GM Diet History

The General Motors diet, or better known as the GM Diet, here is its possible history. It has been said that it has been around for over 28 years. The story goes, in 1985 this health program and diet was founded for employees of the General Motors Corporation and of course was only intended for their use.

It started with a grant, and was then developed with full knowledge and support of the Food and drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. The testing was done at the Johns Hopkins Research Center.

In 1985, specifically August 15, 1985, it was approved by the board of directors of the General Motors Corporation at their annual meeting. They had long awaited the results of the diet and were very hopeful this would improve the overall quality of their workforce and production, not to mention the health of the employees and their families.

It was 100% fully supported and endorsed by the company and was available to the employees, their families and relatives at the General Motors Food Service Facilities. Then of course there was nothing stopping it from spreading from there.

The original design of the 7 day at a time diet plan was to hit with a 10 – 17 pound weight loss for each participant per week. Certainly such high numbers caught the attention of anyone wanting a good diet. They also found in the study that the employees would improve their emotions and their base attitudes simply because the diet had a cleansing effect on their digestive systems.

The original study also basically said that the diet could be used as often as one wanted to lose weight, no matter how many times they have done it. The diet was also considered originally as a flush really, first to rid the body of as many impurities as possible, then mentally. They found that the employees tested worked more efficiently. This was because they felt better about themselves, they were lighter, faster and had a great deal more energy than before.

For GM the diet was supposed to have made their entire workforce more efficient and effective at their jobs, in turn improving the overall quality of the vehicles produced in their manufacturing facilities. Whether or not the story is true, we know the diet works. Just see the results page by page of those that have attempted the diet and have fun getting healthier.


  1. i am from iran and fifte yers old and thank you gm diet. i am feel ok now.

  2. 109 days to my weddings and I have a ton of weight to shed if I want to look anywhere near pretty on D-Day!!

    Plan to embark on the GM diet starting tomorrow….wish me luck 🙂

  3. Hi,
    How long one is supposed to follow the GM diet? After one week should it be continued? or …
    When and how one is supposed to get back to the normal diet ( or the diet one was following before the GM diet.)
    Thank you.

    • 7 day diet, after you need to wait a couple of week to do again, yet during that time eat healthy cutting processed foods, sugar, flour, etc,

  4. Hi,

    I am not taking any beef. Can i replace for Fish instead? Please advise.

  5. Can take sweet potatoes?

  6. Hi i would like to know can you do this as a long term diet

  7. Hi’ i am 105 kg and want to reduce my weight. can i go for continous gm diet week after other? if not then what if i give a day or two days break only. please advise.

    • At least wait 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks, eat 3 good meals a day, have 2 servings of fruit, each meal should have good veg, protein, good fat/oil (meat will have it already) and a starchy food like potato, white rice, squash, yams. You don;t want to go low carb. This means cutting all processed foods, wheat and sugar. Do this and you may find yourself losing more weight.

  8. Plz help,
    am start GMd.
    so i wand a help
    is it possible can i add lemon juice/ honey on drinking water ?

  9. I am quite happy when i came to know about Diet Plan.. I am vegeterian and following that plan. But i dont like banana, so kindly do suggest me some alternate option for it…

  10. Hii, am 50 Lbs more than the weight i should be , so how should i plan my reduction of weight and how many calories should i burn in the gym during normal days and during the gm diet plan ?!

    • burn calories? just workout, try HIT training get that metabolism going, look to get stronger. If you counting calories, you will never likely be able to keep up with it. It’s just not needed if you are eating a proper diet.

  11. Hey you people have mentioned not to eat wheat or chapati even after the diet and instead go for rice and but as far i know rice is carbohydrates and taking off it wood make again weight rite …im to confused plz advise should i have rice in all my 3 meals will this not make we again more weight

    • it should be eaten with a meal that has protein, good fat, veg, etc. Your meals should be balanced. Wheat is so different, basically junk carbs when the body is concerned. So there is a huge difference. It also does not mean eat rice anytime you want, as much as you want. You should maintain a certain amount of carbs to everything else ratio. Most people get in trouble by eating large bowls of rice with little else, etc. Keep in mind wheat is also a high allergen food, even if you don’t have Celiacs, most do have a gluten sensitivity. Up to each person.

  12. I was 35 kgs only till my 2nd puc wit a height of 4.11 inch then suddenly started gaining weight so much tat till my degree end i was 60 wen i came across about gm diet i tried it works wonder im following it from past 5 moths once in
    everymonth and now im 52.5 …today also im on diet its my 3rd day hope i come under 50 Thanku so much for this wonderful diet plan

  13. But plz du advice about have wheat chapati or always to prefer rice is better

    • no wheat, rice is a simple starch, so much better, wheat has no beneficial nutrients, it’s so bad. This is a wheat free PLAN.

  14. I followed GM 07 day’s diet plan. It is really good for me. I was at 70kg before i start GM diet plan, after following this plan I loss 6kg. Can I replace anything for tomato? Because I am going to follow this again for my next week

  15. I had no issues following the plan from Day 1 to Day 4. However on Day 5, I am a bit confused bout what to have in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Your plan recommends Beef and tomato in breakfast, hamburger in lunch and dinner.
    Please make it simple for an Indian Vegetarian. And help me with what to eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    I understand that I would have similar issues on Day 6 and Day 7 as well.
    I would like to repeat this for the next week too. For how many weeks can I repeat this diet plan at a stretch.
    Please help.

  16. I cannot find broccoli,celery and soybean curd.Canu you say the replacements ?

    • just pick some good local veg you can find, no peas and no corn.

      for the curd, you need some fat and protein when replacing beef.

  17. can i eat pineapple on 1st or 2nd day? can we eat berries like strawberry’s, blueberries or blackberries?

  18. Can i have milk and banana slices with cornflakes on day 4?

    • No corn flakes. Please spend some time looking into how bad cereal is – not to mention it causes weight gain. It’s a processed/extruded food and truly does the body harm sorry. This is also a grain free diet.

  19. Thank you GM diet.. I lost 4.5 kg in a week 🙂
    I substituted fish for beef and low fat leban for milk. Rest everything was done exactly as per the instruction

    Thanks a lot and will repeat after a gap of 1 week

  20. Can tea or coffee be included in the diet?

  21. hello, I started gm diet from today doing well,I just wanna know dat on day 2 can I have some fruits?and tea without sugar ll do?
    and I m confused abt bowl of rice means I have to take rice in lunch and dinner as well??and if I have to take in lunch den at dinner what should I have???
    please help me..

    • No fruit unless we state to have it. Fruit and veg nutritionally are 100% different.
      tea no sugar is OK, a couple of glasses.
      bowl means 3/4 to 1 cup of cooked rice. Rice is a vegetarian replacement for meat. Not a good one, So to replace meat do eggs, legumes or rice. The legumes and rice need some good fat since meat has fat.

  22. hello author,
    tomorrow is my fifth day and I wanna ask dat how many chicken pieces I can have??
    n chicken should be fried or roasted can I use a bit oil to cook chicken.??
    and I don’t eat tomatoes I hate it so instead of dat can I make it as tomato soup??
    plz help

  23. hello author,
    tomorrow is my fifth day and I wanna ask dat how many chicken pieces I can have??
    n chicken should be fried or roasted can I use a bit oil to cook chicken.??
    and I don’t eat tomatoes I hate it so instead of dat can I make it as tomato soup??

    • Hello 🙂
      Never fry chicken. The bad oils will put weight on so fast it’s scary. You can have up to 4.5 oz per serving. Soup is fine assuming the ingredients are correct for the program. Pure dried herbs and spices are all OK. If you want to use a little coconut or palm oil to cook then OK, never over heat olive oil. Ghee or butter is OK as well. Just a little though.

  24. I have lost 5 KG in 7 days. Really awesome Bro. Thanks GM Diet.
    Bro, I need a guideline about daily lunch recipe after complete GM Diet.

  25. hi… i wana ask that i dont wana eat chiken but wana eat eggs… how many eggs can i eat in replacement of chiken or rice?
    do help

  26. hi.. plz give me menu of fifth day, 6th and 7th day… with eggs in replacement of rice and beef.i will be very grateful for ur guidance…

  27. plz do consider i m on GM DIET… SO PLZ make my menu of 5,6,7th day. with eggs or mong daal(sprout) along with all vegies and fruits required.
    plzzz need ur kind guidance bkz i m very confused

    • Well day 7 is already explained, there are ZERO changes.
      Day 5 and 6 we tell you the veg to eat.

      So for day 5 the main meal protein, your meat replacement do:
      Breakfast 3 eggs
      Lunch Mong Daal with good fat
      Dinner Mong Daal with good fat.

      Day 6 the same. However you get a snack, have some more mong daal or 2 eggs.

  28. Day 4 meal has mentioned to eat soup. Can anyone please let me know how to prepare this soup?

  29. Can we mix Egg,chicken,Fish on day 5 and Day 6 instead of having Beef?

  30. My height is 5’1 and weight is 75 I want to loss 25 kg in one month can I continue this diet??and how much time I will be taken to lose 25 kg?

    • Well it all depends on many factors, underlying health issue whether you know you have them or not, what is your diet after the plan, etc? You do need a 1 week gap after week 1 and at least 2 weeks after your second round.

  31. Can I use corn flour while preparing some paneer dish or tomato soup on 5th day or afterwards?

  32. Hi, I am Namrata, From India. i AM 5.4 tall and currently weighing 73 Kgs. I checked the chart and clearly i am overweight. Me and 3 of my colleagues have started this diet today, and we are hoping that it works. I had 3 quick question-
    1) There LOADS of info out there on internet mentions that having Olive oil/Ghee/Butter is okay. Can i have my veggies tossed in on day 2, 4,5,6?
    2) What should be the diet post 7 days, coz i dont want to get back to square one?
    3) Ideally would Yoga be sufficient post the 7 days?

    Do revert. Thanks 🙂


    • 1) you asked for help here, my suggestion is read our plan then. Sorry but I cannot support other plans that are fakes that by the way offer you zero support. There is a reason they offer no support
      2) read the top 2 posts here.
      3) Just do not tear down muscles while you are not having protein. so be careful the first 4 days.
      Good luck to all 🙂 After you study the plan here more carefully feel free to ask more questions

  33. Hai sir, I intend starting this plan shortly. My doubt is you have given 1 bowl measurement. I want to know the weight. Pls let me know.

  34. I lost 3 kg for first time, im on second now ^^ good program, thanks

  35. can i add salt and pepper to vegetables on the second day of my GM Diet

  36. Hello Author ,
    Can u help me with some high good fat products for low carb diet . i did low carb diet for 4 weeks n lost 4 kgs . Now before going home started with GM diet today. so that i can enjoy some mangoes back home .

    I dont like milk product much so get short of high fat product with low carb

    Please help if u can

    With regards

    • Good fat is coconut oil, palm oil, pure olive oil, grass fed butter or ghee, animal fats, egg yolks from free range chickens. I use tallow and lard myself some also….

  37. Hello Author,
    I have planned to take GM diet to reduce my weight.I have PCOS ,will GM Diet helps me to overcome my problem.Kindly reply ….Thank you

    • Well you truly need a 100% lifestyle change after the diet, it takes time to health the body. For example good fats daily are vital, your hormones need them. So this diet may help you lose some weight, you need a plan to nurture and heal your condition. What has your doc said?

      • Thank you for your reply….. My doctor said that i am in initial stage of pcos… They gave medications for temporary solution …. they said that i cant get permanent relief from this problem… but i m not interesting in taking continuous medicines because it leads to some other effects.So now i stopped all my medicines… I was very much impressed in this diet because it is full fruits and vegetables … there is no medicine or artificial things….. My major problem is acne due to pcos… if i continue this diet will it help me to override acne… i get irritated of this acne …Kindly reply…

        • WOW, they said no relief ever. Truly so very sad. Are you willing to make a serious lifestyle change? You need a real functional health care practitioner to read your hormone test to tell you what supplements to take and what to eat, although the diet part is easy though which is a huge part of it all…

  38. sir, on the frst day i ate mangoes n pomegranate n m on scnd dy eating cucumber n cabbage is it ryt ? sir plz tel me what cn i have instead of beef n milk ?

    • day 1 not bad, day 2 did you eat the potato and good fat? I assume you are reading the plan here correct? milk do a coconut or almond milk. beef, are you vegetarian? if not do other meats.

  39. helli sir… i’m glad to know about your gm diet plan. just lose weight near 5-8 kg in per week. appreciate for your work for made gm diet plan.
    i’m 21 years old. my weight is 95kg. should i continue for how many days and after how long gap start a gm diet plan…

  40. Hello dear author
    Thanks for your tips and helps
    It’s my third day on GM diet and I just lost 2kgs:-/
    I dont know what i did wrong?!
    Do I loose more in next 4 days??

  41. Oh,I just read the vegetable part…
    Boiled potato for breakfast,no fat at all

  42. Ok,thanks alot
    I’ll let you know the final result 😉

  43. Can i have green tea during gm diet ?

  44. thanks for your lemon and mint green tea is ok ?

    can u tell me about 4th day because im bit confused?
    im thinking to take 6 bananas and 3 glass of milk in a whole day.. is it right to take?
    will divide 2 bananas in breakfast with 1 glass of milk
    and same goes for lunch and dinner

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***Before asking your question, please understand that we are only here to help and these are our opinions. Also make sure you read and understand the entire diet before doing it. And also see a doctor if you feel you need approval to do so. If you plan to exercise during the diet, you cannot do heavy weights and heavy workouts (We state this on the Exercise page), you need to have the correct amount of protein. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Thanks You