Can I Exercise While On The GM Diet

Exercising while on GM Diet

The GM Diet can be very stressful and weakening due to the lack of adequate carbohydrates that serve as the body’s source of energy. A lot of followers of this diet usually feel lethargic during the first three days of the diet program. Because of this they either fall out of the diet or just feel sick for the rest of the week. Either way, they won’t lead to significant weight loss results.

Exercising While On GM Diet

It is thus best to implement an exercise regime of workouts during the course of the GM diet. These exercises do not necessarily have to be high intensity; they are just used to keep the muscles active and functional. Exercise also boosts up the body’s serotonin levels which results to a more positive attitude towards the whole weight loss routine.

Below are some of the effective exercise tips that can be put to use when on the GM diet:

  • Start with breathing. Breathing exercises release the stress incurred during the diet program. Breathing allows the organs to relax and stay together despite the changes brought by the weight loss regimen. Taking slow, deep breaths at the start of the day and before going to sleep may prove to be vital in a GM diet. Practicing breathing exercises also last for only a few minutes and are not physically strenuous.
  • Stretch. Breathing exercises can be followed by a few stretching routines. Stretching is important as the muscles are flexed and used without getting stressed or torn apart. Stretching improves balance, stamina and endurance. It also prevents the body from feeling sick or sleepy later during the day.
  • Take a walk. Those who are starting to get bored at home may supplement their GM diet with an hour of walking. Walking also helps keep the organs intact and not feel weak due to the weight loss. The exercise also keeps the mind busy and entertained; thus the person won’t feel the depression brought by the diet. Walking also burns calories on its own, thus helping get rid of a big chunk of pounds in the body.

Activities to Avoid during a GM Diet

There are also certain exercise activities that should not be performed during a GM diet. This is because during the diet period the body doesn’t have enough energy to sustain such physical activities. In turn the individual may feel weaker and even fall sick due to fatigue.

  • Cadio. Running and other high intensity cardio exercises may negatively affect the person’s health while on a GM diet. Running causes the heart to beat faster and eventually run out of oxygen. Walking may be used as a substitute to running during this period, or until the person feels better and more inclined to run.
  • Strength Training. Weightlifting and strength training exercises are also not recommended and best avoided during the General Motors diet. The muscles are weaker during this period and they don’t have enough sources of energy for workout. They may only tear the muscles inside. The recovery process of muscles during a GM diet is slower due to the lack of carbohydrates and starch, thus the person might feel weaker for a longer period of time.


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  1. I read that you can still exercise while on GM Diet. But I’m doing 30 Day shred by Jillian Michaels can I still do this workout while on the GM Diet?

  2. can i continue my aerobics exercise with it? And do we face hair fall problem with this diet?

  3. After completing 7 days of GM diet plan how often or after how many days it can be repeated without any harmful effect on the body.

  4. What should be the cylce to follow GM diet plan?
    Can this followed once in a month and each time it will have the same impact of losing 10-17 pounds?

  5. how many times can i repeat this diet in a month

  6. Hi,

    I will be trying the GM diet for the first time.Beef is a bit strong on my stomach and I generally do not digest it well.Is there an alternative for beef like Chicken or fish that I can eat?


  7. Hi.

    I am doing jogging and brisk walking. Is this oK wiht GM hopefully this will not increase my weight.

  8. Brown Rice is a good substitute for beef….

  9. hi!
    can I eat the cabbage soup from day1 to 7?

  10. Can i have milk on all 7 days.

  11. No Monika, be sure you are reading how to do each day

  12. IN this gm diet plan can I continue for 30 day.its not any problem.

  13. This to me is up to each person. I will say this is not a 500 calorie diet or something in which I would say no way at that point. Please keep in mind it’s how you come off that will determine how your weight stays off as well.

  14. How many times I can do GM diet in a month?

  15. No more than 2 to me.

  16. Dear Sir,

    I lost my weight about 10 Lbs. with GM Diet Plan. Can I continue this plant for another week or there should be some gap.

  17. Can I change order of the days? Ie can I do beef before banana and milk day?

  18. hi i am 51, can i follow this diet and can u pls tell me how to follow

  19. Hi … Am planning to start GM diet from today .Could u plzzz help me with an alternative for milk and banana?? I feel pukish n have never had milk in my life . Plz help me Asap.


  20. Hi

    Is it ok to do aerobics while on gm diet? And pls suggest substitue for beef


  21. Hi,
    Can green tea be consumed on all days. Also can you suggest a substitute for beef.


  22. Hi ,
    1) I go to gym regularly , i do weights as well as cardio , will this effect ?
    2) I consume protien shake should i avoid that during the diet ?
    3) Does this diet cut off only the fat content from the body or does this effect yo muscle content as well ?

  23. 1) you should be fine… but cut the weights. keep in mind though building muscle, your weight loss may appear less, so measure inches lost….
    2) I am not bog on protein shakes for lots of reasons, after the diet your call but not on the diet…
    3) Should affect fat… Look at the diet, it should get you to the place after where you consume whole, natural real foods. If you go back to processed foods, you will eventually gain weight again…

  24. Hi can I have green tea in the morning and grapes .

  25. Hi,

    I regularly have lemon n honey every morning. Can I continue the same even when I’m following the GM diet.


  26. Can I sprinkle salt o my veggies & kindly also advise should I completely stop milk tea while in this diet programme.

  27. Can i take my vitamins with gm diet…?

  28. can i use dietary suppliments while on GM diet……and I feel like would love to do the GM diet two weeks straight would I get any effects….????

    • supplements fine, i recommend 1 week, but after doing 2 weeks after no grains, 3 balanced meals of protein, lots of veg, some fruit. You can do rice with the meals. NO sugar, wheat, etc. You will feel amazing…

  29. i came to know about this diet by my son. A great thanks to him. my son has reduced up to 5 kgs and my daughter also has reduced upto 5 kgs. i have also started.

  30. Can I have honey with milk on day 4and red rice on day five

  31. do we regain more weight that we have lost post g.m diet
    plz advise

  32. can i play tennis or jog if im in gm diet ?

  33. Hai ! Thank u , now i can jog 😉 but i want to know , after i finish the gm diet , can i eat normally , but no junk food and sugar ? Will i gain weight ? And how long its take for me to go gym again ?

  34. You do not need to stop your normal lifestyle of exercising.

    No diet will guarantee weight staying off unless you make that lifestyle change. This diet can be so effective, have heard from so many how it does work by eating the right way afterwards, the weight will stay off and you will possibly keep losing.

  35. Do I gain back all the weihht I have lost after 7 days if so how to make your weight in control

    • Depends on your body, mostly on your diet afterwards. If you think eating like you did prior to the diet will work you will be likely wrong. You have to make a major lifestyle change. We chat about this in the forum.

  36. Hi.. I am.about to start with this diet. I wanted to know that what the quantity to be on day one when it’s fruit then in what qunatities can we consume

  37. hi…
    i go 2 gym..i do 30 min jog n other exercises with weights…can i continue dis with GM diet

    • You sure can….Be careful on too much weight lifting first day thru the 4th though, you are not getting protein and need it.

  38. Hi
    Today is my first day
    I cannot go without morning tea with milk as it cause headeche
    Will it b ok to have half cup tea all d days, if not how much it affects my plan

  39. Can i add salt n pepper to vegs on day 2

  40. I lost 3 kgs in 2 days…feeling wonderful..luking frwrd for more..thanks author

  41. can we eat fruits on all days, like m on day 4 and want to eat fruits today even on day 5 6 7, i dont think it cause any harm, is it so?
    please let me know, i already lost 5 kgs n wanna continue determined.

    • Why would it not cause harm? Please explain why you think that. Why it will is this plan is specific. Second people overdo fruit, especially dried fruit (I used to) which most fruits are high in fructose. Fructose is tough on those with weight problems. Good rule of thumb for those healing or trying to lose weight is no more than 2 servings a day of it, after the diet. On diet stick to what we say. 🙂

  42. hey ..i have tried so many diets ,every tym i try new diet i cant follow because i feel so much hungry .plz give me some suggestions how to lose my weight and keep my self motivated..?asap

    • Having the soup helps here, curb that appetite. Most of dieting is mentally beating the cravings, it’s not easy, hang in there. If you eat whole nutritious foods afterwards as opposed to nutrient dead foods, you will feel full easier.

  43. can i drink tender coconut daily evening when i am on GM diet…
    Also ,suggest me an alternative for tomatoes for day 5

  44. Hi,
    i’m on my day 5th..i have done everything according to the diet.i also did exercises, drank 3l of water everday and no cheatings..but i have lost only really worried..i planned to lose at least 4kg but at this rate will i be able to do it..i just wanted to know what went wrong so i can lose more weight in the future…plz help

  45. Well for day two i strarted the day with a boiled potato and ate boiled carrots,cabbage and sliced cucumber etc. during the day.and for the 4th day i ate only 3 medium sized bananas and skim milk and also wonder soup.nope im not skipping any meal.and at the end of day 6th i have lost only 2kg in total.eventhough my target was around 4kg , 2kg for a week doesn’t seem bad.but could you help me find what went wrong so that the next time im doing this i can lose more weight..plzzzz help me….

    • You do not seem to be eating enough food, less is not better, in fact it’s worse. People that eat the full plan and add soup always seem to do the best. I think the fat is important with the day 2 potato. as well. Hang in there…

    • You do not seem to be eating enough food, less is not better, in fact it’s worse. People that eat the full plan and add soup always seem to do the best. I think the fat is important with the day 2 potato. as well.

  46. i was always full while doing the so happy because at the end of diet i have lost 3kgz…:) so il will do it again after sometime..and let you knw the results and im sure i will lose more weight next time….thank you so so soo much for your help and was a great help to me…. 🙂

  47. hello i want to ask that on 5th day can i take small amount of sprouts with tomatoes..

  48. one thing more can i take green tea along with lemon twice a day during this plan??

  49. this is my second day of gm diet plan m following everything exactly mentioned in ur website along with 30 min walking plus stretching but there is no weight loss plz help me i really need to loose atleat 6 kgs at any case..:(:(:(

  50. itz my first time n today is third day what to do plzz help….

  51. Today is my first day for gm diet. Hope I stay motivated for the whole week. Cn I include pineapple as fruit??

  52. Honey is suppose to be a good fat burner and wheat a part of healthy diet… Why don’t you recommend these.??

    • First explain to me why honey burns fat since it’s pure sugar? How is wheat healthy? Nobody ever has an answer for either of these. I can list a ton of reasons why wheat is not healthy, awaiting your answer though. I will say one thing, keep eating both to those wanting to gain weight, not lost it.

  53. What is the maximum duration one can follow the GM diet?

    • You need to have a 2 week minimum break in between plans. We did give a great gluten/sugar free plan to follow in between in the forum, after 7 days section, top 2 posts.

  54. hello,

    I want to know after successful diet when can I start heavy workouts or weight training? thanks!

  55. Hi

    1) I am on day 2 of the diet. I had a little bit of corn in my salad not realizing I shouldn’t have that. Should I continue with the diet or start again? I also had just a teensy weensy bit of chocolate. Was feeling a little weak.
    2) Can i have tomato soup instead of the wonder soup on all days? Or is there any other soup recipes i can try?
    3) Can I have sprouts on day 2 and 3? And also on day 6? I will just sautee them in oil, boil them a bit and add onions, chillies and tomatoes

    Please help need to lose at least 4 kgs.

    • 1) you will be fine on a little corn. chocolate, well sugar, bad…. but keep rolling
      2) no, sorry. those vegetables in the soup are high fiber, nearly zero carbs. hence you can eat as you like.
      3) No, because with sprouts you likely mean beans with a tiny sprout. beans are not a vegetable. if you mean full long green sprouts with no bean, then yes

  56. Thanks for your response.

    Can I have lentil soup? wih tomatoes, onions and corainder? just one meal on the 2nd day?

  57. Can I have sprouts on veggies day?

    • No, because likely you mean beans with a tiny sprout. Those are sprouted beans not sprouts and they are not vegetables. If you mean pure long green sprouts-no beans then yes.

  58. How much brown rice can be consumed in day 5 and 6?

  59. I need 2 lose my weight .
    So will gm diet work wth cardio n weight training.

  60. Can i drink vitamin water while being on this diet?

    • well, not sure how god that would be, do you know the source of the vitamins> Beware. But assuming it’s vitamins and water then yes.

  61. Can you smoke cigarettes on this diet?

  62. Can you chew gum on this diet?

  63. can i take my pain killers medication on this diet?will it affect the weightloss process?

  64. Today onwards I started gm diet plan. I already going gym every day can I continue this during thisperiod of diet plan? I need to reduce around 10kg of body weight can I continue for 2 weeks??

    • you cannot tear down muscle the first 4 days of the plan, you have no protein to rebuild.

      2 weeks straight, I would take at least a week off 🙂

  65. If I continue for 2 weeks I will get any health problems?

  66. On the banana and milk day, can you drink banana shake?

  67. HI,
    I follow the indian veg GM diet. Is it ok to take Vitamin D while on the diet?
    Isn’t soybean oil in the capsule a source of fat?

  68. I prepared for the gm diet plan in this website and went through the reviews and comments. I was prepared to start it off having had all the great tips. It’s an easy diet to follow. At the end of my week of the gm diet I lost 6.5kgs. The first diet that has worked for me. The beauty of it is that it does wonders to your skin too. I’m taking a break for a week but I have adopted a new lifestyles. Thanks to the author n the many good tips I found here.

  69. Can you eat bread with beef on the beefday?

  70. Can we have herbal slimmung tea and green tea on gm diet?

  71. Can you take glutathione pills and injections while being on this diet?

  72. I had no potato,cassava or sweet potatoes on day 2 (I just started this diet) so I didn’t know what to eat.
    I had a banana water and wonder soup.
    Was that ok?

  73. Can i do this deit plan with gym ? Weight training aerobics and yoga ?
    Plz rply thinking of strting it frm tomorrow

  74. Can i have yoghurt and lassi on day 4?

  75. I am feeling really lighter on day 3. But I am scared for the reason it should not take away glow on the face. Will it affect my skin ? I really want to continue but I am scared for my skin. Please please help.

  76. The vegetables suggested in the diet plan should be consumed raw or cooked, and if cooked then in what type of oil and spice in accordance with the Indian way of cooking? Please help.



    • either is fine. pure dried herbs, spices, peppers, etc are fine. a dash of good oil is fine like olive, butter, ghee or coconut.

  77. Can this plan work for the age of 65 ? if no, what is the age limit ?

  78. Hi…I have started the GM diet today….and to reduce little more, I have been climbing stairs till my 7th Floor office building (total 144 steps) 10 times a day (5 times in morning and 5 times in evening). Shall I continue to do this or will it affect my health ?

    • you can do that, just remember not to overdo it, you have no protein the first few days to rebuild torn down muscles.

  79. Hi, i m 26 and my height is 5.4inch and weight is 95kg, I m on the 4th day of my Diet and i m doing 1hour workout in GYM basically Cardio and little weight, So it is Ok to go Gym on this Diet, and can i eat Oats replacing Soups.

  80. Hi I’m on my 7th day.. I have lost only 2kgs.. I followed the plan accordingly.. But I had my periods during the plan.. Why is that I have lost only 2 kg’s.. I expected more!

  81. Hi, please tell me if I can start another plan right after the first one ? I really need to shed some weight fast.
    And is soup necessary ? can I avoid it?

  82. Can I also follow this diet as I have already lost 14 kg weight by doing cardio exercises in the past months.. So this diet will give the same effect for me or not??
    And my body also retain fat so quickly.. So on 4th day I can eat bananas or not??

    • Well it can help likely. long term however the key will be will you have to continue the extreme cardio workouts to get the result you need or maintain. bananas? not sure why bananas are an issue. nice results….

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