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Can I do Yoga when I’m on the GM Diet?

Yes you can. Yoga is a great way to supplement the GM diet. Many people often wonder if they can exercise when on the GM Diet. While you can definitely exercise, you must be careful when it comes to high intensity workouts. This is where yoga scores highly over other forms of exercise.

GM Diet and Yoga

Yoga is a relaxing workout regimen that is also an effective weight loss program minus the sweat and the palpitations. Most of the people that do the GM diet are required to also do some amount of low-intensity exercises to keep their muscles active. For this reason yoga is the ideal answer when it comes to keeping your body and mind active.

Yoga as an Exercise Regimen

Yoga is series of poses that are used for various purposes over centuries. More serious yogis follow such postures to promote meditation and connection of the mind, body and soul. Modern yoga practitioners meanwhile use the postures for exercise and weight loss. This is because the postures in yoga stretch and activate the muscles without stressing them out. Practitioners also get to bend, stride and come up with various poses that promote balance and flexibility. Most of the poses in yoga seem light and easy to follow, but they at the same time eat up a lot of energy-making them truly effective for weight loss.

GM Diet and Yoga

Yoga is considered a good partner to GM diet because of its low intensity workouts and high energy consumption. By following a ten-minute yoga session before and after a day in the GM diet program. Below are some of the benefits of practicing yoga while on a GM diet:

  • Yoga and GM DietHelps you relax before starting the diet. A lot of people feel anxious when going on a diet because they don’t believe that they are going to lose weight. Through yoga, these negative energies are released before the diet even starts. This way the individual gets to follow the diet regimen properly and easily until the end of the day and achieve significant results later on.
  • Releases the stress incurred by the end of the day. Diets can be totally stressful especially at times when the person craves for his or her favorite foods. Through yoga, these stressful moments are battled and released by means of breathing and stretching exercises. Individuals who follow the diet are also able to keep their minds concentrated in their diet and not feel distracted by their surroundings.
  • More active muscles. It is normal to feel weak when on a GM diet. The lack of carbohydrates and proteins keep the muscles weak and unable to move normally. However, by daily yoga stretching exercises the feeling of weakness is reduced and the body is enticed to move more during the day.

Sample Yoga Workout

Below is a sample yoga workout that can be practiced everyday during a GM diet. This 5-step routine may be practiced at the start and end of the day; it lasts for only 10 minutes and can be performed at any place desired.

  • Step 1. Stand with feet together and fold the palms in front of the chest. Close the eyes and chant the mantra “Ohm Mitrayah Namaha” while breathing normally.
  • Step 2. Raise the arms over the head and shoulders with palms touching each other. Abdomen should be stretched by leaning backwards. Chant “Oh Khagaya Namaha” while inhaling, then exhale normally.
  • Step 3. Bend forward and place the palms at the side of the feet. Touch the knees with the forehead and exhale deeply. Chant “Ohm Suryaya Namaha” during the posture.
  • Step 4. Take one leg back and position the other leg in front with the palms firm on the ground. With the head raised, inhale and chat “Ohm Bhanuvae Namaha.”
  • Step 5. Return to the position in Step 1. Breathe normally then chant “Ohm Bhaskaraya Namaha.”


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