GM Diet Indian Version

The GM diet is among the most popular diet fads practiced by Indians mainly because of its vegetarian attributes and reduced consumption of meat. This weight loss management system also appeals to Indian delicacies that dwell mainly with vegetables. Women in India find this diet system to be helpful since it allows them to shed off their excess pounds and enjoy a long term weight profile without undergoing major alterations in their current food intake.

The Indian version of the GM diet does not vary too much from that of the regular version except for the beef intake in Days 5 and 6. For the Indian version, cottage cheese can be used as an alternate to beef. Thus for diet, cottage cheese is served as a substitute to beef and this works very well. For folks that are not vegetarian and who eat fish, fish can be a great alternate to meat and can be used in meals and diet plan schedule.

Beef Substitutes

Aside from beef, there are also other foods that rich in iron and protein, such as red kidney beans, lentils or low fat Paneer. Spinach and bean sprouts, as well as soybean curd or tofu and 1 cup brown or white rice may be used to replace beef in Days 5 and 6. Any BEEF REPLACEMENT should have some good fat, curd will have fat, or you can add some olive oil, ghee, coconut oil or butter.

GM Diet Indian Version

The Indian version of the GM diet is pretty close to the original. There are slight changes and they are described below.

  • Day 1. All fruits. All kinds of fruit may be consumed except for bananas. 10-12 glasses of water should be consumed throughout the day.
  • Day 2. All vegetables. All sorts of vegetables may be consumed during the second day. Potatoes may be served during breakfast to boost energy levels and needs some good fat like ghee or olive oil. A mixture of greens and boiled vegetables as well as the GM diet wonder soup may be served during lunch and dinner.
  • Day 3. Mixture of fruits and vegetables. A mix of fruits and vegetables may be consumed on Day 3, together with 10-12 glasses of water. Bananas are still not allowed in this day.
  • Day 4. Banana and milk. Skim milk and banana, together with the GM wonder soup or any type of vegetable soup may be served on this day. For Indian practitioners, yogurt may be served instead of skim milk.
  • Day 5. Brown rice, curd and tomatoes. Soybean curd or 1 cup of brown rice may be used as a substitute for beef, or a cup of cottage cheese. Tomatoes are important to match with the day’s meal, along with cucumbers.
  • Day 6. Brown/White rice and vegetables. On Day 6, brown/white rice or other beef substitute will be matched with vegetables, but potatoes are still restricted. It is best to consume cottage cheese and soybean curd in vegetable bowls.
  • Day 7. Brown/White rice, vegetables and fruits. Two cups of brown/white rice may be consumed together with unlimited servings of vegetables and fruits. Fruit juice may also be taken along with 8-10 glasses of water.


We have many gm diet indian recipes for those who are looking for Indian food as part of the Indian version of the General Motors Diet. Listing a sample recipe below

Moong Dhal and Channa Dhal Kosambari


  • ¼ cup Channa Dhal (soaked for 3 hours then drained)
  • ¼ cup Yellow Split Moong Dhal (soaked for 3 hours and drained)
  • 1 medium carrot, grated
  • 1 medium cucumber, peeled and chopped
  • 1 tbsp. coriander, chopped
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • 2 green chili peppers, chopped
  • ½ tsp ginger, grated
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Mix cucumber, coriander, moong dhal, channa dhal, ginger, green chili peppers and lemon juice in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve chilled.


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  1. hi, i have just started the gm diet with vegetables instead of fruits on the 1st day as im fasting tomorrow so can comfortably eat fruits. aslo would like to know when u say 1 cup of rice is it one cup of cooked rice or one cup of uncooked rice.. can u give it in grams so i can weigh it and not over eat the brown rice. aslo, if i want to eat yellow dal with it, then what shld be the qty of both the brown rice and dal in grams ??? many thanx and would appreciate an early reply

    • hi,
      from today on i have stated following gm diet, lets see hw it works out
      my question is i only have to do it for 7 days or more then 7 days i can do
      and after 7 days everything i can eat or no pls help me i m 78 nw and want to loss 20kg pls help me wht to eat n what to nt

  2. Hi Would it be okay to substitute beef for Lamb. I personally have no problem in eating beef, but as its not readily available in India, it poses a problem.

    Also would it be okay to substitute it with chicken

  3. Hi

    Its just awesome… This is a second time I am trying GM diet…Beleive me or not…both times I lost 6-7kgs…Its just after this week you need to control your habits and its like complete refreshing… I am sure many people attempt it but Day 2 & 3 are the most difficult ones. After that its easy and you are basically proud of yourself. I followed this thing:
    Day 1 Just Fruits (Apple,Pear,Pomegrate (good oxidizer), sun-melon (half)
    Day 2 Salads basically cucumber and radish with sprinkled black salt and squeezed lemon.
    Day 3 Combination of Day 1 and Day 2
    Day 4 8 Bananas and 1L milk. ( I made banana shake with 5 bananas and 500ml) believe me its heavy
    Day 5 I don’t eat beef so chopped 4 tomatoes, 1 Cottage cheese, 2 bowls soya and 1 bowl peas. Cook them with 1 teaspoon oil and add spices accordingly. Its awesome dish.
    Day 6 I just added curd to Day 5.
    Day 7 I added fruits and veggies (Day 1 and 2 serving) with small amount of Day 5 & 6.
    Day 8 : 7.8 kgs lost !!!!
    Better try it people … It works ….
    Big Bob

    • bob can u jus tel day 5 n 6 shud b eaten wit wat combination lyk rice or roti or jus da curry???????/plz jus tel it clearly na…as i rely wanna try ur diet plan so wanna knw clearly…

      • hi Anusha.

        You can just eat brown rice. No White Rice or roti. These are prohibited completely.

        • Hi,
          GM diet is slightly different from yours. And as you lost 7.8 kgs, I am willing to follow your diet. But have some doubts.
          1) In GM Diet it was clearly mentioned that start day 2 with boiled potato. Did you also did the same thing?
          2) is it compulsory to have roti or rice on day 5 and 6? I mean did you have it or not.


    • hie dear
      frst of ol congratzzz
      dear i am 73 kg ryt nw…wanna reduce mah weight
      i rly jus wanna knw does it rly work????????

    • hi i am 70 kgs now and my height is only 4.8 i nearly want to reduce 20 kgs i have a deadline of 30 days to reduce is it possible if i do whatever you said

    • pls tell me can add salt to every vegeable and fruits, and also black salt,,
      i want to start it from monday>>

    • hi u didnt use brown rice for day 6 and 7 is it ok and what about wonder soup u didnt mention plz guide me i m on 5 day

    • Can we have any coffee with milk and honey at all with this diet?

  4. A Million thanks., for putting all info together 🙂

  5. bob can u jus tel day 5 n 6 shud b eaten wit wat combination lyk rice or roti or jus da curry???????/plz jus tel it clearly na…

  6. Helpful info. Lucky me I found your website accidentally, and I’m shocked why this coincidence did not took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  7. in a month how many weeks we have to do this diet ,how many kgs we can loos our weight

  8. i did gm motor diet 7 days successfully and it finds me very benifical and have loosed 3.5 kgs weight without any side effect.
    i would like to advice wight gainer to follow the gm diet system for loosing weight.

  9. is brown rice same as boiled rice?

  10. can we eat chicken fr day 5,6,7? just in boild version?
    and also 1 cup of red kidney beans fr 1 whole day or each cup separatly fr mrng, lunch and dinnr?

  11. n also is it ok if i dont use celery in tat soup??? plz rply

  12. HEllo,
    Tommorrow is my 5th day..can I have any side dish along with rice??can I take thoor or moong daal?? Tomato should be eaten raw??

  13. hey hi ….
    every one its nice to hear about ur experiences with GM Diet. I really wanna loose weight am a vegetarian at times eggetarian. am in cllg final yr and have cllg frm 8:40 Am till 4:00 pm so am pretty scared to start this diet bt in march Delhi.Univ having a break planning to start then is it Healthy way to shed my extra flabs ?? Help me some one & good luck with ur diets

  14. Hi, Want to know what can substitute Brown Rice. 🙁
    Plz reply soon.

    • You have to drink the starch of the rice… cook the rice in a bowl… once starch formed, remove starch… and keep the rice in another bowl… u drink starch in onetime, eat rice another time…

  15. Hey Bob
    ON day 5 -BY Soya you mean Nutrela?
    Also you must have done heavy exercise to reduce these 7.8 Kgs during these days.

  16. Hi All
    I was 98 Kg on 02 Aug 11. I tried GM Diet plan to reduce weight during Aug and September .
    I did that for four times.I came down to 80.5 kg on 03 Oct 2011. It was fantastic feeling.
    Along with the diet I use to to walk for 60 min in the morning and 45 min in the evening.
    But be careful. if you dont control your diet afterwards u tent to gain weight back.

    • That’s a great effort and result.. congratualations…. I am on my 3rd day. feeling good and hoping to continue all the way through 7 days. I have lot to loose.. weighing around 106Kg’s have to shed atleast 25-30 Kgs….planning to do it systematically over the year. Hope to see similar results.

    • HI Achuthan,

      Can u please give me the details of what all u took in the meals while following the diet?

      Anika Goyal

    • Hello madam can u please tell me how you followed the diet. From tomorrow im gonna start this diet. Wish me all the best.

  17. hi bob , is there any substitute for banana

  18. can we eat chapati instead of hamburger, or can we chapati with vegetable

  19. i dont eat bananas. Can someone let me know the substitute for that? that would help me a lot

  20. I tried this diet chart but it dint work for me. I dont know y. Infact instead of shedding weight i put on 2kgs. Can anyone please guide me?

    • Hello sweety,

      It is strange that it didn’t work for you. You must have eaten the wrong things. Avoid eating bananas and Sapotas. It gains weight. Don’t take too much tea to kill the apetite, it will end up with high sugar level. Drink plenty of water. It is must that we shouldn’t deceive ourself and eat something secretly. Please do some exercise at least for 30-45 minutes. The diet will really work for you, if not then please provide the details of the things you used to eat during diet, we can surely help you out.

  21. sir, will you please let me know quanity of rice (brown) in grms


  23. I am starting with the GM diet. Wanted to know if i can eat sprouts on any day? Also which day can i have curds?

  24. Questions before starting the diet

    Questions before starting the diet…
    1. Should i take only boiled plain milk without anything?
    2. Which banana to eat?
    3. Should i take plain rice only not with any curry?

  25. Hi People,

    I’m starting this diet tomorrow. Although I have done it before a couple of times, and with great results, hope I am able to complete it this time as well.

    All the best to all who are trying this as well…and lets compare notes once this week’s over.

    Take care!

  26. Hi All,
    i started my GM diet is my 2nd day and i have already lost 2 kgs:-)
    i’m sure its water weight but i’m delighted to see the scale moving.
    This id my first trial of this diet,hopefully i’ll sustain till the 8th day….

    wishing everybody sucess with their weight loss!!!

  27. hi ,
    i want to start gm diet plan but problem is that now i am taking some medicien , so that can i take some food in breakfast and dinner for medicien and rest of the time i will do same as written in your plan…..
    please send me your response because i need to reduce my weight fast ……

    thanks in advance.

    • Hi….
      Try to eat cooked food… Like add one spoon of oil to the fry and boil the vegetable in that. So u can medicine with this..

  28. Hi,

    I have completed one course of the diet and lost 12 KG. Second one commences today.

    • Hi Silesh,
      Can you please share the detailed diet plan of each day which resulted in loosing 12kg weight?
      Some more queries..
      1. Can we take black salt or whilte salt with vegetables or brown rice
      2. can we add sugar in milk and brown rice.


      • Well salt and Sugar are the main problems that cause problems of carbs absorbtion and water retention.You could only use salt with soup and beef/chicke/cottage cheese.Nowhere else.Sugar is a strict No No.

    • Oh realy u loose 2 kg 🙂 g8 .
      Can u plz give me all the details about your diet plan .

  29. does it really work ?

  30. Hi,
    I did it twice and again i started it from today, this is awesome Diet Plan last 2 times i lost 7 to 8 Kgs. again i gained weight so iam doing it again.

  31. Starting it from tomorrow….

  32. Can any please suggest me recipe for day 2 (veg)

  33. aftr hw many days can the diet be repeatd again,,,,,,

  34. What is the GM diet plan for Jains who can’t eat potatoes and any ground root vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots etc

  35. Hi,

    D feedback given were vry interstng & v flt motivatd….. plng 2 start sooooon !!!!!!!

  36. Can we have milk instead of water during dinner time??

  37. hi,
    i dont eat banana with what can i substitute it?

  38. Can I start the day with a liter of water, which I use to do.

  39. hi
    pls tell after loosing 6-7 kgs in a week, does it remain constant or again increases??

  40. Hi,

    I have started the plan.. Can you please tell me some subsitute in case Brown rice is not available around?

  41. Hi,

    I heard about this diet from my friend. She has followed this diet 4 times till now and is ready for the 5th cycle now. Looking at her, I started believing that this diet works, because she was really huge (after delivery of her baby :)) and now she is all fit. I was skeptical about the side effects of this diet, but my friend is absolutely fine and full of energy (she can tirelessly run after her kid, who is a naughty 2 year old boy!) So, finally I will be starting with this diet. (Since weekend’s coming, I will be starting it from Monday 🙂 ). After reading all your comments, my belief has turned into faith and I am sure it will get converted into result!!

    Just FYI: Since I know many people reading these comments are mainly interested in knowing whether this diet works or not and how many kgs were lost; I am giving details of my friend: In Feb 2012, she used weigh around 85 kgs. Within a span on 5 months, she did GM diet once in a month. She wasn’t doing any exercise, but her kid used make her run. (so better add some light exercise along with the diet). Now, before she started with the 5th round of diet, she weighs around 63 kgs, i.e. she lost around 24 kgs. (6 kgs per cycle, on an average). She has managed to keep her weight off for these many months (hats off!). After each cycle, she eats normal Indian food, but with less oil, sugar and spices. No outside or junk food. Being a Punjabi, she is in love with her food, but she still managed to reduce the calories in typical Punjabi food (with less oils, spices and more of boiled and baked food)

  42. any subsitute for brown rice….. brown rice is not available here…. will brown bread with vegetables be fine???

  43. Also … what should be had for breakfast,lunch and dinner on day 5,6 and 7 and also the quantity… am in day 3 now…. pls let me know asap…..

  44. sir , I tried GM diet . after one week i am feeling very energetic and fit internally but there was hardly 01 kg weight loss. can u tell me follwing i want to do it again
    1. the quantities of fruits and vegetable or foods should be how much (in approx grams) which is consumed.
    2. can we use black tea/ coffie with lemon and how many times in a day ( no suger that is clear )
    3. alternate for beef and browne rice 9as this rice is not easily available.
    4. is it compulsory to take physical exercise.

  45. i think the banana part is rubbish..its full of fat man! maybe il substitute it wit cornflakes or sumthin…watsay guys?

  46. lets know how the diet works……

    Day One you are preparing your system for the upcoming programme. Your only source of nutrition is fresh or canned fruits. Fruits are nature’s perfect food. They provide everything you could possibly want to sustain life except total balance and variety.

    Day Two starts with a fix of complex carbo-hydrates coupled with an oil dose. This is taken in the morning for energy and balance. The rest of day two consists of vegetables which are virtually calorie free and provide essential nutrients and fibre.

    Day Three eliminates the potato because you get your carbohydrates from the fruits. You system is now prepared to start burning excess pounds. You will still have cravings which should start to diminish by day four.

    Day Four, bananas, milk and soup sound the strangest and least desirable. You’re in for a surprise. You probably will not eat all the bananas allowed. But they are there for the potassium you have lost and the sodium you may have missed the past three days. You will notice a definite loss of desire for sweets. You will be surprised how easy this day will go.

    Day Five, Beef and tomatoes. The beef is for iron and proteins, the tomatoes are for digestion and fibre. Lots and lots of water purifies your system. You should notice colourless urine today. Your allowance calls for the equivalent of five “quarter ponders”. Do not feel you have to eat all this beef. You must eat the six tomatoes.

    Day Six is similar to day five, Iron and proteins from beef, Vitamins and fibre from vegetables. By now your system is in a total weight loss inclination. There should be a noticeable difference in the way you look today, compared to day one.

    Day Seven finished off the program like a good cigar used to finish off Victorian meals, except much healthier. You have your system under control and it should thank you for the flushing and cleaning you just gave it.

  47. What oil is recommended for Indian Cooking and can we consume any oil in this diet?

  48. I’ve completed this diet plan today and have lost 4.2 kgs. This works only if one sticks to the basics and overcomes any temptation for foods outside the diet plan 🙂

  49. I am following this diet for the 3rd time this year. The first time I did not really measure the weight loss but I had lost 4 kgs the second time – and have been able to maintain it too! Thats why I planned to go for it again!! This time, today is the end of my day 5, and I had lost 2 kgs when I had checked my weight this morning. SO 2 kgs in 4 days… 🙂 🙂
    I agree that we should any temptations for outside food.
    2 more days to go.. I can’t wait for Monday!
    And also thanks to many people, I have learnt few good ways today to make the diet plan less bland! 🙂
    All the best to everyone!

  50. I did the GM diet every alternate week or two weeks over three months and believe or not i lost 30 kilos from 110-115 down to 85. Feel much nicer and fit and surprise surprise fit into clothes i used to fit into in my masters!!! its an awesome feeling !! highly recommended and it has no side effects whatsoever!!!

  51. i am on my day 4 today , and passed blood in my stool in the morning. and since the banana milk combination in the morning.. i have been having loose motions. 🙁

    i have not felt like eating the soup as my stomach feels tender. has this happened to anyone else?

  52. i am look like big so i want reduce my weight so please cantact me soon 9739335315

  53. i am on my 4th day and i feel so light nd good 🙂

  54. Hi all, I did almost 2 weeks of this diet. Week 1 lost almost 4kgs. Week 2 I did a lot of diet cheating so hardly lost any lbs.
    Wanted to know if can eat tofu on day 5,6,7?

  55. will be starting my gm diet frm 2moro , got my wedding in nov so less time to loose lot of weight , i did gmd earlier also but was not that religious. This time have to be strict. will post my progress at the end of week. all the best to all. happy loosing.

  56. hi. Is this suitable for people who are looking for reducing belly fat?? Cause I have fat only around this area and I am desperately looking for a diet plan to reduce it. I love food and likes to hog on in every now and then!
    also, I am a dancer and hence has to dance every day. So are you sure it won’t reduce my energy level? thanx!! 🙂

  57. Hey , I’m Kuruvilla Mathew , by profession I’m a Clinical Audiologist/Speech Language Pathologist. Me and my friend had started this program 2 days back . Today is our 2nd day … I’ll post our responses on Nov 2nd !! Hope it works !! Cheers……………….

  58. Hello,

    I have tried GM Diet (VEG) last year and I lost weight in bulk. However I use to go spinning class with it. Now I’m restarting my GM diet and have few questions, I would be glad if anyone can answer them.

    1. I dont eat bananas, is there any substitute for it?
    2. Can the quantities of rice, cottage cheese, and other vegies be given in grams to ensure correct intake?


  59. i can have tea wheni was in gm diet

  60. hi ,
    you cant drink tea or anything , sugar should be avoided completely , this is the second time iam doing gm diet , first before my marriage 5 years back , that time i lost 6 kg . today it is my second day and yeaaa iam feeling hungry ..
    1st day i took apple,watermelon, grape juice without sugar and 10 glass water .
    2 nd day i took potato in the morning ,cabbage boiled with salt n turmeric soon after that .
    .and lunch is cucumber and carrot .. night again iam planning cabbage ..
    and i will publish the result after 7 days
    good luck all

  61. I am starting Tomorrow and this will be mine 4th time in 7 years, my last was almost 4 year back. I lost around 3-4 kgs

    Let me see this time, i hoe it works again as I am 71 kgs now 🙁

  62. Hi everyone!!
    i had good experience with the GM diet plan it works a lot and i have started in the month of Apr’12 at that time my weight is 96kg and I have planned everymonth one week diet plan, but as of now i have done 3 times with GMdiet i reduce 11 kgs, now i m on 85kgs. it really works out without heavy jogging and other fittness exercises,,,,,,,,,,Trying to do monthly once with this diet plan.

    Thanks to GM DIET

  63. Hello Sir,

    Ones i finish the first cycle of diet when should i start with the next cycle.

  64. Hi All,

    Just started GM diet – Day 1

    Will post the update daily.

    Today’s food –


    All cut into slices and took it to office. Eating fruits and drinking water 2 hrs once.

    Fingers crossed!!!!! Wish me the best!!

    • hey anusha..

      am starting the plan from today aswell..

      let get ourselves virtually commited… to each other to stick to it..

      update me abt ur day 2 cheers!

  65. hey folks … starting it from today..

    tried it twice… once i lost 9 kilos… and the other time 5 kilos..

    am 137 kilos… and i aspire to be 110 by new years.. i ll update daily..

    cheers… happy loosing..

  66. day 1 successfully done…

    i lost abt 2 kilos on the day 1 itself… 😀 😀 😀

    all those jerks who criticize this diet plan plz rethink… thats one of the best diets that surely works..

    cheers… day 2 am coming… i expect to loose another 2 kilos by day 3 cheers..

  67. Day 2:

    Snake gourd

    All cooked with pinch of salt n green chilli

    Fluctuations in weight observed, not yet lost any weight! Lets hope for the best!

  68. day 2..

    all veggies.. one more kilo lost..

    total weight loss = 3 kilos..

    enthralled abt day 3 😀 😀 😀

  69. day 3 concluded….

    one more kilo lost.. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    total weight loss = 4 kilos..

  70. day 4 done..

    lost mere 300 gms :(….. but had dhokla and banana chips which were so not in the diet…

    ate them coz was totally drained… and couldnt resist …. repent it though…

  71. hey today is Day 1 : I need encouragement to keep going…everytime I say ,” I will eat now and will start tomorrow” . I don’t want to do this for this time.

  72. Hi Neha,
    All the best with the GM diet…I also used to do the same…i too used to think that i will start from tomorrow but as we have learnt it since childhood, tomorrow never comes so i finally started it .. I am a total foodie and cant give up on food. I have always said that I can exercise a lot but can’t give up on food.. 🙁 … Anyway….My day 1 was pretty good but day 2 was horrible….coz i don’t like much vegetables but fruits make me really happy :). Day 3 I was almost about to give up since I could not control my craving for tea since it was a very cold day. I talked to my hubby and he kept me really motivated and told me not to leave it in between….he said i was almost halfway through though i was only on day 3 :p..but that really helped. Today is my day 4 and i am not having any craving yet…lets see how the remaining days go :). Really hoping to lose some good amount of weight. Also I had made one thing very clear to my brain…even if i don’t see any weight loss in the first couple of days i will still continue and think of it as a body cleansing treatment. So whatsoever don’t give up!! All the best to all the GM diet followers 🙂

  73. hiiii..i am starting GM diet 2day…hope it works :-)…i have a lot fat in belly will this diet help me out to get rid of it… plzzz let me know.. waiting for feedback 🙂 🙂

  74. i started and its my first day!! felt so fresh, looking forward for DAY 2 🙂 .

  75. My first day tomorrow …. Every time I strt this diet … I leave it on the 3rd day 🙁 as I can’t do without food n more over I’m a tea addict , need 4-5 cups of tea or else land up with head ache . Had a baby 2 yrs back I weigh 90 kgs plz guys motivate me to continue this diet n how can I do with tea plzzzzz help

  76. I’m an emotional binger too …. Plzzzzzzz help feel really low:(

    • Hi Disha,

      I have been on the diet only for 4 days now –so not much of an expert. But I am a huge tea drinker– drink tea — Light with only 2 spoons of milk .. And I have not stopped that. 3 cups a day is normal. Tried having Lime tea on day 1 . Day 1, 2 are tough . But that too only if you dont eat.
      I ate whenever I was slightly hungry. Crunching and munching on Pomegrenade and Watermelon … after a kills the hunger. Luckily noone was with me eating Biryani and such ! ..
      1 kg down right now and gearing up for Day 5 .
      Try again … I think it will work .

  77. This is my third day. Can we use chicken instead of beef in the day 5 and 6

  78. Hi all, I’m on my 5th day today and have lost about 3 kgs so far. I had tried the GM Diet on 2 previous occasions too and lost about 3.5 to 4 kgs each time. I’m a 37 year old male, 5’9″ and weighing 88.8 kgs before start of the diet this time.
    Will let you know the results at the end of the week… I’ll be finishing my 7th day on Friday and can’t wait for Saturday morning. 😉

  79. can i can egg white scramble instead of beef on day 5 & 6 its very easy to make and very low on calories app. 199 per serving.

  80. hai
    today is my 4 th i ate only milk and banana.i checked my weight only 1/2 kg.
    day 1:ate only apple ,watermelon.
    day 2 :ate carrot ,cucumber,cabage soup
    day 3 :watermelon,apple,sweetmelon,grape
    day 4 banana and low fat milk
    i just wanted to know how i take day diet.i am from need indian diet .i am ready to avoid rice.please me breakfast,lunch, dinner recipes

  81. Hi,

    Am on the 4th day;; feeling so gud today; in 1st day i lost 3 kg. on 2 nd 3 rd day ma weight remains same.
    so far i lost 3 kgs only..
    tmrw is my 5th day:for indian vegetraian i can intake brown rice. but i have a doubt i need to take only one bowl of brown rice for the whole day? or can i take one bowl of brown rice for breakfast ,lunch ,dinner along with 6 tomatoes;
    can any one please guide me?

  82. i want to know how many servings a day we should take and what time of the day its preferred

  83. It really works.I tried once & lost 2 kgs.Now am in d 2nd cycle-5th day.

  84. hi guyz,

    Im starting hardcore gm diet plan for next 2months and im hoping to loose atleast 15-20kg…Hope wil work inshaallaah thnks GM


  85. why is blck tea and coffee not allowed?
    could you have green tea or fruit infusions instead?

  86. Hey, I am a model and practice this diet regularly.
    It works and you get super model belly, will become skinny and energetic.
    You can wear your tight fitting clothes.

    Do remember to exercise regularly and always stick to the plan.
    Let me know for more info.

  87. i am going to start tomorrow.
    How can I substitute Tomatoes?? I just can’t eat them…

  88. Hi..I am thrid day today and going carvings..had orange and apple for breakfast and water melon for lunch..planning to have cucumber and carrot for dinner …i did not check my weight yet…i had corn on my second day..can some one confirm if corn is a vegetable or grain? Can we have it in our GM diet ? Please reply soon…

  89. Hello all,
    This is the first time I’m following GM diet plan..
    I’m on day 4 and I had little spinach with banana and milk as i was too hungry.
    What can i eat on day 5? one bowl of rice and 6 tomatoes is very little to consume for the entire day..

  90. Hi sprouts n buttermilk can be added diet .

  91. Hey Guys!
    Was really motivating and shocking to read all you guys comments… great to look at people who are going through the same confusion … lol … I don’t like vegetables and fruits much … hahah … so yea still am trying to eat it. ..i love aloo …but eating it with a pinch of salt boiled was like pain in d ass. …in my day 2 … will post after 5 days… I wna lose atleast 5 kgs!

  92. Hi Everyone,
    I am doing this GM diet for the 2nd time and it definitely works. The best part is its fairly easy and there is no restriction on the quantity of the food.
    day 1 and 2 are a bit hard but If you survive your cravings then you have won the battle.
    It always better to do it with your friend or husband or anyone in the family as its easy and then you get all the support and no cravings.
    Also its seen if you exercise you achieve maximum effects.I lost 4 kgs first time and then I have been losing weight after that even though I was back in my old eating habits but I guess I am more careful now and have been drinking lots of water.
    hope this helps,

  93. today is my last day. lost 2 kgs altogether. feeling gud. but need advise ….what to have for breakfast on day 4…5…etc. also if the GM diet is unlimited then 1 portion of rice or 3 portions of rice in a day shud not make a diff ???

  94. it was my 5th day .. i hadhalf burger and cocunut burfi extra.. though m regretting wat i do 🙁

  95. hey guys…

    i came thru this page about 2 months ago and even though i could not follow the whole thing which is written over here, i ate reasonable amounts guided by this page and did 2 hours of cardio everyday and it paid back in dividends. i was around 85-90 kgs at the start of december and today i am 75 kgs and i have never felt better to be frank!! my advice for everybody is don’t lose it drastically as it can cause to increase your weight at the same rate. Avoid eating junk foods and even if u have craving for it, take small amounts and that will tell ur brain that u have tasted what u have been wishing for. And exercise atleast 4-5 days a week and u can maintain ur body as u wish. Good Luck !!

  96. it really works….

  97. Can we replace BROWN RICE with WHITE RICE?

    Or anything VEGGIE?

  98. I am from india, and day 4 , 5 and 6 links point to something western diet (beef, hamburger etc).
    Please suggest some alternatives to Rice, as i dont like to eat rice.

    Please suggest accordingly

  99. Hi ,

    I am doing it for second time. First time i lost 4kgs. Today is 5th day…2 days more to go… hoping for best results this time. :)…One tip Drink more water.

  100. Hey all!
    I am starting GM diet from Tomm.. I have read all the comments. I need to know how to cook the vegetable for days having vegetable.
    I am 71 Kgs today n i’ll post the results soon after 7 days. Fingers crossed!

  101. Hi Teja and seema,

    Please advice about post diet practice after GM diet, is that really more stringent that we should never talk white rice and oily foods? will it have adverse effects??

  102. I have been taking this gm diet since 15 years from now

    Its given a success to me in earlier days.

    never the less, the observations are below which I had observed only this time

    1. Second day evening I tend to get a guidiness and vomitting, I presumed it to be low BP and tried to use few pinches of salt. then it was fine

    2. A kind of bloating and gastric issue started in my stomach from second day evening and it was so severe, it was spreading across the whole back the next 2 days and I had to take gelusil to come out of it

    But I still continued my ;GM diet.

    Now, what will you have on 5th day with rice?( I know its tomatoes ) but what will it go with

    How do I avoid the gastric issue. was it factored by the dietitians during the 2 & 3 days.?

    As of the earlier times I have not experienced such things, but I have heard my friends saying this as a major
    issue on the first and second day, that they were not able to do it because, they felt like throwing and had a low bp.

    Any suggestions on how to overcome this.

    TODAY IS MY 6th successful day. WISH ME ALL THE BEST 🙂


    • Ajitha,
      I had it at the begining. I found the reason was due to less water intake. See that you drink more water. increase the intake if you have the giddy feeling.
      I take green tea with lemon (twinnings is my favourite, without sugar/honey/sweetener. I started loving the bitter taste). This will balance/keep your bp at normal level. it increases hydration also. While you are in first three days, avoid coffee. see that your body is enough hydrated. Caffine in any form will dehydrate. Take a cup of the raw beetroot juice twice if you feel that you have low blood pressure. But keep in mind roots of anykind is high in carbs and may disturb your diet.

  103. Hi

    I followed the plan for 7 days finally reduceded 3.5 Kg .. Thanks to GM diet plan..


  104. HEY, ALL,







    • Ajitha,
      I forgot to mention in my earlier reply to you about the gatric problem. Eat a whole green apple when you feel uneasy in your stomach. drink pleanty of water. This will suerly solve your issue.

      After the diet, gradually introduce fat and carbs. To avoid craving, see that you eat tasty but healthy food. Avoid outside food. replace any oil with extra virgin olive oil. yet this should be a far low in level. reduce sugar intake. Hate rice like poison.

      Dont wait for you to get hunger and then eat. Fix the eating timing at regular intervals (generally 6 times a day) and eat only the quantity that is sufficient. Eat before you get hungry so that you dont eat more. Substitue snacks with fruits and boiled grams/pulses. keep your body active as far as possible.

      Hope this helps.

  105. Hii frnds…today was my 4 day n it passed very easily..
    M not able to eat 8 bananas so I took only 6 n 4 glass of milk .
    I want to loose 9 kgs..hope dis diet work for me..I only want
    2 know dat 30 min of walking is enough for daily workout?pls somebody reply…

  106. Hi is there any substitute for Banana, also i just can’t live without tea atleast in the morning so can someone help me to know how much is is going to impact on the diet plan??

  107. Hi ,

    I was not aware that we cannot take fruit juice on the first day
    I took pineapple juice in the morning(this had some sugar also).

    Will this affect the plan
    What should i do now,

    Today is my first day

  108. HAI GUYS…

    I Sarted my 1 st day….
    taking only watermelon nd muskmelon
    7 liters of water
    Lets hope for the best…. wish me all d best

  109. Hi guys,
    My weight is 97.5 kg….going to start from today night….i need a severe diet…..wish me good luck fellows….any one came with a better idea please let me know….and one more thing , i am going to have fruits alone for next seven days….will it work…???? i need suggestion….

  110. Hi m on gm diet since 22apr13, today being 3rd day hv lost 2 kg already…. gr8going..

  111. Hey, I don’t eat Tomato, is there something that I can eat in order to substitute for tomatoes???

  112. Hi All Dieters!!!
    Planning to start the diet tomorrow. I am so excited after having read the great and awesome results people have achieved with this plan. Best of luck to all, who are really willing to look slim and smart.. Cheers…:)

  113. I started the diet yesterday and it mainly consisted of watermelon as the diet says its best to stick to it to lose weight faster. Today’s my 2nd day and I did get a few hunger pangs but I can deal with it! Five more days left, really excited about the results! Oh and if your food tastes really bland I’m guessing something like a vinaigrette or burnt garlic dressing is allowed?

  114. Hi All,
    today is my 2nd day of the diet . till now i have lost half kg. wish me all the best!!! will keep you posted!!

  115. Hey it my 3rd day begining and i lost 1.3 Kg 🙂 i am happy to see the result till now.. became more motivated.. waititng for 8th day to know the total result.. will keep you posted guys:)

  116. I had tried it once and I lost nearly 4 kgs 🙂

  117. Hi, Can i have salted roasted grams in between diet. I dnt have sweet tooth and have cravings for salt…….
    please reply nasap.

  118. Hey I cpmpleted my GM diet and ilost 2.5 kg but i lost tummy fat so i am happy and i am feeling more energetic.
    I will repeat this on coming weeks. Thanks to GM diet.

  119. ahh this is the the 3rd time i gonna start with it earlier both the times i cheated wish and hope i do it now with determination i am 65 today lets c will surely give feedback if i reduce

  120. Hiiii seniors,
    I am going to complete the 4th day. I am vegetarian what should i eat in 5th day breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

  121. hi,

    Can some1 pls lemme know what exact quantity we need to take diet.Please share it.As I have to start it asap.

  122. How frequently we can follow this GM diet plan?

  123. Completed 5th day but i don’t know it is completed successfully..

  124. completed my 7days diet successfully. I lost 4 kgs. I am very happy. I will repeat it again after one month.

  125. I’m starting from tomorrow… Having 75Kgs is not painful but the Excess FAT is bothering me…. !!

    HOPE To See everything working — I did not see any quantity here, how many fruits,vegies, in what interval ?

    Like 60-100 Gms 4 times in a day or something ??

    HELP Me People, I Want to get in shape again !!

  126. DAY1 passed away with FRUITS !!! OH got its quite tough when u have so many spicy temptetions around you to eat 😀 !!

  127. Hi
    I tried this diet once but not even a kilo reduced. I felt very good internally though.
    I am planning to do it from This Tuesdays but will be continuing for next 2 to 3 weeks as i am 10kilos overwight .
    Please advise me on the same .. Wether i should do it or not .. If yes How ?as so on
    I also go to gym at least minimus 2times a week ,..

  128. DAY 2 & DAY 3 were also good, i felt little LIGHTER, though not much progress on Scales 😀 !
    (I see difference of almost 1 KG)

    DAY 4 today, ONLY MILK n BANANA with SOUPS in between !!

  129. Hey Nayana,

    I Dont know if this diet works, coz in 3 days i’ve reduced just a kg, but to get rid of excess fat, i keep running…….. 😀 !!

    Run as much as you can…….say around 4 Kms Daily is a minimum… not at strech u can walk when u get pissed off, but the count should be 4 KMs at the end of the day. Just Dont eat Oily foold,Potatto, Cheeze and butter… thats it 🙂

    All the best 🙂

  130. Feels good to see so many people successfully losing weight with this diet. I’m a recent graduate from Delhi University and have always been on the heavier side, can’t really imagine myself to ever be slim. But I guess I have had my wake-up call (I am 21 and almost touching 80 Kgs now and that’s pretty scary), and I am already walking around 60 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening since past four days. I’ll start with the GM diet from tomorrow, alongwith my dad for moral support! 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated with my progress.

  131. Yesterday started with GM diet
    Before Day1 weight = 70.5kgs
    Day1: Have fruits with little salt – Lost 1.2 kg, Today’s weight = 69.3kgs 🙂

  132. Is Sprouts(Green gram)/Sweet corn cab be taken on Day 2 ?

  133. this is a super useless diet, i could do it for just 3 days and by the end of the 3rd day i was left with no energy, but one thing i learnt through this diet is having control over what i eat all day…i started liking salads more than ever…i am gonna diet but actually not this way…i am losing all my energy, this will definitely not work for me as i like to involve my self more with physical activities unlike just sitting dull and missing food or thinking about it wht to eat next :((

  134. hi..
    Me n my husband has started GM diet from today for the first time. Target is to lose 15 kgs in total..lets see how much we lose this week. I m really looking fwd to it. The hardest part seems to cobtrol the cravings so guys please keep us motivated. Will update the resulta soon 🙂

  135. hiieee…….guys
    today i completed wid my day 6 n tommrow is last day of my gm diet..very xcited to see the results by mondy..wil keep u infor on mondy…..byee gud luck to all

  136. Thanks for your Regimen. It is GOD SENT Today is my first day. let me complete it.

    hamsa arniker

  137. hiieeee frnds…
    i completed my 7 dyz but just lose only 2 kgs after long 7dyz strict diet….
    but i’ll not lose my hope..i’ll again follow this after 3 dyz….
    gud luck guyz……for me toooooooo…

  138. Please tell me if I can substitute brown rice with muesli

  139. hey guys even i am going to start the plan from tomorrow.I hope to loose around 10 kgs and fit in my old pair of jeans soon.. 🙂

  140. hi…it really seems so nyc…vl start day after so dat I can prepare tomorrow. ..I hope to stay strong ol 7days….thanks fr sharing frends…ur cmments r quite valuable…vl write bak once I start..luv to all…

  141. please suggest any substitute for bananas in the GM diet plan for vegetarians

  142. can vegetarians not eat bananas?

    • gundeep June 19, 2013 at 10:57 am · Reply
      please suggest any substitute for bananas in the GM diet plan for vegetarians

      admin June 19, 2013 at 12:10 pm · Reply
      can vegetarians not eat bananas?

      Dear admin,

      Gundeep was asking a vegetarian substitute for bananas, since he does not like eating them!

  143. Substitute for brown rice pls

  144. i’m on gm diet. now is day 5 started with brown rice tofu & soya. it’s my first time. many people have lost do much by this. i also want to loose 35 kg. kindly tell if any suggestions. i’m doing walk & exercise also 1 hour morg n 1 hour evening hope for best

  145. cn i hv sweet corns?????..pls any 1 rply..

  146. no I would not…

  147. Can a diabetic person follow the diet plan.if so what is the alternative diet

  148. Hi All, im on day 3 and have already lost 2.5 kilos. Feeling light already.. If you guys have any issue do post your qs and i would be glad to assist you..

  149. Sayli you cannnot have sweet corns but yes you could subsutuite it with potatoes on your second day morning for breakfast. sweet corns are high in carbs and hence not recommended. You can have in the morning that too only after 5th day in moderation.All the best

  150. Guys any of you facing headache is bec of tiredness and hunger. Have multivitamin tablet- Multivite gold in the morning after ur breakfast and include lots of grean tea, lime water or coconut water(without malai) everyday and feel the difference.

  151. Hi Friends.I started GM diet just yesterday. Stayed on water melons in morning. apple papaya and ended with Water melon. Had lots of water. May be 8-12 glasses of water. Had green tea one time and black coffee in the evening without sugar. I have bad addiction of tea and coffee. But could manage without it. I lost 3 kgs in just one day. Today is my second day and i have started with black coffee without milk and sugar. Will have wonder soup for lunch and salad for dinner. i will add very little black salt garlic and lemon juice with green chillies in all my food for the day.. My day went well had mild headache. Also i walk for 20mins. Believe me its all in your head and psychology that u cannot do. its easy and do your regular work withought thinking of ur diet all the time.Yes Vegetarian can sustitute beef or non veg with ankurit chana and moong. Soya means nutriela. No Rajma(kidney beans, pinto and lima). Do it honestly and u will succeed or u cheat and gain and all handwork on vain. I did many times GM diet and i follow this link strictly only that i replace beef with veg from another link. mix both. Also can follow vegeterian advice by Bob….

    Bob September 26, 2011 at 6:31 pm · Reply


    Its just awesome… This is a second time I am trying GM diet…Beleive me or not…both times I lost 6-7kgs…Its just after this week you need to control your habits and its like complete refreshing… I am sure many people attempt it but Day 2 & 3 are the most difficult ones. After that its easy and you are basically proud of yourself. I followed this thing:
    Day 1 Just Fruits (Apple,Pear,Pomegrate (good oxidizer), sun-melon (half)
    Day 2 Salads basically cucumber and radish with sprinkled black salt and squeezed lemon.
    Day 3 Combination of Day 1 and Day 2
    Day 4 8 Bananas and 1L milk. ( I made banana shake with 5 bananas and 500ml) believe me its heavy
    Day 5 I don’t eat beef so chopped 4 tomatoes, 1 Cottage cheese, 2 bowls soya and 1 bowl peas. Cook them with 1 teaspoon oil and add spices accordingly. Its awesome dish.
    Day 6 I just added curd to Day 5.
    Day 7 I added fruits and veggies (Day 1 and 2 serving) with small amount of Day 5 & 6.
    Day 8 : 7.8 kgs lost !!!!
    Better try it people … It works ….
    Big Bob

    Bob September 26, 2011 at 6:31 pm · Reply


    Its just awesome… This is a second time I am trying GM diet…Beleive me or not…both times I lost 6-7kgs…Its just after this week you need to control your habits and its like complete refreshing… I am sure many people attempt it but Day 2 & 3 are the most difficult ones. After that its easy and you are basically proud of yourself. I followed this thing:
    Day 1 Just Fruits (Apple,Pear,Pomegrate (good oxidizer), sun-melon (half)
    Day 2 Salads basically cucumber and radish with sprinkled black salt and squeezed lemon.
    Day 3 Combination of Day 1 and Day 2
    Day 4 8 Bananas and 1L milk. ( I made banana shake with 5 bananas and 500ml) believe me its heavy
    Day 5 I don’t eat beef so chopped 4 tomatoes, 1 Cottage cheese, 2 bowls soya and 1 bowl peas. Cook them with 1 teaspoon oil and add spices accordingly. Its awesome dish.
    Day 6 I just added curd to Day 5.
    Day 7 I added fruits and veggies (Day 1 and 2 serving) with small amount of Day 5 & 6.
    Day 8 : 7.8 kgs lost !!!!
    Better try it people … It works ….
    Big Bob

    Thanks all .. DO it and u will enjoy….
    Good luck

  152. I tried this few years ago (when i put on weight after marriage 🙂 ) and broke it after day3. Later had an accident (two years ago) followed by surgery and thyroid which shot up my weight by 20 Kilos. Tried exercising and all other means but work timings, thyroid and the post surgery effects couldn’t permit me to effectively follow them.

    I started it again with a target of -30 kilos by dec 2013. This time i am committed not to break. Today is my day 4 and gives me a much lighter feel. I feel that i can repeat this once/twice in every month. Had mild head aches but practising pranayama (breathing exercises) helps. Keping my fingers crossed.

  153. can u suggest any good alternative for brown rice???

  154. Qunioa? Mung Beans?

  155. Can I take sweet corn soup instead of wounder soup????????????????? pls reply……………

  156. no you can’t on the corn, sorry…..

  157. Hi bob,

    After eating soya diet I have again gained 1 Kg, please help how to reduce further.

  158. Hi guys i’m trying it 3rd time but i could not reduce much weight. i’m doing lots of walk at least 2 hrs a day in portions stricktly following the diet please help me i can reduce just four kg in one month i have lot to reduce

  159. Hello neetu, biggest error people make is not eating enough…. Make sure you eat.

  160. hai tomorrow i will start my diet

  161. hi
    i decided to start the diet from having i dnt know whether dis wil be effective for me.and i have some doubts..can i take grilled chicken on day 5 and 6 instead of brown rice?because i dont like rice.
    i hope i can loose some im thinking about a baby,,…

  162. yes, but make sure it’s fresh chicken, not packaged full of salts, sugars, etc.

  163. can i add mushrooms in wondersoup?beacuse i have heard that mushrooms are good for weightloss.

  164. They are in some cases…
    You can add a few to the soup though I guess 🙂

    The best thing though for weight loss here is sticking to the plan as many have reported for the best results.

  165. Hello,

    I started this diet again yesterday after failing miserably twice before to complete it. I am determined to complete it this time for the 4 days. I cannot continue after that as I need to travel on a business trip, though I will be cautious about what I eat and work out regularly. I am 78kgs now and need to lose around 6 to 8 kgs. This time hoping to lose around 2-3 kgs.

    whenever I feel demotivated and have a craving to eat I come here and read the comments. It works wonders, I feel motivated again.

    Day 1: Breakfast : I ate a half water melon with 3 glasses of water.
    11 am : 1 Apple with 2 glasses of water
    Lunch : 1 Apple, 1 Orange and 2 glasses of water
    Evening : 1 Apple and a bowl of Pomegranate (This was heavy), 2 glasses of water
    Night : half water melon, 1 glass of water.

    I did not feel the urge or craving for food on the first day. Lets see how it goes for the rest 3 days. I am very determined to complete the 4 days this time. I am not gonna check my weight and i’ll do it a the end of 4th day, though I am already feeling light(just wishful thinking?) 🙂

  166. hi frndz…. can any one pls suggest me can i have chapathi instead of brown rice

    • Chapati is wheat! not a recommended ingredient during this diet. Also, some quantity of oil is always used in the preparation of the dough. so, stick to brown rice, if not tofu.

  167. no on the chapathi – it’s just bread. Sorry

  168. Day 2:
    Breakfast : 1 large cooked potato. I did not add butter but just a pinch of salt and chilly powder. 2 glasses of water.
    11 am : cucumber slices.
    Lunch : cooked vegetables( 1 carrot, cabbage, 1 capsicum, half onion, 1 tomato) with some salt and red chilli powder. I kinda felt that i might have used more salt n it was delicious 😉
    evening : cucumber slices.
    Dinner: Raw carrots(1), raw tomatoes(2), cucumber slices. 3 glasses of water.
    I did not drink as much as water as day 1 though 🙁

    I did feel for craving for food as I went for a movie as everyone around me were munching on cheese, chocolate and salted popcorn’s. Delicious Samosa’s too :(. I am proud that I remained determined.

    Again not sure, how much I lost. I would be checking my weight on the 5th day. Good luck to everyone who’s doin it

  169. Guys,

    Its my Day 3. I am always used to over eat and could never think of fast / starving. But I made an effort its my Day 3 just started and I have already lost 1 kg. Below is my diet for last 2 days:
    Day 1: Mangoes, Cucumber, other fruits
    Day 2: Bf: Baked potato, Lunch: Subway salad, Dinner: Beans cooked with 1/2 tb spoon oil and 1/2 cup cooked dry dal
    Day 3: I am planning to eat Papaya, Apple, Salad and beans again.

    But the inspiration is on! Thank you for 1 kg loss.. I hope it continues!!!

    • Day 1: cucumber is not a fruit

      Day 2: dal is neither a vegetables nor a fruit. it should have been avoided!

      I guess if you had followed the instructions religiously, u’d lost more than a KG by now. I lost 3 kgs by the end of Day 2.

  170. hi..this is my second time following this diet…
    I lost 2 kgs last week with very little excercise. But this time im determined to do half an hour excerise daily but brown rice or tofu is not available here..that might b a problem.
    Can any one suggest what is the third option for this??
    Today is my second day n i hv alreadly lost 1.2 kgs…its the lowest i hv been weghed in years..feels wonderful 🙂

    Plz suggest me altertaives for brown rice n tofu…im sure thr must b something??

  171. ok.. I could not resist and I checked my weight before sleeping on Day 2, i had lost around 2.8Kgs already :). Now that really encouraged me for day 3. If I had not lost weight or had lost only a KG or less, I think I would have quit today.

    Day 3:
    Breakfast : 1 Apple. 2 glasses of water
    around 11 am: half raw papaya, 1 glass of water
    lunch: cooked vegetables( half carrot, some cabbage, 1 capsicum, half onion, 1 tomato) with some salt and red chilli powder. I also ate some quantity of same raw vegetables.
    evening: 1 orange, half papaya, 2 glasses of water.
    Dinner: raw cucumber slices, raw carrot and 1 Orange. 2 glasses of water.

    I was so tempted to have a good spicy meal for dinner but before I could give myself to temptation, I started munching on raw vegetables for the hunger to die. It worked.! I feel I am lighter already and also my face and eyes has a glow now. feels nice!

    Day 4(last day for me) is 6 Bananas and 3 glasses of milk, hey God, give the strength to get rid of the temptation for 1 more day!

  172. I m on gm diet .today is my first day.hope for the best

  173. its my day 4 and lost only 2 dat ok for the first time GM dieters?i also walk about 3km a day…but still only 2kg loss.i heard dat more weight wil b lost on first 3 days than the dat true?

  174. Gauri, I think it caries per person, but you are on the right track…

  175. Im stuck on 1.2 kg lost(aft one day) even aft 4th day 🙁 had boiled peas for early dinner o day 2 and 3.. I guess that wasnt a good idea.
    How can i lose more weight in coming days?

  176. thankyou so much are reallly motivative

  177. Boiled peas? So high in sugar, try and stick to the plan in the key here, eating the wonder soup, etc…

    • Thanks…
      That def made difference next sticking to wonder soup n walk aftwards…lost half kg more.
      But briwn rice is not available here…neither tofu.
      Can u suggest anything else? Can oats be taken instead? Im on 5th day of diet…ur early revert wud certainly help

  178. hello ppl!!!! dis is my first day……
    followed d diet and had fruits……
    but i also had barley water 3 glases…..doe it effect my weight loss????? ( 🙁

  179. Hello 🙂
    I certainly think barley water could affect you negatively. Be careful.

  180. I wold say no on oats in this diet… sorry…

  181. i completed my 7 days…and only 2kgs lost..:(
    so decided to take the diet one more week..

    • still you lost 2 kg… u know to hav nothing is !! better to have something so cheers its good somtime its depend on your hormones dear hormones are taking time to get adopted

  182. Hi All,

    I Started in the Morning – My weight is 81 KG.. So lets see the weight after 7 days .. I ll post the result on 12th August . 🙂

  183. can this diet be followed while nursing a 6month old baby?

  184. With something medical like this I can’t say yes or no. Sorry. The diet certainly does not lend itself to fasting so you’re eating, may need to ask a doc or go over it and decide for yourself.

  185. Hi pl tell me what we should after 7 days how do v maintain?

  186. Diksha, this may be easier discussed in the forum.

    Feel free to join and we can discuss – go over.

    I will say give up the sugars, processed foods and go as natural as possible. Good oils, not bad one, and so on. You have to make tough changes to see results.

  187. Thank you for above info. and can I have barley instead of brown rice.

  188. I am not big on barley with this diet.. But ultimately it’s up to you 🙂

  189. Thanks, I did read forum discussion but I don’t see mush info on what we need to do exactly after 7 days.

  190. Diksha, I meant go here and start a thread so we can discuss, it is different for everyone….

  191. Hi, Can anybody guide me, if i can add salt in the meals, specially in rice???

  192. Sale is fine, the more you eat you may hold some water weight, but it’s fine.

  193. Days kg diff
    1 78
    2 76.9 1.1
    3 76 0.9
    4 75 1
    5 74 1 Couldn’t follow diet accurately.
    6 75 -1 Couldn’t follow diet accurately
    7 74.5 0.5 Couldn’t follow diet accurately
    8th day morning 74.7 -0.2
    so tot weight loss 3.3

  194. I had a couple of questions before starting this diet.
    1) Somewhere its written that you can have fruits and vegetables during day 1,2 & 3 in unlimited quantities but somewhere the quantity is mentioned like 1 bowl of melons or 1 orange or 1 apple.
    So I just wanted to know the appropriate amount to consume.

    2) If we don’t include the wonder soup then does it make any difference in the plan? Can i have a normal vegetable soup instead of wonder soup during the allotted days?

  195. 1) The bowls of fruit were samples/ideas.
    2) Depends on what veggies and base you have in the soup but it could be fine if it is similar…

  196. Well try and stick with the samples, some. You don;t have to be exact, meaning change the fruits some if you need, if you don’t have been, do another protein etc….

    • So its better to stick with the diet plan. I mean the amount plus the timing to gain maximum result? After quiet a research i found this diet plan(as I am vegetarian). So is this ok for m as I am weighing 95 kgs right now & need to lose weight very badly? Should I stick with this plan(including the amount)??????

      1st Day Diet Plan
      1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
      One apple + 1-2 glasses of water
      2) MID-MORNING: (10-30 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.)
      One bowl of raw papaya + 1-2 glasses of water
      3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m.-1.30 p.m.)
      One bowl of watermelon OR muskmelon + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
      One orange OR one sweet lime OR one chiku + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
      One glass of coconut water
      6) DINNER: (8.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.)
      One apple + 1-2 glasses of water
      NOTE: Only fruits are consumed on the first day of GM diet. Banana should be avoided.
      2nd Day Diet Plan
      1) Breakfast: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
      One boiled potato + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
      One bowl of raw cabbage + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m.- 1.30 p.m.)
      One tomato+ one cucumber + 1/2 boiled beetroot + 1to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
      Two tomatoes + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
      One glass of veg juice (palak+ tomato)
      6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
      Boiled lauki (dudhi), can add salt and other spices plus water
      NOTE: On the second day of GM diet, only vegetables are consumed.
      3rd Day Diet Plan
      1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
      One raw apple + 1-1/2 glasses of water
      2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
      One bowl of papaya + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
      One tomato+ 1 cucumber+ 1/2 boiled beetroot + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
      One sweet lime OR orange + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
      One glass of veg juice (palak+ tomato) OR one chiku.
      6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
      Boiled lauki (dudhi), can add salt and other spices plus water
      NOTE: On the 3rd day of GM diet, fruits & vegetables are only consumed.
      4th Day Diet Plan
      1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
      1/2 glass skimmed milk and 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
      One banana+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
      One glass skimmed milk without sugar + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
      One banana + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
      One banana
      6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
      I/2 glass skimmed milk without sugar
      NOTE: On the 4th day, only skimmed milk & banana are consumed. Sugar should be avoided.
      5th Day Diet Plan
      1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
      One bowl pressure-cooked brown rice+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
      Two tomatoes+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
      One bowl brown rice cooked in tomato gravy + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
      Two tomatoes, can add salt & jeera + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
      One glass of water with lemon & salt
      6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
      Boiled brown rice, can add salt & other spices + water
      NOTE: On the 5th day of GM diet, broen rice and tomatoes are only consumed.
      6th Day Diet Plan
      1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
      One bowl pressure-cooked brown rice+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
      Two tomatoes+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
      One bowl brown rice cooked with other vegetables + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
      Two cucumbers, can add salt & jeera + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
      One glass of water with lemon and salt.
      6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
      Boiled beet + Cucumber + Carrot + Tomatoes + Raw cabbage, can add salt and other spices + water
      NOTE: On the 6th day of GM diet, brown rice, tomatoes, and other vegetables are only consumed.
      7th Day Diet Plan
      1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
      One bowl pressure-cooked brown rice+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
      Two tomatoes + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
      One bowl brown rice cooked with other vegetables + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
      Two cucumbers, can add salt and jeera + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
      5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
      One glass of sweet lime juice without straining & sugar
      6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
      Boiled beetroot + Cucumber + Carrot + Tomatoes + Raw cabbage, can add salt and other spices + water

  197. You plan looks fine. Keep in mind make sure you are eating hence having the wonder soup when you want. I noticed sugar, sorry but you have to watch the sugar, refined sugar is a killer to the body and an diet or post diet plan. Nice plan you have 🙂

  198. hi guyzz,
    I had tried gm diet soo many times, but this I want to replace rice with chappathi,is it fine??? plss answer me soon , as today is my 4th day…..

  199. Feel free to try, but I never recommend any kind of heat or bread for anytime on or off diet. 🙂

  200. Hello everyone,

    I am vegetarian and I am on 2nd day of the diet…feeling very week and having headache….

    Can someone please tell me the quantity of brown rice or any other vegetarian protein that we can have on 5th, 6th and 7th day?

    I went through the plan but not clear about the quantities and how many time we can have that

  201. can I have sprouts on the second day, if yes what quantity?

  202. Swapnil, quite a bot, they really have hardly any calories per serving, etc. Not that this is al ow calorie diet, but you are on a plan. So eat away on the sprouts.

  203. Hello everyone,

    I am vegetarian and I am on 2nd day of the diet…feeling very week and having headache….

    Can someone please tell me the quantity of brown rice or any other vegetarian protein that we can have on 5th, 6th and 7th day?

    I went through the plan but not clear about the quantities and how many time we can have that

  204. Hey Pooja
    The rice is described on the vegetarian page, 1 cup for days 5 & 6 and 2 cups for day 7 🙂

    This can vary some, you are replacing rice every time it says to eat burger, so measurements are uncooked.

  205. Guys tomo is my 5th day and i have a problem in eating tomatoes is there any sub for them please tell me asap cos tomorrow i should be ready for dieting
    and also have a doubt of wether to add moongh dhal with brown rice tomo and how many bowls of rjce should i have for the whole day?

  206. prahaadish look up one post for your rice question, as far as tomato, sub with any veggie.

  207. Keep in mind everyone when viewing the quantity of rice and food, you can have as much wonder soup as you want 🙂

    If you’re not getting enough food, then you’re not following the diet correctly

  208. I heard that tomatoes are meant to remove the toxic and since i don’t eat them is there any other replacement in vegetables??

  209. Eat what you want if you don;t want tomatoes. Not sure of a good replacement. And you have plenty to eat, with the wonder soup.

  210. Sprouts are fine 🙂

  211. Hi,

    Today is my 6th day, In next two weeks i have my wedding. So i am trying to loose weight as much as possible. Please let me know if I can continue the diet in the next week as well.

  212. Congrats Vidya 🙂

    You can follow as you want. I am big on taking a break, but if you cannot you certainly can try.

  213. Pick any fruit really, just stick with it for replacing the banana all of the time.

  214. i m 5ft 4 inches and weigh 89 kg. i want to lose weight fast in 2 months. guide me this diet plan will work

  215. Hey
    I am on my third day of the plan its feels good and i dont have much of craving for food.
    For me 1st day was good but 2nd evening became a bit difficult and i guess its only difficult when people around you eats good food and on the contrary you are on the plan.

    Next week is my bday so my aim is to reduce some before that keeping fingers crossed.

    Just a little bit skeptical as every two to three hour am eating stuff mentioned for that day though i eat in moderate quantity only which keeps me full and no craving for food but will it really help me to reduce i hope so it does …….

  216. And yes i forgot to mention THE WONDER SOUP is actually very tasty and we can add spices too in it which makes it more tastier 🙂

  217. Hey i wanted to know that what can we replace brown rice with and in what quantity? according to the diet plan I am sending below:-

    5th Day Diet Plan
    1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
    One bowl pressure-cooked brown rice+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
    Two tomatoes+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
    One bowl brown rice cooked in tomato gravy + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
    Two tomatoes, can add salt & jeera + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
    One glass of water with lemon & salt
    6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
    Boiled brown rice, can add salt & other spices + water
    NOTE: On the 5th day of GM diet, broen rice and tomatoes are only consumed.
    6th Day Diet Plan
    1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
    One bowl pressure-cooked brown rice+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
    Two tomatoes+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
    One bowl brown rice cooked with other vegetables + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
    Two cucumbers, can add salt & jeera + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
    One glass of water with lemon and salt.
    6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
    Boiled beet + Cucumber + Carrot + Tomatoes + Raw cabbage, can add salt and other spices + water
    NOTE: On the 6th day of GM diet, brown rice, tomatoes, and other vegetables are only consumed.
    7th Day Diet Plan
    1) BREAKFAST: (8.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.)
    One bowl pressure-cooked brown rice+ 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    2) MID-MORNING: (10.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.)
    Two tomatoes + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    3) LUNCH: (1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
    One bowl brown rice cooked with other vegetables + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    4) TEA: (4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
    Two cucumbers, can add salt and jeera + 1 to 1-1/2 glasses of water
    5) EVENING: (6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.)
    One glass of sweet lime juice without straining & sugar
    6) DINNER: (9.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
    Boiled beetroot + Cucumber + Carrot + Tomatoes + Raw cabbage, can add salt and other spices + water

    Please reply as soon as possible. What can replace Brown Rice & in what quantity?????????

  218. Quinoa would be my best guess…..

    You could do more quinoa than the rice, so maybe 1.5 cups dry, then 2 on that last day

  219. I think Tomatoes are to be consumed only on day 5 for cleansing purpose n day 6 is brown rice with veggies and day 7 brown rice, veggies n fruits

    Am i right please correct me if am wrong cause day after tomorrow is my 5th day

  220. you are correct 🙂

  221. Hi,

    Can I eat soya chunk subzi on my 2nd day diet?


  222. not familiar with what’s in soya chunk subzi. Beware if there is sugar and lots of unhealthy oils.

  223. Thx kevin bt this one is also very difficult to find in the market. Any other option?????

  224. Ankur Rath, understandable, what is common there and that will help me….

  225. Thanks Kevin…

  226. Tdy is my 5 day and im strickly following ths diet bt no chngs,as in office we had a medical check up so in tht bmi my weight remain the same

  227. Are you eating enough? Are you eating the wonder soup? Are you spreading out your meals?

  228. Hi I am planning to follow GM diet i have small doubts.. How can i will have brown rice?? means with which i have that and?? on the 2nd day can i take sprouts??? beacuse vegetables means i can have only carrot and keera?? KIndly suggest on this??

  229. Not sure your question on the rice. Sprouts are OK.

  230. Today 3rd Day– Lost 4.40 Pounds!!

  231. CONGRATS on that Dhirendra

  232. Thanx , Kevin

  233. Nice results 🙂

  234. hi every one following the diet this month. i am starting the diet today last week started but goofed up inbtween but this shall strictly follow will the effect be the same

  235. Hello everyone !!
    heard about GM diet from a friend last week and i’m very much excited to try this diet coz i gotta lose those last 8 pounds post pregnancy !! i’m nursing my baby, and will it be a bad idea to try this diet while nursing?? please help and i need the exact amount of what to eat and what not to eat (i’m a vegetarian, i don’t eat eggs too) Could anyone help on this please..
    thanks in advance ..
    Archie 🙂

  236. Look at the vegetarian page. This is not a fasting diet so that;s good. But make sure what you will be eating will be good for your pregnancy,

  237. Hi All,

    I started GM diet and today is my 3rd day. Its a little difficult for 1st 3 days as I am feeling tired and had a slight headache on 1st 2 days. I think key thing is to keep eating and drink lots of water, which I missed doing sometimes. That is why may be I am feeling a lot tired. But it seems like I have lost 1 kg at the end of 2nd Day, which is not like too great as per few of the posts I have seen here. But I am fine with it as this is my first time and point to note is I have not been able to do any exercise along with the diet.
    These are updates for 1st 2 days and I will keep updating.

    1st day
    8:30 AM – 1 cup of papaya + water
    11:00 AM – 1cup of Pomogrante + water
    12:30 PM – Apple,Papaya + water
    2:30 PM – Mixed fruits(Apple,Papaya,Watermelon,Muskmelon) + water
    4:00 PM – Mixed fruits(Apple,Papaya,Watermelon,Muskmelon) + water
    7:00 PM – Mixed fruits(Apple,Papaya,Watermelon,Muskmelon) + water
    9:00 PM – 1 Apple + water

    2nd Day
    9:00 AM – 2 Boiled Potato with pinch of salt + Water
    10:30 AM – Carrot+Capsicum + Water
    12:30 PM – Salad of Capsicum+Onion+Tomato+Cucumber+Spinach + Water
    2:30 PM /4:00 PM – Carrot + Water
    5:00 PM – Cucumber + Water
    9:00 PM – Boiled Vegatables (Carrot+Brocolli+Greens) + Water
    Should have eaten something between 5 and 9 but I could not as I was in bus.

    Thanks and Happy Dieting!

  238. Thanks for the update Raji.

    When you take away foods or drink you are used to, detox headaches can happen, You are right eat and drink plenty 🙂

  239. Hi.. This is my second day
    Are we allowed to eat corn?

  240. Skip corn if you can

  241. Hi all

    I tried the Gm diet n lost 3kgs (6.75 lbs).
    However I gained 2-2.5 kgs almost within two days of completing diet. This is despite the fact that I didn’t go on a binge and celebrate the successful completion of the diet.
    I was regular at gym, had regular meals n was hell bent on maintaining my weight.

    So is it normal to gain the lost weight almost immediately after the diet?

    The diet was helpful in reducing belly fat permanently though.

  242. Hey Aby, on good thing is the belly fat area shrunk and stayed. That is great. Yes it can be common, how were you eating after the diet?

    • Hey

      The belly fat has reduced visibly – certified by friends, family n my clothes.
      As for post Gm diet, I had healthy meals, no fast food, oily or spicy stuff n was regular at the gym

  243. happy to see all your results… I’m enough motivated to start my plan from tomorrow… let’s hope for the best… if I see any difference after completion, I will start recommending this diet to friends and relatives:)

  244. done with day 1 and already started feeling better 🙂 I hate to eat raw vegetables..but I have to achieve. god help me today: (

  245. hey I tried it thrice but always left at mid I am not so foodie but yes cant control my Tung … can somone give me the tip to maintain my will power to complete it at-list once. pls pls pls

  246. I am 5.6 inches 68 kgs … have to loose 10 kgs in 1.5 month

  247. EAT EAT EAT, you have the soup, spread your meals out and don’t starve. Hope that helps 🙂

  248. will try this also …… I m going to start from Monday i.e. sep 30,2013 becz in this week I hav to attend one birthday party of one of my besty…. then I will hit the ground 🙂

  249. one more thing I want to know is … in this is season it is very very difficult to find a melon & orange in makt. so is there any substitute for the same. pls reply

  250. do your best on the fruit, just don’t sub with bananas….

  251. Hello ppz,

    I have just started yesterday ! I weigh a whooping 110 kgs ! my height is 5’7 ! Age :28 yrs

    I am very confident of losing weight as I have tried Gm Diet before as well an I had lost around 9 kgs.

    Wish me luck ! as my target weight loss is 20 kgs !

    and be rest assured ! GM Diet really works !

  252. Hi All,

    I Started in the Morning – My weight is 70 KG.. So lets see the weight after 7 days .. I ll post the updates regularly… 🙂

  253. And One more thing.. I started this some 3 years back.. But not able to start the 4 th dy as I started feeling giddiness.. fainting…
    Agian now I am starting GM diet.. lets hope for the best results… 😀

  254. can i use it during periods? has it any side effects?? wat should be used after the gm diet?

  255. Don’t see why not secret, keeping in mind hormones can always affect results…

  256. Hi,

    Successfully going to complete 2nd day … 😀
    But I am getting headache from evening.. Could you plz suggest y and a remedy ?

    Plz reply

  257. Please reply as my headache is going high..
    I followed the below menu and this is my 2nd day
    Day 1 :
    Breakfast – 1 Apple
    Mid: papaya half bowl
    lunch: guava 1
    snack: pomegranate 1 small size
    dinner : 1 bowl of papaya

    Day 2:
    Breakfast – 1 boilde potato sprnkled with fresh onion and leaves
    Mid: 1 carrot
    lunch: cabbage (half boiled)
    snack: corn
    dinner : carrot and cucumber

  258. Hey Vidthas, headaches can be very normal on any diet, I have certainly got them – but they should start to go away, detox headaches….

  259. Hey m going to this diet tomoro onward plz wish me luch nd send me notes who gonna join with me

  260. Hi

    Planning to start from tomorrow. Was trying a prelude yesterday and today – have been getting headaches and giddy feeling. Had 4-5 glasses of water with pinch of salt and sugar – that helped.

  261. going to start from Monday wish me luck ….. 😛

  262. In 3rd now.. Feeling better..
    I checked weight on 1st day.. no change..:( I will check late and update.

  263. Hi

    Besides reducing weight, does this Diet help in trimming the waistline??

  264. Vidthas I cannot recommend wheat
    Sorry 🙁

  265. Subhrajit, people report that it really does, even if they don’t lose as much as they want, it really helps in that area.

  266. Good luck Priti 🙂

  267. HI All,

    i weighed 79.6 on Sept 15. after a bout of viral and then GM diet, am now 73.

    yes, followed the diet gradually as i had done it before as well. so far, its working well and i have kinda carried it into my second week. Belt has new hole as well. and much fitter and feeling lighter than before.

    Now, a few questions to admin is –

    1) how long is it advisable to carry on this cycle at one go? as of now, i can feel i can do well and carry it further, say more than a month at one go.

    2) does the frequency of weight less decrease as we continue, ie. suppose if one loses 4 kgs in one week, will the weight loss be slightly lesser the next week onwards and continued….

    3) the body has a habit to get used to a particular diet and adapt to conserve. how does one overcome this tendency to not drop weight further.

    am planning to take 2-3 days break in between for the next cycle. target weight according to BMI would be 60-65 kilos.

    Appreciate inputs on above.

  268. To me do it once a month or so, Your main success will be how you change your lifestyle after the diet is a kickstarter really. Ad can be quite effective.

    It can decrease, sometimes your body may have issues getting past certain weights or set points.

    To overcome this, just don’t do it too often. The good thing about this diet is that you are not fasting!

  269. Complet 3rd day successfully. But not weigh yet so lets see wht is the result

  270. hey I hav completed my 1st day … but I just want to confess that yesterday I cooked soya for my guest so to taist that I had 1 spoon soya veg… 🙁 will it effect so much pls let me know

  271. Any changes can affect you, so hard to tell. hang in there.

  272. From tomorrow I’m going to start. …

  273. hi
    i have started gm diet and this is my second day .i have one doubt can i use instead of tomato something else

  274. Ushas, maybe eggplant or a tomatillo, if not these try and do your best.

  275. Hi All,
    I am on GM diet for the third day, though felt hungry I somehow managed eating adviced diet. My one question is I never knew that we are not supposed to take salt. How can one eat all the veggies without salt?? Is it true that we need to avoid salt or not?? Please someone advice. I am diabetic and on medication twice daily and need to reduce weight around my tummy. Please someone reply. Thanks in advance.

  276. as long as your doctor is OK with salt, salt is OK on this diet 😉

  277. Hi

    Today is my 6th day. Feeling great but.
    Yesterday i ate brown rice twice with ..two table spoon of
    Sunflower oil.. Will it a have adverse affect on diet..
    Also can i make pulav from brown rice and eat on 6 and 7

  278. Any changes can like that, however you should be fine… 🙂

  279. sure, just keep to the right amount of rice…

  280. Thanks for the reply, but my concern was are we allowed on GM diet to take salt. Also I read several post which says that there is a Non-Veg GM diet which allows you to take beef with tomatoes on the 5th day.
    So if I take beef should I forgo rice or take rice with beef and tomatoes?
    Is salt allowed for all on the GM diet??

  281. Today is my 6 th day and i have lost only 1 kg..
    Why so i am really very sad .. Dont know where
    I went wrong with this diet.. :-(:-(:-(

  282. ruchi – head here and we can break down what did or did not do, if you like.

  283. Agnes the original diet is a non veg one, so yes look here…

  284. Can nursing moms do GM diet?

  285. Nandhini, hope you and your baby are well. I cannot say medically what to do other than talking to your doctor about it and showing them what you are eating so they can help you. This is not a fasting diet so that is good.

  286. On fifth day should only brown rice and tomatoes be consumed ..? Tofu or planner instead of beef separately or along with brown rice ? I am on day 4 now so want to know fant .

  287. Anamika, read the regular day 5 menu here and sub meet for a veggie substitute. You seem to be missing food.

  288. hi, started gm diet.. this is my 5 th day..i ‘ve a doubt to many cups of brown rice can we take ?

  289. Asha the yhave it here: Day 5. Brown rice and tomatoes. Instead of beef, brown rice is used on Day 5. One cup of rice is good to last for the day together with tomatoes in order to induce cleansing.
    Day 6. Brown rice and vegetables. On this day mixed vegetables may be consumed all day, together with one cup of rice.
    Day 7. Up to two cups of brown rice may be consumed, together with fruit and vegetable servings.

    • Hi,

      One cup of Brown rice , does it mean 1 cup cooked brown rice or uncooked brown rice. Exact measure would make it more clear.

  290. completed 7 days diet plan
    lost 5 kgs during first 4 days
    gained 3 kgs during last 3 days because of eating brown rice
    overall weight loss 2 kgs

  291. Puja uncooked

  292. Hi,

    Started GM diet on 18th, weighed 232 lbs on 3rd day wighed 224.21 lbs but on fourth day my weight increased by 224.65 lbs (i.e. 0.44 lbs). To add to this I’am also doing jogging every morning. Just wanted to know is this slight increase in weight normal or do I have to take some precaution.

  293. Can I have jalapenos and olives during my Day 2? kindly rpely

    • Jalepenos fine, olives not really….. Maybe a few but not every day…

      • Thank you!

        I had two small boiled potatoes in the morning, but I felt tired at 11:00, but after having some carrots, beetroots, jalapenos I feel good now. I had 5 small olive rings. But then I thought, the olive oil may be extracted from these, so olives may have some amount of fat in it. So avoided eating it.Thank you

  294. Can I have asparagus added to the vegetables? kindly reply.

  295. Hi, I don’t want to take brown rice on day 5,6 and 7. Is there any alternative option?

  296. Hi,
    I started my GM diet on 22nd Oct when i weighed 81.5 Kgs
    Day-1 Only Fruits, Papaya, Pomengranate, Apple & Watermelon, 8-10 glasses of water
    Day-2 Vegetables, Cucumber, Tomato, Radish, 8-10 glasses of water
    Day-3 Mix of Day 1 & Day 2
    Day-4 Morning Weighed 78.5 Kgs
    Lost 3 Kgs in 3 days… Awesssomme 🙂
    Looking forward to the next 4 days.

  297. today me nd my hubby started the diet. lets see how this works for us.

  298. Hi.. my height is 5.7 and i weigh 87 kgs.. i desperately wanna reduce my weight.. will this diet help me?? are there any side affets for the same??

    • It has helped many people, especially those that follow it at close as possible. The key will also be how you make lifestyle changes after the diet.

  299. Hi
    Im final yr grad student n I started gm diet y’ it was ma day2 n it was quite good
    Im 60kg n ma height is 5.3ft.. M nt dng any exercise hope it ll help me to shed some kgs..plz giv some suggestions regarding work out

  300. Hello to all….
    For many years, I was fit and fine with me being looked upon by family and friends as the ideal body/health. I was totally a photo freak…never losing an opportunity to capture myself or pose at the sight of a camera.
    But in the last 2 years, my weight shot up 15 – 20 kgs. I hardly look myself in the mirror anymore…my appearance in photos is mostly when I am in some background…and when I do (sometimes) take a pic of myself…I dont bother looking at it again…as I find myself so ugly being fat and looking much older than my actual age.

    Today, I got firm and promised myself that I am not gonna pity myself till I get back in shape. Timeline given to myself is till New Years.

    Had done the GM diet before I put on weight…(just to detoxify).
    Have started the plan today with only a Grapefruit and a plum and lots of water.
    Yes, have started my exercises too from today. Plan to continue each day.

    Havent weighed myself as the weight doesnt matter anymore. It is the inches I am targeting to lose…and guess would know I have succeeded as soon as I start fitting into my clothes again….and/or getting compliments…(which ever comes 1st)….. 😉

    I shall be back to update you on my success rate.
    Wishing all of us the best of luck to succeed in taking care of our health.

  301. Today is my 4th day & I already lost exact 2 kg’s 🙂

  302. started GM diet today …….want to know either GM diet is true or not. plz Reply me dieng of hunger 🙁

  303. Hi, Can I eat boiled cabbage and green gram on 2nd day?

    • well yes on cabbage, it is on the sample list, green gram? I would say no or not much, Try and stick to the samples as much as possible…

  304. Can Brown rice , replaced by normal white rice and Soya Chunks?

  305. can i take red kidney beans as a subsitute to beef ? after how many days can i repeat this diet plan?

  306. what should i eat after these seven days to stay fit n slim

  307. Hey,I am going to start from tomorrow.lets see,what gonna happen..I am 5.83″ weighing 94.5 kg,will tell the result..once i finish my diet.

  308. Author I dint take soup during thesefour days.. tomorrow is fifth day. Is soup compulsory ??

  309. Curd is mentioned to be taken in day 5 .. can I take curd?

  310. Author.. b4 starting my gm diet I weighed 70 and wen I checked on day 3 morning I was 68.3 but today day 5 evening I checked I was 68.8:(( .. but I’m following my diet very strictly. . I don’t know y I increased 500grams..?? May be it’s bcoz of banana n milk whick I tuk yesterday? ? I took 9 bananas and 1ltr of skimmed milk ..

  311. Ya I read it.. it was written upto 8-10 bananas and one ltr of milk.. as per as diet chart only I followed. .
    Soup ibdint drink coz I dint feel hungry p

    • read what on this website or another where someone rather than copy our content fully just changed some numbers? BEWARE! This is the original and way to go. 9 bananas is not balanced and should never be done.

  312. So only 4 bananas are allowed for a whole day?

    • YES, that is what the sample plan says, please 8 to 10 a day? That is so way off balance. Stick to the plan, not from other sites that copied ours and made blind changes. The people that follow this plan and stick to it usually find the greatest success. If you’re mixing plans from another site, bad news.

  313. whats the substitute for brown rice can i have chickpeas on this diet

  314. I took this diet and it works really well. I lost 30 kg in 5 months!

  315. this is a good plan

  316. can i continue this diet plan with gym and weight training ???

  317. i weighed 108 kgs. till wat duration should i continue this plan. i want to ask whether 1 week or 2 week or for a whole month ???? plzzzz reply ???

  318. Hi all
    Your posts were really motivating.
    I am 5’2″ and weigh 64 kg
    I an going to start the GM diet from tomorrow for the first time.
    Wish me luck you guys.

    Can I substitute brown rice with white or

    • Tofu is not a health food or a complete protein, not that rice is either. Yes you can do brown rice if you need to and tofu, that is a personal choice….

  319. hello…am on my day 1
    i dont have bananas..what can i have instead of that??
    plz help :-)e Thank you

  320. Starting GMs diet from tomorrow , i am on 92 Kgs . Wish me luck

  321. Hi guys,

    I am starting my GM diet from tommorrow
    You people have to guide me

  322. Hello, Its my 5th day.. feeling light. but stomach is still not reduced… 🙁
    need to do exercises too?

  323. Thank you “Author”!! 🙂

  324. Seventh Day!! Hurray!! Reduced 2 K.G.!! Balle-2.. Happy.. Tummy got reduced too.. 😀

  325. hey guys i m starting from todayyyy will give reviews aftter a weekk…wish me luck:-P

  326. today my 2nd day i havent reduced 1 kg also could you please let me know is it really works??
    Day 1. Pear, green apple,apple, red pear(imported),pomo granaets,i felt bad so eat 1 spoon upma,1 spoon dall
    day 2. backed potatos , raw (radishand and caroots )with pepper and subway salad till now

    i have checked weight on day1 still same weight 102 kgs.. i lost my confidence could you please help me ..

    • Well if you look that the history in the comments it does work. However looking at you meal plan here you are following another diet not this one, so I am unclear how to help you. Sorry, to anyone else reading this, please follow the diet. It can work. We give sample meal plan and tell you no cheating, plus eat the soup. Subway and other fast food should not be eaten, the dressing and food is just full of junk oils and chemicals.

  327. Hi,
    I am on my second weight loss journey with GM diet. Last time i lost 3.5Kgs (from 63 to 59.5)with little bit cheating from day 5 onwards.I did not do any exercise i am 60, and want to shed at least 5Kgs this time. My marriage is in May, so i want to look and feel fit and energetic by that time. Planning to do this diet once a month-My target weight for May is 50Kgs. I am not gonna measure the Kgs or inches lost every single day-i shall measure it only after completing my diet successfully on day 7. Doing some moderate exercise for about 30 minutes.Will update my experience daily-this is to keep myself motivated throughout the diet.. 🙂
    keeping fingers crossed

  328. Hi all,

    Today is my first day :).. had only papayas and watermelon..
    waiting for the 7th day.
    My current weight is 58.
    5.1″ inch height.

  329. I have never tasted brown rice. Need to buy it.
    How can we have it uncooked?
    Author , u have mentioned in one comment that it should be uncooked.

    Can we have brown rice with curd

  330. i have heard that there should be a minimum of 3 days gap before starting another session of the diet after completing the first session? is it true?

  331. Thanks for all the motivational comments … Going to start my GM diet from tomorrow … Wish me luck

  332. Hi,

    Can i exercise along with this plan?
    I hope you do not gain back after the plan gets over?

  333. Hi Author ,

    I am 27 and currently 98.5 kgs .
    I want to start the GM Diet plan along with that i wanted to join a gym as well .
    Can i have beetroot/celery/carrot juice everyday before going to the gym .
    And can i continue the Gm diet plan for continuously 20 days .
    As i have my sisters engagement on 16th of January .

    • Juicing can be great, however I am not sure how it will affect you on this diet, straying to far is outside what I can help with,

  334. One more thing is there any substitute for bananas as i am allergic to bananas 🙁 !

  335. Can a person have a drink wen on this diet

  336. Hey author went to gym today my weight was 95 kg 😉 !

  337. Thank you so much for providing such a diet plan as its work really amazing. I have lost 8 kg weight in just two months.

  338. I’ve started yesterday. Till now there were no issues such as energy loss and headache.
    Day 1 – I had only fruits – Apple, Oranges, Strawberries, Melons and Papaya
    Day 2 – Morning I just ate a bowl of boiled potatoes. In the afternoon I took boiled beans, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms , cucumber and tomatoes.

    Though I haven’t measured my weight since starting the GM diet but I am already feeling light.

  339. Hi I I’m hypothyroid I want to loose weight can I follow gm diet???????????

  340. Hi,

    2nd day of 2nd round of following the above mentioned diet plan.. last time reduced 2 K.G. let’s see how it works for this time.. Fingers crossed..wish me luck.. 😀

    Good Day!!

  341. Hi I lost only 2.2 kgs I had fish on day 5 nd day 6 and 7 had peanuts and boiled chickpeas….is chickpea nd roasted peanut good for weight loss? Plz help

    • Well they do not belong in this diet. And usually no they are not good for weight loss, chickpeas though in normal amounts should be OK though,.

  342. Hi guys ,
    I’m starting my gm diet today it okay to have jackfruit ?

  343. Padma
    lost 4kgs …..76 to 72….aftr 2 months trying again ,my wt has maintained 72kgs..
    this time I must lose 3 or 4kilo…..
    Its awesm an energetic programme… sisi lost 12 kilos….believe it
    Gud luc….and do try…..

  344. 2nd day on GM Diet. Going fine. Can I eat brown rice and paneer the 4th day?
    How long should i continue GM diet for ? Can i continue it for 2 weeks?

    • day 4, no. You get veg soup – then mainly bananas and milk.
      gm diet is 7 days, i would do it 7, come off for at least 2 weeks, it that 2 week time before doing again eat healthy! Up to you though, folks have done it 2 or 3 times in a row.

  345. Hi am leo,
    I’d like to start GM diet. I need some guidance.
    1. Can I add sugar to milk?
    2. What vegetables can I have and whether it is boiled or raw one.(if it is boiled one mean can i add salt and spices to it or not)
    3. At what time these could be have at each day till 7th day.(like breakfast, lunch & dinner or some other time please mention it).
    Kindly give me the full day timings for all the seven days.

    thank u

    • 1) no, never 🙂
      2) we give veg examples already, be sure to read each day of the plan above
      3) we give when to eat examples already, be sure to read each day of the plan above

  346. Your version seem to be very wrong, there are no milk or milk products except for the banana day.

    No cheese, no oil etc..

    I have been dieting for years on GM recipe,

  347. jack fruit is a big no, becos, of the high calorie and sugar content

  348. Am on my second day of GM diet,

    its real tuff, am keeping my temptation away from Sweet pongal & Sugarcane

    During my last dieting, i got severe cramps on my back becos of Gas formation on the

    any idea?

    • Tough to cut the mental cravings for food. Not to mention they can be physical addicting as well. Best I can say is hang in there and try not to go back to how you were eating before. Once I would let even the smallest of treats back in it always led to over eating them.

  349. I am 26yesr old 5.5 inches 68kg can u please let me knw how much weight I hav to lose according to my age and height . hav already started my gm diet from today…. its my first day today.

    • Hello….

      I am less concerned about a number in the long haul. My question to you would be are you eating nutrient dense foods? Are you larger framed? There are so many factors to weight and weight loss, maybe though you would want to be under 135. But if you are eating the right foods, your body will eventually shed the pounds (unless you have underlying health issues, thyroid issues, cortisol issues and so on.

  350. may i knw the vegetables we have 2 intake , can we take it wth chapathi???????????

  351. Am in my 4th day, :-),,,

    Had Banana and Milk 🙂

    I have been following it except for 1 coffee split into 2 to 3 servings a day(milk coffee with sugar)

    Other than, this i have not touched anything :-). I have been repeating to myself saying,
    am burning my fat,
    my metabolism is increasing,
    am just enjoying,…
    This is awesome
    I can do it,,,,
    Just a self motivation

    Believe me it works and this time I have been more energetic than any other time of my dieting,
    Mental make up takes us to heights 🙂

    To my surprise my weight has reduced around 4.3 kgs already !!!!!

    Waiting for my 8th day to check my weight…

    After seeing my weight, am really encouraged to do the diet again by next month.

    I will and I can 🙂

  352. I have not taken any cheese, yoghurt, salt r pepper

    Its jst veg and fruits. I dint have the patience to do the soup.

    First day- All fruits
    Second day – All Veg (Dint take Potato !!!!)
    Third Day – Veg & Fruits
    Fourth Day – Banana & Milk (Tats how am doing…

  353. Have slight muscle pull from yest.(5th day)
    Have slight uneasiness in the chest too

    I dint take rice yest.
    I have not taken Potato throughout
    But I was unable to stick only veg on vegee days
    I have been taking veg and fruits mixed on veg days too.

    What would be the implication?

  354. Unable to sleep at all from 5th day night onwards
    today is my 6th day

  355. Today am on 7th day,
    I was 78 Kgs before starting the diet
    I was 73.7 on 4th day
    Am 71 kgs today on the 7th day !!!!

    Now my worry is

    How do I sustain @ the same weight,

    I cant say that I have lost my cravings and appetite.

    Am only controlling my temptation and cravings 🙂

    I think am waiting to hogg the food :?. what should I do?

    I need the post GM diet instructions, so that, I need not put on weight

    anybody pls advice

  356. Today it’s my fourth day milk &banana diet should I add sugar into a milk please reply me

    • no, never, it has enough natural sugar. This will not only ruin the diet but hurt your health. If you need it sweeter blend some of you banana in it.

  357. What is the substitute for Beef. Is it ok if I take chicken instead ?

  358. Hi,

    I am starting my diet from today… I had a question can i take green tea ????

  359. Can we have knorr soup ?

  360. can we take sprouts on the vegetable days i.e. days 2 & 3 ?
    can we have sugar free with the milk on day 4 ?

    • sprouts for veg times is fine, no fake sweeteners in your milk, never, never, they actually cause weight issues – run from them. Blend some banana in it if you need

  361. can we have coconut water on the first three days ?

  362. Can I have indian yogurt(curd)?

  363. Replacing milk on day 4

    • try it, see what happens 🙂
      Look at the fat on Google in the milk, match it to what you are doing….

      • Hi,
        Please tell the timings like at what time i have to eat. i started the diet and am on my 2 nd day. i have 2 green teas and lime water from morning 7 – 1. i Dont eat any in morning to have a faster result. I do treadmill for 60 min. Only at 1.30 i have fruits/veg or soup as per the GM diet schedule. And evening again do 60 min treadmill. At 5.30 i have a green tea. After 6 i wont eat anything but water. Is this ok? Please i need your advice. My current weight is 64 kg and my height is 157 cm. Since my marriage is approaching in march i need to reduce atleast 7 kgs. Kindly reply asap.

  364. And one more question can this diet effect thyroid people bcoz thyroid people are difficult to loose weight

    • well, it’s the bad foods, additives and un-natural things that kill the thyroid, especially grains, gluten, etc… This diet is grain free.

  365. Well, the reviews are really so interesting,,I tried it 3 times before and stopped on day 2 n day 3 sometimes. Can u plz suggest me about the belly fat,,I look heafty only due to my belly.GM diet only works with exercise r also with out exercise. Plz do suggest me,I have to complete it this time

    • belly fat shows you are having other health issues, cortisol levels may be off, etc. You have to make a lifestyle change or it will not go away. This diet as some say helps them into that, not to mention they lose good weight to start.

  366. I lost just about 1.5-2 kgs. But I lost about 1.5 inches off my belly…so I’m super thrilled 😀
    You just need good control….

  367. Hello Author,

    I have started my gm diet today and I am a vegetarian. Want to know whether I can eat salt in veggies and also other indian herbs? For Day 2 I am planning to eat veg sabji steamed and put all herbs but no oil? Is that ok? for soup also can I add other herbs other than salt and pepper? I will eating sabji for lunch and dinner and between will munch on cucumbers and carrots whenever hungry. Can I eat one avocado with little salt, onion, tomato and cilantro? Please let me know?

    • Salt is fine, so are dried herbs and spices. Anytime you will be replacing meat you need fat, so at least a teaspoon of oil. No avocado unless in your meal replacing meat, then you will not need the oil. try to stick to the plan…

  368. Well,, thanks for d reply n upto to now I’m well with my health issue.. Now what should I do for this belly fat, well n belly means not to much, it’s from my childhood bt increased with my increase in weight. Today is my 4 th day with little lazy in regular exercise n everything is fine n would like to follow for 2 more sessions . Please suggest for belly fat

  369. belly fat, read here, we discuss… then comment or join there and we can discuss easier. .

  370. I’ve started the gm diet plan today….the views encourage a lot! Hoping to go down till the end of the road.

  371. Hey hi,

    I am on the 5th Day of my GM diet.Till date i have lost 2 Kg.I am a little confused for todays plan.
    Today i m having brown rice,tomatoes and Cottage Cheese( Panneer).
    Am i going correct or do i need to change or substitute,
    Please reply asap.

    • not much cottage cheese, that is not how day 5 is setup for vegetarians, However you need a little fat with your meals since beef has it. So a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese is OK.

  372. I am on Day 2, I wanted to know whether I can have boiled channa with spices(onion,red chilly) mixed in it?

    • chickpeas? no, I guess you could though when it calls for meat, if you do it then make sure you add a teaspoon of oil to it as well.

  373. For everyone who’s been wondering if this works, let me just lay it out straight “It Does”, but once you’ve successfully completed Day 7 you’ve got to maintain that weight, it isn’t about shredding the flab and back at your old ways again. Its a lifestyle change. Please also note there should be a 4 day gap before you can start over with it. Trying to lose the weight through an unhealthy route can only tarnish it. Break it down into 6 small meals a day and exercising also plays an essential part to losing weight. For the best results try and follow the original GM Diet. Goodluck y’al!!!

  374. I started 2 days ago. Its DAY 3 for me:
    Breakfast: 1 bowl watermelon + water
    Lunch: 1 Bowl watermelon + cucmber slices(3-4)+1 banana( 🙁 i was really hungry) + water
    Snacks: not hungry at all, decided to skip it
    Dinner: boiled veggies( cauliflower(1 small bowl)+1carrot+1bowl peas) + water

    55kgs today. Ill update by sunday *fingers crossed*

    • Good luck, finish strong…

      • Thanks!!!!
        Day 4:
        Started the day with 2 bananas. Hadto rush to work Will have a half a glass milk there.

        Plan for the day:

        Lunch: 2 bananas + 1 glass milk
        Snacks: I think ill be full after such a heavy lunch. Can skip it.
        Dinner: 2 bananas+ 1 glass milk

        I have noticed a reduction in my appetite n tummy 🙂 *Yaaay*

  375. what about salt ….. can we take salt on day 1 and 2 ….

  376. Hello

    I have started on with this diet from today after reading each and every post of yours. Veg ( Indian ) version i shall follow.

    So Day1 : had 2 oranges for breakfast, 2 guavas around noon and 2 oranges again for lunch. Slight headache has started but i am trying to be strong 😛
    will have some watermelon and guavas for evening and dinner. As on today my weight is 85kgs. Shall post the progress if any 😛

  377. Can I sleep during the day author??

  378. Hi,

    can we eat Sprouts instead of vegetable or both???

  379. My kid sleeps a little late in the night so I usually sleep with her when she sleeps in the day.. so I just need to know whether taaking test will anyway affect my dieting process?

  380. i am already on a paleo diet and i am planning to check out Gm’s as well. i was wondering if i could replace soy, milk and brown rice since they are non-paleo. is there anything else i can replace it with?

    • Paleo? Then you eat meat right? Use meat. Some Paleo, myself included actually are more for nutrition and would allow Raw A2 dairy. You can do coconut milk. A sub for the rice? Tough…… try potato… Or if you are other root veg that have some starch.

  381. Please clarify me day 4, 5 & 6 Diet. I am living in india. Also tell me about milk, curd & egg when consumed

    • Just read the links in the sidebar above, very clear. You can substitute meat for eggs. I do not recommend curd right now. No milk unless it says to like Day 4.

  382. thank you! I believe that could help. it can be bummer sometimes since i have limited food choices but the freedom to eat meats and potatoes is pretty redeeming although i am prone to sticking to lean meat. I successfully completed day 1 without much difficulty but i did skipped my hardcore workout…i hope i can forgive myself for that 🙂

  383. Completed last Friday. Feeling good now. lost 3.5kg. Ready for next one.

  384. I am 19 years old with height of 5’0 feet, having weight 49kgs. Can I use this diet?

  385. Hii I’m hypothyroid can I follow this diet…I really want to loose my weight…….

    • We cannot offer medical advice. However as a hypothyroid, you really need to do some research and CUT all grains! This diet may be really helpful to start you into a healthier grain free lifestyle.

  386. Hi Guys. Did the GM Diet from 17 – 23 Feb & dropped 4 kilos.
    Took advice from the admin (you rock buddy), read up the comments on the forum, did some research & understood the science behind it.
    Dropped another Kilo from 24 Feb – 2 Mar by weight training and sensible eating.

    Started the GM again today (03 Mar). Hope to drop 6 kilos this time.

    Fingers crossed

  387. thank you so much Tatz Data .

  388. Hey,

    I use isolate whey protein after my work out. Is it okay to use it during this diet?
    Will this diet affect my workout schedule?



  389. I have started to follow it twice or thrice but with not goin beyond day 3. I cannot stick to any diet i decide this time i am determined as promised my hubby to weigh 4-5 kg lesser on 31st march….I will keep u guys posted with my weight loss currently am 76.4 kg

    Tomorrow day 1

  390. Checked after Day 3.
    Down 2.1 kilo. Bit disappointed. Had hoped for more since my target this week is 5 kilos.

    Doing cardio in the morning (45 – 50 mins).
    Cardio in the evening (25 mins) & about 50 mins of weight training in the evening (6 day split).
    Only additional thing on my menu is a glass of sattu (roasted gram flour) as my pre workout drink.

    Any advice @ admin?

    • you workout a ton. Have you studied the effects of working out that long on the body as opposed to doing HIT training type working out. Not criticizing by all means, it’s good you workout, but yes that drink can 100% ruin this NO grain diet. Please, remember whole natural foods and balanced meals are the way to go.

      • Ok. Thanks. Will cut out the roasted gram drink right now. Had it on day 2 & day 3, so hope that it did not affect me much. Fingers crossed.

        I am also going to try HIIT training from today. Looking for some program to replace my normal cardio with HIIT. Any advice on that?

        Weight training will continue.

        Have overall dropped 6.2 kilos since 17 Feb so am feeling a bit lighter with more definition of muscle mass.

  391. Day 1 almost completed by 6:00 pm

    I have had 2 apples, 3 oranges, some water melon, 8 glasses water, 2 glasses Jasmine green tea w/o sugar,
    2 small bouls of soup( made of onion, bell peper, 2 mushrooms, cabbage)..

    Planing to have an apple and 1 more bowl of wonder soup. My morning soups were little thick i will add water to this one to keep it more filling.

    I felt headache and severe hunger pangs from 2 pm to 4 pm but am very happy i overcame dm by diverting my mind.

    I am feeling completly full right now and planning all for tomorrow.

    Some queries to admin for tomorrow
    1) Boiled poatato with salt
    2) 10 am cabbage with lemon
    3) 12 pm saute veggies
    4) 2 pm carrots and cucumber
    5) 3 pm – 2 glasses green tea
    6) 4 pm carrot
    7) 6 pm soup
    8) 9 pm bottle gourd veggie with 2 drops oil and salad

    I am planing on saute zuchini, mushrooms, onion tomato. Although i havent exercised anythiny today i will do it tomorrow.
    Also i did not check my wt i was 76.4 few days back. I delebrately dont check bcoz i will get disappointed. Planning to reach 70 at end of 7 days so i will know wot i lost. Please admin let me know if all looks ok…..

  392. i had 3 sapota’s yestrady i know i shud nt have had it …

  393. Author i have a big question is it absolutly ok to have rock salt

    I had it wit boiled potatoe, saute veggie and boiled bottle gourd.

  394. I had an apple on day 2 will it disturb the diet much

  395. Today i had to gather huge will power not to go for regular food… but now am fine having green tea seems to give me some energy.

    I have boiled bottle gourd kept aside for dinner….

    I feel tomorrow i have lots of options

  396. Day 5 today on my second time. Have dropped about 3 kilos this time.
    Much more weakness, maybe due to the twice a day cardio & 6 day split, weight training in the evening.

    Wonder Soup is a big help man.
    Also, black coffee, after the workout.

  397. Hi GM guys,
    I am very happy after seeing the reviews. I am 73.5kg now. I want lose 23 kg in next 5 months. I am starting my plan tomo. I will update my status after every 7th day.

  398. Starting GM diet from tmrw … Very excited..
    Weight 55 kgs.. Wanna loose 5-6 kgs

  399. Hi,
    I’ve started it since yesterday. Lets see how it goes. I had cantaloupes, apples & pomegranate all day…
    let’s see how day 2 turns out…

  400. Update Guys.
    Did GM from 17 Feb to 23 Feb. Dropped 4 kilos.
    24 Feb to 2 Mar. Weight Training & Cardio. Dropped 1 kilo.
    3 Mar to 9 Mar. GM. Dropped 3 kilos (cardio & weight training continued).
    Total 8. 4 kilos down including today.

    Wight & cardio going strong.
    Muscle fatigue is being countered by black coffee.
    Hope the trend continues for at least a few weeks more.
    Then will switch to normal, health eating plan

    • Good job 🙂
      I can assure you though, your muscle fatigue has nothing to do with lack of coffee. 99% of Coffee is not healthy.

      • Okay. My trainer buddy told me that caffeine is one of the key ingredients in the supplements. Since I don’t like taking supplements, I switched to coffee. Will stop then

  401. hi pls tell me wht to eat and wht nt to eat i need to loss 20kg

  402. hi,
    from today on i have stated following gm diet, lets see hw it works out
    my question is i only have to do it for 7 days or more then 7 days i can do
    and after 7 days everything i can eat or no pls help me i m 78 nw and want to loss 20kg pls help me wht to eat n what to nt

  403. can i only hve furit all 7 days

  404. Hi,
    Tomorrow it is going to be 5th day and wanted to know regarding Brown rice.
    It says 1 cup of brown rice whole day and six tomatoes, is it cooked rice or raw rice?

  405. Can we have boiled brown rice on 5th, 6th and 7th day with water drained out plus little salt added to them?

  406. Hi,
    I need a small clarification.
    I had started my diet today with fruits as suggested. I wanted to understand that on Day 2 (Vegetables Day), is it boiled veggies that we are supposed to have or we could have cooked vegitables as well in any quantity…

  407. Hi,
    I need a small clarification.
    I had started my diet today with fruits as suggested. I wanted to understand that on Day 2 (Vegetables Day), is it boiled veggies that we are supposed to have or we could have cooked vegitables as well in any quantity…plz suggest

  408. The toughest day of GM diet….banana n milk day….wishing for this day to passby asap…

  409. Hi I am on my day 5.I am vegetarian. So plz tell je what I can take. Plz tell me can I cook brown rice with olive oil n tomatoes and onions and salt. Can I take sprouts and chana. Plz need help asap. Plz tell me what to take on day 6&7as well.
    This qill be great help

  410. I have hypothyroidism, Can i continue taking medicine along with this, Kindly advice

  411. Ok Guys. Started my road to fitness from 17 Feb with a GM week. Have done GM twice till now.
    Also do a lot of cardio & weight training.
    Total loss in 38 days is 11 kilos.
    Also about 4 inches around the waist gone and thanks to the weight training, muscle definition much clearer.

    So, my testimonial is, this entire package is effective.
    Provided we stick to healthy lifestyle habits

  412. I am on day 5,Can i consume white rice instead of brown that ok..

  413. Can we use dry fruits on 3-4 day?

  414. This is my third day of the diet plan. I just checked my weight and to my surprise I seem to have lost 4.7kgs already!!! I am astonished and planning to double check on some other machine today evening 🙂 . This plan is awesome and best way to loose excess weight.

    DAY 1: Was ok with all fruits.. mainly watermelon, grapes, pomo granaet and an apple. and lots of water.
    DAY2: two medium sized boiled potatos in breakfast and boiled and raw veggies (carrot, bottlegaurd, one tomato) + lots of water
    DAY3: ONGOING… morning watermelon, lunch boiled veggies like DAY2 and now having fruits (grapes and pomo..) ..plan to have boiled cabbage and apple and some carrots for today in later part.

    i have felt that the second day is more difficult.
    i also had lemon water in morning all days and light exercise. looks like it is going wonderful 🙂

    Will update again once I complete the course.

  415. Nice Job 🙂

  416. i did gm diet only for 2 day n then i was nt able to stop my self i feel vry hungry pls tell me wht to do

  417. soup any which we get from out in dmart n all or we need to make at home with vegetable ………….

  418. bye d way author can i knw your name , really name

  419. there is a tablet in market bye name of acai berry to lose weight is it ok if i take that or it is nt good

    • no point in taking it. Certain teas, things like that matched with a good diet can help long term, clean your lifestyle up first…

  420. I start my diet today for 2nd time by having watermelon & lope since morning with 3 ltrs of water.i want to ask for day 2 & 3 can i add some sprouted boiled moong with the veggies.

  421. Last time I tried gm diet I lost only 1.5 kgs as all my weight came back after eating brown rice! Is there any substitute for brown rice???

  422. Can I just substitute rice with chicken or paneer and not have rice at all ?dont want to take a chance this time??

  423. Hi kevin,

    i am starting my Diet plan from today, wanted to ask if i can drink Lime Juice (Water+Lemon+Honey) & tender Coconut water?

  424. I have followed 4 days. 5th day can I eat chana dal, tomotos and curd. Thanks.

  425. Hello this my second day I having low B.P so early morning I need coffee to work so I am drinking 1/4 cup without suger is it k

    • I hope you don’t think coffee is good for blood pressure? It’s junk for the body, however if you feel you must at least you are not doing sweetener. Hang in there 🙂

  426. kevin wht your cell no wanted to speak to u

  427. hew… i want to replace the tomato from my diet plan which one is best vegetable to replace tomato’s..pls

  428. Hello I am on day 4 tomorrow I can eat diabetes white rice with very low fat instead oi brown rice

  429. In the rice label they gave 0.1fat rice that’s for diabitic patients but it’s white rice can eat 5 , , 7th day …

  430. wanna loose some weight will it really wrk guyz?

  431. Hello I am very happy to tell it’s my 6th day I reduse 3 kg

  432. From when I have to start once again…

    • I would wait 2 weeks, in between that time eat healthy, cut sugars and wheat. You may be surprised at how well you will feel and do.

  433. Started diet at 81.7 1 had an apple for breakfast n a medium watermelon all day long..drank 2-3 litres water and today on day 2 my weight is 80.4…lost 1.3 kgs on day 1 itself…today onto vegetables..will keep you all posted on my weight loss

  434. thats nice , when will i say d same thing , i always think of trying gm but its alway my temtashion kill gm diet i feel hungry n i start eatting everything 🙁 🙁 🙁 hw to loss to weight

  435. there is a tablet in market no fat for weight lossing shall i take then tablet will it work or it may created pro later pls tell me

  436. Day 2 started the day with a boiled potato,added cucumber,tomato and onion to it and added a dash of lemon to it for breakfast.For lunch had boiled cabbage and had the wonder soup late afternoon and for dinner.Lost another 400gms…total weightloss at the end of day 2 is 1.7kgs.

  437. Kevin plz help me with my queries for the next 4 days
    • on day 4 how many bananas and milk is should be consumed?
    • on day 5 and 6 as discussed with you I want to completely avoid brown rice so I will stick to chicken for protein.what is the quantity of chicken allowed?
    •on day 5 how many tomatoes am I allowed with chicken?
    •on day 7 what should I eat instead of brown rice?Please give me a substitute
    Thanking you in kind anticipation

  438. I m a big foodie…doesnt even like ne fruit..even then day 1 n day 2were easy for me…I cant wait to c day 4 n n 5

    What I understood from all this plan ..
    1. Dnt leave ur stomach empty
    fill ur stomach only with veggiesand fruits not by fat for two days.
    2. On getting succes u r now prepaired to loose wieght

  439. tablet name is no fat

  440. Day 3 was fruits and vegetables day.Followed the diet and had no deviations yet weight has gone up 300gms.weight today is 80.3…total weight loss after 3rd day is 1.4 kgs only 🙁

    • Vegetarian plan a little tougher when you cut the meat. how much fruit did you eat

      • I had 3 portions of fruit on day 3…as recommended…followed d diet to the T yet weight gain…had milk n banana all day on day4…no salt..really wanna lose weight fast..fingers crossed should get weightloss tmrw morning but really scared the weight might bounce back after salt n chicken intake on day5

        • keep going, Keep in mind it’s not good cooked chicken and such that makes weight bounce back, it processed foods, improperly prepared foods, wheat (empty carbs) and such…

  441. Hi all

    Today is 4th day of my diet,,,i have already lost 2.5 kgs,,,n it feels awesum becoz i was struggling to loose weight…n i am thinking to continue with the diet every alternate week.
    My target is to loose atleast 20 kgs…
    Long way to go…but i am hoping for the best..
    The best part of the diet is ,,,,u can eat as much as u want….. till the time your stomach is full,,
    so dnt think,,,,,,,,,,,,,.JUST DO IT

  442. Hi Group,

    I am around 49.5 kgs and want to loose around 2-3 kgs. Will i be able to achive this target? I am on my 2nd day of diet plan and feeling great.

  443. Hello my friends,
    I am very much eager about following this GM diet. I currently weigh 63kgs and my target for now is 55kgs. I am eager to follow this diet along with 1 hour of jogging per day. Will post you with the results of mine each day! 🙂
    This starts from tomorrow morning(Since i have already got my lunch packed from home today)!
    AND anybody over here wishing to join me????? So that we can encourage ourselves and keep a track!!!!

    Wish me good luck dudes!!! 🙂

  444. Guys on my 7th day now! Total weightloss has been 2.7kgs.on 4th day I had done only banana and milk no salt n wt had dropped to 79.3,on 5th da had chicken n tomatoes n the weight went upto 79.5,day 6 had chicken with vegetables n fruit n on day 7 weight is 79…bringing weightloss to a total of 2.7kgs! Kevin plz suggest wat can I do to improve my weightloss as I wanna repeat the diet.

    • Hello…. Did you eat the soup any? How many bananas and milk did you have? Any cheats at all or processed/canned foods, sugar, etc?

      • Had da soup only on the first day
        5 bananas and 2 glasses of skimmed salt on that day
        No cheating or processed food and absolutely no sugar….tried to follow the diet absolutely religiously yet weightloss hasn’t been tremendous.Dunno wat to do…will start again.Kept portion sizes as recommended ….plz advise.

  445. on which day we have to eat this moongdal and chanadalkosambari and also mixed sprout and corn recipes im lot of consfused on this pls help me now im on day 1

  446. Dear Author,

    On the day 1 i had only fruits and i felt very much dizzy. The day successfully got over
    On the day 2(which is today) i had soup with veggies added like carrot and some greens(palak). For the Lunch i had cooked veggies like cabbage,beans,brinjal,with tomato all fried without oil. this salad had salt,turmeric powder and chilllies with salt.NO OIL.
    I continued having the same soup and the salad for mid evening and dinner too…IS THIS OK???
    and also please advice me on the 3rd and 4th days diet. Since I am an Indian i dont eat Beef..

    kindly advice on the above. Since this is the 1st time ,i am very eager and curious to lose weight!! :):):)

  447. Dear Author,

    Thank you so much for the encouragement 1st of all!!! 🙂
    Yea…since i forgot to take potato for the breakfast, i took it in the evening around 4pm. Is that ok?
    and On the Day 3( i had pinapple for breakfast, some palak soup just now(this contained some dal.) Is this advisable?


  448. uh, it’s fine but better to have in morning. you are departing from the plan, so I hope you will be ok 🙂

  449. I am now with day 4!!!! i have got 1 banana and 1 glass of skimmed milk for BF.
    vegetable soup for lunch and 2 bananas with skimmed milk for the snacks. I am currently in office and yea its tough to avoid the junks when i see its really close to me 😀
    But still….i have not touched it! 😛 Its nice to know like i have got a great self controlling power! 😀

    veggies can be added in the lunch?

  450. I am again stated.

  451. HI All,
    Today is my 7th day… I measured weight this morning and found that i went down 3kgs! 🙂 I was measuring 58KGS on the 1st day of my dieting plan and now i am 55kgs! Am happy about this weight loss of mine :), but i had seen people mentioning that they lost 6 to 7 kgs!!! Am surprised for them!
    My dear Author, could you help me resolving the above query?
    Could you suggest me a way to lose weight in similar manner?

    I particularly wanna lose my tummy!!! My problem is, when ever i eat, my tummy grows big. Its not just the bottom belly, i have the top belly too. I wanna make my tummy flat.

    • Hello, tummy weight can be an indicator of possible health concerns like cortisol problems and issues with the thyroid. However! Typically it is the refined flours, sugar and processed foods that do it. If you want to lose it. Go natural! Cut sugars, eat fruit, veg, proteins, good fats, etc.

  452. Hi !!
    I am on day 5 and have lost 2.5 kgs so far. I hope I can loose 2.5 kgs more by day 7.
    Today I had 3 boiled eggs and around 50 gm of cottage cheese. For dinner can I have white rice & moong daal ?? I can’t eat raw tomatoes I will make soup.

  453. Thank you so much !! And can I have white rice and moong daal dinner for night ?
    please help…I am out of India still lots of time yo have dinner 😉

  454. Thanks tons !!! U have been so generous and helpful for everyone here…

  455. Hi
    Today was my 5th day after following the gm diet plan as given ,lost 5kgs by far yet 2days to go…After milk banana schedule… had loose motions but dint giv up and continued… doing evening walk for 45 mins daily…. hoping to hit 8kgs by 7th day… thanx 2 gm diet.. 71 kgs to 66kgs…not bad..

    • Good job, Walking is good, but to really kick in your metabolism consider HIT/Burst training. It will really get your heart rate going. 🙂

  456. Hi,author
    Today is my 6th day but in the morning after having half cup of white rice and dal.. when i measured my weight it increased to 68 kgs which was 66 on the 4th day..i fail to understand why this happened. Please advice…n help me out so that i csn

    • 1) you can lose fat and gain muscle. 2) Could be water weight. 3) you need to look at the 7 day picture 4) You cannot weigh yourself after eating a meal, only when you wake up after going to the bathroom first thing in the morning. Never weigh yourself like that.

  457. Author
    Hi..&thnx 4 ur tip. Please tell me readymade knorr soups are ok eith this diet or better to avoid.. wht to do after 7th day… i read the 7th day commens bt dint get any perfect diet plan..sort of thing .please guide.
    Regards and thnx.

  458. Hi.. author
    Today was my eighth day and was happy to see 65 kgs …frm 71 kgs means 6kgs of weight loss inspite of eating a little cooked potato with rice on 7th day.. I think the flatness of tummy that was noticed on 2nd or 3rd day was more now it seems all d same if i look at me bt weight machine still tells i had one small chaoatu with dal in breakfast and 1 cup rice with fish

  459. Dear Friends…

    I would like to tell my experience,
    I am a 26 years old, 91Kg (before diet)
    1st Day: Only Fruits (it included Water melon, apple, apricot, mango, pomegranate and pears)
    I ate too much ..tha means as much as I can
    2nd Day: Only vegetables (Cucumber,carrot,tomatoand onion -Fresh and boiled beans and potato for
    breakfast) also GM wonder soup made with cabbage and onions
    3rd day ; Both fruits and veggies (With out Soup, Potato)
    4th day : Milk – 2 glasses and Curd and mint leaves-1 Glass and Banana (I ate two types of bananas- 6 Pcs)

    Now I checked my weight It reached 87Kg

    Today is fifth day, let me c and post the remaining changes and observations

  460. hi started with GM..1 st day..will update sun the result after & the day,,wish me luck…

  461. hi

    i m following gm 2day is my 5th day but i dont like brown rice so that can i take boiled rice and spinach and paneer soup. and i have follow it 6 and 7th day also it is good or not. and if i take chapati instead of rice ?

    • yes when replacing meat you can have the paneer and veg. NO chapati, no bread, it is a huge weight gainer, empty carbs, terrible for you.

  462. can i take boiled rice instead of brown rice

  463. from tomor i will start gm deit for tht first time hope i will lose weight this time as last time i did nt completed it bz i felt vry hungry n had food , need to loss 20kg nw i m 82. hope i will be able to this time
    will kep u up date
    1days only fruits
    2 day vegtable
    3 day fruits n vegtable
    4 day only milk i dont like banana any other thing if nt banana pls tell me tamatoes n curd n soya with salets
    lets see what happends

  464. hi
    I am ashwin, i want to start gm diet, but i have great concerns regarding.

    1. does it lead to hair loss as we are restricting the essential vitamins requirement per day
    2. i have heard that its not healthy to lose more than 1kg per week and 4kgs per month, by loosing more weight in less time, can we expect any health issues or its fine.
    3. how to maintain the weight after seven days diet and what should be our diet from 8 th day
    4. how often can we repeat the diet plan without any health issues and permanent weight loss

    • 1) how do you figure it takes away vitamins. it is full of fresh foods. Most people eat processed junk food, sugar and wheat all day, there are no vitamins there. This diet if followed properly is full of vitamins.
      2) It will be fine, where did you read that. Weight loss will vary per person, you are not harming yourself.
      3) Loaded question, start by cutting flour/wheat, sugar and processed foods. Eat balanced meals, each meal should have protein and some good fat.
      4) You should not do this diet more than once every 2 weeks to once every month.
      Hope that helps 🙂

      • hi
        thanks for your information, can we do gm diet now as its summer , does it lead to dehydration

        • No it will not dehydrate you, you are drinking water and eating veg which naturally has fluid, if anything it is far better than what most were doing before.

      • hi
        does gm diet effect our metabolism rate during diet and in future….thanx

        • No, it will help spur it on, however go back to how you were eating after it and you will mess up what the diet helped with.

  465. hi,
    this is ashwin, thanks for your valuable information and i have another concern
    1 ) From past 2 months i have been following a healthy diet as honey lemon water in the mrng, 2 egg yolks & wheat flakes in breakfast ,cup of green tea 1 hour after breakfast and lunch, glass of milk and apple per day …means in small portions i have been eating for three to four hours gap to maintain metabolism rate skipping the whole diet all of sudden does it effect. or its fine
    2) can i have two cups green tea during gm diet and honey lemon water in the mrng or i can start them from 8 th day
    3) can i do cardio exercise mrng 1 hour and evng 1 hour during gm diet
    3) i want to start gm diet from monday ………hope for the best….!!!