Top 12 Things that Make Weight Loss Difficult

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At we have seen and heard it all when it comes to dieting. Dieting is not easy. Here is a list of 12 things that can make weight loss difficult.

  1. Zero support: It’s not easy when you have nobody supporting you. If you have no support, try to find a diet buddy or someone to share in your journey.
  2. Underlying Health Issues: Thyroid problems, high cortisol and hormone imbalances can make it more difficult to lose weight. Find a great functional medicine doctor and get checked out if you seem to have unexplained weight gain or have trouble losing weight.
  3. Wheat/Gluten/Sugar: I know, most folks don’t want to hear this, however try going gluten and sugar free for at least 30 days and see how you do.
  4. Poor Sleep Habits: If you are not in bed by 10:30pm, this can seriously affect your chances to lose weight by throwing off circadian rhythms.
  5. Eating Right before Bed: If you want a great way to gain weight, eat before going to bed. If you want to lose weight, eat at least 2.5 hours before bed time.
  6. Too Many Snacks: If you are over weight, then you are metabolically broken. So limit snacks, it can cause weight again. 3 balanced healthy meals a day should be enough.
  7. Estrogen in Fat: When you begin to lose weight you also release the extra estrogen stored in fat cells but extra estrogen can cause weight gain, thus a vicious cycle!
  8. Lack of Lifestyle Change: Diet cannot do the entire job, after a diet you must make a lifestyle change and change your eating habits. Without it you will not succeed long term.
  9. Processed Foods: Let’s face it, they’re garbage. Bad oils, preservatives, chemicals and additives are all ways to ruin your health can cause weight issues.
  10. Carbs, Carbs, Carbs: Stop over doing carbs!!!! People tend to count calories yet overdo the carbs. Meals should have balance – good fats, protein, some unprocessed, good carbs and lots of healthy veg!
  11. Not Enough Fat: People fear fat! While you should avoid bad fats, including all vegetable oils, you need healthy fat. Good fats are animal fats from pastured animals, coconut oil, palm oil, avocado, olive oil, MCT oil, ghee, grass fed butter, etc.
  12. Wrong Fats: Stop choosing bad fats such as canola oil, vegetable oils, peanut oils, hydrogenated oils, etc. They are very pro inflammatory, high in Omega 6’s and have zero health benefits.
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***Before asking your question, please understand that we are only here to help and these are our opinions. Also make sure you read and understand the entire diet before doing it. And also see a doctor if you feel you need approval to do so. If you plan to exercise during the diet, you cannot do heavy weights and heavy workouts (We state this on the Exercise page), you need to have the correct amount of protein. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Thanks You