Two Top Tips to Weight Loss Success

Most tend to struggle after dieting in keeping off the weight they have lost. The biggest problem is that most go back to the same unhealthy lifestyle they were a part of before the diet. What are our top two tips in keeping the weight off?

1) Cut all sugar. This includes all types: refined sugar, brown, coconut, maple syrup, honey, brown rice syrup, cane in all its forms, juice, powdered, raw, pure cane, all fake sweeteners and so on. Sugar is sugar. Sure some are higher in fructose than others. It does not matter. Most sugars are the same in your body.

2) Cut Gluten! This does not only mean wheat or flour. It means all gluten. These empty carbs are trashing your body. Keep in mind that many people have some sort of sensitivity when eating gluten containing products. This does not mean you can just start eating loads of gluten free junk foods. You need simple and good carbs like plantains, whole, fresh fruit, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, white rice and so on.

If you can accomplish cutting these two foods groups, you will be well on your way to keeping your weight off!

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  1. Gm diet is very good . I did it. I loss 3 kg wait in 7 days. Now I feel very happy. I will repeat it next month . Plz follow everybody who wants weight loss. Thanks gm diet plain.

  2. Hay
    I lost 6 kg i wanna ask u about it more
    Actually i am 104 kg nd i want to lose more 30 kg can i lose 30 kg with gm diet in 3 months or more plz give me detaild ansewer

    • Hello
      Nice loss. I believe you can lose the weight, but you need a minimum of a 2 week break in between plans. I will say 1 thing about this diet and any other. You will fail and gain the weight back if you don;t make a lifestyle change. I recommend in between plans go gluten and sugar free, while following a natural plan like the top 2 posts here.

  3. Sir,

    i am having 130 kg weight. and need to reduce 50 kg in 1 year. Can you suggest me a healthy diet i should follow in between the gaps of GM diet and it will be able to prevent gaining back of weight.

  4. Hello ! I am not able to sign up the forum. I entered all the details but in verification, it is written
    ‘Type the word Diet below’, there is no word visible so I am not able to proceed further.
    Please help !
    Waiting for reply !

  5. I want to sign up but i cant . Is wonder soup allowed 1st day in gm diet.

  6. Which veg allowed

  7. Can we eat kashtah fruit during the days where we can eat fruits??

  8. i am having 60kg.. and i want to reduce my weight to 50kg.. how much months it takes to reduce and how ?

  9. I started d diet today. After having my lunch (watermelon and papsya), i had heavy vomitting. Is this normal???

  10. I’m 16. Gonna turn 17 next month. I’m 5 feet and 6 inches tall. I’m 63kgs currently and I want to reduce to 50kgs. How long will it take for me to reduce to my desired weight?

    • So many variables? Do you eat wheat and sugar? Any known or unknown health issues? What will your diet be after the program? And so on..To get there you must work hard for it and clean your life up. The key is health, not so much a number.

  11. Is it possible to take any weight loss tablets while doing gm diet for quick and better result?

  12. Hie
    I just started nd just pass 2 days by following your diet chart and my problem is i can live without tea it’s makes me so depress without tea nd morning breakfast , whole day then I have headache nd stomach pain can u advice something to me because I don’t want to stop my diet plan

  13. Hai,
    I have been following this diet n this is my 4th time. So by the end of my 3rd routine I was weighing 88 from 92. I find I reduce upto 2kgs during the first 3 days n not anymore after that during the diet schedule. I follow exactly what’s prescribed. In addition to it, I workout for 2 hours n walk for about 6 km.
    this may sound insane, but I have been trying to follow it for years n only nw that I find time, I want to reduce my maximum when I can. I find positive results, I just find it enough.

    Kindly let me know if I’m doing anything wrong or anything I should be doing in addition to the diet chart.

  14. Yes. To a maximum of 3 days. Then I start it all over again. Something wrong with that?

    • Yes, you need a minimum of a 2 week wait. During that time though stay gluten and sugar free. Have balanced meals with good fat, protein and carbs. If you can, you may see much better results long term.

  15. I am doing this diet and I am on its 5th day . I can’t eat tomatoes, please suggest me any other thing which I can eat today.

  16. Is their any alternative for brown rice….

  17. Can we take green tea during gm diet…

  18. I haven’t started the diet yet. Just wanted to get conformed that, this diet should be done with the gaps or can be done continuously for a month for quicker results ?

    • Well it took time to gain weight and mess up ones health. Thus it should take time to heal and get well. The 2 weeks gap is needed and during that time if you eat properly you will find likely you will lose weight and you will do better the next round. We have a plan in the forum ,After 7 Days section for that 2 weeks.

  19. I’m vegetarian.. What food items would substitute beef and hamburger.. It is written like day 5 and day 6 … Beef and hamburger .. Which I can’t.. Please tell me any other substitute in veg..

  20. Are we allowed to eat prunes as a fruit?

  21. I started my plan today…i want to loose 30kgs .will this plan help me wid it if i do this plan 2times a month in a gap of 14days? I am 18years old … Nd if i follow everything as written then in an average how much weight i can loose …??

  22. Gluten is not a carbohydrate, it’s a protein.

    • Gluten is garbage to the body and ruins your health because it comes from GMO wheat, is over processed, bleached, rancid and moldy. Wheat is a junk carb. Google Wheat Belly and study up on it.

  23. Hai,
    Today is my second day of GM diet. Yesterday i weighed 73.6 kg and today 72.5 !
    Feeling motivated.. thanks 🙂

  24. can i eat grams or kabuli chana boil in day 2 and 3

  25. Hi,

    I have started with this plan and feeling good, just to check can we eat millet? which are organic and gulten free.


  26. Hi..
    I started gm diet plan..but unfortunately i ate dal chawal on first day in dinner..and in day 4 i ate haldiram mini is my day 5.. Should i repeat it or continue.?? If continue will i b able to loose weigh??

  27. I m pco diagnosed..70 is my weight ..need to loose 15 kg.. Pls help asap.

  28. I am planning to start this plan. I have one query, can i use salt, pepper and sugar free during this diet.

    • no, because sugar free is garbage and causes health issues plus weight issues, Your body is not fooled by it. Salt, pepper, dried herbs and spices are OK 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply. Does it mean that i cn not use sugar as well ? Also please let me know can i have milk once in a day even if it is not in that days plan ?

        • Well do you understand what sugar does to the body? If you want to gain weight then do sugar, if not cut it. No milk, please just stick to the plan as we have it – there is a purpose for it.

          • Today is my 3rd day and i lost 2 kgs, very motivating. However i am feeling weekness since last evening. Is it normal ?

            • yes, weakness can happen, it’s a detox plan the first 3 days. You should pick up in energy though soon. Nice Loss

  29. i m 23 yrs old and 67 height is 5ft 2″.hw much time wl it take me lose 17 kg.i want to be 50 kg.

    • it all depends on how you eat in between plans. You have to make a serious lifestyle change or you will never keep the weight off.

  30. Hi,

    Can I have coffee in the morning? With the fat free creamer?


    • NO, never, just because says fat free does not mean it does not cause weight issues. Look at the terrible ingredients. Wheat, sugar and stuff like that are all fat free and can cause weight issues faster than anything else.

  31. I followed gm diet a long time ago and I couldn’t notice a single change in weight not evn 1kg. Even after following the diet scincerely doing as it was told. Pls help mr out so that I can try again. 🙂

  32. Hi . . I m a nursing mom of 9 months old baby. Is it safe to do gm diet during breast feed. I m 72kg and I want to loose15 kg.

  33. I have started with this plan and feeling good, just to check can we eat millet? which are organic and gulten free. If yes, then will it be replacement of rice or can hv both ?

  34. hello ,
    Day 5 evening lost 3kg. can I replace beef to chapati.and I want to loss 20kg.can I continue this diet till that achieve the target.

    • I can about guarantee if you are eating flat bread and think its a beef replacement you will not lose that weight. No, unless you want to gain weight you cannot have wheat on this program.

  35. am following GM diet fr 2nd time…
    fr first 3 days am loosing up to 2 kg…bt after that am not loosing any weight….can any1 reply me soon…am on my 4 th day today

  36. Hey today is my 1st day I want to know that cn I cont. With my green tea as m habitual of drinking 3 times a day n can I do cycling as a workout along with my gm diet…

  37. can i repeate the diet every week or should we need to take any gaps. If gaps, how many weeks or days we should take gaps??

  38. Hey hi ,
    I am on 5th day of GM diet and reduced 3 kgs, feeling wonderful.
    I was 69 and now 66.
    My height is 5.2”, i have to reduce 16 kgs more.

    Today i m gonna eat cooked brown rice with 2 tomatos for lunch.
    Can i eat paneer/soya chunks with cooked brown rice tomorrow?
    Should i continue this diet with gap of 3 days?
    please advise.

    • nice loss 🙂

      you can continue after 3 days. I recommend 1 to 2 weeks.

      3 meals day 5, each needs good fat. I do not recommend soya. do you do eggs? if so 3 max per meal no rice though if you do eggs.

  39. Hey thank you so much author.

    I am vegetarian,no eggs
    I will eat brown rice with tomato for dinner as well (DAy 5)

    Day 6 :
    I will eat brown rice with lots of veggies like green beans , carrots, broccoli with curd for lunch and tomoto soup for dinner.

    Day 7 :
    I will eat brown rice with lots of veggies and bit of panner in it for lunch and fruit juice for dinner.

    Is that ok?

  40. hi
    can we have carrots in 4th day

  41. let me know the altarnate for skimmed milk. today is my 4th day . i had bananas .afternoon shreded cabbage and cucumber salad . now what for next day 5th ? as i dont want to take meat .

  42. Hello Author,
    I am on 7th day n feeling wonderful and light.
    I will weight myself tomorrow and let u know abt d weightloss.
    thank you for your guidance.

  43. Thank u . i have lost 1kg in 4 days. today is my 5th day. and can i have curd with rice day and the next day ? and let me know what type of diet chart should i have to follow after this gm diet regularly to control my weight. i like chapatis and i always take that twice in a day. morning and night .only two chaptis without oil .is that ok ?

  44. Hello Author,

    I have successfully completed GM diet, total loss : 3 kgs only.
    I was expecting more loss cz followed very strictly.
    Nywaz something is alwaz better than nothing.
    I want to repeat GM diet after 3 days, is that fine?

  45. Hey author ,
    Day 2 : potato with little butter,salt and chat masala in mrng
    baby corns, brocolli,cucumber,carrot etc.
    Day 5 : tomato rice with curd

  46. Do you have diet plans for teens? My cousin is 85kg almost 15 years old. He can’t focus on his diet. He always end up eating many things. Do you have exrecises too?

  47. im go.g to start my gm diet today. i had 1 apple for my breakfast. is it oke to have greem and black grapes for lunch. can any1 advise me dis as soon as posib……

  48. Hi..
    I m 27 year old girl and have 59 kg is my second day of gm diet plan..but today morng I ate 1 bite aata is ok??this mathri will effect my gm diet plan??I want to loose 9 kg..

    • no that could not have been worse. Sorry. Seems best to start over. Wheat/flour is a great way to gain weight not lose it.

  49. Hello Author,

    Day 2 is almost over and I feel pretty normal. Before starting this diet i have lost a total of 13 pounds (5.89kg) over a period of 2 months and a half. I’m a female, 5’7 and currently weigh 192.4lbs (87.2kg) and I am still counting on losing weight :)). Over my weight loss journey i have been eating healthier and have been exercising 3-5 days a week for an hour. I do cardio and weight training (not too much) and i have a few questions regarding the diet.

    Since I have already been losing weight and eating well will i lose 10-17 lbs (sorry I’m really eager to know). Is 2% Milk okay to drink on Day 4? Is it okay to have a splurge day after the seven day period? Can i replace the beef with chicken breasts AND brown rice? What other tips do you have to lose maximum weight loss (that is not mentioned)?

    Thank you for your time 🙂

    • Hello 🙂
      your loss will vary on many thing, health issues, current weight, male or female and so on. I do not understand splurging, to me all of that hard diet work down the tubes. Why put food knowingly bad for you into your body. Keep in mind food, especially if you have auto immune allergies to it, the effects of eating it on the body can last literally months. So if you splurge, be careful what you do it on.

  50. And how much chicken breasts and brown rice (if allowed) are you allowed to eat???

  51. Can I drink plain daal?
    Can I have turmeric?
    How much vegetables should we eat on day 2?
    I ate 3 cucumbers, had the wonder soup, and plain daal.

    • We list them on each day, please read the plan. No dal. Spices herbs, turmeric etc are fine. please read each day and follow the program correctly.

  52. hi..
    i am on 2nd week of my diet with 1 day break ..
    and it is really important for me to loose more weight in this month .
    i am following everything as written and doing exercise ..
    so is it healthy for me to continue this diet with just 1 day break .. ?
    i was 65.. now i am 63.5
    i want it to be 55 at least .!!

    please reply !!!

  53. Hi,

    Is it ok if i skip Lunch .. will it effect my weight loss

  54. Hey,
    I’m upto day 4 and have lost 4kgs so far with 30 mins of running, 1 hour of gym and 1 hour of swimming each day.
    How many banana milkshakes can I have today?
    Also, how much chicken can I replace 1 cup of beef with?

    • nice loss
      you get max 4 large bananas, 3 glasses of milk so 3 shakes I guess. 4 to 5 oz of chicken per meal.

  55. Hello Author,

    I have one question, as per GM diet first three days it mention any amount & any quantity (except banana and few more) we eat, but it is not mention we should follow breakfast, lunch and dinner or in between when we fell hungry we can take food.


  56. Can I use chicken stock without chicken pieces in vegetable soup on day 2….plz reply jzk. …

  57. hi … i did this diet for 7 days with full effort but i dint loose my weight y???? even my sisters also did even they dint reduce…. plz help me…..

    • When do you weigh? Did you follow the plan from this site? what did you eat day 2 and 5? never heard someone not lose.

  58. Hi. Just completed the diet for 7 days and lost 4 kgs. I saw your page link for what to do post the diet.
    So post my diet:
    How many eggs can i have in a day?
    Is it ok to have it anytime of the day ie. breakfast or dinner?
    Is it ok to have ” white Rice and Rajma dal (split kidney beans)/ Toor dal, (yellow pigeon peas)” with some vegetables for lunch?
    For dinner can i have Yogurt and white rice with some potato/fish/meat/chicken?

    • eggs any time, try and only do them once a day and some days none. variety helps the body not have issues with eating the same foods daily.

      yes on dinner, do not over carb though, you have to learn your tolerance. for dinner example you have potato and rice, both carbs. so do 1 or if you do both limit quantities. nice plan 🙂

  59. Hello ,Can we have Mango on Day 1.

  60. Hi,

    it’s my first day Gm diet, can I have coffee without sugar with creamer?

  61. Hello,
    This plan did work wonders for me. I have lost 3 kgs in 6 days. One more day to go. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get some serious change in his/her body. Thank you GM for such a wonderful plan.

  62. Hi,

    Can i replace beef with fish ? I can’t eat beef but i love fish ..

  63. Hello,Thank you Gm diet. I lost 11kg weight just in 3months .feeling wonderful.It’s like dream come true . want to lost 10kg more .should i can do once in every month?and after achieve my target can I continue do it?

  64. Hi,
    I am following gm diet is my 5 th day. But I see no only 700-800g loss.I am even going for jogging and exercise in morning and evening.losing hope slowly. Would I be able to reduce?

  65. Hi,
    On day 5 is there a replacement of soya chunks???

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***Before asking your question, please understand that we are only here to help and these are our opinions. Also make sure you read and understand the entire diet before doing it. And also see a doctor if you feel you need approval to do so. If you plan to exercise during the diet, you cannot do heavy weights and heavy workouts (We state this on the Exercise page), you need to have the correct amount of protein. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Thanks You