. EAT, this is not a fast ….

  231. Hi I started the diet today …. Had fruit juice in the morning … Is it fine ?

  232. Eat. You need the fiber. Instead you drank basically a glass full of fructose. Try and eat what you’re supposed to on the plan if you can.

  233. i’m going to start this tomorrow. i’m at 157lbs. Let’s see where it will go πŸ˜‰ will definitely report back!

  234. Started my 4th round of the GM diet. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far (15 the first week, 8 the second and 7 the third) from 285 lbs to 253 lbs. I have not cheated on the plan at all and have been doing yoga 3-4 times per week…just 10-20 minutes each time. I took between 3-7 days off between each go…tried to eat healthy most of the off time.

    A few tricks I’ve found to help. First…eat the cabbage soup WHENEVER you feel hungry…any day of the diet. I substituted jalapeno peppers for green peppers in the soup which made it much more tasty too!! Second, drink as much water as you possibly can. While you can drink orange juice some of the time, I try to save it for the few times I feel I really need an energy boost. On day two, the only day I find challenging, be sure to have cherry tomatoes handy for the mid day energy crash. A half a pint of cherry tomatoes always gets me through!

    On day 4…make banana smoothies. Very refreshing and easier to eat than just the bananas. Also, I am lactose intolerant, so I substituted rice milk for cows milk. It is lighter and easier to digest and gives you the protein and minerals you need.

    Good luck!

  235. Last day on the program and to date have lost 9.5 lbs.going for 10 lbs. Starting again tomorrow with nothing g but fruit. Did I slip up… yes… had 3 shrimp on day 2 and had some sweet potato chips ( 6 ) on day 4. They were so salty that I only managed 6. No other slip ups. Going to do this program 2 weeks on and one off until my goal weight of 145. Started at 188.8. Hope it takes only 6 weeks… will keep you posted.

  236. One week complete and am down 10.5 lbs. Feels great. Starting week 2 today. Want another 6 or 7 lbs.

  237. Starting the Diet Plan from Today!!!
    Day1 – Weight 63 KGs
    keeping my fingers crossed to lose approximately 4- 5 kgs becoz this is is my third time trying to follow GM diet. I was very confident till 2 days for 2 times but on 3rd day evening i got irritated somehow becoz of headache and i skipped the total diet. But now today i dont want to skip it at any cost
    Wish Me all the best folks!!!!!!!

  238. hang in there, I will get headaches, maybe some detox, maybe cutting certain foods, just have to hang in there, keep it up πŸ™‚

  239. Im on my 3rd day of GM diet now. Lost 4.0 kg in 2 days!

  240. Kevin, Let me know whether we can have Lime water or lime water with honey instead of Water we are consuming.

    • Lime water is fine, assuming it is only lime and water. No on the honey. I would not do it… Use a little stevia if you need it sweet.

  241. Three weeks ago I stated with 85.5kg by the end of the diet plan I was 80 kg less by 5.5. I decided I will not go back to my old ways. Without knowing today I am 78kg! i will keep up with more salads and fruits + be careful with foods for tongue!

  242. hi
    this lak now am 87.4 kg i want to reduce at least 10 kgs bcoz i am a girl i started gng to gym daily morning and evening from july 02 2013 to still i am continuing and today is 1st day of gm diet july 10 2013 till now i am feeling that much of hungry i just now had 1 apple and after that i am gng to take muskmelon and afternoon i want to take watermelon and evening some other fruit strawberry or cherry and then evening i want to go gym morning i burned 350 cal and evening same 350 cal i want to burn is it ok r do more to reduce and r each my goal with in one month i want reduce at least 10kgs plsssssss give so information toreduce my weight pls help me

  243. Hi All… I have started this diet 3 months back and had positive results…Lost upto 4kgs in a week.Now i am 70kgs ……will Start GM diet from 22nd July…..eager to see better results than before….Must say ..THIS DIET DOES WONDERS….. GOOD LUCK to all … πŸ™‚

  244. Am so much depressed ……I started the GM diet on Saturday and my weight was
    1st day 75.9kg
    2nd day -75.4kg
    3rd day 73.6kg ,
    4th day 73.1kg,
    5th day 73.2kg
    6th day 73.5kg
    I don’t know what will happen tomorrow…..from day 5 onward my will is gradually increasing….73.2,73.5 …

    Actually i thought i can reduce at least 4kg in a week ….but upto 4th day i lost 2.8kg….i was so much enthusiastic to continue the diet…But 5th day of monitoring i feel very bad…i monitored it on 6th day also,feel very very bad…because am gradually going to my old weight…Any way i decided to finish it….will c what will happen tomorrow

    • 2.8kgs ???? Don’t you feel is still better than just gaining weight…you must be happy that you are losing weight dear…just continue …it do wonders sweetheart…

  245. Week 2 was tough 3 more lbs lost. Then I went on holidays. Gained back the 3 I lost in week 2. Started again today. Lots of melon and water. Hope to lose 7 lbs this week and 7 lbs next week before another week of holidays.will keep you posted.

  246. Hi Friends, from tomorrow I am going to start my GM diet. My weight is 73.3 kg. My aim is to shed around 8 kgs.Wish me luck. I keep sharing the updates. …:)

  247. Keep us posted vybhava πŸ™‚
    Good luck…

  248. Hi all… Started today… Feeling headach….. Is it normal?

  249. Pappaya should be raw or ripen?

  250. For me any diet usually does casue headaches for 1 to 2 days then they taper off because it means I have cut sugars, white flours and such.

  251. ripened to me πŸ™‚

  252. 3 days in and I’m 3 lbs lighter. Going for 1 lb per day…

  253. Great results so far πŸ™‚

  254. can i take green tea 2-3 times a day along with the diet plan…?????

  255. Any sugar in it?

  256. Successfully completed day 1….:D
    Today evening i am going to check my weight then I will update u guys…

  257. can sumbdy pl pl temme if barley water can be taken along wid gm diet…………….plssss

  258. No you cannot do barley water, sorry πŸ™‚

  259. heyyyyyyyyyyyy …:) i lost 1 kg by the end of 2nd day. now my weight is 72.2. Its amazing.. I am very happy by seeing such a drastic changes…:):):)

  260. Day 5 and 4 lbs lost. Yes I’ve cheated. Had a coffee with sugar every day but only one. Down from 6. Headache is gone with this one cheat. Had some popcorn 2 nights ago. About 2 cups.found it very salty. Its not like I’m never going to cheat. But I’m more aware of what I’m cheating with.popcorn had 80 cals per cup same amount of chips would have been 600 cals.

  261. vybhava, nice results…. πŸ™‚
    Hey Nancy… Cheating is tough to avoid sometimes. But sugar will destroy the results you get, it won’t take long. it is just so tough on the body.

  262. Hi All,

    can I have two glasses of Green tea in place of normal water?

  263. this has no sugar nothing. simply dipping the Green tea bag into hot water and having it…

  264. yes seeni you can have.

  265. hi frnds i am impressed about this diet will any one join me becoz it will be motivated,challenging,can be dedicated. v can follow this diet comparatively and competitively and cant change our mind to our fav foods.

  266. hey…is there any vegetarian substitute for brown rice..although brown rice is a veg. meal but i still cant have it…any substitute??? or you could tell me recipe for cooking brown rice…

  267. what can you have or have available in your area? quinoa?

  268. Finished the week 5 lbs lighter.So in 2 full weeks on the program 15.5 lbs lost. Yes I did have sugar in my coffee but its 15 calories. Used almond milk with my bananas for 120 calorie save for the day.. Going to new York for holidays. Will do another week when I get back.

  269. i started i am 84.9kgs today is my first day it is very hard let us see how much i will reduce in these 7days

  270. hi…ds is ma 1st day (gm diet)…i was 52 kg last yr….but aftr delivery i gained 12 kg…im nt sure ws my exact weight…gonna check 2day eve…its 12 noon… i had one apple for brkfst … and 2 plums at 11 0 clock….lets see…. πŸ™‚

  271. This diet plan really rocks f**g 8kg weight loss in seven days ,

    just one more week to get my flat abs back

  272. This Plan really rocks , i killed f**n 8 kgs in 7 days

    one more weak i will get my flat abs back

    wish me luck guys

  273. I m 163 cm en 67 kilo. Started GM Diet today..I need to loss 10 kilo….will keep u guys updated:))

  274. If i am a sugar patient can I follow the veg diat plan. Please advice me.

  275. We can’t answer yes or no to a medical condition question. Look over the 7 days ad see if there are foods you cannot eat, etc based on what your doctor says.. πŸ™‚

  276. Starting the diet again after a break of 5 days!
    Last time lost 5.5 Kgs, pretty excited this time. Had 2 bowls of melon this morning as breakfast and some more cubes of melon as morning snacks. So far so good. πŸ™‚

  277. Hi guys, I am going to start gm diet from tomrw…:) This is my second attempt but i failed to follow the diet exactly wat it is in my first attempt , still i lost some 2 kgs…:) but this time i am definitely going to complete the diet successfully.:)..

  278. hi divya ,, how about ur results??? how much did u reduce??

  279. Can I have tea with milk and no sugar??

  280. Hey Sherry, only if you must. I am big on sticking to the diet 100% as much as possible. So it is truly up to you πŸ™‚

    • Can you tell me what if we take tea with law fat milk and no sugar, if i dont take it then i will get headache, and i need only 1 cup in morning

  281. I followed the day 1 diet, and after lunch I had very uneasy feeling due to gas. Any ways to prevent it. I had eaten musk melon, watermelon, kiwi and apple.

  282. Too much melon will get me every-time and I have a strong/normal digestion. Watch out for too much melon…

  283. my first day is hectic am craving a lot of food I weigh 65 and want to lose 15kg in 3 months
    so I can look good for December holidays
    Started first day
    mixed fruit and pear 5 glasses water little headache

    cant wait to see the result

  284. Hi I started the diet today. Is black coffee with little sugar ok? Till now I have had 3 bowls of fruits (melons apples, pineapples) in the day and have had sufficient water. Being a coffee lover I helped myself with 3 cups of black coffee. Is it fine or should I stop it?

  285. No black coffee is not OK, and for sure neither is sugar. Sorry πŸ™

    They are actually bad, especially the sugar. I’m not going to be the one to tell you to quit coffee, but this diet needs to be a time of reflection as to how you will come out of the diet healthier and changed. Hope you do well πŸ™‚

  286. I am very excited on seeing the results and posts of Magical work of GM DIET and started today.
    I have included pomegranates along with whatever you said like Apples,Watermelon,Papaya,lots of water.
    Is that ok to include pomegranates in Day 1?

    Awaiting your reply

  287. Not that familiar with pomegranates, they should be OK πŸ™‚

  288. I am really excited with the comments and experiences of people on GM diet…
    im on day 1… it’s gonna b real tough for me to keep up to the diet however i shall try and give my best

  289. I am allergic to milk!! What can I substitute on the milk/bananas day? Going to start this in a few days. I have a cruise coming up!!

  290. Tough one on the milk, maybe try a soy or almond milk. Have fun on the cruise πŸ™‚

  291. Started Day 1. Serious headache. Struggling.

  292. Sorry Gugus, usually detox, think about what you w ere eating before and not now, Will do it every time. To me though this diet should cut down on that since fruit is allowed. Caffeine, sugar and lots of flour once you cut it can come back as not feeling so well for a day or 2…

  293. Thanks Kevin, I haven’t started yet, haven’t had time to get everything together! I MAY be able to do low fat milk, I haven’t had it in so long I forget what I can and cannot have!

  294. Starting today…
    Weight: 138.2 lbs
    Height: 5’5″

  295. GOOD LUCK Amrita, make sure you eat, this is not a fasting low calorie diet πŸ™‚

  296. im on 7th day i have lost around 3 kgs i need to do it once more can i start immediately or should i give a break? plz plz let me know

  297. Roopa you can try it certainly or take a week or 2 off, really up to you to test

  298. Hi Buddies,

    I have started my GM Diet from yesterday πŸ™‚ I have checked my weight..its 65.5 and my height is 163

    I need to reduce 8 Kg at least πŸ™ Getting a lot inspiration from all of ur comments…

    Successfully completed first day with out any headache and ran in treadmill for 2.5 km..Keeping fingures closed to see good results…Wish me good luck guys πŸ˜€ i will be updating my changes :))

  299. Good luck Sajna πŸ™‚

  300. Started my deit today – Day 1
    i’m 5’6 and i weigh around 57.5.. i gotta reduce 3 more kilos for my pre preg weight. So hope this helps πŸ™‚

    so far its going great… gonna do my exercise in the eveonce my husband is back [ hez the one who takes care of kid while i’m exercising πŸ˜‰ ]

    wish me luck πŸ™‚


  301. hope it helps as well Good luck Archie

  302. thanks Kevin πŸ™‚

    Today I am in my 4rth day….succesfully completed my 3 days….eagerly waiting to check my weight today..

    Will let you guys know if there any positive results πŸ™‚

  303. i have started GM Diet plan on 3 weeks back and at the end of 1 week i was 4 kg less than earlier.. but now my weight is stable.. though i am continuing this plan till now.. please suggest, if more weight will be reduced or not.. and they have also mentioned 3 days break before every repetition… please suggest if its mandatory.. because m not taking breaks in diet plan.. if this is the reason that weight is not reducing now…. please reply ASAP… i want to follow the instructions….

  304. Hello Vimmi,

    At some point you have to come off, ideally you do it once a month. The big test and best thing you can do is not stay on a diet, rather change the habits that have potentially made you more over weight. There are tons of triggers that can vary per person. For me it was simple, I ate too much junk food and ate out too often. So please do not stay on it. It is not meant for that.

  305. Today was my first day. Had a wide variety of fruits in the form of salad mixed in dressings. Binged on a few cashew nuts even though I was not sure if it was okay to. Tried to drink a lot of water. I have started to feel headache since afternoon. I hope the ache goes away after a good nights sleep. Looking forward to the next day…..

  306. I have been attempting this diet since I saw my baby sitter lost about 20 lbs on this diet program. I have never made it through day 1. Hopefully this time I will be able to stay committed for the 7 days and more :). I am 5’9- 198 lbs. Short term goal for this week “sticking to this program” Wish me luck as day 1 begins.

  307. Good luck Shani πŸ™‚

  308. I tried it for 5 days and lost 2.5 kgs!! But lot of people around me have suggested not to follow as it does help in losing weight but it results in regaining double very quickly. I am little confused as to continuing it for another week.

  309. Not sure what that means? Double? The diet can work. But that’s up to each person in mist cases. Did you happen to ask each person what heir diet was like afterwards? Sorry but if you think this diet will do all you need without a lifestyle change that’s, let face it, caused us all to gain weight you will find the same results with any diet out there, end of story. Too many people look at their diet plan and not enough the after.

  310. hii..From mon i’m gonna start the GM diet. i weigh 73.5 kg n my height is 5.3″. i need to reduce as much weight as possible.Cn i go to the gym while following this diet ? Should i eat fruits after 8? please let me know

  311. Sure you can workout.
    Fruits? really up to you and your post diet plan, fruits can be fine for some and tough for others, normal rule of thumb I hear is 2 servings.

  312. Hi,
    Today is my first day of GM diet. feeing very difficulty to have only fruits that too morning my weight was 61.5kgs.I am very eager to check my weight tomoro morning.:)

    can i have any amout of fruits which u have mentioned???? or only limited quantity which u have mentioned we have to take????????

  313. hi.. i addition to my earlier comment.. i have some doubts yet… you suggested earlier that i can follow this diet plan once a month (please also read mine and yours earlier comments).. would it be helpful shedding weight every month about 3-4 kgs…?? please reply ASAP… thanks…

  314. Not sure what you mean, you can do the diet once or twice, my opinion is once then eat right after that to maintain and hopefully lose more. At some point your lifestyle has to be your means of losing and maintaining.

  315. Can we put salt on fruits and veggi …. or can we eat fruit chatt ?…?

  316. salt is OK, just never overdo it πŸ™‚

  317. Today is my First day, fruits all ready,My weight 58.7kg
    Plan 1)B fast- 1pear and 1 orange
    2)snck- 1 apple
    3)Lunch – melons
    4)Lemon water
    5)Fruit platter ,all fruits for dinner
    2-3 litres of water
    Most important is strong determination and being positive..”I can do it”!

  318. its lunch time..very severe craving,no other difficulties….
    I should stick on to this..Wish me Luck!

  319. Hang in there Daniel…

  320. Hi,

    Today i have started this gm diet. I am expecting a weight loss of 5 kg.

    I ll update after 7 days.

  321. Today is my Day 1. My starting weight is 68kg. I have to lose 15kg in three months so that I can fit into my dream dress for my brother’s wedding in late Jan. I will stick to this diet no matter how…so hopefully I can lose 5kg after 7 days! I will keep you all posted on my progress each day! Thank you for the author whom put up this awesome and detailed diet plan!

  322. Hi
    Can we have the cabbage soup every day with GM diet a lot of people tell me it will help to lose weight fast.

  323. Today is my first day , I want to lose 20-30 pounds
    I am 162 lbs 5.5 wish me luck .

  324. can i have sugar apple instead of papaya in day one as mid morning snack?

  325. Hi,

    Today is my first day, I would like to ask that can i have tea without sugar in morning

  326. I followed this plan about 4 years back. I started when I weighed 104Kgs and at the end of the 7th day, I was 90Kgs. This really worked and I have started this again today as I have gained back 14kgs over 4 years.

  327. Thank you author for providing a detailed diet plan. My first day of GM Diet. I weigh 62kg. Want to lose 5kg in a week . :). Once it worked, will update with the diet chart I followed.

  328. I was on chocolates/pastries, pizzas, burgers, coke and fried chicken for too long, and weighed around 78 kgs. My schedule had no workout regime whatsoever and my activity level was almost zero (You know, working infront of a computer sitting for almost 10-12 hrs!) I went on this diet in Jan, 2013…Man! It was difficult as hell! But I stuck to it…By third day, I was not even able to walk around, my body was too weak! But I stuck to the plan and when I finished the diet, I had lost 7 kgs! I did this diet only for a week. After that, for nearly 5 months I lay off all unhealthy food and stuck to home cooked food and without much physical exercise I’m at 61 Kgs now. Occasionally, I do treat myself with chocolates/pizzas/KFC! But I’m at a happy place in life and have been able to maintain my weight of 61 kg for the past 4 months. This diet gave me the motivation/will power to chose a healthy lifestyle. I will always be thankful to this diet! Don’t give up midway guys! Good luck!

    • Nice job πŸ™‚ You do have to find a healthy lifestyle afterwards to maintain, seems like you are in a good place…

    • Hi Mary, I am responding to you as my profile is identical to yours….77kg, and have eaten wrong for far too long. Am starting GM diet tomorrow, my first serious attempt at any diet! I Am dreaming to achieve the results which you did….but mostly, am praying that I am just able to hang in there for the next seven days…wish me luck!

  329. Hi,
    After taking medicine for the gall balder stones, i gained my weight almost 12kgs making me weigh 70kgs within few months, I was very weak after taking medicine so they had to give healthy suppliments, that again was kind medicine. I had taken Ayurvedic medicine, the only side effect was hair loss for some time and weight gain. I tried my best to reuce my weight but could not, it’s been the same weight since more than 4 years. I did used to go for a walk say for 3hrs atleast for almost an year, I still walk but not so much, and was also under diet eating only chapatis for almost 3 months, just liquids for some time, but I could not lose even half kg, it’s been the same ever since i gained, I neither gained more nor lose. My intake of food is less compared to normalcy, and hardly eat anything outside, mostly home made. I am even starved for 1 or 2 days, not to lose weight but, it just happens sometimes, say for some 10 days or 15, may be more since 4years not continuously!! Some times just on water, but i never saw even half kilo being reduced!! i was between 54 to 60 for many years since i was 24 or max i was 64kgs, 5’5 ft.height. But now i am 70 and has become standard!!

    May I really hope for weight loss following these dietary instructions?? and also,

    may I extend the period like 7 days to 14 each being 2days or 21 each being 3?? does that work even losing more weight than just 5kgs?? I wanna lose atleast 10kgs may not be like a miracle but hopefully eventually……. and

    does it also improve metabolism and helps reduce the stomach??

    Please guide me…….. Have a nice day πŸ™‚ Thank you

  330. Hi,
    After taking medicine for the gall balder stones, i gained my weight almost 12kgs making me weigh 70kgs (female, 5.5ft height) within few months, I was very weak after taking medicine so they had to give healthy suppliments, that again was kind medicine. I had taken Ayurvedic medicine, the only side effect was hair loss for some time and weight gain. I tried my best to reuce my weight but could not, it’s been the same weight since more than 4 years. I did used to go for a walk say for 3hrs atleast for almost an year, I still walk but not so much, and was also under diet eating only chapatis for almost 3 months, just liquids for some time, but I could not lose even half kg, it’s been the same ever since i gained, I neither gained more nor lose. My intake of food is less compared to normalcy, and hardly eat anything outside, mostly home made. I am even starved for 1 or 2 days, not to lose weight but, it just happens sometimes, say for some 10 days or 15, may be more since 4years not continuously!! Some times just on water, but i never saw even half kilo being reduced!! i was between 54 to 60 for many years since i was 24 or max i was 64kgs, 5’5 ft.height. But now i am 70 and has become standard!!

    May I really hope for weight loss following these dietary instructions?? and also,

    may I extend the period like 7 days to 14 each being 2days or 21 each being 3?? does that work even losing more weight than just 5kgs?? I wanna lose atleast 10kgs may not be like a miracle but hopefully eventually……. and

    does it also improve metabolism and helps reduce the stomach??

    Please guide me…….. Have a nice day πŸ™‚ Thank you

    • Happy to help.

      Are you still taking gallbladder meds? You obviously need to eat, fasting will do nothing for you but confuse your body. With a bad gallbladder you have to eat healthy! Coconut oil should be your oil of choice, the liver does not have to process it, thus making it a healthy gallbladder friendly fat. If you are eating much of other oils you will have issues. This diet can be a great way to lose weight but you need to follow it, eat the soup and so on. then see how you do, from there you need a steady healthy lifestyle….

  331. Hi can I work out during GM DIET ??? every day I use to work out at night 1 o clock in my room and sleep as I couldn’t find time to go to gym …. Is this ok?? Please suggest any alternative ways … I am working…. Can u also tell how to reduce cheeks fat ??? Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Yes you can workout. Unfortunately not being asleep by 10pm is bad. Your body does so much repair and cleansing between 10pm and 2am or so. Also your circadian rhythms need to be normal for better weight loss. Studies have shown individuals working different ships struggle more with weight. So you will just have to do the best you can. Which cheeks you talking about, the face πŸ™‚

  332. Thank u so much for the reply… Got used to sleep at 2 30 after workout since a year … Is it that harmful to get in more weight?? and Yes I am talking about face cheeks .

    • It’s high cortisol levels from you being up all night, essentially you are stressing out you adrenal glands. The only fix, sleep right! Well also diet, but diet alone will not help you here, sorry….

  333. Thank you for your inputs … Will start GM diet from tomorrow … Take care

  334. wish me luck, i just started today, i weigh 95 kg, i will like to lose at list 15kg before christmas

  335. Hi Everyone!

    So after reading most of the comments here, I decided to give this diet a try. Today was my first day and this was my menu for day 1:


    1/4 melon
    1/2 pineapple
    2 squeezed oranges + lime (but it was very dry, so I almost used no lime)
    1 Glass of water
    Snack: Strawberries


    1/2 pineapple
    1/4 melon
    1 kiwi

    Snack: Green apple


    Red apple
    1 orange
    1 kiwi

    *Water throughout the day* (Almost 2 litres)

    Actually this diet was not as easy as I expected. At times I was feeling like I was almost going to faint so I drank lost of water…Author, what do you think about it please? Did I exagerate with the fruits? However in the morning I ate so much that I was feeling that I was almost going to explode….

    I have just baked 2 small/medium potatoes for tomorrow morning..They look so crispy, yummy! I am dying to eat one right now!

  336. By the way, starting weight is 7kg :'(

  337. ****79kg!!!!!!

  338. Is it ok to take iron supplements along with this diet?

  339. Started this diet. i am on my day 1. Heard good reviews from my friends who did thus before and all lost around 5 to 6 pounds minimum.
    Hope this works for me as I have to loose around 8 to 10 kgs.
    If i can loose 10 kgs my dream will come true.

  340. Today is the 2nd day of Diet .
    3rd day would be mixture of fruits and vegetables .
    4th day …..bananas with milk ….( not sure )

  341. Hi
    I am very obes and I want to loose weight. I want to know Soups you recommended can be taken on which days. Can it be included from day Onee as Wonder soup or Some more soup you toldvegetarian
    please help

  342. hi author,

    i just finished my 1 week GM diet last nov 13, lost 8 lbs!not too shabby!and today,(after 4 days) i decide to go on the diet again. is that okay? thanks!

    • 8 is great, you can do it as often as you want. But my opinion is once a month, no more than twice. Then after a couple your daily dietary changes will need to carry you.

  343. I am hypothyroid patient. is gm diet good for me..can I have black coffee during gm diet

    • You may need to consult a doctor. But I will say if you do it, if the meal based on the plan has no Fat then you need to add a tablespoon of coconut oil to each of those meal. You need good fats.

  344. can i have a tea in gm diet plan

  345. Hi Everyone!

    It is my second round of this diet, here was today’s menu:

    Breakfast: Apple, tangerine

    Snack: Tangerine

    Lunch: Apple, tangerine, few grapes

    Snack: 2 tangerines

    Dinner: Few grapes, kiwi, slice of melon, pear.

    I did this diet 1 week ago,and I had 1 week break. I’ve gained 1 kilo during that 1 week ”break” even though I was exercising + eating sensibly. So my weight right now is 76kg, not that happy, and I want to go below 70, hope that my third round of this diet will bring me these results!

  346. Can i drink regular tea with sugar and not sweetener? Can i have the wonder soup on all 7 days?

    • no, sugar is sweetener. yes you can have soup all 7 days, keep in mind you cannot have tons of sugar, especially in tea, you’re drinking your calories. BAD idea.

  347. Hi Everyone,

    I want to know that is this Diet plan useful if i want to reduce my Tummy fat?

    I am 5’4″ and weight is 62 KG i want to reduce 5 KG specifically tummy part. So please tell whether this will be helpful or not.


    • It can and has for some, but keep in mind if you carry much of your weight in your tummy it can be from high cortisol levels, etc…

  348. can I have dry fruits on this diet plan ? specially on 1st 3 days

    • Beware, you end up eating well over what you should. Keep in mind they are dryer versions, still full of the same sugar, what ends up happening is you say are told to eat an apple, but instead use dry fruit, do you only eat one apple dried worth? No dry fruit just ends up being over eaten. If you can measure one fruit to the amount of dried fruit you eat, great. I used to love dried mangoes, however I would over eat them! Just be careful.

  349. Hi.. I got so inspired by all of u dat i started the diet today…
    but i am having headache is it ok???

  350. i also wanted to knw if u can eat the ready to eat maggi or knor soups???
    plz help me!!!

    • Think while you’re on this diet, ‘HEALTH’. Read ingredients and understand what you eat have been eating and how you can change. Beware, these have tons of sodium.

  351. so u recommend only the wonder soup???

    • make your own soup, use your own spices that you like, I love habanera powder, spices are cheap and easy to get like dried onion and so on. You don’t need mixes.

  352. Hi author
    Plz let me know can I drink turkish tea that one is just plain tea with mint can I hv that in the mornings without sugar…
    Bc my eyes cannot open properly if I dont drink the tea..lolzz
    Plz let me know this & today Going to start my 1st day…inshAllah hope for the good results

  353. Hi, my husband lost 16pds in 7 days on the GM diet. i have decide to give it a try starting this sunday. Any tips/ advise for a women in her 30’s before i start…..?
    Thanx everyone!

  354. Thank you Author! i think coffee will be my only exception..!

  355. Am starting GM diet today (1 AM now). Very inspired with all the +ve posts. Hope this works for me too. Will stick to the diet though…Cheers!

  356. Hi,

    Today is my first day… i am 54kgs and i need to loose 6-7kgs… dont know how it is gonna work for me… i am also going to gym in this week… i had apple,orange,papaya, water melon and green tulsi tea w/o milk & sugar today. Can i have some boiled daal also… bcoz after all these i am starving like anything.

  357. Started GM diet again.. Lost 2.5 kgs last time (2 weeks back) and gained 1/2 kg back in 15 days ..

  358. Lost 2.5 kgs last time. Want to loose 8-9 kgs more..
    How many cycles will it take for me to reduce that much?

  359. i m starting my diet plan from today, pl wish me luck. i m 72kg n my target is 52kg.Almost 20 kgs i have to shed it off, within 3 months is it possible. pl reply. (target is 8kg. per month)

    • You can lose that weight possibly, depends on what health issues you may have, how you eat later on after the diet, etc etc etc? Biggest deal will be will you change how you live and eat after the diet πŸ™‚

  360. pl do reply dear…. i m very anxious to loose my weight. i m 5.1′, 29 yrs, married, n having two kids. i have to loose 20kgs in 3months. and i will follow the diet plan strictly. NO CHEATING AT ALL.

  361. today i m on day 3, feeling light, but not yet checked the weight.can we have green peas, fenugreek leaves, spinach, coriander leaves, mint leaves from 3rd day. N also suggest can we eat indian berries as a fruit? n what about boiled pulses (sprouts) and lentils can we eat that too. pl reply. i m really following the diet strictly. waiting for day 7 to check my weight. N i m confident that i will achieve my target of 52kgs in 3months. waiting for your reply. really thanks a lot . my hubby will be more happy to see me in new avataar. we will be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary on 10th march. hope i will be fitting in my old blouses again till then.

    • be careful eating too many green peas, but yes that all seems OK. lentils can replace meat, but no for those on day 3. make sure you add some good oil in there, meat has fat, so must the vegetarian sub. Congrats on your anniversary, hang in there πŸ™‚

  362. Hi ….I’m 28 Years Old with 5.11″ and 94KG Weight…I’m trying my best to reduce down my weight with Brisk Walk but couldn’ really get the results…may be cause of my diet…

    2 Weeks before i was Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes with FBG 203 and PBG 312. But Now im completely under control (FBG 110 and PGB 130)….

    I have seen that GM Suggested, that this program is not suggestible for the people who are diagnosed with Diabetes…Kindly let me know if i’m eligible to do this…I’m very curious to take this up

  363. lost 3.800kg. yes yes yes, i m satisfied. next week i m going to follow it again. hope that i will achieve my target, yeepeee

  364. i am of 58kg, day 1 of GM diet..lets see hope fr the best…. πŸ™‚

  365. Hi, from tomorrow I’m starting gm diet my weight is 65kg. And please tell me can i have green tea, black coffee without sugar.?

    • Herbal tea no sweetener, great. Coffee, unless it is organic and pure there is zero health value to it at all. I would say no…

  366. I tried to do this diet earlier also but somehow left it in a middle… now started again today is my first day I am 26year old 5.5 height 68kg today…. want to cut down atlist 10 kgs in 2 month.
    pls pls pls wish me luck n update ur comments which will motivate others….

  367. Hi everyone, I start my diet today. So please help me in every meal can I have 1 bowl watermelon?

  368. I tried GM diet last week and lost 7 pounds. It was difficult for first 2 days but then my body got used to the diet.
    I really can feel the difference and am happy about it.It has made me realize how much wrong eating habits I had till now. Now i feel I should add fruits , green veggies and Soup in my daily diet.

    I will be doing this diet again in few days. I am glad that I was able to follow GM diet ,it helped me reduce few pounds and feel lighter. Thanks!!

  369. hi, i m starting my 2nd round of GM diet plan from tomorrow after a gap of 20 days, hope it will work again. 1st round i lost 3.800kg, and gained 1kg till now. lets see how much i can achieve this time. wish me luck, thanks , bye.Today i m 69kg

  370. Can I workout while doing the 7 day diet??? help! thanks!

  371. hi author I am on my 5 day my diet is going good way but having bad constipation pls suggest what to do for avoid this….

    • not a doctor, a suggestion may be you need a little more good fat, eat the soup, you need the fiber…… It can vary per person so much and their health.

  372. Hello, today i start my GM Diet. I got height 170 cm and weight 79.6 kgs. Wish me luck so i could complete until day 7th.

  373. Hello,
    I started following GM diet from today. So DAY 1 it is. Tough to suppress the cravings.
    I had apples in Breakfast & Lunch and Papaya in dinner. Had two mugs of black coffee without sugar. One mug around 12β€²o clock and another around 6β€²o clock in the evening. Few queries which I have:
    1. Is is ok to use Salt in fruits & Vegetables?
    2. Can we intake black coffee or Green tea without sugar 4-5 times in a day?
    3. When shall I start taking G.M.’S Wonder Soup (like day 2, day 3 or when) and How many times can I have it in a day?
    Please help me out and All the very best to people who gonna start it after reading this forum.

  374. Can you drink sparkling, flavored water like LaCroix which has zero calories, zero sodium?

    • not big on anything in a can, and with an ingredient that just says natural flavors which can mean lots of bad stuff possible, you should be ok with those though, up to you to try πŸ™‚

  375. Hello,

    I am allergic to milk. Can I opt for unsweetened & unflavored yogurt for day 4? Also, why is brown rice a substitute for beef (day 5)? Does it have something similar to beef?

    • yogurt fine. rice? common for vegetarians and soy is terrible. you will need at least a teaspoon of good oil with it. You can do legumes if you want. or chicken/fish if you eat those.

  376. fingers crossed… my first day!
    started with orange n water!
    Height = 5’7”
    Weight = 82kg
    hope this helps me too!

  377. Tomorrow 30-Jan-2014 I am going to start. My current wait 84 KG. I will update here my results.

    • first day:
      8:30 AM – Apples 2
      11 AM : One bowl of Papaya
      1 PM : Water melon, Muskmelon
      4 PM: Orange 2
      8 PM: Water melon, Muskmelon

      Had 6-7 Liters water.
      First day went fine. felt little bit hungry but somehow managed with Water. i have not checked my weight.

    • Second Day:
      8:30AM – two boiled potatos.
      11 Am – Cabbage salad
      1 PM – Tomoto, Carrot, Butter milk.
      4 PM – Carrot
      9 PM – Tomoto, Carrot

      Today i checked my weight, Its surprise, my weight came to 82.1.
      I am very much excited for next five days. Lets see, i expecting my weight will reach to 80. Will see.

  378. Its my first day today. Starting with 168.8 lbs. Exited to see how much I loose at the end of 7th day. Had 2 glasses of water and Papaya till now.

  379. Can I smoke Cigarette during the diet…?

    regards – manjunath

  380. Hi Author,

    Thank you for reply.

    Today FOUR of us have started the GM Diet…

    A. 91kg Male
    B. 82kg Male (me)
    C. 78kg Male
    D. 68kg Female

    Wish us good luck . . . !!!

  381. Hi Author,

    I was diagnosed with Vitamin B12 and D3 deficiency 4 months back and currently under medication.
    Is it advisable to follow this diet considering my current health condition ?

    • Sorry we are not doctors and cannot answer that, The diet list contains whole natural foods, you will need o review it to make sure they are OK for you or ask your doctor.

  382. Hi Author,

    From today started GM diet. Usually every morning i drink warm water with lemon n honey. Please let me know shall i continue or not the same for 7 days.

  383. Hi I have a question:may I eat dietary supplements during the regimen?like vit B group or D or calcium

  384. hi i started my GM Diet yestrday to day is my second day i want to know that we can eat dry fruits.

  385. Hi.. me and one of my colleague, going to start this diet.

  386. Hi..on my day 2 today ! so far a bowl of boiled potatoes with some seasoning and 2 glasses of water. Also a mid-morning snack of a slide of cucumber and a glass of water… Feel really full with the potatoes !
    However, I cheated on day 1 with a cup of morning of the day melons, grapes and papaya and some wonder soup !
    Will it affect my course severely ! Plz suggest

  387. Hi,
    actly um vry foodie so cnt do ditng bt as my weight s 78kgs. n my height s 5’2 n age 29. ths s d bigst issue of my life along with my CA studies. n aft eatng fruts i cnt fully satsfd my stomach says eat more n more..
    pls tell me wat do i do.??????

    • Eat the wonder soup, you should be, that’s what its there for…..

    • Even if u eat wonder soup on day 1 u still would feel hungry. Dont starve urself. Try eating fruits in combo. Like a bowl of papaya with one big apple or something. But dont drink juice. U’ll feel relaxed and dnt think about eating πŸ˜€

  388. On my day 2 today πŸ™‚
    Feeling so relaxed. Yep yesterday was abit tough with all those oily food around and my carvings for them but still managed not to cheat.. Yayyy

    Day 1 –
    # two glasses of water after brushing teeth.
    # 1 cup watermelon for breakfast
    # 2 oranges for midsnack
    # 1 cup papaya for lunch (helped me alot to satisfy my sweet-tooth :p )
    # 1 large apple and 1 cup papaya
    Dint had much water though but less headache. πŸ™‚ hope to continue again.

    Will post again … Cheers :p
    Ps. Missing my Coffee πŸ™

  389. Day 2

    # one n half glass of water after brushing teeth
    #breakfast : 3/4th cup boiled potato with seasoning
    #mid-snack : 2 carrots n 1 cucumber
    #lunch : wonder soup n 1 piece papaya
    #mid-snack : 1 cucumber n 1 carrot
    #dinner : 2 oranges(damn wanted to have fruits 😐 hope doesn’t harm) 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber and 1 small boiled potato.
    #had almost 3 litres of water. N now more until i sleep.
    #green tea to stay awake 😐

  390. Dear author,

    on the third day, feeling headache….

    still starving to have something heavy,…!!

    just wanted to know if almonds is ok….

    also salt in the salad is ok or not?

  391. Day 3
    #morning 2 glasses of water
    #breakfast 1 apple n 1 papaya slice
    #lunch (missed)
    #midsnack 3 carrots and one orange (was starving)
    #1 tomato before dinner as dinner was late
    #dinner 1 apple and 2 papaya slices
    #couldn’t drink water more then 8 glasses today.

    PS. Have started feeling less hungry and light now πŸ™‚

  392. Day 4
    # 7 bananas and 3 glasses of milk in all day.
    # 2 oranges for dinner
    # around 4 litres of water( i doubt more then that)

    Lost about 3 lbs only πŸ™

    • I am surprised you lost 3 lbs. Please, anyone reading this you have to actually follow the diet for it to work. We say 4 bananas and ZERO oranges. Sorry, wish I could help but can’t if you won’t follow the plan.

  393. Hi on days 1 to 3, amount of Fruits and veges are limited and un limited. Also i have an old version of diet where on day 6 bowl of white rice is recomended instead beaf. is that ok?

  394. Hi, i am going to start GM diet from tomorrow i.e 3rd March 2014.My weight is 75kg and height is 5 feet 2 inches. My target is to achieve 55kgs. Can i loose 20 kgs in 1 month i.e in March? Kindly tell me about exercises, I like to walk at night so tell me that 1 hour walk would be sufficient for diet? Give me some more tips for diet.

    • 1 month? Yikes. For most people it took time to gain weight, naturally it can take time to lose it. What’s great about this diet is the jump-start it gives. Exercise is great.

      tips: Don’t cheat, don’t do fake versions of this diet, and eat healthy when you are done!

  395. Plz give me a diet plan for tomorrow. Plz answer my these questions.
    1-As I am a hostelite so all the stuff is not available here. I have just Apples and Bananas for tomorrow Can I eat only these 2 fruits the whole 1st day?
    2- I dont want to eat any kind of meat so any subtitude of meat?
    3-certain fruits which u are talking about like melons are not available in this season so should we take tin fruits or can take apples & bananas?
    4-can we take extra suppliments in the form of tablets e.g multivitamins etc??
    5- I use Green tea 2-3 times a day without sugar but uses some times honey, can I do so? I mean can I take Green tea instead of water?
    Please do reply fast.. I AM WAITING.
    Thank you so Much..!!

    • 1) more apples, less bananas
      2) yes, when subbing meat do a bowl or rice or legumes with a teaspoon or so of oil
      3) Do what you can.
      4) sure
      5) No sweeteners. only a 2 to 3 cups of tea a day.

  396. Hi, m planning to start the diet very soon however i want to know that till how long i can do this diet in a month or should i take break after a week, also will my lost weight maintain after diet or it will just come back on 9th 10th day.m 56 kg n want to reduce 6 kg.plz reply

  397. Hello author,
    I am a 26 yr old male, weighting around 81kgs with 5.10height …how much i should reduce to look slimmer and fitter, i do exercise daily as classes which consists work outs for chest, biceps, triceps,shoulder and lat for 5 days a week each day for each part, in my office for 30mns…can i take chicken as a suppliment for beef, since we dont eat beef…?please advice me with the work out and suppliment for beef…..going to start the GM diet from monday.. if i am clear enough in the above part….need ur help….

  398. i ddnt start my 2nd day wid potatoe is it goin to affect?/?please answer

  399. Can we have cereals on Day1 of GM Diet …

    • No it’s pure junk food, please make sure you are reading each day of the pan here. This is a no grain diet. Sorry but cereal has ZERO health value, it’s actually a detriment to your health.

  400. How can i rectify it?

  401. Dear Author!
    I am realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly happpppppppppy and pleased to say that i lost 5 kgs this whole week πŸ™‚ I am realllllly very thank ful to you that you answered my questions. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY gives you success & happiness in life.
    The best thing of GM diet is that it gives us hope and help to start up. I am realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly thank ful to you,
    Q) Kindly tell me that today i.e on sunday is my 7th day, of GM diet so should i repeat again the diet from tomorrow i.e from Monday to Sunday for next 7 days?

    • AWESOME πŸ™‚

      I would wait 2 weeks, in the meantime cut sugar bad grains, processed foods and eat right πŸ™‚ You will be amazed at how well you still may do πŸ™‚

  402. one more Question is that, i take wonder soup daily, 2-3 cups. I make this soup by just adding cabbage in water and boil it for 20 mints. I add some salt & black pepper in it and thats it. After having the soup i eat the boiled cabbage which was in soup.
    Please tell me is their any harm of this cabbage soup on health?
    I am asking coz one of my cousin did crushed diet last year and took cabbage soup daily (she was not doing GM die) so although she lost 15 kgs but after that she suffered from severe TYPHOID.
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me that why she got typhoid? I mean because of cabbage soup coz all her family members told that indeed it was because of cabbage soup so thats why our parents now dont allow us to have cabbage soup.
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need a detailed answer. Is cabbage soup harmful for health? responsible for typhoid?

  403. πŸ™‚ ok thanks alot dear author , it means i can take cabbage soup πŸ™‚ I will eat right things for next 2 weeks. After 2 weeks i will come again on GM Diet. I really enjoyed this diet πŸ™‚

    • Well off diet, make sure it has some good fat in it like some bone broth, fish, olive oil, you do not want to go fat free.

  404. today i am on 5th day of my diet. i lost 2 kgs till date. one question can i have orange juice on 7th day without sugar.

    • No it’s pure sugar especially if it’s not fresh. Never drink orange juice, it’s junk. Unless fresh squeezed from organically grown oranges.

  405. Hi All, Today is my first day .:)..I have one question how much chances of gaining weight back?

  406. Have started the GM Diet on 10th March 2014, I was 88.9 kgs that i checked yesterday morning.

    Was a little confused initially if i could complete this though i am a determined person, had this doubt as I love to eat.

    I had Water melon (ate quite a few melon pieces) for my breakfast with a very small cantaloup(karbuja, without sugar)
    Did not know much, had melon with pepper and salt (I am sure it doesnt affect),

    Lunch: Had only water melons(ate quite a few melons around 1.15pm).

    around 4pm I started feeling little tired and strengthless. but could manage till 6pm
    Around 6pm had a small piece of pappaya (say 75-100 gms) and a slice of pine apple(50-75gms)
    started feeling better and did not want to add much as melon is more advised on the first day in the diet plan.

    driving back home was tough as i did not have the strength. was somehow feeling tired and had to open the car windows for fresh air. somehow reached home ( i have to drive an hour approx everyday)

    had a couple of oranges after reaching home(~7.30) and was back normal.

    Dinner: around 8.30pm had a small piece of cantaloup(karbuja without sugar). did not want to eat anything more.

    Trust me friends, today morning at the same time i checked my weight and the scale was showing 87.9 Exactly 1 kg in A DAY!!!!

    Yes this has worked on the first day, Shall post second day result tomorrow!!


  407. hey i want to know if can i eat zucchini?and on the first day other than the sample plan if i can snack on baby carrots with it too??and what can i do for the belly fat?is there a way to speed up my metabolism?i have a marriage to attend in a week and i want to lose weight..please help!!

    • zucchini and a veg is great. maybe a few carrots, not many. Belly fat, tends to be caused by eating too many grains and loads of processed foods. If you eat whole natural foods, balanced with protein it will likely reduce. High cortisol levels are usually a marker of that as well. Exercise some will help, try Burst or HIT training though.

  408. today was my day 1-
    i had an apple in the morning
    1 apple afternoon
    1 small cup of custard caramel mid afternoon
    2 oranges in evening
    1 small bottle of strawberry milk at night

    was this bad for day 1?is my diet plan affected?

    • Sorry, terrible actually. Custard and strawberry milk? If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you cannot eat food like this..

  409. Hi there.

    Today is the start of my GM diet (March 17). Im 58.9kg. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

    Day 1:
    Bfast – apple
    Snack – papaya
    Lunch – watermelon
    Snack – orange
    Dinner – melon
    Snack – coconut water

  410. #ak Day 1
    I currently weigh 81.5 kg target is to shed 6kg(12-14 pounds) in 1 week.
    Started diet today 3/17/2014 with
    breakfast –apple, strawberries, few blueberries
    lunch—water melon
    Snack –Kiwis,grapes
    Dinner– Papaya, Apple

    And lots of water.. πŸ™‚

  411. Hi there,

    Im on day2 but mu head really ache, what to do? I still want to continue this. Can i take coffee?


  412. Can i have Green Tea or Hot Water during the diet. Its day 1 and since I am used to having Tea in the morning, I have headache. Please suggest.

  413. I am on my day one and my weight is 63. I am getting married in 25 days. I want to loose atleast 5kg. Wish me luck plz do give me advice if u have anyone.

  414. Hi, I have started the diet plan today. Can I take my iron supplements while I am on this diet?

  415. Hi,

    I have been taking hot water since morning as it gives me bit relief for the headache and tooth ache. Now done with the lunch. At times feeling too tired, but holding onto it as I need to shed the extra kilos. I have been fluctuating between 52 -54kgs in the last 3-4 years. Recently there was an increase i weight – around 56.8kg..actually I had started eating out a lot. Started with day 1.. feeling dizzy. I want to reduce atleast 4kgs and get back to my normal self.

    this is what I had till now(my headache is constant.. seems like I woke up with a headache)
    morning – 2 glass warm water
    brkfast – 1 cup watermelon
    snacks – 1 big apple
    water – 3 glasses
    lunch – 1 cup watermelon and 1 orange
    water – 1 glass

    Am I going good? I am ok with teh appetite but headachhe is an issue.

  416. Dear author,

    Thanks for the revert.

    Yesterday was terrific. Bad headache and dizziness and dude to severe headache I even puked whatever I had. So ended up having a cup of Tea. Felt energised and got rid of the headache finally. rest of the diet plan was followed strictly by me.

    Glad to know that having Green Tea is ok, I generally don’t add sweetener to it.

    Now comes the good part. Yesterday evening I measured my weight before having the Tea – it was 57.1kgs in the evening and night I had watermelon and water.

    Now on my second day – started my day with green tea so as to avoid headache. The for breakfast had two medium sized baked potatoes – with a pinch of cheese and crushed pepper, added some garlic to it. On the way to work, I measured my weight and lo it is 56.1 kgs.. can u believe it… reduced 1 kg in a day. amazing. really boosted up to continue for the rest of the days. πŸ™‚ I feel really light today, a slight difference in the way I look.

    Will keep posted about the progress. πŸ™‚

    • Hello, the headaches can be so normal, detox basically, your body is so used to processed foods, sugar and caffeine. Coming off can be difficult. So the green tea (No sweetener) can be a nice alternative to help you along. Keep that feeling in mind, how you feel light once you add back in processed foods, wheat products and such it will go away.

  417. I had only tea with little sugar.Is it ok

  418. Hi

    today is my 4th day with GM diet. i am not able to notice any significant change. i have followed the diet very strictly but i wasnt aware of the timings. will it effect the kg i have targeted to reduce. Also i have lots of swelling in my body due to medical reason so will it help the swellings to dissapear.

  419. Good morning guys πŸ™‚ today is my first day.. guys wish me luck To stay motivated!!!

  420. Hi,

    Today is my 7th day of diet. first before starting it was 57.1…second day it was 56.1…on the 4th day I checked it was 56.7….day 6 it was 55.5.
    tOday day 7… it is 56.2

    I have been following the diet very strictly. Yesterday in my green tea a bit of honey was added.. will it make a diffrence. Am I not going to lose anymore weight in spite of such strict diet. I took this up because, I was eatig out and having lot of milk shakes lately and gained weight by 3kg than what i was earlier. My weight has been constant upto 53 to 54 for the last 6 years. the sudden change i could not digest. Iuesd to work out also..but now I am not able to take out time. I guess I need to start off yoga and avoid outside food as well. But I am sad that GM did not helpme much I expected to lose at least 3 Kgs.

    I am a veggie and my general food diet..includes..morning milk and kellogs K speacial 8.30am, then one cup of green tea at 11am, afternon lunch at 1.30pm- veg salads – cucumber, tomatoes, onion, olives, with vinegar little salt n pepper, evening – one green tea, nite dinner at 9pm – one cup rice and lots of vegetables, sometimes curd.

    • Hello
      What did you eat on day 4. You have to realize when you add sweetener to tea and drink it yes it throws your body off. Milk and cereal in the morning so so bad. Your diet lacks real protein also. You may want to consider a complete diet over haul.

  421. Hello, Admin I’m worried I started my diet Yesterday and today Morning I checked my weight and its still same nothing reduced Its my 2nd round I ate only cantaloup all 4 times with water and Wonder soup and one cup tea without sugar it was same diet which I took in my 1sr round but I didnt loose any single pound today :(:(:( Why I dont know I m surprised ??? While I gained back 2 kg last week it must be reduced any help ?

  422. Thanks i m not holding it I have contoniued and will check how much kg will reduce this time:(

  423. Started today. 1st Day. So far i had coconut water, 1 apple, a slice of cantaloupe and slices of oranges as snack.

    I still got a watermelon slice, another apple, papaya, pineapple and grapes. Are these all good to keep me until the night? Of course Im targeting 2-3 liters of water intake today.

    • Looking good πŸ™‚ remember you can take lemon or lime in the water, to me it’s refreshing. And don’t over drink.

  424. I have done gm diet and lost 12 pounds… I want to know if I can continue from day8 as day1… ???… Credits to gm diet it’s awesome … Easier self control then every other diet it has superb variety my bmi is 39.5… Hoping on gm diet to get to normal… Thanks again to gm diet

  425. Today is my second day. I feel realy happy. it is a fantastic diet plan. I lost 860 gm in one day. Let you know further…..

    • I would wait 2 weeks, however you have to still eat right, Cut processed foods, have balanced meals, etc,

    • I have finished my shedule after 5 days.
      Total i have lost 2.75Kg.
      Other than weight loss, I feel better, changes in atitude,coolness, relax mind (no tension on back of mind).
      During my schedule, i felt i is quite difficult task to complete 7 days. I can.But, second time i will not dare to adopt this diet plan very easily. Hence, I broke schedule on 6th day and I may go for second round of another 5 days very soon.

  426. Dear Author,

    I would like to know, saying cereal and milk is so bad…but we generally have kellogs with milk only rite. Checked my weight today and its now 55.4 kg. Happy that I am atleast maintaining what I lost from 57 Kg. I look abit slimme tahn before for sure.. can see the plumpy face disappear. I stopped drinking normal tea altogether. Now only on green tea – do I add honey to it or not?

    Could you suggest a healthy less caloried diet for a veggie on a regular basis. I have also started doing yoga now.

    • I would say no on honey until you are the right weight, however if you must rarely and only a little. What was your question about cereal? Being healthy and keeping weight off is not about being low calorie. Be balanced, I eat lots of good fats now, meat, veg and a little fruit. I am not low carb, I eat good starches. Low calories confuses the body, you end up with a low set point on what your body will take when it comes to calories, so when you go over just a little, etc you will gain weight.

  427. hi, I would like to follow gm diet but I hv a doubt that wthr it has to be followed throughout lifetime or to certain period bcos if take fruits(melon like) alone continuously I get cold, so in such case wht should I do? any one plz answer me

    • you can do it a few times, waiting a month or at least 2 weeks in between each one. However you must come off the diet and eat healthy. That’s the real key.

  428. I have started today 06.04.2014…m a female..weight 70 kgs(~155 lbs) ..height 5’6”……
    brkfst- 1/2 fuji apple 2.5 glasses of water
    mrng snack- quarter long papaya 2 glasses of water
    lunch- 1/2 a small watermelon 2 glasses of water
    eve snack-2 glasses of water
    dinner- 1/2 a medium musk melon 1.5 glass of water….

    Having read all ur experiences with the GM diet could not stop starting over with it with full believe dat it wil curb at least 2 kgs by the end of the diet on 7th day….
    Can plz any one suggest any replacement of husband cant take cabbage…..
    Thanks all and keep it up till u get dat lean n beautiful shape….

  429. is ther any replacement for banana shake in snack on day 3….i ant carry to my wrk place actuly…wat else can i have..plz suggest……also i want to knw if we can take raw cabbage cucumber tomato and carrot salad or sprouts salad or any fruit salad in da lunch on 3rd 4th & 5 th day….as m wrking i wont b able to carry any liquid and they wont taste good to have aftr long hrs…
    plz suggest….. πŸ™

    • Where do you see bananas on Day 3?
      Day 4 no you do not get fruit.

      Salad is fine as a soup replacement, ONLY if you must. but you only get a 1/2 teaspoon of oil on it. but can have dried herbs and spices.

  430. hi…….. i want to lose 15 kg. I have a bit confusion regarding continuing diet plan. In the gm diet plan webpage somewhere it is written that if u want to do it for a special occasion u can take a 2-3 days gap between diet plan and u said in earlier comments that we have to take 2 week gap atleast. Can u please eloborate me regarding this gap as i want to continue it to lose my heavy weight.

    • To me it’s best to come out of this eating real whole foods, cutting anything processed, all sweeteners and wheat for at least 2 weeks. Then do the diet again, you may be shocked at how well you could do…

  431. is my day first ..“`can i take fruit juice……without sugar

  432. Thnx a lot author for solving my prob…..some more querries plz….
    one of my frens is going to start frm tomorrow….can the papayas and melons on first day be replaced by cucumbers apples oranges ???can i sip green tea w/o sugar inbetween meals in place of water or…i took 16 glasses of water in my first day…one of the gm diet followers here in my neighbour said too much of water is nt good drink only 10-12 glasses of water,is it true????instead of potato in the second day wat can i take….and if potato can it be taken with black salt & pepper…and fruits or any salads through out the diet can they b made little tasty by adding little salt pepper ans chat masala…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • yah too much can be bad, hard on kidneys, flushes out minerals. never overdo it. drink when thirsty and don’t under do it either. salt pepper and spices are fine. potato needs some oil/fat also. no fruit in salad, chat masala fine.

  433. hi….
    my wife has started with this GM diet and me too….
    m very sad to tell u that i started my first day with the foods mentioned in the diet plan…but ended the day by eating bhel and til laddoos late at around 10 pm…i was feeling weak and was craving for salt….
    so m starting da GM diet again from today…..started with a 3/4th apple….going to have orange in the snack…cucumber and apple for lunch and orange for eve snack….in dinner will have carrots and cucumbers…
    will dat b fyn????m feeling bad for having nt contrld my mind for food last night aftr starving all day….
    anywez feel its nevr too late and wud defo stick to da diet dis tym….
    plz suggest if my diet i mentioned for today is ok….

  434. hey guys….!!!!

    Happy day m goinu strt my gm diet 2day…
    m female..27yrs…70 kgs and 5’6” tall….
    I gained around 10 kgs in 1yr and 3 mnths….but mostly aftr i got marid….mainly my tummy and hands are becoming fatty….
    so author wud this diet help in overall reduction or juz curb out frm the tummy area….
    and here is my diet fr first day…author…plz suggest..m taking u as my dietician….
    brkfst- 1 apple…1.5 glass of water
    after an hr a cup of lipton green tea unsweetened
    mrning snack- a cucumber…1.5 glass of water
    after an hr a glass of watre
    lunch- 1 cucumber 1 apple…1.5 glass of water
    after an hr a cup of green tea unsweetened
    evening an orange and 1.5 glass of water
    dinner- 1.5 glass of water and a cucumber and a carrot with salt lemon & black pepper
    before going to bed like evryday wud have a glass of water…

    will this intake of so much of roughage add glow to my skin….
    plz suggest
    thnaks already!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • well, keep in mind, just like in my case it took time to gain weight and mess up my health. It will take time to fix it. Yet this diet can really speed up the progress πŸ™‚ Day 1 looks good….

  435. Dear Author,

    Can i do a little walking along with this diet…a brisk walk for a half an hr or an hr…..will it make me feel weak as i feel dis is a diet of less dan 600 cals a day wheres women need atleast 1200 cals per day…so wud it effect anyway to my health…m ready to curb calories but my concern is i dnt want to be weak….which may later hamper my health..
    actuly m worried coz b4 also i have tried dis type of diet and ended up with salines in hospital…lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

    but no dis tym i wil definitely stick and wont fall ill…….after all a strong determination and urge to b slim beautiful and in shape is the main ingredient for any diet…… here i start frm today….

    One more thing….generally in forums we dnt get answered to querries or most of the forums remain dormant aftr sm days…but really thankful and i appreciate Author to be in touch and answering eachj and evry ones querry…..dats another motivation u knw…..
    thanks…keep it up….good going author…u r doing a noble job by curbing our fats…heheeheh….

    • walking and exercise is fine
      eat the soup any time you need food. This diet should not put anyone in hospital, unless you are ill and need to consult a doctor please. hang in there πŸ™‚ always happy to help here πŸ™‚

  436. hi …can i eat grapes on my day first

  437. no grapes …..its considered an anti-dieting food i guess…

  438. hi…today is my first day………… can i start my day with mango……..

  439. As u said earlier that its better to exercise with this diet to get best results. But i have to sit whole day in office because of heavy work load and reach home late in evening too. Can u please give me any suggestion. i want best results …today is my first day…please reply author…………….i need ur useful suggestion.

    • Working out for long periods of time causes huge stress on the body, do HIT training quick burst workouts, even if you just did this 15 minutes a day to get your heart rate up it would be great.

  440. can u please eloborate this “HIT training quick burst workouts”

  441. Sorry, HIT or Burst training. Google It, but basically you workout hard and fast take small breaks, do it again, etc…

  442. Thanks author for giving me ur useful suggestions…….i have 2 questions…………..first is……can i just thoroughly fry all vegetables with bolied potato in one spoon butter……..
    and second is…… can i use red mirch powder? ….(on day 2)

    • Hello
      You can have butter oil when it says, like on your potato day 2 so fine there. But no otherwise… The soup prep veg has a little oil to sautee the veg.

  443. Hi All…
    I hav been planning to start with the GM diet since a mnth….but my husband wud nevr allow me to diet…he cant see me fasting even….bt now i have got a chance to start wiith…my husband is going fr a business tour for 3days and two nights today…….yippiieeeee….i wil start dis diet tomorrow…..
    may i have cucumber..oranges…apple…watermelon & watr fr first day….instead of papaya and musk melon….’and how much water per day should i drink….can i take green tea without sugar to replace water sm time…..fruits and green tea;will it hamper stomach….would 30 mins jump rope with 20 seconds interval aftr each 3 mins do…..or i have to increase tym of jumps….which one will accelerate my weight loss process more along wid the diet ..walking 1 hr or jumprope 30 mins…….kindly suggest

    • day 1 sounds good. drink water as you are thirsty, never over do it, 8 glasses is normal, more if you need, just not too much more. I am all for the jump roping, gets your heart rate up. You will be OK, just don;t do it right after eating. Good luck πŸ™‚

  444. thnx author…

    my day starts at 6 am in the morning….so can i little shift the…brkfst tym is mentioned 8:30 am to 9 am…can i shift it to 7 am to 8 i have to run fr ofis by 7:30 am…

    coz my most of the day is spent in ofis…so nt sure wud be able to do exercises or not but wanted to confirm if i cud do jump ropes aftr i reach home at 7:30 pm…dat tym my stomach wud b majorly empty and little filled with water….as we hav a nyc gap between eve snack and dinner…..

    day 1 has coconut water at around 6:30pm….can i replace it with plain water…..can i have watermelon juice without sugar…juz with little amount of ice in my dinner instead of any fruit or chewable stuff…..that looks so much of sweet at the end of da day as whole day we r on fruit chew…..

    • yes you can shift times.
      jump rope great, do it intensely for a minute or so, take a break, do it again, etc. you can replace coconut with water yes. No watermelon juice

  445. i had a bowl of water melon 1/2- 1 inch pieces in brkfst..and a 180 ml green tea without sugar…is dat fyn….goinu have an orange in mrng snack….my stomach is so full i cant even have a sip of water…is it necessary we drink 2 glass water aftr evry food….cant we leave a gap of may be an hr or so and den tk water…..

  446. hello! today is day 1 for me and it started at 415am. So far I am just fine. No hunger pangs yet. Drank plenty of water and have been munching on watermelon, canteloupe and cucumbers. Used some pepper for seasoning on the cucumbers. My work colleague recommended this diet for me but on the copy she gave me the soup recipe is different. it calls for 28oz of water, 4 pkts of lipton’s french onion soup mix, 6 onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and green peppers. Is this correct or should i use the one given on this website? Really hoping I can do this because I don’t have too good a history with sticking with diets!!

    • I only help or support what’s found on this site. Keep in mind on our site you don’t need the soup mix, use your own spices and herbs.

  447. Hi
    Am on Day 4 today.. just lost 500gms till now..have been following the diet strictly.. very disheartening n hard to keep myself motivated to continue! No idea what I’m doing wrong πŸ™

  448. HI
    I kept going n weighed 2kgs less on Day 5 morn πŸ™‚ Can I eat a mango on Day 5 or 6? Thanks

  449. Hi Author,

    Is it OK to drink fresh fruit juice on Day 1,2 and 3 ?

  450. Hi,

    I have started it today. I had my breakfast i.e muskmelon n a glass of water at10.

    Snacks – 1 apple n 1 glass of water. I cannot eat papaya, what else are the options for lunch, afternoon Snacks n Dinner?

    May I eat fruit chat with lemon?

  451. Day 1 of GM diet. Can we have any amount of fruits or do we stick to specifc consumption level?

  452. stick to what we say, although you can go over some day 1.

  453. Successfully completed day-1 and its day-2 today. Weighed 1 kg less…. need to see further progress πŸ™‚

  454. Hi
    Today is my first day.Is it OK to take tea with milk n honey.
    Or without honey as it is mine case if headache can I take medicine.
    Also pls advs is it OK to drink water with watermelon as normally we donot take water with this. Also pls advs on day 2
    Can I take cooked Vegtables with less oil like spinach or gourd with salt n lemon or I had to take raw or boiled one.
    Also it is good to see that u r giving special attention to every one n giving replies. Awaited yr response..thanks

    • NO NO on honey, no milk either, honey is pure fructose
      Taking meds is up to you. Keep in mind if your body is that reliant on sugar you need to cut it.

      Water with watermelon? no but if you must up to you. really can affect the diet.
      yes on veg, tiny oil is OK

      Always happy to help πŸ™‚

      • Hi
        Thnx for the reply. actually yestetday I was feeling little low so had tea with milk but w/out honey.
        Day l was OK.had lots of fruit.coconut water n wonder soup.its day -2 planning to tske green tea w/out sugar.
        Let’s see.. hope for the best.

  455. Hi,
    Can I have green tea during this diet?

  456. yes no sweetener

  457. Can we have GREEN TEA whilst doing this diet? Reply urgent!

  458. Can i have coffee/Tea, and work out like taking steps to go to 7 th floor?

  459. And am a vegetarian, so can i replace chapati with beef on 5th day?

    • No, never, bread has little to know nutritional value, junk to the body. It certainly is no meat replacement. Better find a better protein replacement, bread is not, this is a no wheat diet.

  460. Hi All….

    From a long time i am planning to reduce my weight,but i did not get a proper plan for it,Now I am going to start the GM Diet from tomorrow.. Feeling excited about the weight loss…Will keep u posted on my result..

    Please all of you wish me…

  461. Hi Author,

    I have Started My Diet Today…I have few doubts….

    Can i have unlimited fruits on my first day..(watermelon,muskmelon,grapes,mango,pomegranate)??
    Can i have wonder soup in all 7days..??

    Please reply me..

  462. Thank you very much for the reply Author!!!

    It’s Great..In My first day itself i have reduced 1.3 kg.. I am feeling very happy…and little proud toooo πŸ™‚

    This is my second day…Now i don’t have any headache and hungriness…I hope i can complete it Successfully.. and can go back to my old jeans and T-shirts..:-)…

    Will keep Post U my results…..

  463. Are tomatoes considered a fruit? i.e. do you eat them on a fruit day or a veggie day?

  464. Day1#

    Till afternoon
    2 cups black tea
    1 bowl melon
    1bowl water melon
    1 bowl Papaya
    1 mango

    having headache what to do?

  465. Hi ,

    Started with day 1 . Am finding it difficult to control my cravings especially while in office as I have pizza joints and other restaurants close by πŸ™

    • I know, it sure can be tough, I am now thankful I have learned more about how toxic those foods are and why they are affecting me, it’s so easy to stay away form them now. Before it was not. I have been there in the past πŸ™‚

  466. Thanks for empathizing with my feelings πŸ™‚ Successfully finished my Day 1 ….I fought with my cravings and stayed determined πŸ˜€

    Had pears , oranges and watermelon yesterday and guess what πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I lost three kgs πŸ™‚ ha ha …am super happy πŸ˜€

    Started my day 2 with a humble potato πŸ™‚ Thanks author for the blog …….Will update my progress in each day’s page

  467. Hi,
    Just started diet.. 1st day… super excited.

  468. Can I eat cucumbers on the first day ?

  469. Hi,

    I am on 6th Day now, but unfortunately 5th day I eat only 2 tomatoes & rice… today my 6th day I repeat again tomatoes & rice. Any way 3-4 kg reduced during 1 to 4 day. Good Luck.!! Now 102 kg.

    If you have courage, then everything possible.

  470. Hi All ,

    I am starting the GM Diet tomorrow .I weigh 65 Kgs as if now .Want to reduce 7-8 Kgs πŸ˜€ .
    Wish me luck plz so that i can continue with this diet plan πŸ˜€
    Will keep u posted

  471. GM Day 1
    Weighing 73 Kg

    From Morning I have taken Water Melon + Sweet Melon and 2 Liters of water. Feeling bit hungry, however, now going to have lunch which will be Apple + Pear + Grapes..

    One more box of Melon waiting … feeling so great .. waiting to weight myself today evening.. πŸ™‚

    • If you get hungry have the soup.

      • Day 1 – Food chart I followed

        7 AM – Lemon water with Ginger
        9 AM – Watermelon + sweet melon
        10 AM – Grapes + Pears
        12 30 – Watermelon

        Whole day I have had , Green Tea, Water approx. 3 litre

        5 30 pm – 2 apple
        7 30 pm – watermelon + sweet melon+grapes + pear

        Walk in the park with kiddo as my exercise – not too hard

        Personal experience : – not feeling, grapes and pears are good during first day, as they have too much sugar content – could have tried oranges instead

        I weighed 73 kg in the morning – now, I have weighed n my weight is 72 kg precise. All excited for Day 2

  472. Hi, weigh 64 Kg Tomorrow is my fist day for diet what can I do for please

  473. Day 2 – I have weighed myself and my weight is 71.2 KG

    Started my day with Lemon & Ginger Juice and now with the Potato with Little Butter+salt+black pepper n some leafy garnishing.. would stay more on water today rather than keep on munching…

  474. Hi , my age 35 my weight 64,I lost my weight I am housewife ,please help

  475. CW: 64.9kg.
    day 1 :
    1cup of diced apple
    1cup of diced watermelon
    1cup of diced honey dew
    1cup of diced papaya
    6 grapes

  476. i wanna lose 10kgs which from 64kg to 54-55 kg i’ll be happy with that.

  477. On my 3rd day of gm diet as my marriage is by next week i m trying very hard to reduce. My mom is against this as the mrg is nearing. I weight 78 kgs. She gives me a little rice in a bowl. Is it fair to have rice ? i had steamed rice on day 1 and a little of the normal rice on Day 2..would tis affect this gm session ?
    Any idea..? people pls wish me .. i need to reduce atleast 3 kgs this week πŸ™‚

    • Congrats on your wedding, yes it can affect you to have rice when we say not to, you have to actually stick to this plan please.

  478. Okies thanks πŸ™‚

  479. After completing diet plan, can I have processed food once or twice. will it be ok. I have to because of some family party.

    • I can’t say never, it takes time to go that route for most. I eat meat, veg, fruit and that’s it (veg include good starches and carbs like plantains, potato, yams and squashes). You have to try and go gluten free and sugar free to me, that’s a great start.

      • and what about cakes,bread, cheeze if i take one day.

        • 2 things. 1) If you have gluten issues, just one tiny bit of it will set you back months. 2) Are these foods nutrient dense? Are they good for you? Will they help you lose weight? At some point to me the mind set has to change. If not a little turns to more. Just that much can cause weight gain and issues so be careful.

  480. Day 1
    -Bowl of papaya
    -Cup of pineapple
    -Bowl of diced apples
    -1 small nectarine+ some raisins
    -Glass of coconut water
    -Bowl of melon

  481. M starting diet from tomorrow. Goin for picnic aftr 9 days. Wanted to know whether I can eat everything on 9 th day or should defer dieting???

  482. Tomarrow onwards am planning to start GM diet..Am 68 kg now

  483. Hi All,

    I am on to GM Diet from Today.

    I have a question. I am so used to having coffee and Tea during the day. Can I have 1 or 2 glass of coffee/tea during the diet. Please advise.

    Gururaj SY

  484. Thanks a lot Sir. I am at 80kgs. Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best. Can Egg be consumed without Yellow part on any of the days as I am a Vegie but eat only Egg.

    • no, just as a meat replacement, if you have read that elsewhere, really bad idea. You can have the whole egg when replacing meat.

  485. I’m realy over weight.. i weigh in at 133kgs and standing 6’3″ tall im planning to start the GM Diet.. i already have a gym workout that allows me to burn about maybe 1000cals do you think it will be too much considering my health to burn that much when following the GM diet?

    • Be careful over working out, consider HIT or Burst training. Better for your body. You will be OK, day 1 and 2 maybe lighten your workout load a little, see how you feel.

  486. can i drink green team during this diet plan

  487. after messing up my diet on day 4 last week by following some site that said it was okay to eat 8 bananas :/ i decided to start again this week. ill be sure to run through everything so I don’t make any more mistakes. can i add a little salt to my veggies and as for the gm soup i was thinking of using a vegetable stock pot to give it more flavour? and what day am I meant to introduce the soup into the diet?

    • As much water as you drink on this plan, you have to have salt, so yes salt on the food is fine, as is lots of other spices and herbs. have at it. Veg stock is OK as well. This plan can be great for lots of folks. The key is that it really helps propel you into a more natural way of eating cutting processed foods, sugar, wheat and so on. The soup can be eaten any day.

  488. btw im 5’2 and weigh 59kg. im wondering if this plan is more effective for heavier people? can i lose up to 3kg? thats my ideal weight…

  489. I am Gonna start the gm diet from ommorow Hope it will work for me.

  490. day 1
    25 minutes walk to the supermarket to get fruits. should have walked back but with those heavy fruits and considering that I was pretty light headed from hunger I took the bus…
    had an apple on my way home.
    had a late breakfast (more like brunch): mixed fruit salad consisting an apple, half of a small papaya, pineapple chunks, watermelon and very few pieces of melon(not a big fan of melon) and a cup of green tea(no milk or sugar) with slices of fresh lemon.
    snack: an apple, 1 mango, 1 kiwi
    lunch/dinner: 2 kiwis, 2 apples

  491. I am 70 KG today, and started my GM diet. Let us see how well it goes. I would like to loose weight to 65 KG.

  492. Hi,

    I am 92 KG, started GM today,, let see how it goes.. Planning to loose atleast 5 KG.


  493. Hi I started this diet on Monday but cheated a lot so I decided to start a fresh again today.
    Morning I had – 1 pear, peach 1 small mango slice
    Afternoon – 3 coconut water with patla malai in it. I had no other option bt was soo frightened to b hungry. Do u think I am doing it right or should i break it & start later.
    Pls respond

    • Understandable on starting over. What is patla malai? You should never be hungry, you can have the soup when you feel hungry.

  494. Can i skip any of snacks or mid break in diet, is it ok?

  495. This is the third time I am trying this diet.
    First time when I tried this diet before 9 years I was 23 kgs lesser than what I am now. Almost first day I ate only watermelon and fell sick for a week. Then second time I reached up to 2nd day and felt very sick with lots of headache. So, I never attempted again. After my marriage I gained around 9 kgs, so before my daughter I did lots of workout and with balanced dieting, I lost around 8 kgs. But after my delivery I piled up around 20 kgs. I attempted many times to do workout but I was not consistent. I lost the habit of eating fruits and raw veg salads. Almost for 1 year I stopped thinking about my weight. I just wanted accept my body as is and develop some healthy habits. Still I couldn’t get a regular habit of doing some workout. Though I workout once in a while. I was literally feeling very tired and got diagnosed with Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Iron deficiency. For the past one month I have been taking supplements for these deficiency. I am feeling bit energetic.By next week I am going for some yoga + siddha based treatment program. For that I wanted to prepare my body and tune my tongue to eat more fruits and vegetables and stop/reduce tea. Yesterday I started doing this diet. I quite successfully finished it. My aim is to successfully finish this diet program. Few things wanted to keep in mind
    1. Not to feel guilt, in case if I do some cheating
    2. Doesnt want to be so strict immediately(especially with Tea, I didn’t want to have caffeine withdrawal symptoms)( May be in my further weeks, I will try to avoid slowly.)
    3.No starving.
    4. Be prepared, to feed with the right item veg/fruit as per the diet plan.

    Yesterday(1st day), I had Muskmelon, Watermelon, Apple, Pear, Mango, few slices of banana.
    I had my morning tea as usual. In my office I had green tea without sugar. Evening by 4 o’clock, started to have headache. But I hold my breath and went home and had one Mango. Then made veg soup(few beans, carrot, cabbage, small onion, ridge gourd, two mushroom, salt, pepper, rasam powder) Had the soup for dinner. Soup was my final saviour. Next day morning I checked my weight, I was one kg less..

    Today(2nd day), As usual started with Tea. Had few baked sweet potato and Potato fingers with sat, pepper, olive oil. Then had soup during mid meal. Lunch okra(made in oven few drops of oil salt pepper), cucumber, green leaves steamed with salt and pepper. after 1 hr had carrot and green tea without sugar. I didn’t feel hungry much today. I am very comfortable.

    For sure I didn’t want to check weight after each day. End of the program I should feel light and my tongue should have got tuned to eating veggies and fruits. Thats all I want. I am sure, if I consistently follow some good eating habits, I will be healthy and as side effect I will lose weight(IE how much ever my body can). I will try to follow this GM diet(slightly my own version) every month. Let see what’s happening to me.

    After seven days, I will keep you people posted, how I am feeling.

    Thanks for the wonderful diet plan and support.

  496. 2nd day – completed. I feel much better and comfortable to continue the diet.

    Started 3rd day, with fruits and veggies. I have prepared grated beetroot(cooked), ridge gourd and tomato(cooked), raw carrots, mango(cut), will buy fruit bowl (with melons from office cafeteria)

  497. Sir I wanted to know will it effect my weight loss if I skipped 1 fruit of the evening snack on day 1??

  498. Is cigarettes allowed during the gm diet?

    • to me never, sorry. You need to understand how they affect your bodies long term ability to lose and maintain good weight.