Mixed Sprouts and Corn

Mixed Sprouts and Corn work really well together and ends up as a tasty and filling dish that can be eaten by folks that love Indian food and at the same time are trying to lose weight. This recipe also works well if you are on the GM Diet.

Mixed Sprouts and Corn

Mixed Sprouts and Corn


  • 1 cup mixed sprouts of your choice (chick peas, moong dal, kidney beans)
  • 1/4 cup of boiled corn
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/2 tsp fresh ginger paste
  • Pinch of black pepper powder
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp honey
  • Salt
  • Finely chopped fresh coriander leaves(cilantro)
  • 1 tbsp fresh grated coconut (optional)


Cook the sprouts in the water till tender. Remove from heat. Add the boiled corn and mix it well. Keep this aside. Now for dressing mix ginger, salt, pepper powder, honey and lemon juice.

Before serving mix the corn, sprouts mixture and the dressing. Garnish with coriander leaves and coconut.

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  1. Can we eat sprouts on the day when we have to eat vegtables……?

  2. Sprouts are s good source of protein and vitamins. A moderate combination of sprouts on ur veggie day is good

  3. What is the guidance on salt consumption during the diet. There is no mention anywhere. Please let us know if we can have salt and how much! Thanks.

  4. can i eat sprouts on the 2nd and 3 rd day

  5. yes on the sprouts

  6. Hi.. im on gm diet. Can i hav raw sprouts all 7 days as a snack?

  7. Hey Siri, mix it up some so skip days 3 and 5, others fine but never over do 1 thing and just eat tons of sprouts :).

  8. As day1… i started my brkfast with mixed fruits of orange,apple,water n musk melon,guava,pineapple of 1 bowl.
    Lunch wonder soup 1 bowl with salt n pepper,snack mixed raw sprouts of 100gms,2 times tea, dinner 1 bowl mixed fruits,15mins walking…. am i doing right? Plz guide me… admin plz reply soon.

  9. Thanks a lot for ur reply.., tommorow is my day 2… im having sweet corn,baby corn,carrots,beetroots,cucumber,brocoli,potatoes.., just suggest me.. what what i can mix n eat.. so tat… it wil b tasty. If i eat little my stomach will be full… i cannot eat more than a bowl.

  10. Hi Author.. it wud be helpful for me… if u reply.

  11. Hey Siri, sounds OK, looks at the example of day 1, it has you spreading your meals out more. I assume the tea is plain, if so good job 🙂

  12. Yes i had green tea…with half tbsp honey. So what sud i do for 2nd day.

  13. stick to the example plan as much as possible, honey is no good, so sorry…

  14. ****NOT GM DIET Friendly – HONEY a No-No here!!!! Do not use this recipe on the GM Diet with Honey****
    I Prepared a large bowl of mixed salad

    Onions 2 nos +Tomatoes 2 nos + cucumber 2 nos + 2 small carrots + capsicum 1 nos. + Cabbage abt 100 grms + garlic 6 cloves + ginger 1 inch pc+ 1 thick green chilli (not very spicy) + cilantro small bunch+ large lemon 1 nos

    Chopped all vegetables and grated carrots added mint leaves chopped cilantro, finely chopped garlic nd grated ginger tossed everything in a large bowl added lime/ lemon juice black salt to taste green chilli made it little bit hot n spicy a dash of pepper ,3 tbsp honey gave my salad a sweet note
    This salad was 3 helpings…………Filling & Yummy
    ****NOT GM DIET Friendly – HONEY a No-No here!!!! Do not use this recipe on the GM Diet with Honey****

    • I cannot recommend this recipe to anyone on the GM DIET. Beware, Honey, really? 3 tablespoons? All that sugar, we do not recommend honey on this diet and you better be careful after the diet.

  15. Boiled 1 large sweet potatoes +2 potatoes +1 purple yam+ other root (I don’t know the name) 3 nos + Green peas 1/2 cups

    Cut all the boiled roots in small bite sized cubes. Squeezed a large lemon added 1/2 cups honey, jeera powder half tsp, pinch of pepper , some mint leaves and finely chopped cilantro, chat masala & black salt to taste

  16. Oil less karela subzi
    I made only this u have other options
    4 large karela abt 500 grms peeled and sliced . U can sprinkle some salt on it and leave it for 30 mins then squeeze out the water on paper towel to reduce the bitterness, I love the bitter taste so I skipped

    2 large tomatoes. Chopped
    2 large onions sliced
    1/2 tsp jeera/ cumin seeds
    1 tsp grated ginger
    2 tbsp sesame seeds roasted for nutty aroma
    One green chilli
    Salt to taste

    Heat a non stick pan and add the karela cook till it turns little brownish on both sides once done remove it in a dish , wipe the pan with some tissues to clean the residues to karela , heat the pan and add jeera let it splutter , add green chilli stir for few mins as the chilly starts to become white add ginger cook for a min then add onions and salt mix well and cook till onions turns brownish pink , add tomatoes mix well cover and cook on low flame till tomatoes are soft not mushy . Now add the roasted karela mix well Push aside the subzi and increase the heat now add sesame seeds let it get little brownish , mix well N cook for 5 more mins and cover it let it cool the karela will absorb the sweet taste of onions nd tomatoes ……..
    Your Oil less karela subzi is ready

  17. Can we add honey , figs and dates to milk. Shake………..
    Can we have dried dates , figs for midday snacks

    What abt roasted peanuts , almonds, pistachio, walnuts

  18. today is my 3 rd day in GM diet which seems to be very difficult for me 🙁 cause i cant drink milk without sugar. Is there any altenative for this can we add 1 tsp of sugar in milk.

    • almond milk or coconut milk, NO sugar in milk, this is why or one reason your weight is a struggle. You have to stop.

  19. can we add boiled ground nuts along with the corn and veggies… Please suggest me

  20. I’m on day 2. Can I add tofu on my sprouts on day 2? I’m on day 2 today. appreciate a reply. 🙂 thank you

  21. Nope, sorry.

  22. Dear Author,

    Can I have sweet corn on my 3 rd day? along with other vegetables and fruits?

  23. I mean one kernel of sweet corn..

  24. Hi,

    my 4th day will start tomorrow, already lost 3 kg.

    Just one question to author, what is the alternative for brown rice and beef in Indian recipe


  25. hi author,
    Today is the 2nd day of my diet. is it ok to have small qty of shredded chicken with the salads? on the third day can i have the chicken soup for lunch mentioned in your recipe? Appreciate you quick response.

  26. Can i have bottleguard juice every morning empty stomach along wid dis diet plan??? Please reply soon

  27. bottleguard? what’s in it? I don’t think so but let me know.

  28. Bottleguard(Lauki…)

  29. Ok thnxxx and today z my fifth day and i didnt loose a single kg… I dnt undrstnd why?

  30. Hey .. Can i drink the soups available in market .. I mean packed ones .. ?
    Instead of wonder soup ..

    • Well assuming they are pure, no bad oils, no processed ingredients, no msg type stuff, no sugars. It’s not likely.

  31. I am on my Day2, and had 1 boiled potato in morning, and had raw salad with corn, green pepper, broccoli, lettuce, carrot in afternoon. can I have saute of corns+green pepper+onion+tomato+ some salt in olive oil in dinner time?

  32. Oh! I had lots of corn today in my day 2. 🙁

    • yah, if you look at that recipe, it’s only a 1/2 cup, I will change it to 1/4.

      Corn, major issues.
      1) technically a grain
      2) so genetically modified
      3) Nutrient dead, what benefits does it really have?
      4) Most people don’t realize they are either allergic or sensitive to it.

      Try and not do any more, you will be OK 🙂

  33. Hey..cn I have sprouts roasted with little oil?
    N cn u give me a- alternative to sugar in milk..n I’m in day 3..
    Will help me a lot if u reply:)


  35. yes, you need some fat with that rice though, meat has fat, so should the rice, some curd, butter or olive oil could work.

  36. Hii author,
    I am on day 3 of hm diet and i am following it as strictly given in the diet chart but today i had 2 chappatis(roti) with a lil of potatoes…hope this doesnt affect my diet…would appreciate ur reply.

    • It likely will, wheat (gliuten) basically is trash to your body. and we say not potato day 3. Sorry. If you want to lose weight cut gluten and sugar. If you continue eating bread, you will gain weight.

  37. I m on day 2 , you have said 8 to 10 glasses of water, can I have more intake of water like 4 Ltrs of water or no ?

  38. Quinoa great, legumes/lentils great, Tofu I would never recommend (processed beyond anything good), yogurt yes can work. The legumes and quinoa need some fat like ghee. Yogurt already has it. You can take another 1 or 2. Beets and carrots are slightly higher in carbs than normal veg. Just do without during the 7 day plan, eat away after.

  39. I am on my second day of GM diet plan. Can I eat corn? If yes what can be the quantity ?

  40. Hi, Can we have mushroom subzi on the 2nd day of GM diet?

  41. Also, can we have lassi with banana instead of milk?

  42. Hi
    1)can I eat sprout moong in day 1,2,3 and 4?
    2)can I eat buttermilk in day 1,2,3,4? (which made from 1% milk with lot of water)
    3)can I drink plain fat free milk all 7 days? how much ?
    4)can I drink moong dal water(I boil moong with water and drink only watery part with some spice in it)

    thank you

  43. Can we have roasted chick peas on day 5..I just had a hand full of chickpeas roasted with a grapefruit.. Can’t have meat in the morning 🙁

    • no, not technically. Sorry. You were supposed to eat meat (or vegetarian sub) and tomato. So not sure where you got grapefruit. Keep rolling though all should be OK 🙂

  44. Hey
    can I hve sprouts on my scnd day and 3 day of my gm diet..
    pls rply asap
    tnx 🙂

  45. Can we eat boiled corn ..on day one i just lobe it so much

    • I hate that it;s in this recipe. So no if you want to get your health back. It’s a common allergen and not at all technically a vegetable. However most folks don;t care and will eat it anyway so it’s up to you. 🙂

  46. I am entering Day 2 Tomorrow:
    Can I boil the vegetables and eat ?
    I am planning for 1-1!/2 Potato boiled and smashed with some Butter and lil Salt and Pepper to Taste for Breakfast
    Lunch – A salad with Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Onions, Jalapeno, Olives & Coriander leaves with some curd (lil to taste), some pepper & salt
    Dinner – Boiled vegetables – Carrot and Beans Combination
    Please Suggest

    • Yes boiling veg is fine. Also spice as you like.

      NO CURD! Please do not take liberties as you like with this plan,, It does not work that way.

      Why beans? So basically you want to eat carrots and beans for dinner, hence pure carbs? You do know beans are not a vegetable and are nutritionally 100% different. You get only veg, low to no carb veg and a little fruit.

  47. Can i do G M diet for the full month is there any side effect of this

  48. Hi…
    Please suggest me.. can i have roasted paneer in gm diet. also let me know, vegetables should be steamed oil less or i can have vegetables prepared in olive oil with indian spices.

  49. I add salt to vegetable on day 2,5,6 n 7..please advice

  50. hey, i had 7-8 kernels of almonds with some raisins on day 2, will it affect my diet?

    • sure it can, if you have weight issues, snacking like that is not good. however hopefully in this case you will be ok.

  51. Hi,

    On my second round on GM diet in last 2 months. Working like wonders for me. Lost 3.5 kg in the last round and already lost 2kg for current session on day 4.

    Have a questionnaire, plz mark yes or no (I know it’s too lengthy, sorry for that)
    1. 1 full mango, allowed or not
    2. I like stir fried veggies so using half a teaspoon of olive oil. Is it good
    3. Sprinkling some soya sauce with no msg on veggies.
    4. For day 5 onwards, can I stir fry paneer (Indian cottage cheese) coated with yoghurt and spices in lil olive oil. Is it ok
    5. Can I have egg for day 5 onwards.
    6. Soya chunks are allowed or not.

    We make rotis using rice flour so will that be beneficial for day 5 or not.

    Thanks 🙂

    • nice it’s working 🙂
      1) 1 yes for days 1, 3 and 7. you can replace banana day 4 with 1 also.
      2) yes
      3) not on this plan.
      4) yes but not day 7
      5) yes – 3 max per meal not day 7
      6) NO, it is not a health food.

      NO roti on this plan.

  52. Please suggest me
    1- Can I have walnut as snack for day 1
    2- can I steam moong dal and ,ix some spices like turmeric ,red chilly, salt for dinner for day 5
    3- can you please give me recipe for healthy soup for dinner for day 2,5,6,7

  53. I am entering day 5th plan tomorrow. For last two days I am having constant headache. Is that OK.
    Can I have toor day with brown rice on day 5, 6 and 7

    • headaches that late in the program, for some yes. just watch it and see how you do day 5. toor dal fine with good fat only of course. do not use much rice hardly at all if you have legumes/beans.

  54. Can I replace beef with chicken?
    Can i add chicken in my wonder soup?
    Can I have tea with 2 tablespoon of milk without sugar?

  55. Hi I had corn along with vegetable salad on my day 2. Is that fine?? And can I have paneer with rice on day 5 or day 7??

  56. How much paneer can I consume if I can on day 5 and day 7…??

  57. Can we have sweet corn salad on day 3?

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