GM Diet Day 6

If you have been following the 7 day GM Diet then take heart in the fact that you are almost done with the diet. You can read about the previous 5 days here – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and finally Day 5.

On Day 6 of the GM diet, foods served will not only include beef but a wide variety of vegetables as well. This is also considered a feast day or a cheat day for GM diet followers as they can eat all the beef and vegetables they want. It is also great to eat on this day as the body is slowly gaining back its appetite but in a rather fructose craving mode, thus it would yearn for fresh greens.

On this day there would already be changes on how the way one looks as compared to the past days. Followers of the diet are expected to have lost as much as 10 lbs. from the past few days of dieting. Because of the previous fruit-vegetable consumption a different glow in the skin can also be seen.

Preparing for Day 6 of the GM Diet

On day 6 the body is already in a continuous process of losing the extra fat through increased metabolic processes. Thus there will be more need for beef for protein and muscle development, and fiber from vegetables to keep the body energized during the day. Those who are currently in Day 6 should take advantage of the moment and pursue lively activities, as this is where they can test the effects the diet has made to their immune system.

GM Diet Day 6 Breakfast

Breakfast on Day 6 may be started off with a bowl of mixed vegetables. These vegetables may be sauteed or stewed, so that they would have a more tender bite and taste. Having a bowl of vegetable soup with beef cutlets is likewise recommended, as this would keep the stomach satiated throughout the rest of the day.

GM Diet Day 6 Lunch

During lunchtime, any form of mixed vegetables and beef may be eaten. Asian-style cooking is the best in this mealtime, as dishes under this cuisine consist mainly of beef and vegetables. A bowl of beef and broccoli may sound ideal for Western diet followers, but as much as possible do not include potatoes or bread.

GM Diet Day 6 Dinner

Dinner may be served with vegetable soup and a hamburger (MEAT ONLY!!! NO BREAD!!!), especially when the follower has gone through a long and tiring day. The soup will light up the senses and replenish the lost energy, while the beef content brings back the protein, iron and fiber lost.

GM Diet Day 6 Midday Snacks and Beverages

Beef and vegetables may continue to be eaten during snacks, although it is recommended to munch on the greens during mid-mornings and beef during afternoons. This is because the appetite has to be contained at normal levels, so as the appetite would not crave for other types of food.

Water is still the best beverage on Day 6. Water keeps the lost sweat replenished and the senses rejuvenated. Coconut water may be taken during afternoons, but this may create bloating and loss of appetite by dinner.

GM Diet Day 6 Recipes

Beef and Vegetable Kebab


  • 1 broccoli
  • 1 red tomato
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 6 beef cubes
  • 1 onion


Cut all the vegetables into quarters and skew them on barbecue sticks together with 2-3 beef cubes per stick. Baste with butter and season with salt and pepper then grill on open fire until beef is tender. Makes 3 servings.

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  1. Its really a wonderful diet. I am very much confused in cooking the right food for GM diet. Pls include more recipes that can be included in GM diet.


  2. I am frustrated. I have stuck to this diet precisely, and on day 6 I have seen possibly a loss of 2 pounds! What did I do wrong?

  3. on day 5 onwards can you use a meat other than beef or ham like chicken?

  4. It is early morning of day 6…Stepped on the scale and I have lost a total of 8.5 lbs. My cravings were awful yesterday so I ate a bagel bite crisp. I felt so bad for cheating and thought sure I had blown the entire diet. I plan to add exercise to my 2nd week in hopes of shedding the inches faster. I have actually enjoyed this diet.
    I wish there were more recipes available.

  5. I have a 1.5 litre of slow cooker and in the late evening I fill it up with beef cubes, sliced carotts, peas, broccoli ect plus a tin of tomato pure and for the morning it is ready for the whole day. I have lost so far with this diet 3 stones, and done 3 times. SO works for me. Thanks for General Motors!!!

  6. This plan has been started by my husband & well sorry to say its 6th day and he has just lost appx 1 kg. his digestion system is not well and he is sick now as unable to digest even a single spoon of vegetables.what to do…and why did this plan failed?he was very much loyal with this plan and i felt pity on his condition.kindly suggest…?

    • Madam,
      I used to undergo on GM diet since last three year, at the interval of twice a year. I have find much changes in my day today habits feels very young face looks some confident, old clothes are able to wear, feeling good with empty stomach, good tuckin shirts…..earlier after having meal I used to get sudden dose of sleep or feels to take rest for 5 to 10 minutes even feel uncomfortable at office due to heavy meal before coming to office. This is a good habit to follow the eating habit.

    • You haven’t been following the diet strictly then, this diet is a radical change to most people’s everyday dietss, you cannot eat fruit and vegetables for 3 days and rice and tomatoes, drink all that water and not lose weight.Important to do any kind of exercise to help the metabolism too

  7. It is simply swesome diet plan.

  8. I am strictly vegetarian can you please suggest instead of beef one can use Paneer on day 5,6,7 and 8.
    Or any other thing which will be repalced beef.

  9. since I didn’t know corn was not a veggie and I had it in soup on day six- how bad will this affect my weight loss?

  10. wow!!!! today is my sixth day of diet and i already reduce four kgs….
    yesterday i ended up with chicken instead of beef was little scared but today after checking my weight i feel felief….two more days to go…planning to do this diet every month…neeed to shred 7 kgs more…if ill able to do that i can fit all my fav dresses during window shopping ….lol

  11. i did the diet for 6days since they always say the 7th day is not always important..i ddnt cheat once and i didnt lose 1pound! this sucks i starved myself and got nothing in return.I realized the only time i lose weight is when i work out and eat normal food in the right time.Not eating never helped me.I see that a lot of people did lose weight from this diet so i guess it depends from a person to an other..i dont know.But what i know i will never do this diet again!

    • Hey Tracy,
      Every type of body differs from the other, some has to lose a lot, n some just a few!For me only few, and lost 3 kilos!I’m in my 6th day!
      What didn’t work well with you?

  12. can we eat corn on day 6 or anytime in the veggies day?

  13. ThiS is my 6th day , day one. Thru. 3 I lost 2lb. A day anD hit a plato on days 4and 5 day 6 lost another one 1lb so far 8lb is what I lost………… 7 maybe the lucky 10 lbs…………I love this diet

  14. I tried this thrice n’ yes it really works for you !!! very nice experience !
    thanks to GM Diet !

  15. Starting day 6 and
    Lost 8.5 lbs so far!!!!

  16. could you please explain the vegeterian diet on day 5th &6 th as iam a vegeterina

  17. could you plz explain the vegeterian diet on 5th &6th day as i am pure vegeterian

  18. instead of brown rice can i substitute it with corn?

  19. I follow this chart in five day and 6 day can I use chicken instead of beef

  20. Can I eat corn tortillas on day 6? I have to go out for lunch on my day 6 to a Mexican restaurant and they serve vegetable fajitas. Only thing I can eat(hopefully)!! Can I eat the fajitas with corn tortillas?? I can avoid sour cream and cheese.

  21. Today is my day 6, already lost 3 kilos, I’m stable on this weight, but my shape is becoming sexier and I’m happy, I’m able to wear my old clothes back! :)

  22. m following GM Diet day 6 today, i am an indian and vegetarian can u please advice what to eat on day 6 apart from vegetables?

  23. i am confused about the soup. soup is everyday how do u prepare it for the week. and also can i consume corn i love corn

  24. hi,
    can i have fruits n vegetable salads with salt in it and kindly suggest a substitute for beef.

  25. Hi All,
    Anyone could suggest a substitue for Beef
    Can i have Chicken non coated (roasted / tandoori style etc.)
    and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper)
    Also in this entire diet program is it ok to have salt
    I am trying this program for the 5th time
    didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago
    so any suggestions please……………help
    ps.i am on my 2nd day now please please

  26. starting day 6
    and lost 3 kgs so far!

  27. Sir, Please dont add BEEF into any of the meal and dont show this word as it hurts hindu religious sentiments. Please make some alternate for the same. If you can do this i will really appreciate you.

  28. Substitutes for beef are chicken and soy products. Those who don’t eat beef can go for chicken/ soy items on day 5, 6 and 7. Hope this helps.

  29. m going to start my diet from tomorow hope so it will work wish mi luck

  30. I just love the GM Diet it has worked wonders for me .I use to be 98 kgs in the 2010 when i first did this diet and I lost 3 kgs . I kept doing this diet for six month and I lost 25 kgs. Now am 65 kgs . I have started the diet again and today is my sixth day and I have lost 2 kgs !!! Thanks GM

  31. Hi ! This is my 6th day, but I lost only 1 kg. , I am slightly upset, I haven’t done any cheating exept half cup of tea daily. Kindly suggest , should I restart the diet after 7th day that is tomorrow..Want to loose atleast 5 more Kgs.

  32. Its the only diet I ever stuck to I weighed 140.1 kg on day 1 todays day 5 & I weigh 137kg it worked for me so I don’t ever intend to stop till ireach my desired weight. Thanks GM diet works for me

  33. can i switch day 5 with 6 and day 6 with 5

  34. I need substitute instead of beef

  35. Priya, there are substitutes. Look at the indian and vegitarian versions. you can do a few different things including chicken or fish

  36. Is it fine to have chicken istead of beef? throughout the diet?

  37. I hate vegetable can anybody suggest an alternative for that.

  38. Today is the Day 6 of my GM diet.On day 1, my weight was 76 kg, and today morning, it was 71.8 kg.I have stuck to the diet – didn’t cheat at all. Day 1 and Day 2 were bad. I had such terrible headache that I had to take aspirin on Day 1. But it has been relatively smooth sailing since Day 3. I plan to repeat this atleast once a month.

  39. I completed the GM Diet on Nov 27 and lost 4.5 kg. In the next 20 days, I went back to me regular diet, and could not do any workouts. So, I regained 1.5 kg in 20 days. Now, I am doing the GM Diet again. Today is the 5th day, and I have already lost 3.5 kgs. This time I added interesting fruits and vegetables to my diet such as zucchini, asparagus, kiwis, guavas, etc. Also, last time, I did the vegetarian version of the diet and had brown rice on Days 5 and 6. This time I am doing the non-veg version and taking chicken breasts and fish on Days 5 and 6. Let me see if this has any effect on my weight loss. Anyway, wish me luck for the remaining 2 days :):)

  40. I am doing GM diet for the second time in the last 20 days. First time I cheated alot and lost around 3 kgs. Sicond time I am loyal to the diet, today is my 5th day and I lost 3.5 kgs. The good thing is when I did it for the first time it was really hard to follow and always suffering because of headache, but in the second time I found it very smooth to follow.
    Btw, I am drinking alot of mocha and cappuccino and still I am losing weight, I feel there is no negative impact for it. Good luck all.

  41. I hate raw tomatoes .so i made my own beef tomatoes soup recipees .
    1 onion diced
    1 and half pound beef or chicken
    small half bunch of cilantro
    8 tomatoes diced
    some green chilli paste or u can add red chilli pd
    half tsp garlic paste
    some black pepper
    salt as ur taste
    add 2 or 3 glass of water
    put all the ingredient in pressure cooker on slow flame for 45 minutes.
    check beef if it is tender than its ready to serve
    I ate 3 or 4 bowls whole day
    I hope who doesnt like raw tomatoes they can make this soup of beef and tomatoes.
    thank u

  42. when following diet i suffer through headache what to be done during this

  43. Day 6 and going good.

    Hunger pangs present but the resolve of eating healthy is stronger. Headaches are part of this diet for me and I think I will live with it.

    Day 6 I had mixed soup for breakfast
    Soup of Tomato / Bottle Gourd and Onions with a dash of olive oil and 2 cloves of garlic
    Left over soup for lunch and stir fried veggies (cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, celery leaves and tomatoes with Soy chunks) as I am a vegetarian .

    Afternoon I will have some citrus fruits.

    Planning evening for grilled soy chunks with veggies.

    • Yes – Day 6 complete with a little hiccough… but well on the way to completion.

      Dinner as planned and had a few Blackcurrants (black grapes) later at 10 pm to curb cravings.

  44. Day 6 Increased with 1 kg with 91.7kg.. I had Tandoori Style Chicken with no Oil with 3 Tomatos.

  45. Hey it is my 5 th day. But after the initial 2 kgs that i lost in first 3 days, my scales dont want to change! so i guess it varies from person to person. Proper Indian diet variation would help many! Any support?

  46. can we hav brown rice and chicken togather on day 5 and day 7

  47. It’s a very good diet plan. My husband and me are following this since last month and reduced 4.5kgs. Thanks GM

  48. I and my wife started on this diet. Today on day 5 I am down 5 kgs following the diet strictly.
    My wife has lost 2 kgs but she has been cheating. Having tea with milk and one or two marrie biscuits.
    Since everyone has a different body structure and metaboliam, the results will be different.
    I have not seen any dullness or tiredness on any of the days till now. Rather, I feel fresh and lighter. The excitement is to see the weighing scale every morning.
    Excited to see how much More I shed by end of the 1st round of this diet……

  49. Request guidance on 3 areas:
    1. I have thyroid- so could someone please suggest alternatives to cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower etc as I am not supposed to have these
    2. My normal pressure is low pressure- so would it be alright to include normal salt content in all preparations? Would it reduce the overall effect of the diet plan?
    3. Planning for a baby now- is it advisable to follow the diet now? ( thought of following the diet as I am 1kg over my BMI and no amount of exercise or starving is bringing down the extra 3 kg gained from IVF treatments)

    • My advice to you wil be do not go for this diet and consult a dietitian for the diet chart that best suits you requirement.

  50. I am on my sixth day. No change in any weight. i could not find any visible change too. should i continue the diet

  51. can I eat veg soup with beef 2 pieces today in all three servings

  52. Hi
    Two of my friends have tried this Diet one lose 6.5kg and the other 6kg on the first week, so i had started the diet and now on the 6th day sart with 106 till now lose 3kg, with little cheat milk with tea and have green tea and herbs drinks. But feeling good,yes i had headage in the 1st day and very tired but the second day very flexable.
    I hope for all to lose thier wanted loosing weight

    Thanks Gm diet

  53. hi! can i have tea with milk every day in this diet?cos dats da only cheating i do!!

    • Tea should be black tea. No Milk , No Sugar . You can try quarter of spoon of honey instead of sugar or try lemon tea with lil honey. Tea without Sugar and Milk is 20 calorie and with Milk and sugar 140 calorie..

      Best is to get in to mild warm up exercise daily for 30 minutes or more to super boost your metabolism and counter any cheating by mistake( but don’t cheat as you may end up being disappointed).

  54. Got through my 6th day….the day went smoothly. Unlike other days, the energy level was quite high today.
    For the day I had good amount of chicken and vegetables. I am very positive about my outcome. Eagerly waiting for my last day of this diet. This plan is really superb !

  55. I am on the 6th day of the program. On the 4th day I lost 3 kg. On the 5th day I had a chicken diet this morning found that there was no further reduction of weight. But still I am happy about the 3 kg I have already shed. On this 6th day I plan to stick to the greens and soup.

    What is great about GM diet is that it never left me hungry or tired. Probably because I used to eat a lot of greens together with plenty of water. After observing the weight on a day to day basis I think that even without flouting the basic principles of the regimen one can evolve one’s own plan.

    This is my first course and during the second I am sure that I can modify it suiting to my taste buds and physical fitness.

    All the best for those who are planning to start. And be alerted, never cheat yourself and stick to the basic principles of a balanced diet.

  56. Hi,

    Can we intake chicken instead of beef?

    • Yes Asma you can take chicken instead of beef but it should be breast part only. You can use seasoning like lemon, salt and pepper and you can grill it or bake it…both way it can work but best way to eat chicken wil be in a soup.

  57. Hey !

    I am on day 4 and till now I ve lost 9 lb and m super excited. There are many questions coming from vegetarians. I thought I should share my experience. Lentil soup is best for day 5, 6 and 7 and every day of Gm diet has a very specific requirements. First day is only for fruits bt no banana or mango. You can eat water melon, Cantaloupe, berries, orange, kiwi and papaya. Im sure these fruits are available allover the world. Second day is strictly for vegetables so no cheating there. You can’t eat corn or beans or peas and potatoes. Good part is tht there are so many vegetables tht you can eat like – cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, lettuce leaves etc… the idea is to eat green salad without any dressing. Third day you can have the luxury of eating fruits with vegetables and tht wil be good. Now about the day where meat is comin in picture so vegetarians can replace it with either lentil soup or brown rice but you have to make sure that it’s the same type of food for the rest of d day. What I mean is that you can not have lentil soup in the morning and brown rice in the evening. So good luck everyone who is thinking about going n a diet as this is the best thing happen to me. If you will follow the diet as it says then no body can stop you to find new you.

  58. When can we drink coffee?

  59. Those who are not losing any weight are probably not eating enough. The idea is not to starve yourself. Eat as much as you want on Days 1, 2 and 3. You need food to get your metabolism going. This is the third time I have done this diet since last summer, and I have always experienced significant weight loss. (7 lbs and 5 lbs) This week, I am down from 112 to 106. I’m only 4’11”, so that’s a lot for someone my size. My husband wanted to do this diet a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t mentally prepared, was really busy with work and, therefore, didn’t really eat at all. I didn’t lose a pound and abandoned the diet on Day 5. Those who complain that you have starved yourselves but not lost anything need to eat more.

  60. I totally agree this is not a starve yourself diet. You have to follow the plan as close as possible. That is how it was written and has been proven to work. Don’t think by starving yourself you are doing just as good as someone who eats what they should according to the 7 day diet. In fact you are wasting your time. Eat :)

  61. I have completed the gm diet on two occasions and I am currently on day 6 off my third attempt. 1st time I lost 14lbs,2nd time 11lbs and so far I have dropped 9lbs this time around,. You have to be mentally prepared and strong willed to complete the gm diet however the rewards are worth it by the end of the 7th day. I have found that this diet is a really good kickstart to follow on with a healthy eating life style,,, it not only allows you to lose a significant amount of body weight it also flushes and cleanes your body allowing you a clean slate on which to start a healthy eating plan, although the gm diet is a radical crash diet I feel that it works best for me and I will continue repeating this diet every few months as it gives you a satisfying feeling knowing you can reap the rewards at the end off it.

  62. I totally agree, if you can’t make the 7 days you will struggle making a lifestyle change as well afterwards.

  63. Started day 1 at 188.8 lost 4 lbs first day. 1 lb over the next day and 1 lb for the next.. Starting day 6 today and I’m 7 lbs lighter. Following the diet is easier if you plan the next days meals the night before. Cooked my streak the night before so I could it it and a baked tomatoes for breakfast. Great smoothie for banana and milk day was heating up 30 calorie almond milk with 2 bananas and some cinnamon. Delicious and I had only 3 throughout the day as they kept me full. For snacks on fruit day and fruit and veggie day I put cinnamon on the fruit like apples and tossed. All spices can be used…doing this diet again starting Tues. Going for 20 lbs in 2 Weeks. Will keep you posted….

  64. Great post and I totally agree here. When doing a diet and cleansing, PLAN ahead :)

  65. Completed my day 6 today. And I cannot see any difference :(
    Feeling very bad :'(

  66. So sorry Robin….
    If you want to post in the forum, maybe we can get to the bottom of why possibly :)

    Hang in there…

  67. I have no idea why it didnot work on me. I followed it properly with only 1 cheat ( Tea on day 2).

  68. So sorry. If your tea had sugar, that can ruin a diet. When your body is in diet mode and you throw it a loop, it can take many days to recover unfortunately, not just with this diet but with man others.

  69. Hi there,

    It’s my first time and I’m following this diet strictly. Had following on previous 5 days:

    Day 1:
    B’fast: 1 bowl each of watermelon and muskmelon ,
    Lunch: Same as breakfast (little more quantity)
    Evng Snacks: 2 small size apples
    Dinner: 1 big bowl of watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, pear and apples (all cut in cubes)

    Day 2:
    B’fast: 2 Medium sized Baked Poatoes
    Snacks: Sliced Cucumber and Tomatoes
    Lunch: Boiled gourd
    Evng Snacks: Sliced Cucumber and Tomatoes
    Dinner: Sliced Cucumber and Soup

    Day 3:
    B’fast: Papaya
    Snacks: NOTHING
    Lunch: NOTHING
    Evng Snacks: 2 bowls of tomato soup & stir fried vegetables(mushroom, onions, bell pepper, tomatoes)
    Dinner: Fruits (Pear & Coconut)

    Day 4:
    B’fast: 2 Glasses of Banana Shake
    Lunch: Same as Breakfast
    Evng Snacks: 2 Bananas
    Dinner: 1 bowl of wonder soup

    Day 5:
    B’fast: grilled paneer with tomato soup
    Lunch: Brown Rice with soya chunks & Salad (cucumber, Tomatoes & Lettuce)
    Evening Snacks: Lentil soup
    Dinner: Grilled chicken

    Day 6:
    B’fast: Bowl of sprouts
    Snacks: Soya chunks & salad (tomatoes & onion)
    Lunch: brown rice

    This has been the story so far, I started the diet weighing at 113.5 Kg (my height is 6’3″) and my weight this morning was 108 Kg, i.e, I have lost 5.5 Kg so far. I have been drinking water moderately (8-10 glasses) daily. Have not been exercising, except from house cleaning or walking once in last 5 days ;-) (though I have resolved to follow a strict exercise regime now on). It has been a wonderful experience so far & really great to see the needle stop to the left side of the previous reading on the weigh balance every time since I’ve started following the GM diet.
    Keeping my fingers crossed & wishing all the other followers good luck :-)
    Stay healthy, Stay Blessed!!!


  70. ……. I made a mistake on day 6 .. I ate some fruits (apples, oranges & lemon juice) ….. I thought that it was fruit/vegies and beef.
    Is it bad? Will it affect the 7 day diet? Just a little bit worried


  71. I substituted chicken for beef. Does it work?

  72. Although no ideal, Apple you should be OK. Vishwa, chicken is fine if you have to :)

  73. Hii All,

    Felt really great after reading every once view’s on GM Diet. Today is my 5th day and from day 3rd I am feeling very week and I had headache also. Today is my brown rice and tomato day ( I am a veggi) but today is my fast tooo so can I have 1 apple and fruits and in the evening I will have rice and tomato. Plz suggest because i didnt had any thing since morning. I do not want to regain weight.

    Also suggest some recipes on vegetable days because eating raw vegetable is a difficult task for me, can we add sprouts in it and moong daal.


  74. Hey Nikku,

    I am not much help, I just normally saute my veggies in a little coconut oil with some seasoning. Make sure you are eating enough, not eating will only cause weight gain in the long haul.

  75. can i eat bread in any day ??

  76. no bread….

  77. Day Seven and i’ve lost 12 pounds pretty sure a lot of it’s water weight but I’ll take whatever I can get great diet. was it hard to follow did cheat on day 4 had a chicken sandwich from McDonalds the but that’s the only cheat.

  78. On day 6 lost 5kgs…. feeling happy….

  79. Can i use organic stevia
    ( all natural, no calorie)with my coffe and tea? And is it ok to drink caffeine free peppermint and chamomile tea?

    • Sure it is OK, but you may want to start studying stevia and the issues with it – they are finally studying it. I cut all use of it and would only want to use it a time or 2 a month at the most :)



    • Varies each person, some do it once or twice a month. At some point a healthy lifestyle and diet change should be what you need.

  82. Hi, Can i ve white rice instead of brown rice..?

  83. DAY 6! can’t believe I’ve made it this far. i’m super stoked!

  84. Dear Admin,

    I am in Progress for about 5 weeks and i am getting result and still i would like to ask you a question

    actually i have reduced upto 10 kgs and still my tummy is remains same when it will get reduced ?

    i am working for Oil and Gas sector due to work i been to an Island last week there i am unable to find bananas for the Day 5 i just had Milk and lunch also the same but due to Extreme hungry i had some other stuffs other than banana and also for the next day i did not find the food which i wanted to eat so i had other light calorie food now i would like to know the remedy.

    I would like to thank you in advance for the reply.

    Waiting with Anticipation.


  85. Well, if you cannot for example find bananas, eat some other fruit, something, you cannot go to low calorie or carb here, you have to eat. Holding weight in your stomach can be so many things, high cortisol levels, adrenal issues, eating too many bad oils and sweets, lack of sleep, etc. You have to make a lifestyle change, diet alone cannot help that.

  86. Breakfast:

    Salad (Tomatoes, cucumber, onions, lettuce)


    Cherry tomatoes


    Beef Burger + Salad


    Beef Steak + Salad

    I feel that I’ve lost quite a lot of weight! Will post the results after the diet is over!!

    Admin, I did not understand if coffee is allowed during the diet (no sugar or sweetener), and if grapes are also allowed for the fruit days!

    Many thanks!

  87. this diet is awesome, lost 8lbs as of day 6. days 1 and 2 were the worst, but going into day 3 seemed better. day 4 was a sort of awesome day to change the diet to bananas and skim milk. day 5 is the best!i had beef and even a burger at dinner. now today on day 6 my appetite for sweets, chocolates, and other meaty food is diminished. i just had vegetable soup for breakfast on day 6 and im full already!dang this diet works!

    Anytime you cut the goodies the first 2 days of any diet will be tough!

  89. by the way author, when you say hamburger would that mean the bun, condiments, onions, lettuce, etc included?or just the patty? thanks!

    • meat only, although some lettuce, onions, tomatoes would not kill you :)

      BEWARE of bread like that, go sprouted/organic if you must after the diet…

  90. Can I have eggs instead of beef on Day 6? If yes, then how many?

  91. My day 6 was the following:

    Breakfast: Green salad

    Snack: cucumber

    Lunch: Steamed vegs with few capers & olive oil + Patty

    Dinner: Beef steak + salad

    I have no idea how I can do it better..

  92. can we do this process continews

  93. can i have lentil not lentil soup

  94. dear author cottage cheese how many grams can i take on 6 and 7 day instead of meat

  95. lentil with brown rice no oil is it ok plzzzz reply

  96. dear author i dont like cabbage soup is it ok that i quit it .

  97. Hi – I am wondering why can’t we have fat free milk with black tea in the morns on all days of this diet?

    • you need a little fat, coconut oil, a little black tea OK, no sweetener, but you really need to try some better teas, more herbal and less caffeine…

  98. Day-6 & I have lost 3.3 Kgs (7.25 Lbs). Awesome!

  99. I am on day 6 and right now-1.20p.m. Nigerian time, I’ve had garden eggs & tiger nuts for breakfast , cabbage,
    &Carrot soup with fish for lunch . I intend to continue snacking with the tiger nuts and garden egg and then have the cabbage &carrot soup with chicken & fish for dinner.
    Hope I’m on course?

    • Not sure how eating something daily will affect you, it certainly is not following this diet as it should Sorry. You are not on course at all nor are you following this diet. Good luck though :)

  100. suggest diet after gm. diet .what type of meal I should have? to reduce my weight.

  101. Hi I am following GM diet….. it works… can I have momos during the GM diet during meat day

  102. I am on my day 6 but lost only 1 kg don’t know what I did wrong can any body help I am posting what I ate all these days
    day 1
    breakfast: one guava
    mid snack: one orange
    lunch: one orange,one guava,one chikoo
    mid snack :one orange
    dinner:one orange ,one chikoo,half papaya

    day 2
    breakfast:one cucumber
    mid snack:one carrot
    lunch:soup made of onions, carrot, spinach,broccoli,cabbage,reddish(some drop of olive oil)
    mid snack:one cucumber,one carrot
    dinner:same soup

    day 3
    breakfast:one apple
    mid snack:one orange
    lunch: same soup but a little of maggie corn soup added to it
    mid snack :one cucumber
    dinner: same soup

    day 4
    break fast:one banana
    mid snack :one banana
    lunch:one glass banana shake made with two banana and one glass milk
    mid snack :one banana same type of shake one glass
    dinner: same shake shake one glass one bowl soup as one day 3
    total 8 bananas and tree glass milk whole day

    day 5
    break fast:one tomato
    mid snack :one tomato
    lunch:two tomatoes
    mid snack :one tomato
    dinner: one bowl brown rice with vegetables ,one tomato
    I drank lots of water 7 to 8 glass daily

    please help me find what I did wrong

    • day 4, only 4 bananas, 8 is so so so bad, People read that on fake copy sites of this one and it is so wrong. 8 Bananas a day is never good.

      Are you eating any fat? Day 5 calls for beef, if you go vegetarian, you need good fat. Without the good fat it can throw you.

      • what type of fat I am an vegetarian please guide what to do now I am not eating any fat

        • I am big on organic coconut oil, palm oil or olive. Coconut oil has weight loss and healing properties, also does not have to be processed by the liver like other oils.

          Your menu (other than 8 bananas) seemed good actually, but the killer is no fat. This is not a fat free diet. YOU Need good fat. SO when you see meat, means you need fat. Even in the wonder soup, feel free in a bowl to put like a tsp of oil or less.

      • dear author can you tell me if I have followed day 1 to day 4 properly and what change should I make for day 5 next time I follow this diet apart from 4 bananas on day 4
        and if i can do some remedies for the day 4 goof up

  103. Hi me and my husband started this duet and yoday is the 5 the day. Can I drink mango shake and eat fruits on day 6. Other then day 1 and say 3 when I can eat fruits and drink mango shake please advice.

  104. can canned button mushrooms be eaten as veg, sauteed in garlic and olive oil? thanks

  105. hi friends

    i im in sixth day today.and i hv just lost 2 kgs till now.

  106. Today is 5th day and i have lost 4lbs so far but last time i lost more – not sure if it is because of Multivitamin I am taking now which i did not last – Please let me know

  107. I did it back in Aug – 2013 but that time i was losing 2 lbs everyday

  108. Today is my fifth day but not much result. I just lost around 1 and half kgs. Ok I had 5 tomatoes and 1 cup of brown rice till afternoon. So what can I have for dinner.

  109. Your not eating enough food, with the rice did you add some fat? Meat has fat so should the rice.

    Please read Day 5, it tells you what to eat and when…

  110. Today at the end of day 6, my weight is 80 (started with 82Kg)
    is it ok?
    or should be reduced more?
    Please suggest.

  111. 2 bananas in morning and 2 at night

  112. Hello, I started by Diet. Today is Day 3. So far it has been easy to follow. Though i have lost only 1.2 KG so far. I was 80.1 before diet and today mrng i was 78.9.

    I am not eating less, i am just eating of what is allowed though. — This diet is not about eating less right ?

    Questions i have is.
    1. On which days are Sprouts allowed ?
    2. Is Olive oil dressing on Salads allowed ?
    3. I am using salt, pepper and some other herbs ( so far didn’t use oil ). in Salads – Is this allowed ?
    4. Day 7 – Am i supposed to have only one meal ( 1 glass of juice, 1 bowl of rice and 1 fruit ? ).

  113. No it’s not about eating less, that’s why you can have as much soup as you need to be full any day.
    1) Sprouts? In moderation any day you can have raw/cooked veg. Not though on day 1 or 4.
    2) Well is the dressing pure? no added oil unless it is specified.
    3) have at it, all spices are OK…
    4) Day 7 has not meat, make sure you read that day carefully, and on this site only please.

  114. May I eat yogurt and milk on day6?

  115. Just a quick question! I’m dreading day 5 since I don’t like tomatoes that much but I do love tomato soup, can I have tomato soup on Day 5 instead?

    • I doubt it, typically canned soup is full of chemicals and bad oils. However if you are making yourself then it should be fine assuming you are not adding stuff you don’t get :)

  116. Sir I am still confused.The normal GM Diet chart shows that on day 6 I need to have vegetables with meat throughout the day.But as I am purely vegetarian,I cannot have meat and that’s why my question to you is whether I can fry the vegetables in little olive oil and have them along with brown rice throughout the day for breakfast lunch and dinner?

    • And I have answered this. Meat has fat, so when you take our meat you need fat. SO yes, on a meat meal replacement you can fry your veg in some oil.

  117. Hi,

    I am on Day 5.
    I had 7 babanas on 4th day :( , got confused ‘cos of your “7 Day All You Can Eat Diet” … How can I fix it… I don’t want to ruin diet.. otherwise , I didnt goof up. Yet I don’t see / feel much difference in my body (I dint weigh though)

    Please put up a nice chart for Vegetarian diet like you have made for non vegetarians.
    What is the measurement of 10-12 glasses of water in litter?

    What about curd + brown rice + raw tomatoes for Day 5 Lunch?


  118. Hi on my day6..vry happy dat i have lost 4kgs..will i reduce d same way if im willing to continue my diet givng a 2 days gap since my goal weight is 20kgs lesser??

  119. Sumaya, we measured uncoooked, paneer yes maybe a 1/4 cup (only when subbing for meat) each meat based meal. No on the other :)

    • Sir due to a limited time i began with my second week with a two days in my 4th day,but havent reduced like the last week.last week i did reduce upto 5kgs..but now in my 4th day,hardly 1kg lost.

  120. No sir,i had strictly followed it..

  121. So you mean to say that i discontinue the diet and begin after few weeks.

    • yes at least 2, this diet is not meant to do continuously. But in between that time eat balanced whole natural food meals and do what’s right you will be amazed at how much more weight you will lose if you prep and eat right prior to it.

  122. Dear Author,

    I am vegiterian. I also dont eat rice. Please suggest me what is subtitute for brown rice.

  123. Today is my sixth day of diet and i already reduce 3 kgs.

  124. Hello Author,

    Today is 5th day completed and so far I hv lost 2.5KG.
    For 6th day pls advise
    1)what we can include in vegetables, is there any restrictions on particular vegetables?
    2) I am Indian and vegetarian. Green peas can we use with brown rice.
    3)How much brown rice i should consume exactly? Will you please tell in grams (100/200 gm), bowl size is what exactly?
    lastly important Qn..
    4)What diet we should follow after 7th day ?(Till next diet) How can we maintain reduced weight?

    Thanks and Regards,

  125. I am on my 6th day. and i have followed it strictly. i have not lost even a KG !! :(

  126. Hello Author,

    Thanks for your reply. As u suggested me legumes or quinoa as substitute for brown rice, I would like to know the quantity in grams per day of uncooked legumes or quinoa. Please suggest me.

  127. Hi,

    I will embark my 6th day with an hour of running. What could i add in my diet to help me not be hungry in the process?


  128. Hi im on day 6 of gm diet
    Morning for breakfadt I had watermelon
    Afternoon half cup of brownrice with vegetables
    I couldnt with hold my carving. I had 6 pieces cubes of chicken kabab and 6 spoons of biryani rice.. is it ok ..

  129. Hi there. I’m on 6th day, are we allowed to have brown rice twice. Is cottage cheese permitted? As its also a source of protein. pls suggest.

  130. i followed this diet. tomorrow i have 6th day of my diet. please tell me can i eat spaggeties rather than rice or burger. and kindly tell me i did cheat with tea without sugar and also drink green tea without sugar. plzzz tell me this is good or not

  131. On 6th day…i have digestion problem…but i lost 4 kilos.. Knw wy???

  132. Hi I’m about to start the diet this week are you allowed to have tea during the week please?

  133. so far so gud havent check my weight how much i have shed till now,i cant resist myself having tea once a day with little amount of milk to it, is this ok? will this stop from me loosing weight?please advise

  134. 3 days over and I have lost just 2 kgs:(

  135. This program is wonderful. In last 45 days I repeated this diet two times and was able to shed 04 kg each time. Overall 08 kg less in 45 days!!!!!

  136. Can I eat multigrain bread from subway instead of brown rice?

    • no way, there is a massive difference between the 2. Don’t be fooled by the word multi grain, essentially and sorry if you don;t like this the bread and meat there is full of fillers, preservatives and junk. The bread has nasty conditioners in it. Run…. :)

  137. hi friends
    am on day 6 today. have lost 3 kgs of wt. but i goto loose 15 kgs.
    i followed the diet sincerely. only today had melons instead of veg. as after eating chkn last nite was feeling very heavy on the stomach. even felt like vomiting. now am better. hope d melons dont backfire. i even worked out daily morng in d gym. but i jus had d diet as am used to spicy indian food. can some1 tell me if i can eat fruits on day 6 n 7. coz am more comfi with fruits then vegies.?????
    anyways all d best for the rest

    • well you should not have had melon, it’s not a veg, full of fructose, bad move. You can have Indian spices on your food. No you cannot replace fruits for veg. If you eat lots of fruit daily, you will struggle with your weight.

  138. Today is my 6th day and have lost just 2kgs and have follow the diet till 4th day and on day 5 have taken paneer and 4 boiled eggs without yellow portion . Plz reply what went wrong , why just 2kgs?

  139. Hi author,I feel vomit when I have cabbage soup.what can I do?pls suggest.can I add honey in my green tea?

  140. I dont like soup it makes me sick, what can I take instead of it?

  141. Am on day 4 . Breakfast 2 banana and milk . Lunch I made cabbage soup to drink at work but only had 2 spoons as it didn’t tasted nice. Dinner I sticked to banana milk shake. Was this alright . I didn’t weight myself yet as want to do 7 th day only . I don’t think I lost much though as didn’t feel any changes in my body. Forgot to add green tea without sugar as beverage.

  142. Love this diet! Although I cheat occasionally, just a tiny bit… I lost about 9,5 lbs I from my 4th day! ( I weighed myself on the 5th day before eating anything… I am so determined.. I planned to keep doing this for at least 2 more times until I reach my goal… Is it alright to keep repeating it?

  143. Just finished day 5, have lost barely 1kg so far… Did not cheat at all, did not eat more than 4 bananas on day four, had the cabbage soup when I felt hungry (only since day 4, before I didn’t feel hungry because I could eat plenty of fruits or veggies or fruits+veggies), i followed it as strictly as anyone can. So I feel really frustrated… I guess I belong to the 1% of people to whom this diet doesn’t work, because it looks like it does wonders for almost everybody, even for some who cheat as I read in the comments… It’s really depressing. I guess my skin looks a little better though… and hey, I proved myself I can follow a diet no matter what! First time ever. I started with 68.7kg and this morning the scale showed 67.8… I was hoping to lose at least 3kg! (although my goal is to reduce 10kg in total, this was supposed to be the kick start). I’m very disappointed, thought it would also work for me :(

  144. What did you eat day 2 and 3? Hang in there, keep going….

  145. I am planning to take this diet plan but I am confused with Day 5 and ^ cause both days Beef is recommend. We Indians cannot have beef what is the replacement instead like egg (with/without Yolk), Paneer, mushrooms (boiled with salt), chicken etc ?

    Please help!

  146. Thanks but need one more favor can you please have a look if its good to go for day 5 ..
     -2 to 3 whole eggs or paneer
    – Paneer may be consumed during lunch time together with tomatoes
    OR – cup of brown rice with curd
    Paneer may be eaten by dinner with tomatoes 

  147. this is the first time iam a food lover..dis iz ma frst day..I had apples for my brkfast and only 2 slices of apple for ma mid mrng snack..had watwr melons in ma lunch..hng to have cocmut water for ma evening snack n melons again in ma dat k??
    n d veru imp thng is u mentioned about hvng watrr at each d mrn n in d snack tym I had wtr half n hr b4 hvng d apples and in d lunch hlf n hr aftr hvng d der any particular tym dat wen do I hv wtr, I.e., b4 ma meal or aftr ma meal..n hw much tym b4 or aftr??
    beyong all dese m feelng hungry..

  148. 2mrw is ma 2nd day..iam going 2 have
    1 cup boiled potato wid 2 glsses wtr for brkfst
    1 bowl of raw cabbage wid salt n pepper and wtr for mrn snack
    cucumber, tomato, cabbage salad for lunch wid watr
    2 tomatoes for evng snack
    boiled cauliflwr, cabbage wid salt and spices for dinner

    is dis okay..
    plzzz rply 2 s earliest possible..

  149. can I even have some salt n pepper wid the boiled potato??

  150. butter??
    it ws written as optional..
    wil it cause any rvrse effect in ma diet

  151. 2mrw is ma third day n ma diet is gng 2 b
    brkfast wid a bowl of apples
    mrn snack wid a bowl of papaya
    lunch wid bowl of mixed cucumber and tomato
    evng snack wid a small bowl of melons
    in d dinner sum papaya, and soup made of cabbage or tomato

    is dis okay??

  152. and the imp thng is m hvng 2 glasses of water after ma each meal bt half n hr aftr d dat k??

    • try not to drink directly after eating, messes up your digestion, wait at least 45 minutes, however if you need a sip of water or 2 that’s fine.

  153. I wil give u my cmplete diet frm 4th day to 7th day
    if any changes plzzz lemme knw co I dnt wana make any more mistakes
    4TH DAY
    brk fast:- 1 banana wid a glass of warm milk 250ml( and our milk has lots of fat, it is nt skimmed)
    so can I have dat milk..??
    mrn snack:- banana shake wid 1 n hlf banana and milk 250ml
    lunch:-large bowl of vegetable soup made of cabbage or tomato
    evng snack:- banana shake wid 1 n hlf banana and milk 250ml
    dinner:- same as lunch, (vegetable soup)

    do reply fa dis plzzz:-MILK HAS LOTS OF FAT I GUESS, SO DO U RECOMMEND
    IT 3 TYMZ 250ML EACH ON D 4TH DAY.??

    5TH DAY
    breakfast:- grilled chicken(a bowl)wid ginger garlic paste n spices wid cabbage
    or tomato soup
    mrn snack:- vegtable soup
    lunch:-same as brk fast grilled chckn and cucumber or tomatoes
    evng snack:-vegetable soup
    dinner:-grilled paneer and cucumber or tomatoes

    NOTE: How much quantity of chckn I can have in each meal??

    6TH DAY
    brk fast:-small bowl of white rice and boiled cabbage
    lunch:- boiled veg and soup
    dinner:-white rice and grilled chckn or fish
    snacks:-no snacks or soup

    NOTE:-quantity of fish or chckn, and quantity of rice..

    7TH DAY
    brk fast:-bowl of water melon or papaya
    lunch:-veg soup, and few slices of melon
    dinner:-only boiled cabbage
    snacks:- pineapple juice

    plzzzz tell me whether dis diet is correct..if any changes do Inform
    to the earlieat possible coz I dont wana make any more mistakes, as it is my
    1st time..

    • meat do about 4 oz. per serving, more is OK though. Your day 7 is a wreck, you really need to read what we have. You cannot have pineapple juice, it’s like drinking a glass of sugar.

  154. not very sure abt 5th, 6th n 7th days..I made dat plan by mix n match..
    wil post again about ma nezt days plan each n every until d cmpltn of ma
    1 week diet..plzzzzzz dont mind..

  155. except d pineapple thnng iz evruthn k

  156. n hw abt d milk quantity on day 4
    it has lotsss of fat ryt
    drn hw can I take 250ml fa 3tymz on dat dau
    is it k??
    or do I switch 2 sumthng els

  157. k wil refer d day 7 again and write 2 u..dnt b angry plzzz..

  158. n are the 5th and 6th day perfect??

  159. n I dint undastnd d 3 oz. of meat..
    hw much is dat..??
    any indian figure fa dat??
    orels I hv 2
    plzzz u temme abt it..

  160. n 2day is my third day..
    u dint temme whether ma 3rd day plan iz gud or nt..
    itz lyk b4 6 to 7 cmmntz..

  161. ohkayyyy..thankz alot..
    n m gonna hve white rice??
    so d quantity plzzz??

  162. d 100gms meat ws per meal ryt??

  163. n ma tymngz r
    8 to 9 brk fst
    10.30 to 11 mrn snack
    12 to 1.30 lunch
    4.30 to 5 evng snack
    7 to 8 dinner
    wid almost 10glsses of wtr each day..

    m I dng gud??

  164. in d soup and in d boled veg ma mom iz adding sum olive oil, cumin, mustard in a vry less quantity fa d flavour..
    is it applicable??

  165. 8 – 10 glasses of water, do not over drink. you can add whatever spices you want to the soup. a little oil is OK.

  166. yeah m having only 8 to 10 glsses

  167. thnx Alottttttttttt fa d suggestions..

  168. Dear Author,

    Tomorow is my 6th day. Can I replace beef with paneer ?

    And also suggest the quantity of paneer through out the day……..plz reply


  169. Ground turkey, avocado, corn are these ok for day 6?

  170. hi
    today in my 3rd day. instead of beef can i substitute it with egg?

  171. can you please explan me the diet on 5,6& 7 th day.

  172. shall I eat 1 shawarma as dinner on the 6th and 7 th day?

  173. hi,
    tomarrow is my 6th day. shall i eat 1 bowl of rice and veg curry for breakfast and lunch and chicken for dinner.and one glass of fruit juice and would like to continue the same on the 7th day. is it ok?
    other wise can you please modify the diet fo me.

  174. Well, I’ve followed this diet to a tee and I’m at the end of day 4 right now and am proud to announce that this morning I was down 8 lbs. Wowsers!!!! Great diet! Very hard though for the first 3 days … day 1 being brutal for me anyway. Today I did eat 7 bananas and drank 2% milk so we’ll see how tomorrow goes! I just finished cooking some extra lean ground beef with grilled onions and garlic and added the tomatoes at the end just to cook them slightly! Mmmmm … it smells so good I can’t wait until morning to try it! Also, just an FYI, that I didn’t do the soup at all … stuck to the diet without soup. And I ate an avocado Day 1, but also a lot of citrus fruits! And on day 2 and 3, I did grill my veggies with a tiny bit of grapeseed oil. Can’t believe how much weight has come off so far! Yay!!!

  175. Hi,

    Can I have any vegetables other than potato on day 6?

    What are the best vegetables to have on day 6?

    Kindly help urgently.

    Thank you.

  176. Kindly recommend any other vegetables than broccoli?

    Kindly respond urgently.

    Thank you.

  177. on my day 6 today..lost 4.8kg sofar.. wz 80.1kg on day 1. bt tday mng itz down t 75.3kg.. thanks t yu gmdietworkz.. :)

    i hv som qstns though..
    1. i used t drnk honey wtr at mng.. can i cntnue dt during gm diet?
    2.on day 5, can i eat cukd/boiled tomtoes??
    3.on day 6, can i eat rplce beef wf egg?
    4. on day 7, is it cmplsry t eat brwn rice thrice??

  178. hey admin..
    dis is the secong tym m dng this diet..
    just have a doubt..
    can I drink lemon juice wid salt daily during my diet. .I heard it cut downs the fat..
    if yes den hw many glasses and at wt tym during the day?.

  179. lemon water is fine, adding salt, be careful adding too much. You can have a couple of glasses. But the lemon juice needs to be pure

  180. yeah..homemade lemon watrr..and wen can I have it..??
    n 2day is my 2nd time 5th day..

  181. I mean at wt hours do I have it..before brkfst or aftr..or b4 lunch or aftr..or b4 dnnr or aftr..
    orelse can I have it anytym, wenever I feel lyk..

    • When you like really, what helps weight loss is a whole foods real eating plan. the lemon water will be a good cleanse to do, I always add lemon to my water.

  182. ohkay den those 8 to 10 glsses of water during the diet can b lemon wtr?.

  183. can I even have coconut wtr evryday during my diet

  184. and iam not finding brown rice in the market so iam eating boiled rice..I hope it workz..
    is dat ohkay?.

  185. it is white rice though containing 75% of boled rice iam havng it

  186. it is white rice bt containing 75% of brown rice qualities..
    mistaken in d previous text..

  187. one personal question if u dont mind..
    can I know your name..
    and email id if u want 2..
    coz if any doubts can mail u ryt..
    it upto u though..

  188. can we have chicken on day6

  189. On day 6 may we use normal paneer and white boiled rice????

  190. On day 6..havent weighed myself, only until day 7, way lighter,feeling great, very convenient diet… I wish to continue it for one more week, is it okay

  191. Day 6 – Started my day with Vegetables and no beef
    Afternoon – I have taken a beef kabab – little bit of rice with moong dal – hardly half a bowl – and half glass orange juice without sugar
    Evening I have taken grilled chicken instead of the beef.. – feeling pretty full..
    I guess I made mistakes today.. :( weighing 70.3

  192. heyyy!!! today is my 6th day but i hv NOT lost even 1kgs of weight and i’ve not cheated as well… my dad did some cheating he lost 2 kgs…. pls help…. i’m in big trouble HELP!!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!!!

  193. M on day 6. Plan of d day
    brkfst-3 eggs, some boiled vegetables
    Mid morning snack- wonder soup
    Lunch-3 eggs, mixture of boiled n raw veg
    Mid aftrnun snack- wondersoup
    Dinner- lots of veg n wonder soup
    Is it alright or sud I add few more things?

  194. hey..
    can I hv dal on any day..
    and on wich day..
    hw much quantity and wich dal..

    • No it cannot, it can replace meat, legumes have protein and it should have a little fat if you do as well since meat has fat.

  195. hey admin
    can I replace rice wid wheat chapatii
    if yes hw many chapatis

    • no, never, rice is a simple starch, wheat is pure junk food, empty carbs and not good for you. this is a wheat free plan.

  196. Hi
    It it ok to eat as vegetable/seasoning
    1. Mushroom
    2, butternut squash
    3. ginger
    4. Soya sauce


    • mushroom and ginger only. soya can many times have wheat, too much salt, although a pure soy sauce is great post diet.

  197. what is the substitute of hamburger for vegetarians?

  198. 2nd time doing GM diet….but haven’t lost much weight…Guess only 1kg and may be due to water loss.. Can the author please help and share insight where I went wrong… Also feeling a lot tired and no energy this time around and feeling lethargic and not able to work. In fact even had constipation right from Day 2 to 3 and later Day 5 to 6. Am currently on Day 6…
    Purpose – To lose belly fat. Bulging stomach and need to lose fat and love handles around it ONLY

    On Dy 6 lunch ate cooked Indian toor dal with brown rice ( which might be the only exception but on day 6)
    Detailed breakdown of each day (all foods consumed list) and yes very minimal exercise each day…

    Day 1
    – 1 Apple
    – Half watermelon
    – Half rock melon
    – Half winter melon
    – 3 liters water

    Day 2
    – 4 small sweet potatoes
    – 2 corns boiled with lil bit butter for taste
    – 2 carrots
    – Big salad bowl with veggies ( lettuce, radish, beet root, & olive & ginger dressing
    – 1 cup oolong green tea
    – 2.5 liters water

    Day. 3
    – 1 carrot
    – Big bowl of fruits ( water melon, musk melon, grapes, pomegranate)
    – 1 small packet of winter melon and pomegranates additional
    – 1 cup oolong green tea
    – 1 large bowl of tangy tomato soup (think it had some white flour too)
    – 2.5liters of water

    Day 4
    – 4 Bananas and 500ml skim milk milkshake
    – 2 bananas with 250ml hot skimmed milk
    – Addiontal 1 more banana
    – 1 large bowl of wonder soup with cabbage, carrot, onion, green pepper
    – 2.5 liters of water
    – Morn had to visit toilet multiple X times not sure due to milkshake or past night dinner
    – Worst energy level and could not concentrate longer and felt very weak and had sugar cravings

    Day 5
    – 2 cups of green tea hot
    – 1 large bowl of wonder soup reheated with cabbage, carrot, onion, green pepper, added 1 tomato wit a it of tomato sauce for spunky taste.
    – 1and 1/4 bowl of brown rice cooked with 3 tomato, onion in bit of ghee ( didn’t have olive oil)
    – 1/2cup of brown rice with 2 tomatoes raw
    – 1/2 cup brown rice with 1 cup Rajma (kidney bean) cooked with 2 tomatoes, garlic and onion in bit of ghee.
    – 2.5 liters of water

    Day 6 (until afternoon)
    – 2.5 cups of green tea hot
    – 1 cup of brown rice with 2 bowls of Indian style thick toor dal cooked with onion & tomatoes (removed tomatoes)
    – 1 Liter water until 2pm

    Start weight – 71
    Weight at Day 6- 70
    Health status- upset stomach with constipation and bloating
    Energy level- lethargic, weak body and numb mind
    Exercise – very little except walking
    Purpose – To lose stomach fat, love handles and bulging stomach, infact it has gotten more and due to upset stomach and bloated ness feels even more heavier. No decrease anywhere…..

    Any suggestions what is wrong and what was supposed to be done instead. Thanks a ton in advance

    • Day 1: fine
      Day 2: Corn terrible choice, no butter on the corn, really bad. Too many sweet potatoes likely and you are not allowed dressing on your veg. BAD day.
      Day 3: White flour? You technically just ruined the diet.
      Day 4: This is so far off our plan I cannot even comment, sorry.

      I will stop here. Lesson for everyone, if you are following other plans (like day 4 having 8 bananas instead oft he 4 we say) then you will fail. Sorry. This menu plan is so far off base. You actually have to stick to our plan to succeed. SSI, please stick to our plan. I cannot help if you are following another fake plan or doing your own.

  199. For day 6, am planning to cook a soup with spinach leaves, spring onions, moringa (rich source of iron) radish, cabbage, and carrots with chicken in it (i really can’t take anymore beef) and have it the whole day over. Is that fine? thanks a lot for the previous advice

  200. Hello i am on gm diet plan today is day 5 yesterday morning Means start of day 4 i measured my weight it was around 3.7 kg less.I haven’t measured my weight till then ,Now can you help me with day 5 , I am not able to find brown rice in the market and i am pure vegetarian, What shall i eat , Till now i have just taken cucumber and tomatoes and approx 1 ltr water ,Please suggest something as i still need to loose 2.5 kg more.

  201. Also one thing can i eat white rice , if yes plz mention the quantity per meal

    • White is fine instead of brown rice. But no you can’t have it in addition to where it is not called for though,

  202. Hello i m on day 4 but still not reduced single gram.i m 74 kgs plz tell me about day 6 plan hiw to start wid n any thing else i do for weight loss .i d thyroid n having 2 kids… plz reply fast…..

    • It certainly can, thyroid issues can and normally call for a specific lifestyle and diet plan. have you had any cheats? sugar? wheat?

  203. Day 6 Started…. I am feeling much lighter…. Lost 700 gms more and my over all weight loss is now 2.5 Kg…. I am expecting around 4 kg loss by end of this diet and then am planning to stick on one time meal and just cornflakes dinner…..

  204. On day 6

    2 eggs for breakfast

    cup of marinated steamed beef for lunch and dinner

    vegs in between cucumber, beet, carrot, tomatoes

    and cabbage soup and coconut water

    can we have some mixed sprouts today like peas, gram, etc.

  205. On 6th and 7th day
    Shall I take only curd rice in Breakfast,lunch and dinner with cooked (added spice like red chilly, mango powder and coriander powder ) vegetables?

  206. I am in the 6th day of GM diet…Can i manage one glass of Fruit juice which include sugar also….???Please suggest me..I have to attend the official party so cant avoid party..Please guide me what alternate I can use

    • no, you cannot drink carbs and sugar like that unless you want to gain weight. If this is normal for you, you will not keep weight off. Sugar is the number 1 weight killer out there. coconut water works. you know, you can attend functions and not eat, I do it and actually when I see what people are eating, processed junk foods, sugary treats, I feel sad for them, overweight or not, they are killing people and their health.

  207. Hi Author,

    I am on my 5th day of diet. Please find the following diet i did,

    Day 1: Only Fruits
    Day 2: Only Vegetables [Started with potato in the mrng]
    Day 3: Fruits nd vegetables [No potato and no Banana]
    Day 4: 3 glasses of milk and 4 banans and one veg soup[Gm wonder soup]
    Day 5: BF: portion of beef[Prepared like a curry with tomato]
    Lunch: Beef [Same like a curry added 4 drops of oil]
    Dinner: same
    Is this the correct one .. I lost only 1.5 kg in 4 days.. :(
    On 6th day can i have red rice with soya chunks? plz tell the quantity of rice i can have for the whole day. Please reply as soon as possible

  208. there is no inch loss only weight loss. Why?

    • where are you measuring? Are you sure you have it exact like last time? wait until the end and did you measure in the morning as opposed to later in the day.

  209. Thanks for the reply…

    Few more queries:
    1. How many days gap should I take to start GM diet again?
    2. What should be our the diet after 7 day of GM diet.

    I am really impressed with result of the diet..Thanks.

  210. On day 6, is it fine to have toor daal with white rice and plain curd? instead of beef? I will add tomato and onion or vegetables in toor dal with a lit pich of olive oil?

    please suggest

  211. Today is my 6th day and i have lost 2-2.5 kgs only :( bit upset with this.. Could you please suggest some diet which i should keep in mind to not regain the lost weight? I will do this once in a month and want to attain 55 kgs by november any how. I am 62-62.5 currently

    The diet i follow is Breakfast :: Milk and Muesli.. Lunch :: 3 chappati, vegetable, soup/buttermilk, Snacks: Tea and Marie gold biscuits, Dinner :: MIlk or oats

    Kindly suggest if it is proper to not to regain weight? I do half an hour exercise too
    Please reply

    • based on you not quite eating the program just right, your weight loss will not be as good.

      Your regular diet, based on that you will likely gain the weight back within a few days, you eat a ton of wheat, empty junk carbs that will kill any weight loss program. fat is not your enemy, sugar and wheat are. Your diet has little to no nutrients, too little veg, yikes.

      There are 2 plans at the top of this page you can look at. ask any questions you may have.

  212. i weighed myself yesterday and i was 62, i weighed today and i am 63.. Today is my 6th day.. I had only brown rice and tomatao whole day

    • was there fat with the meal? beef has fat, a sub needs it as well, that good fat is key to weight loss. this is not meant to be a fat free diet.

  213. ok, kindly suggest instead of wheat, what we can use to prepare rotis for weight loss after GM diet? I need to loose it anyhow

  214. The diet i follow is Breakfast :: Milk and Muesli.. Lunch :: 3 chappati, vegetable, soup/buttermilk, Snacks: Tea and Marie gold biscuits, Dinner :: MIlk or oats

    Will it be ok now if i replace wheat flour with Rice flour, buckwheat flour?

  215. GM diet really works. I lost 6kg .Beside the diet I walked 45 min every day. Feeling great!

  216. Can I have egg in breakfast. If I can have it plzz tell me the quantity ..

  217. Dear author,

    Today is day 6. Started with 77kg, am now down to 74kg. is it ok? hope to lose a total of 5kg in this stint.

    Please see today’s plan…is it ok?

    b/f: half bowl steamed veggies…cauliflower, carrots, black-eye pea(lobiya), and capsicum

    snack: lemon tea with little salt

    lunch: wonder soup and two boiled eggs with salt n pepper

    that’s so far….

    for dinner day 6, can I have:

    1) 2 boiled eggs with same steamed veggies as above


    2) white rice fried in ghee with some steamed veggies


    3) Paneer fried in ghee, along with some steamed veggies….alternatively, veggies cooked in a little ghee with fresh (non fried) paneer

    4) Chana (gram) along with onions, tomatoes and cucumber…(do I need to cook the gram in ghee/olive oil, or it has to be plain boied?)

    Kindly tell whether I have eaten well for day 6 so far. and which is the best alternative (from those listed above) for day 6 dinner, pleasw tweak, wherever required.

    I have only few hours before dinner….kindly respond fast! Thanks and regards…

    • Please post question ahead of time at least 24 hours, prepare. I am on a different time zone and 2 hours does not work.

      So far great loss!

      Dinner I like option 1 and 3 best.

  218. Sorry, had guests at home and just couldn’t give time to this in advance… I will surely plan n prepare better and send queries well in time in the next stint, after 15 days
    Thanks for your response!

  219. tomorrow is sixth day.. can i eat beef and chicken together? pls answer.

  220. So yesterday was Day 1 and I was good! I drank 8 glasses of water, ate nothing but fruit throughout the day (apples, natjee, oranges, strawberries, grapes) and even had a smoothie of fruits only. I even spent the afternoon walking, window shopping in town for a couple of hours. I however cheated once and had 1 piece of chicken stew at like 1am. Checked my weight this morning and I have actually gained 1kg

  221. no cheats, so sorry. plus eating that late, really messes with your body’s adrenals system and circadian rhythms and causes weight issues.

  222. Can beef jerkey be eaten on day 6 all beef day?

  223. Hi

    I replaced beef with Chicken for Day 5. Can I replace beef with about 6 eggs for day 6?

  224. Hello
    do you think this is a good plan for day six
    lunch: 2 eggs with carrots, mushrooms, and celery
    afternoon: one egg and carrots
    dinner: small cup of wonder soup and 2 eggs with mashroom

  225. I am on day 6 of my diet… it was going pretty good uptill now.. i am following it religiously and did loose about 2.5kgs but I am amazed to see that on day six morning i have “put on” half a kg.. !!! How is this possible… I am so frustrated..i feel like quitting.. what could have happened ?

    • that happens, can simply be you had more salt, it’s likely not real weight so no worries, it’s all about the end of the program. No diet will guarantee everyday weight loss. there are several possibilities. You could have really needed to go to the bathroom, who knows. Keep plugging away. Has happened to me every time I have done a diet, In the end all was well.

  226. Hi
    I am on day six of this diet is it possible to replace meat with hard boiled eggs and can I take full egg or just stick to egg white. Pl respond ASAP.

  227. Hi
    Is this plan for day 6 okay author???

    Breakfast-vegetable soup and grilled chicken
    Lunch-scrambled egg with vegies
    Evening Snack-chicken or cucumber
    Dinner-vegetable soup and grilled chicken…

    Is it okay???
    And also can I include some spices while gtilling the chicken?

  228. Hlo I succesfully completed my gm diet session and lost 4.5kg….I am very happy and I am planning to follow this diet in every month….

    I wanted to know somethings…..related to post gm diet weeks
    1)can we have chappati??
    2)can we eat rice???biriyani and fried rice just occasionally??
    3)are we allowed to eat chocolates at some time??

    If I am deciding to follow this plan after my gm diet week…pls let me know if theres anything wrong in it…..

    Breakfast-kellogs special k (original) cornflakes
    Mid morning snack-cucumber
    Lunch-2 chappatis
    Evening snack-1 apple
    Dinner-2 chappatis

    Is this okayy????
    4)somedaysmostly friday or Saturday can I hv some specials like chickenfry and some desserts or cakes???

    Kindly reply…
    Thankss :)

    • Nice loss :)
      1) if you want to gain weight eat chappati. If you want to lose weight don’t. This plan is 100% gluten free for a reason, sorry.
      2) Fried rice bad idea. however a basmati white rice for example is a simple starch thus making it a good carb. Keep in mind though in relation to a balanced meal with protein, good fats and veg.
      3) If you want to gain weight, then eat sugar. If you want to get healthy and lose don’t.

      Breakfast. I cannot imagine a worse meal. Sorry. This will really help you gain weight.
      Snack. Fine.
      Lunch. WOW, that’s not a meal.
      Evening. not great, if you eat carbs it needs balance, it needs protein and good fat, etc.
      Dinner. WOW, scary.

      1st, you are not eating enough food. Your body must have a low calorie set point, thus is you go over, you will gain weight shockingly fast.

      To me, this is a great way to gain weight. If I wanted to gain weight I would eat this. I am truly not sure how to help. I think you really need to study how to eat balanced meals. Looks at this post here. The top 2 posts.

      I will tell you 3 ways to gain weight easily, eat gluten (wheat), sugar and fried foods in bad oils. And not eating enough food.

      If you want more help please let me know, we can start to break all of this down.

      THX :)

  229. Hi author
    I am on my 5th day and have lost 4kg so far.. Is it ok if I continue this diet after completing 7 days?
    Can I have oil less chicken curry with brown rice on day7 and on day 6 more veggies? Will it help to reduce weight?

    • Nice loss. No chicken day 7. Extra veg is great. More veg can be good, extra fiber can help with loss.

      Best to wait 2 weeks before doing again. We do have a plan, top 2 posts in the after 7 days section.

  230. Hi, I started gm diet today.. I was doing great wid the fruits as told. Watermelon, guava, pomegranate n pineapple, bt after coming frm gym I had 2 slices of pizza. Do I need to start over or jus continue. Wil it hve ny negative impact. Also can i consume green tea without sugar n honey lemon in luke warm water

    • yah I would, wheat’s a killer. yes pizza will 100% ruin a diet. Even after the diet you will just gain the weight back if you eat like that. Unless you make a lifestyle change, not sure the point of a diet. beware tearing down and working out the first 4 days here, you have no protein to rebuild. you can have tea no sweeteners. Unless it’s a tiny stevia.

  231. Hi Author,
    Can i eat vegetables on day 6, along with a mixed serving of eggs and sprouts?

    or Do i need to cut spouts?

  232. Hi can I eat a veggie burger instead of beef or hamburger?

  233. Hi I am on 6 day should I eat fish instead of beef

  234. Hi Author

    I lost wait 3kg on 5th day morning but re-regain 1 kg at evening. Not sure if I correctly followed diet on 5th day. My 5th day foods :
    Breakfast: 1 bowl Tomato soup , 2 bowl moong dal
    Lunch : Brown rice with tomato, soya paneer, soya cubes, rajma , some peas
    Evening : 1 glass lemon juice with water ( no sugar)
    Dinner : Brown rice with tomato, soya paneer, soya cubes, some peas
    Did I follow correctly on day 5?
    My plan for day 6th:
    Breakfast : 1 bowl of mixed vegetables soup with brown rice
    Lunch: Soya Paneer fried in ghee alongwith vegetables
    Evening ( at 4:00pm) : coconut water
    Dinner : Soya Paneer fried in ghee alongwith vegetables

    Please advice if 6th day plan is fine.


    • well of course you gained weight in the evening, you have food and water in you. You CANNOT weigh at night. You can ONLY weigh in the morning, right when you wake up after going to the bathroom before you eat or drink a thing. That is called your true weight.
      No peas day 5, but looks good though other than that. Fried in what? You cannot fry the food. YIKES, especially if you are eating common bad for you oils.

  235. on day 5 – in full day how much cottage cheese i should consume ? is 300 gms ( 0.3 kg /5 oz ) goo d.

  236. wow i am on 6th day.on my 1st day before i starting my weight was 103.7kg.on my 6th day i was 99.4kg. lost 4.5kg in 5 day.awsome thanks for gm diet

  237. Can you replace beef with chicken since my stomach doesnt do well with beef

  238. can I replace beef cutlets with beef hamburger/3 eggs or bruised beef in breakfast?
    and can I have one boiled egg instead of beef as a snack?

    How’s this plan for day 6 looks:

    Breakfast: one bowl mix veg + one bowl bruised beef
    Snack: One boiled egg
    Lunch: Bowl of mix veg + one beef hamburger
    snack: one boiled egg
    Dinner: one bowl wonder soup and one beef hamburger/bruised beef

    What if we feel hunger sometime after dinner? can we have anything? With hamburger can we have brown bread?

  239. I am a diabetic patient. Can I take banana, rice ?
    Suggest option fir these type of food for diabetic patient.

  240. Hi…I lost 4 kg in 4 days…however on 5th day I started feeling dizzy weak nd headache…I had salad ccottage cheese ….still couldn’t feel better …I was feeling as if I will faint…I had papaya plate…Nd still was feeling head ache nd dizzy…finally I took a saridon…half cup daal rice ….2 tomato nd one bowl tomato soup..
    .now I feel better…currently my weight is 55 kg nd height is 5.3…please suggest if I went wrong in following d diet….

    • Hello :)
      Sorry you felt ill. It can happen for so many reasons. Example, maybe yo have a dairy sensitivity. Could have been a blood sugar issue. Well technically you did go wring a little, but all seems good keep rolling.

  241. some of the questions posted here are hilarious! i really commend you for taking your time to answer each and everyone of them! I have a silly questions myself too though.

    Is it ok to buy like a hamburger from Macdonalds and eat that as the beef component for the GM diet? I feel hungry just thinking about not eating the bread. So maybe I’ll buy two hamburgers and eat the patty w/o the bread. I don’t know…with this whole new outlook about food after going through the GM diet, I’m beginning to be suspicious that Macdonalds beef may not be true healthy beef!

    • Happy to help :)
      what most folks don’ realize is that beef is more nutrient dense than any vegetable or fruit. However, only if it’s pure grass fed. If not, then it’s no good. McDonald’s then takes it to a a whole new level of bad. The chemicals, the oils, YIKES. If you eat fast food, then I cannot imagine ever being able to help one lose weight. Pure, organic, natural. Anything else and you will have issues from it.

  242. gosh ok no more macdonalds ever! Any reccomendations for snacks that are GM-friendly? During this GM diet, i have not touched any chocolate but seriously I’m beginning to miss chocolates. So i’m wondering if dark chocolate with no sugar added is ok? Or dark chocolate gluten-free and no sugar (however with maltinol added). Could you advise which is better?

    • Tough, first if you eat out anywhere you are seriously getting poor quality food, oils, likely msg, etc.

      Chocolate. Think real. My point is if I were going to eat chocolate I would only eat it 3 ways. organic with xylitol, maple syrup or coconut sugar. No milk either only dark. Only after the plan though. If you can handle bitter dark non sweetened chocolate, go for it :)

  243. Dear Author

    I am on my 6th day of GM Diet.Have already lost 3 Kgs,started at 81.1 and now I weigh 78 K gs.This was on the beginning of Day5.Just feels Gr8. I can eat eggs,Cottage Cheese, but not meat. Kindly suggest me a good Menu for Day 6. Then one more Doubt, when it is said a bowl of Brown rice is it One bowl for Break Fast, Lunch n Dinner or just one Bowl of brown rice on Day 5 and 6.Kindly Clarify…Because I ate one bowl each for Break Fast, Lunch n Dinner. I want to rectify it in future if the amount of brown rice intake is wrong.Please Help….

    • You get 3 meals day 6, plus a snack. Rice is not a great meat replacement. Eggs best, legumes or beans and then rice. If you did rice it would be 3 bowls. Each meal needs good fat. So basically there ya’ go. You can have veg with it, spice it how you like, etc. Rice or bean meals need good fat. Also day 6 can have a snack, so some cottage cheese and tomato will be OK, etc…

  244. Hi. I am feeling very hungry can I have fruits after the dinner meal on day 6

  245. Hi, I m on 6th day ,
    Pls cgheck this … and suggest as I have got confused,
    Breakfast I had brown rice with vegetables
    Lunch I had chicken in tomato gravy
    what should I have for dinner now ?

  246. Yesterday was Day 6 and I almost gave the whole thing up.
    I couldn’t get up, was feeling very weak, lightheaded and nauseous when I woke up. I suppose my blood pressure and/or blood sugar and/or iron levels dropped… It continued for about an hour…
    Then I made myself sip on a bit of coffee my hubby brought.
    I couldn’t see beef or eggs – the smell made me sick…
    My husband was furious (he didn’t want me go on the diet to start with so when I started feeling unwell, it went up the roof) and worried at the same time.
    I screwed up the diet completely – I made myself eat the only thing that felt right – a piece of black rye bread with a little bit of butter.
    After about 10 minutes I started feeling a bit better and was able to finish my coffee, have an egg and some cherry tomatoes.
    I felt guilty for screwing up what I really worked on, but honestly, I still think it was the right thing to do.
    I decided to finish the diet anyway.
    Snack: 1 cup of tea + 1 glass of water
    Lunch: thin slice of beef tenderloin as steak (no butter though), just cooked on both sides with salt and pepper + 8 cherry tomatoes + 1 cup of tea
    Snack: 2 cups of water
    Dinner: think slice of beef tenderloin as steak + lettuce with a 4 of mushrooms and a little bit onion sauteed in a drizzle of olive oil on top of the lettuce + 1 glass of water
    Snack: 1 cup of cherry tomatoes, 2 cups of green tea, 1 glass of water

    • First hang in there. Second, I highly suggest studying how wheat causes health issues. Trust me it may have satisfied you, it’s junk food. The foods on this plan are whole and natural. Detox can do odd things to different people. However I have never heard of someone having issues on day 5. Day 4 can cause issues because many people drink milk and have an auto immune allergy to it. How did you check you true iron levels so fast without a blood test? Blood sugar dropped to what?

  247. I am starting Day 1 tomorrow, & don’t want to mess up! Is it ok to have mango on Day 1? If yes, how many? Which other fruits are ok other than apples & melons? Are nuts allowed on any day?

  248. Hi,I have successfully completed upto day 5 and almost lost 3kg, my doubt is whether we can have fruits in Day 6 & 7.Pls reply.

  249. Hi m on this diet today is my sixthday i had lost teo kgs in first three days of this diet but wen i chkd my weight on fifth day evening i had gaind back 1.5kgs plz tell me wat is wrong i followed the diet very strictly but i m not sure wat went wrong m confused on fifth day in brkfast i had 4tomatoes
    Lunch i had half cup brown rice with boiled beef and diner. i had cucumber i dont knw wat was wrong m feeling very bad i vl start this diet again nxt week plz gv me some tips

  250. hello i followed your gm diet plan and i am on the sixth day . on the third day i lost about 2 pounds and stayed that way . i exercised 3 times a week on the first second and fourth and fifth day . i walked and ran together about 3 1/2 miles but today as i weight myself i am giving up because i am back on the weight that i started. today i had a very bad headache and no energy. i craved sugar and i haven’t even had my dinner yet. i am giving up because i didn’t see any change. can you tell me what could be the cause. is this normal?
    Thank you

    • You are not craving sugar, your blood sugar is likely off and should be monitored. You do not need sugar unless you want to gain weight.

      You cannot workout on this plan like that, you have no protein to help with torn down muscles until day 5. Hang in there though…

      What time of the day do you weigh?

  251. hi today is my 6th day.on first 2 days i lost
    2 kgs…..but till now not single gram i reduce……is it happen?m following diet as it is…..ya but cant follow d time scheduled coz of my small baby,, so sometimes i have to skip mid time snacks?is it fn ????one can have vegetables,kidney beans and eggs all on day 5??or only veg,or only eggs…..plz suggest asap…..thanks in advance

  252. On my day 6, m planning to have a small quantity of paneer in morning. Carrot, cucumbers and soup for salad. White Rice with mixed veg for lunch and dinner.

    On day 7, rice with mixed veg along with some soup and fruit juice.

    Is it fyn?

  253. Hey Author :)

    On my day 5, m planning to have a small amount of paneer and 2 tomatoes in breakfast. For lunch, 2 tomatoes and veg soup. For dinner, white rice along with small amount of 2 tomato gravy paneer.

    On my day 6, m planning to have a small quantity of paneer in breakfast. Carrot, cucumber for snacks. Rice with veges for lunch and dinner with curd. May b soup once a day.

    On day 7, will have rice with veges along with fruit juice and soup may b.

    Is it ok or change required?

  254. Hi,
    After my very good 1st day, i was starved on 2nd day because of my work on site didnt allow me to eat. As a result even though i felt lighter on first 2 days, i felt heavier again after 2nd day. 3rd day was fine though i again starved in the evening as my dinner happened late.4th day, i ate couple more bananas more than required and also as i visited my relatives house, i was forced to eat a sweet delicacy. Should i discontinue the GM diet and start over again or keep on going?..
    what are the items i can eat while on run, instead of soups, which are easy to carry and munch on?

  255. hi…i am having veggies (as soup) and chicken on Day 5 and Day 6 looks very similar to me. a) What actually is the difference?. b) Can i still have tomatoes along with all other veggies on Day c) Can i snack or only 3 meals allowed as on Day 5? d) Can i have fruit juice on any of the days 5, 6, and 7? thanks much

  256. Hi.
    I today is day 4 so having banana and milk today. I have a query about day 5 and Day 6 . instead of having chicken or beef on both days can i replace beef with chicken for 1 day. so i can have chicken with tomatoes on day 5 and Beef with vegetables on day 6 . Is’t OK to have like that.?

    Thank you so much.

  257. Hi …..
    Today am into day 3….. Had an apple for breakfast. …. But in the afternoon I completely lost it and ate a veg burger containing panner(indian) and tomatoes with the bread….. Will it have serious results on my diet…. Am very anxious ……
    Thank you soo much.

    • You can keep going, however I would only eat bread if you want to gain weight. Bread could not be worse, not to mention the bad stuff in that burger. Just because it says veg does not make it healthy.

      • Thank you for the swift reply …… Will gluten stuff completely. ….have lost 2.5 kgs in 3 days ..☺

          • Today I had 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk……. Am drinking mix veg soup without beans…. I had a doubt about tomorrow that is the 5th day….. As I am vegetarian I cannot have beef….. Can i have white rice instead of it???? And if I can how much????
            And am really thankful for your replies. ….. Thanks a lot :-)

            • 8 bananas? YIKES… Not good.

              rice or legumes work with good fat for each meal day 5 and 6. Look at the bottom of the site for the Vegetarian version for amounts ;)

  258. Which type banana is taken for day 4?robasta or any other type of banana

  259. How many eggs are taken for the whole day for day 6?

  260. How many bananas are taken for day 4? How many cups of juices can I taken for day 7

  261. Can I drink whatever amount of juices I like?

  262. Can I drink vegetable soup from outside..I don’t know how to make..

  263. hi I’m on day 6 can I have a bowl of lemon rice with boiled egg white for lunch.I don’t have beef.

  264. Can I have lemon rice it will have little oil in it k

  265. Can I switch day 6 with 7 and vice versa?

  266. Dear Author,
    I am on day 6. Not even 100 gms down ? The only deviations i have are drinking tea everyday (which has 1 teaspoon of milk and 1 sweetener) and due to my dry skin allergy i have been asked by my doc to have half a dry coconut every night.
    please tell me what is wrong ?

    • I drink up to 10 cups of tea (200 ml each cup)

      • WOW, that’s shocking actually. Well you have your answer, you drink a pure sugar drink 10 times a day, it’s a great way to gain weight. Sorry. Wish I could help.

    • Well the milk and sweetener in the tea is wrong. Sorry. This is not up for interpretation you must follow the plan. Drinking a sugar drink is not healthy and affects your blood sugar, etc. What time of the day do you weigh?

  267. I am on day 3, had 3 psc gobi 65,but removed the crispy layer and had only the cauliflower is it k.sorry.can I continue

  268. Sorry didn’t get u

  269. It was cauliflower which was topped with crispy layer which was fried .I removed the fried part and ate only the cauliflower
    2.I weighed today as soon as I woke it was 81.3 but after 1 hr the weight showed 81.8,I didn’t eat anything but drank only a glass of water.which one should I consider my actual weight.
    Thanks for ur immediate replies

    • your actual weight is when you wake, after you go to the bathroom before you eat or drink a thing…

      The cauliflower should be fine then :)

  270. Sorry to ask I don’t get bathroom so early so dose this interfere in my weighing .I wake brush and weigh

    • sure it can, most people have to relieve themselves upon awakening, either way no big deal, I would say yes it can affect it so always note your true weight is likely a pound or so less that what you see

  271. Thank u so much for answering all my questions

  272. Which type of papaya shall I taken for day 1? Ripe or unripe.

  273. Shall I take 3 eggs per meal for day 5 and day 6

  274. Thanks for your quick reply..

  275. is tasting allowed as I need to cook for my family

  276. K.
    Following is my diet
    day 5:breakfast:moong dal salad with cucumber,onion,1 tomatoe
    snack :1 tomatoe
    lunch:lemon rice with 1 egg,1 tomatoe,onion salad
    dinner:Palak dal,2 tomatoe
    please let me know if my plan is k

  277. After completing my diet,can I have a sample diet to continue

  278. But I don’t eat beef last time I asked u said we can have rice n egg on day 5 n 6

    • Rice or egg. 3 eggs per meal max would be best or rice and some good fat. The problem with both is folks eat too much rice then throw in an egg.

  279. Thanks but I have only 1 big cup of cooked rice with 1 boiled egg.

  280. After gm diet can I eat idli since bread n chapatti r not good.idli is good as it is steamed hw many idli can I have per serving

    • rice is easier to digest, a simple starch. I do 100 to 200 carbs a day. So you need to find your carb tolerance. Each meal with rice must have good fat and protein for balance with lots of good veg.

  281. Author:
    I am on day 5 and have so far followed the plan exactly (except for day four)
    yet i have only dropped 1 kg, why is this the case?

    Day 1: 11 glasses water
    breakfast: 1/4 watermelon
    lunch: 1/4 watermelon
    snack: apple
    dinner: 1 cantaloupe

    thank you
    Day 2: 9 glasses water
    breakfast: pan fried potato w/ 1tsp olive oil
    lunch: celery, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes
    snack: celery and baby carrots
    dinner: same as lunch

    Day 3: 10 glasses water
    breakfast: 1 cantaloupe
    lunch: boiled carrots, mushrooms, lettuce, spinach, and other greens
    snack: 4 oranges
    dinner: same as lunch

    Day 4: 10 glasses water
    Breakfast: 2 bananas and boiled 2% milk
    lunch: 2 bananas and tomato soup
    snack: 3 banana and milk shake
    dinner: cabbage, celery, onion, capsicum soup

    day 5: 10 glasses(so far)
    breakfast: 3 egg omelette
    lunch: chick breast

  282. Hi,
    My diet for the 5th day consists of Brown rice along with soybean, Raw tomatoes are also there. This is the 2nd time I am following GM diet.
    Confused about the 6th day diet.

    Not lost weight observed, but feeling light.


  283. I had an apple for dinner on day 6 is it k
    I will b having a blood test on my 7 the day with fasting and later after fasting.I think they will give some glucose to drink for the second test is it k to drink the glucose

    • The apple is oK. No it’s not OK day 7, but medically you have to just do your best in that case :)
      I hope your test goes OK…

  284. Thanks ca n I have egg omlet on day 7 or can I have gravy r curries with my rice

  285. Greetings from Cambodia,

    Just one question: I was shopping for veggies today and i also bought a really nice fish (Don’t know in English but in my language it is gurayan). Can I have a slice of it today?

  286. i am starting day 5 tomorrow and i was wondering could i have a egg to eat in breakfast or not, and could i switch vegetables by fruits or not.

  287. m doing 2 night n 2 off shift….is it okk to follow this diet while doing night shift…plz reply…n wat to eat during night time?

    • you can, you simply need to do your best. However keep this in mind if you can ever get off night shift, your circadian rhythms are messed up working late, so beware, this can really affect your weight and ability to lose it in the future.

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