GM Diet for Non Vegetarians

The common misconception surrounding the General Motors diet is that the GM diet is only about eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. This puts off a lot of people that love a good non vegetarian dish in their daily meal routine. Those folks that are predominantly non vegetarian can find it difficult to follow a diet that is deprived of meat since they are prone to suffer from anxiety attacks and intense cravings if they go without eating meat for a prolonged period of time. But, the good news is that the GM Diet is not all about fruits and vegetables. The GM Diet has a fair sprinkling of meat that can be eaten at various points during the seven day program. We have some great chicken recipes that work really well. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let us take a closer look at our meat options that work well while on the GM Diet.


Beef is an essential item on the GM diet grocery list. Beef is eaten on the fifth day of the diet. This is because beef is rich not only protein but also in fiber. It is also rich in iron and protein that help in muscle buildup and optimum organ function. However, keep in mind that beef must be eaten in controlled amounts since it also contains high animal fat. It is thus best to eat meat during its designated diet day in order not to interfere with the overall weight loss program.


Chicken is a great substitute for beef. Chicken works really well for individual that do not eat beef. (primarily due to religious and cultural reasons) Chicken is used instead of beef on Day 5 of the diet. Keep in mind however that chicken must be served lean and free of skin.


For those that prefer fish to any other kind of meat can use it as a substitute for beef or chicken. Fish is high in protein, niacin and folic acid and it has a natural flavor not found in other types of meat. It is also ideal when eaten along with the many vegetable dishes since it does not affect the diet. Keep in mind that fish must be served grilled. Grilling it is a great choice since it reduces the need of cooking oil and yet keeps its flavors intact even after grilling.


While most people can feel a little deprived with the limited meat choices on the GM diet, what they cannot complain is the lack of dairy. Dairy products can be eaten while on the diet. Dairy products such as eggs, milk and yogurt form an essential part of the diet. Eggs can be consumed during days 5 and 6 as a meat replacement.Β While yogurt can be eaten during Day 4. Milk is essential during Day 4 as it is paired with bananas. Milk and yogurt however should be fat-free so that they do not contribute to the buildup of calories in the system.

Tips for Non-Vegetarians

Following a diet can be strenuous, it deprives individuals of their favorite foods and forces them to eat meals that they are reluctant to eat. Remember that the success of any diet does not solely rely on the type of foods or the diet plan itself, a diet can be successful only with a person’s determination to lose weight. Keep this in mind when you plan on starting the GM diet week. It is best not to think about the absence of meat but of the various options you have to mix and match different vegetarian and non vegetarian options during the week.

Lastly, you always have the GM Diet power soup. We have other soup recipes that are great to eat and work well with your weight loss goals. Meat broth can be mixed together with vegetables and other spices to make a highly energizing soup. You can eat this soup during lunch and dinner to your hearts content to keep those hunger pangs and meat cravings at bay. This is a great way to get all those necessary nutrients into your body while at the same time feel full and enjoy a tasty meal.


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  1. What is a good substitute for tomatoes.

  2. What is the GM diet plan for Jains who can’t eat potatoes and any ground root vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots etc

  3. what will be the substitute of rice

  4. I am starting day one of GM DIET today. Had one apple and a pear plus 2 glass of water for breakfast. Let me see how far I can withstand hunger and cravings for food. πŸ™‚

  5. WHAT CAN I SUBSTITUTE FOR TOMATOES?pls let me knw as soon as possible because i already started the diet.

  6. I am allegric to bannans so wht can i eat instead of that

  7. I want to know if vegetables should be eaten raw or steamed and also want to know when to exercise before meal or after and at what time..

  8. Exercise is up to you really….. People have varying opinions here. Veggies, mix it up, raw and cooked always good.

  9. Can I eat egg White on Day 2??

  10. Lentils and legumes in place of beef?
    What is the protocol for using butter for cooking?

    • butter no, but yes for the lentil and legumes, beef has fat so you will need to add some fat to your legumes/lentils for balance.

  11. can anyone help me… iam on 5th day today .. so for i reduced only 2.5kg… but i follow all the diet properly…. no inch loss also.. what should i do?

  12. Love the page and absolutely appreciate your efforts to answer so many tons of questions! May God bless you.

    One tiny question. Can I have mushrooms and olives on day 2?

  13. Thanks alot!

  14. can mushrooms be consumed on day 5 for protein replacement?

  15. I tried this gm diet for a week and i reduced 5 kg. Thanks to this amazing diet.
    I would like to know whether i can do first 3 days of this diet for weight loss, as it is simple and i have lost nearly 3.5 kg over my first 3 days.

    • No, it’s a whole really. you cannot do those first 3 days and come out of it with eating normal which are the last few days.

  16. Hi,

    pls guide if mushrooms can b eaten.. wat are the other replacements for milk n water… can buttermilk be taken instead of milk.. can dal soup be taken in any of these days.

  17. pls guide if we can continue with the normal diet after 7 days of gm diet. for eg rotis, cooked vegetables and dals..

  18. hi, i agree tat lifestyle changes hav to b made.. but cud u pls guide as to what is d regime to b followed after day 7. i m 35 yrs old female, and weigh 85 kgs..i am alrdy on gm diet, day 4..i m non vegan .. pls advise what n in how much quantities to b eaten between the next gm diet . it will b really helpful..thanks

    • I assume you mean you are vegetarian but NON-vegan. 1) Cut processed foods, sugar and such. 2) Wheat is so beyond bad. Unfortunately you have to cut it. Your meals should have a protein, some good fat and good carbs.

      Posted this to someone else. For you you can add eggs, never over cook them and use the entire egg. So maybe have dhal, however you may need more protein, more than likely so add some curd/cheese. Legume dishes are a good way to go. Sprout dishes are also good. You can have curds and white rice. They key here is watch snacking and drinking sugar drinks. If you are going to have a cup of tea best after you eat so you have fats and protein to balance out the sugar so to speak. Each dish, not matter what you have some good veg and you need carbs like potato, squashes, plantains, white rice, etc. This is key. Do not go low carb. Only eat good oils like olive or coconut. You need fat with each meal, just never over do it. SO for example, if you have curds, you don’t need extra oil really unless you need some to sautee veg. Also, if you have no fat in the dish, use up to 1 tablespoon of oil in it. Never overdo protein, convert to sugar too much will. Protein, you should need as a man 30 grams a dish, women a little less.

  19. thank you so much for the detailed advise. i really appreciate it.

  20. dear author,
    my first day of diet really excited about it and hope works out well.My only issue is milk , i dont drink milk at all what is the subsitute to that,kindly advice.

  21. Can i eat the gm soup even at day 1?

  22. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for ur guidelines..I am in GM diet Day 3.
    pls clarify the below

    Day 4 : can we have milkshake with bananas n milk
    Day 5,6,7 : can we add spices , one teaspoon of oil n little veggies to brown rice while cooking

    Awaiting for Your Reply..
    Best Regards,
    Chandrika Chetty

    • 4 bananas all day, yes if you freeze the banana and blend in milk it will be a shake so to speak. but no you can;t go buy a banana milkshake full of sugar.

      spices yes are great. you need oil with the rice when replacing meat for sure.

  23. Hi. I am 5’7 and just eighteen, i weighed approximately 75kg and some workout plan and life changes, i lost 5 kg in approximately 3 weeks. Then i had to take a week break due to my exams as I couldn’t continue working out and also ate a bit unhealthy to fulfill sudden hunger. But luckily, I didn’t gain back any weight. I wanted to know will GM diet work for me as i have already been dieting or it just works for people who make a sudden drastic change in lifestyle? I weigh 70 right now and i need to jump to 60. Also planning to give myself tough time by including one hour of walking, Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred, some weight arm exercises and also some elliptical routine. My question is, can i take omlette on day two for breakfast with onion, chillies and tomatoes?
    Also, i like chicken. Can i add a bit of chicken in vegetables on day two and three and also the soup?
    And will it also be fine if i add small amount of black boiled chick-peas in vegetable and fruit salads?
    Please respond soon! I need to be in shape before the vacations are over. πŸ˜‰

    • 1) eggs only if you are replacing meat. please read each day of our plan and follow. There is not meat on day 2.
      2) no you cannot have chicken as you like. it can replace beef though on beef days.
      3) no added chickpeas, they are not a veg.
      Good luck πŸ™‚

  24. Hi,

    What can i have on Day 4 instead of bananas as i don’t eat banana??


  25. But above, in dairy portion, you wrote eggs can be consumed on day 2, where as it is a completely vegetable day?
    And also, soyasauce and vinegar are prohibited as well, right?

    • sorry, for that little beef at lunch you can use whole egg. soya normally has wheat, too much salt. a good cider vinegar is OK…. Or Balsamic.

  26. I do not drink mi8lk what should I drink to replace that.

  27. Wht is the replacement for tomatoes on day 5

  28. Can I eat stint fried veggies served in food court

  29. hi u have said a local veg to replace tomatoes on day 5. can u tell a veg name specifically to replace tomatoes on day 5

  30. Hi author.. it would be a great help if u could prepare a chart for all 7 days like breakfast lunch and dinner. Pls do this.. coz getting confused..

    • Well we do offer a sample plan, but people do not want to follow what we give or cannot find the veg we suggest, so changes are necessary. I do FAQ’s and few read them. We do layout each day carefully. What needs to happen is folks need to understand what they are eating. For example: Avocado is great. I eat all the time. But on this plan it cannot be swapped in with another veg like cabbage because it has fat. Tomato for example is fairly base when it comes to carbs, cook it and they go up because the natural sugar content is higher. Winter squashes are higher in carbs like a potato almost, so don’t use in place of regular veg. Corn is terrible and technically a grains, peas are higher in natural sugar and technically a legume.

  31. I am on day two of GM DIET..Can i eat egg white on day 2? if yes than how much..n wht r the other options available in non veg dat we can consume in day 2 along with vegetables…plz guide

  32. Today is the 4th day of GM diet for me. However I have been able to lose only 0.5 kg so far.
    My weight is 65 kg and my height is 5ft4inches.

    While my husband who has followed the same diet along with has been able to lose 4 kgs so far. His weight is 100 kg and height is 5ft9inches.

    Just wanted to understand why the results are so varying.

  33. I have just started following GM diet. Today is Day1.
    I just want to know that can I have boiled corns on day 2?
    if yes, how much?
    and is salt advisable over the raw vegetables?
    and on day 5, can I have curd in place of milk or say at times curd and at times milk through out the day?

  34. Can i eat Egg on day 5 and day 6 instead of meat??
    If so,how many eggs and including yolk or only whites??
    Pls reply the quantitites for Day5 and Day 6 separately!!

  35. i would be thankful if you tell some replacement of beef on day 5,6,7 by vegetarian protein

  36. can we eat yogurt on day 6 and 7

  37. hi,
    i am following gm diet and on 4 th day
    i want to ask i can eat tomato soup on 5th day
    n chicken soup on 6th day
    how much fish i can eat either on 5th or on 6th day instead of chicken
    please reply

  38. I like to known whether I can substitute beef with fish or prawns? if yes how much quantity per day.thankyou

  39. Hi,
    I am on day 5. Can I have wonder soup and 6 eggs and 6 tomatoes for the day?
    Please reply asap.

  40. hye. can i take grilled squid on day 5?

  41. Hi..
    I am on day 4 and ve lost 2.3kg. I wanted to know if I can replace beef or chicken on day 5 with soya chunks and black channa,.. please reply

  42. Hi can u post the best 7 day plan vegetarian version plz .like how many meals should be and how much intake would be perfect for 7 days plz.

    • Well it is posted. The regular plan is. At the bottom of the site you will see an Indian ad Vegetarian version. Simply replace meat with eggs (3 per meal), legumes with good fat like ghee or olive oil, or quinoa with good fat, or rice with good fat.

  43. Can i use ginger & garlic paste to make chicken soup on 5th day ?
    Can we also use vegetables in making this soup if yes which vegetables?
    Can we use our normal eatable oil to cook vegetables, ginger & garlic paste ?
    Please let me know as soon as possible.

    • Assuming they are pure yes πŸ™‚
      veg, go local, no high carb veg like potato or carrots (well a carrot is fine). No peas or corn.
      NEVER, those oils are toxic, foreign to the body, man made, and rancid. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil or ghee/butter.

  44. we should eat only egg white or with egg yolk?
    Please let me know as soon as possible


  46. can we eat chicken on 6th day if we r having egg on 5th day/
    if yes how much?
    can we eat fruits also?
    Please let me know as i m on 5th day of diet?
    can we have green tea when we are on GM diet?
    If yes on from which day? &how man times?

  47. how much chicken can i eat on day 5 and day 6?

  48. Can anyone plzz let me knw on the 5 th day can fish chicken and beef eaten at a tym… Last week i had chicken and fish both on 5 th day and on 6 th day tooo better t not a half kg reduced though intake of water also proper…

  49. Can i eat chicken n fish on day 5 th and on beef in day 6 th…

  50. I take tea with little milk n sugar while the tym of gm as m very much of habitate of tea so plzz don’t let me knww…
    Thank u so much

  51. hi,
    im on d 4th day. even aft seen so many FAQ’s im confused of days 5 & 6 fud. plz help me

    1. on 4th day i had soup bt added few vegetables in it. a carrot, beans, beet root, very less dhal. s dat fine?
    2. s it ok if i take 6/3 eggs+ 1 cup of brown rice + dhal + tomato (or)
    should i take only chicken/egg + 6 tomatoes d whole day?

    3. cant b d chicken/ egg be taken along with a cup of white rice?

    • 1) No it is not. There is nothing on our plan day 4 that says you can have any of that. Sorry, not sure where you are reading your plan from.
      2) You can swap beef for 3 eggs per meal ( day 5 has 3 meals), you can do legumes with some good fat each meal, you can choose another meat, or do a rice dish with good fat each meal. Chicken is the best option to replace meat or eggs.
      3) No mixing – sorry.

      • Hey..
        For day 5 I had 2 egg whites for breakfast and 1 medium cup boiled white rice with capsicum and tomatoes for lunch and cucumber salad for dinner.
        For day 6 planning the same but this time rice with more veggies and soya chunks..please tell me if that’s fine..please reply..

        • Not at all actually. Are you reading the program here? We never would recommend SOYA, nothing healthy about it. You need the whole egg, you threw away all of the good fat and nutrition. Did your rice meal have good fat?

  52. hi! on veg day 2 and 6…….what all veggies we can eat and what should be the proportion of eating. i am not able to lose weight….its stuck there

    what can we replace with watermelon on day 1……as it is written that watermelon helps in reducing weigh fast but it cannot be eaten in winters.

    pls reply.

  53. I m 140 kgs by weight so can i cotinue this diet for a month???
    I need to reduce around 50 kgs of weight …
    I had been alrady duin this diet for last three weeks but i reduced only 5 kgs could u plzz suggest me for the same

  54. Ony day 5 6 7 , can i have scrambled eggs (without oil)
    If yes , then how many
    Plz reply fast tommorow is day 5

  55. Thanks , so on day 7 i can i have rice, fruit juices and vegetables . Right?

  56. I have done this GM diet last year, it works so wonders, I am repeating it this week. THANKS AUTHOR for the info and reduce weight the natural way, simple, affordable. I am obese I weigh 99kg, and hope i will loose. what can I do not to go back to bad habits of eating.

    • Most people never think of food as life. Meaning, eat to live. The food of this worlds now, especially here in the good ole’ USA is garbage. 1) It takes work, I hand prepare all meals from scratch every single day. Make the foods you like that may not be so good out of pure – good ingredients. Cut all sugar and gluten. Once you cheat though, your dopamine levels go out of whack, increase and you just want bad foods more.

    • And please, always ask if you need help, I am always here πŸ™‚

  57. Starting weight :59.8kgs , current weight on day4 : 57.8kgs

    I started the Gm diet on 21/12/2014. I stuck to the diet as follows
    day 1 : fruit day ( grapes, cantaloupe and melon and lychee) with 1.4 L water

    day 2 : veggie day breakfast – boiled potatoes with carrot and cauliflower with a pinch of ghee salt and pepper. Lunch had remaining portion of the 1 potatoes
    ( mushroom, baby corn, and asparagus, baby spinach,broccolli boiled in water with salt and pepper.) with 1.4L water

    day 3: Fruit and veggie diet
    breakfast ( canteloupe and lychee)
    lunch soup of mushroom baby corn and asparagus
    night: mix of salad( cucumbers spinach with lemon drizzled over and salt, pepper. 1.4L

    day 4: banana +milk

    milk shake with low fat milk , bananas and cardamom .
    lunch: soup of spinach, asparagus,baby corn,mushrooms,onions and tomatoes ,salt pepper in a cup of water

    dinner: soup same as above.

    >My weight hasnt dropped since day 2.
    >Also I gave in to my hunger on day 2 and day 3 with 2 tsp of rice with curry. Exactly a tsp!
    >But havent gained weight. Also Kindly advise my day 5,6,7 meal plan .
    >I would like to know instead of eating tomatoes, could i make it into a soup/swap with another veggie?
    > Also brown rice and red rice(kerala rice) carry the same calorie? or which is more?
    How much rice should be consumed after day 4?

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this and thankyou for efforts!

  58. Dear Author,
    Thank you so much for your patience to reply every one’s queries.
    This is first time I started GM diet and I am on 4th day.. I didn’t see the forum just saw diet plan I had green peace and sweet corn raw in 2 nd day. 3rd had both little quantity boiled and had… Is it ok to have, because when I plan for next time it will be useful…..
    On 4th day along with milk and bananas what should be taken…..?

    • Always happy to help πŸ™‚

      NO, corn and peas are not technically veg, corn is nutrient dead really, a common GMO food and a common allergen. Peas, just best to wait until after the plan to have.

      Day 4 you can have the soup also…

  59. today day 5:

    breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with a dash of salt and pepper.-500ml water

    lunch: 1 steamed fish( 110gms) + 2 king fish (110gms)

    dinner : sauted chicken with tomato salad with a 1/2 tsp yoghurt.

    -is this diet fine for day 5?

    -day 6 can I take a cup of kerala rice with steamed fish? or only rice and veggies?
    – day 7 can a kerala plaintain(banana steamed) be consumed for breakfast with one boiled egg?
    – continously for how many weeks can this diet be followed ? after a weeks GM diet
    thankyou author for your prompt advise and hoping to shed few more pounds.
    wishing luck for all of you onboard this diet!!

    • Looks good.
      you really need veg or tomato with the first 2 meals.

      day 6, yes.

      no plantain until after the pan, day 7 you get rice, veg and some fruit. Of course spice as you like. I suggest waiting at least 2 weeks in between plans, you should consider at least being gluten and sugar free those 2 weeks off.

  60. Hi..can i have buttermilk on day it is really difficult to eat raw vegetables..i feel really hungry on day 2.

  61. Plz help me with day 5, how do I plan my 3 meals I prefer chicken.

    • not much to say on day 5, you can have wonder soup when you like. For your 3 meals you get meat and tomato. You can cook the tomato, eat raw and spice just how you like. You can throw some grilled onion or peppers in if you like as well.

  62. Can I have saffron or elaichi milk during GM diet at fourth day instead of plain milk

  63. Please can you advise on day 4 and day 5 plan:

    Day 4:

    Breakfast 2 bananas + 1 glass of milk + 2 glass of water
    Between b/f and lunch – 1 banana + 2 glass of water
    Lunch – tomoto soup + 1 banana + 2 glass of water
    Evening – 2 bananas + 2 glass of water
    Dinner – milk shake (2 bananas) + tomoto soup

    Day 5

    Breakfast 2 egg omlet by using olive oil + 2 tomatos + 2 glass of water
    Between b/f and lunch – 2 tomatos + 2 glass of water
    Lunch – 2 boiled whole eggs + 1 bowl of brown rice with Tomato chutney (cooked in 1tsp of olive oil ) + 2 glass of water
    Evening – 2 tomatos + 2 boiled whole eggs
    Dinner – 1 bowl of brown rice + curd + tomato soup

    • You are not reading our plan, please read our plan, revise and then I will help. By reading this you have not read our site. I will not help with other plans. HINT: look at how many bananas we say you can have day 4. HINT: # of meals day 5. They are too many errors here. I am happy to help, but I cannot help if you are reading and taking from other sites that provide ZERO support on their fake plans.

      • apologies. I am slightly confused here. I read through your plans but not fully sure.

        Let me redraft it:

        Day 4:

        Breakfast 1 banana + 1 glass of milk + 2 glass of water
        Between b/f and lunch – 1 banana
        Lunch – tomato soup + 2 glass of water
        Dinner – milk shake (2 bananas) or 1 glass milk and 2 bananas (before 8 p.m.)

        Breakfast 2 egg omlet by using olive oil + 1 tomato
        Between b/f and lunch – 1 tomato
        Lunch – 1 bowl of brown rice with 2 Tomato chutney (cooked in 1 tsp of olive oil )
        Evening – Sprouts Salad with onions, lemon juice, pepper and a pinch of salt
        Dinner – 2 tomato soup

        Please correct. Also advise what are the changes need to be done for Day 6. How many times eggs can be consumed and how many each time on Day 5 and 6.

        Thanks for your help in advance.

        • Hello πŸ™‚
          Perfect day 4.

          Day 5, you only get 3 meal,s you show 5. Your only snack can be the wonder soup.
          No tomato soup before bed, bad idea.

          3 eggs per meal max. eggs can be had each meal. eggs are better than rice.

          • Thank you. I will remove mid morning and evening snacks on day 5. I am presuming eggs are whole eggs and not eggs white

            On day 6 can you confirm the following menu:

            1. Breakfast 2 egg omlet by using olive oil
            2. Mid morning- Veg Salad
            3. Lunch white rice plus Indian palak paneer veg by using 1 tsp of olive oil
            4. Evening – one bowl of sprouts
            5. Dinner – 2 egg omlet by using 1 tsp olive oil

            Can we add onion, chilly in omlet in day 5 and 6. Also can tomato be consumed in veg salad and palak paneer.

            Please advise. Hope this is not terribly wrong.

  64. I’m in day 1 GM diet plan. my query is that what we need to take along with 1 bowl of rice. only rice we can not eat right? Secondly how can person survive to take only 6-7 tomatoes & 1 bowl rice on 5th day? is there any other things which we can consume?

    please help & reply.

    • Please explain survive? Are you afraid you will starve? This is a detox plan, day 5 is not a recommended daily eating plan. You can have wonder soup that day as well. All is good.

      you get 1 cup of rice measured uncooked. It then is split into 3 meals. each meal needs good fat. you get tomato and wonder soup.

      • Thanks for reply….i think Survive was wrong word….i mean to say that i will feel hungry if we take only 6-7 tomatoes & 1 cup of rice (1 cup raw or cooked rice). Now I am in day 4…but i am little bit confused with plan. If you can help me for day 5, 6, & 7 that what is exact plan to have foods or fruits. please send me the plan. i have gone through the diet plan many times but lots of things is mentioned (different different diet plan snaps are available) which get confused. please reply so that i will not be mistaken to consume wrong diet..Thanks

        • 1 cup was raw to measure. Sorry, Not to be rude here, but I am just going to link you to our page. Are you reading other plans? I cannot help you outside of this site with fake plans. Day 7 is simple rice – veg – fruit. Look in the sidebar and read that day. Day 5 and 6, if you don’t eat meat, replace with eggs, legumes or rice and some good fat. Simple, it’s all already there.

      • As informed that today i am in day 4 diet plan but so far i have reduced only half kg weight…i am strictly following the diet plan. i do not know where i have gone wrong so very less result…still hoping best result till end of 7th day plan. so please help me for 5,6 and 7th day diet plan…i am really looking forward to reduce 5 kg weight by 7th EOD.

  65. Please can you confirm the Day 7 menu :

    Breakfast : Few slices of Papaya and or Watermelon [ or can i have poha i.e. Flattened_rice cooked in 1 tbs olive oil]
    Mid morning snack: Apple & Orange
    Lunch: a bowl of brown or white rice pulao (by using 1 tbs of olive oil)
    Mid day snack: strawberries
    Evening: sprouts
    Dinner: bowl of brown or white rice pulao (by using 1 tbs of olive oil) or plain curd rice

    Do we need to avoid tomato on Day7?

    • you can have a tomato or 2 no issue…

      NO curd, no sprouts!!!! Rice only, a teaspoon touch of olive oil is OK.

      • Hi – so assume i can have flattened rice (poha) cooked in 1 tsp of olive oil mixed with onion and chilli in breakfast. Can I replace sprouts on day 7 with Apple or coconut water then? if not, please advise.

        I have lost 3 kgs by end of day 5. Thanks for the guidance so far.

        • Happy to help
          Nice losses so far.

          Yes you can have that. Well you don;t get sprouts day 7, only rice. You can have coconut water and some fruit that day. you may want to re-read that day.

          • Tomorrow is my 7th day of the plan. Can you advise how to maintain weight after 7th day? I thought Wheat is better than Rice but struggling to make a choice now. Typically my day goes like this;

            Breakfast – Poha / upma / low oil paratha / dhokla /omlet paratha/ idli / dosa etc

            Lunch : 3 indian chapatis with indian veg cooked in sunflower oil

            Evening snacks : fruits or sprouts etc

            Dinner : 3 Indian chapatis with Indian veg cooked in sunflower oil, tur dal and small qty of white rice (starch removed)

            Do u suggest any changes. Pls advise

            • Wheat is, well I call it toxic (full of anti-nutrients, it’s mostly GMO, etc). If I wanted to gain weight I would eat rice. Rice is a simple starch. However you have to have it with a balanced meal, hence good carbs (the rice), protein and good fats.

              Sunflower oil is junk. Good fats are avocado, ghee, grass fed butter, coconut or palm oil. If I wanted to gain weight, I would totally eat your proposed plan

  66. Hi, I had followed the gm diet 7 days plan but not very satisfactory result I got, however feeling litter than earlier :). Still I believe that I can get good result so wanted to repeat it. Request you to please look once the diet chart whether it is fine. Also, let us know if any changes are require. Will strictly follow the same according to your advice.

    Day 1
    Breakfast –apples + pomegranate + glasses of warm water
    Mid morning Snack -Papaya + glasses of warm water
    Lunch -Watermelon or muskmelon + glasses of warm water
    Afternoon Snack – Oranges + glasses of warm water
    Evening – 1 glass coconut water
    Dinner – Water melon + pear + glasses of warm water

    Day 2
    Breakfast – 2 boiled baked potato + glasses of warm water
    Mid Morning – 2 carrots + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – Boiled vegetable + cucumber + tomato + glasses of warm water
    Afternoon – 2 tomatoes + Carrot + glasses of warm water
    Dinner – Boiled vegetables with spices + glasses of warm water

    Day 3
    Breakfast – apple + water melon + glasses of warm water
    Mid Morning – 1 pear + papaya + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – Cucumber + boiled vegetables + tomato + glasses of warm water
    Afternoon – Orange + warm glasses of water
    Dinner – carrot + fruits + cucumber + glasses of warm water

    Day 4
    Breakfast – 2 bananas + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water
    Mid Morning – 1 banana + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – 2 bananas + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water
    Afternoon – wonder soup + glasses of warm water
    Dinner – 2 bananas + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water

    Day 5
    Breakfast – 2 eggs + 2 tomatoes + 1 onion (omelette) + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – 2 eggs + 2 tomatoes + 1 onion (omelette) + glasses of warm water
    Dinner – 2 eggs + 2 tomatoes + 1 onion (omelette) + glasses of warm water

    Day 6
    Breakfast – baked vegetables + glasses of warm water OR semi boiled sprouts+ glasses of warm water
    Mid morning – Cucumber + carrot + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – 500 gm baked chicken + glasses of warm water
    Snacks – Cucumber + Carrot + glasses of warm water
    Dinner – Wonder soup + glasses of warm water

    Day 7
    Breakfast – Vegetable Poha + glasses of warm water
    Mid morning – fruits + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – Vegetable Pulav + glasses of warm water
    Snacks – fruits+ glasses of warm water
    Dinner – Fruit juice + green salad + glasses of warm water

    Please advice with your valuable suggestion.


    • Hello, thanks for sharing…
      Day 1: good
      Day 2: Big mistake adding carrot and tomato. These are carby veg. The potato needs good fat, like ghee.
      Day 3: You do not get fruit 2 meals in a row.
      Day 4: Why 7 bananas? You get 4. Big mistake.
      Day 5: Great, a whole onion seems a bit much use the onion to season the dish…
      Day 6: WOW, you really need to read day 6 again. Why are you not having good fat and protein for 3 meals, not to mention a snack on that day. This day is 80% incorrect.
      Day 7: Dinner is wrong. Rice and veg.

      All in all it was not too bad, at the same time you are really missing the mark. My suggestions is on day 2 and 3 to make sure you add a dash of good fat like olive oil to 1 or 2 of the meals. And then make the other changes I mention above πŸ™‚
      GOOD LUCK!

      • Hi, thanks for prompt response. According to your suggestion, i have done the changes and sending you to check & give go ahead. Once it is correct then only I will start the diet plan. Also wanted to know if we can have curd & dal, on which day and when? Which day we need to avoid tomato and carrot.

        Day 2
        Breakfast – 2-3 boiled baked potato in olive oil + glasses of warm water
        Mid Morning – Cabbage + glasses of warm water
        Lunch – Vegetable stew with olive oil + cucumber + glasses of warm water
        Afternoon – Cucumber + glasses of warm water
        Dinner – baked paneer, capsicum and beans with spices and curd + glasses of warm water

        Day 3
        Breakfast – apple + papaya + glasses of warm water
        Mid Morning – carrot + glasses of warm water
        Lunch – Cucumber + boiled vegetables + tomato + glasses of warm water
        Afternoon – cucumber + warm glasses of water
        Dinner – Orange + watermelon + glasses of warm water

        Day 4
        Breakfast – 2 bananas + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water
        Lunch – 2 bananas + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water
        Afternoon – wonder soup + glasses of warm water
        Dinner – Wonder soup + glasses of warm water

        Day 6
        Breakfast – 2 eggs + 2 tomatoes + 1 onion (omelette) + glasses of warm water
        Lunch – 500 gm baked chicken + glasses of warm water
        Dinner – baked 250 gm paneer, capsicum and beans with spices and curd + glasses of warm water

        Waiting for your response.

        • Dinner day 2???? Are you sure you are reading our site? Please read our suggestion for dinner day 2. Beans are not a vegetable! NO paneer.

          Day 6 fine, you also get a snack that can have meat and veg.

          Tomato and carrot are carby veg, so none the first 4 days. However a carrot or so will not hurt.

  67. Yes, my mistake…on day dinner will take bake vegetable in olive oil…..thanks for day 6 confirmation but what about day day 3 and day 4…you have not confirmed. please confirm.

    Day 3
    Breakfast – apple + papaya + glasses of warm water
    Mid Morning – carrot + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – Cucumber + boiled vegetables + tomato + glasses of warm water
    Afternoon – cucumber + warm glasses of water
    Dinner – Orange + watermelon + glasses of warm water

    Day 4
    Breakfast – 2 bananas + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water
    Lunch – 2 bananas + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water
    Afternoon – wonder soup + glasses of warm water
    Dinner – Wonder soup + 1 glass milk + glasses of warm water

    • Good…

      The reason I bring up the beans, it’s vital to know what you are eating! Meaning a meal should be balanced. Good fat, protein and good carbs. beans are high in carbs yet have protein. So add some good fat to them and loads of veg and you are set. However tubers (potato), carrots some, peas, cooked tomato as well will be higher in carbs. So be sure after the program to never overdo carbs.

      Day 3 and 4 look great.

  68. Thank you so much for your help so far. now my 7 days diet plan is prepared and will start my diet plan soon. Hope this time will loose the good amount of weight. One more thing, instead of olive oil, can we use refined rice bran oil?

  69. Thanks…will use butter instead of olive oil. Also, on 2nd day…what would be vegetable like spinach, bottle gourd, cauliflower, mushroom, lady finger,, what else????

    • not too familiar with gourd, seems more starchy, however a little is fine either way. The rest sounds fine as well. What else is local? Zucchini? Cabbage? Onion? Peppers?

  70. its my 4th day..nd i hve lost 2 kgs …plz let me nw how can i have tandoori chicken/fish on day 5,6&7. .

    • Have you read day 7? Please do and you will see the answer.
      Day 5 and 6 chicken can replace the beef. However make sure what it’s made with is OK, the oils, etc. You cannot have vegetable oils.

  71. thnx alot…can i have brown rice with fsh and chicken..

  72. I am on GM diet day 2..On day 1 I had one orange and one apple in breakfast…watemelon ..half gauva and ome orange..For dinner I had papaya..And 15 glasses of water…On day 2 I had boiled veggies with pepper one raw tomato 4 cumcumbers with 2 squeezed lemons..16 glasses of water and again one bowl of veg soup..Can u plz tell me d chart for rest of d days..plz ..I am waitin

  73. Hi Madam
    Good day,
    Have a one doubt,

    Iam On diet day 3. But Iam Felling like a pregnant just one month ( LPO 28/12/14).
    Can I continue this diet to end . Pls suggest me .
    thank u

    • You are pregnant? if so congrats. Stop, and go gluten and sugar free. Eat good carbs in moderation, protein and good fats… Eat balanced meals.

  74. I am on the third day of my diet,as there is some pooja I can not eat non veg on my 5th day of my gm diet,can I prepone to 4th day or 6th day of gm diet

  75. hello i really dont understand about day 5 6 7 . i am vegetarian plz give me whole day menu for day 5 6 7 plz today is my 3 day

    • Please look in the sidebar follow the day as is. Day 5 and 6 are the only ones to change. Simply replace beef with eggs (3 max per meal), legumes with good fat or rice with good fat.

  76. i have a question… if i started tomorrow so Sunday 19th Feb will be my 3rd day on which i have a party at friend place so i wanted to know that can i skip on my 3rd day n start again on 20th counting as my 3rd day. pls let me knw

  77. pls let me knw what can be save me from constipation as earlier also i tried this diet but always suffered with this constipation problem.

  78. ok i will try that too,,,
    so hopefully m starting my diet from monday wish me luck hope this time i will completed my 7 days…. :).

  79. Hi! If I want to cook my veggies, or meat, what do I use instead of oil?

  80. today second day morning weight 70.2kg. happy me

  81. today is my 3rd day morning weight 69.2kg. happy me

  82. today is my 3rd day pls hav a look at my plan what i had till
    breakfast 10:00am i had 1 apple and 1 glass water
    then before lunch 1:30PM i had one guava and 2 glasss of water
    lunch 3:30 i had boiled cauliflower lil saute in olive oil…
    snacks 5:00pm i had 2 tomatoes and 2 glass water
    6:30 i had 1/4 water melon 1 glass of water
    dinner 7:30 papaya and 2 glass water.

    pls check and let me know is i am doing right way.


  83. Yippiiiiii 3rd day completed todays weight 68.5. means i lost 3.4kg in just 3 days. so happy

  84. pls check my todays plan .
    morning 10:00 am i had 1 big glass of milk (skimmed milk)
    afternoon 2:00pm i had banana shake (1 banana and half glass skimmed milk) 2 glass water
    4:00 pm can i drink again banana shake (1 banana and half glass skimmed milk)2 glass water
    6:30 can i drink again banana shake (1 banana and half glass skimmed milk)2 glass water
    8:30 can i have veg clear soup.2 glass water

    is it ok to go with….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  85. With respect
    I am impressed with gm diet plan, I am first time user of ur diet plan, I am on day 6, but little confuse with day 7 kindly advise
    1 glass of watermelon juice with brown bread veg sandwich, lots of water for breakfast
    lunch -white rice, chana dal and mixed vegetables khichdi
    evening -1 glass of stawbery juice
    dinner -orange juice with brown bread sandwich

    • Where are you seeing bread? You cannot have wheat, it ruins your health and causes weight gain over time? Please advise what plan you are reading…

  86. Hello,
    I wanted to ask how many eggs can we have on day 5 and 6 as in per day max how many? I will obviously have tomatoes with them on day 5,can we use a little olive oil to cook the egg?should we have the eggs With/without yolk?and on 6th day is it necessary to have veggies with eggs or not ?
    Also on 7th day can we have white rice with curd?

    • 3 per meal max
      a little olive oil is yes OK. with yolk!
      you should have some veg with eggs day 6, onions, peppers, something.
      no curd day 7

  87. Hi,
    Question 1.
    Could you please check if my understanding on day 5,6,7 is correct?
    day 5: 500 chicken OR 500gm paneer OR 6eggs : 6 tomatoes compulsory.
    day 6: same 500 chicken OR 500gm paneer OR 6eggs with any vegetables except tomatoes
    day 7: 3 small bowls of brown rice with veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner + juices and veggies for snacks

    Question 2.
    For days 5 and 6, is it Ok to have 2 proteins split into half the portion instead of one throughout the day? Like 250 gm chicken and 250 gm paneer? Or 250 gm paneer and 3 eggs?
    Please let me know. Also can i have sprouts for breakfast only any of these days(just half a bowl or so)

    Thank you.

  88. Hey I have been asking my doubt’s here but within 5 minutes they seem to get deleted. What is the problem? Please reply ..I am on day4 and really need to be clear about day 5,6,7. Please reply to my questions.

    • Your posts do not get deleted, they do not show on the site until i approve them, because of spam I have to moderate posts. I did reply πŸ™‚

  89. I am on my 4th day. I have some doubts on day 5. Can I have these items on day 5.

    mor – chenna boiled with tomatoes
    lunch – tomato brown rice with paneer fry
    dinner – brown rice with toor dhall.

    pls reply soon

  90. hi… i am on day 3 of this diet… can i have boiled potatoes? as i stay in a hostel… availability if a wide variety of veggies z a real trouble πŸ™ plz help!!

    • you cannot, sorry. You need similar nutritionally veg. potato is not, it’s pure starch. do your best with what you have πŸ™‚

  91. Hi,
    Just few queries regarding the GM diet
    1. can we have papaya/grapes/sapota/guava/pine apple/ while having fruits
    2. can we have boiled sprouts???
    3.can we drink tea+ milk without sugar on all days??
    4.we get small banans in india, is it big or small bananas on day 4??
    5. anything alternative for plain milk??
    6. day 6-7 includes one cup rice, is it for throughout day or each time??
    7. any specific legumes to include on day 6-7 or any one that is sprouted???
    8. should it be sprouted or without sprout is also ok???


    • 1) yes
      2) days 5 and 6 with good fat to replace beef. when you say sprouts you mean beans with a tiny sprout thus making them beans/legumes not vegetables.
      3) no milk
      4) 4 big, so double small
      5) lite coconut milk or almond milk
      6) well day 6 rice can replace meat. day 7 yes, 1 cup measured raw.
      7) only days 5 and 6 to replace meat. rice only day 7
      8) sprouted is always better.

  92. hi
    can we have dry fruits if we feel hugry in between??
    can we have toffees to weave away the hunger??
    alternative for meat in day 5 and 6??
    can we have mango / grapes for fruits???


  93. How many egg whites should I have on day 5?

  94. please i mistakenly ate cat fish on day one of GM diet is it gonna any effect, can i continue or start again? secondly can i eat beans cooked with red oil on day 2

  95. i have strictly follwed the 1st 2 days of my diet…. but on my 3rd day i had 1 slice of pizza… can i continue my diet or should i restart it..

  96. can i have white rice on day 6 and 7

  97. i have heard most of the people saying that wheat is good for health and weight loss… is it good or not? if not why??… does it promotes weight gain??

    • How? what is the mechanism in wheat for weight loss? People saying? Sorry, not sure that’s good science. Google Wheat Belly, your eyes will be opened.

  98. It has been written that we can take soup on any of the days…Does it means green vegetables soup ? What is this wonder soup and from where can it be purchased in India?

    I do not eat meat or even eggs? What should be taken on day 5 and day 6?

  99. Hi what can I subsitude with banana and milk on day 4

  100. Hi, thanks for your advice. It helps a lot. I am going for the plan. Today is 4th day. I am little bit confused about 5th day’s meal. Recommendation is 2/3 eggs per meal, then it is total 6/9 whole egg I assumed. Is my assumption is right. Can I have dhal in lunch instead of egg? please reply. It is urgent as tomorrow is 5th day.

    • Hello, yes 2 or 3 eggs max per meal. correct on totals. If you need an egg break legumes with good fat will work. So dhal will work

  101. can i eat chicken tikka on day five or six in any of my meals..since it is oil free and just charcoaled ?
    if not then can i add spices such as soy sauce ,chili sauce to marinate the chicken ?

    • sure but only pure dried herbs and spices, not sauces full of bad ingredients like sugar and msg. A little good fat added is fine as well.

  102. thanks for the done with the fourth day of the diet which was bananas and milk .i followed each and every step of the diet and i lost less than a kg .i am very disapointed .need ur recommendations

  103. day 2
    breakfast :one boiked potato( medium sized) with a little butter
    mid lunch snack :wonder soup (made of lots of cabbage ,onions ,one tomato ,cucumber,carrot,fresh green beans and chillies)
    lunch :raw salad of cucumber and carots
    dinner :wonder soup
    day 3
    breakfast :4 slices of melon
    mid snack :wonder soup
    lunch :raw veg salad
    evening snack :a bowl of watermelon
    dinner :wonder soup and a little left over salad of lunch
    ;;;;i drank about 15 or more glases of water everyday .plus i also drank green tea without any sweetners.
    :::i go to gym daily so i weigh my weight over there at about 4 to 5 pm
    i am eighteen and my weight is 54.20 i want it to be 50 or less

    • You cannot weigh mid day, you will weigh much much more weigh food and such. Also if you workout daily when does your body rest and repair? you have to weigh first thing in the morning, after going potty before you eat or drink a thing…

  104. Can I dring plenty of water each day, also on a fruit dite day, can Dryfruits be consumed.

    When we go for vegitables, can we use salt.

    • no dried fruits they are pure sugar and a great way to gain weight. People always overeat them. yes salt is needed…

  105. I am on day 4 and I would like to know if I can have beef on day 5 and chicken on day 6?

  106. hello,
    I had carrot and cucumber salad on day 2
    included 1/2 avocado on day 3… but there no point in the diet about avoiding carrots?? please list out what are the possible vegetables on day 2 n 3…
    can i use dried/fresh garlic and chilli powder for seasoning?

    • Well avocado is pure fat, healthy fat sure but not needed day 3. So why replace a veg we recommend with a veg that is 100% different? Carrot, peas are corn not used because that’s all folks eat when it comes to veg and technically 2 are not veg. The veg we recommend are no carb really, carrots are so a carrot fine, just don’t over do them. So say nutritionally the same as what we recommend please. The seasonings are fine.

  107. Hello,

    I am having a hard time with the breakfast on day 6: I wouldn’t normally eat meat (chicken) nor just vegetable for the breakfast … I read you can replace chicken by eggs on day 6, am I correct ? If yes, first does it mean that I must eat eggs all day instead of chicken, or that I may just eat eggs in the morning, and chicken the rest of the day and second, what quantities of eggs can be used ?

    Thanks a lot

  108. Can I have mushrooms during the diet – Vegetable days.

  109. I dint have potato on day 2.Will it affect my diet?

  110. On what days can i have sprouts?

    • they are not vegetables, they are beans with a tiny sprout. hence still pure carbs, a little protein and only good days 5 and 6 as a replacement for meat with good fat added. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  111. can i have an egg on day 2?

  112. hi author,
    I’m a thyroid patient should i follow this diet?? If yes, should i eat cabbage??
    I’m in day4, on day 5 & 6 – shall i eat 1 chapathi with 1 egg for lunch.

    • wheat, is probably the number 1 worst thing for your thyroid easily. Followed by sugar, low fat/bad fats, etc. So if you are eating wheat after this plan, no, this diet cannot help you at a I am sorry to say.

      • Thank u sir. Thanks for ur information. Tomorrow & after this diet plan i wont take wheat items. Bt u didn’t inform whether this diet workout for me & shall i take cabbage.

  113. I need an help sir. Plz Guide me

  114. I have completed 3 days of GM diet, On day 4 i have to take banana’s & milk can you confirm the qty of banana .

    On day 5 instead of brown rice can i eat white rice or polished rice

  115. I need an help sir. Its very difficult for me without chappati and rice plz plz guide me sum alternate for starting for dayz diet im non-veg plz thank u.

    • hello, sorry it is so tough. Unfortunately during the diet you cannot have those, However although you are non veg have some rice and good fat as a meal days 5 and 6 to replace meat and feed you rice needs. also day 7 is only rice. This should really help. the first 4 days though will be tough πŸ™

  116. I really want to loose weight i started with gm plan.but on day 1 nearly about 7 clock evening i cant able to walk properly dats why i quit again i want to start it plz iz der any alternative for starting 4 days or i can add sum other meal without oil or i can use olive oil or can i eat boil chicken plz let me knw sir thank u so much for your repy

    • well stop eating junk, wheat and sugar a few days before, eat balanced meals and then start it. At some point you need to make a lifestyle change or a diet is going to do nothing for you. No diet can.


  118. Hii day 1 is pass coz of hunger i ate 1 chapati n rice on dinner can i continue diet or agin i need to start it…thank u

  119. Today is my 5th day.i hate tomatoes.could u tell me any thing instead of tomatoes please

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***Before asking your question, please understand that we are only here to help and these are our opinions. Also make sure you read and understand the entire diet before doing it. And also see a doctor if you feel you need approval to do so. If you plan to exercise during the diet, you cannot do heavy weights and heavy workouts (We state this on the Exercise page), you need to have the correct amount of protein. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Thanks You