GM Diet Grocery List

We all know about the GM Diet, a popular weight loss program that aims to get rid of excess pounds within 7 days. The General Motors diet is basically eating a series of prescribed meals each day of the week.We have covered in diet in extensive detail. Read the entire diet plan as well as variations of the GM Diet Plan like the Indian and vegetarian version.

Since you are required to eat only a few types of foods, this diet tends to be cheaper on the wallet. The success of any diet is in its planning and the GM Diet is no different. Not only is it important to know the week long diet plan intimately but also the food items that you need each day must be procured in advance so that you can effectively prepare and execute the diet. This is why you need a grocery list that will help most of you plan for the diet. We also have extensive recipes that can make the entire week a pleasant if not satisfying experience, both for the body and your taste buds.

Let’s get down to it then, below is the laundry grocery list of food items that you must stock up beforehand.


Almost all types of fruits can be eaten during the GM diet. Fruits are consumed on the first day of the week long meal plan. That said, not all fruits are approved for the diet. Among the fruits to avoid during the first day are bananas and avocados. These fruits contain more fat and carbohydrate content which can be difficult to digest by our digestive system. They only build up more pounds rather than burning them.

Bananas must be saved for the fourth day of the diet. On the 4th day, only bananas and milk can be eaten. Don’t go crazy with the bananas since by this time your appetite will be vastly reduced and you would no longer feel like eating up all the bananas. Try to buy the bananas slightly raw since you are buying them 4 days in advance. By the time it is the 4th day, the bananas will be ripe and ready to be eaten.

Fruits that are very sweet should likewise be avoided during a GM diet. Sugar tends to add up the calories and therefore become a hindrance towards weight loss. Among the ideal fruits that can be consumed in plenty during the diet include watermelons, berries and citrus produce.


Green, leafy vegetables are among the recommended items on the GM diet. They are high in fiber and are easily absorbed by the body during digestion. Vegetables are consumed during the second, sixth and seventh day of the diet. During the second day, a cup of baked potato can be consumed for breakfast while tomatoes are to used on the fifth day.

While it is important to be prepared in advance, many people like to buy vegetables fresh. If you are someone that likes fresh produce, then go ahead and buy it on the day of the diet but don’t give up on your diet just because you could not be bothered to buy vegetables for the day.


Meat products that can used while on the GM diet include only beef. Lean chicken can be used as a substitute for those folks that are averse to eating beef. Infact we have some great chicken recipes and a great chicken soup recipe. Beef is eaten during the fifth day and it is matched with tomatoes. Chicken or other form of white meat may be consumed during day seven.


Dairy products such as milk and yogurt cannot be eaten until day 4. It’s best to keep them tucked away in your refrigerator until days four and seven. Milk is paired with bananas, while yogurt can be consumed together with vegetables on day seven. Fruit juice can be taken during the day two as long as they are freshly squeezed. It is highly discourage to drink packaged juices as they are already enriched with preservatives and are no longer fresh.


The only form of starch allowed in the GM diet is brown rice. Brown rice is eaten on the seventh day of the diet together with vegetables and dairy. It is important to eat only brown rice as it is high in fiber and low in calories. White rice is rather rich in carbohydrates and will only foster calorie buildup in the body.

There you go, a quick and really easy to remember grocery list. Like we mentioned before, this diet is really easy to follow and easy on the wallet too. Good luck and happy dieting.

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  1. hello there…my query is can i prefer red meat like that of goat’s or sheep’s instead of Beef as I don’t eat Beef. And should i follow the same recipe as that of beef if i use goat or sheep’s meat…Thank You πŸ™‚

    • No! Sheep or lamb meat is full of fats. As for the goat I have no idea u have to google it. Now I recommend you simply follow the vegetarian version.

    • Actually goat meat is healthier than beef. It has 2.8 grams of fat per serving compared to beefs 16 grams per serving. You can look it up the USDA handbook. It has the same protien and 6.1 grams less saturated fat than beef

  2. Can I eat Oats on 5th Day with chicken

    Please advise

  3. I just couldn’t go away your web site prior to suggesting that I actually loved the usual info a person supply in your guests? Is going to be again often in order to inspect new posts

  4. Quantity of salt intake advisable for GM Diet.


  6. plz insure about the intake quantity of salt in dis diet…

  7. Goshhhhhh , I m a bit scared of this diet, as I m not at all a Fruit n Veggie person. πŸ™

  8. I never followed any diet…

    This is first time…even though I am getting scared …can you pls. correct me if I am wrong, I am starting my diet from tomorrow:

    1st day: . tomorrow – chopped applie and water
    2nd day: shall I take chopped mushrooms, baby carrots, baby spinach, steamed green beans, salad with lemon juice and salt black pepper

  9. I don’t drink milk and how do i replace milk ? what happens once i stop the diet after reaching my target of weight loss

    • You can’t replace the milk. I hate it too so I just drink it like a medicine or something. You don’t have to drink all the required milk though! Just close ur eyes and nose and drink πŸ™‚

  10. Brown rice is not available here so what should i eat in place of rice.i am a pure veg.

    • Just replace it with anything Bran. I actually once had white rice instead only half the portion and it went fine. I lost 5 kgs on that week.

  11. Just started today and am 73kgs wish me luck………

  12. What is the GM diet plan for Jains who can’t eat potatoes and any ground root vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots etc

  13. I want Jain and vegetarian version of GM weight loss diet plan for hypothyroid patients

  14. What is GM diet plan for Jain Vegetarians – i.e. what can be used as a substitute of potatoes on day 2. Can I use raw banana (plantins) as a substitute of potatoes

  15. This diet is working, starting day 3 lost 5 lbs, 6 oz. I used a lot of shritaki noodle on veggie days, they are made from a yam type plant. Bought them on Amazon…they fill you up, plus you can eat as much as you want of them…I stired fried them little oil tsp, and garlic, soysauce…yummy

  16. can I use truvia with black coffee? or any sweetener?

  17. Is edamame an acceptable veggie? Also, may diet green tea be consumed?

  18. Hi,
    I am going to start the diet tomorrow.
    I just want what can I take instead of brown rice. As I am not getting it in the market. Please tell me.

  19. Can I include salt in the g m diet

  20. i am starting my GM diet from tomorrow. please advice me an alternative to brown rice as i don’t like it. i am a vegetarian.

  21. i am starting my GM diet from Wednesday. please advice me about the intake quantity of salt in this diet ,Can u suggest me the list of vegetables to consume.

    • There is no list. All vegetables r allowed except potatoes and avocados. U can only eat one potatoe on the second day. As for the salt I use average quantities and it doesn’t affect my diet.

  22. How come no one is replying to those posts? Who is running this website?!

  23. is it ok to have steamed corn during the third day?

  24. I am allergic to milk (lactose intolerant) and bananas — is there anything else to supplement that day?? Could you do another day of fruits and veggies instead? Please respond!!

  25. Me and my Husband wants to do this but not sure about indian vege like bottle ground etc can be eaten and what else in how much . can u just send me a sample meal plan .Please reply . Thanks

  26. I have started GM diet from 16th January 2013 and today is the 4th day. Tomorrow id the the 5th day where I need to eat beef and tomato. I cannot eat beaf. Please tell me whether I could have goat meat in place of beef.

    • I guess you can go with goat meat unless they are red and fresh and not the one you get in frozen packets. A cup of brown rice can also replace beef.

  27. I am starting day one of GM DIET today. Had one apple and a pear plus 2 glasses of water for breakfast. Let me see how far I can withstand hunger and cravings for food. πŸ™‚

  28. can some one tell me the portion of chicken that can be eaten during the diet?

  29. Can we use salt, pepper and garlic to season the beef? Can we cook the vegetables in vegetable oil???

  30. Hi,I am in my late 50s and am diabetic taking medicines not insulin.want to start Gm diet. is it o k?

  31. hi it’s day 3 that i am at diet/i have read that at day 4 we can eat especial soup that contains tomato onion cabbage celery …it’s ok or not?and i couldn’t find skim milk can i have low fat milk?

    That’s correct on the soup, on the milk, if it’s all you have go for it.

  33. We have to eat raw veggies or what?? Raw Green veggies??

  34. i cant take any beef or non veg because i m fully vegetation ,so is there any substitute for 5th day according diet plan

  35. I wanna know the recipe of brown rice could anyone help me out..??

  36. Can I have regular tea twice a day with. This diet??

  37. Just as long as there is no sweetener, well maybe some stevia. Keep in mind with Orange Pekoa tea, it is over processed and has no health benefits plus caffeine. My favorite tea is green rooibos, I used to love the regular tea, but found this tea to be amazing, no caffeine and it’s healing (an adaptogen). Just a thought πŸ™‚

  38. Can.we eat.sprouts on day 2 with cucumber and tomatoes

  39. Sure on the sprouts πŸ™‚
    but don’t over do ….

  40. Can I use olive oil when grilling my vegetables on day 2 please?

  41. Today is my first day.. i’m super excited. i’m doing all fruits today. is it okay if i drink the ‘Gm wonder soup’ on day one?

  42. can i eat fruit on the second day….

  43. can I cook veggie with salt?

  44. Hi I’m
    Allergic to milk and bananas what else can I have instead on day 2?

    Thanks x

  45. Plz guide. I don’t like. Cabbage soup. Is it ok only. It’s soup I will. Drink. Not cabbage. And is raw. Cabbage. If I eat. Is it the same. Thing

  46. For day 5.. i want to knw what can be a substitute for tomatoes as i HATE tomatoes!! and also brown rice what can we have along with it like curd or daal??! any suggestions please!:)

  47. Hi can I eat chick pea and grilled fish on the 4th day as I don’t like milk and bananas..

  48. hi,
    im going to start the diet next week. where can i find the soup recipe ? in which days can i eat the soup,any time in any day, or only in the days that contain vegetables ?

  49. which day sprouts can be taken

  50. Hello πŸ™‚ lots of people are talking about the GM diet and I was excited to start πŸ™‚ it’s my 4th day. My 1st question is can I eat 8 babanas on this day with the 3 glasses of skimmed milk? 2nd question: how many grams of meat can I eat on day 5 and day 6? Last question: what is the amount of rice that we can eat on day 7? Thank u so much

    • No, you are reading the wrong diet, in no world or diet is 8 bananas OK. only 4. If you need assistance on the fake diets, you will need to try and contact them. So please read the diet, please read day 4 above, we tell you what to do there. I can only help with whats here. Good luck πŸ™‚

      meat, 3.5 to 4oz per serving. 2 cups total uncooked on day 7, split it up how you like.

  51. Ok great. Thank u so much for the reply. By the way I’m a tv host/anchor on a Lebanese tv station… And all the employees and friends are waiting for the result and how many kilos ill lose…. So hope ill reach my target. 4 more days to go πŸ™‚
    I will keep u updated…
    Have a great day πŸ™‚

  52. Am on my third day of gm diet today. Can i use zero trans fat and zero cholesterol mayonaisse sauce in salads?????

  53. Ohhhhh no….. πŸ™ thanks for the reply. I used lil bit on my second day of diet… will that spil my entire diet???

  54. Oh god… Thank u so much πŸ˜€

  55. I am trying to follow gm diet and I am vegetarian I am not finding proper receipts for vegetarian
    And it is bit confusing

  56. i have started GM is my 3rd day.can i make chicken soup for day 5?and can i add cornflour n chicken soup?instead of meat?
    plz reply

  57. Can we use salt in anything during gm diet? like on vegetables on day 2/3.. on soup etc? or black pepper.. lemon etc.

  58. Hi I want to know can I have green tea n coffee during gm diet and if yes when and in how much quantity .secondly can I have lemon water during gm diet if yes then when n in how much quantity . Plx reoly asap.thanx a loads

  59. Can I take fresh fruit juice n vegetable juice on all days ? Nd on day 4 I need to take milk but I hate milk so can I add a bit of roohafza in milk jst to add bit taste

  60. Hi
    I want to know once done with the GM Diet for how many days do we need to wait to start it again… and also is it likely to gain weight once we are done with the 7 days program ? Is it necessary to continue following this diet regime at regular intervals in order to maintain the weight ? Pls reply.

    • I would wait a minimum of 2 weeks, preferably a month. No diet will keep your weight off, you have to eat healthy now! It’s the only way.

  61. People who have problems with beef should not try chicken or lamb, but fish like, cod and salmon. Very low on Calories and Fat, Excellent Source of Protein, High in Selenium, B6 and B12 and an added advantage over beef, it has omega-3 fatty acids. It also has Zinc (thought less than beef), Phosphorus and Iron. Carnitine (an ammonium compound – good for heart, bone and thyroid hormone) also present in beef is the only element missing in salmon fish, but there in COD.

  62. Plz tell
    Is the one cup rice mentioned in the diet plan one cup of cooked rice or one cup of uncooked rice..??
    And can sprouts be taken only on the vegetable days or on all 7 days…??

  63. Dear Sir,

    I would be grateful if you could mention 1 cup of brown rice is equal to how many grams . i’m on my third day of diet and im feeling charged happy and motivated.

  64. can pregnant women do this diet or breast feeding mothers ????

  65. Am a hypothyroid patient…. Can I follow this diet???

    • Well for that you first need to go gluten free, are you? You can yes if you doc says it’s OK. I will say make sure you get a little fat with each meal.

  66. Is EGG is used instead of meat.? or suggest when we can ingest EGG in 7 day plan.

  67. I have a doubt regarding GM diet. I m 23 years old female. Whether we can follow gm diet during menstrual cycle.??

    • For the ladies, hormones can affect so many things. You may not see the same numbers on the scale on cycle, however you will still be losing the weight. keep in mind water weight may throw your daily losses off some.

  68. Hi Author,

    Can you please tell me, Can I take egg whites during all tha 7 days for protien?

    Also tell me, can I continue my gym workout during diet plan??


  69. I am following the GM diet, and very happy with the ersults. Trust me, its dream come true. But I am bit confused, what next when we start having the normal diet on the 8th day??????

  70. I have done GM motor diet in the past, but I always had a question of the 4th day.
    Banana: when we look at banana Vs plantain:
    Plantain has more fibres and vitamins can we substitute plantain for banana

    • they do, i suppose you can,as a normal part of my diet, I eat 2 plantains a day. I need the extra carbs to make sure I don’t go low carb. Only do 3 plantains though.

  71. On day 1, can i put little salt on the fruits?

  72. Hi
    My questions are,
    1-how much water in liter should i take each day.
    2 -can I eat on day 1. fruits on meal timings or any time.

    • 1) Drink as your body needs water. normally sites recommend 8 to 10 glasses. you do need a that much during a detox diet, especially the first few days.
      2) yes

  73. How much tomatoes should I take, tell me the weight? Should I take wonder soup daily or with the fruits and vegetables? Is it necessary to add salary in soup because it’s not available? Or what should I take instead of it?

    • take wonder soup as you are hungry any day. tomato? what day? if you mean for the soup a few cups. you don;t have to have celery. you can add another veg that’s local. no corn and no peas. a few carrots OK.

  74. per day how many times we should eat food as per diet

    • each day varies, read each one carefully. It also varies because you can have the wonder soup when you like if you are hungry

  75. For those of you struggling with the milk:banana day try this- cut up your Banana in to chunks, add one cup of milk, and an ample amount of ice. Blend until smooth. Makes a delicious smoothie. I don’t like milk….but the
    Smoothie is really delicious. I have shared this with several people starting the diet and they have all thanked me later and given it the thumbs up.

  76. HEY ALL,


    • no, wheat bread is what your body is trying to get off of. Also, if you want to gain weight then wheat is the way to do it. Pure empty carbs.

      Have some green tea with stevia or no sweetener. Also are you eating the soup? Your body will have issues coming off bad oils, sugar and gluten. But it will go away.

  77. Starting the diet today, getting confused as different places within the site say different things. For my fruits I bought watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, grapes, oranges, apples, strawberries and pineapple. Are all of these ok? Also I noticed one comment in someone’s question said no corn in the soup. Does this go for day 2 with vegetables as well, or is corn allowed then? Thanks!

    • They look good. No corn!!!!! We literally have a tiny bot in one recipe and that is it. Corn is technically a grain and is nutrient dead. People rely on it too much as a veg.

  78. hey ,
    I have one question can i eat sweet potato on the second day or in the whole diet , is it considered Vegetable ?

    • sweet potato is a tuber. No it does not have the same makeup as veg, it is high in carbs, veg have technically none. It is only for breakfast day 2. And it needs ghee, butter, some good fat.

  79. Hi, am I able to use canned Tomatoes for my Soup??

  80. Hi Author,

    I am following GM Diet 7 Days Plan. I am worrying about 5th and 6th day diet plan. I don’t eat meat, chicken, fish and egg. Would you please give me any other option for those two days.


  81. Hi Author,

    Can I take Ragi flour java with buttermilk and dal curry.


  82. hi, am on my 4th day. i had vegetable soup from outside for my lunch. they gave me large bowl of soup even i placed the order for small portion. its full with carrot+cabbage+cornflour. after i have it, feel so heavy. is cornflour make my diet crash?

    • Sorry, then you really messed up and veered of the program. Corn flour is so bad for you, not to mention the bad oils they likely use in the soup, possibly MSG, etc. Sorry. There is nothing healthy about corn at all. think nutrient dense when you eat. “Eat to live” not “live to eat”. You feel heavy because your body truly reacted poorly to it.

  83. hi i hav started gm diet,i m on day 2,i checked my weight today its 1kg down frm my original weight,even i did little bit cheating by munching some noodles

  84. hi i am going start GM diet. Now i have 2 question. can i drink lemon water before my breakfast? And can i eat yogurt at every night before sleep?

    • lemon water, no honey is yes great to do. No you cannot have yogurt before bed. If that yogurt has sugar in it, it’s a sure fire way to gain weight, eating sugared yogurt right before you sleep. You should never eat right before you sleep.

  85. Hi,
    1. In day 2 veggie section can we just eat raw carots whole day.
    2. Day 3 is it fine if we take more fruits and just few raw carrots, as i cant eat other raw vegetables.
    3. Can we eat cooked rice with curd (on day 5, 6 & 7). Or eat brown bread replacing rice. If tomotos are to be taken for sure can we add onion slices, salt and pepper for taste.
    4. Can we take 3cups of green tea daily during gm diet.

    • 1) no, carrots not a great veg choice on this program, you need diversity.
      2) you really should eat another veg other than carrot. have them cooked will be fine if you don’t like raw.
      3) brown bread does not replace wheat. wheat is terrible, this plan is gluten free. if you want a sure fore way to gain weight, eat wheat. Rice with curd is fine for days 5 and 6. Yes, enjoy the food, add spices, herbs, some onion, peppers, etc.
      4) yes, no sweetener though unless it’s stevia.
      GOOD LUCK πŸ™‚

  86. Hi, i am going to start the GM diet soon. I have few questions.
    1. On day 1 – Can I only eat watermelons and apples the whole day?
    2. On day 2 – Can I cook the vegetables especially cabbage I don’t like it raw. Or I really need to eat it raw not cooked? Can I eat any vegetables such as stir fry carrots, sprouts and cabbage?
    3. On day 4 – Banana, milk and soup. How many of each per meal can I eat?

    Lastly, Can you recommend an alternative to replace the tomatoes with? I can eat it sauteed but not raw πŸ™‚

    Thanks in Advance!


    • Hello…
      1) yes.
      2) Cooking veg is fine, actually for those that have digestive issues it’s recommended. Any veg is OK assuming they are base, example no potato or avocado.
      3) 4 large bananas, 3 glasses of milk and a couple of bowls of soup if you like.
      4) Tomato? just pick anotehr veg πŸ™‚

  87. Hi, For day 4 can I have yogurt made from goats milk instead, and can I have Hempseed milk ???

  88. I am starting the GM diet. I wanted to check if i can have coffee without sugar or milk.

  89. Can I have plain curd with salad on day 2 plz advice

  90. Dear I have followed GM veg diet and loose around three kg just have few doubt
    That is in regards to vegetable can we eat mushrooms garlic green peas and also carrot .
    because I dont steam like vegetable without falvour of garlic and onions same sptouts

    • On the program, no peas or carrot or corn. A few mushrooms are fine. Yes eat peppers and onions to flavor your food, they are more like a spice to me and are OK πŸ™‚

  91. hi i am 27 yrs old i had 73kgs weigt i am a hypothyroid patient can i start this GM diet is it good for my health pls rply for me

  92. Hi!
    I’m sixteen years old, my weight is ninty kg’s and my height is 5’7.
    Can I follow the ‘GM DIET PLAN ‘?

  93. Hi there,
    I have some doubts,
    1 today is my 2nd day of gm diet and i had carrot, will it be fine?
    2 i m addicted to tea or coffee i can’t stand without it,is it fine if i take 2 sips of coffee twice in a day or at least once, i m not asking about green tea..kindly note i want to take sips of filtered coffee .
    Again i will try to drop the idea of having coffee now onwards but what about i had it 2 days..will that affect my diet?
    3 can i stir fry veggies without it fine

  94. what kind of seasonings are allowed on gm diet salads?
    Would you recommend specific seasonings on specific days?

    • any dried herbs or spices, pure of course no msg. peppers are ok as well.

      I eat spicy peppers on everything. Healthy and tasty. So enjoy your food as you like. πŸ™‚

  95. 1)Can I have soup on 2nd day of my diet plan ?? And if yes then what vegrtables are allowed ?
    2)can I have fruit juice on day 2nd ?

  96. i have a doubt if if could have oats instead of rice for my post gm diet days bcz eating a rice brings back my lost weit and pot belly. also i wanted to ask that i saw i should include coconut oil in my diet is it that i can fry my fish in it or add grated coconut in my cooked beetroot

    • Sorry no oats. rice is not your issue in balance with good fat and protein. Wheat is your issue. Not sure where you are reading stuff, I only support this plan as is.

      You can fry the fish if you want to ruin it. Please cook healthy and stick to the plan.

  97. Hi, can I eat Corn on my Third and Seventh day? Thanks!

  98. Can I have vegetable soup through out the second day?

  99. Hi…i compltd my gm diet but on 6th as i got fever i was supposed to take antibiotics i had rice..i just lost 2.5 kgs and im felling very week can i try it again???pls suggest me should i stop it other wise can i continue in 7th day plzz do answer..

  100. Hey thankyou for being consistent in replying, Keep up the good work.
    I have a few questions.
    1. Why cant we have fresh juice,when it has no additive. Isnt orange juice just like having an orange.
    2. Can we fry or cook veggies as im unable to consume boiled veggies.
    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      1) we say each day when you can have juice so red each carefully. you cannot have it every day
      2) well fry in what? a dash of good oil like ghee or olive oil yes πŸ™‚

  101. Hi,
    Today is my first day.. What is the substitute for sweet potato on day 2 ? I m Jain and we don’t eat any roots..

  102. Today Is my first day, hope for the best result,

    I have only one question can I have coconut water in day one diet.

  103. I ate some pumpkin on day 2 and day 3. Is that okay? Are chickpeas allowed on day 3? I am wondering if I’ve been eating too much
    Day 1: 2 kiwis, 2 nectarines in the morning, one apple one dragon fruit for lunch, one nectarine mid afternoon snack and one dragon fruit for dinner
    Day 2: cabbage & tomatoes in the morning (with salt and pepper), tomatoes for morning snack, salad w/ lettuce peppers broccoli squash asparagus green beans beets, half a boiled beet for afternoon snack, dinner: salad w/ lettuce broccoli pumpkin cucumber beets
    Day 3: one nectarine, one apple in the morning, lunch: a piece of papaya, 2 slices of grape fruit, salad w/ lettuce, pumpkin green beans, asparagus, broccoli

    I had some black coffee each day. Also, I worked out for 2 hours on day 1, didn’t work out on day 2 and am planning on working out on day 3 for an hour. Thank you for your help!

    • Chickpeas are not a vegetable. None unless they are on days 5 and 6. Pumpkin is not nutritionally the same as the regular veg we list. Day 3 what happened to the potato and good fat. That is vital. Hence not allowed. No coffee sweetened, black is OK. Are you sure you have read the program here? Let me know.

  104. Can we eat quinoa instead of brown rice?

  105. 6th day breakfast 2 eggs and veg,lunch basmathirice and veg,dinner 2 eggs is it ok

  106. Can we eat raw papaya instead of raw papaya?

  107. can j eat watermelon on 4th day??

  108. Can I have kidney bean or white peas on day tw0?

  109. I did a mistake i drink a cup of tea without sugar but with a little bit milk……Is it effect hugely?

    • you will be fine keep rolling πŸ™‚ a tablespoon of milk will not hurt, I normally say stay away during this plan, people will over do the milk. Hence my change in tone. so 1 cup no issues.

  110. Hey! Im on day 4 and I had 3 bananas and 2 cups milk with a bit of plain coffee (no sugar) as I can’t have milk alone. Is it okay if I eat less than the said amount. Also can I have diet soda as a beverage.
    Day 5- tomato curry with soyabean and brown rice. Is it okay along with the gm wonder soup and salads like cucumber whenever hungry. Can I eat fruits on day 5,6,7?
    P.s I’ve lost about 2 kgs till now πŸ™‚

  111. Hi dear,
    May i replace day 5 & 6 beef / chicken to fish. thanks

  112. I got a watermelon for the diet…Ate some on day 1 and day 3… half of it is still remaining and nobody in my house likes it…. hate to throw it…can I eat it on any other day(i.e,. 4,5,6,7,8) of the diet??

  113. I had grapes, melon and water melon throughout the day on the first day of the diet. But I can’t remember whether it was on this site today that grapes should be avoided. So I have been worried whether having grapes yesterday was a mistake? Also today (2nd day) I had boiled potato and sprinkled some red chilly powder and salt on it is that okay? and 1 last question is that I have sliced frozen peppers am I allowed to use them for my dinner?

  114. Hi!
    I’m on the 4th day and my cabbage soup has turned out very spicy due to chilli and black pepper. Can I add a little yogurt to it to dilute the hotness?
    Please reply ASAP.

  115. Are canned veggies allowed.

  116. Hi, can i include pumpkin for day 2? instead of potato and cheese for breakfast?

  117. Can we have edmame on day 2 and all vegetable day.

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