7 Day All You Can Eat Diet vs. GM Diet Plan

If you don’t mind all-you-can eat mealtimes that limit your day-to-day food selections, you may be attracted to try out the seven day diet, similarly recognized as the 7 day diet or occasionally the 7 day “cleansing” diet. The seven day diet is yet an additional fad diet that’s been circulating for quite some time. And like comparable diets such as the cabbage soup diet and grapefruit diet, its true origins are unidentified.


Method of 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet

The 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet is a short, seven-day diet intended to lose weight fast. This diet promises to cleanse your body within seven days. While its term might propose you are permitted to consume anything, the 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet is essentially a diet where you are acceptable to consume certain foods at particular days. For example, on Mondays you would be permitted to consume as much fruit as you want, but you are only allowed to eat fruit.

After seven days are completed, you are allowed to continue your usual intake.

The seven day diet is easy to follow but then again it is correspondingly extremely unbalanced. For the most part, dieters can consume boundless portions of very detailed food types every day for a week. The seven day diet is comparable to other diets in that there are several versions circulating on the Internet; each can differ to some extent. Certain websites attribute “detoxifying” and “cleansing” individualities to the diet, or specify that the diet washes out toxins from your body.


How it Works

Most types of the seven day diet have to start on Monday and accomplish it until Sunday. On Monday, consume all of the fruit you want with the exclusion of bananas. You can consume limitless quantities of vegetables or vegetable soup on Tuesday, but nothing else. On Wednesday, limitless quantities of fruits and vegetables are allowed, aside from bananas. Bananas and whole milk are on Thursday’s list of options once more, the version of the diet you use may require different quantities. A number of seven day diets let you consume five bananas and five glasses of milk, while others have you consume eight bananas and four glasses of milk. Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s set of choices is fixed; you can have four 3-oz. portions of beef, chicken or fish, accompanied by all of the green vegetables you like. Various versions of the seven day diet require precise forms of meat.


Allowable Food to Consume

You are permitted to consume only of the following:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Skim milk
  • Lean meat Β such as lean red meat, fish or poultry.


What is prohibited?

Whatever food that is not recommended in the 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet is not allowed.


Pros and Cons of the 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet

  • can produce fast outcomes. It is a good diet if you need to lose weight in the short period of time.
  • The 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet on the other hand, is not a regime for long-term weight loss. It is a low-calorie diet with little nutritive value. Much of the weight loss originates from muscles and fluids, as well as fat. Any weight lost on 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet can be certainly recovered.
  • It is not nutritionally well-adjusted. As it is an immediate diet, the good news is that it should not cause any long-term health difficulties.
  • The 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet is correspondingly rather limiting in what you can, and cannot consume. It can be hard to stay on the diet.

This is an example weekly strategy for the 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet.

  • Monday: Β Eat as much fruit as you want, except bananas.
  • Tuesday: Eat all vegetables that you want, plus baked potatoes with butter for dinner.
  • Wednesday: You are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables
  • Thursday: From 5-8 bananas and 3-5 glasses of skim milk.
  • Friday: 4 3oz beef, chicken or fish steaks with fresh vegetables.
  • Saturday: 4 3oz beef steaks with fresh vegetables.
  • Sunday: 4 3oz beef steaks with fresh vegetables and brown rice.

The predictable weight Loss on the 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet claims you can lose between 10-17lbs after a week.


General Motors Diet on the other hand…

The GM diet in variance is initiated in seven day run and can be a cause of fast loss of weight. On that basis, it must be understood that the weight lost throughout the seven days continually inclines to come back if you do not correct your eating routines and exercise. Various individuals have a tendency to end the effort on their weight and eating habits as soon as the first seven days are over. Soon, you will begin seeing all those fats piling back on. Most individuals are into this grouping. An altered point to remember in awareness while on the GM Diet is to watch out for dehydration and drought during the management. Similarly, the General Motors diet is not suggested for individuals suffering from medical illnesses like diabetes.

In conclusion, it is significant to anticipate of that there is no diet that fits to all persons as far as diet are concerned and it is healthier to make a peculiarity for each after asking a professional like nutritionist. We at gmdietworks.com always speak well of that you ask with your doctor or a nutritionist to find out if the GM Diet or any weight loss program is applicable for you before you take part or begin. Each program holds guarantee in the form of a severe training program. It is best to look at a nutrition program or plan as the beginning of a lengthy expedition in the direction of better well-being. Searching for the right nutrition, eating habits and workout routine is very imperative and these healthy lifestyles should turn out to be the practices of a life-time.

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  1. An intriguing discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I do believe that you need to publish more on this subject, it might not be a taboo matter but generally folks
    don’t speak about such topics. To the next! Cheers!!

  2. i wanted to ask if green tea could be taken 3 times a day while following the general motors diet program…..???

  3. what’s in the tea? If there is sweetener I say no for sure…

  4. Aftr the completion of wekly duration wats the next step in it…??

  5. momna, join the forum if you like, best place to discuss it. http://www.gmdietforum.com/forums/gm-diet-after-day-7.6/

  6. I had 2 banana (small) on day 1. Is that ok .

  7. raj. not a great choice but you can still go forward….

  8. i just started mine today, i am very worried about day 4, i don’t think i will survive bananas and milk only

  9. I dont eat beef.. so how do i manage wid day 5 6 7.. any other alternative? Pls do reply asap

    • chicken, lamb, any other meat based protein source first, after that a vegetarian source, although I recommend an animal based source first.

  10. Which chicken is allowed? Fried grilled or boiled? And fish is oily? Is it OK to consume it for all the 3days

  11. In some of the gm diet plan it says on day 5 its 10oz beef n 6 tomatoes.. n here it says 3oz of beef.. I do not eat beef so I’ll eat chicken instead what I wanted to noe is chicken with 6tomatoes or other vegetables are ok? And how is oz calculated in a simpler way to noe how much exactly to eat n it shld b 3 or 10.. kindly do reply thankyou πŸ™‚

  12. Only tomatoes or other vegetables allowed on day 5?

  13. How about having the knorr tomato soup instead of raw tomatoes?

  14. What if the diet gets screwed on one of d days.. first 4days my diet went absolutely good the 5th day it got all screwed I had burger n garlic bread party aid frnds πŸ™ n I put on 2kgs wen I checked my weight.. what do I do pls help :'(

    • Yah tough stuff. Just goes to show you how negative foods like that can be, especially on some more than other. I am in the same boat, but staying on the right track now I have no issues. May want to start over after a few days off.

  15. Does this diet help in reducing belly fat and get in shape? Im a vegetarian is there any suggestions for Day 5 diet instead of beef?

  16. What a great diet program. I started one week ago and I lose 4.5kg. I feel great.

  17. I have a quick doubt can i have tomato soup day 5? Is it ok to use garlic on day5?

    • Yes soup is fine assuming it’s just tomatoes and nit full of chemicals and junk. Garlic as seasoning is totally fine.

      • Thanks a lot for your quick reply..
        Few more questions, Is it ok to take avocado whenever the diet calls for fruits?
        Regarding day 5,6 & 7:
        1. Can i have chickpea/lentils/red kidney beans along with brown rice & tomatoes?
        2. Can i have any veg soup like broccoli on these days?

        • No on the avocado, huge fan, but not as a fruit replacement.
          1) Yes
          2) Yes assuming there it is homemade and nit full of other junk ingredients πŸ™‚

  18. can i have a cup of tea without sugar n i m doig 1 hour n 40 mins tradmill also ,i this more effective

  19. thank u so much for reply …can we take salt ,vinegar n ketchup with vegetables and another thing i want to ask is …can we take beef on beef as a bar be que ,is spices is allow in this dietsonia

  20. not bbr sauce means chicken on grill .can we use spices on meat n chicken ….thank u very much u r very helping for me ..actually i have just 20 days n wana loss 10 kg …plz help me

  21. Hi. I have started to follow your diet from today. what i wanted to know is
    1.can i eat corn on day 2 and 3?
    2.can i use curd on day 4,5,6?
    3.can i eat boiled potatoes instead of baked on day 2 with salt and pepper added to it?
    4.though i am not a vegetarian is that OK if i eat only rice and potato on day? bcos i don’t have oven or grill to bake the chicken? in what ways can i eat the chicken? can i add salt and pepper to it?

  22. 1) no corn
    2) curd replacing what?
    3) yes boiled fine, spices are fine also, any dry spice really OK..
    4) Other than fried eat chicken as you want. Rice potato fine also, but adding a little curd may be good as well.

  23. i m on day 3 …n my stomach is loose ..is this a part of diet .. another thing is that i cant eat much is this ok ….i m doing job at night so for that i wake at 2 at day tym then i start eating ,did tym matter in it

    • circadian rhythms, when you sleep and wake plays a massive part in weight gain and loss. Since you are up at off hours, just do your best…

  24. Thank you so much for your reply. i got few more doubts
    1. Curd is not to replace. just mix with rice and eat. can i? or can i use normal chicken gravy for that rice?
    2. Please tell me which type of banana is best to eat on day 4 since there are so many.
    3. On day 4 are we not supposed to eat anything other than banana and milk? i mean no other fruits or veg?
    4. I would also like to know what should be the food habits once i complete the 7th day? what would you suggest to eat after this 7 days diet.

  25. is it possible to have dhal(toor,channa,moong,peas)along with veggies in 2nday

  26. one more thing can i have dry fruits lyk rasins,almond,walnut,

  27. Hi i have few doubt please advice. I have taken the Gm diet last week i started with 94 kg end of the day 3 i have been at 89 kg. from day 4 onwards my weigh has been increased to 91:( now i am in day7. I dont know what i did mistake in remaining 4 days. please advice.
    1.On day 4 i took i took 2 bananas and 300ml skimmed milk for bf/lunch and dinner and each 1 banana for morning and evening snack is it ok?
    2. on day 5 i took 100 gram boiled fish with salt,chilly and pepper and two chapati for bf/lunch/dinner is it fine? i took carrot for morning and evening snacks
    3. on day 6 i took 75 gram fried chicken with salt,chilly and pepper with one cup of brown rice for bf/lunch/dinner is it fine? i mixed brown rice with fish gravy. Can i have fish gravy/curd to mix the rice?
    6. On day 7 i took rice+dall and 250 gram fruits for bf/lunch/dinner
    7. Can i take curd to fix rice on day 4/5/6 and 7? with salt allowed here?
    Please correct me

    • You are not following this diet at all. chapti is not on the diet. grains are not for a big reason. So sorry. I wish I could help but you made up your own diet. Please NOTE to everyone, if you want a chance on this diet you must follow it.

  28. Hi,
    I am planning to start the diet but have one question. I can’t have banana’s because it has lot of potassium and doctor has advised me not to take it because of my joint pains. Is there any replacement for this?

  29. Hi ,I’m about to start the diet today.but I already had a cup of cornflakes with non fat milk nd a yogurt.and a milk tea without sugar in the morning.can I still go ahead?or shall I start tomorrow?pls help

  30. Hi,

    I am starting this diet tomorrow (again, last time I got to day 3 and then failed).
    I want to lose 30lb. .. could I do this diet for 3-4 weeks safely?

  31. You said no corn… Why is corn not ok? It doesn’t specifically say not to eat it on other gm diet websites. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    • Because people over eat it, if you want a little fresh to season a meal great, but people take it to mean they can have corn tortillas, corn flour and everything else corn. What other GM diets? You mean the ones other website copied from this one? And just changed a few things, including telling people to eat 8 plus Bananas on day 4. You really trust them?

      • No I wasnt talking about corn tortillas and corn flour. Obviously I would avoid that. I’m talking about fresh corn, since it’s a vegetable which should be allowed according to <<<>>>

        I could see why ppl would overeat it because it’s delicious. I’m starting to get really sick of this wonder soup so I want to substitute fresh vegetables like corn and broccoli and spinach and tomatoes instead. Just wanted to see if this is okay.

        • Change the soup, no biggie, I understand that for sure on the wonder soup. That page is a joke, 8 bananas, do you know hat that does to your blood sugar. 20 oz of meat on day 5, please! DO you have any idea what over eating protein does to you? Raises your blood sugar in a bad way. Follow what you want however.

  32. I am not a nutritionist so how my supposed to know that? And how my supposed to know which version of the gym diet it’s the best? That’s why I’m asking all these questions. I just want to do exactly what will get me the best results. I guess I’ll try following this website’s plan. I already had four bananas total today so I’ll just have soup for dinner tonight. I’m so hungry all the time. Can’t wait til this dang diet is over.

    • Not sure I understand following 2 different plans is my point. Hope it goes well for ya’. Try and take from this some dietary changes after the diet, something as to change, it certainly did for me and got so much easier over time.

      We answer question and actually help people, as you can see by our daily replies, as opposed to just chuncking up a quicky website.

      • It’s unfortunately because I found this website 3 days into the diet. But Glad I stumbled upon it (better late than never) so I don’t overeat on bananas and beef tomorrow.

  33. Cool… when we call for a serving, for guys normally say do 4 to 4.5 oz per serving… Happy to help post diet if you need any

  34. I had boiled corn n carrot on day 2 is tat ok? M on day 5 today.. N how do I calculate oz? I wasn’t too sure I bout tat as well I replaced beef wid boiled chkn is tat ok too?

  35. i work in night shift so please suggest me food timings of this diet plan Mine wrkng hrs 11.00 Pm To 7.00amIST
    so suggest me wht to have in morng in home & while in office ..

    • really the same, you will just have to do the best you can do. so when you wake, eat breakfast and so on. I have worked a late night shift. TOUGH! You need to have the perfect diet now and after this one. Circadian Rhythms have a ton to do with weight gain and such. You not sleeping during normal times will make things harder on you. Hang in there.

  36. Is gobi Manchurian ok to eat.. On a vegetable day?

  37. right now i am 76, If i continue this diet for a weeek.
    how many KG ill lose ? please advise.

  38. depends on each person, if you actually follow it properly, etc…

  39. Can we hav tandoori chicken on 5 and 6 day

  40. N also is dat okay to smoke

  41. Nly spices no sugar in chicken

  42. I was talkin about cigarat..

  43. Today is ma 4 day ..can I hav corn soup wid chicken

  44. I had fruits and boiled vegetables on 2nd day, is it okay to continue on 3rd day also..also can i have only fish steaks on friday saturday and sunday instead of chicken..also when i feel weakness at that time can i have glucon-D

    • sounds fine going into day 3, yes you can have those as your protein replacement. glucon-D, have you read the ingredients? YIKES, be careful, eat some fruit, have some soup

  45. Hello All,

    I am on Day 7 of GM diet but have only lost 2 kgs. I am not sure What I have done wrong. Below is the Diet Plan I followed.

    Day 1 : Fruits
    Morning : 1 Apple and Few grapes,
    Afternoon : Half Watermelon & 1 Orange
    Evening : 1 Orange and 1 Apple
    Night : Papaya

    Day 2 : Vegetable
    Morning: Soup containing one boiled potato , little cabbage, one carrot, one onion and half beet root. (Couldn’t Eat all , so binned half of it)
    Afternoon : Lettuce, Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes, Green Pepper, Carrot seasoned with herbs and garlic flakes and few drops of vinegar.
    Dinner : Again Lettuce Salad with Cucumber , Carrot and Cherry Tomatoes.

    Day 3: Fruits and Veg.
    Morning : Apple + orange
    Afternoon : Lettuce Salad with Cucumber , Carrot, Green Pepper, Chilli and Cherry Tomatoes.
    Night: Papaya

    Day 4: Skimmed Milk and Banana.
    Morning : Two Banana and one glass of Skimmed Milk
    Afternoon : One bowl soup ( containing Cabbage, carrot, green pepper, onion, tomatoes herbs and garlic flakes. Salt to taste) and one banana.
    Evening : One big glass of Banana Shake made of one full ripe banana half cup of Fat less milk and one glass of water.
    Night : Left over Soup

    Day 5: (Brown Rice, Tomatoes and Soya chunks)
    Morning: Brown Rice cooked in half tea spoon cooking oil with soya chunks and tomatoes
    Afternoon : Brown Rice cooked in half tea spoon cooking oil with soya chunks and tomatoes
    Dinner : One Bowl cabbage, carrot and tomatoes soup

    Day 6 : Feast Day
    Brunch: Brown rice, mixed with tomatoes and soya chunks
    Night : I know it was not part of the diet plan but I had Six inches Sub on Honey Oat Bread with Tuna, lettuce, green peppers, onions and JalapeΓ±os with Sweet onion & South-west sauce + salt and pepper ( I only asked for a hint of sauce that’s all) no cheese!!

    Day 7:
    Morning : I started my Day with One orange and a bowl of salad ( Lettuce, Peppers, Cucumber & Cherry tomatoes) though I couldn’t finish the Salad Bowl.
    After noon : Because I was Sick of Brown Rice : I had four slices of Brown Bread with left over Salads.
    Evening : I could not believe myself for being such naive and careless but I had two bananas!! Shame on me!!
    Night : I am not sure what I will eat as I still disappointed that I has Sub yesterday and Banana Today!! I may just eat some left over salad that’s all or may be some fruits apart from Banana!!

    I drank almost 10-12 glasses of water everyday, however couldn’t get enough sleep due to Month-End work stress at office and Partly because of the TV!!

    I know a Sub sandwich and Banana is a strict NO NO on Day 6-7 so I will not repeat it again! But guys I need help as I have got something very important coming up and I want to reduce weight!! I am 85kgs now and Height is 5’2 !! When I started the GM diet on Monday I was 87kgs!!

    Now, Please could anyone suggest me what else I can do apart from what I have done in the last 7 days to reduce weight faster!!

    • Sorry, on any diet, no matter which one, just one cheat, a very large cheat can ruin your diet. This is a no grain diet. You made the choice for that over completing the program properly. Sub sandwiched are not at ll healthy. Full of chemicals, junk bleached out grains and more… I also do not recommend Soya chunks, Soy is not healthy either. Sorry. You also need fat when replacing meat. Meat naturally has fat, if you were not getting enough fat, then you will suffer, you needed that good fat.

      My recommendation, the same for everyone, you cannot cheat now or after this diet. You have to make a lifestyle change. Sorry…..

      • Hello,
        Well I appreciate your advise, but if I recall correctly on GM Diet one can take soyabean chunk aka mealmaker as a replacement for meat!! What you think pescatarians can do on Day 5,6 &7? Well for a Sub sandwich it was 300 calories which I digested walking 2 miles!! I understand no diet allow any cheat at point of anytime, thus I agree it was inappropriate! Few very important questions I have : why bread is not allowed on the diet?? What makes grain so unhealthy? Can banana be consumed on day 7 along with fruits? Can soup be consumed anytime during these 7 days? How much weight have yu lost on this diet? Plz share your diet plan per day! Thanks!!’

        • fish, it’s a real protein… eat soya if you want. If you think this diet is about calories you are so far off. I will be happy to discuss this in the forum. http://www.gmdietforum.com/

          I did share my diet plan, above, it laid out for you and does not include a sub sandwich. πŸ™‚ and if you read the comments here those that follow it exactly tend to lose a ton of weight. If you think chemically made breads, with conditioners, bleached out from genetically modified grains are not bad, My suggestion is to begin a health journey and do some research on your own. However jump into the forum and ask away. Curious, what makes you think those foods are good?

          • Anybody could be curious! I happened to lose 6 kgs in 4 weeks with these badly chemically bleached breads, calorie counted food and my regular exercises that I continued whilst this diet too, and the good news is, that weight did not come bck!! I am pretty sure if I binge on food for two day the side effects of GM diet will start to show! I just happen to be a Nutritionist and physiotherapist from one of prestigious institute around the globe, well that might be the reason I think grain is not that bad!! My weight problems started with a surgery I underwent few years ago!! I am pretty sure I understood the concept of GM diet now, thanks anyway for your Valuable suggestions!!

  46. I’m on day 7 of the GM diet and, having read the info on the All You Can Eat diet, it sounds exactly the same. Is the AYCE diet and continuing cycle of the 7 days?

  47. today is my 3rd day and i am feeling very light today. i have a question can i eat egg instead of beaf and chicken in Day5. I dont like chicken . please give me the answer

  48. Hii can i have brown bread on day 5 n 6

  49. hi all,
    please how much chicken can I eat in day 5 ,6,7
    what else can I replace rice with on day 5,6,7
    thanks for all the above informative answers

  50. I am going to start on the deit tomorrow but i have a question how many pounds do u loose after the 7 day deit.

  51. Hi, i wish i can start this diet but im afraid cos i need to loose alot because of a health problem. Is it risky to start it pls?

    • Hello. Hang in there πŸ™‚
      I am not a doctor so I cannot say. Look at the food list and see would this cause you issues. You clearly need a 100% overhaul of your diet. You have to make changes. I have with my health issues and must say am healing up well.

  52. Hell, i followed this plan and the result was good. I loose 3 kgs in one week. Can you please confirm in a month when we can repeat the same ?? I want to loose more 5 to 6 kgs. Reply please.

    • At least wait 2 weeks. But you will be shocked at how much late you could lose if you eat healthy that whole time in between – then it’s a great springboard into the next diet.

  53. thank you for the reply.. Also reply to these queries :-

    1) can i have 3 cups of green tea in a day during this diet ?
    2) can you please suggest diet after 7 days of diet chat ?? What should we eat after 7 days.

  54. I started my 7day vegetarian diet plan on 10march2014. Today is the third day. i m following the diet plan properly but my weight is not reducing. plz help. My height is 5’2″ and my weight is 58KG

    • were you taking some fat in the meat replacement meals?
      Any cheats? eating nay grains? having any sugar or any kind?

  55. No i am not taking any grain or sugar and no cheating. Here is the diet plan which i m following plz let me know where i was wrong:-
    1Day – 10-15 black grapes, 5orange, 4 chikko
    2 Day- Boiled vegetables in breakfast and lunch, a plate of raw salad with pinch of salt, and wonder soup
    3Day- 2 Chikko, Boiled vegetables two times, 15-20 black grapes and wonder soup
    4 day Started now i took one glass of milk with one banana brown sugar added in the milk.

    Following this diet my weight is not reducing at all.Please tell me my mistake.

  56. Sorry, you are not following it at all properly. Where is the protein day 3? Where was the potato and oil/butter with it day 2? That is so key and you skipped. Not to mention day 4 you had brown sugar, You do realize milk and bananas are already sweet right? Sorry everyone, if you will not follow the diet properly you may not lose any weight.

  57. Hi its a great plan.loving it.can u pls suggest it there s any alternative for milk on day 4 nd if broken wheat can b taken instead of brown rice After day 5.Thank u

  58. Thanks a lot.very helpful.hope tender coconut is ok

  59. Can boiled sweet potato be eaten instead of baked potato on day 2?

  60. Thanks for your very prompt reply, you never mentioned avocado? Is that okay too? Which day can i include it, if ever?

  61. Actually im nursing mother
    I’ve 10 months old baby can i also start the same diet plan
    Im in small prob i feel every time hunger
    As need something
    Plz ans me

  62. Hi,

    I am on day 3 and totally committed to the diet – no intake of sugar , tea or coffee at all. I havent lost weight at all. I am a bit worried.
    Also, I am 31 years old and have a belly – a paunch and was aiming at flattening it out to an extent.
    I am happy only about the fact that my body must be cleansed and detoxified by now, i.e. day 3.
    Tomorrow, I start with day 4 – bananas and milk…and i guess no sugar again.

    • if you have been eating processed foods, it takes far longer than a few days to cleanse you. You have to make a lifestyle change and stick to it, The belly can be caused by various health issues, thyroid problems, high cortisol levels, etc…

  63. I took this diet two times with three weeks gap. first time lost 3 kg. this last time i lost only 1 kg in first three days. Plz help me…

  64. On fourth day instead of milk can i take anything else.
    I dont like milk based products.

    On fifth day instead of raw tomato, shall i have tomato soup?

    • Assuming you will not eat junk soups like in a can, yes you can…. I would just blend roasted organic tomatoes to make a soup with spices….

      Go coconut milk or almond milk…

  65. If i finish my 7 day plan , the 8 day i eat normally , for the 9 days can i continue back the gm diet ?

    • define normally. You need to make a lifestyle change to keep your weight off. I would wait 2 weeks, but eat similar meaning balanced meals, whole natural foods, no sugar, no wheat, etc

  66. For the bakes potatoes can i not use butter of oil ?

  67. For the second day its say we need to eat baked potatoes with butter , so if i dont use butter or oil , but only eat plain baked potatoes , is it alright ?

  68. i had chana dhal on day1..is it okay r will it harm.. plz do reply me…

  69. No it is not OK, sorry

  70. hi, today is my day 2 .. i have doubt ,can i have egg today …

  71. no egg day 2, make sure you are reading this closely: https://www.gmdietworks.com/general-motors-diet/gm-diet-day-2.html

  72. hi,can i have soya beans or cow gram on day 5,6.7

  73. Starting day1 @ 95KG πŸ™

  74. I am on the first day of GM diet. I am very bad in drinking water. So is it fine, if i have only 4-5 glasses of water?? And can i have onions with salt on 2nd day?

  75. Hi….today is my 3rd day of GM diet plan, i had coconut water on both the days, just wanted to confirm is it ok?……Also wanted to know the sample of GM diet plan with timings and veg food to be eaten on 4,5,6 & 7 days to balance my diet properly….have lost 2.3 kg in 2 days with 40 mins walk along with diet….Please suggest at the earliest so accordingly will start my day 4..

    Thanks a ton for your diet……

    • Please read each day, they are in the sidebar, they give timing. Not sure how you miss that. I cannot reinvent what has already done.
      Coconut water is OK πŸ™‚

  76. What’s the substitute for tomatoes on day 5th.

  77. Hi,

    I am done with my 7 days but don’t want to gain weight again. I am a vegan.. Could you please suggest what to eat… Like a day 8 plan and going forward.

    Thank you

  78. Thanks πŸ™‚

  79. i dnt kw hw to Start Can u gve Some idea

  80. Hi ‘Author’. Thanks for your efforts of getting us through this diet regime… A small clarification is needed –
    In Day 2 can we add 5-6 spoons of milk to make mashed potato breakfast? and

    Are green chilies a complete ‘no’ throughout the plan?

  81. hi
    i would like to ask if boiled catfish can be used to substitute for meat

  82. Hi… I wanted to know if honey can b used wid green tea? And also… If sumone feels weak cud dey drink glucon d for energy?

  83. Hi
    I wish to start on this diet and am abit confused. I understand what should be eaten onthe days but its not mentioned about the wonder soup. Is it taken everyday and whenever your hungry plus the recommended food on the days? can u please show an example of 1 day. And do you only eat at the designated times or when hungry?

  84. Today is my 1st day
    breakfast:-had 1 bowl of oats along with apple and grapes
    lunch:-Apple & Grapes

    Want to ask u if oats is allowed or not?

  85. Hi….I m completed day 4 today. I am really confused what should I eat on day 5,6 and 7. Some sites say that you should have only tomatoes and brown rice. While some say u can have paneer or soya chunks…chic peas/red kidney beans/sprouts…while some say u can have Lil curd and white rice is okay. There are diets available for day 1-2-3-4 on Internet but am not able to find clear diet plan for day 5-6-7. Could you please guide me ? I want to know what are exactly allowed on day 5-6-7. I m vegetarian. Please reply urgently

    • sure start by reading this site, next day 7 is as we have it
      for changes to days 5 and 6 read the Indian or Vegetarian diets below.

  86. Sorry…I dint get what ur saying

  87. Sir I am on my first day of diet…can I you use salt and pepper in the vegetables and fruits..and can I smoke cigarettes?

  88. Sir I am getting good results…I won’t usually drink milk can I go with butter milk with salt on my day 4

  89. If not possible?can I have skimmed milk with little sugar?

    • no sugar unless you want to gain weight, you can’t drink sugar like that and think you will be healthy and not gain weight

  90. Thank u?soup is must on day 4

  91. Thank u ☺

  92. Sir on day 7 can we add tomato and green peas with the vegetables?

  93. Can u expalin cleary about GM Diet plant like day 1, day 2 …………especially day 5, 6 & 7…….what to eat,,like

  94. I m on my third day.but i had a half glass of beer on Day 1.Shud I continue or drop the diet?

  95. Hyea!!! Can we include mangoes in fruits!!!

  96. Dear AUthor ,

    My baby is 6 months and i started GM Plan today . I took fruits morning and fr lunch but the change i see is my Breast milk Production is reduced to 75 % just by half a day try :(..
    Should I continue ,Any alternative to increase breast milk Production along with GM Diet .


  97. Hey
    I am on day 1..
    Hubby and me are doing this together, both are overweight!
    Have had fruits since morning and it’s just noon now and we are starving!
    Can we have like a small bowl of kurmura (puffed rice) ?

    • no sorry you can have the wonder soup, no reason to starve on this plan, you get as much food as you need really.

  98. It is mentioned that we can have only vegetables on day 2… Can I have unlimited quantity of the recommended vegetables ? Or quantity should be less ?

  99. i was wondering if i could salt and pepper my fruit and veggies. and also can i have cinnomon while on this diet?

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***Before asking your question, please understand that we are only here to help and these are our opinions. Also make sure you read and understand the entire diet before doing it. And also see a doctor if you feel you need approval to do so. If you plan to exercise during the diet, you cannot do heavy weights and heavy workouts (We state this on the Exercise page), you need to have the correct amount of protein. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Thanks You