GM Diet Day 7

Day 7, the last day of the GM Diet. If you’ve made it this far then you would have seen significant weight loss and additionally will be feeling and looking great not to mention more active. For those looking to start the GM Diet, here is the detailed diet plan sorted by day – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6.

On the last day of the GM diet weight loss management plan, food servings vary. While no beef or other types of meat may be consumed, followers of the GM Diet are now allowed to eat starch in the form of white (preferred) or brown rice. At the same time, the diet goes back to fruit and vegetables, which can be easier to eat as compared to Days 1 to 3.

By Day 7, significant changes can now be found in your body. A slimmer appearance is now seen and felt while a more positive outlook is observed thanks to the continuous cleansing methods of the diet taking place inside the body. Regular sleeping habits may as well be noticed as the diet schedule gets the body tired by the end of the day and energized the next morning.

Preparing for Day 7 of GM Diet

When preparing for Day 7, it is important to fresh fruits stacked. Fruits will be consumed at all times of the day, from breakfast to snacks and dinner. Vegetables may be boiled or stewed and paired with white or brown rice.

There are some individuals who tend to avoid brown rice servings as brown rice does not appeal to their taste buds but it is important to have a cup or two in order to keep the energy and fiber contents levels high. However technically white rice is better like a Basmati or Jasmine. Brown rice can tend to have anti-nutrients.

GM Diet Day 7 Breakfast

A bowl of white or brown rice may be served during breakfast. It is best to consume rice in the morning as it would provide all the energy and carbohydrate requirements for the rest of the day. To those who want to save the rice for lunch, they may eat a slice of papaya or melon followed by 1-2 glasses of water.

GM Diet Day 7 Lunch

During lunchtime, a bowl of white or brown rice may be matched with cooked vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and asparagus. This can be a boring meal so it has to be followed up with a slice of mango or watermelon to keep the appetite satisfied.

GM Diet Day 7 Dinner

Day 7 ends with yet another bowl of greens and white or brown rice. However, most followers prefer to only have vegetables as they don’t want to feel bloated at night. Rice can be heavy for dinner, so as much as possible increased fluid intake should be observed.

GM Diet Day 7 Midday Snacks and Beverages

Midday snacks should consist of fruits, mainly berries. Other fruits canΒ prove to be a great snack especially during mornings, while strawberries (without cream) may be ideal for afternoons and after-dinners. Water should be consumed at 10-12 glasses, but at the same time fruit juice can be taken during midday snacks.

GM Diet Day 7 Recipes

Moong Dhal Sprouts with Fruit


  • 1 ripe fruit (pear, mango, apple, grape, strawberries or cherries)
  • 1 cup moong sprouts (raw)
  • 1 peeled and sliced cucumber
  • 2 green chili peppers, chopped
  • 1 tbsp cilantro
  • 1 dash of salt


Soak the moong dhal sprouts overnight. The next morning, drain the water from the sprouts and cover loosely with cloth set for two days. Once the setting time has elapsed, rinse the sprouts and place on a bowl. Mix the sprouts together with the fruits, chili peppers and cilantro. Add salt to taste. This recipe can easily serves 4.


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  1. Hi there,
    I successfully completed diet and lost 8 pond in a week. Thanks for this website and especially day to day food guide line.

  2. Hey..
    The GM diet plan seems amazing and convincing to give it shot.. however, I have a concern that brown rice is not available in my locality.. please suggest a substitute for it. Thanks

    • Sonia, you can use Cracked whole wheat instead of brown rice.

      • Hi Sam,
        Can we have Porridge instead of brown rice or cracked whole wheat. This too has lot of fibre and very low on Fat. Boiled Porridge mixed with vegetables.

        Pls suggest, as I m very comfortable with this diet.


  3. Hi, i did this diet plan and lost 6kg in 2 weeks. i have done it for 2 weeks the weight loss in second week was less than compared to first week i am looking forward to lose more 5kg. will a continuation of one week will help me to reduce 5kg? you website is having very detailed information about food intake it was really helpful thanks

  4. can we also use Quinoa to substitute with brown rice? Also which day can we eat Moong daal or sprouts?
    on Day 5, 6 and 7 when we can eat Brown rice ? or all days?

  5. After the 7 days GM Diet can i continue to my normal diet ?
    How i can maintain the reduced weight after 7 days GM diet ?
    After first spell of 7 days diet when i can repeat GM 7 days diet ?

    • After the 7 days GM Diet can i continue to my normal diet ?

    • Hi Shyam,

      AFAIK, and GM diet should be followed with a gap of 2-3 weeks. So on average 1 week in month and not in continuation.
      This is good to kick start a weight loss but not a alternate to healthy diet and exercise regime.

  6. Hey..
    The GM diet plan seems too convincing to give a try.. however, for some reason i cant eat raw papaya for day 1 & banana/shake for day 4.wht other subsitute u can give me…and also if i can have white oats instead of brown rice…
    Do suggest a substitute for it.
    Thanks so much.. πŸ™‚

  7. Its my fifth day and i lost only 2 kg. I am feelig like giving it up. If i continue can i resume ormal diet after 7th day?

  8. Me & my fella have been on the plan for the last 6 days and he has lost 11lbs & I have lost 10lbs, definatetly going to continue to see how we do, just booked our summer holiday so we have something to aim for. I have found that with this plan you are not hungry so its something I am recomending to friends & colleagues……………..

  9. Hi, just need to know what happens after week 1, do you restart the diet as per the 7 day plan or is there a different progression? Also how often and for how long should the diet be done?

    Thanks, btw I have started day 1 today πŸ™‚

    • From what I read it looks like you can repeat the diet for further weight loss or resume your regular diet but with modifications to make it healthier because weight gain is common if not.

  10. Hi, I’m just starting the diet today…Just looking ahead to brown rice day…it doesn’t say how much is allowed? Anyone know the answer?

  11. itz wonderful diet programme,, wat a clear method!!!!!!!
    i lost 5kg in a week , really i enjoyed and after a week i’ ll b repeat this , i offered all who are in stress about their over weight,, warm wishes to allllllllll thanks to gm diet method

  12. Hi, can i use any kind of lite oils like olive oil in cooking the vegetables & brown rice.!

  13. It’s working well.Thanks

  14. I’m on day 6 and I just feel like I eat less when I’m not on this diet. I seem to crave the foods I’m used to (which are usually on the healthier side anyway), so when I can’t have them, I found myself Over-compensating with the all-you-can-eat fruit and veggie servings… Also, I get very light-headed when doing cardio while on this diet. Seems like this is for people who want to lose weight and have an excuse to not to work out (“I’m on this diet and I’m not supposed to work out, darn”). I wanted something that, in addition to my current work-out routine, would assist me in burning more fat and supply me with the right meal plan that enhances rapid fat burn… I’m finishing the 7-day challenge, but will seek other options for the next diet. Good luck and congrats to those whom this diet is structured πŸ™‚

  15. On Day 7 (I gained a pound from yesterday to today) and I am down 6 pounds and I feel great!

  16. Will be starting 3rd day tomorrow. It’s not bad at all. I have already lost 6 lbs.

  17. i used to follow this diet once in an year
    Today is my 6th day and i’ve lost 4.2 Kgs.. but i’ll give up by tomorrow evening πŸ˜‰

  18. is that ok if i consume sugar for tea or salad?

  19. hi,
    If i will continue gm diet plan for 7 weeks is it possible that i will loose more than 25 kg

  20. I would like to know one thing, where im living i wont get brown rice.Instead of that shall i use phulkas or regular rice.

  21. Amazing Plan Thanks GM founder πŸ™‚ lost 15 lbs , I can’t see beef or banana for the next few months LOl

  22. For Day 7, I made this vegetable stir-fry with a teaspoon of olive oil, mixed vegetables and tomato sauce. Is that okay? I mean about the oil?

  23. I successfully complete the program and I lost 9 pounds thanks alot for your advices really they are valuable.

  24. What about food quantities? is there a limitation?
    What after day 7? r we going back to notmal? should we repeat it for another 7 day? for how many times?

  25. instead of brown rice, oatmeal? since brown rice is for fiber, oatmeal can do the same?

  26. Just completed the GM diet and had the final weigh in, lost 9 pounds which is over 4 kgs found the first 3 days hard but days 4-7 pretty easy as the hunger pains reduce or it could be that i got used to the feeling,its going to take a while before i eat melon or green veg again : ) i wont put the routine on but if anyone wants it add a post and ill be happy to do it.

  27. Today is my third day, I am feeling light already…Very excited to check my weight on completion of diet plan.

    The menu is clear and helpful up to 4th day…for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

  28. please let me know is daily soup is essential along with diet from day 1 to 7 mentioned in plan

  29. I am on my 5th day of the diet and have reduced quite a lot around my belly πŸ™‚
    Could you please let me know if tea with slight milk once a day is okay or not.

  30. can i take some cup of black tea in between the snack?

  31. Yes you can take.. Its not a problem. see to that you are adding less sugar.

  32. I was reduced around 5-6 LBS during this last 7 days. May be its not produced great result, but i have got the confidence to reduce further weights.

  33. I was wondering if there is a substitute for the bananas and milk on day 4?

  34. Hello,
    Just started my GM diet from today….

  35. Day 7 was yesterday! I started off only needing to lose about 5…end results -down 7 lbs! This eating plan definitely works! However; I am a runner and found I was VERY lightheaded, my muscles definitely felt weak and I did NOT have the same energy while working out…Just an FYI for those who are planning their regular workout routines while eating on this plan!

  36. i dont eat beef so can u plz suggest me the alternative of beef..????

  37. I’m thinking about trying this diet, but I’m curious about the milk & banana day 4. I can’t have any dairy/cow products – so what can I substitute for the milk? Typically I drink unsweetened coconut or almond milk instead – will that suffice for this diet? Also, I think I read somewhere that instead of beef we could have chicken? I rarely eat beef, so I assume ground turkey could work as a replacement for the beef?

  38. GM Diet really works……lost 4 kg in 7 days..whoooah………………!!!

  39. Today is my 2nd day am not feeling hungry as am eating in small small breaks yesterday i felt bit headache. but not today. i feeling light but have not loose anything. I have mango yesterday will it be fine…. today in office my colleague forced me to have sweet, i had it as it was for his promotion, will it affect my diet????????

  40. @ Deep better not to take mangoes…and way even if it is a single bite…..!!

  41. I’m on day3 and i have lost 4 pounds,,,heyyy!! my question is on the soup do i really need to put that many onions or can i just put 2 onions and more vegtables?

  42. I completed by Day 6 and lost 3 Kgs approx. But, I am gained some weight between Dya 5 and Day 6 as I ate white rice instead of brown rice as I couldn’t find brown rice in market.What should I do tomorrow?Any substitute for brown rice?or I can eat white rice tomorrow also?

  43. I completed my Day 6 today and lost 3 Kgs approx. But, I gained some weight between Day 5 and Day 6 as I ate white rice instead of brown rice as I couldn’t find brown rice in market.What should I do tomorrow?Any substitute for brown rice?or I can eat white rice tomorrow also?

  44. Lost. Four pounds, can I continue this in order to reduce more?

  45. Hi this is a 7th day.i lost 4kgs I want to fly like a paper. Thank u gm diet

  46. Hey ….i am pure vegetarian, how can i follow the diet plan with only vegeies…please suggest….

  47. Hi…..wanted to know that can we consume warm milk in the morning and evenings after the diet plan is over.

  48. I am planning for GM diet but can we go for gym when i am in GM diet

  49. Just wanted to know.. what happens after the 7th day of diet, do i take a break and eat my normal food and when needed i can start again the same routine.

  50. What do or how do i eat after day 7?

    • I was wondering the same thing!! I think that I may repeat this diet for one or two more weeks. I want to see how it could work long-term for me…

  51. This is my second time using this diet plan, during my first time, I lost 6 kilos but my second time is only 2.7 kilos. Is this normal for me to lose only few kilos when I actually lost a lot during my first time?

  52. was very much impressed by this website and decided to give i a try.
    i’m starting it from today . i’l keep updating on a day to day basis.

  53. Hi, Today is my fifth day….i havent lost much weight though…. i have lost about one kg….though i did some cheating in the five i had two sips of tea in the morning in the first three days…..fourth day i was sick of eating bananas n milk so i had two spoons of rice…..Is this the reason for me not losing weight?

    • Hi! First of all, everyone’s organism is different. Some people lose their weight very quickly, some do not. I can only give you my personal experience with this diet. Second of all, according to some guidelines which I found online it says the following: “Beverages you may consume while on the program :
      Water (flavoured with lemon/lime if desired).
      Club Soda is OK.
      Black Coffee. No cream or cream substitute. No sugar or sweetness.
      Black Tea = Herb or Leaf.
      Absolutely nothing else except the fruit juices which are part of day seven. No fruit juices before day seven.”
      I drank black tea every single day and I do not think it had any negative impact on my diet. I cannot tell you how much I have lost, (because even as a fully recovered bulimic, I am not allowed to weigh myself) but my clothes really became more loose. I would assess my weight-loss at 4-5 kilograms (tomorrow is Day 7 for me).
      I do not think that the tea could have impacted your diet at all. About rice: I am not too sure! (I have to say that I loved the banana & milk day!!) I admit that I cheated on Day 3 (in the very morning), because my blood sugar dropped drastically after Day 2. I was experiencing hypoglycemia (I have a history of it) for at least one hour, I started eating fruits, but they did not improve my condition, so I had carbohydrates high in fiber (for some reason they were always the most effective in my case. I would assess that cheat at 300 kcal).
      I think that performing sports helps. I play a lot of tennis and I know that it contributed to my weight-loss.
      Perhaps you did not drink enough water?
      Perhaps your choice of fruits was not too good?
      OR… perhaps you do not need to lose weight? (your BMI would tell you that)
      Did you use… olive oil (more than a spoon) to prepare your dishes?
      I cannot come up with any other ideas why the diet did not work for you by now, because I could see and feel the difference by Day 4.
      I wish you ‘good luck’ if you decide to give it another try πŸ™‚

  54. Hi

    This is my 3rd day of GM diet feeling good after skip the drinks & smoke,i want to continue for a while of this GM diet can i continue with this or 7 day is enough.

  55. I am on Day 4 and I feel GREAT!!!!! I didnt have a chance to make the cabbage soup and I brought in some Tomato Soup for lunch and a snack- I hope this doesnt affect my weight loss.. Any ideas from anyone on soups to replace the cabbage soup (something I can get in a grocery store)? I havent weight myself BUT the difference in my clothes is amazing. I also noticed my skin is clearer and I have a healthy glow..Go GM Diet. I am going to restart this diet after day 7 and see how it goes. HELP someone for today!

  56. My daughter & I just started this morning we’re so excited to complete the plan & look forward to a happy & healthier lifestyle.. I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes! Wish us luck!

  57. Hi All,
    Anyone could suggest a substitue for Beef
    Can i have Chicken non coated (roasted / tandoori style etc.)
    and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper)
    Also in this entire diet program is it ok to have salt
    I am trying this program for the 5th time
    didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago
    so any suggestions please……………help
    ps.i am on my 2nd day now please please

  58. i think its a good plan…though i dont loose a lot of weight…(just lost 1kg last time…n this time its my last day…so will weigh myself tomorrow….)…..but i feel it helps u too feel good abt urself….u feel light..happy…more confident ….!!!
    so in all i like this diet plan..!!!

  59. I have had GM diet for a couple and i do it once a year, & every year I get the same results down 1o pds! I really does change your mentallity after day 7, therefore your eating habits change automaticly. If you plan on doing this diet, yet are debating on dont, becuase it really does work!

  60. I’ve been really good @ keeping the menu straight with day 1, but I have added eating fresh carrots. Is this ok?

  61. hey i just have a few questions, how am i suppose to cook my rice? can i use uncle bens rice? plus how much rice can i eat? also when i finish the diet can i resume my regular healthy eating habits?

  62. i’ll be starting day 4 tomorrow, so far its been good I still crave other peoples food ofcorse but Ive stuck to the diet so far..Im looking foward to banana milk and soup day….I started at 144.1 and on day 2 i weighed 140 even i was floored, this must be detoxing my body….I feel more clear in every way less brain fog, anywho do you think its possible for me to lose the full 10 pounds Im 5 feet 4 inches started at 144.1 and im athletic?

  63. I’am very amazed that I lost 11 pounds in six days of the GM diet. I was skeptical when I first started, but once I got through the first day (which was the hardest), everything else was smooth sailing after that. I’am here to tell you that this diet works. I was truly amazed.

  64. Hi after finish the 7 th day wht to do ?can i continue ? whn i have to take normal food
    plz reply

  65. Hey !! um on day 7 ..i want to repeat the diet but um asking about the interval ? should i take 1 day free or 1 meal free or start the second week immediatly ?? pllllllz answer me ?

  66. Can i drink gm cabbage soup everyday?

  67. Hi,
    On Day 5,6,7 can we substitute Brown Rice with Porridge, which is equally high on fibre.

    pls reply

  68. Day 5 and 10.2 lbs down! This really works! Days one and two were difficult, but it has been easy ever since! I have incorporated cardio and weights into each day. My head is clear and I feel great! I can’t wait to see the end results after day seven!!!!!

  69. i m 85 kg. how much will i loose in 1 week???

  70. hi, i m start gm diet and hope i will loss my weight

  71. Hi! I want to know that can i add salt in my vegetables or fruits and i hope will reduce my fat as well not only weight ?


  72. i am on the GM diet for the 4th time during one month is it harmful to be on this diet alot ??? i need to lose alot of pregnancy weight !!

  73. im wondering if corn and sprouts can be consumed during the vegetables day…as they are cereals

  74. hey completed ma 2nd day of gm diet itz vry helpful!!!!!

  75. I never had a fast in last 25years but tomorrow i will enter 7 th day of gm diet. i think it is because my detemination.i will have my weight tomorrow.

  76. Do u only eat what is assigned for that day or can you eat additional things not listed for that day? So if you get hungry for a snack you can’t have a few chips instead you just eat fruit as a snack? For dinner you just eat a ton of what is assigned for that day? Someone please please please answer this question

  77. I am on my day 5 and have lost 3 kgs this morning. I am soooooo happy. I also cheated a little. I used to have tea or coffee with sugarfree or equal with 2 tablespoons of milk once everyday. Also, used total of 3 teaspoons of oil in overall cooking in these 5 days. I have had half chappati too in between. inspite of all this, I am glad to see a reduced weight of 3 kgs so far. Will update the exact weight loss after 7 days.
    I really encourage everyone who wants to loose weight to go for it. Only 1st two days are a little tough and if you get through these 2 days, the other 5 days would be a piece of cake. As it is for veg version, i am sure you must have noted that the last 3 days you can eat brown rice and trust me altough it says just 1 cup cooked rice- Brown rice is very filling and you can have half of it in the morning and half in the night and put some lime juice on it if you don’t like the taste- (bythe way- ti liked the taste and am permanenetly switching over to brwn rice).

    All the best πŸ™‚

  78. Hi Samantha,

    If you feel like having chips in between snack, don’t hesitate to take 5-6 pieces but no more than that. Add a fruit that you like along in that mid day snack. And you do not have to eat exactly what is assigned and follow the exact reicpies- i have not followed any recipes infact. You can mix and match to match your taste buds and since this diet advises a lot of fruits and veggies- keep yourself loaded with those- raw or boiled- your option. As per what is assigned, yes stick to the stuff but not recipies-
    1st day- Only fruits- but no banana, no juices
    2nd- Only veggies- souped, cooked, grilled, raw- any how- and only 1 potato
    3rd- Combination of Veggies (souped, cooked, grilled, raw) and fruits- no juices. No potato at all and no banana at all on this day 3.
    4th- Feast day- 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk (Milk with tea/ coffee- without sugar- can add low calorie sweetner)
    5th- Unlimited tomatoes and 1 cup brown rice (1/2 cup brown rice in the morn and the other half in the afternnon or evening- avoid it at night). TIP- You can grill tomatoes and add lime on it with salt and pepper- it goes very well with brown rice.
    6th- 1 Cup brown rice and All veggies (souped, cooked, grilled, raw- your choice)
    7th 2 cups brown rice and All veggies (souped, cooked, grilled, raw- your choice) and can have 1 glass fruit juice.

    Note- You can have black tea or coffee during this diet.

    Done with your diet and lost 4-5 kgs minimum or more by now. Smile πŸ™‚

  79. Ok, Completed the diet last night and today I was 4 kgs lighter. Feels soooooooooo good. Never seen that weight on me since last 2 years. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  80. hi,
    i plan to start my plan tomorrow. however, i do not eat beef, could u suggest a substitute. i won’t even mind a completely vegetarian plan.

  81. hi,
    i intend starting my plan tomorrow. however, i do not eat beef, could u suggest a substitute. i won’t even mind a completely vegetarian plan.

  82. Hi Prashant,

    There is a complete veg version on this site-, I followed this and lost 4 kgs last time. Started again with 10 day gap. On my 2nd day niw, I have lost 1 kg on day 1. All the best! Remember only 1st day is the toughest, if u get through it, all other days will be relatively easy.

    Anita rajpal

  83. Hi Prashant- Here is yr veg plan – This is exactly ehat I followed-

    β€’Day 1. Only fruits. Just like in the regular GM diet, only fruits are allowed to be consumed on the first day. All fruits can be consumed in generous quantities except for bananas, as they are high in carbohydrates and potassium. Water intake should also be observed at 10-12 glasses during the whole day.
    β€’Day 2. The second day involves potato and vegetables. A cup of baked potato would serve as the body’s main energy source for the day, and then it can be followed up with vegetable dishes during lunch and dinner. Vegetable soup is highly powerful during this day, as it provides all the energy the body would need.
    β€’Day 3. Fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables may be served the whole day, from breakfast to dinner, including midday snacks. Fruit juice can also be taken aside from water, although no bananas or potatoes are allowed.
    β€’Day 4. Bananas and milk. Banana and milk combos may be consumed all day, with vegetable soup servings during lunch and dinner. Banana and milk may be taken in the form of shakes, during breakfast and midday snacks.
    β€’Day 5. Brown rice and tomatoes. Instead of beef, brown rice is used on Day 5. One cup of rice is good to last for the day together with tomatoes in order to induce cleansing.
    β€’Day 6. Brown rice and vegetables. On this day mixed vegetables may be consumed all day, together with one cup of rice.
    β€’Day 7. Up to two cups of brown rice may be consumed, together with fruit and vegetable servings.
    By the end of Day 7, you should be feeling much lighter and look more glowing. This is because the detoxification effects have already taken place and the body has already shed off 3-4 kgs.

  84. I am through with day 6 diet and have lost 1.5 kgs. I have never been big eater so following the given diet plan wasn’t difficult, but so much hype was created related to this diet plan but result is okay okay…

  85. I really want to try this diet, but I’ll allergic to bananas. Can anyone suggest an alternative? Thanks!

  86. Hi Carly,

    Have 4 cups of boiled beet or 4 cups of boiled spinach instead of banana as u need to have enough potassium on this day

  87. Yay!! Successfully completed the diet. Lost 4.5 kg in 7 days. Awesome. I will take a break for a week, and do it once more. Thanks!!

  88. Congrats Maya

    • Thanks, Anita. Unfortunately, I went back to my regular diet and sedentary lifestyle, and regained 1.5 kg in 20 days. But- no problem! I am now doing the GM Diet again, and have lost 3.5 kgs in the first 4 days.

  89. should i consume plain pasta on day 5

  90. No saba don’t have pasta. Have tomatoes and any protein like 10 egg white ,, soya, chicken brest , beef , etc

  91. i have lost 10 lbs after doing 2 cycles of gm diet program. will do 2 more cycles in the next few weeks to shed about 10 more lbs .yay!

  92. Dear anita,
    My wgt is 84kgs n i follow d diet properly but i lose only 2kgs,i eat plain rice n dat also only on 7th day…..can u plz give me any suggestion or can u plz if u can explain me where i m going wrong …….plz plz rply me i will be vry thankful to u……….n will wait for ur rply……

    • Hi Saba – you will lose weight if you stick to the diet plan religiously. Don’t cheat and don’t do your own modifications! I was 76 kgs on Nov 21 and today, I am 69.5 kgs. My target is to be 58 kg by March 31. This diet definitely works.

  93. A colleague told me about this diet plan yesterday… Read through it.. I’m on it, starting today. I am only a bit concerned cuz i have hypothyroid. So beef, broccoli and cabbage is a strict no no for me. Will substitute with somethings else I guess. I’m dying to take this 25 kilos off of me which I gained because of thyroid. I hope this works. I am 78 kilos now.. lets see how much I lose πŸ™‚ Oh , I had two carrots instead of apples today. I guess that’s okay cuz i don’t have apples at home πŸ™‚

  94. I completed the GM Diet for the first time on Nov 27 and lost 4.5 kg. In the next 20 days, I went back to my regular diet, and could not do any workouts. So, I regained 1.5 kg in 20 days. Now, I am doing the GM Diet again. Today is the 5th day, and I have already lost 3.5 kgs. This time I added interesting fruits and vegetables to my diet such as zucchini, asparagus, kiwis, guavas, etc. Also, last time, I did the vegetarian version of the diet and had brown rice on Days 5 and 6. This time I am doing the non-veg version and taking chicken breasts and fish on Days 5 and 6. Let me see if this has any effect on my weight loss. Anyway, wish me luck for the remaining 2 days πŸ™‚

  95. 2day is my 7th day…….i have done cheating while following d diet…..n d result is dat i hv gained 1 kgs instead of losing……. so plz whoever is following d diet do it sincerely or else d result will be d reverse…….

  96. Hi Saba,

    I also cheated but not much- however I still lost 3 kgs. In your case- either u r ceating a lot or its just water weight that u see. Son’t worry- check agian afer 5 days with your norma diet as today is your 7th so last day of GM diet. I am sure you must have lost atleast 2 kgs. Smile! You can do it again. Don’t worry too much.

    By the way- In your previous question – I suggest you do not have plain white rice. if you can’t have brown rice- have boiled dal instead without rice or rotis. That should work.! Sorry for replying soooooo late!

  97. last time i did the diet but hv cheated to some extent ….but still loosed1 kg…. i tried the diet 1 more time n did it sincerely till 4th day but on 5th day i was nt well i hd fever n so didn’t follow up the diet.2day is my 6th day n i wgt myself n found a shocking result that i gained 1n half kgs. i didn’t understood y this happened…..i am really tired by doing d diet n i think i must give up know …. i am totally depressed n i had a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad experience while following up d diet ….

  98. SABA- Firstly- Happy New Year and now- try it once more

    Saba- Pls don’t give up. There were times when with this diet and with lots of cheating, I have lost 1 kg instead of 2.5-3 kgs that I loose everytime otherwise. I have lost 11 kgs overall. Don’t give up pls.
    Last time since u were unwell the medicines must have had that weight gain effect on you. Also- keep in mind that sometimes it is water weight and also that we are ladies, during that time too there is a 1-1.5 weight gain or loss depending on our body responses.

    DO IT ONCE MORE THIS NEW YEAR WITH MINIMUM CHEATING AND LET ME KNOW THE RESULTS- Keep in mind u should never feel hungry that is where the diet may fail. You should keep eating the assigned food everytime so that u dont feel hungry.

    I also consulted my doctor and he said it is a good diet for effective weight loss in minimum time but u should keep eating and not starve.

  99. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U Anita n thank u for such a helpful n encouraging rply……. n i will definately try 1 more time without cheating n will let u know my result……..Thank u πŸ™‚

  100. Hello….I have been on several diets earlier and have lost quite a few pounds but with Chrissy & NY celebrations, I have added on a couple due to the festivities. I have not started the GM diet but will do so in all earnest. I wanted to check should I also hit the gym along with the GM diet and will there be any side effects like fatigue and low metabolism rate.

  101. Hello, I followed this diet plan and tomorrow is my 7th day , it was amazing experiance to feel the heating and burning fat all the day while waiting the balance scale how much it goes down every morning. I have never lost more than 500 gm in a week and Im losing now more than 800 gm every single day. I started with 75 kg and Im now 71. Thanks GM plan, I lost 4 kg in 6 days, I HOPE to lose more 1 kg in the last day. But I have to tell every interested one here to follow the plan precisely as it is.I also stucked to the gym every morning and was surprised how much I was energetic. I HOPE to keep my weight so I want to ask how can I avoid gaining what I lost again and what diet plan should I FOLLOW now to lose more weight ???? please help me !!!!

  102. On Day 4… I have lost 4 lbs so far and my tummy is SO flat.. Days 1-3 were killer as far as feeling so unsatisified, but today I feel great!!

  103. On day 2 , I had dreams of having Burgers last night …… it says here i can have cooked veggies … any suggestions how ?? also can i substitute beef with anything , its not available in my area. Thanks all πŸ™‚

  104. Hi, brown rice is not available , can I have wheat rothi ??

  105. Hi, i wish to start this diet, i want to reduce around 15-20 lbs , i am a vegetarian i want to know the diet for day 5&6 for a vegetarian instead of beef (non vegetarian) items. pls reply…….

  106. Hi Ragesh- For veg- there is a substitute- eat brown rice instead of beef or daal.
    Sadiq- Have daal- no wheat rotis at all pls. u need proteins So u can also have egg white instead- Egg white quantity on day 5 would be 12 egg whites. If daal- have 1 bowl masoor or tuar daal. paneer is also good source of protein but has unwanted calories so don’t have that otherwise u wont loose any weight for that particular day. – Anita Rajpal

  107. This is the 5th time i am doing it. i have lost a total of 12 kgs so far and hey i do a lot of cheating. Every single day – i have 3 cups of tea with 1 biscuit for the entire day (i divide that 1 biscuit). Also i taste 1 to 2 table sppon of what ever is made at home for others. Also I add 1 table spoon of mayo to my salad on veges day. So ppl DO NOT loose hope and try it for sure. πŸ˜€

  108. This is the 3rd time I am doing the GM Diet. I did one cycle in November, 1 in December and now the third cycle. Today is the 6th day. My weight was 76 kg before the first cycle, and today morning, it was 68 kg. Losing 8 kgs in 3 months is not bad πŸ™‚ In between the cycles, I ate whatever I wanted. GM Diet rocks!

  109. Seventh day getting over, wondering what to have for dinner, thought of cheating but will abstain from adventures. It’s gone great till now, plus 5 kg’s gone taking along 1 1/2 inches on waist. Planning 3 cycles of the plan in 45 days to loose12-14 kg’s.

  110. today is my day 6 and I already lost 3 kg Amazing result .And now i,m wearing my old clothes i,m so happy
    thank u GM DIET Love this diet.

  111. Yesterday was my day-7. I’ve completed with 92.2 kg which reduced by 5.3 Kg from day-1. GM Diet is Marvelous one. My Results inspired my roommates to follow the Great GM diet. I would Recommend this Diet, whoever need to reduce weight.
    Strictly follow the workout. i Did Yoga & Thread Mill for 30 mins on the alternative days.
    My Objective to reach 80 kg.

  112. Day 7 starts with planed food intake – it is Mad Monday at office with conference calls and followups to the boot.

    Had spiced falttened rice with onions (onions and Poha in India) for breakfast – had a 1/4 cup of tea too (cheating!!)

    I have Soup with soy chunks ready for lunch and carying strawberries and black grapes for munching through the day.and yes a few moong sprouts too

    Not decided about dinner – lets see how this day goes..

  113. Morning of Day 8 – checked weight – 8.8 pounds / 4 KGs lighter. πŸ™‚

    Permenant lifestyle changes are planned :
    Stopped high fat dairy products and suger in form of tea I used to have (about 8 standard cup sizes everyday)and in my region we have tea boiled with lot of milk and sugar.

    Limited wheat and processed bakery products intake to minimum possible.

    Resistance to fried snack and street food of Mumbai (Bombay) is hard but working towards it.

    and yes – walking everyday – planning to enter StanChart Mumbai Marathon 2014 – Dream Dream run.
    I will surely post back often and update. ..

    God bless…


    • Great going. πŸ™‚

    • Cool! From my experience, you will regain about 1.5 kg in a month or so :):) I think it’s best to repeat this diet once in a while. I have a target weight that I want to reach by my wedding anniversary in May. We are renewing our vows and I want to fit into my wedding gown πŸ™‚ In my 10 years of marriage, I gained 16 kgs. 8 gone, 8 more to go. Wish me luck!

  114. My total weight loss after 5 times of GM diet and with loads of cheating- is 14 kgs. Another 8 kgs to go. πŸ˜€

    • Sorry this was my 6th time, not 5th, LOL

    • Thats really great Anita. I am doing it for the first time. On my day 5 now (lentils & tomato, as I don’t get brown rice in my region, and I am a pure veggie).. Haven’t checked the weighing scale yet… Keeping my fingers crossed to get the best out of this attempt… πŸ™‚

  115. Hi im just starting today and tel u

  116. i do not eat beef, could u suggest a substitute…can anyone tel me

  117. !st time I am doing GM diet. Today is my 2nd day. As I am having thyroid it is very difficult for me to lose weight. I have tried many ways to lose weight. But within a day I have lost 1 kg. I am feeling like flying. I am going gym and doing workouts for 2 hours a day. Pls suggest me other that cabbage soup.

    • cabbage can be had raw with other veggies if you dont want to have it in soup. Mix cabbage with any other veggies of your choice and you can add very little dressing- not more than 1 tablespoon. i do that.

  118. hi everybody,

    I had done this diet a few years ago to lose some weight and i had lost only 6 pounds. i was ok with that cos i was 138 lbs then n wanted to be a bit lighter and i also cheated then ;P

    I tried to go back to this diet again but failed miserably by either quitting or just plain distractions parties and stuff. but this time i was determined to follow it religiously cos i checked my weigh on thursday, 2/31/2013 at a friends place out of the blue and it was 148 lbs. i knew i was gaining weight based on the tyres i had on my upper body ;p. this really freaked me out cos i hav never been 148 lbs in my life and at an age(31) where fat is accumulating everywhere and not burning cos i dont exercise at all. so i started this diet on sunday and followed it without cheating or quitting.the first two days were horrifying but i noticed that its just those two days of only fruits and only veggies that you have to bear. i drank loads of water to fill my tummy. and most of my weight loss was during the first 3 days. today is day 7 and i went down from 148 lbs to ………………………drum rolls…………………………………..134 lbs. OMG i am so happy with the results. i do feel lighter and my tummy feels flatter. i am gna take a break like for a week and do this diet again cos i want to go back to being 125 lbs which used to be my original weight.

    I am glad with the results and will try to maintain the weight hopefully. and i also plan to do the diet every 6 months just to cleanse my system. everybody is different and their body may react differently to diets. follow a plan that suits u the best and give this one a try.

    • OMG, CONGRATULATIONS πŸ˜€ :D, thats a lot of wt loss in 1 week. Pls cheat a lil if you have to coz otherwise it gets difficult to follow (in your words- Horrifying). Also otherwise on 1st day one leaves the diet as it can cause weakness. Cheating along the way in this diet helps me do it more often, I was super overweight so I did it every alternate week with loads of cheating and it was no more a diet for me. i has become a way of life which is not horrifying. i cheat when i want to – but I control portions. I have lost 30 Ibs along the way and still reducing. So I recommend a lil cheating so that i is no lnger a diet program but your daily life.

      • hey anita.thanks.i know what u mean about not looking at this as a fact its easier when u just wake up in the morning n say hey im gna eat only fruits today :-P.
        im still at 134 gna repeat again from monday.will update yhe results.from each day n what i ate too.i like this site.kinda motivates you.r u still doing the diet?

  119. Can anyone tell me something, I have completed the GM diet yesterday, when I started I was 68 kg and after completing my weight is 65.5 kg, I haven’t cheated at all during the whole week and yet I lost so less, is it because I was only 6 kg overweight I lost less than what others lose? If anyone knows anything about this please share and help me out. I am feeling quite miserable and demotivated any insight on this matter would help. Thanks.

  120. hey, it is a good amount of loss- everyones body reacts differently. And yes, it is also beacuse you are only 6 kgs over wt. I lose only 2 kgs everytime i do it (with cheating). So be happy. Which other diet would let u lose 2.5 kgs ina week, SMILE πŸ™‚ just do it once again later and u will be perfect.

    • thnx for the boost up..i really was hoping to lose 5 kg i am planning to do the diet again but this will hit the gym as let’s see how that turns out however will have to find another free week to run the experiment

  121. Actually, if you are a working professional, then a little cheating helps in completing the diet. A couple of cups of black sugar-less tea helps me fight off the headaches that I get on Days 1 and 2. Also, I cook my veggies in a spoonful of extra-lite olive oil.

  122. This is my second time on the diet. The first time was a success lost 8 lbs. So far the 2nd time I have lost 7 lbs after day 5, I am very excited about that. I have 2 days to go so we’ll see. This time I had more canteloupe and watermelon, more fresh veggies steamed or boiled and drank a lot of water. I substituted chicken on day 5 instead of beef, but only had 21 oz. On day 6 I am eating beef patties and having a steak for dinner. With lots of water. The next time I do the diet I will have fish instead of beef. I feel so good after doing this diet it is unbelievable. I can’t believe people that criticize this diet, I think they just don’t have the will power to do it or just don’t like to eat healthy. ( Just my opinion ) Have a great day everyone, will talk later, Wish me well, Michele

  123. Superb…Excellent…!! I am in last day of my diet and sucessfully burned 6.61387 pounds(3 kg) in just 7 days of GM diet plan..Thanks guys who really worked on this to find out formula for instant weight reduction..!!

    Thanks guys..!! πŸ™‚

  124. Hi All,

    I did this last week till day 4, checked my wt after 4th day of this plan and reduced 3kg. after this i discontinued and went for normal food with lil quantity. now gained again same wt of 3kg.. planning to start again.


  125. Hi m starting gm diet from tomorrow my weight is 67 wish me luck

  126. hey i m going to start dis diet from tomorrow i just have 1 q in mind i do muscle training and cardio each alternative day is it fine cause i m 70 and my TARGET IS 50

  127. today is my 8th day…and i checked my weight…and ders a loss of 2kg..its ok and m happy

  128. Hi, Im on day 7 today. First thing in the morning I weighed myself and i lost 6kg already.Horray!!! I was 60kg 6 days ago and its amazing after day 6 im 54kg already! Thanks for the GM diet plan! I wonder what would be my weight tomorrow after finishing today my Day7? I am recommending this plan to my family and friends at work and they are going to try this!!

    • Congrats lily, thats amazing- good that you could follow it strictly. Seldom I hear that someone lost 6 kgs through this diet. Amamzing, Super Amazing! πŸ™‚ Kudos!!!

  129. Thank u 2 u Anita……its just b’coz of u i tried…….:)n 1 more thing i started d diet again n 2day is my 2nd day….

    • WoW! thats nice- that u r trying it for the 2nd time. And it is not because of me but your determination and will that you could do it. I am sooooooooooooo proud of u! πŸ™‚

  130. Today is day 7 =D finally
    I think lost about 2 kg i’m looking forward tomorow weight!
    I’m planing on keep repeating it few times more but will have break for 2-3 days =)

  131. me on my 5th day. Lost only 600 gms. Jus frustrated. i’m 86 i need to slim down to 60.

  132. Day 7 has finally arrived. Lost 15 lbs. Tough diet you definetly crash around 2 or 3 o’clock on days 1 and 2. Gets much easier as the week goes on I feel great . Folks that are big on working our/runners you will be ligh headed.

  133. This diet seems really cool, and reading everyone’s comments is very motivating. I’m goin to start this diet tommorrow. Just have a question along with this diet should I be exercising? And I’m 159p need to get down to 132p, should take some time, but I have only a month and a half. :/ I just really hope this diet works and even if I lose 10p a week thats beyond awesome. Just really do hope this works. *fingers crossed*, and I will keep you all posted.

    • Hi PB,

      yes pls keep us posted. Don’t target for any weight , just start. if you are trying it for the 1st time, u will definitely lose 1 kg on day 1. And do keep a gap of atleast 3 days before u start next week or else the diet will not be effective.


  134. i am day 5 of GM and I am doing it since November. A total weight loss of 17 kgs so far. 5 more to go to get to a normal weight range. Yes! I was REALLY REALLY FAT. πŸ˜€
    But not anymore- thanks to GM diet πŸ˜€

  135. I am on day 5 of GM and I am doing it since November. A total weight loss of 17 kgs so far. 5 more to go to get to a normal weight range. Yes! I was REALLY REALLY FAT. πŸ˜€
    But not anymore- thanks to GM diet πŸ˜€

  136. 2day is 7th day ……….n i loosed only 1 kgs ………y only me …….every 1 looses more dan 3kgs but i always loose only 1 or 2kgs……… i m really upset abt it…………

  137. Just finished day 7 yesterday. i lost 4.60lbs. I started at 161.8 and i’m now 157.2. i was going for 5lbs just because i know my body doesnt lose weight fast. i will def repeat this cleanse again in 2 weeks. it really wasnt that bad because i’ve been doing a Paleo challenge so cutting out carbs was not a big deal.

  138. hi,can we continue gm diet during periods??

  139. My boyfriend and I tried this about a month ago, and it works. I’ll tell you though, the first few days are awful with cravings. After you get past those, you feel great. I lost 9 lbs and he lost 12. We had a lot more energy and felt great afterwards.

  140. I’m on Day 7 now and have lost 4 lbs so far. That’s a huge deal for me as I am only 4′ 11” tall. After Day 7, can I rest for 1-2 days and start the diet all over again? I’m really glad I tried it! I wasn’t a fan of vegetables before but learned to love it in the last few days (and today, I’m currently enjoying salad). Thanks!

  141. I love all the comments and suggestions this sounds so simple and easy to follow. I will be starting today. Wish me luck. I will update with my progress see you in seven days.

  142. Hi, I tried GM diet during March 2013 and it really worked for me. I lost 4.4 kg after 7 days. I was 79 before this plan and 74.6 after diet. I feel very much lite on my belly. It is only first 2 days which is difficult to pass through. Otherwise, its cool… Easy and Great method to lose your weight. Donot go for any other plans… GM diet really works… I will try another session in the coming month.

  143. GM diet workssss!!!!!!!
    I lost 3.4kg.thanx to GM


    My target was 5 kg and I’ve lost 5.5 kg..before starting with this plan..i weighted 79 kg now I have come down to 74.5 kg..

    This is the most practical and healthy plan to weight loss…my skin has radiantly transformed and there is a distinct glow in my face now.

    Be committed with this entire 7 days and you will see it yourself. Please note the first two days are the toughest and you will feel slight headache in the forehead. Once you pass on the fourth day, the rest goes smoothly..

    Wish you all a happy weight loss program. Share your success story and pass this plan to others in need

    Regards to all

  145. I read all the comments and I am now wondering if I am losing weight too fast. I lost 12 lbs in 4 days, I am now on my fifth day. I haven’t had any problems sticking to the diet. I understand how the foods work in the body to cause the body to react a specific way and to burn the fat and shed the water. So I don’t cheat with the foods that are specified. The hardest day that I have had is today when I started putting meat back into my diet. It made me crave fruit. So by tomorrow I will be more than ready to add the fruit back into my diet.
    I plan on doing the diet on alternate weeks until I hit my goal weight and by that time I should have the healthier eating back to a routine.

  146. Well Lennia as per I know…the maximum amounts of weight loss through this program is about 17lbs in a week time. And since on the fourth day you lost 12 lbs..I must say you are perfectly going fine on this diet.

    Cheers on that πŸ™‚

  147. Hi all,

    lets see..its my 3rd day today.. i need to shed my post pregnancy fat .. wish me luck..

  148. People- I have now lost a total of 20 kgs after 8 times of gm diet n loads of cheating. So never ever lose hope n keep doing it, even it means losing 1 kg every week during this diet.

  149. Hi,
    I am suffering from hypothyroid and PCOD. Can I follow the GM diet plan. Also i am 30 kgs overweight, but my face is not fatty at all. Will this diet plan reduce my face more, as after that my face will start looking bad?


  150. Also, what to do after 7th day? To repeat GM diet plan or a gap? If gap, then how much?

  151. hey everyone,

    this is my round 2 of the diet. i did round 1 a few months ago and lost around 13 lbs. i was 148 and went down to 135 lbs and i am still the same weight. i wanted to do it sooner but just got busy with work so couldnt do it.

    well, today is day 2. all ive had so far is a boiled potato with some snow peas and for afternoon i had a huge bowl of green leaf salad.
    day 1 was ok. i slept through most part of the day cos i was quite drowsy. everything else was just great. I plan to have a cucumber for a snack and then finish the day with some fried veggies in a tsp spoon of oil.

    cant wait for day three.

  152. it is really working
    i lost 4 kg in 7 days

  153. Completed 7 days on Monday … I started GM diet with weight of 82.4 KGs…. today i checked it and it has gone down to 79.2 Kg… that is a starightforward loss of 3.2 Kg….. on top of it i finally started sweating after so many years…. Can anybody tell what next…. as i dont want to gain fat again…?

    • Just keep eating light meals every 2-3 hrs and you will keep the fat away!

    • please let us know the actual what you have taken on each day… it may be little big but for the use of others please provide the daily items what you have taken. if they are cooked what you have taken and what is the quantity? and number of time you have taken them on daily. finally if you are VEG… it may help most of them one who wont eat the NON-VEG.

  154. hey um not loosing any weight.. today is my day 4. i am having exercise as well. and strictly following the plan. bt not loosing any weight.can any one help me out. plss

  155. Convincing. I am going to give it a try.

  156. I followed the GM diet last year and lost 9lbs in one week.
    I am going on holiday in 3 weeks time so Im going to give it another go to get my beach bod.

    Can I do it for a week, then eat healthy and exercise for a week, then do it for another week just before i go away?

  157. Starting my GM diet from tomorrow. Will club it with morning cardio exercise. will post my result on 7th day.

  158. cheated on the last day. So actually lasted only 6 days. Ended up with a chicken sausage and bread for breakfast. Planning to just have one more meal of brown rice and veggies for dinner. Back to working out!

  159. How i can maintain the reduced weight after 7 days GM diet ?
    After What

  160. What kind of diet/health plan do you want to follow? Paleo, Vegetarian, etc.

    You have to stop eating empty calories if you are. Eat whole natural organic foods. Most people need a total lifestyle change. The diet to me is a good kickstart into 1.

  161. Hi every one,

    let me know heir what it means –1 cup of brown rice? is it 1 cup of normal rice which need to cook and eat(if it is 1 cup=250gms) after cooking it will equal to 3 cups of cooked rice. OR heir 1 cup of rice is already cooked rice?

    please answer this….


  162. cooked rice πŸ™‚

  163. today i have completed my 3 day of GM Diet and i lost 2.3kg…Am really happy to get this rapid result πŸ™‚

  164. Starting my GM diet from tomorrow. Will club it with morning cardio exercise. will post my result on 7th day.

  165. Finished one full week…and lost 8.3 LB… πŸ™‚

    1st day (7/15) = 186.2 LB
    4th day (7/18) = 180.5 LB
    5th day (7/19) = 179.0 LB
    7th day (7/21) = 177.9 LB

  166. WOW nice results….

  167. I am pure veg.What to take intead of beef.

  168. Hi, I’m already on my 7th day tomorrow and I’m losing weight already. My arms and tummy is getting smaller! GM diet really works for me πŸ™‚ Any suggestion on what is an alternative for strawberry as a snack? Thanks

  169. Hi,its hard to find strawberries in our country. Can I replace it with grapes or pineapple instead of strawberry? Would it be alright to eat it for mid afternoon snack on Day 7 instead of strawberries?

  170. try and only do berries, low in sugar, but if you have to do green apples or grapes for the snack.

  171. I have started my GM diet three days before. So far i have lost only 2lbs. Lost my hope:-( …….

  172. Keep hope, it’s only been 3 days, you may have list more but may be retaining some water weight. So keep it going until the end,

  173. Thanks for your comments… let me continue the diet till day 7.

  174. Hey I hav just lost 1 kg and this is my 6 th day … Y is it not working ???

  175. kind of a loaded question, tons of possibilities
    Best to join the forum so we can dialogue on it.

  176. A week before i have completed my first set of GM diet. Lost only 1.5kgs. Will redo it repeatedly to lose more. During the 7 day GM diet i was seated in an AC room, may be thats the reason for low wt loss because the heat generated in our body during fat burning might be compensated by the cooling ? am just trying to understand. Please explain……..Can anyone explain what process happens in our body while undergoing GM diet? Very eager to know!!!!!!!!

  177. Sorry last week only i completed GM diet…

  178. Hi everyone,
    I took the GM diet for two weeks and reduced around 12kgs. Right now my wholebody feel light and energetic. I want to know wheher I Can hit the gym and start fitness and get the shape I wanted.. PLS HELP…

  179. Great news… Yes you can hit the gym, but consider a burst or HIT style training as opposed to the traditional. Easier and better for the body…

  180. I started GM diet last year and I’ve been doing this whenever I see my weight is getting heavier. This week I was 178lbs and on the 7th day of GM diet I’m at 164lbs. (I lost 14 lbs!) but what keeps me wondering, eversince I started this GM diet, is that whenever I hit a weight of 157 lbs I don’t lose anymore weight. Does it mean I plateau’d already and GM diet wont be effective on my body type at that weight level?

  181. Hey Joule, this happens on many diets, called a set weight point so to speak, have to work hard, eat healthy to get past it. Google it and see what you find. It is not specific to this diet.

  182. I wanna know the recipe of brown rice..
    Plz help me..

  183. Brown rice, sorry not me, I just do a stir fry with it… I have no imagination when it comes to rice πŸ™

  184. I am on Day 3 and feels like i will break down anytime.

    It has made be more hungry than any other time. I feel dizzy too.
    The only good part is in two days i have lost 3 pounds.

  185. Hey Nani πŸ™‚
    Hang in there, keep this in mind, you may not feel so well when going on this diet. When (if you eat these things) cut grains, processed foods, sugar, caffeine and so on it can really take a toll. The good thing about this diet is that it does allow fruit, so the fructose in that can help.

  186. Hi All,

    Today was my 7th Day and i was very much conscious whether things would have worked well or not. But my thinking was wrong and I lost 4.2 Kg. I am very much happy and will keep following this diet once in a month…Thanks all for all the info that has been provided and it was very helpful.

    Cheers !!!!

  187. Great news Amrinder, have a good post diet plan πŸ™‚

  188. Hi,
    I am on Day 4 and have a question for Day 7, Can I substitute borwn rice with brown bread?
    And can I have paneer or lentils instead of beef?

  189. Lentils OK, no bread though sorry. Bread not good. Quinoa fine also

  190. can i eat chapati instead of brown rice? pls advise

  191. I cannot at all ever recommend eating bread,sorry… especially not on this diet πŸ™

  192. Hi
    Started the diet yesterday. Cheated on two small cups of tea, with very little sugar and skimmed milk powder. Lost 1 kg on day 1. Hoping to reduce lot more.
    Had all kinds of fruits and a little of wonder soup on day 1.

  193. Hi! Is there any other alternative for brown rice? It’s not available in our place and if it is available it is VERY expensive πŸ™

  194. Quinoa? What else do you have in your area?

  195. Can one eat fruits on day7. How much rice? It is my last day today

  196. a bowl of rice with each of the 3 meals and eat fruit as you want

  197. Can i have Moong Dal Fry along with a cup of brown rice on day 7 lunch?

  198. Babu, not if it’s fried.

  199. im on my 5th day and i have lost 11 pounds already. i thought day 5 would be easy but it seems to be the hardest. i dont want to eat a lot of beef because i might gain pounds.

  200. Hey..

    Have started the diet today..after 5 days break. Lost 3 kgs last time..with limited cheating ofcourse..(had small cup of thin tea, with one biscuit, 3 times).
    Apart from that, maintained most of it. Rod–I found day 5 difficult too. Iam a vegetarian, so tried eating a cup of brown rice only, and 6 tomatoes. It was real hard.
    Hope to lose more this time around.

  201. Hang in there, keep in mind a few biscuits and the wrong beverages will more than likely alter your results greatly. Keep it up though πŸ™‚

  202. Hi
    Can I have sprouts and sweet corn on day 2 of the diet ??

  203. Yes on sprouts, no on sweet corn

  204. I am in 4th day and i find a glowing skin on my face. At least for this, i will follow this diet..

  205. Hi all i started Gm diet. Today is my 2nd day and i lost 3 lbs in one day, i can also see my face loosing chubby cheeks. Thats wonderful! but i am very badly carving for cheese, milk, bread :'(. Now i realize all the food i have been eating is not at all healthy. I love Gm diet. iam gaining all my will power to complete this succesfully.

  206. Dear Author,

    If coffee is allowed during this diet, is this kind of sweetener allowed in the coffee? It seems quite different from the other sweeteners: Truvia

    And last question: In the tomatoe soup, for a little bit of flavour, is half of the following broth allowed: ?

    Thank you as always for being so kind!


    • I am not big on fake sweeteners, especially Truvia. Your body is not fooled. On this diet cut sugar for only 7 Days, please. If you need some, use rarely organic pure stevia.

    • Sorry, Knorrs? I only use real stock, I do not recommend but up to you if it’s all you can get πŸ™‚

  207. Breakfast:

    Brown rice with stir fried carrot, marrow, onion & 2 mushrooms
    1 Red apple


    2 squeed oranges + 1 squeezed lemon


    Green Salad


    Green Salad
    1 Apple

    Admin, so I can understand that coffee is allowed for this diet right?

    Please what about:

    -few olives in salads
    -capers in salads
    -and balsamic vinegar? As I am gonna re-do the diet after 1 week, that’s why I’m asking.

    Thank You! I successfully completed the diet, and I will weigh myself tomorrow!!

  208. So here are my results: From 79 I went down to 75! To tell you the truth, since on my day 4 my weight dropped down by 3 kg, I was expecting to lose another 3 kg till the end but, anyway, 4 kgs are fine, since with another diet I’ve lost 4.5kg in two weeks. I am now having one week off – eating healthy & exercising and I will re-start again next Monday to lose further weight. I am aiming to go down to 60kg till the end of the year and I believe that this is possible with the GM diet!!

    Author, when you can please, can you answer my questions so that I will have an answer when my 2nd round of this diet begins?

    Thank you :))

  209. Dear Author,

    Thanks a lot!

    My questions were the following:

    (1) Can we take grapes on our fruit days?
    (2) Can we use few olives in the salads?
    (3) Can we use capers in the salads?
    (4) Can we use some balsamic vinegar in the salads

    Thank you!!

    • 1) Yes on grapes, but not too many, it cannot be the main fruit.
      2) Olives? few, what kind of oil have they been in? Maybe a just a few, but watch what the olives are in oil wise.
      3) Capers, fine but just a few to season food.
      4) Vinegar fine πŸ™‚

  210. Hi Author,

    I meant balsamic vinegar, is that ok please? And also coffee?

  211. My day 7:

    Breakfast: Brown rice + Stir fried vegs & 1 apple

    Snack: 1 slice melon

    Lunch: Finished the rice & vegs from the morning

    Snack: Fresh fruit smoothie

    Dinner: Fresh salad & 1 apple

    How does it look?

    Will weigh myself tomorrow morning and will post the results although I don’t think I’ve lost I’ve lost much this time :/

  212. Only lost 1kg during all the 7 days :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  213. some people lose like 7kg with this diet :'(

  214. Hi Author,

    I have followed the diet as per the schedule.
    But only thing I’m not able to eat the full quantity mentioned in your schedule I had little less then what is mentioned in the diet.
    ex: Day 4 2 glasses of milk and 5 big bananas.
    But in total I had lost only 3lbs in these past 5 days.
    today I’m on my 6th day.
    Only eating 4pcs of chicken leg piece baked and some sprouts with the green tea w/o sugar and water.

    My weight is 140lbs for my height I have to be 135lbs need to lose another 5 lbs can u pls give me some tips.
    looking forward for your reply


    • day 2 not great to add more bananas and not eat a little soup. it only calls for 4 bananas total, 3 if you do not take a snack, so basically that day you had too much sugar essentially, kind of off balance. But just do the best you can. It seems like you are more fasting than anything here and only eating a little food.

  215. ( i dont like rice) Can i have a substite for brown rice on day 7 please?

  216. Lost 2.5 kgs in Total after GM diet.. πŸ™‚
    Will follow it again..

  217. On Homepage you are writing
    “Sunday: 4 3oz beef steaks with fresh vegetables and brown rice”

    However on day 7 page you are writing:
    “While no beef or other types of meat may be consumed”

    Thats highly confusing, can you please clarify …

    • That is not meant to be your guide, just a sample. use each day to do that, it was a sample, however I will change it. Just follow this page for your day 7 plan.

  218. Hi

    Can u please suggest me what is alternative for beef to continue my diet plan. Can i proceed with chicken?

  219. This is my 4th time in a little over a year to do the GM diet. I usually use it after a vacation or a holiday, or the back -to -work- lack -of- time- poor eating….I typically eat well and lean toward portion control and healthy choices most of the time. I made these changes about 18 months ago, and added in physical activity 5 days a week. I have lost 50 lbs. and kept it off. I find that this cleanse diet just makes me feel better. It ‘resets’ my tastebuds to healthier eating (like after Thanksgiving choices!) and helps me to ‘shred’ off those lbs. I find during those ‘times’! Day 1 and 2 are pretty easy for me. Day 3 is that ‘weak’ day that I find hard in the morning, but it gets better. It works. I lose anywhere from 6-9 pounds, and my husband lost 12 (the one time that he did the diet). After day 7, I truly feel energized and back in control of my ‘input’.
    I do continue to take my supplements and vitamins, and since now I only drink water, black coffee and tea (mostly decaf green) anyway, that’s not an issue. Hydration is IMPORTANT,
    I take Spirulina to maintain some protein as I do box or kickbox several days a week.
    I follow the diet pretty strictly, but do substitute quinoa for one of the Day 7 servings.
    I add cinnamon to the banana shake, and use Almond Milk instead of dairy.
    I do appreciate GM for this diet, and for the results.
    I’m now on day 4 of this round ~ thawing out my meat for tomorrow! πŸ™‚
    Good luck everyone Be strong.

    • Awesome, your substitutions seems fine and just what I would do. I do love raw milk, but like to use almond here and there…. You have said it best, the diet can be great, but you have made a lifestyle change and that;s what this diet should lead everyone to…

  220. Hello Author,

    Please suggest how one should have food after day 7? How can we maintain reduced weight? Since last 2 times I reduced 3-4 KG and again gain the same after a week. Pls advise

  221. hi to all…..i have successfully completed this diet and almost lost 6kgs……planning to do again after 5 days gap….A BIG THNX TO G.M DIET PLAN…..

  222. what is the alternative option for brown rice?????

  223. i have successfully completed DAY-7 today. diet went very well and i have seen great change in mine in terms of cleansing the system, glowing in face etc. but loss is not as expected. could you please suggest me that when can i start the next plan? i mean howmnay days we can give gap between next plan.

  224. NO.. i am non-vegetarian. I believe I have got enough fat.Many thanks for your suggession.

  225. This is the second time I am doing this in three’s really working guys I already lost 4 kg on ma fifth day..

  226. I am going to start from tommorow…
    wish me best of luck πŸ˜›
    ps. wondering if it will work in my case or not πŸ™
    I am 86 kg now and want to reduce my weight to 75kgs…
    Please suggest me something to make it more effective…
    I really want to lose my weight πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Good luck, stick with it and you can knock some weight off, after though you must make a lifestyle change, happy to help when you finish…

  227. HI i have lost 4kgs in 4 days thanks for gm diet plan.

  228. i love thid diet.. i lost 4 kg on my 6th day..cheers

  229. i lost 5kg on my 6th day.. thank you

  230. Today is my last day and I’ve already lost 3 kgs, from 74kgs to 71 kgs. I’ll check tomorrow for final weight loss. I went to gym after 5 days and I felt really good. I was able to do treadmil for 20 minutes with 97 meters climb. Overall feeling is good.

  231. hi i was 67.5 when i started ma diet at the end of 3rd day i lost 2 kg(65.4) bu at the end of 5 th day i was 66.5
    i think because of the brown rice πŸ™
    pls guide me

  232. no sir
    till 3rd day i Meticulously followed
    fourth day morning banana and skimmmed milk,noon gobi (baked) and for night soup
    fifth day morning soup ,mid morning sprouts lunch brown rice and daal

    • yah, looking at your list, you are way off on the plan, may want to start over… You have to follow this diet as it is laid out, your day far is so far off and day 5 as well, sorry.

  233. today my 5th day i already lost 4 kgs..istart

  234. today my 5th day and i already lost 4 kg..i start with 82.8 now i am 78.6.
    cheers !!

  235. today is 5th day. i dont have brown rice so what i can eat..can i eat sprouts ?

  236. so what i can eat.sience i m pure veg n dont have brown rice

  237. can i eat 1 cup of moong sprouts with tomatos

  238. Hello today is my first day.
    Uptill now I had fruits in breakfast and honey melon in lunch followed by 2 cups of tea one in morning and now in afternoon. Is it ok. I am feeling hungry and less energetic. My weight is 70 kg want to reduce it to 60 kg. I have a thyroid so my body has tendency to gain weight. Please suggest me.

    • tea is great no sweetener. eat the soup when hungry do not starve on this diet you have to eat. Thyroid, tough one, is it hypo or hyper?

      • Thanks for your suggestions and reply too. My thyroid is hypo. At dinner I ate sweet potato and milk with 1 tbs of sugar. Is it ok . I am late to saw your reply. Whole day I had 8 glass of water too.

        • sweet potato and sugar? oh no, you are on the wrong diet. Sorry, You may want to start over and read this diet here. Sorry. Sugar is not OK, never in my opinion. Sweet potato not OK on day 1. If you are Hypo, you may want to consider cutting gluten and sugar. You may want to do some research on it. Sorry….

      • Shall I continue with 2nd day or need to restart .

  239. i finished my diet plan on 11th now i want to do when i start it again..after break of 2 weeks or more ?
    plz suggest

  240. I am allergic to bananas. What can I substitute it with?

  241. I also don’t eat beef. Can I substitute it with ground turkey?

  242. Completed 7 days with cheating in day 7 with 1/2 cup of tea + sugar+milk and a piece of fried chicken… Ended up with a loss of 4kg… I’m so happy. Hats off for GMD. Will continue after 1 week. And another good thing is i feel nauseated by the taste of sugar in the tea !!!!!. So plan to discontinue sugar forever…. Thanks admin for the clarifications….

    • I have been eating nutrient dense real foods for a long time, it is amazing how you will lose the taste for some stuff. But beware, as has happened to me before it can sneak right back in.

  243. HI Author, kinda realy happy i have finished , i am on a weight loss regime for last one year ,have lost 23 kgs so far , so all of sudden veggies and fruits were no big deal for me weight was a little stuck as weight wasnt dropping any further… gm diet made wonders .. no fancy ways of eating fruits or veggies .. did exactly as suggested … with gym ( i have been doing it for an year now) might surprise you i started at 83.8 kgs .. m on my last day today .. i weighed 74.6 in the morning …so 9.2 kgs …:-) πŸ™‚ m sure some of it would come back once i go back to my normal routine ..i have heard this diet is water loss πŸ™ .. not sure though.. .. i would love to repeat in another week ,, where in two questions for you .. 2nd day i ate sweet potato instead of potato .. is that fine ? and precisely what all days salt is allowed …. coz wonder soup is recomennded on all days .. and soup has salt .. i ate salt just on 4th 5th and 6th day …

    • really 9.2kgs of water loss, that’s silly for people to say. More than likely people that say that failed at the diet or have another diet for you to do. facts are the diet can work, but how you eat and live afterwards is the big deal here.

      salt is fine, as well as other dry spices and herbs. Sweet potato OK…

  244. I have just completed the diet and lost 5 kgs. I feel lighter and very good.. I love my food and starting the diet wasn’t easy..I remember first day..I ate lots of fruits..not because I was hungry..but feared that fruits alone wud not do My best day was milk and bananas …I loved it.. And body just wanting healthy foods. It’s an amazing diet.. Not only did I loose weight..I feel good..very good..I definitely have to do it again.. I need 5 more kgs off..

    • Keep this eating lifestyle change up πŸ™‚

      Keep in mind when choosing food, ask is it natural, no chemicals or junk and is it nutrient dense…

  245. Hey … on 7th day .. can we have oats instead ??? rice makes me constipated for a lot of days..

  246. I’ll try tomorrow. Wish me luckkk. I started from 51 kg πŸ™‚

  247. Hi..
    in my third day now..
    doing it for second time..lost 3 kgs the last time.

    I have difficulty losing weight, since my job does not require physical activity,
    and I tend to eat more during stress. I am not having a specific weight goal this time..let GM do its tricks.
    Can anyone suggest the exact amount of banana and milk to be had on day 4 please?

  248. Hai Author,
    I’m going to start my diet again tomorrow…. First i tried a week back bt i got headache for the whole day… So i dropped it… I planned to try it out frm 2mr… can i have green tea in morning and evening with Sugar free… Is it ok? In day 2 and 3 Shall i add sprouts for brkfast? if it is the case can i boil it and eat? plz guide me… thank you… πŸ™‚

    • headaches are normal, first day or 2, or meaning they can be… sprouts? I see this quite a bit, what kind of sprouts. My definition of sprouts and yours may be different.

  249. After my delivery I gained a weight… now I’m 83kg….Before i was 62… and my height is 5″4.. plz help in reducing…. And i’m doing elliptical workout daily for 20mins… Is it enough? there is no physical activity at my work place…. so strictly following tis diet will help me in reducing?

    • 20 minutes seems OK. I do high intensity training. At least you are doing something. If you follow it, yes it can, it has helped so so many, and the ones it does not they tend to no do it properly. Tea is OK sugar free

  250. Thank you boss:)

  251. wat i meant in sprouts is green gram,bengal gram,horse gram. Is it good for health? How to eat that as raw or boiled? Which one is better?

    • They all seem fine, maybe the horse gram is better. Either way you can have some, do not over do. Of course after go for it. Sprouts can be so so so healthy. My only concern here is that is a legume…

  252. Nice to read all the comments. One question- can I follow this diet for 2 weeks in a row? If not, how often I should do this diet?

  253. what can we substitute for brown rice?

  254. I completed the GM diet but I’ve lost just 1.5k, which is a little disappointing. I didn’t cheat (ok I had a piece of dark chocolate each on day 5 and day 7) and I exercised pretty much everyday. I have a pretty physical lifestyle in general anyway. I understand different people lose different amounts of weight and I was really hopeful about losing at least 5 K, but I didn’t πŸ™ What do you think went wrong? I do feel lighter though & I have been told that I am glowing, which I guess is the result of the detox. Please advice on what else I could do and I will look at doing it again sometime in a month. Thanks!

    • how many bananas did you eat day 4? did you have oil or fat when you substituted meat? Yes it can vary.

      • On day 4, I had 4 bananas with 2 cups of fat-free milk & thinned down yogurt. I did eat meat on days 5&6. I had about 200grams of chicken & 1 egg on day 5 and 1large piece of mackerel & 1 egg on day 6.

        • You seemed to do well, although it does not seem like you may have eaten near enough food on day 6 at all. Most of your glow is also cutting out processed junk foods. You may have lost more and some good inches as well. You may have built some muscle also. I would smile, and try and maintain a healthy lifestyle….

  255. Can I have oats instead of brown rice on 7th day??

  256. Can i have white rice instead of brown rice.? I dont like the taste of brown rice.

  257. Hi,

    can i drink butter milk during diet plan..?

  258. just day 4

  259. Hi,

    I will take a mountain hike on this day? can consume sweet corn all day? it would be virtually impossible for me to prepare the meals. Help, I’m desperate.


  260. HI,
    I followed GM Diet for the first time, I lost 2.5 kg after this diet .
    It works well . I liked this diet chart and eager to do 2nd cycle.

    • not bad. keep in mind if you stay on lots of veg, some fruits and protein you can still possibly lose really well until the next time you can do the diet. Don’t go back to how you were eating…

  261. I have tried this diet plan and lost my 10 lbs in a week…… but have question that how should i continue losing my pounds as i was of 90kgs and now i am of 85.2 kgs and i want to lose upto 75kgs – Kindly advise

    join here, this is where we discuss, happy to help….

  263. This website is very cool for GM diet beginners. First of all I had an idea that I have to consume fruits and vegetable continuously (from morning till evening). Only from this website I started drafting my breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. The soup menu was also very helpful. I wasn’t sure whether I can follow this for 7 days but with determination I started and completed it successfully. I lost 6 kgs !!!!! Thanks to the author of this website.

  264. I am pure vegetarian can we replacement with Non veg anything veg items ???

  265. thanks gm diet i lost 5kls on my 1st trial last month.. now i will do it again

  266. Hi,
    its my 2nd round but i m afraid i m not loosing any weight but still i m strictkly continuing my diet to see how much
    i will loose ? tomorrow is my 5th day i mean i need fat n protein my 1st round was sucessful N i lost 5.5 kg I ate brown rice in the morning w Chatni made of corinaders leaves and green chilli Can i take this again as i cant get beef in early morning I can take only in lunch n dinner. waiting for yr imme reply Thanks

  267. Completed the diet lost 5kg I have thigh gap now and slimmer waist!! Genius gm diet!!

  268. Awesome πŸ™‚

  269. Hi I’m starting the diet today can I have tea with milk this week?

  270. Hi,

    GM Diet really worked for me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …

    Before start of GM Diet – 23rd March 2014 – 90 kg
    After end of GM Diet – 31st March 2014 – 85.8 kg

    Weight Loss – 4.2 kg !!!! Its AWESOME….

    Thanks the GM diet πŸ™‚

    Hari. A

  271. whts the substitute for beef!!??I am a vegetarian so plz suggest…

  272. legumes or more rice with some oil (you need fat, meat has fat)

  273. Last week I reduced my weight from 76 kg to 71 kg
    easy plan

  274. Hi,
    I am actually repeating this diet as I think I messed up the first time due to which I gained back the weight I lost in the first 3 days. I have a couple of questions, if someone can please answer them.

    1. I drink 2 cups of green tea everyday, is that fine? Would this count as water intake?
    2. Can you tell me the quantity of beef for both the 5th and 6th day?
    3. How many tomatoes are we suppose to eat on the 5th day?
    4. How many bananas on the 4th day?
    5. The amount of rice for each serving on the 7th day as well as how should I measure it, before or after cooking?
    6. The Wonder Soup is only mentioned from the 4th day onwards, is it okay to consume it on days 1-3?

    Please let me know…

  275. Hello,
    this is my second day on GM Diet and i feel lighter than ever. but i’m having a small bowl of cereal and milk every morning before heading to work is that a problem? other than that im following the diet step by step! please advise. thanks

    • huge problem, sugar loaded, no balance in carbs/protein, completely off diet and cereal is 100% bad for you. Sorry. you may be following the other steps, that breakfast ruins it. Sorry….

  276. Hi,
    I had almonds (4) & walnut (2) today on day 7. is it ok? otherwise I have been good..

  277. from tomorrow for 2 weeks I plan to follow the following chart to maintain:
    1. BF – Post’s Oats Honey Roasted flakes (1 cup) + 200 ml skimmed milk.
    (or) coffee with skimmed milk + 2 egg whites ommlette or boiled egg.
    2. mid-mornings – apple/banana/berries + nuts whenever hungry.
    3. lunch – rotis (2) + 100 ml dhal + bowl of salad + fish/chicken (100 g) + cooked veggies (100 g).
    4. eve- salad/ fruit.
    5. dinner- rotis (2) + vegetables (or) chicken (or) fish (either of them 100g) + skimmed yoghurt.
    Rotis may be substituted with rice once or twice a week.
    will this plan be ok?
    I have to do the 7 days GM diet 2 more times at least depending on my results. Hope I can control & don’t overeat. I had been eating junk food lately, so I got onto the 7 days GM diet mainly to change my eating habits.

    • 1) really bad idea. Cereal not only is so bad for you but to your body is PURE sugar.
      2) I never recommend eating bread. Pure sugar once again to the body, ZERO redeeming health value.

      Keep in mind cereal is still junk food.

      hang in there though, looks like you have made some better choices…

  278. Hi,
    thanks for the quick reply.
    ok, I will stay away from the breakfast cereals.

  279. Hello Everyone,

    Just finished a week of GM DIET,today is my 8th day and the results are,i lost 3 kgs and hubby lost 6.5 kgs!!! wanted to share with all of you awesome people out there..the confidence i have gained from this is amazing..a big thank you to Author/Admin for answering all the questions patiently ..questions have been repeated here again and again! and also thanks to everyone who have written in to say how much weight they lost..all of you were my motivation!!

    This diet was was suggested to me by a cousin ..and so i read all the sites for 4 days at least and found out that this site was the original one..after that i read through extensively and started preparing myself by increasing my intake of water..i used to keep reading everyday to prepare myself mentally..i was afraid that i would have a headache by not drinking i cut off the milk in my tea and started drinking black tea with light sugar..for a week prior to the diet i cut my portion of food in half and ate 5 times a day..eating fruits other two times..I live in the U A E and it was easy for me to do the diet ..although the diet itself needs a lot of will power..this is the first time im going for a proper diet and im thankful to God for bringing me here

    On the first day fruits day i was feeling weak by the end of the day but happy nevertheless ..i cudnt do my quota of daily walking ,which i could start only on the fourth day..the week passed by well ..i discovered new ways to cook and mix and match vegetables..i cudnt drink even the black tea without sugar so i switched to green tea with hubby s coaxing..didnt really miss my addictive tea after that πŸ™‚

    Added benefits: my hubby stopped snoring completely so i can sleep more comfortably now πŸ™‚ his sugar count had come down by day 4 ..he s slightly back pain has reduced and my tummy has become feeling very light and also light headed more could anyone want..

    Thank you once again and i would suggest to all those who have questions and doubts.. stick religiously to all the guidelines here..follow the diet with a strong will..dont cheat!! and pray lots …There is no way you cannot lose weight.

    p s: will post my diet chart when im free..insha Allah..

    • Congrats, amazing what can happen when you eat real foods, your hubby can beat his pre-diabetes easily by making this lifestyle change, I did. My issue was caused purely by my poor diet.

  280. its 3rd of my diet and today morning i had 1 tablespoon of rice with 1 spoon of it okay iam planning to do 1 hr workout on treadmill to burn of the calories from rice and curd will my results be fine?

  281. hi all,

    It’s my third time doing this diet. The first time I did it back in 2010, I had lost 6 lbs maybe (3 kgs). Second time was last year in January where I lost 8 lbs. I weighed 148 lbs in January 2013 and after completing the diet and losing 8 lbs, I continued to eat healthy and exercised at least 3 times a week. My total weight loss since last year has been 12 lbs.

    This is my third round of the diet and it’s the third day. Weight before starting the diet-136 lbs.
    Day 1- ate all fruits and drank loads of water.
    Day 2- all veggies, and the baked potato. The potato felt so refreshing. But at the end of the day I was super bloated, had some green tea and felt better.
    Day 3- had water melon and a mango for breakfast, sauteed mixed veggies with pineapple chunks for lunch, straw berries as a snack. So far so good. I have checked my weight and now weigh 132.4 lbs which good for me. I will be checking again on the 8th day and not before that.

    I have not yet incorporated exercise but will start today. Lets see how this goes and I will check back again on the 8th day.

    Good luck!
    Day 3-

  282. Hi, I did this diet for second time (today is my 7th day). I don’t know how much I have lost.. But I feel lighter πŸ™‚ First time I lost around 2.5kg…

    Is it ok for me to continue the GM diet continuously for next week as well.. Or a break is compulsory.. I am afraid of gaining back in case I take a break.. Pls advise..

    • Hey Hey
      Take at least a 2 week break. No diet will guarantee your weight loss unless you make a lifestyle change. Are you willing to do that?

  283. I completed one week today and want to continue diet plan for next week also… pls reply..

  284. I completed my diet plan today, measured today my weight loss on completion of 6th day was 8 kgs lesser than the day I started. I am sorry happy and excited. I will check my weight tomorrow and update again.I also lost some inches as well……GM Diet Rocks…..

  285. Hi Guys…
    Sharing my GM diet experience.
    Today is day 3 of my 5th week of GM diet.
    It all started when i was 98.6 kg’s, 4 months back and decided i dont wanna score a century like tendulkar. πŸ™‚
    I started my 1st week on 26th jan 2014. After 1st week my weight dropped to 93.5kg’s… I gave a gap of 8-10 days and started 2nd week.. I kept on doing this for 4 weeks giving a break of 10-12 days between each gm diet week. At the end of 4 weeks i was a good 12.6 kgs less than when i started. i came down from 98.6kgs to 86kgs. Now lot of people here are having a lot of doubts as to how to follow the plan correctly. Well let me share my way of doing it. Im not claiming that im doing it right or everybody should follow me. Im just sharing my experience.
    I normally start my week on a monday and end on a sunday.

    Day 1
    Just water melon and sweet melon for breakfast, lunch dinner.
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 2
    -2 potatoes for breakfast… Here it says u can have baked potatoes with a pat of butter. Well i improvised and boiled 2 potatoes and then light fried them in a pat of butter with salt, pepper n garlic. taste just like fries… πŸ™‚
    -lunch: a bowl of raw cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, celery, corn, red and yellow bell pepper sprinkled with black salt and pepper.
    -dinner: same as lunch
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 3
    – Breakfast: Watermelon and sweet melon
    – Lunch: same as day 2
    – Dinner: same as day 2
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 4 (Toughest for me. I almost give up this day)
    -Breakfast: a glass of milk with a spoon of honey in it. 2 bananas
    – Lunch: same as breakfast πŸ™
    – Dinner: same as breakfast πŸ™
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 5
    – Breakfast- Chicken soup with green veggies. (diced boneless chicken w/o skin)
    – Lunch- Chicken or mutton patty (normal burger patty size), tomato and cucumber. I myself make my patty at home using minced meat which is readily available in cold storages. I add garlic, salt and pepper to my patty and fry it in 1/2 tbsp of olive oil.
    – Dinner- same as lunch
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffe’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.
    NOTE: from day 5 I also start having maximum 2 beers a day as i cant stay away from alcohol on weekends and since i start my GM diet week on monday, day 5 comes on friday. πŸ™‚
    A gentle reminder again, I am not recommending anybody to have alcohol during a diet and expecting nobody to follow me. I am just sharing my experience.

    Day 6
    -Breakfast: Vegetable soup. (Broccoli, celery, red and yellow bell pepper, cabbage, corns, salt and pepper)
    – Lunch: Chicken kebab with a tomatoe and cucumber… Just take chunks of chicken, red and yellow bell pepper, some garlic. arrange them on a skewer and put them directly on flame till they turn dark brown and slightly charred.
    – Dinner: same as lunch
    half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning.
    2 black coffee’s a day without milk and sugar
    6-8 litres of water
    30 min cardio
    20 min of stretching and lifting weights.

    Day 7
    – Breakfast: watermelon and fresh fruit juice (a mixture of pomegranate, water melon, sweet melon, apple)
    – Lunch: Brown rice with chicken stew.
    – Dinner: i normally quit till i reach here and eat a normal indian sunday dinner (Rice, Chappati, Chicken masala etc)

    I usually lose 3-4 kgs’s per diet week with an exception of my 1st week where i lost 5.1 kgs and 2nd week where i lost just 1.2 kgs as i cheated in between eating snacks like samosa and wada.

    Now i read some comments saying do not follow GM diet as u tend to gain weight much faster after u quit.
    Well im not saying they r wrong but what i feel is it all depends upon individual’s metabolism and lifestyle.

    i have a very sedentary life style sitting in front of computer 10 hours a day and drinking 4-5 days a week. (except th 50 min i put in for exercise.) and i have noticed the following.

    -i gained weight at the rate of 500 grams per week with the above life style but not eating any sweets or additional sugar.
    – i gained almost 1 kg per week when i had additional sugar such as sweetened soft drinks, indian sweets and chocolates.
    In any case if you lose 4-5 kgs per week and then take 5-10 weeks to gain those 5 kgs back, i think its pretty much ok.

    Additional benefits
    1) i personally experienced my blood pressure lowering to 120 from a constant 140 plus initially. (Rechecked 4-5 times to confirm)

    2) a friend of mine followed this diet. He always had swollen toes due to high sugar levels. After doing this diet 4-5 times he found the swelling to reduce.

    Again im not claiming or recommending any one to follow this diet but simply sharing my experience.


  286. Hi Kevin,
    Finally I am on day 7 and it is going to end…I have lost 2.8kgs…is it okay ? Can u advise me diet so that I don’t gain back again..
    thank you.

  287. After GM diet of 7 dayz…….what should do next

  288. I successfully completed GM diet and reduced up to 4 kgs in a week. It really works and feel good about myself .Learnt to follow healthy diet.I am definitely going to take this diet plan again.

    Wanted to know can we substitute rice with ragi from day 5?does it work?

  289. Hi,

    I have to loose 10 kgs. So how many times should I follow GM diet chart ?
    Also Can anyone please suggest a substitute of beef ?
    kindly do let me know what should I eat after 7 days?

    Thank you in advance

  290. should we continue to have our normal diet after day 7?

  291. i started right away after 7th day…first time i lost 3 kgs, this time on 4th day not even 1 kg so far,if we cheat with a few chocolates won’t we get the desired results?

    • sure it can cause issues, a cheat can really throw this off, it’s only 7 days, you have to stick to it. However if you come out eating foods like that, there is not 1 single diet out there that can keep the weight off unless you make a lifestyle change. How long ago did you do the first diet?

  292. I had white rice in lunch & dinner with curd and also some salad in dinner on 6th day. Is this correct. Instead of sprouts what can i have on 7th day in dinner. Please suggest.

    and can I have apple juice in snacks?

  293. Ihave completed 7 day diet plan.
    I have planned for after diet meals:
    Apple, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Melon, Orange
    Potato, Lady’s finger, Yam, cucumber, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Capsicum.cucumber

    Gingely oil,Coconut oil

    White Rice, parboiled rice, chappatti, butter,ragi

    masoor dal, moongdal,udad dal

    curd, milk
    Please suggest in my meals after 7day what all I should avoid from the list to maintain my weight. So that I stick to correct intake

    • try and do no more than 3 servings of fruit a day. Your list other than chapatti and ragi is OK. Wheat is terrible for so many reason, to hard to list to all here. Make sure you have a protein with each meal and some good fat. You list actually is great to me.

      • There is one birthday party, Can i take bite of pizza and cake. Will effect my weight.I have completed 7 day diet. But atleast one day?

  294. hi iam using this diet plan & today is my 6th day but iam feeling alots of actidity kindly suggest what should i do??

  295. & my weight is 68 kg & i want to reduce my weight till 55 kg should i continue this diet one month continously???? plz reply any one.

    • No, you can do it again in 2 or more weeks. I between diet times, cut wheat and sugar. Each meal should have a protein, some good fat, a starch (Like rice or potato) and lots of veg. Also have a couple of servings of fruit each day.

  296. hi author:
    hi iam using this diet plan & today is my 7th day ?? my weight is 68 kg & i want to reduce my weight till 55 kg should i continue this diet one month continously or should take break of any week???? plz reply

    • wait at least 2 weeks. during that time eat really healthy, no wheat or sugar! I prefer a lifestyle change after a round or 2.

  297. I have completed diet plan 3 days before. I want to reduce more weight. Can I start once again from tomorrow.Will it give any result.

  298. Can I have something made of rice/grain flour after diet. Every day I cannot take rice only give some more good options(veg only).

  299. On Day 7
    Weighed 70.2 in the morning.. I am really motivated today to follow the diet..
    Having fruits in the morning.. and packed some burgole instead of brown rice and vegetables..

    Will have more water today.. πŸ™‚

  300. Its awesome ….. i have lost 3 Kgs & today its my 7th day of GM Diet. Looking forward to restart again in next month. I suggest everybody should try this once, for those who really wants to reduce weight. πŸ™‚
    Many thanks to the author…..Keep it up.

  301. i didnot get answer of mine question would you like to answer of my question please iam still waiting.

  302. thank you author this diet is really work i have been reduce my weight of 2 kg iam very happy also have been started again & today is my 5 day iam really fell very lighter than before now 7th day i will check my weight again i am very thank full of your wonderful article i have a one question can i replace brown rice with white rice please????because brown rice is not available in market please answer also tell the replacement of bananas i dont like bananas πŸ™

  303. Hi Author,

    My posts are not published. Please help

  304. Hi Author,

    I Have a couple of questions.

    1. I Am used to having coffee/tea twice in a day, so during the diet. Can I at least have it once…
    2. Can we use Regular Rice instead of Brown Rice..
    3. Having soup on any of the day , is it a problem..
    4. Can Egg be consumed on any day without Yok (Yellow Part)

    Please advise.. I just finished the breakfast with a Fruit Bowl….

    Gururaj SY

    • 1) I said yes earlier, no sweetener unless it’s stevia
      2) yes
      3) no, the soup controls hunger and is really hydrating, good electrolytes, etc. people always seem to do better having the soup.
      4) NO NO NO. You can have eggs only when replacing the meat.

  305. I just completed GM Diet and lost 7 lb in a week.

  306. hi;

    every one is losing weight around 7 & 5 within a week but y not i?? πŸ™ iam stricly follow this diet but hardly i lose my weight only 2 kg:-(

  307. i already done this diet 2 times & this is my 5 day of thirid cycle let see i will check my weight after 7 days…..& i i am eating brun rusks or sugar free biscuits in the break fast is it the reason not to reduce weight 7 kg with in a week???????

    • of course it is, those are literally trash to the body. They have no health value what so ever and are empty bad for you carbs. So sorry, this is a huge mistake and not on our plan. Look at this plan as a whole, you will see no wheat, no processed foods at all. You may need a couple of weeks off eating healthy and start all over.

  308. iam also taking 1 or 2 cup tea without sugar:-(

  309. Finally on day 7. So far I lost 4kgs n I hope I lose one more by tomorrow. Is it possible? M a bit confused about today’s diet. Can I have white rice? N is it ok if I take d rice only twice rather than as mentioned thrice? I want to add more of fruits n veggies than rice.

  310. Hi,

    I want to know can i have corns and sprouts in between or add these to my salads?

    I am GM Diet day 7th i did check my weight on 4th day n result was depressing…still i carried on with the diet and i ll check my weight tom morning…i just wish i have lost some KG’s else i ll get really demotivated.. πŸ™

  311. I checked my weight today morning n i ve lost only 1.3 kg Feeling depressed :'(….i followed everything as per the instructions…still. I added 2 spoons of corns kernells in my salad on day 2 n 3 thts it, still i lost a mere 1.3 kgs i thinki need to continue with the diet for another week. πŸ™

  312. oppssssssssss i am so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! next time i will be care full yesterday i completed my 3rd circle of GM diet but did not check weight but i am observing my body in shape & feeling very lighter as compare to previous i will check my weight today moreover i will again do this dieth after 1 week but in 1 week i wont take sugar+wheat+roti πŸ™

  313. thank you author to help me….. can you please give me one more favour & suggest me what should i take in lunch & dinner when i will be in off week from GM diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • go gluten free, and eat balanced meal, 3 or 4. Balanced means a good protein with each, as well as some good fat like olive or coconut oil (meat and dairy has good fat), simple starch like some white rice, potato, yams, and lots of veg. You can do 2 servings of fruit as well. The potato, rice and fruit is also needed for good carbs, do not go low carb.

  314. I am completing the diet today, but just now i have checked my weight, i lost only 3 kgs. I thought i will lose around 7 kgz. What went wrong, any idea?

    • any cheats? alcohol, sugar, honey, wheat?

      • No not at all, no cheating through out,and btw its only 2.5 kgs i lost, not 3. i did not like beef so i ate w.melon instead on the 6th day.

        • Well, why would melon replace beef. It has not good fat or protein. Big mistake there, you cannot replace meat with melon on that day at all. Sorry. Day 6 would have been a bust, way too many carbs, no protein.

  315. can i have Palmyra fruit in diet.

  316. I worked on night shifts and just want to check if this can be done by workers like me. so if i started day 1 – which is Monday and most of the time I am awake on Mondays and worked on Monday night, can u think that the breakfast for the second day can be done around 3AM rather than 8AM? Most of the time i am sleeping at around 12NN.


    • Yes you can, Basically breakfast will be when you wake like anyone else and then so on. Keep in mind that your circadian rhythms have a ton to do with weight gain and loss. So you are at a huge disadvantage so hang in there πŸ™‚

  317. Also, I don’t take cow’s milk. Can I used almond milk instead? Thanks!

  318. Seventh day..lost 3.5 kg despite cheating with two cups tea without sugar.awesome

  319. HI;

    i had been skip gm diet for 1 week now again started from yesterday.iam very tense that iam muslim & my ramadan is been started from next week i wanna continue this diet please help & suggest me what should i take in ramadan in sehri & iftar.. because whole day i will be in fasting i cananot follow diet plan properly specially water. cannot drink please help ..

  320. Just do your best. Stay away from grains, etc. What can you eat?

  321. in sheri i eat one pratha with tea & in iftar i eat fruit chat,channa chart & juice….
    or pakaros some it ok????

  322. no wheat? okz can i have 3 to 4 fruits daily in iftar & sehri?? or can take date as well???& what about cow milk?

  323. Instead of brown rice shall i use phulkas or regular rice on day 7.

  324. can i have 3 to 4 fruits daily in iftar & sehri?? or can take date as well??? please tellme iam worried about it if i wont follow diet i will get fatty as previous πŸ™

    • No dates, they are pure sugar. Basically you need balance, ,meaning protein, some carbs and a little starch to the meal like in potato, rice, etc. Those processed foods, wheat and such are what will get you. 3 fruits, try 2 a day.

  325. Hello, this is my first time on this diet. It is my 3rd day and I have lost 4lb so far. Can I eat cassava as a vegetable please? Also can I change days over? I wanted to swap days 4 and 5 over.

    • I would not swap day 4 and 5, however you can try. It may be fine. Cassava, so, more starchy like a potato, best not to eat til after the plan.

  326. I experienced, this plan doesnot work second time. I have not lost this time. I followed diet strictly.

    • Well when was the last time you tried. My recommendation is always 1 month waits. No less than 2 weeks. I have posted this on this site at least 100 times. This diet should thrust you into a more nutrient dense balanced way of eating. If you go back to processed foods, wheat, etc then you have missed the overall point of this plan

  327. ok i will try to follow your instructions!!!!! as well as fasting will be far away from sugar & wheat specially:-(

  328. Thank you for the quick reply. I really miss my bread and rice!! After the 7 days are complete, can I go back to eating them but healthier versions? I can get wheat/gluten free bread and brown basmati rice.

    • Technically white organic basmati would be better, the gluten free bread is up to you.. but it should be eaten with a balanced meal that includes protein.

  329. My boyfriend hates tomatoes. Is there any adequate substitute for it?

  330. Hello I am on day 5. Instead of beef can I have grilled smoked mackerel with tomatoes? I have lost 6lb so far

  331. Can i take red beans with brown rice for lunch on 7th day? Please advise.

  332. Me again! Am on day 6. My breakfast today was a bit of veg soup and 2 scrambled eggs. Lunch will be a light veg soup with some (just a 2 small pieces) chicken in it. Dinner more or less the same soup. As a snack I amplanning to have a small piece of tandoori chicken. I read somewhere here that eggs only if no meat. My questions:

    1) Am i overdosing myself on the protein?
    2) Can i have a little coffee with milk (no sugar) today and tomorrow?
    3) On Day 7, can i sautee the veggies in a bit of olive oil and mix with the rice or is the oil not good at all? Eating just rice mixed with boiled vegetables is going to be hard :-/

    • Hey hey
      1) no you are OK. Eggs, chicken fish OK if you don’t want beef.
      2) no, not advisable to have milk now. I also never recommend coffee, personal choice really based on health research.
      3) A little oil is OK.

  333. hi, Author, not too sure you have answered this so far ..

    -precisely how much rice on 5,6th,and 7 th day .. if m following vegetarian diet … when u say one cup .. how much uncooked ? in gms plz? πŸ™‚

    -second thing .. what in your opinion works better, gm diet with beef or gm diet with brown rice ? as m comfortable with both .. i just wana make sure i get the maximum results .. ..

    – can i combine both chicken and brown rice on day 5 and 6 ?

    Thanks in advance .. hv a gud day !!

    • it’s un-cooked and you can add a little more as you need. Keep in mind replacing meat means you need the fat. so add some oil, ghee, anything. with beef works better, the balance in meals is so much better between the fat, carbs and protein. It’s more harmonious. Keep in mind I eat only free range meat, yet was a raw vegan for over a year and a half. No you cannot combine meat with the rice.

  334. Hey guys!!!
    This diet works wonders..
    I am on day 3 and almost lost 2.5 kgs…
    First two days are really difficult to observe and after that I think it would get easy….

    • dopamine levels are a huge part of that. they soon level out once you rid your body of the junk food. They go up when you each junk food. Like a drug. you body is adjusting. takes time to get used to only real food.

  335. Hi. Tnx GM diet
    I lost 5kg in a week.
    I just mizz eating fish. Especially Salmon.

  336. How about fish.? especially Raw salmon or tuna. i love japanese food.

  337. hi author ,

    m thinking to go for chicken breast on day 5 and 6 instead of beef , (m from india, beef is prohibited here) please guide me the exact quantity of chicken breast on day 5 and 6 .

    I am 91 kgs and 163 cm .. if that requires

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  338. Hello this is ma 7th day.I don’t know whether its fair to check ma weight daily because there is no stable decrease/increase.I followed the chart strictly. So far only 3 kgs were reduced.Im worried a lot.

  339. Sorry its 2 kgs.

  340. Hi fellows… have completed ….the Seven days of regimen…. (y) and I am so happy that I followed it. Though cheating was a part of the game, and I did a huge one on day 6 when it was my Mom’s Birthday and I gorged sweets and snacks on that day … πŸ™ yet , the positive is that have come down to 88.5 from 93 Kg in 7 days…. net loss of 4.5 Kg…Hurray ..!!
    and now the big question is …. what to do after the 7th Day…??
    What is the diet recommended …specially because I have a wheat based diet of Indian Chapatis, and I have not consumed any wheat in last 7 days but now I will be dependent on wheat as my major food from this point onwards. .. ?

  341. Hi… m on d diet

  342. hi author,

    This is in the reference to the question i asked on july 14th , how much chicken breast in total ,in a day ??

    Please reply

  343. going to follow this diet from tomorrow..
    am currently 72.5 kg
    i’ll keep u updated with the foods i eat each day..please tel me if am doing something wrong…
    hoping to see 68 or 69 by the end of this diet πŸ˜€ can it happen?
    fingers crossed and excited ! :))
    but these diets won’t usually work for me…i lose weight only through normal diet and around 1 pound a week…this is the first time am trying this diet..soup should be taken on 2nd..3rd..4th and 6th day right?
    please wish me luck and be with me throughout the diet πŸ™‚

    p:s – i exercise 60 mins each day

    • soup can be taken any day you need extra food. Keep me posted and I will be happy to look it over daily and help πŸ™‚

  344. Day 5 and down 3 1/2 kg , this diet it really works. Happy I took the chance to try it.
    Thanks GM πŸ™‚

  345. I was introduced to gm diet by my colleague. I tried since I really need to shred my post baby fat. After 10 months I still carry those fat , so I tell myself why not just giv a try since is only 7 days program.

    On the first day my weight was 64kg, the “only fruit’ day was hard for me, I have headache and was fighting with the cravings. On 2nd day I weigh again and it goes down to 61kg. I doubt a while and say continue for the rest of the day and see what would happen.

    Day 3, easy for me, I was down to 60kg.
    Day 4, it was tough, I didnt take banana but I ate other fruits to substitute
    Day 5, meat and tomatoes, I replace beef with chicken and tuna. Sadly, I gained 1kg by end of day 4.
    Day 6, I did not take meat but change my diet to vegetarian meal. I have mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes. End of day 6, my weight down to 60kg.
    Day 7, Vegetarian meal for me.

    During these 7 days, I did not take coffee although I am a coffee person I stick to the plan. I cheated during the 1st day by eating a bit of Tuna at night as I am not supposed to feel hungry.

    After 7 days, I am down to 58kg. I still cant believe I can live without coffee and white rice. Its amazing to witness the magic of taking away ‘bad’ food from me. I used to take oats, cereal with milk in the morning. Taking away grains and sugar really works on me. I will do this again in one month time to my ideal weight – 52kg.

    Thanks to GM diet, now everyone can look good!

    • I always recommend here for those wanting to keep the weight off go gluten and sugar free. It really works! Meat was not your issue by the way when you gained a kg, Nice job though!

      Please everyone, you cannot have potato unless it’s on day 2 for those that read the above post

  346. I am religious and we are required to have a slice of bread by our friday night dinner and a slice of bread on saturday lunch as well as a piece of fish.

    I am trying to figure out how to accommodate the diet around my religious needs. what do you suggest?

    • Hello
      Find a gluten free alternative. I understand you have a religious believe for sure. There are gluten free alternatives. I recommend making your own.

  347. I m on deit day 6 finish and tomorrow is day 7.
    Can I drink tea or green tea or coffee without milk and suger?
    In this last 6 days I have drink green tea twice a day without suger. It is ok?

  348. In first 3 days I have lost noting and waiting for some miracle after tomorrow.
    Tomorrow day7
    I m planning to eat watermelon in breakfast and brown rice+ veg in lunch and dinner.
    How ot looks? Its ok for my day 7??

  349. I am very disappointed. Today is 7th day and I lost just 1 kg of my wt. I followed strictly what is mentioned in the diet plan. I also read the above comments to have added help. But just 1 kg??? Very disappointed. Please help and advice what went wrong so that I can start again after a month with full enthusiasm. I would like to mention here two things. 1. I am on oral medication of Isotretinoin and Omega 3 since last one month and it will continue for 4-5 months. 2. I am in a full day sitting job. But during my diet plan I exercised for 10 minutes and brisk walk for 15 minutes in morning. But yes, 10 to 5 sitting in office.
    Please reply.

  350. Hello

    Thanks for the Diet Plan

    I have been eating as said in the diet. I have consumed following things till date
    1) Fruits Juices
    2) Beet Juice
    3) Sprout Chana
    4) Papaya
    5) cucumber

    Am i doing something wrong. I am on sixth day i have lost 2.5 kg.
    Can anyone suggest if i am doing wrong

    • you are not reading the plan if this is all you are eating. WOW. Please break down each day as far as what you ate. This is not the GM Diet. Sorry.

      • Day 1 : I had Watermelon on day 1 and apples and said glass of waters
        Day 2 : 2 Potato in Morning , Veg Soup Cucumber beet and said glass of waters
        Day 3 : Apples Melon Papaya cucumber
        Day 4 : Banana and Milk
        Day 5 : Cucumber Sprout Chana 1 plate in lunch and Juice Orange
        Day 6 : Cucumber Sprout Chana 1 plate in lunch and Juice Orange
        Day 7 : Cucumber Sprout Chana 1 plate in lunch and Juice Orange

        I continued same diet on 5 6 7 as i cannot have beef or non veg

        • Sorry this is not the GM Diet plan at all. You cannot have orange juice only days 5 – 7. Eating less is not good. You only ate lunch. Truly sorry, please re-read the program more carefully.

  351. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for being impatient. On day 2, I had boiled capsicum with onion and beans in lunch and dinner. In breakfast I had two medium sized boiled potatoes with 1/4th spoon olive oil and cumin seeds. Dinner – boiled bottle gourd with cumin seeds with bit of olive oil. And 14-16 glasses of water. Day 4 – 4 bananas, 3 glasses double toned milk and 14-16 glasses of water. I hope it is all ok?

    • No complaints πŸ™‚ Just want to make sure you know I promise to answer as fast as possible.

      Sounds good. Please make sure you don;t have too much water. Salt can be good to replace lost minerals from drinking so much.

  352. Please replace capsicum with cabbage in my above comment. I wrote capsicum by mistake. It is actually cabbage. I also took wonder soup 1-2 times. Can my medicines interfere in the plan as I told u I am on isotretinoin and omega 3 for scne problem

    • Meds can alter the body for sure. They can affect hormones, etc. However never come off a med without talking to your doctor. If you have acne, your body is telling you something is wrong. A med does not fix that, merely cuts the signal to it so to speak in many cases. Acne likely means you have gut and hormone problems (thus you would need to be tested). A functional health care doc will then look at the test, fix your diet and see if various supplements will help correct the issue. JUST AN FYI. Something to consider for the future.

  353. Hi,
    From what I read above regarding day 7 is that I can have rice, vegetables and fruit for breakfast lunch and dinner .
    But then I found at the end a moong dhal sprouts recipie and I don’t really understand when it can be consumed?! Plus moong dhal can I substitute it with pea sprouts?! And is it necessary to have this recipie on day 7?!

    Thanks you

  354. Hi just another question please
    How many cups of rice am I allowed through the whole day and may I substitute the brown rice with white rice or couscous?!

  355. Great ! Thank you but how mamy cups can I have?

  356. If I decide to do this diet again can i follow the meals on the gm diet app??

    • It’s not our app and I could not assist you, sorry. However do was you like πŸ™‚ The app out there offers ZERO support and the publisher has loads of diet apps. Good luck asking for help on it or seeing how folks really do.

  357. I’m going to day 7 tommorow and I would like to ask..,

    Is eating and drinking coconut allowded since is a fruit ?

    • Coconut water, a glass or 2 is fine. No on the rest until after the program. Coconut has a different profile then most fruits, has lots of good fat, etc.

  358. Today is my 6th day and I lost almost 6pounds so far..can I repeat same diet immediately from Monday.

    • No, but you can go to the forum, and look in the after 7 day section, we have 2 great plans, do them at least 2 weeks then you can do this diet again.

  359. Can i have fish with rice

  360. Today is my 7th day! and I lost so far 5.6 pound only πŸ™ I had 3/4 cup of chana daal and 4-5 spoons of white rice with very light grilled chicken!

    what possibly could be the reason? looks like at the end of the day I will losse only 4.8 pound only πŸ™

    • 5.6 so far is good. Why chicken, rice and daal i the same meal> What day was that? Was that all you had?

      • Hi author,

        its a 7th day, in the morning I lost 5lb now tomorrow on my 8th day I will weigh and I am sure it would be 4.8 πŸ™

        I realised I am having less meal so may be after two weeks I will re-do the gm diet and have good quantity πŸ™

  361. can i add some soya sauce in vegetables… and take 1 cup milk tea once in a day???

    • I say no to milk tea, but if you do no sugar and only 1 tablespoon of milk. Not a fan of soya sauce, have you read the ingredients of it? It is not recommended on the plan, sorry.

  362. This is my round 2 of gm diet. Starting weight is 58kg, it is now almost the end of my 1st day. Tomorrow is potatoes day, way to go.

  363. hi! i have completed my 1st round of GM diet.. i have lost 4 kgz and all the credit goes to you πŸ™‚ thanks indeed. i have two questions. can i have magic soup all the four days i.e. at day 2,3,6 and 7? my second question is that can i start my 2nd round with the gap of 3 days?

  364. Hi am on day 5 and i have not lost anything yet i seem to have followed the diet pretty well. Am so not happy with myself i feel like giving up. Do you think i should continue? Will i lose something by day 7? May be just start over again after a week i dont know why i have not lost

    • Well pretty well is not following it exact. How have you strayed? What tome of the day are you weighing yourself. This plan is either follow it correct or don’t. Sorry

  365. Thanks GM diet. I have lost my 6.1 kilo in 7 days.i avoid midday snacks,but had cocconut water.i feel fresh now.

  366. author can u kindly please mail me a sample of gm diet plans for day 4,5,6 and 7. plss
    also, i dont want to take beef or brown rice…. bt i m not a vegetarian……i cn hv basmati rice…..
    so i request u to mail me the diet plans……

    • We do give sample plans. Basmati rice is great. Read each day, sub the beef with rice and some good fat like olive oil or ghee. Or go to the bottom of the site and read the Indian version or the Vegetarian version please.

  367. Hello,

    I m starting my 1st day of GM Diet plan today itself… Really looking forward to see good results….I want to lose 7-8 kgs…Have my fingers crossed and just hoping that it works for me as well…

  368. Hello

    This is amazing diet,.. Lost 6.5 kgs in one week. Wonder if i can continue the following week..
    Need to shed some pounds soon.. Those who haven’t,..Give a try,, And dont give up in middle of week.. Cause it really works….All the best guys.

    • WOW. Best to wait at least 2 weeks, but during that 2 weeks follow a healthy plan. We posted 2 in the forum, top 2 posts in the after 7 days section.

  369. Can I use red rice for this instead?

  370. Hello author…..tommorow is my day 7 of gm diet…..till now goin good..m

    Is this plan for day 7 okay???

    Breakfast-sweet melon
    Lunch-basmati rice with fresh green vegetables
    Evening snack-strawberries
    Dinner- 1bowl of greeen veggies….

    Is this okay?? How much amount of rice should I eat per meal????pls mention it clearly…


  371. Hi,
    Will start with 3rd round of diet next week.Can I substitute apples instead of melons…
    Have lost 2kgs per week but cheated this weekend,too much of socialising but not yet reached my goal so want to keep going.
    Many Thanks

  372. Hello. Can i use refined /polished rice if i dont find brown rice? Also im quitr slow on weight loss. I do everything according to the plan still i have lost only 1kg on day 5. Please help. I do walk as well.

    • sure, white rice is better anyway. It can really vary, do you have underlying health issues, for example like thyroid issues or high cortisol levels.

      Keep rolling and see how you finish. Make sure on day 5 and 6 when replacing meat each of those meals has good fat

  373. Hi,

    Here in india we eat
    1)chapati made of Wheat,
    2) upma
    3) oats,
    4) vermacilli
    5) Brown bread..
    are these bad..?? will eating all this get my weight back..?/
    Please reply…

    • In the US, we put wheat in our shampoo, etc It’s in everything and we eat more of it than anyone. Not to mention it’s toxic, a GMO food and rancid in most cases because of how it’s stored and processed.

      Yes, if you are eating those foods you will gain the weight back and fast. Sorry. Google “wheat belly” if you don’t believe me. Don’t let culture dictate what you eat, if i did I would be in trouble, I never eat out, never eat wheat, who cares if 99% of the country does.

  374. It really works,,, I finished gm diet plan and lost 5 kgs in one week. I will repeat it again. Thank u General motors. Feeling lighter n glowing ..

  375. Hello sir ‘
    I lost 3 kgs.thankyouuuu.
    I am on sec diet now for more 5 kgs to loose.
    Can y pls tell the amount of beef in gms and can we take chicken instead of beef.
    And for the whole day can I use boiled chicken or grilled chicken without

  376. Salem to all
    Hmmm,today was my 5 day I take 2 boil eggs and 2 tomatoes for breakfast and for lunch I add tomatoes and egg in pan add cook it with 2 drops of oil and for dinner I did same as breakfast I hand done no cheating in first 4 days but I didn’t do workout on 5th day .Is it OK i an already feeling lighter .

  377. Salaam again
    I forgot to ask you my question for which I write here so my question is can I use Barely wheat on day 5 and 6 I want to do this diet 3 times more plz answer me soon.

    • If you want to gain weight and ruin the diet then eat any wheat. However I suggest never eating it if you ever want to keep weight off and get healthy.

  378. Salaam
    Sorry I should not use word wheat its barley flour basically its good for health it helps in reducing tummy fat I have used it before and lost almost 30 kg in 6 months but now I have only 1 month to lose 15 kg so I want to try gm diet .

    • barley is a cousin of wheat and sorry I will disagree long term will not be good for weight loss and health. I can lose weight eating just about eating anything, however it does not mean I will see help long term or with my overall health.

  379. Hi Author
    I want to ask some questions may I
    Please answer


  380. i followed the diet for 5 days as given and lost 7 lbs. but today is my sixth day n i couldnt follow it as per as the diet.i had an egg omlette in afternoon and the same for dinner.i had nthn else since i didnt feel like it okay? n for the last that is seventh day m planin to have fruits for breakfast n dinner n rice for lunch!! need your suggestion.plz!

  381. Hii….is it ok to have coconut water daily…Please advise beacsue i had it on 2 nd day of plan …i am on 3rd day today & have reduced 2.3kg

  382. And is it fine to have green tea 3 to 4 times a day in a day…. Thanks for diet plan…have reduce 2.3 kg in 2 days with min 40 mins walk

  383. Thanks a ton for your prompt reply…..

    I have 1 more question….can you please suggest timings and plan for veg diet on 4,5,6 & 7th day like it is given for 1,2 & 3 day it is given….because it is not mentioned online. For 5th day thr is confusion whether to have legumes or brown rice or curd …what is more advisable on day time and dinner like, mid morning and entire day schedule.

    It would be great if you could help me with this confusion

    Also if i continue the same plan for 7 days, will i be able to reduce 8 kg in a week along with walk till 3rd day & swimming for 45 mins from 4th day of diet.

    Would be great if you could assist me with your reply soon.

    Thanks a ton !!!

  384. Also can i add cardamom on 4th day with banana milkshake to avoid milk taste

  385. Hi, i’m on my 4th day and there is no changes, I’m still in the same shape and still weight the same, i’m following the GM diet successfully and i see no result need help figuring out what is it

    • what did you eat day 2 and 3. It has only been 4 days. Please be patient. It takes years to lose your health and gain weight, patience and a lifestyle change is need to beat it.

  386. Thanks … completed 7 days successfully and lost 12 lbs .. I am still on the upper side of my weight .Still weighing 240 lbs . wanna reduce to 175.. Can i again start the diet after a day or 2 . please suggest …

  387. Hii…yesterday it was my 3rd day & in d morning i checked my weight which came down from 78.5 on 1st day to 76.2 & today morning it came back to 77.7…… Yesterday nyt had been fr outing just had salad of fresh beans, cherry tomato & lettuce with herbs salt & olive oil…later was more hungry so had tomato gravy of red pasta without any cream , cheese & butter with veges like olives & other Italian veges….but later i checked that olives are high calorie so cm home & vomited entire stuff…later had few pieces of papaya & went off to sleep @ 1 & got up @ 6.30…..checked my weight …it was 77.7 from 76.2….please suggest where m i wrong…. i had proper diet on 3rd day from morning as mentioned in sample…

    • So day 2 you had beans (not a vegetable and you cannot have – super high in carbs), pasta and gravy really? You do have to follow the plan to see results. You are not at all following the program correctly. Sorry, not sure how to help.

  388. Is it ok if i have veg soup in dinner only & rest entire day only banana & milk

  389. no no i think u got it wrong…i dint had pasta…it is just tomatto gravy for taste that too without any calories on 3rd day and had fansi in gujrati means fresh beans…please suggest

    • fansi in gujrati, does it not have flour? fresh beans meaning green beans? I will say, this is getting complicated, you really must stick to our plan. Simple veg and fruit day 3. However you can have salt, pepper and spices.

  390. Question was i had olives & later i checked it is high in calorie so vomited entire stuff…later nothing was left in my stomach

    • You are eating too much off plan, you need to regroup.

      This is not a calorie in and out diet. After the program you have to learn to eat balanced meals, balanced with good fat, protein and carbs.

  391. now shall i continue ..OR shall i restart

  392. Yaa …green vegetable beans

  393. Restart or Continue ?

  394. v can have have tomato ryt on 3rd day…so tomato gravy is fy9 with herbs but that too all came out than still i restart…

    Sorry to bother U…but need a clarity

  395. Hiii… Have continued diet… m feeling light….but no clue about the weight…i hope it gives good result on 7th day…… Apart of 1 day dinner diet have followed everything as per diet…

  396. I have reduced 3.5 kg in 6 days

  397. I lost 4 kg n 7 days….is it preferable to hv lipton company mint flavor green tea bag twice a day

    • I would never have Lipton anything. Terrible quality tea, most have added natural flavors (another words they hide junk in your tea). Get a pure herbal tea. Tea is fine no sugar. Stevia best.

  398. Hi im starting my diet from 2moro… would like to know if I can include sprouts along with veggies on day 2 ??? Plz help

    • No, because by sprouts you don’t mean long green sprouts, you likely mean beans with a tiny sprout. Sprouts are so healthy, either form, however technically they are sprouted legumes, not green veg sprouts.

  399. Hi
    i am following this diet plan for last 4 month after every 25 days. First 3 diet plan were good and I lost 3 kgs every time but on fourth month(time) I did not loose any weight at all. I followed the same thing I did for last 3 times. What could be possible reason.

  400. Hi all,
    I have started GM diet today, first gone well.. now am 92.. Will update you on last day..

  401. Hello, I plan to start this diet asap, please be kind enough to add the following : “Sample GM Diet Day 4/5/6/7 Diet Plan”. The samples for the first three days have been given and that makes it all the more easier to follow. Thank you.

    • Look on the sidebar, all 7 days are clearly there. Also, if you need vegetarian info, look on the menu at the bottom of the site. I cannot give you what’s already been given again.

  402. hi on the 5th/6th day is it mandatory to have beef-is there any other option.
    i am having high cholesterol.
    please advise

    • Well it’s the poor diet that causes high cholesterol, you may want to study this more. Processed foods, grains, sugar etc are far worse for you. True grass fed beef is so nutrient dense. Blaming beef is old school thinking. However, you can have other meats so choose which 1 you like πŸ™‚

  403. Thanks can i have fish or chicken on the 5th/6th day?

  404. Hi
    I’m on Day 6 and have lost close to 4kg! My question is, can beef be substituted for salmon? i.e Just grilled salmon. I’m a fish eater and my main gripe is that the GM diet has no fish whatsoever ;(

  405. oops missed out a question. can you please reccomend “GM friendly” herbs,/spices/seasoning for cooking vegetables

  406. thanks for the reply! For Day 7, can we change the rice to multiple bananas? 1 cup of rice replace with 2-3 bananas? I’m afraid to eat rice in case the weight I lost comes back! πŸ˜›

    • Hello, you can try, but they are not the same at all. Just don to overeat the rice. In a balanced meal rice can be a good carb.

  407. hi on the day 7 for break fast what should i have with white or brown rice {side dish}.
    also please advise same for lunch/dinner?

  408. I am vegetarian, on 5 6 & 7 can i have boiled sprouted moong, splited moong dal green or yellow and chana dal instead of brown rice…along with onoion capsicum & tomato with salt & green chilly

  409. I want tom reduce good amount of weight before 30th Jan so i have started this plan after a gap of 4 days….i hope that is fine…Also i am doing 45 mins swimming or walk or jogging…today is my second day…..i hope there s no health issue as have started in a gap of 4 days

  410. Also would like to confirm that can we have lady finger vegetable or only leafy vegetable is preferable…Thanks a ton for your revert…

  411. What should be my in take in between diet plans. I am vegetarian(no egg too) Please suggest..

  412. Hi can I have yoghurt and vegetables with rice on the 7th day.
    Please advice

  413. Can I mix the rice and vegetables ( broccoli ,onion,cabbage,green pepper) in vegetable oil . Please advice

  414. i have just started day one !!! feeling light head and sleeppy!!!!!! Is it advisable to sleep !!!!

    I have a doubt too– Can i have sprouts or daal for day too..bcos i am considering it as VEgGGY..

    • detox can make you feel that way, sleep as you need.
      they are not vegetables. NO. Look at the nutritional makeup, you will see they are not even close. sprouts are beans/legumes wit ha tiny veg sprout, hence still beans.

  415. Hi, I am on third day of my GM diet… Yet I have not loose any weight but feeling lighter. I Have one query can we eat sprouts on day 3 and day 5, 6 and 7? I am a hypothyroid patient. Can this plan works for thyroid patient

    • No, sprouts (Beans) day 5 and 6 only. as a thyroid patient, you must go gluten and sugar free or else. Sorry. You need good fats!!!! SO detox plans can be hard on your thyroid. I recommend you consider reading his site! Your meals should be balanced with good protein, good fats and some carbs. Lots of good veg as well.