GM Diet Day 2

Like the first day of the GM diet weight loss plan, the second day would entail another adjustment for the individual in terms of food intake. The first day of the diet plan required a strict fruit-only diet, while the second day would be limited only to vegetables.

All sorts of vegetables may be consumed on the Day 2 of the GM diet, and these range from green leafy vegetables, cabbage, peppers, onions, etc. This is to boost the fiber intake of the body while regulating the sugar content from the first day’s consumption, and at the same time foster metabolic processes.

Preparing the Body for Day 2

Unlike in Day 1 in which followers would feel a bit lightheaded due to the lack of carbohydrate intake and continuous consumption of fluids, Day 2 would dwell more on foods that can be easily digested by the gastrointestinal tract.

To prepare for the second day of the diet week, followers should eat a full dinner consisting of heavier fruits such as melons, as they will be using supplemental fiber content the next day. Drinking as much as 10 glasses of water on Day 1 will also bring good effects on Day 2, as followers get to feel more relaxed and at ease with the diet.

Unlike in day one where bananas are restricted from being consumed, in Day 2 all vegetables (NO peas, corn or carrots) can be eaten, including those that are high in starch, such as potatoes (breakfast only). This routine would also give more energy for the day, and followers would be more capable of doing more strenuous activities and exercises. NO CORN – PEAS – CARROTS

GM Diet Day 2 Breakfast

Day 2 of the GM diet may start off with large baked potato with a pat of butter, ghee or olive oil on top. It is important to keep the stomach heavy during breakfast as this would keep the body energized the rest of the day. To those living in tropical countries, cassava or sweet potato may be used instead of the regular potato, as long as there is no sugar added to the meal.

GM Diet Day 2 Lunch

During lunchtime, foods that can be consumed must be lighter, and these may involve vegetable salads with lettuce, cucumber and cabbage. Salads may be dressed with vinaigrette or olive oil, but not mayonnaise.

GM Diet Day 2 Dinner

Dinner on Day 2 may consist of other fresh greens, such as broccoli, asparagus, as well as cabbages, lettuce and cucumber. Boiled beets also prove to be good meals, but they tend to be heavier on the stomach.

GM Diet Day 2 Midday Snacks and Beverages

When it comes to snacks and beverages, GM diet experts recommend leafy greens such as boiled cabbage or fresh lettuce in order to maintain a light stomach. Continuous water intake should be observed to keep the body hydrated. Cherry tomatoes may also be served during midday snacks, especially in afternoons as they are able to satisfy one’s sweet tooth cravings.

Sample Diet Plan for Day 2 of GM Diet

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)

1 cup boiled potato (with ghee, olive oil or butter) and 2 glasses of water

Mid Morning (10:30-11:00 AM)

1 bowl of cabbage or red lettuce (raw) and 1-2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)

1 cucumber, 1 tomato and ½ boiled beet and 2 glasses of water

Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)

2 tomatoes or 1 cup cherry tomatoes and 2 glasses of water

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)

Boiled broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus with salt and spices and 2 glasses of water

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  1. morning — carrot

    snack — cabbage

    lunch – cabbage and carrot

    dinner – cabbage and carrot

  2. can we add salt and lemon on 1,2,&3rd day with fruit and vegetables

  3. I felt very happy by going through this it hepled me alot to loose my weight easily.I LOVE gm diet I also suggest u to go through it.

  4. Will u please tell the fruits which are sold everywhere even in small towns?

  5. I am currently on a college meal plan, and in the morning they serve hashbrowns ( pretty much shredded potatoes, not the crispy kind). Can I substitute a serving of that for the boiled potato? Or can I have something like eggs or cottage cheese?

  6. Can we have beans and sweet corn in day 2.

  7. Hi, can we have tea during this course

    • You can have these drinks along with your diet:

      Water (flavoured with lemon/lime if desired).
      Club Soda.
      Plain Black Coffee. No cream or cream substitutes are allowed as are sugar or sweeteners.
      Black Tea. Again, without sugar.
      The fruit juices of day 7. No fruit juices before day 7.

  8. day to i started with vegetables like carrot and beans is this ok or not pls sugges me

  9. Can I have mushrooms on Day-2 ?

  10. I have two questions…

    Tomorrow is my fasting day, usually on fasting day

    I prefer to eat fruits only, In this situation, is this ok to switch my diet plan…

    Day 2 diet on day 1
    Day 1 diet on day 2,
    can you please let me know

    My 2nd question is : Can I use little bit lemon juice on vegitables like cabage ???

  11. Please anyone mail me the diet plan of 7days. Iam from chennai (India)

  12. As iam in Chennai (India) some vegetables and fruits are not available. Even iam a Hindu i cant eat beef. Pls suggest me the 7days plan with alternatives. Mail to [email protected]

  13. Anyone pls mail me.

  14. Yesterday I started this diet.I only have 3 apples and 7 dates as I couldn’t get other fruits.Today morning I weigh in the same scale that I used yesterday. It’s 1.5 kg reduced.Is it possible? pl answer me.

  15. Today is the second day , shall i take soup everyday ??

  16. Day 1: fruits mango,watermelon in breakfast, then papaya and watermelon in lunch, evening palms, dinner sweet lime and mango

    Day 2: morning boiled potato and green papaya, at 10 am cucumber, lunch 1 bowl boiled vegetable, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato. Will post evening and dinner diets

  17. Whether I m going right

  18. I need to reduce weight. I have high cholesterol also.

  19. Please suggest me – I am on 2nd day & i want to know if i can add salt to have vegetables

  20. Okay…day 2 and I’ve lost 3.5 lbs.!!!!!

  21. I started the Diet yesterday. I ate only 2 apples and one eighth of a watermelon. I felt fine all day.

    Have found day two slightly harder but having prepared my meals before hand has helped. I could not have the potato this morning so ate brocolli with a little sweetcorn and paprika to add taste, for lunch i’m having spinach with raw carrot sticks and a little sweetcorn, salt and pepper to taste. This evening I will eat the potato instead.

    Surprisingly easy! Did not drink more than 2 glasses of water yesterday so have made sure I have drunk 4 already today.

    I do not have any scales at home so I cannot see how much I have lost but I plan to buy some on Friday. I knew roughly what I weighed beforehand.

    Good luck everyone!!!!

  22. Can we have soup on day 2?

  23. can i have mushroom, baby corn, beans and cabbage soup on day 2 and 3 i don’t like vegetables raw except for salad. and also can i not have tomatoes 3times a day. instead of tomatoes can i have salad normally consisting cucumbers and ice burg lettuce and lemon and salt…i can eat tomato once is that enough.

  24. Started day 2.
    Day 1 was quite challenging and I had to add raisins with the fruits in order to keep myself from passing out.
    The boiled potatoe this morning was quite filling and i look forward to the rest of the day.

  25. Started with day 2 but didn’t take potatoes…. Eating salad instead hope that is fine

    • Reshma don’t miss Potatoes since ur body need lot of carbohydrates so add some pieces of potatoes to ur lunch or dinner..

  26. Today is my Day 2 i lost 2.1 pounds, no hungry , no tired and i walked around 3 miles. Instead of taking ordinary potato i took sweet potato for my breakfast. Making some Wonder soup…

  27. Potatoes were filling.. i added salt and pepper to it and not feeling hungry.. though that wanting to eat feeling some times pop up. going for carrot and cucumber for lunch…
    did a bit of walking for 15 mins in the morning and that was refreshing. yet to check my weight!

  28. today is my second day….am having slight cold and throat infection….Wat to do?can i have tablets?

  29. minu… dont take tablets, I hav heard citus fruits help in relief from cold.. so tak more.. try to gargle with salt water frequently to control throat infection.. inhaling also will help. drink warm water and keep going the GM diet

  30. thanks priya…………….but when i started,i was 70kg and its my third day…and still i am 70 itself….dont know what i did wrong?i had mangoes on day 1 with other fruits and today also i had the of my friend told not to take mangoes….is it???

  31. hmm I think Mangoes are not topo good for weight reduction
    i also had one mango on day i and one mango juice on Day 3.
    But I had reduced 2 Kgs in Day 2 itself
    Drink lots of water and go for a week if you can!
    today is my day 4 and I had 1 banana in the morning and two glasses of milk… drinking water till noon and then I willagain eat one banana..
    eveninga lso might take one banana and anotehr glass of milk…
    and then whene ever I feel hungry drin k lots of water.
    On day 3 I had one apple and sabagil in the morning.. then cababge soup helped at noon..with one bowl of fruits. evening again one mango shake
    followed by one apple for dinner and again cabbag and tomato soup

  32. i am also following same kinda diet……am not doing any exercise,as my health is not dat good now.lets c………today is my fourth day.had 2 banana in the morning with skimmed milk.lunch also d same.

  33. It is ok to drink tea or coffee in this diet.

  34. @Aj dont know.I havent taken tea or coffe while in the diet.

  35. Milk???

  36. VERY confused about soup restrictions, please help! 🙂
    I’ve read that it can be consumed in unlimited quantities on all 7 days, but I’ve also read that it can only be consumed on day 4.
    Also, is the soup recipe given for day 4 the only soup you can have? Or is a canned, all natural vegetable soup okay?
    Any help would be appreciated! Good luck everyone!

  37. Hi ,today is my 2nd day of GM Diet. I had backed Potatos with little bit butter and dry hurbs. Filling really good.I like to know the day of ‘Tomatoes and brown rice’ can I have something else instead of Tomato?I hate raw Tomato.Please help.

  38. If i dont eat the wonder soup …will i still lose the weight fast? im in day 2 Ive lost 1.5 LB.

  39. I wish to start diet. But I love eating…! How do you all motivate yourself for dieting. I am at the edge of obesity… I am really worried… !
    Hope to start from 2moro regularly.. and wont break at between. I have so many reasons to loose weight. Starting with 75kg. My goal is to reach 58kg some day. Cross my fingers… really hope to do it this tym.

  40. Day2 started with Big Baked Potato and i cant bliv how good the Potato tastes… :):)
    Included 3-4 mushrooms to oven so as to add taste 🙂
    once the bfast was ready, had it with some leafy spinach.

    Heavy breakfast and lots of water is must to start Day2.

    heading for a steam cooked veggies like beans, peas, carrots,cauliflower n broccoli…. with
    raw cucumber, carrots, mula, lettuce….

  41. Instead of tomato, can i take any other vege..??

  42. Do you eat the wonder soup everyday?

  43. i i am 40 , i take tea every day , but i don,t loose my weight after 7 day

  44. Hi All,
    Anyone could suggest a substitue for Beef
    Can i have Chicken non coated (roasted / tandoori style etc.)
    and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper)
    Also in this entire diet program is it ok to have salt
    I am trying this program for the 5th time
    didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago
    so any suggestions please……………help
    ps.i am on my 2nd day now please please suggest

  45. is it ok to take boiled green piece with potato on day 2.

  46. Hey….m on fruits as on day 1…can we have wonder soup anytime anyday as its written to have it on day 2 as well as dat it cud b taken any quantity anytime all 7 days…? I also had 1 green tea n 1 normal tea today on day 1…hope its ok to have.
    M worried abt tomorrow day 2 as dnt want any cramps like today…
    Pls help!!

  47. Why is it that I have lost weight by doing this diet the very first time, and since then i tried it 3 times and havent lost a single pound. Today is my 2nd day for the 4rth time trying and hoping that i’ll loose more weight. I have followed this diet pretty accuratly accept i didnt drink 10 glasses of water a day, i would say i tried drinking atleast 6 glasses. Now does it mean that my body doesnt need anymore cleansing and thats why i am not loosing anymore weight?

  48. started this diet yesterday..already lost almost a kilo after my day 1. this diet works if theres no cheating involved.

  49. On GM diet day2 and feelin so low…this always effects me emotionally!! huh!

  50. hi, I ll start this plan from tmrw… however i m not sure if we can add some salt or pepper to our salads or baked potatoes ?
    May be black salt on fruit salad?

  51. I am confused… Can I eat the soup on day 2 and 3? Or not till day 4?

  52. on second day morning ,the boil potato we should eat, can we eat it with tomato,chilly,onion with mixing with the potatoes

  53. Hi,
    I tried this gm diet for a week according to the chart. No cheating at all. I lost 9 lbs. of weight. I was very happy with the result. Now a week later i have started again and i lost 2lbs in one day. I am on my 2nd day. Also i would like to tell you all i did eat salt in small quantity but drank lots of water. I also had green tea once or twice a day.

  54. dear team pls provide the study material in hindi

  55. Ok on Day 2 – boiled Potato with chooped corriender leaves and salt and pepper – little not much.
    So far so good. I did not have good sleep yesterday – cramps and headache was a bit too much.
    Prepared for lunch and afternoon – will tak boild veggies in evening.

    chioma, safa, athirakp, Dhirendra – – still together?

    Post here!



  56. Anu Keep up for Day 2 if nothing else – this will induce some much needed self control in us…. keep up healthy lifestyle and you will rock on…

    Take care..


  57. Hi, day 1 was little tough for me, had little bit of headache the entire day. had 1 medium size watermelon, 2 pears, 2 pomogranates, 2 strawberries and 1orange and 3 bottles of water. Morning I had one glass of warm water ,lemon juice and 1sp of honey. Reduced 500 gms from day1. Day2 — had warm water,lemon juice,honey in the morning. After an hour had finely chopped cucumber and one tomato with green chutney, after an hour boiled potato ,tomato, salt, green chutney , it was good filling. Green chutney has little bit of sugar , salt and coconut in it here I cheated a bit and also 1 spoon of honey. Am I doing it right ….?. kindly suggest. Want to reduce at least 3 kgs.

  58. Day 2……>> Will Catch You Tomorrow…I Am Still In Love With Day 1…. 😀


  59. Day 2 Starts with 92.7

  60. Heey! I’m planing on starting the diet tomorrow. Just bought fruits and veges this morning. I’m so excited!!! 🙂 I also made a plan for my diet.. Someone tell me if it’s good or if I need to change something. Feel free.

    Day 1:
    Breakfast: 1 cup of apple
    Lunch: 1 bowl of watermelon
    Dinner: 1 bowl of watermelon

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: 1 boiled potato (since I don’t have an oven, so, I can’t bake) with a pat of lite butter
    Lunch: Salad (contains raw cabbage, white vinegar, lemon, minced garlic, herbs, boiled carrots w/ a pinch of iodized salt) -is this salad fine?
    Dinner: Salad

    Day 3:
    Breakfast: 1 apple
    Lunch: Salad
    Dinner: Orange Apple Salad (same with salad but added half an apple and half an orange)

    Day 4:
    Breakfast: 3 Bananas, 1 glass of warm nonfat milk
    Lunch: 2 bananas, 1/2 bowl of wonder soup, 1 cup milk
    Snacks: 1 banana, 1 cup milk (I think I’m gonna slice the banana, put in the milk and let freeze so I can have a little ‘ice cream’)
    Dinner: 2 bananas, 1/2 wonder soup

    Day 5:
    Breakfast: 2 tomatoes (a pinch of pepper and salt so it’ll be good.. I guess)
    Lunch and Dinner: Beef slices, with 2 tomatoes each meal

    Day 6:
    Breakfast: Vegetable soup
    Lunch: Salad
    Dinner: Salad with liitle beef slices

    Day 7:
    Breakfast: Watermelon
    Lunch: 1 cup brown rice, boiled carrots and potatoes
    Dinner: Salad

    All snacks will be 1 orange.. if I feel like it.

    So, what do you think of my plan?

  61. Can i have sweetcorn on 2nd day.. some one pls guide me… tomorrow is my 2nd day…

  62. can we eat sweet corn on day 2?

  63. I had wonder soup along with fruits on day 1 .. Started the diet at 147 lbs on day weighed myself the next morning and was 144.4 lbs … Was extremely motivated for day 2 .. I.e. today …

  64. hello
    can we use daal,chana and all?


    Some sites say NO potatoes for breakfast on Day 2! What to do? What to do? To eat or not eat??

  66. Hi all…before i started this diet ..i did massive R&D ..i lost 1.5Kgs on first itself..Lemme share my day -2 plan with You Guys, I chose to start from Friday so i get almost* first3 days on weekend will make them easy

    Day-2 (Time- 1:15 A.M)

    7.30 am- Boiled Potato (medium size)..(1 tea spoon Butter optional )–for complex carbs*
    8.00 am – Black Tea (No sugar , No milk)
    9.00 am- A bowl Pea,cabbage,cauliflower,mushroom– (NO TOMATO till 5th day, and 2nd day is vegetable day so NO TOMATO again since it is a fruit)

    10 am- 30 minutes Basic workout (NO weights/ NO running,NO heavy workout )

  67. Hi , on day 2 can I eat the skin of the baked potato ? Please reply

  68. Hi all
    Its time to review the GM Diet plan.
    I would say this the awesome diet for losing those extra pounds and also a cleansing system for your body. I did GM Diet 2 months back.Everyone may be

    surprised why I am reviewing so late. I wanted to see if I gain weight after the diet. But it really works. I actually lost almost 8-9 pounds ofcourse with

    some regular Yoga and exercise. You will definetly will maintain the weight. I would like to share my diet menu for 7 days.
    Day 1 “weight 129.1 pounds” —For me day 1 was very good coz I love eating fruits.
    Breakfast – 1 cup of diced apples ,Mid morning Snack – 1 Orange ,Lunch 1 bowl of watermelon ,Afternoon Snack 1 kiwi fruit,Dinner 1 bowl of melon
    10-12 glasses of water whole day

    Day 2 “weight 125.7 pounds”—-Breakfast 1 boiled sweet potato
    For Snack I had 1 bowl of cabbage , For lunch I made a salad with Cucumber,Tomato,Lettuce,Beet with a pinch of salt and pepper(I took a pinch of salt

    as I feel low without salt.).For evening snack I had 1 tomato, For Dinner I had the wonder soup.
    10-12 glasses of water. I cheated by just having one M&M. I think this much is allowed 🙂

    Day 3 “weight 125.2 Pounds” not much difference—-For Breakfast I had 1 apple, Mid-snack Some grapes , For lunch I had the Salad (same as day2) ,

    Evening-snack 1 small bow of Mango,
    and For dinner I had the 1/2 cup od wonder soup and some salad(for a change)
    10-12 glasses of water

    Day 4 -“weight 124 pounds” —This day was a bit hard. Ofcourse I like bananas but I think my body was not prepared to take banana.The diet says 7-8

    bananas But I could have only 2
    For breakfast I took a cup of Milk with a banana. ,I skipped my midday snack as my stomach was little upset. Then in lunch I had 1 bowl of Wonder

    soup. Evening Snack I had a banana and for dinner I had the wonder soup. 10-12 glasses of water

    Day 5 “weight 123.2 pounds”— Now from day 5 its really easy , only thing was we should 6-7 tomatoes.
    Breakfast — sprouted Moong with 1 chopped tomato , Mid day snack 1 tomato with a dash of salt , Lunch –1 cup cooked brown rice ,chopped tomatoes

    with 4-5 pieces of Tofu ,(i am vegeterian so this was the best source for Protien) , Evening Snack 1 tomato , Dinner I had wonder soup with some brown

    rice & tomatoes. 10-12 glasses of water

    Day 6 ” Weight 121 pounds ” For breakfast I had veggie Salad , Mid day snack 1/2 bowl of wonder soup , For lunch I prepared a kind of puloa with brown

    rice , Steamed brown rice with sprouts and veggies with very little olive oil , salt , pepper and lomon(Tastes goood) ., for Evening snakc I had 1 apple ,

    and for dinner I had wonder soup and the leftover puloa which i prepared for lunch. 10-12 glasses of water

    Day 7 This day was not much to do . as this was end of the day I was excited to see the difference .
    For breakfast I had 1 apple , For lunch Moong dal koshimbiri(the recipe mentioned in this website) , For snack I had some grapes and evening snack i

    skipped bcoz I was not that hungry, For Dinner I again prepared the puloa(which I had on Day6 ) .10-12 glasses of water
    And my final weight was 119.7 …I was happy with the results.
    I was not overweight but wanted to have a little change in my diet…. I did not starve any day when ever I waas hungry I had some thing according to the

    day plan.Ofcourse I did in between cheating like having one M&M , just grabbing one single chip , or some dry fruits. But I think this is okay to control

    your cravings. And also 2 times I had tea without sugar and very little milk(just 1 tbsp) . 🙂
    And believe me you will start eating healthy food , more veggies and fruits.
    But one important thing you have keep going with your excersise , yoga or whatever your daily workout is ,this makes you not to gain weight again.
    I am starting this diet again today .
    All the best to everyone for a Healty You. 🙂

    • Hii Happygo,

      I liked your diet plans, the way you explained. Thanks for sharing this.
      but can you tell the results about your 2nd time GM diet how much you reduce that time. Actually i have done it before but I hv lost only 2kg in the entire week. Today is my 2nd day my weight is 71.4 kg & yesterday it was 71.6 Kg. I am following it in very strict way. Yesterday I just had tea bcz I have got migraine pain & it was unbearable. I do not know how much I will be loosing.

      Can any one tell me what if I stop this plan after day 5th bcz I have a function & I have to be there so I am lil confuse. Please suggest some more recipes for Day 1,2 & 3rd.


  69. I have noticed someone saying that drinking warm water will help with throat infection. Instead drink as much water as cold (ice) as possible. That will kill the germs. These germs flourish in warm environments. I have given this advise to many of my friends and they all agree that it works.

  70. hi,
    Today is is my second day I had boiled potato with verty little salt and red chilli.
    Lunch: Cabbage and bioled spinach with onions with few drops of mustard oil.

  71. But eating spinach is not very easy its very tasteless but some how i manage. Hopefully things would work.
    And i am doing 20-30 minutes running and brisk walking daily.
    Hopfully running would not increase my weight. As i am in practice of doing running from past couple of days before starting GM.
    If any one has suggestion please share.

  72. I do smoke 1-2 cigratte while performing GM diet is this ok. As no where mentioned about smoking.

  73. Hi this is my 1st day of gm diet and more over this is my second cycle of the diet
    On my 1st cycle I reduced nearly 4 kg so am happy with the gm diet thanks a lot for gm

  74. hi first time on gm diet i hope it will work for me!! i weigh 52kgs. my target is 45kgs..

  75. this is day 2! so far so good can’t wait for day 5 to eat a nice piece of juicy steak YUM!

  76. There is a lot of rubbish on this site, there are a lot of deviations from the original GM diet Eg…Mangoes and TC water…there is no mention of the wonder soup either …

  77. IHi,I am on day 2 and I got fever.Is there any problem in taking medicine (like paracetamol)during diet?

  78. The second day was even tougher, there was a slight pain in the forehead and I caught for an early sleep. Good part was I really started the feel lighter and began to see a remarkable difference in my body. Although I have finger crossed and will only check my weight on the final day itself.

    Please don’t stretch much work if you are following this GM diet else you might get fever or fall unconscious.

    Wishing you all success in this plan

  79. Day 2 Dinner : Boiled broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus with salt and spices and 2 glasses of water
    As broccoli and asparagus are not available what else can be consumed.

  80. Day 2. Down 1.5 lbs today! Breakfast: boiled potato and 2 glasses of water. Lunch: zucchini spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and 2 glasses of water. Snack: carrots (needed some crunch) and more water! Any suggestions for a healthy veggie dinner?

  81. Today is Day0 – First day before diet
    Preparations – Having potatoes today and 8-10 glasses water from 2-3 days.
    weight – 60 KG, Aim to loose – 5 KG,
    Finger Crossed for tomorrow.. will keep updating 🙂

  82. today is my second day.
    i will update to all in evening

  83. can i add.. salt to baked potatoes on day 2

  84. My first day on this diet is coming to an end. Had some trouble with hunger but i found out avocado is very filling but i just ate one since it is kind of.fattening.

    My question is about the soup. Can you eat it every day? Or just on the day it specifies? Please help!

  85. Started GM diet with weight 82.4 KG , This is my third day , entire day went okie , i had one apple for breakfast , lunch – cucumber and watermellon, evening 1 cucumber and a tomato… planning to finish night with a water melon….Can anybody suggest if i can have egg on day 4?

  86. can we use salt or chilly for cooking vegetables on 2nd day?

  87. I just was feeling very weak on Day 2. So I had 2 bananas. I followed Day 1 properly and intend to follow the subsequent ones as well….. Will it really have a big evil effect on my weight loss…..

  88. I tried this and loosed 2.5 kg,Now after one week I have again started it.

    Lets see!!!!

  89. Ridiculous story there. What happened after? Good luck!

  90. Started with day 2 yeeeee:-)

  91. Finished day 2 🙂

  92. hi, I was wondering why we can only have beef on day 6 and 7? can I substitute it with chicken?

  93. I would stick with beef, but chicken should be fine 🙂

    • Hi how much chicken in 1 day. Or can i have cottage cheese if so how much in s day . And i heard 6 eggs a day is that ok .

      • not sure where you heard 6 eggs are OK, I only support people and the plan here. 3 eggs per meal day 5 and 6 only as a meat sub. Or chicken, cottage cheese last option. each meal on cottage cheese, just over 1/2 cup or so.

  94. Hi,
    I started GM Diet yesterday and worked out (mild cardio) for 30 min. By night I was feeling weak and I threw up. Ended up cheating and eating brownie at night.
    Feeling very demotivated.
    Should I continue with day 2?

  95. I would continue for sure. Unless you are still sick, you may need a small break then start over.

  96. Continuing with day 2. Feeling good after the potato! Added a few boiled peas too.

  97. Continuing with day 2. Feeling good after the potato! Added a few boiled peas too. Is it okay to have baby corn and broccoli for dinner on day 2?

  98. Hi,
    I started GM diet yesterday and had watermelon , 1 apple and 2 oranges.
    Today, 2nd day, I started with boiled potato . for lunch I had carrots and boiled beans.Also boiled cabbage.
    walking 20 min daily..
    But I feel hungry by now….

  99. Day 1: after three days of failed attempts to start,I finally made it today.Well,almost made it if a glass of tea with ginger and cardamom can be ignored! 🙂
    today was all about Mangoes,Papaya,oranges,Coconut water,few slices of coconut.
    for Day2,don’t have any raw cabbage or lettuce. Perplexed.

  100. hey i am planning to start this diet tomorrow.. it interests me so much…pl suggest me an alternative for asparagus and broccoli as I dont find them at my place.
    Thnaksin advance

  101. asparagus and broccoli substitutes? You can do cauliflower, really anything similar…

  102. I had 2 idlis with sambar instead of potatos..:( is it ok??? please some one reply me asap.

  103. Sambar, not great for using as far as I know. Be careful with substitutes if possible…

  104. can ssum1 pls temme if barley water can be taken along wid diet??

  105. No you cannot do barley water 🙂

  106. How abt roasted chana during the diet

  107. no roasted chana 🙂

  108. And salt during the diet

  109. seasonings are fine…

  110. hi
    i had besan cheela on dahy 2….is it okey or should u start over??

  111. Tough call, totally a preference here. But best results are from folks doing 7 full days with no mess ups. Hang in there 🙂

  112. I m on day 3 .
    third day I ended up eating a little bit of chips (8)
    Do I have to start again?

    Is it ok to use mustard? I wld take drop of oil , crackle mustard in Thera d add shredded cabbage and salt.
    Is that ok?

  113. chips? up to you but you may just want to see it through and try and stay on track for the rest, Traditional mustard should be fine, there is no oil in it.

  114. Iam loving the program. 1st Fruit day – by end of the day I started hating Fruits. Today 2nd – Vegetable day- Iam sure end of the day I will hate Vegetable.

    For sure I feel some difference. Iam going to continueee….

  115. I am allergic to Potatoes. What can i have instead of potatoes on Second day???

  116. try plantains or yams/sweet potatoes? but I assume the last 2 you would be allergic to as well.

  117. I’m already in Day 2. is it okay to sleep during the day?

  118. Sleeping during the day during the diet may hinder you some. But overtime it is a huge problem, your circadian rhythms get messed up, you need to sleep at night and preferably in a completely dark room. A day or so though you should be OK, I have had to do it before and been OK…

  119. can i eat mangoes on day 1 ? can i eat brawn bread ? eggs on which day are recommened? and in pakistan here r ni brown rice avaliable can i eat white ? can i drink diet coke? plzzzzz answer me i am in trouble

  120. Mangos OK, Bread no, for eggs read the plan, white is fine, no way never, never and no again on diet Coke – talk about ruining your health. There is nothing diet about diet soda, they cause more weight gain and issues than regular soda.

  121. thanks a lot but my last question is can white rice substitute brown

  122. I said white is fine 🙂

  123. My day 1 and 2 were successful. Not feeling hungry at all .
    I’m wondering if coconut meat from fresh coconut serves well in a “fruit day” ex Day 1 or 3?

  124. Be careful Rae on coconut meat, I am a huge fan of it anytime (it is so healthy and does not affect your liver negatively), but on the diet it does have added fat. Not that this is a no fat diet, rather a balance of it.

  125. can we hav salt on 2nd day

  126. spices are fine, including salt just never over do it.

  127. hi admin,
    already i finished ist day ,today i am going to 2nd day ,is it ok during the day sleep,because i have 9mths baby so night sleeping very tough.

  128. Yes on the sleep during the day, you have to get rest. Ideally no, but let’s face with a new baby ideal is out the window. So yes do sleep 🙂

  129. hi admin,

    is there any alternative for skimmed

  130. Lite coconut milk or almond milk maybe?

  131. Hello,
    Started day 1 … It is hard,but managing.
    Can anybody tell whether the wonder soup can be taken on all days of the diet ?
    If not , on which days can I take it ?
    Also , can I add steamed cones to the diet ? If yes on whcih day ?

  132. Soup all days fine. Cones? Not familiar enough with those, I would say no, just wait until you’re done.

  133. today was my second day. had boiled potatoes in the breakfast and salad in the lunch. for dinner i had tomatoes and beans. is that okay? felt headaches and no craving. feeling energetic.

  134. yesterday was my first day . had two apples and orange and a little bit of melon and loads of water. today was my second day. had boiled potatoes in the breakfast and salad in the lunch. for dinner i had tomatoes and beans. is that okay? felt headaches and no craving. feeling energetic. had water but not more than 4-5 glasses.

  135. Sejal, seems like you are making your own version of this, you barely ate on day 1, not sure what to say or how to help. Sorry

  136. Started day 2, lost 1.2 kg on first day..:)

  137. on day 2…. its very difficult.
    having severe headache… having a body pain in the morning.

    but feeling light. any substitute for cabbage… n cabbage we can have boiled ? right ?
    loved first day… with melon and apple…

    I will not QUIT…

  138. will there be any hair loss, following this diet ?

  139. Hair loss? no 🙂 This is a very normal eating plan….

    hang in there, when you give up dates, sugars, wheat, grains and such this detox feeling happens.

  140. Day 2. I’ve lost 1.3kg from day 1.
    I started my day 2 with a bowl of broccoli and baby carrots. And had a bit of light vinegar salad dressing.
    Late noon I had a bowl of raw cucumber with light vinegar dressing.
    At the evening, I m gonna have boiled broccoli and cooked white radish.
    I m looking forward the third day that I can eat fruits again.

  141. Hi
    Day 2 I have salad for breakfast
    I will have my baked potato for lunch
    Can I add cheese to the potato ? ??

  142. Day 2
    On my salad I add some vinegar and olive oil is this ok?
    How about avocado is it ok to add some to the salad?

    • Be careful, whether natural or not adding lots of extra fat here. I do not recommend, however I do after the diet. These are good fats. You do need a little fat so I would just use a little of one or the other.

  143. Can I have corn on the hob for day 2 please?

  144. *cob, sorry!!

  145. Hi everyone,

    Few days back i was searching for weight loss plans and eventually i landed up here. Was more then motivated to read comments and so started this diet. Today is my Day 2, getting headache and dry mouth,although drinking a lot of water. Wish me luck and suggest any workout plan for maximum weight loss during this program. I didn’t follow any exercise routine but taking a walk of around 3 kms …is that enough. please suggest.

    Regards to all.

    • Detox is natural on diets…. Workout, I am big on Burst or HIT style training. Workup to a good workout and don’t overdo it! YouTube will have some good videos on a good plan.

  146. Hello GM Dieters!

    Today is my second day and it was not as hard as yesterday. So I’d like to share today’s menu with you:
    Breakfast: 2 medium baked potatoes with a little bit of butter
    Glass of water

    Around 13 cherry tomatoes

    Salad, with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, garlic and lettuce, with a little bit of olive oil and salt


    Steamed: carrots, onions, garlic, broccoli and cabbage ( + salt, pepper, basil, parsley, some olive oil)
    *And around 2 litres of water throughout the day*

    Admin, one question please, are marrows and mushrooms allowed for tomorrow evening please? I am planning to stir fry them without the oil obviously. Can I spray the pan with low fat spray please? And by the way, thank you for always being so quick and polite when answering my questions!

    • I think you have got a good list, marrows fine 🙂 Food sprays are bad, use real food or oil, use maybe a little coconut oil, try and get away from sprays. GOOD LIST 🙂
      Happy to try and help.

  147. Hi,
    I am on day2, day1 was Ok..felt a bit hungry at times but managed…
    Had boiled potato with some tomato n chilli in breakfast
    small amount of sweetcorn as a snack
    and salad (cucumber, radish and carrots) in lunch
    Can I have home made sweet corn soup adding bolied beans/carrots in it for Dinner?

    • not big on sweet corn, try and limit…. No on the sweet corn soup, but you can spice up how you like some veggies similar to the wonder soup and eat that.

  148. Thanks for the advice,
    Had wondersoup in dinner… though felt hungry but I survived…Day 3 morning now and feeling better than yesterday 🙂

  149. Hi Admin – please advice is its ok to use a lil oil and salt for a stirfry on day 2 and 3



  150. Hello,

    I just finished my day 2 dinner and I should say that I’m feeling good. I gotta tell you that I did have lil head ache and felt kinda sleepy,but I guess it’s part and parcel of this game. I had boiled potato (toppings: pepper+lemon), had wonder soup, salad for lunch (carrots+ lettuce +cucumber+chickpeas+ sweet corn) and wonder soup and the same salad again for dinner. I am not sure about including sweetcorn, but I kinda took a chance with it.

    I checked my weight on the morning of Day 2 and I was super happy with what I saw on my digital weighing machine. ta da! I lost close to 4 pounds and my wife lost about 3.2 pounds. Is this natural to loose 4 pounds on day 1 alone? or did I mess up something bad in my stomach?

    Can anyone who has finished the complete diet comment on losing weight pattern for all 7 days? Not sure if the losing pattern is gonna be the same for everyone, but I would like to know please.

    Thanks a bunch!!

    • Hello PraVin…
      Weight will fluctuate person to person. That is not unusual to lose that much day 1… everyone is different, this is a cleansing diet done right keep that in mind as you come out of it how you will eat. I never weigh day to day, only day 1 and then after day 7. Keeps me focused on the goal of eating healthy rather than just a number, but that’s what works for me 🙂

  151. Hai can i have cooked vegitables with masala on day 2,3,6,7(oilfree)?

  152. Hai can i have lemontea with honey during gm diet

  153. Hai wondersoup must or not?

  154. How much gram chicken for day 4,5

  155. Can i have boiled sprouted mungbean (greengram) day 2,3,6,7

  156. Day 2., my menu:

    1 Baked potatoe with a little butter on it

    Snack: Cucumber

    Lunch: Green Salad

    Snack: Cherry tomatoes

    Dinner: Steamed vegetables ( carrot, little peas, lettuce. broccoli, garlic, onions) + olive oil

  157. i am 35 & started GM Diet on Monday…i successfully managed 2 days with fruits & veggies. Had green tea only during these days. Added salt in my veggies on day two & little of sweet corn also in my soup. I have lost only 1 kg. in two days…is it fine?

    Can i have any other veggie on 5th day….shall i exercise also to loose more……

    • I am confused, sorry. Seems like you are not following the plan at all, green tea no sweetener is fine to me. Exercise is helpful…

  158. can we take cottage cheese raw on day 3

  159. Thank u!! again i strtd diet nw day 2 🙂 so happy dis time its vry easy

  160. Those who have completed GM Diet , could you please confirm if we will regain the weight lost after some time . I am planning to start from this friday onwards

    • Why would you not, if you don’t change your lifestyle after. NO diet, not one will help you there, sorry.

    • Yes. you will regain weight. and it is highly likely that you may regain more than you lost. ‘controlled diet’ that you have to restrict your diet as mentioned in these articles..

  161. On Day 2 right now!! Is it to have Vegetable soup (Homemade) on Day 2?

  162. Wonder soup truly wonderful… People try it, I am in my Day 2, and the soup is delicious, my sis told me to strain and drink the juice alone, but I thought i needed more finre so I ate it up with the small chunks of veggies.. Truly delicious.. I am now going to make it for my kids too.

  163. Hi,

    done with day 2… just lost 0.5kgs 🙁
    today i had boiled potato with butter and pepper, boiled peas, very less corns, cabbage, half tomato, half cucumber and green tulsi tea without sugar.. and now as i m starving so just having one orange at 12am.
    just wanted to check can i have at least one glass of milk everyday??

  164. Can I have fruits on day 6 instead of vegetable?

  165. Thanks for reply…:)

  166. Can anyone plz share the recipe for GM wonder soup?

    and can I have boiled sweet corn during day2?

  167. I am on Day 2, i was very hungry so i had one samosa.. is it ok to continue with the diet plan? what should i do to rectify this cheating..

    • Tough, eat the soup, nobody has to go hungry on this diet unless they are choosing to. However, watch out for emotional hunger fort he more addictive sweets and goodies you were used to.

  168. I am confused after reading the comments for Day5. I cannot eat beaf so planning to replace with egg/chicken

    I am planning to have

    1 tomato and some boiled lentil mixed with spinach
    Mid day snacks: 1 tomato
    Lunch: tomato and wonder soup
    snacks: tomato
    dinner: boiled white rice with chicken and tomato curry (no sugar things. just very little olive oil, onion, tomato, green chilies and coriander along with boiled chicken)

    Is it okay to follow this?

  169. This diet plan helped me in reducing 5-6 kg in 7 days.Although the firts few days are difficult it will b egood if u really go through..

  170. Does it really have to be Lipton for the wonder soup? It’s pretty much expensive in our area.

  171. @admin I am on day two ,,,,,Can i roast the broccoli and cauliflower in a pan after boiling it with very minimal amount of oil.Can i add onions in that…Please let me know ….

  172. roasting fine, a little onion fine, oil, less than a tsp…

  173. @ author, its my day 2 and i’m doing fine. but i could only take 5 glasses of water yesterday. would it affect the final result? i’m worried. today i’m taking 8-10 glasses as recomended. pls rely. thanks in advance

    • 8 to 10 is always what you hear everywhere. I am a big water drinker, other than a little herbal tea, I drink when thirsty, everyone is different. The key here is don’t under drink, meaning for get to. I get busy sometimes and put it off when I actually need to drink something. Spread it out all day, cramming a ton of water in last minutes defeats the purpose as well. So you should be fine, just spread whatever you do drink out over the day 🙂

  174. i’m in day 6 and lost 3.5kgs…. i cant explain the joy… this is fsntastic.. will post u the final result. 2 more days to go.. thanks admin …

  175. can v hav corn flakes on d second day???

  176. Today I have started the GM Diet (Day 1).

  177. Successfully completed Day-1.

    Morning – 2 Glass Water
    Breakfast – 1 Apple
    Mid Morning – 1 Apple
    Lunch – 1 cup Melon
    30 minutes walk
    Snack – Kiwi
    30 minutes – Walk & Running
    Dinner – 1 Orange
    Lots of water during my diet.

    Before diet (weight) – 66.7 kg
    After day1 – 65.7 kg

    I have lost 1 kg in day-1, so happy.

  178. I have completed Day-2

    Morning – 2 Glass Water
    Breakfast – Carrot (1/2 cup)
    Mid Morning – 1/2 cucumber
    Lunch – Jacket Potato
    30 minutes walk
    Snack – Carrot
    30 minutes – Walk & Running
    Dinner – Carrot & Cucumber
    Lots of water during my diet.

  179. Hello

    Day 2 is tough more than I expected. 😐
    Had a baked Potato in morning and Boiled cabbage, carrot and pea cooked in oil less than a tsp with spices for lunch. Now having black coffee and planing to have boiled cauliflower and carrots for dinner. I’m not sure if i’m doing it right or not. I’m CONFUSED! Although its strange I started following the diet plan yesterday only and its really effective but I’m not sure how long will it last. Day before yesterday my weight was 87.9Kgs after workout . Had to skip the gym yesterday due to work and today before workout weight my was 85.5kgs. Wish me luck and let me know if i’m doing something wrong.
    Thanks! 🙂

  180. Just want to ask where can i buy ready to eat foods/fruits for the GM diet? Because i’m very eager to loose weight but i have no time to prepare all the foods listed in diet menu. Hope you can help me. thanks lot!

    • Up to you, if they have chemicals, too much salt, sugars, bad oils and such this will not work for you. If you mean someone has prepared fresh food for you then fine.

  181. Hi author,

    Today is my third day, n I’m as per GM schedule
    but yesterday I felt very tough , so I had small quantity of rice n beans , then 2 cookie.
    Will i get good result at the end of day 7 if im perfect or shall I start it from next week?

    • Cheating can yes ruin your diet. If you would have told me you cheated with a banana for some fruit I would tend to say you may be just fine. Also eating things like cookies afterwards will only cause weight gain, think more long term here, think lifestyle change.

  182. Hi, i am on my 2nd day and so far has gone great!! but wanted to know whether we can add salt salt to the fruits and vegetable

  183. is black salt/ any other salt/pepper permitted in day 1???

  184. Can I eat mushrooms on the second day?

  185. Hi friends,

    Please advise if I can fry the vegetables little bit in olive oil and sprinkle some salt/pepper rather than having them raw on day 2/ day 3.

  186. Hi author,
    Im taking up this diet plan for the first time. Im doing my Day1 now.
    Please suggest if i can have recipes like Carrot Khosambari or any other vegetable and sprout Khosambari for lunch on Day 2.
    Please suggest If I can have carrot and cucumber along with Cabbage.
    Thanks in advance.

  187. This is my second try of the gm diet. On the first try i completed the 7 days but cheated a little. It was very hard for me because i am a self confessed foodie. At the age of 22 im already 66kgs. So i tried this plan. At the end of the week. I lost 4kgs. I am already happy with the progress :). And now,its my 2nd day of my 2nd try. I survived yesterday easily because i really love fruits especially watermelon :D. Today,its really hard…like my first try. I feel weak and lightheaded. My muscles are aching. But still im determined to finish this. Ill keep you all posted.:)

  188. Another thing. Can i drink alkaline sugarfree coffee. It has 0 fats, 0 calories but 19 grams of carbohydrates.?

  189. Thanks for the super fast reply.:) God bless.:)

  190. Hi i ahve one doubt today is the first day of GM diet so mall on fruits but for tomorrow can i have dal-palak, sprouts(chickpea,kidney beans) in lunch?

  191. Today is my 2nd day,ive put on 1kg on day 1 sadly, i daily eat oats with just warm water,can i continue it with the diet plan,i have already done it for day1 and day 2?its 0calories and high fiber?so is that fine?

    • I would not keep going. You cannot have OATS on this diet!!!!! These grains are really hurting folks and their weight….

  192. Hi author,
    I had done gm diet previous week and lost 3kg, given a three day break n started is my 1st day.
    For my 2nd day breakfast can i add tomatos, onions n salt to the mashed potato(without oil or butter).


    • The veg, salt and spices OK but only a very small tomato. Why would you not do the oil/butter if it says so. It is so very important that you do this diet as we laid out.

      • Thank you for the response, appriciate your concern.I am thinking of using a little oil for salad dressing which i would be taking for the day.

  193. I completed my day 2 of gm diet. I had tea wuth sugar ans then in mid snacks I had boiled potato’s and then in lunch I had tomatoes soup and then had salad with the the evening I had tea with sugar n five whole wheet Marie biscut. In the dinner again I had salad with sprouts. Is it ok plz tell me as I done know. Can I take zero calories sugar. Plz help plzzzzzz

    • Then you not following this diet at all, you are making your own up. Sorry. Biscuits and sugar. No point in moving forward.

  194. Thank you for u r reply but from tomorrow I will not have anything only vegetables and fruits. Just tell me should I start again. Plz tell me

  195. Hi,
    Thank you for the support. I had completed day 2, baked potato as breakfast, in lunch n dinner i had boiled cauliflower n green peas. In between i had the wonder soup (i added few more veg) which was suggested. For tomorrow i.e day3 can i have avacado.

  196. Hi,
    Can we have boiled corn n honey lemon tea/green tea????and what else we can have instead of brown rice..and can we have pulses along with rice or nt..

  197. And also please let me know the side effects of GM diet after the dieting period is over…thanks:)

    • Not sure what that means? the only side effect normally is folks not eating healthy after and gaining weight back. This must be a lifestyle change starter or else.

  198. HI,
    I ‘ve started my 2nd day…..
    breakfast: 1 baked potato with butter,
    mid morning: i skipped
    lunch: 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 1/4 bowl of chopped cabbage, little salt and pepper and two glasses of water…

  199. can we take butter milk during this diet plan?

  200. I usually have honey with fresh lime in lukewarm water in the morning as the first thing. Is this fine to go hand in hand with GM diet plan?

  201. Can salt be used in the salad and veggies (steam/cook) that is to be had on this diet?

  202. This is the third day of my Gm plan. Second time im doing gm. last time i lost 3 kg. hope this time…loose more. I feel..its a good start for those who..want to lose weight.I was 80 kg..after delivery. started with gm diet…lost 3 kg..then i went for diet and im 69. Hope the second time gm plan..will help me to restart my diet plan target is 60. Gm plan is just a kick start for your diet plan.

  203. My 2nd day now, i had 1 boiled sweet potato, since im working i have packed sliced cucumbers&lettuce for 1 meal and boiled broccoli with dried basil and chilli flakes. I still have an extra sweet potato for later. Is this good enough?

  204. Hey, I was just wandering if there is anything I can substitute the afternoon snack (tomatoes) with?

  205. My second time.. and its so much easier now. Lost 2 kgs already by day too.. first time I tried it was in January. Lost 5 kgs then and wanted to see if I cud maintain the new weight. In April now and maintained it. Was 70kgs when I started. Now at 68. Hoping to get at 65 and maintain it.. I liked the feeling at the end of the plan.. and the day am so much looking fwd to now is banana and milk.. that’s the best and easiest of all..

  206. Today is my third day and i have lost 1.5 kg in first two days. Let’s see…further in weight loss. I am feeling quite lighter.

  207. what about salt during diet period???
    shall i use it or not???

  208. Hi,
    Am on day 2 today, started with a large boiled potato with half tsp olive oil and a cup of green tea, I had cucumber and carrots in between and I half veggie stir fry (carrot, cabbage, zucchini, pepperoni, mushrooms and paprika) for lunch and drunk already 2.5liters water, however, I am planning to have boiled spinat with one sweet potato for dinner would that be OK or am I allowed to eat potatoes once this day?,
    I am feeling great ! ann cant wait to weigh myself after day 3 :-))

  209. Today is my first day and i consumed one cucumber with melon…will it affect my diet in anyway? As in have i disrupted the schedule or something?

  210. hi is it ok for 11 years old girl .this diet .

    • Well considering most kids eat total junk food, it should be OK… These are healthy foods here. This is up to the parent

  211. can i drink boiled dal water on my second day….

  212. Hi… Author.. Jus wanted to know if we can have beans on day 2?? Boiled beans..

  213. Dear author,
    Im on day 2 dinner now. Asparagas not available. Pls suggest a substitute for asparagus

  214. Can I have coffee during the plan? or any kind of hot drinks? please suggest

  215. My day-2 just started… had 2 small sized boiled potato, carrot, cucumber & raw beetroot. Can anyone suggest me if i should be in control on quantity or is it fine to have based on hunger ?

    • It can be based on hunger, but only one large potato. Also do not forget the butter or olive oil on it. You need that fat!

  216. Hi There!!!

    I m on my second day …wanted to ask …
    1) can i hv upma(made of suji)with very little oil or ghee (as you say)and lots of veggies as dinner for today as well as any of the further days to come….

    2)can I hv gheea or torai and tomato curry same with less oil?

    Thx in advance

  217. what abt upma? can i hv dt with only 2-3 drops of oil …in morning i had only half teaspoon of fat…..

  218. Hi

    Tomorow iam on day 2 of GM diet , please clarify my doubts
    1. Should i take only boiled plain milk without anything? Any substitute for milk.
    2. Which banana to eat?
    3. Should i take plain brown rice only not with any curry?
    4. Please tell me about wonder soup. Can i add pepper and little salt.

    Request you to help as iam little confused.


    • 1) milk as you like is fine, you can do almond or coconut milk if you like.
      2) regular bananas, 4, if you eat the minis do 8
      3) you can use spices in your rice. you can also do white rice
      4) yes, you can mix the veg up some as well. Use whatever pepper, spices and herbs you want. Salt is fine.

  219. Hi Author,

    is it OK to smoke cigarets while in diet plan.

  220. HI ,

    i am following this diet since yesterday. i have one question. can i bake veggies with very lil olive oil or without it and can eat in place of raw or bolied ..
    baked are much tasteful.


    • yes you can, but barely any oil….. certainly after the diet more oil is fine, bit never use veggie oil like canola, sunflower, vegetable, etc. Use olive, coconut oil, palm oil or ghee.

  221. For day 2 can I make my vegetables into a soup?

  222. Okay awesome,
    Also when I eat the beef and tomatoes can I also add other vegetables?

  223. Such as salsa?

  224. Hi guys… iam following GM diet plan from yesterday, this is my day two…
    Can I add onions in veggie salads??

  225. Survived day 2 🙂

    But I don’t find any difference in weight from day 1’s loss 🙁

    My third day is on

  226. Hi,

    I started GM diet yesterday..
    can u pls confirm whether I can have subway veggie salad today without oil n mayonnaise..
    can southwest sauce n mustard sauce be topped on veggies..
    pls confirm..earliest possible..
    Thanking you,
    Best regards,

  227. hi, I forgot to ask, day 2 in salads, i am gonna have veggie salad today from subway..can I have olives n jalpino.. ?? mustard sauce n southwest sauce to taste??
    Best regards,

    • I am not trying to be hard here, just honest with everyone, you cannot eat at Subway and expect to keep weight off. Their dressings are junk with bad oils, chemicals, additives and such. Their meats are even worse, with nitrates and other chemicals, not to mention salt and sugar. So no, I could never recommend 1 things there. Sorry. Yes you can have olives and fresh jalapenos. not pickled, they also have bad oils.

  228. The salsa will be pure 🙂 my mother in law is old school so she makes it fresh.

  229. Day 2 – I have weighed myself and my weight is 71.2 KG

    Started my day with Lemon & Ginger Juice and now with the Potato with Little Butter+salt+black pepper n some leafy garnishing.. would stay more on water today rather than keep on munching…

    forgot to mention the vitamin tablets I am taking to avoid hair fall and weakness..

  230. Mid Day – I have had potato in the morning, however, it was not so pleasing without spices… so I shifted to munching of baby carrots – now had a bowl of vegetable salad with olive oil garnishing … n 2 litres of water so far.. Green Tea n one black coffee too to keep the energy level going… 🙂 I guess, my weight today is going to hit the scale of 60 by tomorrow… Loving my life and my GM diet..

  231. I am 58 Kilos i need to reduce 4 more Kilos hope this diet works!! Day 1 Is going pretty hard but i Exercise everyday so I think I shd make It:)

  232. My 2 day GM is been good, all day I have been able to have vegetables.

    Morning – Lemon juice + Ginger
    Potato with butter+Salt+pepper+garnishing
    Baby carrots as snacks
    Full bowl of vegetables and olive oil garnishing
    Evening, I have taken carrots and beetroot and bit of raw banana + half plate water melon to manage my sugar level(Guess this was not so good today)
    Night – I am already feeling full, so avoiding dinner and having just water…
    Weighed myself – showing 71.8 🙁 bit disappointed, as I expected to hit 70 today, but yes, will follow the diet more vigorously tomorrow..

    Day 3 here I come… 🙂

  233. Another question. How about alcohol? Beer wine ect
    Can I drink any thing

  234. Hi,
    pls clarify..

    on day 2 : can I microwave vegetables with spices and without oil n eat??

    or can I boil vegetables n fry without oil on burner

    pls do the needful..Thanking u..

    Best Regards,

    • 1) Never use a microwave, PLEASE 🙂
      Get a toaster oven, something, you are turning the food to dead mush nutritionally.
      2) You can have some oil/ghee or some fat with your morning potato, not the veg.
      3) You can boil or roast them yes.

  235. @author hi my weight is 87 an i am only 20 years old can u plzz tell me that at wich time n at wich day i can take wounder soup

  236. and one more qestion in this the excercise is required or not?

  237. Hi. Can i have Boiled Sweet corn and Sprouts on Day 2?

  238. can i substitute potato with sweet potato? thanks!

  239. Day 2
    breakfast: 1 large and 1 medium sweet potatoe boiled and mashed with a table spoon of low fat butter, mixed herbs and black pepper.
    pre-lunch snack: cherry tomatoes and some boiled sweet potato slices
    lunch-vegetable soup with celery, cabbage, spring onions, onions, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. also cut some left over boiled sweet potato into cubes and added it into the soup. used knorr vegetable stock, mixed herbs, a bit of salt, black pepper, hot curry powder and aromat for flavour.
    dinner-vegetable soup

  240. noticed that it says we should eat the potatoes for breakfast but I hope its okay that i incorporated a little bit of my sweet potatoes into my veggies throughout the day. didn’t overdo it but still kindly let me know if that’s okay.

  241. I am on day 3 of the diet, but I feel weak.Y is it so?

  242. Hi, green papaya can be eaten on day 2? i m confuse if its considered in fruit category or vegetable.

  243. day 1 i was feeling very tired as i was also having severe cold, completed day 2 feeling better today.. did not check my weight, hoping for the best.
    day 2 – morning – 1 medium sized boiled potato
    afternoon – one bowl cabbage boiled / half bowl beans boiled (added green chilles and salt)
    evening – 2 medium sized raw carrot
    night – 2 medium sized cucumber.

  244. Carrot is ok on second day for lunch

  245. and what about coconut water on 2nd day?

  246. Dear Author

    I am a male and my current weight is 120kgs. What sort of diet plan do you recommend for ppl like me who are probably classified as morbid obese. How long do we have to follow the diet? I understand life style change needs to be in place however would help if you can suggest a good diet.

  247. Can I have some dry cranberrys or chestnuts as snacks for day 2? thanks

  248. Hi Admin,
    Can we still take our vitamins while on this program?

    • sure thing, keep in mind though cheap vitamins can work heavily against you, please make sure you research the source of where your vitamins come from.

  249. Hi,

    If i am not supposed to ear Bananas as i am Type 2 diabetic can i substitute it with something else for Day 4? I am today on day 3. Pls guide

  250. Hi. Is it okay to add salted egg during dinner of day 2?

  251. Started Day One with 85kg :

    Had watermelon for bf and apple for lunch.

    Also had mango for the 10 ‘o’ clock snack.

    Looking forward to complete day 7 with dedication..

  252. What do you mean by a bowl?

    How much is it??

    Kindly reply as it is very urgent

  253. at the place of cucumber n tomato what else can i prefer to eat coz m suffering from a renal stone and dr has strictly asked me not to eat these two at any cost
    also i am a vegetarian

    • that’s ok, just pick another couple of veg or so that you are allowed. Just don’t do peas, corn or avocado. listen to your doc on any foods you should not eat. I stay away from various things myself for various reasons 🙂

  254. Day 1 After 6 years of previous GM Diet. This time I would like to make it successful.
    I had a bowl of lauki on day 1 as was not able to arrange sufficient fruits for me. Will try to compensate it however i know that lauki is the best vegie for weight loss.

    In the morning when I took weight I was 92.2 Kg…. Will update by weight tomorrow. I am to weigh 75 in 6 months….

    • Not true exactly. please follow our plan. A good lifestyle is the best weight loss tool. not a vegetable. Sorry diet pills, etc, whatever. You need a real daily eating plan, that’s what you need for real weight loss.

  255. Day 2 started and today I am 91.4 Kg. Lost 800 Gm on day 1. Its a vegetable day today..Lets see…. Will update my weight tomorrow….

  256. Hi
    I had some fruits at day 2. Is it ok?
    Should I eat only on-time, or it’s ok if I take some of my food ” the allowed ones” anytime I feel hungry?
    Hamburger means with bread and sauce and….

    • nothing is really OK unless it’s on the plan sorry. tried to spread the meals out some. but there can be a little variation in the times. NO, no bread or sauce. this is a wheat/gluten free plan. sorry

  257. I see
    Thanks anyway

  258. Hi.. On day 2. I had avocado, it this ok? Thanks

  259. Hi, i started this today, just wanted to know for day 2 can you roast the vegetables ? Also can avocado be eaten on the fruit days? Thanks

  260. On 1st day , can we add little sugar in Fruits.

    • Not unless you want to gain weight. Sugar is toxic to your body, end of story. Is fruit not already sweet? If you are adding sugar to your food and using it often after this diet, I will guarantee you will gain your weight back and likely more. I recommend a couple of things to start for those wanting to keep weight off. Go gluten free and 100% cut sugar.

  261. Can i have soya chunks with veg?

  262. on day 2..when having that soup…for saute…substitution of olive oil.?

  263. Can i drink green tea+lemon instead of water.

  264. Hie … For me it’s Day 1… Can I have green tea during my gm diet plan… And if yes how many cups are recommended… And also when I cook vegetables without oil can I add oregano and seasonings with little salt…

    • you can have herbal teas, no sweetener unless it’s pure stevia. Try and do no more than 3 cups.
      add whatever spices or peppers you like, and salt yes of course

  265. Finally found sth that will help me lose weight in no time :)) So excited to even write this fact. Yesterday was my first day and didn’t feel hungry at all. I love watermelon!! 🙂 Today before my breakfest I saw that I was -1kg. Sooo happy for this 1kg, because normaly I don’t have a result on the first day at all. So happy that I found this diet. I’ll keep up with it. My 7th day is on 10.08.2014 so I will let you know how it turned out. Keep up girls/boys with the good work. I’m pretty sick and tired from this overweight so I have to take things in my hands. GOOD LUCK, wish u the best results!!!

  266. And just to say, I see lots of comments and questions about can I eat this, can I eat that.. Keep up with the diet as it written. If it’s not on the diet, then you shouldn’t eat it. I mean as I can see the first three days are pretty simple and not too tasty, but wait for the 4th day and the last 3 days.. then you have more choise. 🙂

  267. Hi,
    this was my 1st day.. Having a slight headache. I hope my Day 2 will be better, bcuz I have my Fav potatoes.. 🙂

  268. finished 2nd day. 500gm. hmmmm……. not bad.

  269. Hi I’m on day 3. I have 2 questions.
    1. Is cheese allowed?
    2. Can eggs be substituted for something?
    3. Can quinoa or red quinoa be substituted for brown rice on day 7?

  270. Can u guys plz help me i just started the diet today is my 2nd day nd wat should i have for lunch i like spicy food nd i dont like to eat beet so can u suggest any other thing

  271. Can u plz tell wat kind of vegetables ?

    • What’s local there and what do you like? I love zucchini, squash, onions, peppers, etc…

      Just no corn, peas or avacado.

      • I am chickpeas now am i gonna loose no weight?

        • Why are you eating chickpeas? They are a legume not a veg. You could do chickpeas as a meat replacement adding some good oil to them. They are not a veg replacement. Keep going and see what happens. As you can see now by eating peas and chickpeas, you are technically eating lots of legumes.

          If you look at day 2 as it is laid out above, other than the potato in the morning, we say eat nutrient dense veg. Chickpeas and peas are not.

          Keep on rolling though…

  272. Omg i just ate peas yesterday 🙁

    • You are fine, the problem is people tend to only eat corn, carrots and peas. Peas are fine for most in moderation. They are technically a legume. So that’s why i tell folks to stay away. you are fine 🙂

  273. Will i not loose any weight now ??

  274. Can i have green chillies on day 2?

  275. Hi,

    I started the GM diet today. It’s going well. I have done other detox programs so I am fine with giving up and eating certain foods. Just a quick question. I usually take some grapes and freeze them and snack on them. Can I do that during the GM diet?

  276. Also, I’m having difficult finding baked potatoes in the morning around my job.. I did find a diner but they only have home fries potatoes. it’s not really fried, but I was wondering if that can substitute for baked potato?

    • well likely not, they likely sure a rancid veg oil, full of omega 6’s and such. you really have to prepare good foods on your own. if not, you will not get them outside the home.

  277. Thanks for responding. Today will be my third day doing the diet and so far I’ve lost 5 pounds. I can’t wait till the end of the week.

  278. Hi,
    On my second day today
    Had one large baked sweet potato for breakfast
    And I will have a cucumber and tomato salad for lunch.

    Can I have baked potato with butter for dinner along with some boiled cauliflower?

  279. Hi, Today is my First day… After eating 1 Apple i am still hungry, just wanted to know whether i can add one more to go, i am afraid i will get gastric issues… Apple / Watermelon / orange.. thus the quantity matters ???

  280. No I didn’t !! 🙁
    I didn’t put butter on the sweet potato
    What should I do?! Should I have some olive oil on cauliflower?

    • The potato needs that fat balance, You will be OK, just add some to the cauliflower.

      Coming off this diet, you meals should be a balance of good carbs, good fats and protein with veg.

  281. I’m at the end of day 1. Was really hard, I was hungry the whole day, fruit just doesn’t fill you up… Is that how it’s supposed to be? Is tomorrow also gonna be llika that? I don’t know how long I can handle being hungry, and I’m also concerned that it is not very beneficial for my weight loss goal as the body goes into starvation mode.
    Please help

    • Your body is likely getting loads of nutrition from real fresh fruit. No you don’t have junk food, processed foods and wheat to fill you which I can assure you are no good for your body. it’s a cleanse the first few days. Please read the plan carefully, you could have had the soup as much as you like 🙂


  282. I’m half the way on my day 1; doing fine with fruits and water; so far so good; looking forward to lose 3 kg at the end of the 7th day. One thing is constantly bothering me. If I wish to continue losing weight do I have to follow day 1 diet on my 8th day (1st Sept) again or I can have a break of say a day or two (or may be a week)? What do I need to do to ensure the change in the weight is permanant and not reversible during this break (if I ought to take a break)? kindly advise.

  283. Hey, day 1 mission accomplished. quick question though, can I have any kind of green beans on the day 2, say Vicia faba for example?

  284. Is butternut squash allowed on day 2? And is it allowed on the other days cooked in the wonder soup?

    • It could hinder you in the soup. That soup is basically carb-less. Butternut squash is an amazing food and a great carb source, but in the soup, not a good idea. Sorry. It can alter the diet.

  285. Hi,

    Will there be any problem if I follow GM diet continusly for 1 month?
    Actually I have a wedding to attend after 1 month and want to reduce my weight, I am 64kgs now and want to be 50kgs.


    • Yes there could be. Not recommended. You can follow the plan I put in the forum in the after 7 day area. You can possibly still lose with it.

  286. Can i eat pulses in night on day2 and and day 3

  287. Can I eat Tomato soup in morning on Day 3?

    • mo, just the wonder soup.

      • Hi..
        Feel very energetic after reading all the comments and the respective replies.And me too started my diet.But I need to know that will GM DIET reduce only the body weight or also the body fat?

        • Both, keep in mind this is a 7 day primer diet, so if you don’t make a lifestyle change, you will just gain the weight back, which trust me is 100% true of any diet.

  288. Is Coconut water allowed on day 2? On which all days os it OK, and in what quantity?

  289. Can I have pumpkin on day 2 dinner

    • no. Pumpkin is a great carb to have, just not on normal veg time. Normal veg has little to no real carbs, pumpkin is high in carbs in a good way. SO post plan great. Just not now.

  290. Hi ,

    I started the diet today 🙂

    Breakfast: 2 Apples

    Snack: Pappaya

    Lunch: Musk Melon

    Snack: Pappaya

    Dinner: 1 Apple , little Pappaya, Little Musk Melon (Planning to take).
    LEt me know if this is OK.

  291. Hi,

    Started my Day 1 and this is my diet so far. Let me know if am going in wrong directtion.

    Break FAST: 2 Apples Meduim Sized.
    Snack: Pappaya
    Lunch : MusK Melon
    Snack: Pappaya
    Dinner : 1 Apple + Little Pappay + Little Musk Melon (Planning to take) Let me know if this is not OK.

    I am 84.4 now and will keep you posted on the same. Wish me good luck

  292. Doubts in Day 2 Menu: Please clarify:

    Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
    1 cup boiled potato –Can we have some Honey or dates along with it???
    Mid Morning (10:30-11:00 AM)
    1 bowl of cabbage –Is it BOILED or RAW
    Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
    1 cucumber, 1 tomato —TOmoata is RAW or COOKED
    Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)
    2 tomatoes —RAW or COOKED ????
    Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
    cauliflower – RAW or COOKED???

    Also, let me know whether we can add Carrot to this menu along with Cabbage.????

    • NO honey or dates, they are pure sugar. you can have fat like ghee or butter.
      Boiled cabbage better.
      Tomato up to you. Either is OK
      Cauliflower, either, bets may be cooked
      No carrot, I mean a tiny bit to change up a dish may be OK.

  293. Had soya chunks with potato on day 2 will dat effect my weight loss

  294. Can we have wondersoup or tomato soup on day 2 and how many grams is one cup of diced apple and of how many gram should a banana be??? Should we drink skim milk or normal milk????
    It will be very helpful if you would kindly reply

    • only wonder soup, you do not get enough tomato to do tomato soup. it’s about 1 medium apple. bananas are the large normal size so if they are the tiny ones do 7 or 8. milk of day 4 should be normal or 2% type milk. Skim not good.

  295. I was wondering if there was a substitute for soup as im very picky with my food and i dont eat soup same goes with the broccoli

  296. Hey,

    I’m in second of the diet. Morning i ate one boiled potato but without butter, Shall i have that for dinner

  297. @Author- I am into my second day of the diet plan. Had Fruits yesterday -those include typical tropical fruits like Sapodilla and Guava apart from Apple, Watermelon and a small portion of pomegranate. Could not drink a lot of water though- intake was about 6 glasses. Since morning today, having a slight but persistent head-ache. Had a boiled potato for breakfast and continuing with boiled vegetables like cauliflower, peas and beans for lunch- a little bit of carrot too which I read should not have been consumed. Please advise if anything is going wrong and what should I have for dinner tonight.

    • Peas and beans are not vegetables and will 100% ruin this plan. Look up the nutritional makeup of a cauliflower, then look it up for beans. Please do this, It’s vital to know what you’re eating and why. No peas, no corn, no carrot and for sure no beans. This is way off and totally wrong. Also that potato needed fat, butter, ghee, something. So sorry, I am not sure where folks get beans at, likely they are following a bogus plan online or are just mis-informed. No worries on 6 glasses of water drink as you are thirsty.

  298. Today is my 1st day and I am feeling ok other that carving for other food but I managed till now.
    Please suggest me wat to eat on day 2 that wil have some taste also.

    • add whatever spices you like to the food. Also have some coconut water, some tea (No sweetener unless it’s stevia). make sure the potato has butter, or ghee or even olive oil.

  299. can you chew gum?

    • Sorry, I don’t get chewing gum. Horrible to chew if you have not eaten, Basically your stomach activates when you start chewing like that. No to mention its processed, full of junk sugar and sweeteners. So no 🙂

  300. Ok thanks for that. Can i pumpkin instead of potato for breakfast today is day 2.

  301. Ok,also doyou have to eat the soup or is it just for those who get hungry. Does it help with the weight loss i haven’t made it yet and I’m wondering if it’s a neccessity?

    • It actually seems to help, great fiber. This plan is certainly not about eat less, many folks that do it eat less then we say and do poorly. However yes the soup is only for those needing extra food. Just at least eat the rest of what is stated…

  302. Hi, I’ve started the diet today. I’ve had a light persistent headache post lunch, but I guess thats a side effect. I do have a couple of questions, if its not to much of a problem, please do answer them, thanks.
    1. Can we add DAL (lentils) to the brown rice, Like a Khichdi?
    2. Is it okay to have 1 ROASTED moong dal papad?
    3. Is there anything to substitute the breakfast potato? can I have it for dinner instead?
    4. On the days of Vegetables and brown rice, can i make a pulao, with only 1 TEASPOON of olive oil?
    I’ve read most of the comments and the answers and I hope I am not asking the same questions.
    If yes please forgive the oversight, and a BIG thank you for taking the time to reply and not loose your mind with some of us, who really ask stupid questions. Cheers 🙂

    • 1) Lentils would be a fine beef replacement with some added fat. Then you do not need rice. You can spice your food as you like.
      2) You cannot have wheat, unless you want to gain weight….
      3) needs to be had early. you can have yams or sweet potato. Pumpkin type squashes would work.
      4) Well, rice, veg and spices are fine. No nuts though.
      Good luck 🙂 Detox headaches the first couple of days can be normal, so hang in there…

      • Thank you for your prompt reply. 🙂 Its the second day today, and I feel incredibly light. I think you misunderstood my second question, the papad is made out of lentils, not wheat. Is that not good too? If not its perfectly fine. Thanks again.

  303. M on day 2 today.i followed the day 1 as told.can v add chat masala on fruits n veg. Plus I weighedmy sself yesterday n today there is no diff.what could b the reason

  304. Eating cabbage is really hard .any alternate. Plus should I weigh myself everyday or should I weighmyself after a week.thank u

    • Just pick another basic veg, zucchini, etc. That’s OK… Up to you on weighing, just make sure you only check in the morning immediately after first bathroom trip before eating or drinking anything.

  305. can we have boiled sweet corn this day??

  306. oh sorry by mistakely i had a sweet corn bowl have i screwed my diet plan.

    should i start again?

    • Just keep going 🙂
      Corn is not a veg, technically a grain, a GMO food, it’s junk basically. Google what BT corn is and see if you still want to eat it.

  307. I am really concerned .m following the diet as shown in the gm diet plan.m at the end of day 2 but no wt loss.ive tried so many diets previous ly .will this diet work for me.

  308. can i have boiled vegetables cabbage/carrot, tomato etc,

  309. on first day can I have only juice (sweet lime/mousambi)in lunch?

  310. It is my first day. Morning I will take diced apple, lunch 1 small bowl of papaya and dinner melon
    Second day boiled potato with butter, lunch boiled cabbage and tomato with some masala(olive oil), dinner cucumber
    Please suggest if this is ok.

  311. 2nd plan- boiled cabbage, tomato, capsicum with some spice in luch is ok?

  312. Also suggest what all spice are OK?

  313. Small quantity of rice(2 spoons) is ok on 2nd day

  314. On second day today I had meals mistakenly, Please suggest should I start diet once again tomorrow or i can continue properly onwards.

  315. can i have pineapple on 1st day?

  316. Hi
    How to prepare wonder soup…can I pls get the recepie pls..

  317. hi,second day onto diet,had go for b’day lunch had salad with tomatoes & lettuce,tofu & couscous salad.Is it allright?& get back to the course of the diet plan?
    Many Thanks

  318. How frequently we an do this diet plan?

  319. can i have tofu on day2? thanks

    • NO. This also is a whole – natural foods diet. There is nothing natural about tofu. It’s machine made and actually not good for you.

  320. day 2
    breakfast-1 potato
    lunch-2 cucumber + 1 bowl lettuce
    mid meal- 1 cucumber
    dinner-1 cup vegetable soup+ 1 tomato
    pls let me if it is fine

  321. hi, i already lost 2kg on day one. im on day two and i just took a cup of boiled brocolli and mushrooms sauteed in oyster sauce. tried my best to shake out the sauce though, is this okay?

    • No, not really. I mean sure you may get away with it. But why put nutritionally dead foods if your body. Those sauces normally have sugar, wheat, and MSG just to name a few things. Be careful 🙂

  322. am on my 2nd day.. & i had a bit of cottage cheese with my salad…
    is it ok..??
    pls reply..

  323. can i have soya chunks or mushrooms or couscous on day 2 ???

  324. Hi Author,

    I am on Day 2. Morning mashed potatoes I didnt add butter.

    For snacks I had Green lettuce with a bit of natural butter. Is it ok?


    • yes and no. technically the potato needed the fat, important to digestion and processing the good carbs. However having it later I guess is OK.

  325. Hi ,

    I am on my day2 , Can we eat Baba Ghanoush which is Epp plant reciepe ?

    • The veg is fine but not the olive oil for this day.
      I mean you could get a way with a 1/2 tsp of oil.

      Spices, herbs ,etc are OK.

  326. can i eat plaintains and carrots ??

    • carrots, maybe 1 a day
      no plantains. They are pure carbs an starch. A great carb though, best for after the program. I eat zero grains, but I bake and cook daily with plantain flour.

  327. can i eat ridge gourd??

  328. Can we have poha on day 2?

  329. Hi tomorrow is my 2 nd day. Are carrots and cucumber ok to eat .plz reply soon.

  330. Today is my second day i was going fine with boiled potato in the morning lettuce for mid day cucumber n tomato for lunch but added 2 tsp of fried rice honestly 2 tsp which i could nt resist iam regretting it please tell me is it ok

  331. I have thyriod is it possible for me to reduce

    • Hello, Doing it once may be OK 9Not sure your level of thyroid issue). But after I recommend looking at the top 2 posts here. This plan will help your thyroid to heal and better. The key are the good fats needed, and it’s 100% gluten and sugar free which is a must for thyroid people. If you do not go gluten and sugar free with a thyroid issue, you will likely never lose hardly any weight and your thyroid will worsen.

  332. Thank u sir will u please tell me after this 7 day diet can i take wheat roti

    • I say if you want to lose more weight and actually keep it off go gluten and sugar free. If you want to gain weight eat wheat. I know, nobody wants to hear that. Google “Wheat Belly”, read his site and then tell me if you still believe wheat is OK (not that you did say it was) 🙂

  333. Sir iam 40 yrs i weigh 70 kg my thyriod is undercontrol iam on 100mg eltroxin i walk on treadmill for about 35 min thatis 4km 200 squats 10 min of stair climbing my diet included 2 wheat rotis with veg n 2with a chicken or mutton piece for lunch 2with a egg for dinner on fridays biriyani for lunch n dinner still my waistline has incresed n bottom also so please suggest me what shold be my diet chart after this 7 day n exercise also i have very scanty hair i dont want to lose any more hair thanku

    • Hello 🙂
      You may need to explain what it means by your thyroid is under control. Unless it has been removed, trust me your thyroid is not under control. First if you are eating wheat and sugar, it’s killing your thyroid daily. And when I say kill it, I truly mean kill it. Not to mention dairy as well is a killer. So those 3 things right there are ruining your health. I truly encourage you to read this site ( ), he is by far a genius when it come to thyroid issues and the right diet. There is nobody better. I have a thyroid issue, very mild and mine is actually getting better. However I can never – ever go back to bad foods again or I will suffer for it. Here is a plan I follow, although I eat meat, I converted it to a vegetarian plan.

  334. can i use tamrind on 5thday diet

  335. Hi,
    unknowingly I had boiled sweet corn(half cup) with my salad …
    will it affect diet program?

  336. Can we have seaweed on day 2?

  337. HI..
    Breakfast- Boiled potato with butter
    Lunch-Cucumber and beet root
    Snacks- corn with onions and black pepper
    Night-boiled flower and cucumber

    Is it ok for the day 2

  338. Hi i have started this diet from today….i want to ask that wht is the another option for broccoli, asparagus…..i cant get it near my place….so please tel me other option…

  339. hi can i boil vegitables cabbage tomato carrot with lil salt and spices and have it 3 times

  340. i am done with 1st day tommrow is my second day i am 5 ft am doing regural gym since…. jan like other girls i am not very found of chocolate icreams cakes but there is no change in my weigh infact i have gain 2 kg now m getting married in 2 month …i am 50 kg want to shed atleast 5 kg according to my height ..i am hoping for the best

    • Good luck 🙂
      Are you a wheat eater? Watch out, look at all the foods you normally eat, study the ingredients and clean yup your lifestyle.

  341. Why should we not have carrots on day 2?
    I had one small carrot on day 2, will it affect my diet??

    • no, 1 small carrot or 2 even is fine. Carrots are higher in carbs than a normal veg. Which is fine in a balanced meal. But the issue is most people eat only 3 vegetables and carrot is one. So it’s not advisable, if I did say OK it’s all people would eat.

  342. can we have all green leafy vegetables like palak, sarso, n chane ka saag , meethi on veggies day.

  343. hi…. can i have sprouts along with vegetables??? please suggest. have planned for lunch. – 1 cup which consists of lil sprouts, boiled corns , grated carrot , lil pepper and salt with lime :). i know its too much plese suggest at the earliest

    • NO, the sprouts you mention are beans with a tiny sprout, hence they are still beans. No corn. And little carrot. You need to pick other veg.

  344. can we eat spanish or palak on day 2..and also carrot and corn

  345. Hi I am on day three today. I had sambar yesterday as part of my vegies. I had only selected vegies in the sambar. is that ok. is black coffee with sugar allowed. Yes drinking more water helps to empty the stomach so many times on days 1 & 2 and the scale was 2kg less.

  346. heyyy…im on day 2… it seems fine on following whatever uve mentioned in the plan..there are a few confusions which i wanted to clear…
    1) can tea be consumed 2-3 times a day..i dont use sugar but sometimes i add artificial sweetners is it fine?
    2) i am a hypothyroid..i take my medications regularly ..just wanted to know if this diet will benefit me…?
    i really want to lose weight.. waiting for a positive response

  347. Hi, Can we go for gym while following GM diet. please suggest…

  348. can we take palak in the second day, if yes can i take it boiled with cabage. please suggest.

  349. i ate beans and chick peas on day 3 some websites say they are considered as vegetables but i’m not sure do i need to start over?

    • Do they support their plan? Look u[ nutritional info on cabbage and then look up beans. Then you may want to email them and tell them they are not at all the same. Do what you like at this point, not sure how to help if you do not follow this program. Sorry. Since you followed theirs, ask their advice.

  350. Day 7. I’m really excited to weigh my body tomorrow morning. I can feel the change. Thanks to this diet. I enjoyed it a lot. Really 🙂

  351. can i have boiled dal with onion tomato and chilly??

  352. Snacks
    1 bowl of cooked cabbage
    1 cucumber, cooked cauliflower and tomatoes(added chilli powder, mango powder and salt)
    Boiled broccoli and cooked tomatoes

    Please tell me above plan is ok for lunch and dinner on 2 day. Should I take vegetables raw or cooked.
    Can i take soup on day 2.

  353. hi sir,
    i started the diet yesterday while starting i wiegh 78.5kg and had the following for the first day
    2-green apple
    1 papaya
    approx 2 kgs of water melon. more than 8 glasses of water

    And today im in day 2. early morning my weight is 77.5Kg and had the following
    1 boiled potato with pat of butter.
    some amount of lettuce
    2 – cucumber
    1-small carrot
    2 glasses of gm wonder soup(used olive oil+ cabbage+onion+tomato+capsicum+pepper+salt))
    now my weight again comes to 78 kgs . Am i on right track? anything wrong i did? why my weight again came to 78?Pls advice

  354. Hi by mistake i had watermelon on,my 2nd of diet and had mixed a Lil curd in boiled vegetable…m feeling guilty now …what shd i do ? Shd i start it all over again ? Or i shad continue

  355. Hello everyone. ..I am on day 2 of the Gm diet, day one was not as hard as I thought it would be except for having to wake up to pass urine more than twice probably because I drunk too much water and green tea during the day. So far day tow is going great, The potato was a real treat this morning as it kept me full till lunch time. However I backed the potato as I don’t like it boiled! I hope that doesn’t affect the diet. Am preparing for dinner now and am wondering if it’s ok to steam my vegetables as opposed to boiling. ….Thanks

    • Hello 🙂

      Baked was great :). It did need some good fat like ghee, etc.

      Steamed is also fine as well.

      • Thanks for the support. ..I am really enjoying this diet looking forward to sharing the results

      • P’s. .I did add a very tiny amount of low fat organic butter and it tasted divine as this allowed me to eat the crispy skin of the baked potato. .Thanks soomuch

        • It needed good fat 🙂

          • Noted. .will do so on round two. ..and if you don’t mind is it okay to drink more than 5 cups of green without sugar tea per a day..I find it helps with curbing my latte craving especially on tea breaks when my colleagues are enjoying their aromatic coffee and tea. ..
            Thanks for your help

  356. How is egg a good replacement of meat. I see 1 large egg contains 165mg cholesterol. If you consume 6 eggs in day 5 then you would be consuming 1000mg of cholesterol in a day. Please advise.

    • You need to actually study good and bad cholesterol. You theory was so 1980’s. Good free range chicken eggs are a super food. You can eat them once a day or more for just only 2 days. Did you know all of your hormones are made from cholesterol. Cholesterol repairs damaged and inflamed arteries. Take care of yourself, stop eating bad food, the cholesterol saves your life.

      You are causing the fire by eating poor foods. Hence the cholesterol runs to repair the damage. So why are you blaming the cholesterol, why not blame yourself?

  357. Hi,
    Can I include carrots to my 2nd day of GM diet?

  358. Admin.
    Any substitute for celery in the wonder soup? And also for asparagus. It’s not available in my area.

  359. Just finished Day 2.
    My menu:

    Day 1
    breakfast – 1 cup of black coffee, 1 apple, 1 glass of water
    snack – 8 strawberries + 1 glass of water
    lunch – 1 mango, 1 glass of water
    snack – 1 orange, cup of green tea
    dinner – cheated and instead of fruit had 1 bowl of wonder soup + 1 glass of water
    snack – 1/2 cup of blueberries + 1 glass of water

    Day 2
    breakfast – 1 cup of black coffee, 1 sweet potato with a bit of butter, salt and pepper (yumm!), 1 glass of water
    snack – 1 cup of lemon and ginger tea, 1 glass of water
    lunch – 1 bowl of wonder soup + 1 glass of water
    snack – salad (iceberg lettuce + cucumber with some lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper) + 1 cup of green tea
    dinner – lightly stir fried and then braised zucchini and butternut squash with spices (sooo good!) + 2 glasses of water
    snack – a celery stick + 1 glass of water

    So far it’s been great!

    My only concern is that I feel I’m coming down with a cold (runny nose, watery eyes and all that jazz) so now wondering if I should continue with the diet?
    Please advise.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hang in there hope you feel well soon. Keep going as you see fit, if you get too ill you will know to stop. Your plan looks great!

  360. Hi all
    I started my plan today, completed day 1 successfully:
    Morning-1 Guava
    Breakfast- Water Melon (1 bowl)
    Snack-Black grapes
    Lunch-wonder soup
    Snack-Few strawberries
    Dinner-Wonder soup n 3-4 strawberries.

    I hope i am on the right track. Lost 1 kg. Looking forward to day 2.

  361. As stated in the statement taken from here ” All sorts of vegetables may be consumed on the Day 2 of the GM diet, and these range from green leafy vegetables to starchy crops. ” Can i have starchy crops also ???? Are you sure we can consume this also on 2nd day ?

  362. Thank you author.
    For day 2 I had the boiled potato with butter (it was yummy). Lunch I had grated cucumber with very less oil n some spices. For dinner I’ve boiled some cauliflower and cooked it a bit with some spices. I could not go out shopping for veggies such as lettuce, brocolli….due to a busy schedule, so picked up whatever was there at home. Evening snack will be cucumber salad n I’m planning to have beetroot or bitter gourd juice. Kindly tell me which one is the best..

  363. shall we continue this plan in period time.

  364. Hi, On day 2 I didn’t start my day with boiled Potato. After reading through comments know that boiled potato is mandatory with butter. Now I am done with also lunch. Can I consider having boiled potato with butter for dinner?

    • no, not too close to bed, however maybe a small portion with a little good fat would be wise 🙂 keep rolling all will be OK…

  365. Thank you author for your prompt response.
    Planning to take 4-5 boiled baby potatoes at least 2 hours before bed. Hope its fine?

  366. Sure will do… Thank you 🙂

  367. I had corn on day 2 what should I do? Can I have spinach soup on all days? plz help

  368. am on my day 1 , started with 97.3kgs it is going nice so far,took lemon+honey with hot water had an apple and an orange for breakfast and watermelon in snack time and between 1.5 ltrs of water from morning

    i need to know prefered vegetables for 2nd day and can i take wonder soup from the first day

    honey is allowed in the diet or not ??

    • NO honey (aka sugar) is not allowed. why honey in water? Do you really think sugar water is the answer to weight loss or possibly maybe a lifestyle change is. Sorry, those little tricks and worthless. Lemon water though is great. We list some good veg options on the site.

  369. Just spinach boiled and then grinded. I add burnt onions and burnt red chillies on it later.
    Is it fine?

  370. on all 7 days right?

  371. Can I have 2 chapatis on Day2 of my diet with the leafy vegetables?
    And, please suggest me that can I have Black-eyed pea on Day-2 as it is rich in fiber content as well.

    • You can have wheat only if you want to ruin your health and gain weight. No black eyed peas, who cares if it has fiber. It’s also full of carbs, fine off plan in a balanced meal, not now. Please stick to the plan.

  372. Hi,
    Can I have Corn,Raddish ,Bottle Gourd and little peas on Day 2??

  373. Hi,

    Can I have wonder soup with tomato (as recipe says in it on Day 2??

  374. On which day I can have cotton cheese and eggs and what quantity?

  375. Hi,
    I had mashed potatoes for breakfast it that okay?

  376. Are sweet potatoes an allowed vegetable on days 2 and 3?

    • No, they are considered a potato, pure starch. You can have it breakfast day 2 only. Nutritionally they are not at all the same as normal veg.

  377. Is hummus ok for a vegetable choice?

  378. Hi today is my 1st day.

  379. Hello ,
    On day 1,I had a glass of milk other than that it was all just fruit ( apple,Orange,watermelon ). Should I start over ? Today is my day 2(Had my cucumber, will be having boiled potato, cucumber) are carrots Allowed? And the GM soup can I just boil tomato with onions and spices. I am not supposed to have cabbage.

    • no carrot. keep going – you cannot have milk like that but it’s not a plan killer. No, you cannot have that much tomato. Why can you not have cabbage? Thyroid?

  380. Hi
    I am on Day 4, Half day gone !
    I haven’t lost a single gram.
    Am too demotivated to continue it for next 3 days . Any suggestions ??

  381. Hi, Day 1 here…I am making the Wonder Soup. Quick question…are we only supposed to be drinking the broth day 1? or can we eat the veggies in it? for example..the onions, peppers etc? I know Day 1 is fruits ONLY but you can eat the Wonder Soup anytime so I am confused. Thanks!

  382. Is wonder soup necessary? If I am not hungry I dont want to eat it unless I have to. Please advice.

  383. my question for soup is for all 7 day. Please help.

  384. Can I have pineapple on day 2

  385. I’m on day 2 and I ate green sweet peas And Cabbage For Dinner As I didn’t realize peas wasn’t allowed until after I had eaten a can.. Do I need to start over from day one or can I keep going? The sweet peas are the only thing I’ve messed up with.

  386. i am 78 kg and want to lose atleast 10 kgs. i always wanted to start the diet but am scared as I have migraine and need tea all the time. can I on any day use green tea to reduce the risk of migraines? also I am preparing my self for a sports event. would i lose energy during this diet. cause I really need to built stamina for the games and scared that this diet might effect my games. plz help

    • yes you can possibly lose some energy, the first few days have no protein. Headaches can happen the first day or 2 so green tea no sweetener is OK.

  387. Can I have boiled potatoe on day 2 for lunch with butter and also what should b the quantity of butter

  388. b cos didn’t have potato for breakfast so can I have for lunch

  389. day one done. 🙂 green tea really helped . can i have green tea with one spoon honey in the breakfast with potatoes? also can i have raw green capsicum for day 2? lunch cucumber, tomato, salad leaf, carrot and capsicum with a little salt, lemon and black paper?

    • Hello, no honey at all, basically you are drinking sugar water. Sorry
      Tea is OK with stevia.
      capsicum is great in a salad…

  390. Also i dont like butter or ghee and olive. can i just take boiled potatoes with salt and pepper ?

  391. Can i drink coconut water on day 2?

  392. Hi,

    I just started with Day1 diet course today. I have hell loads of accumulated fat and need to get rid off from them. I was planning since long and finally wanted to give it a try after going through a 100% positive reviews from all the blogs. Until and unless I do not see results, I wont believe. Keeping my fingers crossed and just working out thoroughly with the diet plan, I wish it to be effective. Being a thyroid patient with TSH crossing the upper range, I am not supposed to take cabbages and lettuce. Can you please advise a substitute for the same, or may I just carry on with raw salad items intake excluding the ones prohibited. Thanks in advance.

    • Just pick veg that you can have that’s nutritionally the same. Have you ever looked into a healing diet for your thyroid?

  393. Hi,

    First of all, your site is wonderful and really helpful. Thanks for all your effort!
    I would really appreciate if you could help me with the problem I am having. I am in the 5th day of my diet but I don’t feel much change in my body. I do not have a weighing machine, so I am measuring my stomach with a tape and it has not reduced as well.
    I had missed the fat in potato on day 2 as I did not realize it was essential and I did not have olive oil or ghee handy. Could this be the reason?
    Also, I have few other questions.
    1. Can we have as much fruit we want on day 1 and day 3 or in a just the amounts you have mentioned.
    2. Can we have as much water as we want or only 8-10 glasses on day 1-4 (is that around 3 liters? ) I think I had around 5 liters a day, so I am wondering if that might be the reason.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks 🙂
      missing the potato fat to me is a big miss. Yes that can cause a day or so decline in how much you weigh. This is not a FAT free plan.
      1) day 1 you can, not day 3. veg is more important day 3 then fruit.
      2) 5 liters of water, beware. You can damage your kidneys and you flush mineral from the body too rapidly drinking that much. I would stay at 2 to 2.5.

  394. hi…this z the third time i m doing gm diet…but i just lost 1 kg…i dont know where is the problem…i dont drink much water bcz i dont like…i do add salt i my veggies….i eat indian veggies like egg plant,okra,pumpkin,ground ridge like this…is it wrong?? plz help me…

  395. Can we have channa dal in day 2

  396. can i have soinach soup on day 2?

  397. hi, I’m on day 2 of diet, I have experienced slight fever by the end of the day. is it ok to continue with the diet?

  398. Spinach soup will have fresh spinach, tomatoes, onions nd garlic. I plan to have this as a mid-morning food at Day 3. Hope that is fine.

  399. Hi,
    I am in 2 nd day. On my 1st day
    I had a Apple as breakfast and for
    brunch Half papaya and for
    lunch half papaya and a mango
    and for Dinner I had one by 8 slice of water melon. I hope I had loose 0.5lb in my first day diet. Will see what happens today….!

  400. hi, on 2nd day can we add sweetcorn as a snack item .

  401. i completed my first day of diet with watermelon,apple and is my 2nd day.wat to eat for lunch? can i take raw one or boiled veges. carrot,cucumber,tomatos are ok or add anything to the lunch?pls reply me.

  402. I have hyperthyroid for past 5 years nd am under medication. What do u think… How much weight would i lose by the end of day 7.

    • tough, that can be a tough condition you need a very specific diet. I assume you are 1005 gluten and sugar free already correct?

      • Yup!! Well not literally 100%….but almost there… i know probably thyroid is the reason i m not reducing… Nevertheless i will keep it going Nd complete this..

  403. Hi Author,
    Really it amazing, In the morning I hoped I had lost 0.5lb but I lost nearly 4.4lb (2kg) in my first day diet plan. I have checked my weight as 90.26Kgs in Friday. and today morning I checked my weight as 88.61 Kg.

    I have started this to have fun with my friends. But I am damn serious now after lost my weight.

    Today morning I had 1 boiled potato (09.30AM) and raw cabbage (may be around 10.30AM) but I really struggle intake raw cabbage after 4-5 times. So I dropped after it.
    For lunch I had 1 cucumber and 1/2 Boiled beet. I have vomited while intake beet. after vomited I had take another cucumber to control my hunger feelings. Is there any other vegetables instead of beet. Shall I intake Jack fruit instead of beet for dinner. ( I have follow only the Sample Diet Plan). Please advise.

    I really need to reduce my weight around 80-82 kg to match with my height.

    Prior to diet plan:(i.e on Wednesday preparing my body to diet plan) I had break fast as tiff-en (4 idly & 2 chapatis) and cream biscuit (6 biscuits) for lunch and 5 bananas for dinner.

    • pick any other veg other than tubers, peas, corn or carrot. you have options for sure.

      FYI, prior diet, truthfully, if I wanted to gain weight I would eat that diet. Sorry, it’s so off balance.

  404. OMG……!! But I lost 0.5 kg on second day diet. And I successfully completed my third day diet.

    For breakfast I had an Apple & for my brunch I had Half papaya & 8-10 Grapes & 1 gooseberry( Sad thing is I had grapes & gooseberry to control my hungry feelings 🙁 ) and for lunch I had one Cucumber and for afternoon (06.00PM) I had 1 Orange & for dinner I had Half papaya. Will see what happens for tomorrow.
    And also Could you help me to find out for day 5 diet plan because I don’t like beef or pork & I am allergic to tomato’s. Instead of these shall I take fish or chicken or goat meat or if some vegetables please tell me which vegetables is ok. Please suggest the preferred item.

    • Hello
      Keep going, this is a 7 day plan. Make sure you weigh first thing in the morning, after going potty, before you eat or drink. Those other meats are fine, and just pick another veg day 5 no issues.

  405. Day 2 – I sliced my potato and cooked it in my George Foreman grill for breakfast this morning (with only a little butter and some seasoning) – was this an ok way to cook my potato?

    I cooked some more veggies in the grill – no oil/butter

    For dinner tonight i was going to roast (or boil) some pumpkin and onion (no oil/butter) and blend it into a soup – is this okay?

    Thanks 🙂

    • yes it was great. no pumpkin, not a normal veg for that day (too high in carbs, you can have low carb vegetables only). great after the program as a good carb. onion, peppers, spices etc all OK…

  406. also can i use cinnamon on day 4 with the bananas?

  407. Thanks for your quick reply!

    Are mushrooms okay?

  408. I started with Fruits like watermelon,guava,grapes,Papaya but i added up Corn sauted with Pepper and salt. is it fine to have corn on Day1, till now i have drank 2 litres of water. Kindly advise.

  409. I completed day 2. I cooked vegetable as I couldn’t resist. I put just a teaspoon of oil or may be less. I hope it wont damage the diet.

    Its really difficult. but i managed so I hope I can pull of day 3 as well. can I have potato on day 3?

  410. Hi, In My 4 th day, I had skimmed milk & 4 banana as breakfast & wonder soup in lunch & 4 banana for dinner.
    On my 5 day, I had soya bean as breakfast & boiled chicken for lunch and dinner. I am on 6 day will see what happens today

  411. I am starving, please say I can have something to eat apart from veggies and fruits.
    one slice of bread or something.

  412. I work overnights 5 days a week so my morning starts in the late afternoon. Do u think this will affect gm diet? Im on day 2 getting ready to go to bed at 8 am waking up around 2 or 3 pm to ea t my potato iv lost about 2 pounds

    • it can. Your circadian rhythms affect your weight, hormones and overall health just as much as food can. It’s vital one day if you can to get on a normal schedule. However, I’m not saying it’s easy, I have been on night shift before. So for you, it’s even more vital you eat properly everyday.

  413. Well end of day 2..i had a steamed sweet potato for breakfast, celery for lunch and asparagus for dinner..i got soup cooking now..did 30 min of circuit cardio and trying to drink water as much as possible!! I actualy feel great and i cant usually say that cuz working graveyards brings me down!! So day 3 ill just be eating all my leftovers from r he last 2 days

  414. Shall i continue my gym with this gm diet?????????

  415. can i have wonder soup everyday during this Diet? will this effect in weight gain? Also, can you help me with the speices that you can add to the soup to make it tastier?

  416. I am on day 2 can I have roasted mushrooms and bell papers flat green peace onion eggplant broccoli and cucumber with salt and paper for both lunch and dinner.

  417. Hi
    i in 5th day and 2nd term of this diet plan and loose almost 10 KG…..i walk almost 10 to 15 KM a day n doing yoga in morning at least for 1 hour…is it OK(yoga and walk)??? .i gave a break of 7 days between 1st and 2nd term . Is there any side effect and what about to maintain it after this plan .

    Please advise .

    • exercise must be light first few days – you have no protein so be careful. the side effect may be less on loss possibly. how to maintain? a lifestyle change – are you ready for that?

      • yes please give some tips ….i am in remotelocation of a peace keeping mission and no veg no fruits are here now i started n teaching locals how to cultivate …..totally dependent on dry(biscuits ,beans ,tin veg n ready to eat n m pure vegi) n packed food my own plants …some time apple and oranges ..egg plants ,potatoes and sweet potato only

        • well biscuits are junk and a weight gainer. tubers like potato are pure carbs as are beans. So do not over eat those each meal. each meal should have some good fat if you can. You can only do your best 🙂


  419. I have successfully completed my Day 1. My weight was 72 yesterday and today its 71.3. I drank more than 2L of water and ate lots of fruits. I was feeling full the whole day, however, since last night i have headache and I don’t know whether continue or not 🙁