GM Diet

What is GM Diet

GM diet is a weight loss management plan developed by the General Motors Corporation to help keep their employees stay in shape. This diet system involves the consumption of specific foods per day, in contrast to weekly schedules like that of Atkins and South Beach diets. What started as an in-house program for individuals within the General Motors Corporation today has become a worldwide phenomenon. The GM diet plan has grown to be a popular diet plan over time has caught on and today has become very popular with people looking for a diet plan that works.

The GM diet and it’s unique diet plan help your to reduce close to 10-17 lbs in 7 days. Reducing weight is the primary goal, additionally with reduced weight comes the added benefit of feeling good, looking good all translating to a great experience. Not only does it improve the mental state and attitude of the person following the diet course, it also help you to cleanse and detoxify your body. Infact quite a few people follow the diet once every 6 months to cleanse and detoxify primarily rather that weight loss.

Does the GM Diet Work?

While it has been a very popular diet plan over the years, there are still some questions about the effectiveness of the GM diet. According to recent studies, this diet plan is indeed effective in reducing excess pounds at a fast rate. While normal weight loss strategies induce at the most of 1 pound per week lost, the GM diet can help get rid of up to 10 lbs each week by simply following its food intake regimen.

At the same time however, this diet plan may prove to be overwhelming to first time users, as it involves radical change of diet intake that consists mainly of raw fruits and vegetables and reduced meat servings.

The effectiveness of the GM diet should also be supplemented by a regular exercise routine, as according to nutrition experts, the diet alone would leave the individual tired and weak. Through routine exercise of up to 10 minutes each day, the body’s metabolism would be sped up and be able to keep up with the diet requirements. Followers of this diet plan would also benefit from regular exercise as they get to enjoy normal energy levels and use the pounds they shed in more productive activities.

How to Prepare for the GM Diet

To those who are planning to follow the GM diet as their weight loss management regimen, they should be able to withstand excess sweating, occasional feeling of hunger, and momentary weakness, as these are among the common side effects during the first days of the diet routine.

One way to prepare for the GM diet is by staying hydrated. That is, regular water intake should be observed, at 8-10 glasses each day. This is because once the body welcomes the effects of GM diet it would require extra water for energy and metabolism. Those who instantly follow the diet system may suffer from incessant muscle pain and weakness, increased body heat, and malaise, and all of these could only be regulated by adequate amounts of water in the body.

Avoiding alcohol intake should also be observed when preparing for the GM diet. This is because alcohol prevents the effects of the diet from taking place, and followers would only end up stumped with their current weight even after a week of weight loss management. Alcohol also triggers water retention, which prevents individuals from getting rid of the excess fluids from their systems.

Weight Loss Objectives and Goals

The primary reason for the development of GM diet is to help middle-aged employees of the General Motors Corporation to slim down and enjoy better health as they are only a few years to retirement. Through this diet plan followers were expected to get rid of the unnecessary pounds they possess, as this triggers various health risks that may interfere with their work at the company and at the same time prevent them from enjoying retirement.

Those however, who are planning to follow the GM diet plan should have the following objectives in mind:

  • Shed off the extra pounds in order to achieve a proportional weight-height body mass.
  • Experience a cleaner body system through routine detoxifying effects.
  • Enjoy a better toned muscle through supplemental exercise.
  • Prevent the onset of obesity related conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis.

Followers of the GM diet should also observe strict yet at the same time manageable weight loss goals in order not to experience the diet plan’s side effects. These include:

Following the diet plan in daily schedules until desired weight is attained.
Using the diet plan in weekly intervals to maintain the achieved weight combined with proper exercise to avoid bouts of fatigue and other related health risks.

Side Effects of GM Diet

Being a fast-paced diet plan, the GM diet has also become known for its side effects. Like many other quick weight-loss regimens, followers of the GM diet may experience conditions such as:

Sudden muscle weakness. This is because the muscle tissues are deprived of adequate amounts of protein during the first few days of the diet plan. This condition can be regulated once the system gets used to the nutrients provided by the regimen.
Incessant thirst and dehydration. Persons following the GM diet also feel incessantly thirsty and even suffer from dehydration as their fluids are used by the body to foster metabolic processes. Followers are therefore advised to take more water to prevent the onset of dehydration and experience a more rejuvenated feeling.
Headaches and malaise. Persons who are in their first days of the GM diet may experience headaches and malaise, as they are still on the process of getting used to the diet effects. These tend to be psychosomatic, as followers are subject to cravings which have to withstand in order to achieve their diet goals.

The side effects of GM diet are likewise similar to those of other diet fads, but these can be effectively managed by

  • Following the regimen in a sequential and chronological manner. Skipping days and cheating on the food intake may result not only to the ineffectiveness of the diet, but as well as getting extra, unwanted pounds.
  • Supplementing the diet with proper exercise, rest and water intake. By supporting the body system with regular exercise, water intake and rest, the body would be able to adjust to the diet settings at a faster manner and avoid routine side effects. It would also lead to better effects and easier maintenance procedures.

Common GM Diet Questions, FAQ’s & Tips

1) Can I have tea or coffee?

Herbal teas are fine. The only sweetener allowed is stevia. I will never recommend coffee, however if you do have it you can only have stevia in it.

2) What days can we eat the Wonder Soup?

You can eat the Wonder Soup on any of the 7 days when you are hungry. Never go hungry on this diet. Folks tend to have better results when they eat the soup.

3) Can I drink alcohol?

No alcohol during this plan! There are no redeeming health values to alcohol.

4) Can I eat at places like Subway or eat processed meats/foods?

No, never actually. Subway foods like most processed foods are full of toxic chemicals like dough conditioners in the bread, sulfites, msg, nitrates and phosphates in the meats, not to mention sugar and too much processed salt in the dressings. Run away from foods like this. The point of the GM Diet is to cut all processed foods.

5) How many bananas can we eat on day 4?

If you have read that 8 bananas are allowed, you are not following our plan but another plan. We do not help with other plans. This is the original GM Diet here. The answer is 4 regular size bananas, or of the 6 tiny bananas.

6) On day 4, can I have buttermilk or yogurt in stead of milk?

Yes, yogurt or buttermilk is a fine replacement as long as there is no sugar in the yogurt.

7) Can we have chapati, wheat, cereal, bread, etc?

No, this is a gluten free diet. Wheat is so bad for you. It has been genetically modified and over processed. It causes weight gain and other health issues. If you eat lots of wheat, you will likely not maintain your weight loss after the diet.

8) Can I have honey – lemon water in the morning?

No, you cannot have honey in your water. There is nothing healthy about this at all; you are essentially just drinking sugar water. You can have as much lemon in your water as you like though.

9) I am a vegetarian, what do I do instead of meat?

We have laid out two plans for vegetarians. Here are the links. Keep in mind whenever you replace meat, you need to make sure you have a little good fat in that dish. Example would be: olive oil, coconut oil, butter or ghee. Also if you have curd as a meat replacement, it will already contain some good fat.

10) Can I have salt, pepper, or spices?

Yes, you can have a normal amount of salt. Never over do it. However since you are drinking extra water on this plan, salt is very important. Even adding a dash in your water can be important if you are using the unprocessed form of salt. Sea salt or unprocessed salt is always the best option for salt. Pepper, herbs and spices are allowed. Try and enjoy your food.

11) Will I gain the weight back after the GM Diet?

Most diets are going to fail if you plan on returning back to an unhealthy lifestyle after the diet. Yes, you will likely gain your weight back if you go back to a poor eating plan. If you want to keep your weight off you must make a serious lifestyle change. Many people have underlying health issues such as thyroid problems, cortisol issues and so on. These health issues can hamper weight loss and cause weight gain. In order to try and maintain a healthy weight and lose more weight you must eat healthy!

12) Can I have dried fruits or nuts?

No, you cannot have dried fruits or nuts on this plan. Afterwards you can enjoy them in small quantities but you do have to limit these as they are very concentrated sources of food.

13) What do I eat after the GM diet?

This is a loaded question really. Here is what we have found by study and experience. Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, each meal must be balanced.

Eat 3 meals a day. Do not eat them all at once, spread them out. Each meal should have a protein, a good carb and plenty of vegetables. You can also have 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day. We never recommend wheat or bread. We prefer gluten free and even grain free. Whole foods are always best. Cut out processed foods completely if at all possible.

Good carbs/starches are white potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, squashes, white rice, taro root, plantains and celery root.

Also do not go fat free. You need good fat like animal fats found in good grass fed meats, ghee, olive oil and especially coconut oil.

14) Can I do the GM Diet continuously?

No, this is meant to be a weight loss kick starter. The GM Diet should not be a lifestyle. You can however do the diet again but you must wait at least two weeks, but preferably one month. In between that time eat healthy. Do not go back to your original way of dieting or eating.