GM Diet Day 4

The fourth day of the GM diet weight loss program is filled with surprises. Unlike the past three days where you are only allowed to consume fruits and vegetables, Day 4 offers three unlikely meals: bananas, milk and soup. For our full coverage of the GM Diet plan so far, read day 1, day 2 and day 3 before you continue with this article.

Day 4 can be quite boring at first glance as these are the only meals allowed for consumption but remember that by now your body has already adjusted to the big change in diet and is slowly getting used to the new dietary content.

By Day 4 the body has already garnered sufficient amounts of sweets from fruits, and at the same time fiber from vegetables. Since it already has a sustained appetite, it would no longer be responsive to the taste of bananas. Persons who have reached Day 4 would rely more on liquids, and they get their energy from milk shakes and soup.

Preparing the Body for Day 4

Preparing for Day 4 is the easiest. Since the day offers only the said three meals, followers might just as well make themselves busy with various physical activities. They already have packed energy for the day, and they might just as well be productive by working out, or engaging in different leisure events.

Most people feel different by day 4. By this stage, a livelier attitude towards life is what most people feel. By Day 4 followers of the diet have already gone through natural detoxifying processes, and they are found to be more cheerful and enthusiastic when it comes to performing physical activities.

GM Diet Day 4 Breakfast

The best way to start Day 4 is by consuming a banana paired with a glass of warm milk (almond milk or a very lite coconut milk will be fine as well). Some followers prefer a bowl of sliced bananas on milk like those in breakfast cereals, only without the cereal content.

Skim milk should be used all day in this stage; full milk proves to be heavy on the stomach and filled with unnecessary nutrients that are not beneficial to the weight loss regimen.

GM Diet Day 4 Lunch

Lunch served in Day 4 consists of a bowl of vegetable soup. Most soup bowls consist of various vegetable produce flavored with herbs and spices. Best vegetable soups that can be served during lunch include tomato soup and cabbage stew, as they are packed with natural flavors that the taste buds would savor even as the day ends.

GM Diet Day 4 Dinner

Dinner in Day 4 may consist of a serving of vegetable soup and banana shake. This can be quite heavy to handle later at night, so followers may forego the shake and focus on the soup, as this alone can keep them full until the next morning.

GM Diet Day 4 Midday Snacks and Beverages

In Day 4, the only recommended snacks would be bananas and milk, which can be served in cold banana shakes. These snacks prove to be essential as they taste naturally delightful and at the same time are a popular drink even in conventional beverages.

Recipes for GM Diet Day 4

Cabbage Soup recipe for Day 4


  • 1 cup shredded cabbage
  • 1 cup sliced celery
  • 1 onion, minced
  • 2 sliced green peppers


Boil onion, peppers, cabbage and celery in water together with salt, pepper and herbs for flavoring. Any flavoring may be used as long as there is no fat included. Extra vegetables may be added except for beans as they add extra calories. Serve hot.

Banana Shake Recipe for Day 4


  • 2 bananas, sliced (4 large bananas total for the day)
  • 2 glasses skim milk (almond milk or a very lite coconut milk will be fine as well)
  • 2 glasses crushed ice


In a blender, mix all ingredients until a creamy, frothy shake is formed. No sugar is required as the flavor is already naturally sweet. Serves 2.


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  1. Can I eat in the Mid Morning and in the afternoon banana and milk or no?
    And another question , why not after the third day includes a snack?

  2. Absolutely – you can eat as many as 8 of the potassium powerhouses (bananas)

  3. i dont eat bananas , tomatoes and many other type of vegetables . so what should i eat ?

    • You can use any of these to substitute for Bananas – the idea is to get a lot of potassium – Apricots, Figs, Nectarins, Dates. Remember to limit to 8 count

  4. It feels great to have banana milkshake but only one glass.. but the best thing about GM Diet is looking foward to everyday as the meals vary. That is the only this which keeps me going… I really think if you stick to what veggies mentioned in this website you would lose up to 10 lbs. If you don’t like to eat bananas and tomatoes, then probably you would not lose the weight you intend to lose..

  5. can i use squash as ingredient in the soup? thank you

  6. i don’t eat Bananas due to allergy pl suggest substitute for Banana for Day 4 Diet

    • Anil – You can use any of these to substitute for Bananas – the idea is to get a lot of potassium – Apricots, Figs, Nectarins, Dates. Remember to limit to 8 count

  7. hi, is chinese cabbage is good for this diet????

  8. It feels good and light .. I am at day four and almost lost 5 Kgs by now.
    Is there any substitute for Beef? Can we go for Lamb?

  9. hello sir, my name is imran and i am from Pakistan i want to start gm diet plan can u please guide me about what kind of bowl size i use for eating , and 2nd currently i am doing job in night shift (12am to 9am GMT+5) late night please guide me about timing when i use to eat easily . in Pakistan winter season is begin and watermelons are not available easily kindly guide me some alternate food for breakfast ,can i use skim milk powder for skim milk ??


  10. Dear sir ,
    I have read in some gm diet that on fruit day i can eat as much as i can like on first day i had 9 apples
    and on vegetable day i can have any amount and any numbers of vegetable in whole day. sir i want to ask this is true or false ?
    regards .

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  12. hi
    is it ok if i avoid the soup and just stick to the bananas and milk?
    thank you

  13. hi i am eighting daly cabbage soup and fruit so 2days afer my wegiht ls loss 1.5lbs

  14. Hi I’m on my 2nd day and I ate a banana only one and I ate one on the fist day as well is it okay or not and if I don’t exercise will I still loss weight and how much will I loss

  15. Hi. i am having alot of acidity problems and today is day three.. how can we survive only on 1 cup of rice for the entire day.. wat else can be added for that day?

  16. Hello,

    Thank you for the detailed information. Today is 4th day I lost 6lbs. so far I am doing good.
    I am vegitarian, can you please let me know vegitarian meal plan for 5th 6th, and 7th day

    i heard I can eat cup of brown rice – you mean cooked rice 1 cup or uncooked rice 1 cup.
    thanks again.


    • Hai
      i am Bhargavi, am in 4th day diet vegitarian .So can u plz let me know vegitarian meal plan for 5th ,6th and 7th day.

  17. im on the gm diet now can i drink soya milk? and on what day should i drink it

  18. Hi,
    I want to know some details regarding the diet plan. Se on the second day can I eat moong dal cooked instead of steamed vegetables. I feel some what when I eat steamed vegetables. Or pls give me some good indian vegetable dishes on the second day . i want to know can I take vegetable soup on the second day diet.please give a diet plan for Indian’s which they can cook the things please advise please give what are the things I can eat from diet 2 to 7 asap.

  19. I easily did the first 3 days of the diet. I find day 4 the most difficult. Can i eat more than 8 bananas..

    I had milk shake in morning. after than i ate 2 bananas in office. now i am feeling very hungry and i think i can eat as much as 6-7 bananas in the office itself.. this way i can eat upto 12-15 bananas..

    i dont know how to manage otherwise.

  20. I dunno with you guys, but after losing 6lbs in the first 3 days, I actually gained back a pound on day 4. Sucks!!! Banana day doesn’t work and it was the hardest. After I found out I gained I just cheated with brown rice and veggies for dinner!

    • Hi Jewel,

      I just read your comment and you seemed discouraged about gainning 1 pound on the 4th day, keep in mind that 1 pound is just water weight, not a pound of fat gainned. So don’t be discouraged and try to stick to the plan and weigh yourself the next mornning after day 7 for your true weight lost.

      • I followed the sample diet plan for first 3 days perfectly, I’m now on my 4th day, had 2 banana n cup of hot skimmed milk. But my question is that yesterday means on 3rd day after lunch I did not felt hungry at all till night so did not had dinner, and even on 4th day morning I was not hungry, but still I had my breakfast as mentioned in gm diet day 4 plan. Is it normal to not to be hungry and have food according to plan though not hungry.
        And can we have mutton instead of beef or chicken

  21. Please advice if diabetic persons can undergo this diet plan?
    if yes, any changes in the diet mentioned.
    please reply immediately. thanks

  22. Its a nice plan. Its my day 4 and i have lost 3 KGs. Yeppieee ! Thanks to all involved in making this plan.

  23. Does anyone know if I can substitute the skim milk on day 4? I do not drink milk, I drink vanilla Almond milk, will this suffice? Thanks!

  24. Hello,

    I am on day 4, and I feel pretty good so far this morning. I was exhausted the last couple of days, and went to bed early last night. So I do feel energized. I’m so happy about milk today! I get to add it to my black coffee, and that alone puts me in a great mood. I made my cabbage and onion stew a night or two ago, and found that I love curry and garlic in there the best! But I leave out the seasoning until I am ready to eat my serving, so i can play around with spices and not get bored. Its delicious.

    I am discouraged though, haven’t really lost any weight and not much going on in the “bathroom” either. Tonight I might try a natural herbal laxative tea.
    What’s going on?

    Question 2: How much skim milk can I have today?


  25. Can I substitute rice milk, soy or almond milk on day 4?

  26. i dont like soup..will it b ok if only 8 bananas n 3 glass milk

  27. Hi

    I cant stand bananas, can i substitute it with potatoes which is also high in potassium?

  28. Hey, it is day 4 of my GM Diet. Can I have sex today? How many times can I do it? Which pose is the best? I really want to lose a lot of weight.

  29. hi

    can i take buttermilk on the 4th day? if yes than should i decrease the quantity of milk from 3 to 2 or is it ok to consume both the things?

  30. Hi, today I accomplished day 4, I feel good!I lost 3 kilos so far.
    I’m walking daily 30 to 45min after work, drinking 2liters of water.
    Looking forward to day 5 🙂

  31. I have seen three diferent versions of this soup. One consist of 4 packets of lipton oinon soup mix and 6 oinons. Little confused which one I should use????? Can someone please help as I am on day 4 today.

    • I used 2 packets and added extra veggies, but I don’t feel 2 is enough. I am added one more pack, some cayenne, chilli powder, and garlic. TASTES GREAT!

  32. Hi

    I am vegetarian. What can I eat instead of beef, is sprouts ok. Can Diabetic people follow this diet???

    • Hi Supreena,

      I am also a vegeteraian and had the same question in mind.. Do check the Indian version of the GM diet “”. Hope it helps..

  33. Just wondering if this soup is meant to be eaten only on day 4…or is it something we can consume every day of the detox?!

  34. Tom is my day 4 goodluck to me!!! Pls send me the sample recipe from day 1 to 7 so I could. Repeat it after a week. Thanks.

  35. Hi,
    Can I substitute chicken with beef of Day 5 & 6??

  36. can i have sex during this diet?

  37. khatija, yes you can

    smart boys, of course…

  38. Can you substitute a potato for the bananas? Or unsalted peanuts? I am looking for potassium rich foods that I like as alternatives to the bananas for day 4.

  39. I am starting day 4 of the diet and I do feel alot better within myself. Having said that I am a little dissappointed that I have only lost 1.5kg, I’ve gone from 64.1 to 62.6 and I understand that people that have alot of weight to lose will naturally have more dramatic weight loss results but I hope to get back down to my goal weight of 58kg. I am going to make home made tomatoe soup today and i’m wondering if thats ok to eat instead of tomatoes on there own tomorrow?????, as I struggle to eat tomatoes but love tomatoe soup. Also 1 thing I have found contridicting on this site and i’m hoping hasn’t effected my weight lose is in “diet tips” it states that the wonder soup may be eaten as of day 4 but in the wonder soup rcipe it says it can be eaten as a supplement on anyday of the diet and at any time??? I have been eating it in small quantities since day 1. CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THAT IS RIGHT OR SHOULD I HAVE WAITED UNTILL TODAY?? Thanks

  40. I am on Day 4 and not lost a single ounce 🙁
    The 4th day is the most difficult to manage with only bananas, milk and soup.

  41. I do not consume red meat, so even for the sake of this diet, I refuse to eat it. Has been at least 7 years since I last had beef. I am skeptical when speaking about chicken, because it is loaded with hormones these days. In this case, would tuna (in water) work as a substitute? I know that tuna from a can is not the healthiest option, but I am seriously running out of ideas how I could handle Day 5 (which is tomorrow for me)?

  42. Quorra…. for your day 5 you could substitute Beef with Pork…. If you are stuck on Fish…best choice is salmon… rather than tuna

  43. I am on Day 4 and I feel GREAT!!!!! I didnt have a chance to make the cabbage soup and I brought in some Tomato Soup for lunch and a snack- I hope this doesnt affect my weight loss.. Any ideas from anyone on soups to replace the cabbage soup (something I can get in a grocery store)? I havent weighed myself BUT the difference in my clothes is amazing. I also noticed my skin is clearer and I have a healthy glow..Go GM Diet. I am going to restart this diet after day 7 and see how it goes. HELP someone for today!

  44. Hi All,
    Anyone could suggest a substitue for Beef
    Can i have Chicken non coated (roasted / tandoori style etc.)
    and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper)
    Also in this entire diet program is it ok to have salt
    I am trying this program for the 5th time
    didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago
    so any suggestions please……………help
    ps.i am on my 2nd day now please please suggest

  45. Hi All,
    Anyone could suggest a substitue for Beef
    Can i have Chicken non coated (roasted / tandoori style etc.)
    and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper)
    Also in this entire diet program is it ok to have salt
    I am trying this program for the 5th time
    didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago
    so any suggestions please……………help
    ps.i am on my 2nd day now please please

  46. I don’t drink milk, so can I substitute cottage cheese for milk on day 4.

  47. Plz help me out, havnt lost any weight!! M not doing any exercise, is that the problem???

  48. 5.2 lbs lost first 3 days with 30 min exercise each day

  49. Can I add potatoes to the soup?

  50. I am day 3 and want to know if I can have bananas and milk separately with sugar added to milk? Please advise

  51. Hi, can i drink chocolate or strawberry flavored soya milk instead on day 4?

  52. Beginning of day 4 I am down 4.5 pounds! I have been using tonys seasoning on veggies and in soup i also put lipton onion soup mix in the soup. i am nervous because i used 2% milk….i couldnt get out to get skim….we’ll see how it went!

  53. Can I swap the order of days 4 and 5?

  54. now i reduce my weight 113.5 Kg to 98 Kg in five months but i gain weight 3 Kgs in 2 monts rest now iam in 101.5 Kg how to manage the gain of weight

  55. starting day 4. Lost 5 lbs. altogether so far. Slight headache the first 2 days, but that has disappeared. Sleeping much better, feeling energized. Exercise has consisted of 30-minute daily walk and I’m going to increase my exercise since weight stayed the same over day 3.

  56. Hi,

    I am on GM diet, good tummy due to cesearian. Am on day 4 and not sure i have lost weight or not. But i am following this diet exactly the same. I am not doing any exercise but goint to office and doing other daily task. Please suggest me after having veg soup in lunch still feeling hungry what else i can have now?


  57. On day 4, is it still ok to drink lots of water? It wasn’t listed. Thanks.

  58. Today is my Day 4. My scales read on the morning of Day 1 – 241lbs. Morning of Day 4 – 232lbs. That’s 9lbs lost upto now!! I’ve been very strict. Not eating anything but what the plan states I can, but I graze all day instead of eating set meals and snacks. Not feeling hungry or deprived, had a headache on Day 1 and 2, but that’s past now. I’ve got a 2 litre bottle marked with lines so I now each hour to pour a glass. Looking forward to tomorrow (beef). Can’t wait to see the final results. Will post on Day 8 the final total on the Day 7 comments. Good luck all on your 7 days!!

  59. Today is my 3rd day. Already lost 2 lbs.

  60. Day -4 Started with 94.4 Kg. I’m very Happy..

  61. Started day 4… 8.5lbs down…. Amazing. Drink lots of water and space your meals/snacks 2.5 to 3 hours apart.

  62. I’ve lost 10 lbs after Day 5. It’s now “Feast Day!” I’m doing the elliptical for 30 minutes/day at the gym along with some weight training. You can do it, too!!!

  63. I can drink water on day 4 also right? I’m assuming so, but was just curious

  64. 2 small Bananas and warm Mill breakfast gave me first burp in these days.

    My colleagues are telling me that I may have lost some weight. The temptation to ride the scales is hard to resist – but I will check my weight only next day after finishing

    Hunger pangs are not going away though. My route to office has quite a few street joints offering food and aroma makes one feel a bit down – but motivation comes from comments and innfer feeling of light stomach and self control exercised all these days.

    Now i realise how religious people can hold fasts and observe stricter eating patterns. I think I will follow the fasts partial fasts as per my religion – if not for religion – for the good it does to my body.

    Anu keep up… 🙂



    • We are celebrating eve of Republic Day in India. There was a celebration at my office – quizzes, music and general camaraderie and banter was on – I was totally in to it and and I ended up sabotaging my diet to a small extent – there was some sweets and a bit of byte size snacks. I had 2 pieces of sugary and milky product sweets and 2 pieces of salty snack. I am not feeling bad though – I am keeping up the rest of the days as strictly as I have been with so far.

      I just had dinner with bananas and milk and burped again 🙂 so far so good.

  65. will someone confirm do we start with the cabbage soup on day 1? so many sites have this diet, and there are conflicting “rules” about when to introduce the soup?

  66. I am on my fourth day now and have lost abt 3 pounds. Was feeling a little low yesterday but today morning the feeling was gone. Considering that I have been sticking to the diet strictly and my weight has not really shown any huge change, I wonder if I have lost any real weight or its just water weight that has gone down . Also its difficult to go for a run on this diet.

  67. Hi there.
    I am just about to start day 4 – but I am allergic to bananas and milk. What can I do?
    Can I drink soy milk and change the bananas for something else high in potassium.

    any help would be much appreciated!


  68. hi,I am on day 2,but can I swtich day 4 with day 5,i mean bananas on day 5 and beef/fish on day 4??? i have to go to a BBQ and i can not refuse,,anybody did it???

  69. Dear Sir,
    I have stared GM diet yesterday. Is ii OK if I consume Yogurt/ Butter milk on day four.

  70. i am stricktly following gm diet. And on second day night i lost nearabt 1 KG. Today going to close my 3rd Days i am in office till 11. pm and i asked my roomate to bring bananas for tomorrow.8 banan and 4 glass of mlll….But milk without sugar….how is it possible we use sugar free.

  71. I hear people not liking something in this diet, I too do like some of the food, like onions the thought of 6 was horrifying so I but i put them in the magic bullet and pulverized them into mush, then added it to the soup, Yummy…. I hate milk and banana’s, made a shake of them added some cinnamon and chugged it down. I have not weighed myself today but after day 3 , i had lost 6 lbs, so i now it works as it is written, so if you want to loose weight, i say follow this strictly. 😀

  72. This stuff definitely works, i am on my 3rd day now and i already lost 2 kilos..
    and i feel really great!! Thanks for sharing this to us!!

  73. I didn’t really expect much when i started the diet. However, I am on my 4th day and so far i have lost 2 kgs ! I followed the diet on the first three days diligently…I hope after one week i don’t end up gaining all the weight i have lost…will try to keep up a modest diet with no sugary or oily stuff after this diet ends !

  74. I dont drink milk substitute for milk

  75. This diet was great for quick weight loss. But unless you live it and continue long term, the weight comes back
    I slowly introduced normal food, and gained in 6 months the 22 pounds i lost plus some. Not worth it. Unless, cabbage soup is what you desire to eat for your lifetime. I suggest this diet to look good for an event or reunion, but long term results will take ALOT of discipline.

  76. on day 4. haven’t lost much.jus 600gms off from day 1. followed strictly. can i have more than 8 bananas. 3 glass of milk & 8 bananas not enough. i have severe headache today. i m cranky. can some one suggest what i can have

  77. Hi..

    Today is my 4th day and I’ve lost 4kg. I’m happy…….

  78. I did the 7-Day GM Diet, and from 118 lbs, I went down to 110 lbs. But I forgot the soup angle on Day 4. I was strict on myself for the whole week, following each part (except the soup). I think my weight radically went down by Day 4, and I panicked a little on Meat Day. I think that this has been the most effective weight loss program for me. I’m going to do it again (after this past two months) and I was wondering — how often can I do this? I intend to do this on the first week of each month. 🙂

  79. I did eat some grapes on day 2 and 3 and today morning (day 4). Had two bananas in the morning. Can we cut on Bananas a bit and eat some other fruits… If other fruits doesn’t help, want to know if it has any adverse effect on weight loss…I’ll be taking a glass of Banana shake for lunch. I like Grapes… Don’t want to compromise on %ge of weight loss if grapes are not allowed on Day 4. As I have some so far (till Day 4). Please let me know if eating grapes is fine or not?

  80. DAY 4: I dont eat bananas. I am replacing with dates. How many dates can i have on day 4?

  81. my weight was 92.6 kg D1
    90.9 D4
    still expecting to reduce at D7
    will do it till i get my weight for height
    my ht is 180
    so my weight should be 180-100=80Kg
    can i do gm diet continuously

  82. Done with my fourth day, it was great 🙂 I am feeling light and my body feels so refreshingly new. Below is what I followed during the day

    1. Breakfast (8 am) I glass 200 ml low fat milk (without sugar) and two small size (Mal bhog) banana

    2. Mid morning (10.30 am) one (Mal bhog) banana

    3. Lunch (1.00 pm) I glass 200 ml low fat milk (without sugar) and two small size (Mal bhog) banana

    4. Post Lunch (3.00 pm) One bowl vegetable soup

    5. Evening (6.00 pm) I glass 200 ml low fat milk (without sugar) and two small size (Mal bhog) banana

    6. Dinner (8.00 pm) I glass 200 ml low fat milk (without sugar) and two small size (Mal bhog) banana

    Tomorrow is feast day and I am substituting chicken for beef. All excited, this diet plan is very scientifically design unlike any other I’ve come across…best wishes to all. Please be committed for the entire 7 days and watch your result. 🙂

  83. It’s the best time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have learn this put up and if I may just I wish to counsel you few interesting things or tips. Perhaps you can write subsequent articles referring to this article. I want to read more things approximately it!

  84. Hi,
    I am on my 3rd day and have not lost even an ounce 🙁 not so happy ,but will continue…wish to lose at least 3kgs…although while serving dinner to kids I cheated and took a bite from their meal :$ ,could that be a readon ..but it was literally 2 bites of wwbread ! i really hope to loose some weight after all this struggle….

  85. Hi,

    Can i anyone please suggest if i can have calcium sandoz instead of milk on Day 4 as i am allergic to milk?

  86. Hi, I about to start day 4 and I haven’t lost any weight. I excercise every day as I have before I started the diet so maybe that’s the problem. I don’t know what to change I haven’t cheated I’ve done very well with meals and I’m frustrated now. HELP!

  87. If you are going for best contents like me, just visit this website every day as it gives quality contents, thanks

  88. I dont drink milk at all since childhood… please suggest substitute for milk for day 4…

  89. So this is my 2nd. Time doing this program, just had a baby 4 m. Ago. The 1st.time lost 9 lbs. In 7 days. Happy 🙂 know starting my 3rd. Day. Already lost 3lbs. Half way there, this time I’m working out & hopefully loose more!

  90. Should I take warm water with lime everyday morning,along with the given diet? And what about exercise,for how long should we do that,in order to get effective result ??
    I feel very thirsty throughout the day ,and I drink somwhere around 5-6 litres of can I drink more water than its is mentioned.
    Please reply fast

  91. Hey…
    I am on this diet since 4 days….today is Day 4 n i have just lost 1.8 pounds…when i read comments posted by people losing upto 11-12 pounds,i feel very discouraged…I have been drinking 1 cup of tea/coffee everyday n haven’t been working out. Could that be a reason for such a negligible weight loss???? How do I know what is t that i am doing wrong?

  92. I’m beginning day 5 this morning and have followed the diet without cheating all week and have only lost 2 pounds. Is this normal? Is there one day when the weight just comes off and I haven’t gotten to it yet?

  93. Starting Day 4…. Checked my weight today morning and have lost 2.5 kgs already…. Waiting to see the weight on the end of 7th day

  94. I started my GM diet yesterday, I did a mistake I had GM soup at night along with fruits.
    Will my diet work OR should I start from the begining?

  95. Some may say stay the course, I am big on just starting over since you just started….

  96. I am following gm diet from yesterday..I wasfeeling very is my second day and I was feeling very low from evening.and I had taken rice with veg….should I continue my gm diet or should I start it again from tmrw…pl suggest me..

  97. Stick to it, so to me start over and get it right, the key here is not swaying.

  98. I started on 18th June. This is my fourth day. I have lost 3 kgs. Good diet plan..

  99. Hi Ritu, you should continue and dont give up. Its likeif you can sucessfully manage your first 2 days then you can easily sail through the remianing days with ease. Remember to have lots of coconut water or limewater. Grean tea is a must. In the morning have multivitamin tablet- muiltivite gold after your breakfast and feel the difference.

  100. Are you supposed to drink skim milk or is 1% milk okay

  101. Says skim, but the difference between the 2 should not be enough to matter.

  102. alternative for cabbage soup??? 😀 thanks..

  103. Cabbage soup? Not really, kind of a biggie on this diet, you can eat the soup with all the other veggies and not the cabbage, but I would not do it… Tough one, Maybe someone else has a better suggestion.

  104. does this diet really help

  105. Read the comments, for those that do it right yes it can,

  106. I am in 4th day (started on 7/15). I weighed 186.2 LBS on 1st day and 180.5 LBS at start of 4th day. 3 and half more days to go…. 🙂

  107. NICE results 🙂

  108. Is it ok to do this for two consecutive weeks?

  109. People have and have had success….

  110. I am in my 5th day. Lost 7.2 LBS already…2 and half more days to go…. 🙂

    1st day (7/15) = 186.2 LB
    4th day (7/18) = 180.5 LB
    5th day (7/19) = 179.0 LB

  111. wow great job 🙂

  112. Hello Sir,

    I ate yogurt on 3rd day night with brokali, cucumber , lettuce. Is it OK? Tomorrow Thursday is my 4th day and I have fast on that day. Is it Ok if ate Banana and milk only in lunch. Can I eat apple orange on day 4 lunch as well? Pls advise as early as possible.

    Thanks and Regards,

  113. Howdy 🙂

    Yogurt in day 3? I assume it has sugar in it? May be a really bad choice. Yogurt here is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and to me is essentially void on anything good.

    Day 4 here.

    Sound like you’re not eating, you have to eat, the soup is key here…

  114. I am in fourth day of week 2 and I have lost 10.7 LBs till now…..3 more days to go…will stop after that.

    *******First Week*******
    1st day (7/15) = 186.2 LB
    4th day (7/18) = 180.5 LB
    5th day (7/19) = 179.0 LB
    7th day (7/21) = 177.9 LB

    *******Second Week*******
    8th day (7/22) = 180.18 LB
    9th day (7/23) = 177.32 LB
    10th day (7/24) = 177.76 LB
    11th day (7/25) = 175.34 LB

  115. Can i drink water as well as milk today?

  116. you can always have water, and look at the sample above for timing, you can have milk

  117. Day four and I have lost 5#’s….Love this diet. Started out nervous with the Banana day but its going well….Banana’s and milk do not agree with me and I am substituting Almond Vanilla milk due to lactose issues…Good Luck Everyone 🙂

  118. Good idea on the almond milk, I can only do Raw A2 dairy myself…

  119. can i eat mangoes

  120. fresh mangos yes, dried no

  121. I weighed in this morning of my 4th day and I lost 7 lbs! 2nd day is the hardest for me.

  122. Awesome..
    Day 1 of diets always easy for me. Days 2 and 3 always the toughest 🙂

    But this diet is easier because you can eat more food than many diets and still works.

  123. Hi
    I am vegetarian so plz tell me any substitute for day 5,6 and 7.

  124. Can we have tea with skimmed milk during these 7 days of this diet? I can’t do without having tea.. Please advice if I can hav tea with skimmed milk in these 7 days?

  125. Assuming there is no sweetener I guess so 😉

  126. Before GM diet—–71.8 kg
    1st day—————70.6kg
    2nd day————–71.2kg(bcoz prepared potatoes and vegetables in (1 spoon) oil for the b-fast and lunch respectively)

  127. GM diet had helped me loose 6pounds in my first week and another 4 pounds the next week. I am on my third week now and is used to the diet meal program. My worry though is that I have GERD and I am just worried that this might have effect on my diet plan.

    Also how long should I do the GM diet plan?

    Thanks for this abrupt weight loosing program, it did wonders to my health. I now feel lighter and it feels good. Now my knee and hip operation can be delayed further as long as I can maintain having a light weight.

    Appreciate your feedback and response.

    Thanks again

  128. At some point, you will want to do the lifestyle change, the diet to me can only be done so often and 3 times in a row may be tough. Glad to hear it has helped you. I ended up going Paleo after dieting to jump-start my weight-loss and my GERD is 100% gone.

  129. I am now on day four. This is by far the easiest day for me as I love bananas and milk. How much milk is the maximum allowable amount to be consumed, by the way? I’m halfway through a liter and it’s around lunchtime. Also, is it okay not to have the soup today?

    I’ve been having a blast with this diet, I started at 67.9 kilos, on my second day I was 66.9, on my third day, I was 65.9 and I can’t wait to see how much I’ll lose today.

    One more great benefit is that I don’t get chapped lips anymore (I’ve been suffering from burnt lips for a decade now). Didn’t apply lip balm in the last few days. I also noticed that my skin has become more supple and moisturized.

    Will do another round and will probably alter my eating habits and lifestyle after this.

  130. Hello Kia
    Be careful not to drink too much milk (I think it recommends 2 glasses) and follow the examples as close as possible 🙂

    When i had a chapped lip issue it was due to a food allergy, I cut lost of things and it went away like yours did, maybe that was it? Once you come off the diet and re-introduce foods, looks for changes like that…. Introduce new foods slowly to see if they cause an allergic reaction or something.

  131. Going my day 4 today
    Starting weight:68kg
    I had none sweet and original flavor soya milk in the morning. It’s definitely non-fat product but has the same protein as the milk. I hope it’s okay. As I don’t have skim milk at home.

  132. Alister, if that’s all you have go for it 🙂

  133. I messed up day 3 with day 4 diet !!! what shall i do now !!! please help 🙁

    Had banana and milk on day 3 instead of day 4 !!!

  134. i’m on day four! i had 2bananas and a glass of milk in the morning, I’ve been having headaches since day one but hopefully i won’t have them today.
    i’m kinda confused about day five – beef and tomatoes.. can i boil the meat and have it with tomatoes?

  135. Regarding the wonder soup, I did not manage to find the Lipton soup, so can I just mix the rest of the vegetables together without the Lipton envelopes and still have it on day 4? Thanks in advance

  136. Hi admin, sorry for asking too much, but would it be a nice idea if I blend 2 of the bananas and freeze them, and then eat it like an ice-cream?

    Many thanks again!

  137. Day 4:


    1 Glass warm milk
    1 big banana


    1 banana


    I made a soup: tomatoes + onions + 1 red bell pepper + herbs + 1 banana


    1 glass of cold milk

    Few hours later: 1 blended + freezed banana (like an ice cream but the idea was not that successful as it wasn’t that tasty as I thought it would be :/ )

    Dinner: Banana + milk (banana milkshake – I think this is a bit heavy for the evening)

  138. By the way, I went down from 79 to 76 on my fourth day and I am very very happy!!! Thanks to the inventors of GM and the continuous support of the admin!!

  139. I think tomorrow will be difficult :((((

  140. It’s my 4th day n all I v eaten since morning is a glass of milk for breakfast and a banana for lunch. Even then I m feeling so full!! . Should I force myself to eat the required amount of bananas and milk to make up for the potassium and calcium loss for the past 3 days or just eat how much I m comfortable eating ?? Plz reply soon

    • Tough question really! Part of me says yes push through don’t fast, at the same time eat when you are hungry. Your decision, my gut say try and eat a little more, people find more success eating what they should. But don’t worry, just do your best.

  141. Tomorrow is my Day 4.
    Can I use double toned Milk instead of Skimmed Milk???

  142. Day 4 ends… Lost 1.9 Kilos…. 🙂

  143. On my fourth day I only lost 1kg this time and last time I lost 3kg on the same day, I am quiete disappointed :(((((((((((((((((( What am I doing wrong, author???

    Today I ate:

    Breakfast: 1 banana + 1 glass of milk

    Snack: banana

    Lunch: Tomatoe soup

    Snack: banana
    later: 1 glass of milk

    Dinner: babana + 1 glass of milk

    I am losing hope now :((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    • sorry, my recommendation is waiting at least 2 weeks to do it again, preferably a month. Right away after you just finished, tough….

  144. I thought that it would not matter that much and the effect of the diet would still be seen 🙁 It is because the body will kind of get used to the diet and take no longer effect?

    • Diets can vary, from experience I say once a month, your real test is what you do in between to me. Also, other factors can be your cortisol levels are off. Do you sleep from 10pm til 8am or so, or are you up all night? So many factors…

  145. Yes I definitely know that one must eat healthy and exercise in between, but it seems that even with that I’m not losing weight. I sleep from around 11pm – 6.15 since I need to wake up for work. Obviously in the evening I sleep more.

  146. Where shall I go after I open that link please?

  147. how many banana and milk must take plz reply soon its my day tomorrow i like both

  148. can i substitute beef to chicken and how much for tomorrow plz tell

  149. 2 glass of milk and 8 bananas large is it ok i cant understand

    • No, where does it say 8. Please everyone stop reading other copies of this diet elsewhere, they are not real! It is 4 total, plus milk plus SOUP! Does everyone not see why it is wrong to eat 8 bananas in a day period? Keep in mind if you look at the comments, the people with the most success follow it and stick to it. They don’t make alterations found on other sites.

  150. breakfast (banana and glass of milk)
    lunch (veggie/wonder soup)
    dinner (soup and shake – 2 bananas, 2 glasses of milk, ice)
    Snack (banana and milk or a little more soup)

    You can use spices, cinnamon great for you (especially blood sugar), will be good with bananas and milk.

  151. !!!!! I am on Day 4 and lost 2 KG already !!!!!!

  152. Can i use corn flour to thinken the soup a little?

  153. Hi,

    Can we have thunder coconut in our GM diet course?? This is second time i am doing GM diet in first time i have lost 3 kgs.

    • coconut water is fine, be careful with the meat, I am all for it outside of the diet, inside be careful, there is a certain amount of fat to have and not have, but having a tablespoon or so should be OK…

  154. Im on day 4 and following the plan sternly.. For day 5, shall i have brown rice with chicken??

  155. yahoo….
    It really works….
    I am on day four and i have already lost 05 kgs….
    feeling light and determined…
    any one can please tell me the alternate for brown rice and lean beef…..
    And can i restart it after one week’s break 🙁
    Admin kindly rply 😛

  156. Q1. i take 2-3 mugs of green tea(1ly tea bags,no added sugar and cream) everyday,so can i continue taking green tea while i am following this diet?
    Q2. i am now on day 4,and skim milk is not available in here,so can i take whole milk,if yes, then how many glasses can i take(i will try to avoid the butter fat as much as i can :()??

  157. i am on this diet. i usually cannot loose weight. its stubborn fat i feal. any way i will check wt only after copmpletion of diet.
    i am on 4th day did all as said , but want to admitt hat as its verry cold in delhi i had two cups of tea daily. and i used corn in boiled vegeies and soup. will i loose weght.
    simi handa

  158. Can I have sprouts? Like moong and chana? Tea? Is brown rice compulsary? Or the regular white rice will do?

    • i prefer organic white basmati, so white is fine but not instant rice. you need a little healthy oil/fat with the rice. tea fine no sweetener though. sprouts can be some of your veg when you have veg, yes.

  159. Is spinach allowed? Spinach soup and oats? On 3rd 4th day?

  160. I am in day 4 now… while preparing soup I used corrot, beans, cabbage, capsicum, onion and tomoto. Also I added ginger garlic paste for flavour. Pls let me know is this fine?

  161. dumb question but are we allowed to eat the veggies in the soup? or just consume the soup itself?

  162. hi,
    Today 4th day i was 73kg before this diet. now i am 70kg on 4th day morning. so happy……… thanks to gm diet……..

  163. Was 107kgs when i started. was bloody tempted to eat some good food … but then i have made it almost thru day 4 …. day 4 morning measured 104 kgs. I’m feeling happier and lighter 😛

  164. If you keep this lifestyle change going, healthy foods become good, takes time for the body and taste buds to adjust.

  165. How much of brown rice can we eat on day 5?can I prepare tomato rice on day 5?

  166. 1.5 cups uncooked… Yes you can have tomato rice…

  167. hi , today is my fourth day , and I haven’t seen any change in my weight . I have been following the diet.

  168. i had a bowl of milk and banana for breakfast and boiled vegetable soup (broccoli, tomato, carrot, cauliflower) for lunch. Mid – day snacks i had a bowl of milk and banana.
    and yes this is my first time to try the diet.

  169. i’m in Day 4 and it was not mentioned how many glasses of water we can have in a day 4. please tell. thanks

  170. I’m allergic to fruit – except berries and tangerines. Crazy I know. What can I substitute for Bananas?

  171. Hi,
    Can i have corn flakes with skimmed milk on day 4 for breakfast??

  172. Hello all,

    Reduced 2.9kgs in 3 days. Today preparing for 4th day. I am feeling very happy it really works.
    Before starting 62.3
    aft completing 3rd day 59.4.

    also pls confirm can I hav boiled greengram sprouts n green leaf with brown rice on day 5.

    I wanna reach 55kg. Pl guide me.

  173. No grains at all….no sweetners or sugar at all.
    Had vry little salt that too only once for dinner on the 2nd day.

  174. Hi,
    I am the third day of gndiet plan. Till now I did not loss 1 KG also . pls help me.

  175. Started GM Diet on Monday , lost 4 pounds at the end of 2 days . Today is my day 3 and I am so pleasantly surprised that I absolutely do not feel hungry and am kind of enjoying my fruit & Veggie diet. Miss my carbs though, especially when I am cooking and serving dinner for my family.

  176. My question is that by adding ice in 1 glass of milk shake its became 2 glasses ..Is it consider 1 glass or 2??

  177. Can I eat chicken instead of beef on day 5??.Please let me know???

  178. Loving this GM diet so far, I usually don’t like to follow “diets” but I am getting ready for a cruise and wanted to try it so far I am loving it. I cheated a little bit because I went out and there was nothing good to eat. I started day 4 today and I weighed myseld this morning and I am down 6.3 pounds so far. i started at 151.5 and I am now 145.2! 🙂

  179. Dear author,

    For Day 5 , am looking forward to cook some chicken patties , is the below ingrients okay?
    I have added two recipes, request you to pls comment..

    1 lb ground chicken
    1 jalapeno, seeded and minced
    1/4 cup fresh cilantro (small handful)
    1 inch knob fresh ginger
    1/4 of a large yellow onion,
    3 tsp garam masala
    1 1/4 tsp salt
    1 egg, lightly beaten
    1/3 cup panko breadcrumbs
    buns for serving

    1.Boneless Chicken – 300 gms
    2.Potato – 1 ( big)
    3.Egg – 1
    4.Onion – 1
    5.Green Chillies – 4
    5(a).G&G paste – 1 tbsp
    6.Red Chilli pwdr – 1 tsp
    7.Garam Masala pwdr – 1 tsp
    8.Cilantro – Few springs
    9.Mint Leaves – few springs
    10.Bread Crumbs – 1 cup

    Please suggest what I should not do without..

  180. no breadcrumbs, these are a diet killer, so bad for you and this is a grain free diet. Also no egg, you have the chicken.

  181. What are the ingredients for the tomato soup. is Campbell’s ok?

  182. pourqoui ja i rien pardu les premier 3 jours

    • Quelle a été votre régime comme été? Avez-vous trompé du tout? Le sucre? Des produits du blé? Êtes-vous manger de la soupe?

  183. I feel like I have not lost any weight at all even though I am in day 4 today. I never check my weight at all but feels the same. Is something wrong?

  184. Hello I want to loose stomach fat..should I go for GM diet plan

  185. Lifestyle change?

  186. Dear Sir,

    I have bought small bananas can i substitute it for large bananas. i’m already on day 4 today i have lost 3.5 kg till now. i would be grateful if you could tell me brown rice 1 cup is how many grams and i hope it is uncooked quantity. please reply sir my no is +918589028329.

  187. Hi
    I was feeling great till when I weighed myself! Am on day 3 today, weighed mysekf in the morning and baaam! No change at all, same weight like when I started,,, what did I do wrong? I even workout, I walk 30mins every morning…this is how I did it
    Day 1
    Breakfast: strawberries and 1 apple, and a glass of warm water
    Snack:strawberries and 1 litre of water
    Lunch: more strawberries, oranges and mango
    Dinner: grapefruit, oranges and half an apple

    Day 2
    Breakfast: 1boiled irish potato with half tsp olive oil, cayanne pepper and a pinch of salt with a cup of green tea
    Snack: half cucumber and 1 carrot
    Lunch: veggie stir fry ( zucchini, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and paprika) sautéed in olive oil, salt and cayenne pepper
    Dinner: half boiled sweet potato with boiled spinat and a half bottle of water

    Day 3
    Breakfast: 1 orange and 4 strawberries with a cup of green tea
    Snack: 2 Sharons and half mango
    Lunch:iceberg salad, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes dresses with half tsp olive oil, black pepper, salt and k
    lemon juice
    Snack: 2 oranges
    Dinner:boiked mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and mushrooms) and 1, 5litre of water
    Snack: 2 sharons and 2 oranges and a cup if green tea

    So where did I go wrong? I am feeling great though 🙂 ….Really need some advice…..thank you

    • Not bad, but no extra potato day 1 at night really bad before bed. day 3 where is your protein / meat? are you sure your following the diet here only? how many bananas are you having day 4?

  188. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply, yes I had half boiled sweet potato for dinner on day 2, I felt bad after 🙁
    I didn’t see anywhere on day 3 menus and description that we can have protein/meat I follow all the tips and instructions from this site,
    As for day 4, planning to have 5 bananas all day, 1, 5% fat milk and soup ( cabbage, capsicum, onions and carrots) , water and couple of green tea,
    Still why havent I lost even 100gm?

    • So tough, can be so many reason, the potato was big error that late and the lack of meat. Please read day 3 again…. do 4 bananas, what we say to do…. You diet overall though in one sense looks great. hang in there, finish it out then we can chat about it then 🙂

      • Today is my day 4. even I did not eat meat on day 3….nowhere does it say meat on day 3…only veg and fruits. Please tell, are we following wrong diet? I lost 2 kg in the first two days, but hardly any on day 3. pleeeeeeese it because my diet went wrong?

  189. Hi
    I followed first three days without compromise n feel energetic n doing regular cycling. I got mandatory leave for this week n I decided to follow gm diet to keep d body fit n reduce unwanted weight. I shared this systems to my friends n got positive comments n they also practice. Can u say alternative choice to skip beef because I need to follow this Easter festival.

  190. legumes work, with some oil of course….

  191. Hi
    Beef contain protein fibre n iron . should we take iron for dates, protein for soyabens n fibre for ???

  192. Hi
    Can I take alternative option for beef because I need to follow Christian rules during Easter times

  193. OK tomorrow I will take legumes n bean

  194. Hi
    For day 4 lunch, celery is not available near by area so give me alternate choice to mix with soup

  195. I am on my day 4 of the GM diet.
    I did not weigh myself after starting the diet , will leave that to the end ( just in case get disappointed after a few days )
    On the first day I gave in to “temptations ” and ate some cheese and a pita bread ( plus lots of watermelon, apples and 1 pear )

    Day 2 Stuck to the diet but no potato in the morning ( I hate potatoes , is there a need to have something else ? I did not feel hungry )

    Day 3 was great ; fruits and veggies combined , plus vegetable soup was the easiest day !
    Day 4 I am indifferent to bananas but I had 2 so far today. I would like to substitute non fat yogurt for milk , I
    find milk difficult to digest.
    Beef – Day 5 can I have trout or chicken instead ? Good beef is not available here. No soup on this day ?
    Brown rice – Day 7 can’t I just have veggies instead ? brown rice is not available where I am.

    • You are missing so much, you are not really following the plan, huge cheat day 1, no potato (or sweet potato) with fat day 2 and no protein day 3. Day 5 yes you can do can have soup when you want. not really, do white rice or quinoa.

  196. I don’t take milk.what’s the alternative on the forth day?

  197. coconut milk. almond milk for a start…. yogurt also…

  198. Hi, I am on day 4 everything is OK so far lost 2 kilos. For the fifth day can it be as follows
    1 2 eggs and vegetables
    2 snack: chicken Caesar salad
    3 lunch: cup of rice with beef and cooked vegetables
    4 dinner: soup

  199. I’m on my day 4, can I eat raw vegetables instead of vegetable soup on this day? thanks!

  200. Hi,
    I am on my 4 day but i m unable to loss even a single gm of my weight, although i have cheated a bit,I use to take tea during the plan .Will it affects or i have to restart the Plan.Can i take veg corn soup which are available in the market instead of wonder soup.

    • well cheat and you will likely not lose, sorry. you can restart. no you cannot have the market soups. Corn soup a HUGE no.

  201. I ate small bowl of corn on day3. Is it ok…

  202. I am on day 1 of the diet and so far have stuck to melons almost exclusively and feel pretty good. I am concerned about day 4. I am not lactose intollerant but HATE milk. Is it possible to substitute 3 1/4 cup servings of fat free cottage cheese for the milk? I saw that you mentioned yogurt is okay to swap. Would it have to be plain nonfat, or would vanilla nonfat be acceptable? Is it alright to use stevia or another natural calorie free sweetner to the banana on day 4?
    The diet allows spices, but can you add things like hot sauce or other condiments provided that they are free of oil, sugar, and fat?
    Last one (promise!), what about capers?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • You can do the cottage cheese. Yogurt is fine but no sweetener. However a little stevia is OK, but you cannot over use it and never use the other fake ones. However, bananas are already sweet so don’t use. Stevia you should not over use, but the fake sweeteners cause a host of health issues including weight gain.

      Yes or hot sauce, make sure it’s pure, no preservatives and such. Salt, pepper, spices and herbs are OK. A few capers is OK as well.

  203. Dear sir,
    Im on my 4th day. I need to know three things
    1. Should I only do it for one week, If I stop this diet will I get bulk immediately.
    2. Is it ok to go to the gym and have green tea with this?
    3. I dont eat beef, What should I eat tomorrow (day5)?

  204. 1) yes, you can try again after 2 weeks…
    2) yes no sweetener, maybe a little stevia is OK.
    3) eggs, fish, legumes, etc

  205. Is porridge allowed on this day ?

  206. Hey,
    I am on my 4th day of GM Diet.
    I have lost merely 1 kg till now. :/
    Following has been my diet:
    Day 1:
    Fruits, mostly watermelon, 1 glass sugarcane juice.1 boiled egg at noon.
    Vegetables- stir fried veggies – carrots, capsicum, onions, cabbage. Afternoon- bitter gourd, slightly cooked.
    1 boiled egg at noon. Evening: bitter gourd.
    Day 3:
    Mostly watermelon. Cucumber- sliced and salted. Bitter gourd, 1 glass sugarcane juice. Two tomatoes. 1 boiled egg at noon.
    Day 4:
    Have taken 2 bananas with a glass of skimmed milk in morning, followed by one boiled egg at noon and one banana at afternoon.

    Is taking egg prohibited? I was having that to ensure a good amount of protein.
    Also, I am having excessive bloating, my tummy size has grown more than before and looks really awkward.
    What could be the reason for that? Any tips to treat it?
    Thanks a lot.

    • That’s because you are not following the diet we have set for you. Sugarcane juice day 1 and eggs, HUGE mistakes. Too much gourd also. Please try and follow what we did. I am huge on protein with every meal for balance, but after the program.

      Do you typically hold lots or most of your weight in your tummy? Let me know.

  207. No. Most of my weight is around my thighs and waist.
    But I have had this bloating problem, however things never got so exaggerated.
    I shall now stick to the diet.

  208. sir, can i take yogurt with brown rice???

  209. hi,
    I have some questions:

    On fourth day, to prepare cabbage soup can I skip celery in it.Or what else I can add in place of celery.

    on fifth day, can I have brown rice with any Dal or I can have Tomato rice. (Iam totally vegeterian)
    Please suggest.

    • No replacement needed, skip if you like 🙂
      yes you can, replacing meat you need protein and some good fat with it.

  210. I cant believe I am 6 lbs lighter this morning after 3 days. I also go to the gym every day, 1 hour cardio and workout. It’s not water weight because I ha ve already been on a strict diet for a month now. I am glad that I tried this. Cant wait to see the weight loss after day 7.

    • Awesome 🙂

    • I really think that I have lost more than 6 lbs..because my monthly cycle starts in 3 days…so I have to take that into consideration….women bloat…so..I am really anxious to see t he results after day 7. woop woop\

  211. I had boiled cauliflower and raw papaya in dinner on 3rd it fine?

  212. its my 4th day,I skipped breakfast, I was not feeling any thing to have in morning.Now can i directly jump to mid day snacks.

    pls suggest what to do.

    • Skipping meals is not great, however the best day to do so would be day 4 and I totally understand not wanting something, I used to never be hungry in the morning.

  213. Only 2.5 kg lost after 4th day.I wanted atleast 5 kg to be reduced.After 7th day is this poosible to reduce more.

    • People that don’teat processed foods, sugar, flour, etc afterwards tend to keep losing, then do the diet again and lose even more.

  214. can i add dates along with fruits on day 3

  215. Day 4 … I have weighed myself and happy happy happy to see a 70.5 in the machine.. remember I started at 73, so 2.5 kg in 3 days..

    Today I have taken half glass milk in the morning.. will have banana now.. I understand I can eat upto 6 banana’s..

    Feeling so great about how I will look after 7 days when I will losse apprx 4 to 5 kg I guess… 🙂

  216. Hi guys…

    today is been a disaster in terms of my diet food in take.

    I have had only 1.5 glass of milk and just one banana whole day. reason, my office canteen didn’t had milk and banana supply today. evening, I had to skip my meal forcefully..
    but yes I had lot of water and now off to sleep, will do the full fledged food intake from tomorrow morning..
    by the way, my weight is 69.7kg

  217. I don’t eat ripe banana. What can be the substitute for it on day 4 of GM diet?

  218. i made a few changes on day 4 by substituting dairy milk for soya milk. i made my soup with two jars of tomato sauce. i was shocked to find that one jar contains about 5g of salt. will this ruin my progress?

  219. btw i had like eight bananas cuz some sites say you can. this one says i should have stuck to 4. i dont know if i should just give up now. its so discouraging after coming this far

    • yes, there is nothing healthy about 8 bananas, those are fake versions of the the original plan here. sorry yes it can really hurt. We don’t say here eat tomato soup on day 4, can’t help there, sorry. I will say 8 bananas and tomato soup are bad.

  220. last week i failed at day 4. this week
    breakfast: 2 bananas and light soya milk
    pre lunch: 1 banana
    lunch: large bowl of the veggie soup
    snacked on cherry tomatoes through the day
    dinner: left over veggie soup, 2 bananas and milk
    I had five bananas in total but I had a really active day so I hope that will make up for it

  221. Hi,

    Today is my 4th day…. 3rd day was quite difficult for me specially after having mid day vegetable soup in which i mixed bottle guard, capsicum, tomatoes, onion and carrot and sweet corn.(as i m thyroid patient i cant eat cabbage, broccoli etc) after boiling all together i ground all the vegetables and mixed in vegetable broth and added boiled sweet corn also…for seasoning pepper, salt and lemon worked very well…it was very tasty but too heavy to the evening i was feeling too bloated and fuller that i had to take some digestive…at the same time i was feeling very low and had a sour throat…took medicine and relaxed…by the night i was on my feet again and started feeling good….then in the night i ate boiled vegetables like bottle guard, capsicum, onion, carrot etc. seasoned with home made coriander and mint chutney. but night gone too uneasy cause my BP gone drastically down….immediately i had to eat one mini banana as i was feeling too low…somehow i managed to sleep but only for 5 morning i checked my weight after three days i lost almost 3 kgs….

    • Hang in there. As a thyroid patient, I understand staying away from goitrogenic foods. Are you gluten free also?

    • Hang in there. As a thyroid patient, I understand staying away from goitrogenic foods. Are you gluten free also? Keep going…

  222. can i substitue yoghurt in place of milk

  223. I am in a small town in germany and I can’t find skim milk of fat free yogurt. I bought low fat yogurt but just realized it contains sugar. Would I be better off getting almond or soy milk instead?

  224. Can i have buttermilk on day I dnt like milk

  225. Same quantity as milk or less

  226. Hi,
    On 4th t ate two cups rice and chicken,should i start from first or i can continue?

  227. can i skip soup on day 4?

  228. had peas day two …problem?

  229. on day four can I substitute milk for curd and bananas for mangoes. …two mangoes ….plus tomato soup with veggies. …that is broccoli beans spinach carrot

  230. not even curd made of toned milk…hate milk …causes bloating….

  231. Day 4 started…. I am excited!!!!…. Today my weight was 91.0 1.2 kg less so far…… I am still hoping i can reduce around 4 kg by end of 7th day…. 🙂

    Had 2 small bananas and 1 glass milk…
    I will keep having combination of butter milk and water as its a great combo…. and tastes good 🙂

    Lets see what will be the result on day 5 🙂 🙂

  232. Starting the Day 4… Have lost slightly over 2.5 Kg in 3 days … started with 92 and am slightly below 89.5 today…. and that … makes me happier…. 🙂 )))

    All excited for my favourite fruit banana and the favourite Breakfast of Banana sliced over Milk … 🙂 But that only leaves me a bit worried as well that I may gain a few pounds by consuming Banana and Milk, and may overeat as I am fond of them…!!!

    Any advice /precaution on that ..?

  233. today is 4th day
    Break fast : 1 banana with 1 glass milk
    Mid Morning : 1 banana
    Lunch : cabbage & tomato mix soup
    Afternoon : 1 Banana
    Dinner : 1 Glass of Banana Shake

    Is it ok ??? can i use tomato in veg soup .Pls let me know the quantity for brown rice for 5th day

  234. ya its pure tomato soup with little salt and pepper (without oil).
    Pls let me know the quantity of brown rice for day 5
    For Day i have planned
    Breakfast : Chickpeas with little salt ,pepper & squeezed lime
    Lunch : Brown rice with tomato curry ( using ginger 1tsp olive oil,salt & pepper)
    dinner : Tomato Soup and mix salads

    • Good then on the soup, 1.25 cups or so uncooked. Make sure you have good fat when replacing a beef meal. Dinner seems way off, where is a protein sub, legumes, something.

  235. Thanks for reply .For day 5 dinner can we take rice with yellow dal(Toor Dal) made with 1tsp olive oil ,salt,red chilli,turmeric & corriander.

  236. Hi, Its coconut fat free yogurt ok for today instead of milk. thanks

  237. Hello!!

    Can I have only banana and milk and avoid soup on 4 th day? Also, how many bananas and how many glasses of milk should I consume for the whole day

  238. How come I just lost 3.5lbs while following the correct diet plan and rest are loosing 4kg (6lbs+) by day 4 🙁 any suggestions? I am on my day 4 today- had one banana by now. Any help would be great

    • hang in there, you are doing fine, 4 bananas total today and stick to the plan. eating less is not better and try to have the soup, it helps.

  239. Can we swap diet of day 4 with day 5? I mean can I eat chicken and tomatoes on day 4 and banans on day 5..

  240. can I replace bananas for raw bananas ?

  241. is non-fat milk okay on Day 4?

  242. hi,
    this is my day3. i started with 86.3 .day3 morning it was 84.5 nd in the evening i see 85.2
    but still i have hopes. for day 4 is it ok with 3.4% fat milk or should i get skimmed milk?
    nd is it 4 small size or large size bananas?
    pls advice.thanks for the diet. it gives me such a gud confidence to start up a new way of eating foodd.
    thanks again

  243. Hello Author,
    How are you? Thanks for your suggestion on Day 2.

    I am on day 4 now and have made sure not to over drink water. And I do remember your golden rule now, ‘drink when you are thirsty.’

    I would like to share that before starting GM diet, I used to hardly drink 4glasses of water a day, and now I feel naturally thirsty and can easily drink upto 10glasses.

    As of End of day three, I have lost 2.6kgs. Not bad, eh!

    Stay well, and thanks for bringing this site up. Am gonna post again if I face issues.

    And just loving the Milk-Banana-Soup day and looking forward to the steemed chicken with indian spices day!! 😀

    • Hello, how are you?
      Good news, some days I drink more than others, likely has to do with my diet those days or how active I am.

      Awesome loss.

    • steamed chicken?shud nt it be grilled ? nd regarding the tomatoes ,shud they be eaten raw or can we have cooked without oil?

  244. thanks for the reply jhelum.

    hello Author,
    u should be definetly fine knowing this much about healthy point in asking

    u have nt replied abt the milk on day it strictly skimmed milk or can i have 3.4 fat milk.
    nd may i replace bony chicken with beef nd how many grams approximately i can have.
    pls do let me know.

    thanks nd 1000’s of thanks fo the support.
    posting a diet is so simple but supporting thru out is such a grt thing. so grateful to u.
    this has really made a huge diff in my attittude towards weight loss.
    thanks thanks…………..

    • Happy to help 🙂
      you can have 3/4 fat
      chicken yes, do 4 oz per meat replacement/meal.

      Always happy to help, trust me, I am not here judging, it’s hard, I have been through so many things I just like helping…

  245. thanks author. i will be keep updating the progress

  246. can i hv water in day 4

  247. hi, iam on day 5
    started day with 30 mins walk on treadmill.
    for breafast had : 3 chopped tomatoes with cucumber nd a pinch of salt.
    for lunch i have free range chicken (has fat ,i felt while washing hands were oily) .i used 1/2 spoon of olive oil nd prepered a tasty masala chicken.
    onion ,tomatoes ,ginger garlic ,5 pinches of coriander powder, jeera nd pepper— wow it wud be a grt lunch-smella grt. hop this shud be ok.
    nd for dinner planning cabbage soup with chicken broth.

    would this menu be ok for day 5?

  248. hello author,
    on 5 th day i had protein for the night aswell.ate some chicken nd had some plain chicken soup aswell.
    on 6 th day for breafast – had carrot nd cucumber .
    for lunch – had brown rice, lentil with veg nd onion raitha with yogurt.
    for dinner – had little brown rice lentil with veg.
    still just 2 kgs gone down.tats ok even tats a lot in 7 days.
    will do it again in a week gap
    looking forward for tomorrow wud be nice if i cud one more kg gone down.fingers crossed

  249. now am in 4th day of gm diet. but no weight loss till now, is it changes come on day 8? can i expect?

    • What did you eat day 2 and 3. when are you weighing yourself? yes best to see what happens after day 7. You must only weigh in the morning after you first get up and after you go to the bathroom. Do not drink or eat anything first until you weigh.

      • ok.. day 2 i ate only boiled cabbage and beet root with onion.. on day 3 i ate apple grapes and same vegetables. yes third day night only i weighed. thanks i hope surely i ll reduce.. bcoz strictly i am following this diet…

        • well technically not, you missed that key potato and butter. ITS A MUST!!!!!

          Day 2 ,eating only 3 veg so to speak is not good. Less is not more here. You also cannot weigh at night.

          Sorry you may want to read each day again carefully.

  250. on day 5 and 6 instead of chicken / meat can i take brown rice

    • yes, white is better. you need some good fat with it. meat has fat. like olive oil or ghee.

      rice is not a great meat sub, legumes or quinoa is better at least.

  251. Is it OK to use almond milk… sweetened or unsweetened? ?

  252. 🙁 I don’t have any milk all I have is almond light milk so I have not had the bannana with milk.

  253. today day 5, i ate tomato in the morning.. lunch i planned to eat brown rice, plz suggest my dinner

    • Hello
      So you don’t eat meat, I understand. But where is the meat substitute for breakfast? If you eat a sub for meat, that sub like rice needs good oil/fat, like olive oil. This is NOT a fat free diet. You need good fat…

      I suggest legumes, quinoa or eggs to replace beef if you can.

  254. For day 4 can I have any vegetable soup for lunch (zucchini, tomato, onion)? And what about days 5 and 6 can I have fish or chicken in some meals instead of just beef??
    Thank you so much for your help so far.

  255. Thanks alot its very informative 🙂

  256. Hi All, I just started the diet. I am on day 4 but I cheated yesterday with chicken and potatoes for dinner. Should I start over or should I continue with Day 4?

  257. Today is 4th day
    Break fast : 2 small banana with 1 glass milk
    Mid Morning : 1 banana
    Lunch : 3 small banana with 1 glass milk
    Dinner : 2 small banan and 1 glass milk

    is this ok ?

  258. I am really confused as to how many bananas are we suppose to have on the 4th day. The FAQ page says not more than 4 bananas whereas another page on home page of your site says upto 8…please clarify as two contradictory statements have been provided in your website..

    • What is the Url of the page you mentioned. It may be worded wrong, on the homepage there is not mention of bananas. It’s 4 reg/lg bananas or 6-8 small ones.

  259. Wat to drink in place of milk .. coz i dn’t drink milk…

  260. I dont see any mention of paneer on this website, I’m assuming this means don’t eat paneer on days 5 and 6 (instead of cottage cheese) if you’re doing the indian version?

  261. can I use fat free milk instead of skim milk on the fourth day?

  262. I never had almond milk but I will give it a try, thanks.

  263. I have been eating a bowl of soup everyday but run out. Do people lose more weight when they have the soup everyday? Just wondering if I should make more

    • They do tend to according to reports. The folks that lose less are the ones that skip meals and eat less. So at least eat the meals and snacks though.

  264. Dear Author.

    Good Morning.

    Thank you for your GM diet program me. First time i am trying this plan.
    My weight was 67.3 KG. I am very active type of person.Working as accountant for a trading co at UAE.
    Even daily am going to fitness first and doing regular jimmying like aerobics, abb exercise, yoga and body compact etc etc my weight remains same.

    So i started GM diet and am in 4th day Diet. Many many thanks i lost 2.2 KG in 3 days and am following
    strictly your diet plan and also going for my regular workout

    Today i will be in cabbage and capsicum soup diet and banana with milk/ Hope this diet will help to reach
    my ideal weight of 62KGs

    Thanks a lot


  265. I am on day 3 today and will be on day 4 tomorrow .i hate bananas and milk .Can you please suggest substitutes and in what quantity? I read that dates r ok but only 8 and instead of milk one can have unsweetene d yogurt?am I right? Pleeeez help!

    • Dates are not OK at all, you did not read that here. You can have some unsweetened yogurt, a couple will be fine. Just pick another fruit to replace the bananas. All should be good.

      • Thanks a million! I have already lost 2.5 kgs in 3 days. You’re suggestion is that I substitute banana for any one type of fruit or a variety of fruits ? On day 4 can I continue my soups and veges? Can I have sprouts with sour curd?

        On day 5 can I cook beef with vegetables in addition to tomatoes? Instead of brown rice can I gave normal white rice? Can I continue having soups fruits and vegetables on day 5? Would appreciate your support and guidance:)

        • just pick something fresh and local, pineapple will work, it’s up to you.

          A few veg will be OK, not too much. Yes white rice is better anyway. No fruit on day 5.

  266. Can I have some fruits instead of having the soup. I kind of dislike soups.

    • no, you can have steamed veg. Veg and fruit are totally different. Fruit has lots of carbs, natural sugar, etc. The soup does not, that’s why you can have it all of the time.

  267. I look forward to this day the most. I freeze 7 bananas. Then for breakfast, lunch and dinner I make a milkshake with a glass of milk and 1.5 or 2 bananas. It’s like eating icecream. I skip the soup because I’m a little veggie’d out by this day. If I need an afternoon snack I eat the frozen banana. But normally the 3 shakes keep me full. Freeze them the night before and make sure there is no green on them. They are sweeter because the starch has broken down into sugar.

  268. Hi
    I am a partial vegetarian can I replace meat with beef kababs (shami) on day 5 or should stick to brown rice only?

    • well technically legumes better than rice, white rice better than brown, and yes you can do that kind of meat, just make sure you know how it’s seasoned, NO MSG, no sugar, no wheat, etc…

  269. pls can u mail me a sample gm diet for day 4…….

  270. Hi team,

    how much water should I have on day 4

  271. You are right Kevin!! Went for a 5 km walk, came home and vacuumed and cleaned the house. Full of energy!

  272. Can we eat cooked vegetables today.

  273. Don’t know exactly what day I have Rice, but how much am I suppose to have for that whole day.and Hamburger how much.

  274. I have lost my desired weight on 3rd day-3 kgs. I am in shape now . I want to stop now from 4th day to continue. my health doesnot allow me as iam feeling very low.

  275. How many bananas and how many glass of milk should I take on day4??

  276. 2 week on GM diet.I hardly have any appetite for mid day snacks.Is it OK not to have if not hungry or must follow the pattern.
    Many Thanks

    • Yes, eat when you are hungry, but try not to under do it if possible. eating less is not better. Just try and find some balance there… 🙂

  277. What diet do u suggest between two gm plans???
    how much is d ideal gap to maintain between two gm diets?
    how many times in 2 .onths can i follow this plan?

    • wait at least 2 weeks to do it again. I recommend 100% sugar and gluten free. If you are eating wheat, the weight will come back. I recommend a balanced plan, balanced between good fats, good carbs and protein. Look at the top 2 posts here.

  278. Today was my 4 day but due to some rituals i had to eat rice n dal and all… I had lost 1 kg till now, should i continue or start again from first?

  279. Hi I want to start GM diet but 4th day is mentioned to take banana and i m allergic to banana. i start vomiting if eat even one small piece of banana. So is there any replacement of banana?

    And one more thing i have a hypothyroid so do u thing this plan will help me to reduce weight?

  280. I think i made a mistake. I am on day 4.
    Had 1 banana and skimmed milk in the morning… later 1 glass water.
    Around lunch i ate a grilled eggplant.
    Plan to have soup in the evening and milk and banana as told by you.
    (I have prapared enough wonder soup to last me 2 days now)
    Was the move on eggplant wrong?

  281. Can i add olive oil to the veggies in the diets plan?

  282. On 1, 2,3 day is it ok to use salt over fruits and vegetables

  283. I also cooked all sprouts along with 1 spoon butter, half spoon salt and this dish is ok to have..actually this is very testy.

  284. Can I eat dry fruit fig instead of banana on 4th day as i m not able to eat banana at all??

  285. Hi,
    I don’t eat beef or pork. could you tell me if i can substitute with salmon.
    Thank you.

  286. It’s a 4 th day for me,
    I lost 2.5 kgs in 3 days!
    today I had 2 bananas in breakfast,skipped Millk as I dont like to drink it.
    for lunch I will plan to have one banana and tomato soup(2-3 cup) from my office vending machine(its a powder soup, but I feel better as winter is going on here)
    for dinner I will plan to have 1 banana with Millk and cabbage soup or GM soup(Unlimited quantity 😉 I hope that’s fine)

    • Nice 🙂
      I’m not gonna lie, scary eating soup from a vending machine, do you have nay idea what;s in it. These things will affect your weight and health in the long term, You may get away with it temporarily now. But not in the future. The junk that’s in that soup is scary likely.

      Other than that, good …

  287. am on the first day of diet plan according GM diet 5th Day is used to tomatoes but i wont like to eat raw tomatoes , please let me know the what can i eat instead of tomatoes, veg only.

  288. hi Admin, I’m on the 4th day of GM Plan ( banana with milk)
    after consuming these 2 food, I having 4th times diarrhea. what should I do now?

  289. Hi,
    Admin, today is my fifth day, I lost 4kg in first 4 days, Thanks so much for this diet plan.
    I have a query, I take One big bawl vegetable soup, with Paneer, 2 tomato and sweet corns.
    Should I continue with this soup in whole day.
    Please reply quickly.

  290. Can I have Knor Instant soup/yakhni any day rather making our own soup?

    • Beware: They are full of chemicals, MSG, and other junk. These do alter over time and affect your health. Best to make your own spice blends.

  291. can I do without the banana through out today, cant stand the stuff. also bought fat free milk is that ok. I have not lost any weight though and have been following the diet strictly.

  292. Plan to weigh on the last day, but don’t feel any different. Ate papaya and watermelon on 1st day, cucumber, cabbage and lettuce salad on 2nd day and had papaya and apples yesterday

  293. Ate the baked potato alone with a cucumber lettuce and cabbage salad with fat free vinaigrette

  294. Hello there,

    I started from 59 Kgs and its my 4th day and at the morning my weight was 55. I am really happy with my weight. I just wanted to reduce my belly, but it does not show that it is reducing.

    I am on day 4 and I am really not feeling well. I ate 2 bananas and a glass of milk yet. I just wanted to know what if I don’t put onion in my vegetable soup? And can I add some chicken,egg, soy sauce, vinegar, green chilli etc in my soup?

    Please answer me fast. I am starving.

  295. Please can you confirm if we are to eat the gm soup from the 1st day or only on day 4. Thanks

  296. Hi, I cant see the “Sample GM Diet Day 4 Diet Plan”. Can you please put that up. Thank you.

  297. hii..on day 3.Had one sweet potato for it ok?

  298. Hey, can I have skimmed Laban instead of skimmed milk?



  301. Hi tomorrow I am on the fourth day. Banana ,almond milk and soup. I have a question Can I take drink water on 4th day

  302. Salt intake is ok or not in these diet? Without salt boiled veg are so tasteless

  303. Good morning,
    I’m on Day 4 now… it’s 10:30am and I feel it’s going to be the worst day of this diet…

    So far I had:
    Morning: 2 glasses of water +1 cup of coffee (with MILK), milk’s allowed, right?
    Breakfast: 1 banana + 1 glass of milk

    A colleague offered some banana chips – “hey, it’s banana!” I had 3 of them and thought “hey, it’s chips…” So now there they are in front of me and I don’t know what to do…
    Question: can I have banana chips or are they off limit?
    If not, I really hope I did not spoil everything by eating 3 pieces…

    thank you in advance for your help and advice!

    • Hello
      Well, what was on that chip. Likely vegetable oil and sugar. To me, the whole point of this diet is to get one towards a pure living, cutting junk oils and junk foods. Banana chips are a junk food. It’s rare to find a pure organic banana chip with no additives. Either way no dried fruit on the program. The good this that you only had 3 🙂

      • Yep, the thought that it’s too sweet to be right started coming into my head on the very first chip (but hey, it’s banana), it really struck me only when I was having the third one (uh oh…)
        I won’t have anymore.
        Bananas and milk… milk and bananas….

        • LOL, no problem, You;re talking to an extremist so to speak who would never eat out, never eat a packaged food and only 100% prepare all that I eat.

          • That’s extreme for sure. Really. I mean, it does take a lot of discipline…
            I, on the other hand, am having a huge problem disciplining myself. Cheated twice today:
            Morning – 2 glasses of water + cup of coffee with milk
            Breakfast – 1 banana + 1 glass of milk
            Cheat #1 – 3 already mentioned banana chips
            Snack – 1 cup of Earl grey tea with milk
            Lunch – 1 banana + 1 glass of milk, 1 cup cappuccino
            Snack – 1 cup of Chai tea with milk
            Cheat #2 – 3 cherry tomatoes, 2 pieces of celery, 2 pieces of red pepper, 1 piece of carrot (small piece – big cheat) (Yes, it was a long meeting, yes, I was very hungry… with no bananas or milk around…:( and yeah…)
            Pre-dinner – 1 banana
            Dinner – wonder soup, 1 cup of balkan style (no sugar) homemade yogurt

            Is there a point in continuing to suffer through or have I already messed it up and there won’t be any visible results?

            • Well, to me dealing with weight issues and poor health is more extreme than choosing better food options. I cannot imagine food is worth dealing with those things any longer.

              Keep rolling… I think you should be fine. Last 3 days easy.

  304. usually i experience muscle pull after 3 days of this diet plan. how can i avoid it.

  305. can milk be substituted by plain yogurt on day 4

  306. and also is paneer ok to be substituted for meat

  307. Hi I today I shall be starting my 4th day of GM diet. Till yesterday ,morning I had lost 3kgs but today I’ve gained 1.5kgs back which is disheartening. I have been following the diet religiously. I have not been excercising other than 15-20 mins walk. Undermentioned is the diet I followed fo first 3days.
    DAY 1:
    B’fast at 0900: A large bowl of papaya and an apple
    Lunch at 1400: A large bowl of papaya
    Snack at1700: An apple
    Dinner at 2130: An apple and an orange

    DAY 2:
    B’fast at 0930: 02 Normal sized potatoes with salt and a teaspoon of butter
    Lunch at 1400: A large bowl of boiled cabbage, cauliflower and capsicum with some salt n pepper
    Dinner at 2130: A bowl of boiled cabbage and cauliflower and raw capsicum and carrot with salt

    DAY 3:
    B’fast at 0900: An apple
    Snack at 1200: An orange and an Apple
    Lunch at 1400: Raw carrot and cucumber with salt
    Snack 1600: An apple and a guava
    Dinner at 2030: A few peices of pineapple and a large bowl of wonder soup which had onions, cabbage, capsicum and cauliflower.

    I have been driking 12-15glasses of water everyday.
    Please advise where have I gone wrong or is it normal. Need help…URGENTLY.


  308. I am on 4th day today n I dint loose any weight as of now. On 4th day ,I am getting headache as well. I had banana n milk shake. Wt Should I do ?

  309. I ate fruits on day 1 & vegetables on day 2. But, on day 2,I ate small piece of chocolate & an apple. I went to weigh myself in the evening.

    • Never weigh at night, you cannot do that. You true weight is only in the morning when you wake and before you eat or drink a thing.

  310. Thank you. I will weigh on day 7th in the morning. Today is my 5th day, Plan is ;

    Breakfast:Brown rice cooked in olive oil with tomato n little spice n salt
    Lunch : Same as above with curd
    Dinner : Boiled egg in 2 numbers with some raw tomatoes

    Day 6th : Can i follow the same with addition of some kidney beans and vegetable to it ?

  311. I am on the 4th day of my diet. I have followed the diet seriously, however, this morning ( of day 4) I weighed myself and was disappointed to see that I lost only 1.2 KGs. in three days. I felt very good after first 2 days but on the 3rd night I felt very bloated. I wonder where could I have gone wrong. The only mistake I have made is having too much salt on day 3 and also added 2 table spoons of sweet onion sauce in my veges ( 1 spoon each during lunch and dinner of day 3). I hope the next 4 days give better results . Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

    • too much salt can cause water retention. So let’s see if the weight comes off the next day. That is common. what was in the sauce?

  312. I am on Day 4 & doing well… down 6lbs.
    Now – I don’t want to screw up on my last three days!!
    Which day can I start incorporating fruits? Rice?
    And – tomorrow – Day 5, I’m working a 12 hour night shift so I’ll basically be up for 24 hours… what would you recommend for food throughout the day?

    Thank you!

    • fruit day 8 for snacks
      rice on day 5 and 6 if you are replacing meat
      day 7 is rice

      if you are up 24 hours, you need an extra meal, eggs, some protein. do not eat 3 meals in 24 hours.

  313. I am on Day 4 & doing well… .
    Now – I don’t want to screw up on my last three days!!
    because i don`t like beef and tomato
    what would you recommend for food…….

    Thank you!

  314. Hi,

    Can I have Butter milk rather than Milk? I don’t like milk at all.

  315. Hiya first time doing the GM diet
    Please can you confirm if i am allowed chick peas as a veg. Have had any so far its my 3rd day. Can i miss the celery out on day 4 for the soup coz it will just make me sick. Can you suggest a substitute veg to put in my soup. Also am i able to use chicken stock cube for my veggie soup ?

    • Chick peas are not a veg, they are pure carbs wit ha little protein. You really must understand the nutritional value of what you eat, everything. It’s vital to your dietary changes after the plan. You can miss the veg you need to no issues there. NO cubes, have you read the ingredients?

  316. Is potato with ghee is necessary ? on day2 no other alternatives for ghee?

  317. My mum made the soup and ended up making it too spicy. It will burn my stomache. Can i just eat 4 bananas and milk on day 4 instead. Now have no time to make the soup.

  318. I’m on Day four and just want to check that water can be taken too along with milk?

  319. Hello author,
    Due to ignorance, I had peas nd beans on day2 lunch,dinner and day3 lunch along with other boiled veggies.I have lost one kg till now. Do u think I should make any change in further plan or should follow it as mentioned.I am sad 🙁
    Really had to encourage myself a lot for first diet in life, being a great foodie.
    This asks for your help

    • No worries 🙂

      I would keep going.

      Understanding in the future, especially if you’re a vegetarian bean/legumes are pure carbs. They have little protein and the protein they do have is not easily used by the body. So carbs become a major issue. I eat about 100 to 200 day, but balanced with good fat and protein. And I eat loads of veg. Most veg have technically no carbs. Except tubers, squashed, etc. So keep rolling and hang in there…

  320. I am on day 4. I find contradictions and no clarification on the below –
    GM diet says only 1 cup of thin tomato soup on day 4 but in places it seems it is allowing for cabbage in the soup
    Are we allowed any salt at all? I have not taken any salt or sugar since day 1 yet I see salt added in the soup recipe here.
    What is expected? Please say it clearly – thank you

    • you can have the wonder soup any day. You can have 1 to 2 cups of tomato soup.
      yes have salt, pepper, dried herbs and spices. Enjoy the food. Your body needs good salt.

  321. Hello,

    I am at 4th day today,but my wt is same??/

    I am worried about this….

  322. I am on day 3 of dieting,feeling good but unfortunately today i had sweet potatoes. does it put an impact.
    secondly i had a little salt on day 2, does it puts an impact over weight loose.
    I am very confident that i will easily make it for rest of the days.

    please suggest.

    • it can but keep going.
      salt is needed actually. do not go no salt. if you eat too much salt it can cause some extra water retention but that’s it, it would come off the next day.

  323. How many cups of milk should we have on this day?

  324. I’m a veggie.. pls suggest me an alternate for beef on Day 4&5??

  325. Hw many bananas can i have on day 4 and can I have low fat curd with moong dal kichdi and can I add little oil to it

  326. Hi,
    I am on day 4 of the diet plan. I have been following the plan as much as possible. Actually I have breakfast at around 9:30 – 10. So I skip mid breakfast snack. I even happen to skip evening snacks sometimes. Is it ok to do so?
    And can I grind the boiled vegetables and have it?

  327. Can I use white rice instead of brown rice?

  328. Today is my day four I’ve been following the diet religiously…. today is really easy as Zim having to make myself eat the bananas but so far I’ve only lost about 2lbs…but I can’t tell be just looking at myself , is that normal? Does that mean I’m doing well? I just expected to have lost a little more but I’m going to keep going forward . ..My cycle is also due in a day or 2 so maybe that’s why the scale isn’t budging much right now.. And I have a throbbing nagging headache that has lasted 3 days , is that a diet side effect?

  329. Thanks for replying…. I usually weigh when I wake up. The slow weight loss could be hormonal as you suggested and I should probably eat more of the soup…. Didn’t eat any on day four as I wasn’t hungry….I could barely eat the bananas. I was shocked!! LoL… Great diet.

  330. Can i drink water on day 4 or just plain milk?
    I have lost 4kg so far after day 3

  331. hi .. this is priyank from india
    after a deep analysis of the plan at last i have started it..m on day 3 and i have seen changes in my body shape
    i didnt weigh my body before the day 1 and i dont care about it untill m in good shape
    and ya it does give results
    looking forward to day 7
    m having a stockpile of summer clothes waiting for me ..

  332. day 4 it is
    and i am feeling really good..
    just one thing .. i go for running in the morning after black coffee with sugar offcourse..i do my breakfast after that around 10-11 it ok ?
    and on day 4 can i have raw vegetables instead of soup.. m just confused

  333. day4 towards an end ..and a successfull one indeed..a slight dizziness but i can handle that
    m just worried about the day5,6,7
    m a vegetarian and all i can have hands on what’s in diet for this day are brown rice ,soyabeans and some peas..
    can u please send me a sample diet for these days as well … m m cool with all dairy products as well
    thanks in advance

  334. I am on day 1. i get really nauseaus when i dont eat salty food , so i kept a small amount of salt and spices next to me to have a pinch when i get nauseous or dizzy.

    Also i had coffee with milk and sugar will that inhibit my weight loss.

  335. Hi,
    I am on day 4 of my diet and have already lost 3 kgs.
    I wanted to know if I can use soy sauce and vinegar to add more flavor to GM wonder soup?

  336. Hi,

    I am on day 3 of my diet and have already lost around 3 kg. Could you let me know if on day 4 some of the bananas can be substituted with avocados.


  337. Hi,

    Tomorrow My 4th day please suggest the followings whether it’s correct?

    2 banana and Low fat 250ml milk heated through stove.

    2 banana and Low fat 250ml milk heated through stove with soup.
    (Soup ingredients :-1 cup shredded cabbage, 1 onion minced, 2 sliced green peppers
    1 tomato, 1 garlic, salt and pepper)

    2 banana and Low fat 250ml milk heated through stove with soup.
    (Soup ingredients :-1 cup shredded cabbage, 1 onion minced, 2 sliced green peppers
    1 tomato, 1 garlic, salt and pepper)

    black tea without sugar in the evening

  338. Dear Sir,

    I am 45 years old female. i want to follow GM diet. but want your advise as i was having very high cholesterol three month back, it was 260 n my weight is 69 kg. five days back only after my report, i came to know that cholesterol is now 191 and triglycerides is 261. please tell me which diet plan i should follow which reduce my weight as well as cholesterol and triglycerides. pl reply me at the earliest.


    • Well, how do you eat now? I assume you know what causes those issues? IMO your life would simply change eating pure whole natural foods. Processed foods, bad oils, etc will literally kill you over time.

  339. can i hve tomato soup on day 4?

  340. On day 1, I drank 2 full watermelons (without adding anything in that).
    Day 2, I had some salad, as could not ate it.
    Day 3, had some fruits.

    Is this correct or am I cheating???? Kindly suggest?

  341. Hi,
    I need an immediate substitute for bananas for today’s diet. Actually I can’t stand the taste of bananas.
    Fought against my wishes and tried to eat one banana but puked out everything.
    Is there anything else I could eat instead is bananas??

  342. Please tell me….What is d substitute of berries for 7th day…what can b added to wonder soup in place of celery…?can I take daliya instead of brown rice on day 7…if yes then how much…plz tell in gms.

  343. On day 4 I used green chillies in the GM soup…I need to know if that is alrite or not?

  344. hi sir,today is my 4th day.And i lost 3 kgs by maintaining a strict fruit and vegetable diet.todya mrn i ate 2 bananas and 1 cup of mik.I feeling very many max number of bananas to eat?can we eat anything other than this?

  345. Am i able to have milk and yogurt or just one?

  346. thanks for ur reply. on 5th day can i take kichidi done by some leafy vegetables?or plain brown rice.can u mention wat i have to take on 5th day in detail.iam a vegtarian.

    • kichidi is fine. make sure it has good fat. day 5 is just has we have it, however for meat do eggs or rice/legumes/sprouts/beans with good fat instead.

  347. Is soy milk an ok alternative for the milk?

  348. How much milk/yogurt can I have day 4

  349. thanks! 🙂

  350. it’s my day 4 and I weighed in this morning with a 1.5kg loss! wooo hoo!

  351. On day4 can I have the cocked vegetables

  352. Can you please let me know the water consumpion in letters per
    day during GM diet (7 days)

  353. I normally used to have 3 to 4 liters per day. So you mean I need to reduce the water consumption during GM diet.

    • Well have you ever studied over drinking water? I am a huge water drinker, I always have been. However be careful it can flush too many minerals out of the body depending on what type of water you drink and be hard on the kidneys.

  354. Can u use water enhancers such as mio, dasani and crystal light to flavor your water? It has sucralose and acesulfame potassium less then 2%

    • No they are essentially garbage and will only have negative effect so on your health. Sorry. What you do after the program is up to you though.

  355. On day four and have a question…instead of soup xan i have steamed broccoli zucchini and squash? Also day 5 can.i have pot roast with veggies?

  356. I am doing this GM diet and today is Day 4. I have done the diet as specified without any cheats. I checked my weight on day 2 and I had already lost 3.5kgs. I was very excited and proud of myself. I again checked my weight this morning and unfortunately I have increased 1kg again. Please advise. (PS. I have hypothyroidism and thalesemia)

    • Hello
      That likely is not a real gain so no worries keep going, with hypothyroid though, you truly have to be on a specific diet. did your doc help you with one?

  357. Hello there,
    This my second time with this diet, and I quite enjoyed the weight loss results I achieved on my first try.

    I wanted to try French beans for veg days, is that okay?


  358. Can i just have bananas n milk without soup on day 4 ?

  359. Hey I am on day 4 of gm diet. . its next to impossible for me to take milk without sugar. Can u pls tell wat can be done. Or atleast little boost is allowed.

  360. Hi,

    I am on GM diet Day 4, i was going pretty well with Day 1, 2 and 3 with strictly following the diet plan.

    However when i weighed myself on Day 4 in the morning my weight was more compared to Day 3. It still weighs more in the afternoon.I had steamed vegetables and a plate of Papaya for dinner on Day 3.

    Please help me to understand this upward change in weight.


  361. No, i am trying to say that on Day 4 beginning i weighed more than day 3, why is it up?? i did not cheated onanything

  362. Okay, for Dy 3

    I started with Watermelon in Breakfast

    Then in between snack was a salad with corn, carrots, cucumber and lettuce with some lime juice

    Lunch was a soup made of tomato and cabbage followed by some water melon

    In the evening had two oranges

    Before dinner had some green salad(cucumber mainly)

    For dinner had some steamed veggies followed by some papaya

    • No tomato as soup. no corn or carrots.
      rest looks OK but those were significant enough of an error to cause a small issue.

  363. Oh i see, thanks

  364. Hello, m on the 3rd day, hut i havnt lost any weight yet. I eat less than the mentioned meals because my apetite is not as much. I also do 1 hour of work out daily. And have 2 mugs of sugar free tea/day.
    Around what day are u supposed to start losing weight.
    I have been on a diet control for 2 weeks, took a break and then started this diet.

    • The first few days you lose good weight and then from there it can taper off just a touch. So you me an by sugar free ZERO sweeteners?

  365. Good morning, ok so I absolutely despise milk, blender broke so I can’t make the shake can I eat some type of plain yogurt (regular, frozen,Greek) instead? If so does it need to be Low fat? Non fat, sugar free?

  366. does this diet help to reduce belly fat and should i do any kind of exercises with this diet such as running and all?

  367. Hello admin
    Hope u are well.I m on third day far seems ok..a query.. whenever I boil vegetables or prepare the soup, I put around half to one spoon of olive oil and fry first.and use tomatoes in all of is very difficult for me to eat them otherwise.can it harm the weight loss..also I am mostly eating cucumber,bottle gourd and tomatoes as vegetables..plan to take cabbage on day 4.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  368. how many glasses of milk and water should I consume on Day 4?

  369. Its my 1st day…i ate brown bread at night with cucumber and tomato…is it ok..?

    • no bread is a great way to 100% ruin the diet, gain weight and killed the detox point of the first 3 days .sorry. the veg was fine

  370. Hi Kevin,
    Here is my day 4 menu.
    Bfast- 1 banana with a glass of skimmed milk.
    lunch -one large bowl of wonder soup
    Evening snack – banana
    dinner -banana and skimmed milk + salad with Tomatoe,cucumber,Lettuce
    I sipped banana milkshake(prepared with one banana and Milk) all over the day whenever I felt hungry
    In total I had 4 bananas, 3 glasses of milk, large bowl of wonder soup and salad.
    Please let me know if this is good for Day 4.

  371. In addition to above I also had two glasses of coconut water during breakfast

  372. Oops…wat shud i do now..? It will affect my diet plan??

  373. I am on my day 4 and dont see any difference; I have thyroid and taking medicines, Please advise. Also I ate 1 sweet on day 3 🙁 Will it hamper?

    • sure it does, it’s tough like that but does not have to be. Changing your lifestyle and how you eat is a must. you need to nourish your thyroid. what did you eat day 2 and 4? let me know, happy to share how I healed my thyroid.

  374. Hi Kevin, I am allergic to Lactic acid and I stopped taking lactic food stuff, like milk, butter, cheese…could you please tell me the substitute for these stuff?..

  375. hi

    i followed first 3 days correctly. however the 4th day is really hard. Its making me feel week. If i have grilled veggies for dinner or cream of tomato soup on this day would that be fine? or will i have to start the diet again. What about brown rice with veggies? i dont like the wonder soup.

  376. Please Confirm . can i have normal milk (Full cream ) in Day 4

  377. Can v have breakfast,lunch And dinner with each a banana and 250ml milk. ? And evening snack a banana with sugerless tea/coffee?
    can we do without soups. Any other alternative?

  378. for day 4, i dont have access to skim/almond/coconut milk….what can i do?
    will normal milk suffice?

  379. On Day 4 after having 4 glass of milk and 4 bananas i cheated in dinner to have a 40gms Lays Salted Chips pack, unsweetened Milk tea, and just a small piece of mutton (about 5-7gms). Can i continue or is it a great loss???? Please reply, I already have lost 3 Kgs till day 4 tonite.

    • you can keep going if you like…. I mean sure it’s a loss, chips are pure junk food with toxic oils. However keep rolling…

  380. Hi,

    Any substitute for banana milkshake on day 4?


  381. hey,

    No carrot in the wonder soup? couldnt find celery.. n can i have the wonder soup everyday?


  382. Hi
    Is the soup only for day 4 or can you have it everyday? Thanks

  383. I have followed the diet religiously. but on day 4, I have modified the soup included: cabbage, tomato, sprouts, salmon fish for tasting (didn’t eat the fish), served with 1/2 a chapati. The rest was ok I.e Four bananas and 3 glasses of 1.5% fat. Will this affect my progress?

    • well those huge no no’s, especially the wheat, it’s a great way to gain weight. However modifications are on each person, just understand this is not the plan at all – Sorry.

  384. Can I have cold coffee instead of banana shake on day 4

  385. On my 4th day ^_^ all good so far holding on strong.

    This morning i had banana shake

    10:30: Banana Shake

    12:00: Cabbage and cucumber Salad

    15:00: Banana Shake

    19:00: Cabbage and cucumber soup

    One question: may i do some light weight training on day 5 and 6 considering I will be intaking some protein with the Chicken?

    • looks good, yes on the protein, still be careful, just feel it out…

      • Was unable to hit the gym this morning hopefully this afternoon.
        This morning I had a mixture of Tuna, chayote and green beans, same is planned for lunch with no snacks in between. For tonight i’ll have a cabbage and cucumber soup.

  386. Hi
    I live in a hostel facility and have very limited facility. Can you please suggest an alternative to the baked potato for breakfast on Day 2. Thank you 🙂

  387. for lunch tomato soup is ok?

  388. Hi Author,

    Can I replace milk with yogurt and also can I replace bananas with pineapple

  389. Hi, I am on Day 3 today. Can I take Pomegranates, Grapes, Nectarines & Pineapple which are rich in Potassium on Day 4? I do not want to feel hungry by consuming only Bananas. Your quick revert is appreciated.

  390. Hi Author,

    Thank you for the answer.

    And last question 🙂 i hope so

    Can i eat egg instead of beef on day 5 and 6 ?

  391. Hi, when it says fruit and veg does that include lettuce, cucumber and onion.
    Many thanks

  392. Hi kevin,

    I had salad on 2nd day of my diet which included corns, sprouted beans, red pepper, yellow pepper. On 3rd day i had bit of junk i.e., sev. On 4th day, I had banana shake in the morning, 4 glasses of water and 2 bananas again in the afternoon. How this cheating on 2nd and 3rd day will affect my diet? Should i stop or shall i continue.?

  393. Sir,
    To make the soup, can I pour all vegetables in the blender after boiling and mix in blender for few seconds and eat it?

  394. hi
    can salt b added to fruits n veggies on day 1 2 and 3

  395. What happens if I skip Lunch or have a late breakfast? Because today I had been out all day and was only able to have an apple in the morning with 1 glass of water, and then around 12ish I had a bowl of watermelon, would this still be okay or do I HAVE to follow the exact timings and food items on the plan?

  396. Hi, could I have (greek style) fat free or soya yoghur every day and a small cup of warm lemon juice with 2 coffee spoons of light honey??

    • no not at all

      • so I can’t have yoghurt?
        Today is my 3rd day, for dinner I had 1 bowl of red cabbage + orange bell pepper + chinese leaf cabbage along with a small bowl of mix salad with a bit balsamic dressing. Is it fine?

        • unsweetened yogurt fine. you can blend banana in it. assuming the dressing had good oil and not a bad veg oil, sure it all sounds good.

          • From day 4, can I have pure coconut water (vita brand)? about soya milk, can I have light/mild one? and add a bit coffee in it?

            • soya not great at all however you can have it if you must as you have stated here with coffee etc

  397. Hi,

    Could I have fruit or yogurt when I feel hungry during the plan? Or I can just have it from a certain day of the plan?


  398. Hey ,
    Iam in day 4 and already lost 6.6 lbs , is it a normal loss rate ?

  399. Hi,
    Is it ok to have quinoa, kidney beans or gram beans instead of brown rice?
    If yes can u pls specify the quantity for the alternatives.
    Thanks n Regards

  400. Hi, I would be entering day 4 tomorrow. I wanted to know about day 5,6 and 7 diet. I am a vegeterian and so cant consume beef. Please let me know of what to eat and in what amount in different parts of the day.

  401. i am on my 4th day…i eat veggies like green papaya and 6 bananas with two cucumbers through all day … i couldn’t manage any skim milk,,,, i didn’t drink milk at all! is it ok?

  402. thanks for your fast reply

  403. I am on Day 4, can i have sugar with banana and milk??? and one more thing. Tomorrow is Chicken day, can i take Chicken gravy, chicken kuruma etc and also can i have chappathy with this.

    • no sugar unless you want to gain weight and cause health issues The banana is sweet enough. no bread unless you want to gain weight what would be in your gravy.

  404. Day 5, Chicken Gravy, with onion, tomato, very little spices and very little salt and black pepper, is it okay or only chicken with salt and pepper.

  405. WoW…! Today is my day 4 of this course, I lost my 3 kgs.

    awesome diet plan, Thankyou kevin

  406. 1.I am on day 4th now. I really not able to have milk, can I have any kind of health drink instead of milk. 2. In day 4 water intake has not mentioned anywhere, can you please tell me the water intake amount for the same day. 3. Can I have chicken instead of beef on day 5th and 6th.

    Thank you

    • well what is your definition of a health drink? coconut or almond milks works. same as any other day as you need. yes on chicken

  407. Hi, today is my day 4, I’m so sad, I only lost 500gr. I didn’t cheat at all… Day one I was 74,800 kg, and know I am 74,300 … what should I do now? I didn’t eat evan potato on day 2!