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We all know about the GM Diet, a popular weight loss program that aims to get rid of excess pounds within 7 days. The General Motors diet is basically eating a series of prescribed meals each day of the week.We have covered in diet in extensive detail. Read the entire diet plan as well as variations of the GM Diet Plan like the Indian and vegetarian version.

Since you are required to eat only a few types of foods, this diet tends to be cheaper on the wallet. The success of any diet is in its planning and the GM Diet is no different. Not only is it important to know the week long diet plan intimately but also the food items that you need each day must be procured in advance so that you can effectively prepare and execute the diet. This is why you need a grocery list that will help most of you plan for the diet. We also have extensive recipes that can make the entire week a pleasant if not satisfying experience, both for the body and your taste buds.

Let’s get down to it then, below is the laundry grocery list of food items that you must stock up beforehand.


Almost all types of fruits can be eaten during the GM diet. Fruits are consumed on the first day of the week long meal plan. That said, not all fruits are approved for the diet. Among the fruits to avoid during the first day are bananas and avocados. These fruits contain more fat and carbohydrate content which can be difficult to digest by our digestive system. They only build up more pounds rather than burning them.

Bananas must be saved for the fourth day of the diet. On the 4th day, only bananas and milk can be eaten. Don’t go crazy with the bananas since by this time your appetite will be vastly reduced and you would no longer feel like eating up all the bananas. Try to buy the bananas slightly raw since you are buying them 4 days in advance. By the time it is the 4th day, the bananas will be ripe and ready to be eaten.

Fruits that are very sweet should likewise be avoided during a GM diet. Sugar tends to add up the calories and therefore become a hindrance towards weight loss. Among the ideal fruits that can be consumed in plenty during the diet include watermelons, berries and citrus produce.


Green, leafy vegetables are among the recommended items on the GM diet. They are high in fiber and are easily absorbed by the body during digestion. Vegetables are consumed during the second, sixth and seventh day of the diet. During the second day, a cup of baked potato can be consumed for breakfast while tomatoes are to used on the fifth day.

While it is important to be prepared in advance, many people like to buy vegetables fresh. If you are someone that likes fresh produce, then go ahead and buy it on the day of the diet but don’t give up on your diet just because you could not be bothered to buy vegetables for the day.


Meat products that can used while on the GM diet include only beef. Lean chicken can be used as a substitute for those folks that are averse to eating beef. Infact we have some great chicken recipes and a great chicken soup recipe. Beef is eaten during the fifth day and it is matched with tomatoes. Chicken or other form of white meat may be consumed during day seven.


Dairy products such as milk and yogurt cannot be eaten until day 4. It’s best to keep them tucked away in your refrigerator until days four and seven. Milk is paired with bananas, while yogurt can be consumed together with vegetables on day seven. Fruit juice can be taken during the day two as long as they are freshly squeezed. It is highly discourage to drink packaged juices as they are already enriched with preservatives and are no longer fresh.


The only form of starch allowed in the GM diet is brown rice. Brown rice is eaten on the seventh day of the diet together with vegetables and dairy. It is important to eat only brown rice as it is high in fiber and low in calories. White rice is rather rich in carbohydrates and will only foster calorie buildup in the body.

There you go, a quick and really easy to remember grocery list. Like we mentioned before, this diet is really easy to follow and easy on the wallet too. Good luck and happy dieting.

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