GM Diet

What is GM Diet

GM Diet is the healthiest, focussed way to lose upto 10 lbs in a week – myself and my friends have done this and we thought of bringing out this website to help fellow dieters lose weight instead of spending a lot of money on Diets and Diet gurus who try to sell you stuff.

Read on …   Enjoy …  and Practise

Diet is always good if you combine it with exercise, included in the program are mild exercises – Suryanamaskara – a form of Yoga with Step by step instructions to help you achieve your goal faster.

Why and how does GM Diet work ?

Now, you must’be wondering –  does GM diet really work – is it healthy ?  and does it really work me  ? </h3>

Yes it works for me, here is a detailed description of how it works on each day …   Read this each day to inspire yourself.

1st Day:

You provide your body with pure natural fruits – the fibers clean your system and prepare your body for the upcoming weight loss.

2nd Day:

Simple carb with oil (sounds bad, but watch it). It give you a energy boost for the rest of the day to supplement the energy free vegetables you have this day.
All the veggies you consume today will go into cleaning your stomach, intestines and toxins in the liver. Plus you arealready inducing your body into a calorie hungry mode for weight loss.

3rd Day:

Your body gets the calories from the fruits and further flushing of your system with the veggies. You have now prepared your body for a healthy weight loss.

4th Day:

You get all the Potassium and sodium you lost in the last 3 days. And this is a tough day to pass by, so make sure that you eat in breaks.

5th Day:

Beef/Dhal is for iron and proteins and tomatoes for digestion and fibre. Lots and lots of water purifies your system and eliminates the excess uric acidYou will notice clear urine today.

6th Day:

Iron and proteins from beef, Vitamins and fibre from all the good veggies. You have started to shed weight and you are mentally a stronger person for dieting now.

7th Day:

Cleans your system with the fiber and the vitamin rich coatings on the brown rice and rewards you for a strick discipline you followed.

Now … For the GM Diet Plan …

** Minimum of 8 glasses of water each day

Day 1:  Any fruits, but no bananas, mangoes

Yes Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honey dew melon

No Banana, Mango

Day 2: All Vegetables

Yes All veggies [Preferably steamed, else raw]

Start your day with a large potato and a tablespoon of Oil/Butter

No Avocados, Potatoes

Day 3: All Vegetables & Fruits

Yes Lots of Fruits and Veggies no limit

No Potato, Avocados, Banana, Mango

Day 4: Milk and Banana

Yes Upto 8 Bananas and 4 glasses of Milk

A cup of Cabbage soup or Minestrone soup

No Anything other than milk and bananas

Day 5: High protein diet+ Tomatoes + LOTs of water

Yes 10 oz (300 gm) of beef + 8 Tomatoes

Vegetarians:  Soya beans, any dhal of your choice, peas (300 gm)

LOTS of water to offset the urea production

No Avocados, Potatoes

Day 6: High protein diet+ Veggies + LOTS of water

Yes Unlimited beef + Lots of

Vegetarians:  Soya beans, any dhal of your choice, peas (Unlimited)

No Avocados, Potatoes

Day 7: Brown Rice + Fruit Juice + Veggies

Yes Brown Rice + Fruit Juice + Lots of Veggies

No Avocados, Potatoes

GM Diet Quick reference chart/Cheat Sheet

(Print and Carry in your Pocket –

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Fruits Veggies Fruits + Veggies 4 Milk 

8 Bananas





Rice + Veggies 

Fruit Juice

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  1. Hello,

    I did this for 1 week and i lost about 7-9lbs, but i discontinue it because of two things one the long term effect and two…

    • Good to know your feedback that you lost 7-9 lbs, we get a lot of emails about the success stories that they have had with this diet.

      There is some part due of your weight lost due to water. But a substantial part is lost due to loss of fat. When you deprive your body of energy, you are forcing your body to burn stored fat and make them into energy. Of the 7 lbs – more than 4 lbs is from the fat in your body.

      Do not be surprised if you put 3 lbs back on you – that is water weight. But the 4 lbs you lost is the extra fat that you carried around with you.

      Give it a month and try doing the GM Diet and lose another couple of pounds. Share the link for the diet with your friends and let us promote a healthy life for everyone.

  2. can we use any of diet medicine (tablet) or not,, thnx

  3. Hi, Nice post. There is an issue along with your web site in web explorer, may test this? IE still is the marketplace leader and a good portion of people will pass over your excellent writing because of this problem.

  4. Hi all.. I’m on day 5. Can i have fruits and vegetables on this day? or is it only tomatoes and a cup of rice?(Indian version) Pls suggest. And can i have wlanuts during GM diet?

  5. I see conflicting information. For day 2, it says start your day with a potato, but then it lists potatoes as a NO for day 2. I read on another link, that starchy vegetables are okay for day 2 and 3. Please clarify. I am in the middle of day 3 and just now finding I shouldn’t have eaten a potato for breakfast yesterday. Will this affect my results?

  6. I am presently following the GM diet and i find some information missing.
    Day 1 – Fruits and cabbage soup – Fine.
    Day 2 – VEggies and cabbage soup – Fine.
    Day 3 – Fruits & Veggies and Cabbage soup – Fine.
    Day 4 – 8 Bananas and Milk. Want to know big or small bananas ? is cabbage soup allowed ? is the vegetable soup in dinner apart from the cabbage soup ? is salt and pepper allowed ?
    Day 5 – Rice and tomatoes. Can we have grilled tomatoes ? what do we eat rice with ? plain rice is surely going to be dry. is cabbage soup allowed ?
    Day 6 – Rice & veggies. what do we eat rice with ? plain rice is surely going to be dry. is cabbage soup allowed ?
    Day 7 – Fine.
    General qs : are salt, pepper, jeera allowed ? is Rasam (without oil) ok with rice ?
    Will appreciate a reply on my email

  7. Hi all.. I’m on week 5. after week three week i reduced 9kg weight. But in 4th week i lost 1/2 pound only…..and it is my 6th day of 5th week …but no weight loss….why? can anybody tell me..the cause pls

    • you need to take a break in between. are you doign that? your body is getting ‘immune’ per se so try 2-3 days off, enjoy healthy treats, and then try again.

  8. I have read a few articles about the GM diet stating that it’s a hoax, a fad, and that it does not work. Those might be right, but I can say with all honesty that this worked for me; and still working actually. I actually tried this out already even before reading the negative stuff, so I had no idea there were questions about it.

    The first time I tried this out, I lost 13.2 pounds in one week, which completely amazed me. It was the lightest I’ve been in almost 9 years. I never felt anything bad except that I was moving bowel more often than usual; much like having LBM, but I attributed that to the large quantities of fiber you get. I stopped after completing the 7-day regimen to see if I will be able to maintain the weight or it’s just a fad and all I lost was water. After 1 week of reverting back to my usual diet, I gained back 3.3 pounds. So in total, I still lost 9.9 pounds. For me, that’s an amazing result so the diet got me convinced. I decided to try it again after 1 week rest.

    I lost less number of pounds on my second round, which I expected since I don’t really have that much to lose. When I started the diet on my first week, I was 156.2 pounds. I was 146.3 when I started by second round and ended being 143 so I only lost 3.3 pounds (yes, same as what I gained after the 1 week rest). I rested for 2 weeks but haven’t gained anything. I was able to maintain 143 pounds. I recently just started on my 3rd round and I am now on my 3rd day. I already lost 2.2 pounds so far so I am now at 140.8. I haven’t been this light since second year college. I am feeling better and healthier. I don’t experience any side effects (except again LBM-like symptoms). My goal really is to be less than 10% body fat again just like in college.

    So although others say it’s a fad diet, it has worked okay for me. I really don’t want to give any judgment in relation to it’s authenticity but the fact that it’s worked for me without any negative side effects makes me believe it must be legitimate.

  9. Hi! I’m on the day 5 of my second round of the GM diet. During the first round, I lost 13lbs. but after a couple of days, I gained 2lbs. until my weight stabilized to 112lbs. After a couple of weeks and a vacation, I gained 3lbs. so I decided to do a second round of the GM diet. I’m on my 5th day now, and I started the diet with the weight of 115lbs. and now I weigh 110lbs. I’ve doubled my exercise routine and I’ve been following the diet very strictly, yet my weight will not go lower that a 110lbs. Why do you think this is the case?

  10. Can i have fruit instead of fruit juices on day 7?

  11. Hi,

    Is there a calorie avount i shouldnt go below and over each day? For example is it ok some days to eat only around 800-900 calories?

  12. Hi,
    I wanted to know if the GM diet is safe for Prediabetics/diabetics. I really want to loose weight for an important event.

  13. Are you allowed to drink anything besides water? For example green tea or any tea?

  14. coconut water some, teas with no sweetener, sure 🙂

  15. What’s the difference between the GM Diet and the 7-day-all-you-can-eat diet?? It looks exactly the same?? And also, will I lose muscles after being on this diet? Thank you!:)

  16. Is there anything I can substitute for tomatoes on Day 5? Tomatoes are the only fruit/vegetable that I don’t like.

  17. hi, i want to ask if we can eat on day 2 fresh green peas and fresh green beans as much as we can ? or no? plz an advice. thanks

  18. hey, can i ask if i can do some exercices (treadmill..) or i would feel tired????

  19. I’m allergic to banana. Can I eat any other fruit on day 4 instead of bananas

  20. Hey
    Plz I want to ask something, its my 4th day and till now I ate 5 bananas only. Its 8 pm. BUT I just ate a chocolate bar, does this mean that I should stop the diet ? Or should I continue? (I mean that will I obtain results on the 7th day?)


  21. Can I ask plz if day 7 can we eat veggies and fruits /juices? Thanks

  22. I am planning to start with it from tomorrow.I just want to know whether I can have Coffee in these 7 days or not,as I am a Coffee addict.

  23. Hey, I want to know if it is necessary to follow the breakfast lunch dinner just as written or it is only important that for example on day 1 I only eat fruits excluding bananas. And also is it ok to do this diet repeatedly ?

    • Well you need to eat at different times of the day. You cannot cram meals into a small period of time. Wait at least 2 weeks to do again.

  24. I have incorporated onions into my veggie days because I read that you can have the soup at any time and it contains lots of onions. Is that okay? I also need to know if we can use chicken or beef maggi cubes to season the soup and stew.

    • No on the cubes, tend to be full of chemicals, junk, msg, etc. Onions are fine, just don’t over do any one thing.

  25. Can I have mangos on day 1 and 3?
    And on day 2 can I have boiled chickpeas and corn ?

  26. Hi i am on Day 3 and on Day 2 i had potatoes allthrough the day will it effect the diet plan

  27. hi..
    i have just started my first day..i took a little bit of mango because the indian version of the gm diet plan only said no to bananas in fruits whereas here i find mangos also not allowed..will it affect the diet regime? i also took a glass of watermelon juice

  28. I walk (Run and exercise) for 60 min everyday with a normal diet and want to start GM diet, just wanted to know if I can continuing with my walk and exercise or should i have to stop till gm diet.

  29. on the day 1st can we have the fruits like guava or peach or it is only restricted to melons

  30. So…. This is my 6th times doing this GM diet in past 2 years. I can’t be more happier!! I lose 7 to 8 lb. every time I do this! btw today is my 2nd day and off excited to weight myself on my 8th day!!

  31. Hi all I m on my day 1..will keep u posted.. I had a mango in d mrng but.. is tht ok??

  32. Hi….im addicted to 4 cups of tea with milk and brown sugar…I was just wondering tea wid sugar and milk is ok?

    • Yea, sorry, but if you want to gain weight then keep drinking. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to replace the sugar with organic stevia. On this program, tea, no milk and no sugar unless stevia. Sorry 🙁

  33. 1 cup of rice that day is it measured when raw or cooked?

  34. I work so much so no time to cook and don’t like the taste of my cabbage soup. What ready-made soup can I buy from the stores in canada

    • Tough, so full of chemicals, find an organic vegetarian soup with no sugar, etc, best advice I can offer. I will way weight loss is a battle, at some point you cannot eat already prepared foods, processed foods ,etc.

  35. It is my 3rd day on GM diet, but i have not lost any weight so far. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Below is my food log for past two days

    Day 1:
    Breakfast – 1 cup melon and canteloupe
    Lunch – 1 cup melon and 1 mango
    snak – apple, orange
    Dinner – melon, canteloupe and cabbage soup (with salt and spices).
    Water – 8 to 10 glasses

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: Medium size baked potato with salt and pepper
    Lunch – 1 cup cucumber and sauted veggies (salt, chilli powder and no oil)
    Snack – cucumber
    Dinner – Spinach sauteed with onion ,garlic and tomato.
    Drank at least 3 liters of water.

    Both the days I went for a walk. Please let me know why am i not able to lose weight.


    • Hello, it can vary per person, so sorry, especially for women it can be tough. You diet looks OK bu ta little skimpy. Less is not better at all. Plus you missed the butter/olive oil on the potato day 2 and when you could have a little salad and oil.vinegar you did none. day 2 is not meant to be NO fat. it can actually hurt progress big time. That fat is very needed. Good fats are not the enemy in weight loss.

  36. Hie
    can we eat nbeans in day two? Kidney beans and all?

  37. I accidentally started day 5 with my day 6 meal plan and followed it all the way up to 4pm. How do I fix that to get back on track? I ate beef and tomatoes wrapped in a lettuce leaf with a jicama spear for lunch until I was full. Probably 18 little lettuce pouches in total. And so far I drank 3 quarts of water and plain black tea combined. Help! =]

  38. Greetings everyone!

    I have just started the GM Diet today and ate an entire melon, 1 juicy apple, one box of strawberries and 2 tomatoes. I drank plenty of water, especially lemon water, as I just love the taste and the way it energizes me.

    My only concern is if it will affect in any way my outcome if I ate those 2 tomatoes? They are considered to be fruits after all, and I ate them one around 11am and the other one at 2pm, so not too late during the day/evening. Also, since they are fruits, should I eat tomatoes for the second day, as well?

    Thank you so much in advance and it is a pleasure to share my experience with people in similar situations. Best of luck and power of will to each and every one of us trying our best to prove we can succeed 😀

  39. Well technically yes they are, but not in the overall makeup of it. It should not affect you although I recommend not eating them unless we say. NO tomato unless we specify. GOOD LUCK 🙂

  40. Update!

    Morning of day 2 – already 2 kgs down. A lot of water loss, for sure, but those tomatoes really helped, since they are highly hydrating, have many negative calories and nutrients alike and not to mention antioxidants. They definitely helped me settle my hunger yesterday 🙂 However, I shall try and avoid it, for the sake of variety from day to day 😀

    Thank you. I shall keep you posted as to how it goes, cause it looks pretty promising so far. I have that kind of metabolism that digs up everything quickly, but cannot lose weight so easily even if I exercise for hours and hours, so this diet so far has boosted up my burning processes and got me going. I finally have a hope again.

    Just a quick question, for this day two, may I have corn, for example, even if it has a lot of starch, considering we are already supposed to have a complex-carbohydrate potato in the morning? Or should we try to avoid corn? I know they are good in general, as a source of fibres, but should we eat corn in the same day as the potato, or save it for tomorrow, for example, day 3, when no potatoes needed/allowed?

    Thank you again ^^!

    • No corn, it’s technically a grain, nutrient dead, etc. Not to mention if we did allow it it would like be 50% of the veg folks would only eat. And they are not a good source of anything, they are a bad carb, you may want to Google that and study corn a little bit more. 🙂

  41. I ate 2 bowls of green peas on day 2. Is that okay?

  42. So have I ruined my day 2?

  43. Thanks. What fruits and vegetables can yu suggest for day 3?

    • Tough, depends on what you have local, zucchini, yellow squash, onion, cabbage or similar. Fruit just no banana. Not too much pineapple either but you can have some for sure. Just try not to eat too much of 1 thing.

  44. I ate a big sweet potato (healthier choice instead of normal potato) this morning and a lot of corn, and even drank way less water than yesterday (as I was outside and in a region I really could not stop the car) and at the end of the day, now, I noticed I dropped another 1.5 kg, so total 3-3.5 so far in just 2 days. So tomatoes and corn definitely did not influence in any bad way. Green peas will for sure not ruin the diet, either @g. They are even healthier than corn 😀

    Good luck ahead to all of us.

    • Good news 🙂

      However it does not mean corn has affected you yet. Without getting into the science of it here, just beware. FYI to anyone else reading this, DO NOT DO CORN.

      Good job though, thanks for sharing…

  45. I am on my second day. I ate a chocolate.. wat do I do… I am feeling guilty.. should I continue

  46. I started my GM diet yesterday.. Followed it through except having half cup tea. I lost 2 pounds. I stated day 2 with baked potato.. had vegetables and salads throughout the day. But in the evening I had a chocolate bar. After having it I am not sure what to do.. Please help. Should I continue the diet

    • Keep going, hang in there and all will hopefully work out in the end. Your body will crave those foods for a minimum of 30 days until your dopemine levels reset.

  47. Can I have tea with milk everyday.. dats one thing I cant do widout

  48. Hy i ve followed this diet plan but no outcome my weight is still 70kg Plz help me

  49. Hi, I’ve done this diet about four years ago when i needed to lose a couple of pounds- ended up losing 10lbs in a week, I’ve had two kids in the space of 11 months and now I’m in need of losing about 30lbs, how long can I keep to the diet for before taking a break? Can I do this diet for two weeks straight then continue eating healthily? I’m currently ending day two going onto day three tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hello…
      I recommend doing it no more than once every 2 weeks. But in between eat really health. Try and go gluten and sugar free if possible.

  50. Hi its only on the 7th day, brown rice is allowed?and how many cups should i have on that day? And ive added turnips on the 2nd nd 3rd day for the that ok? Tnx hoping u could reply back:)

  51. Hi tnx 4 d reply:) but on d 3rd day ive eaten full meal on dinner, should i start all over again? And lastly, is there any good substitute for skimmed milk? Will non fat milk will do? Tnx again nd hoping u could reply back.

  52. Any salad dressing you could recommend? Tnx

    • No, sorry, they normally have bad oils like canola, etc. I make my own using olive oil and some organic vinegar of some sort and spices.

  53. Ok tnx for the quick reply:)

  54. Soya milk low sugar with calcium? Will this do coz i really cant find skimmed milk in the grocery:(

    • almond is better and in the ingredients there should be no sugar. However there still me be some sugar in the list of what nutrition it has. Even regular milk has natural occurring sugar.

  55. I am on my 4tgh day of gm diet the whole3 days were good but due to craving i ate rice very liiþttle and 1 kulfi icecream can it affect my fv gm diett

  56. Can i start the gm diet again after 7th day again i meamn exactly aftr how many days i should start and i can resume to my previous diet

  57. As u know i ate icecream and rice on 3day evening but stil continued my gm diet today on 4th day i strictly with all devotion ate only banana and milk i weighed myself today and found 2kg wt loss i was70 kg and today is68kg therefore i will go till 7th day can i use salt in vegetables while cooking and some cinnamon and instead of eating plain rice i wll just add vegetables in rice and cook bcoz on 6th day rice and vegetables are allowed in lunch

  58. Hi Im on my day 2 now. On day 1 and day 2lunch I followed the diet strictly but unfortunately I ate full dinner rice, egg, burger steak and fries. What should I do? Should i start again????

  59. Hi, I ate an avocado by accident on Day 2. I figured they were allowed because I thought I read them somewhere on the Indian diet. I also didn’t realize avocado was a fruit and not a veggie.

    Is this really bad?


    • Hello…
      Avocado is pure fat really. So when you replace a veg or fruit deviating from what we say, try and think of the nutritional value of the replacement. Avocado is NOT anywhere near the same as most fruits or veg. It is unique. Exmaple, you would not replace a potato with a cucumber. TOTALLY different. Avocado is an amazingly healthy fat and food, but after the diet. Yes it can affect you but keep going. Hopefully all will be OK.

  60. Hi,

    What if I ate an avocado on the second day by accident. Will this really effect results?

  61. Can I eat chicken breast instead of beef?

    • Yes, add a little fat to it. keep in mind there is little healthy about chicken breast, it’s pure muscle meat. You need to eat the bone in meats, the dark meats and organ meats if you can for future reference 🙂

  62. hi , i am still not understand what to eat in 5 & 6 th day diet . can you give me clear explanation . what to eat on breakfast , lunch & dinner on these 5& 6 th day and i am vegeterian and indian. on day 2 you can suggest me vegetables which i can get in the market and carrot is ok for 2nd day diet. these zucchini, lettuce, broccoli,celery etc… i never seen in my market. so please suggest me , i want to lose even 10 kgs weight. so please give me a nice diet

  63. Please I am on day 1 of the GM diet and would like to have some coconut and avocado for dinner. Will that affect my results please? Also I am planning on having okra and some boil corn on day 2, please advise.

    • No, sorry you cannot have those. Those are not normal fruits. They are pure fat. GREAT to eat after the diet, not in the diet though. And yes it will likely ruin the plan the first few days. NO CORN!!!! Corn is not good for you, technically a grain and nutrient dead. Please try and stick within the plan we gave.

  64. I am on day 3. Doing well . I didnt drink much water on day 1 and 2 may be just a litre each day. On day 7 can I have water melon juice, please advise. Thanks.

  65. I am in day 2 and I ate mutton in my lunch.. how can I correct that.. please help

  66. I started this diet today and my relative who came home stuffed a small piece of chocolate in my mouth 🙁 do I have to start over?

  67. Can we use soya sauce?

  68. hi
    am on my day 3..when i started this gm diet i was am 80kg.i had pomegranate,apple,orange and guava for day 1..and for day 2 carrots,bellpepper,cucumber.

    am i goin on right way…
    but i ate small quantity of snack on day 2 🙁
    and 1 small piece of fried potato(exactly very small piece)and only 1 spoon payasam(milk with sugar)on day 3
    is it affect my diet???should i continue???
    thanks in advance

    • carrot try and limit to 1 only.
      It sure can affect you, keep in mind these little snacks and weight gainers overtime. Keep rolling though you are doing fine 🙂

  69. Can I continue to take my fat burning pills and workout with this or should I stop for a week?
    Also it’s recommended to a multivitamin right?

  70. Is there any cheat on this diet?

    • no, no diet should ever have a cheat. Unless you want to gain weight. The mentality here is lifestyle, not can I get away with cheating, You can have coconut water.

  71. Normal milk or skimmed milk on day 4?

  72. I am In day1…can i have some beg soup with salt?

  73. I am In day1…can i have some veg soup with salt and pepper?

  74. hi , can i substitute banana with any other fruit?? i absolutely hate it. plz suggest. i dnt want the results to vary. secondly, i am on my 3rd day of the diet, and havnt lost any weight as of now… motivate me!

  75. Hello, i started this diet and after day 2 i lost 1.6 kgs. After i finished day 3 i went up 0.8 kgs instead of loosing more. Is this normal? Thanks

  76. Hi ,
    i am on day 2. i really hate vegetables. i actually puke if i eat only vegetable. Can eat fruits instead? like apple / oranges?

  77. hey,its my day 3 have lost 2 kg so far!! started 63kg now im 61.2 i would like to continue the diet for another week after finishing this one just wanted to confirm if i can have a break between or i should continue right away ,if yes how many days exactly i can be away from d diet ?? thank you very much

  78. Hi ,

    Its my third day and i havent lost any weight i started with 81.5 and still same . any reason?
    I ate fruits on day 1 and veggies boiled on day 2. i did small cheat that i ate one bite of roti and 1 spoon of cooked veggie. is this what caused problem?

    Had tea without sugar.

    Please please help, I am so depressed,


  79. Hi I’m on my 7th day and I wanted to know if I can have tropicana Orange juice as my fruit juice and if I can have bananas on this day ? Also instead of brown rice I would like to have oats is that okay ? And how much ? Is there anything I can add to it ?

    • No, it’s pure garbage really. Sorry. It basically pure sugar with a bunch of synthetic vitamins pumped into it. No bananas. No, oats are not the same and not OK.

  80. Can we have freshly squeezed lemon water for the amount we are supposed to be drinking daily? Also can you suggest an alternative to bananas and tomatoes for the 2 days in question. Thanks

  81. hi i’m 55kg and 5″2, do you think that i will still see some difference? Also, the weight that i lose, is it water weight because a lot of websites have been saying that and it’s very discouraging 🙁

    • Ask them then to explain the mechanism behind them saying it’s only water weight? Sorry it’s a bit laughable actually. Here are the facts. Yes, you will first likely if you lose weight lose fat. Next, you will yes gain the weight back unless you make a lifestyle change. No diet not 1 will help you unless you make a change afterwards. People have changed their lives on this program. And no it;s not because they lost some water weight. One lady decreased her diabetes meds more than 50% just in 7 days on this plan and lost 11 pounds. All diet, especially the first week will have water weight loss in them. ALL of them!!!!! They key is, you will lose weight and what will you do when the program is finished. This diet is no different than most.

  82. Hi. Todays i strted i hv little belly fat so i dong it. my Questn is i do it only once than wat i loose its nt com back. if i eat anythng aftr dis plan. Coz in winter season its very tough to do excrcise so i choose dis?? plzz rrly.
    Coz i m okk my weight but i hv extra fat around my belly which nt look gud dats y i do it dis plan.

    • Exercise is not how you keep weight off mostly. It’s a lifestyle change, eating real foods, not processed junk foods and cutting wheat and gluten. Belly weight takes time to get rid of especially if yo have high cortisol, etc.

  83. Hi, just another quick question. Would it be ok to have a teaspoon of chutney with breakfast lunch and dinner. The chutney consists of green chilli, coriander and mint. It’s supposed to help boost metabolism and aid with weight loss. Would it be ok to have this alongside the diet or best not to for now? Thanks (thanks for your earlier reply to my question).

    • Well, Is it pure? Are those literally the only 3 ingredients? If so yes you can have. I am all for things like that boosting metabolism. Keep in mind though after this plan, those tricks so to speak will do nothing to help you with a poor diet. People try the tricks and think they can eat junk, it just does not work that way.

  84. what would happen if i continued it for 2 weeks straight

    • Hello, it can vary per person. It’s just not meant to be done week after week, long story. Folks can get away with it 2 straight weeks at time but not 3.

  85. Hello , i am on day 4 but on day 3 i made a mistake and ate 1 small piece of escalope (fried chicken) this is the only thing i did wrong , so can i continue my diet or i will not lose weight

  86. hey, for day 3, i decided to have boiled potatoes, peas and carrots mixed with tomato paste. will the tomato paste do anything or affect the amount of weight i lose

    • Well not sure why you decided to eat 4 foods not allowed. Yes, this likely will be a problem. Sorry you may want to stick to our plan. Why potato also? Sorry….

  87. Hi there, I just finished my first week yesterday, I’m thinking to start again from tomorrow. Am I allowed to start away? Thanks

    • Hello, best to wait 2 weeks, however it’s up to you… Some folks like to wait 2 or 3 days and go into their second round, then next time wait 2 or more weeks.

  88. I am into day 4. I had banana shake for breakfast. I had cut fruits and banana shake again for lunch. Can I have cut vegetables and fruits for dinner. Can we have grilled or tandoor chicken on day 5,6,7? If so how much

    • chicken about 4 oz per serving is fine but NONE day 7. You only get rice and veg with fruit. Please read each day carefully. Day 5 is 3 meals, day 6 you can have a meat snack so chicken 4 times is OK.

  89. Hello,

    I’m a bit frustrated and discouraged…On day 2 after doing fruits (followed plan) on day 1 my weight went up 4pds. Day 3, I went back to my original weight. I’m on Day 4, and I have lost nothing! I have not cheated and have followed the daily plan. So is this normal? Could this possibly be water weight? Thanks for any feedback.

  90. Hi,
    I am on day 1 and have cheated already in the evening

  91. I have cheated on Day 1 kindly suggest
    I continue or start all ove again??

  92. Hi, a friend tried this plan and worked wonders for her. I intend to try it as well but I’m allergic to dairy products. Is there anything I can use to substitute milk?

  93. Hi, I have just started the diet. I am currently 100 kgs, 31 years old and diabetic.
    Mostly everything in the diet is doable however I am worried about the Banana day as bananas add sugar to blood.

    So can Banana be substituted with anything else? Also, I am a lilttle unclear if salts, jeera or any other herb can be used with the fruits/vegetables throughout the week??

    Also, the soup can be taken throughout the week or only the last day?

    Kindly reply at the earliest.


  94. Also, is it necessary to have fruit juice on Day 7?

    I would like to give it a skip…I dont need fruit juice rather a bowl of pomegrante will do fine. Please help

  95. can you suggest a sample diet plan after gm diet is over so that i can maintain my lost weight?

  96. Seems I have lost 600 gms 🙁 on first day.

  97. I weigh every morning after breakfast (fruits/Veggies). Today I was 1 KG lighter and today is my 3rd day of the Program.

  98. I am on my 3rd day i cheated yest had 2 pcs of prawn in a salad and sparkling water. Should i start all over again

  99. What if i dont like banana what other fruit can i have

  100. Hi,
    I’m on the 4th Day and have been doing really well so far and feeling much better and lighter! Today I had some yoghurt covered banana chips as I didn’t realize they had a lot of bad stuff in! I don’t really want to start over as I am doing so well, so do you think this will affect my overall weight loss? Please help 🙁

    • just keep going. Sure it can affect you, it’s junk food. Wheat and sugar are 2 great things to eat if you want to gain weight, Hopefully there was no wheat in it. hang in there 🙂

  101. Lost 3 Kgs from 100 Kgs at the end of GM diet. Restarted the Diet again today with a day’s break. so gained some weight back but in totality it was worth the effort since I lost in inches.

    So Now My fresh Weight is 98.6 (losing 3 kgs and putting back 1.5) and today is Day 1 (26th Feb 2015), lets see how much will I be able to lose on 7th Day. This time I will add workouts too.

  102. Hi ,I m 33 years old n my weight is 57 .
    I want to shred last 3 kgs
    I m on my 3rd dAy, today i added green chana to evening snack. I thougt its a vegetable . Plz guide me

  103. Can i have protein shake with this diet

  104. Hi,

    Just wondering if I can have sweet potato for breakfast instead of normal potato?


  105. Days -4 i m very depressed …. I lost 1 kg only… Dont know where i m going wrong?

  106. What can i eat today with banan and milk?

  107. In morning
    Day 3 breakfast- boiled bottlegourd with tomato
    Then carrot, broccoli n tomato thin soup 1 bowl
    Papaya -2 wedges, boiled spinach n carrot
    Green chana salad – with raw onion, tomato, cucumber, lemon, sea salt n pepper
    Dinner- boiled spinach n carrot
    2 oranges
    In middle i ate handful of dry murmura

    • well you did not follow the plan, you cannot have chana. It’s not a vegetable. No tomato soup either. Puffed rice (murmura).

      Sorry you are not losing good weight because you are not at all following the plan correctly. You must be following someone else’s plan.

  108. Day 4
    1 banana
    After 1 hour 1 glass skimmed milk
    After 2 hours 1 glass low fat butter milk
    After 1 hour 1 banana
    5 glass water in between
    1 coconut water
    1 hour workout cardio and strenth
    After workout 1 cup steamed vegetables (zuccini,cabbage,carrot,french beans, bell peppers, baby corn , after 1 hour green banana boiled with herbs
    Some papaya
    1 glass banana shake without sugar

  109. What can i have on day 5 ?
    Should i continue or not?

  110. What can i have on day 5 ? I m vegetarian
    Should i continue or not?

  111. Not mentioned anywhere tomatoes are not allowed or not in vegetables.

    • No tomato soup. It’s pure carbs when you cook tomato. Tomato is not as bad raw, but you had soup. What was in the soup as well as tomato? The rest of the day was so far off the soup is the least of you worries.

  112. Ibmessed my day 5&6 ….can something be done about it ??? ….. I feel really guilty about it.. I ate less ….but not the thing that I was asked to…what should I do…???

  113. Will I still getany positive result…cuz I followed y 1st four days very strictly… ???

  114. Hello Author!

    Today is da last day of my diet and I’ve lost 4-5kg.So I want to take a break and start again.How many days should I take a break and what should I eat to keep the weight off?

  115. Good day. I am planning to start the GM diet tomorrow. I am excited because I wanna loose 40 lbs to reach my normal weight. It should take me 3 weeks the most if I follow the diet strictly. I already did my grocery shopping and I’m ready to go. I just have some few concerns if you may. I am doing the veggie version of GM diet because I cannot eat meat. Would that be okey. Is there still away were I can loose the magical the 10-17 lbs?

    • the meat version is better. However if you do eggs they replace beef better than rice/legumes with good fat.

      • Oh I see. I will do that then. Replace meat with eggs. But how many eggs should I eat in day 5? Thanks.

        • 3 per meal max

          • Thanks much. You are very helpful.

          • Hi there, I am almost done with my 3rd Day.Once, I am done with this week and 3 days, I wanna do it again. But I have some few concerns with day 2 and day 3 lunch menu. I tried the combination of cucumber, tomato, and beets and never liked the taste. Sorry. Is it fine if I do spinach, raddish, and zucchini as a substitute for lunch for day 2 and add a little fruit for day 3. Thanks.

  116. Oh I forgot to include, can I do zumba exercises everyday?

  117. Oh I see. That’s good. I will do the meat but with eggs. Thanks much.

  118. Hello author
    I am planning to start this diet from tomorrow and i have small a problem in day 5 is that i cant eat tomato … can i substitute it with any other thing ?


  119. im on my second day
    so on the first day i ate a coconut flavour loli and on today i ate like 3 bites of tiramisu. SHould i start again or keep going. (i didnt lose any weight)

  120. Can we have the minestrone soup everyday just like cabbage soup?

  121. Can we have olives in day 2 or any other day?

  122. Hey I am on my day 2 from tomorrow and wanted to know if cooked okra in slight olive oil can be had for lunch?

  123. Also can you provide me a link to the recipe of tomoto soup I could have for dinner tomorrow? And is carrots (raw) fine to eat?

    • not too many raw carrots
      The soup, basically just blended roasted or stewed tomato with a little good fat blended and spiced how you like.

  124. Hi there, I tried the cabbage soup and I can’t handle it. Is there any substitute for cabbage soup or can I just eat bananas and milk the whole day.

  125. Can we include salt in our diet? Like for seasoning the vegetables? TIA.

  126. hi
    im on my day 2….have been strictly floowing the diet except one thing…i had an apple as i was feeling really weak …does that mean my diet is spoiled or is that not a big damage??

  127. i mean on day 2 strictly veggies….does 1 small apple really damage it??

  128. Can I tk pinch of salt every day with fruits or vegetable
    as I hv problem of postural hypotension
    N if I dnt hv salt or coffee for a week
    that might reduce my bp

  129. What about raw mango on veggie day. I ate 50 gms raw mango on 2 nd day that allowed?

  130. Can we drink knor soup?? And no day 4 can we have tomato soup?

  131. Can we have millet rice instead of brown rice?

  132. Wanted to know if eggs for the breakfast and chicken for lunch is good to go on day 5…???

  133. Hi am having vitamin difficence I have to take milk daily, milk with weat rusk is fine on gm diet ?

  134. I happened to eat a piece of grilled chicken on day 2,will that hamper my results?

  135. Shall I add dal(green mong dal ) in the wonder soup , on 5 th day shall I take brown rice with dal

  136. I ve strted gm diet and lost 2kgs week one and 2 kgs week 2, but no weight loss observed futing 3rd week y? and plz tell replacment of tomato as i cant have it…also i am able to drink max 1.5 ltr is that the reason og slw weight loss? shuold i increase water intake?

  137. Its 3 days gap in between, belw is second day and 5th

    Potato in morning with unsalted butter a teaspoon
    Rest of the day water green tea, mix salad having mint cucmbr, green onion, raddish leaves lemon…..doind zumba for 45 min on daily basis

    On day 5 steemed beef kabab 2 in morning, tomatos lil bit steamed and kababs for lunch n dinner, i take them in small quantity as i cant have tomatos… i use to eat them n sollow them with water

    • Diet seems fine, maybe a little skimpy, less it not better at all. However you need a minimum of a 1 week gap between plans between round 1 and 2. Then 2 weeks minimum after that.

  138. i am following this diet from past 2 weeks and this is my third week..i lost 5-6 kgs in first two weeks but not feeling good in the third week… i am not feeling any difference in second and third week… please help me

  139. Ok i will be giving week gap after current week, also plz confirm can i have chana daal instead of beef on.beef day and secondly is it necessary to check weight daily or on day 8?

  140. Daily checking is a lil bit stress to me…. thanks alot for your prompt reply…

  141. Dear author i am again having no weight loss this week, itsday 4 and not a half kg loss observed, m strictly sticked to the diet and not having a grain of any other food…. i am sad

  142. weighted my self In morning before BF, had a potato with butter in morning, cucumber for whole dy with lots n lots of water

  143. Hi,
    what else can i eat that will provide what bananas do. i dont like them.
    are jalapeno pepers ok to eat on vegg day?
    is cinamoon tea ok to drink?
    Many thanks

  144. Can I have raw mangoes with salt on day 1… plz answer..

  145. Hi,

    I totally ruined day 3 towards the end of it..i had a piece of bread, ate meat and chicken and around 4-5 spoons of rice..i weighed my self today when i wokeup (morning of day 4) and found that i gained 200grams after a loss of almost 2kgs when i weighed my self in the morning of day 3..

    What do you recommend. continue or start over?

    i will keep going with the diet until i get a response from you guys. Thanks!

  146. I know..too bad i lost control even though i was feeling and seeing a change in such a short time.

    I guess i need to be better prepared next time as this time i was feeling very weak and was unable to focus at work at all. It only shows how dependent my body is on caffeine, bread and meat!

    I am glad i tried and i am now more determined on starting over and leading a healthier life style in general.

    Thanks a lot guys for all your help 🙂

    • Failure can be good to me 🙂 I have failed certainly. Being prepared is a great idea…. I tell people star ta week ahead, go gluten and sugar free to start then do the program. Normally folks lose more weight and it’s easier on them.

  147. Hi, I’m using splenda as a sweetener, can i have it while doing the GM diet? if yes, i need to know the max. quantity. Also, i don’t drink coffee, can I have herbal drinks? Thank you

    • herbal meaning tea? Why ruin an herbal tea with a toxic sweetener. you can have pure stevia only on this program, sorry… Think natural here.

  148. Also, can i have yogurt instead of milk on the day of milk/bananas? and are tomatoes allowed on the days of veggies or only in the day of beef/tomatoes? Can i have fruit juices on the first day ? Thank you

  149. Is it ok to have grilled chicken instead of beef or to have both chicken and beef on the 5th and 6th day??

  150. About the beef/tomatoes day… is there is any other food that i can add to this day. because by eating only 300gm and 8 tomatoes. i’ll starve… if i can substitute any of these two items with another thing but with a bigger amount it will be better for me. thank you for your help.

    • Well you won’t starve – you can have wonder soup as you like. However add some onions, peppers, spice the food up, cucumber, greens, etc. That will work great

  151. Thanks for answering all my questions, i’m sorry for asking that much but i do really care to loose weight.
    Actually, i had another question for the last day can i eat fruits or only drink fruit juices? and can the fruit juice include bananas? As for the bowl of rice can it be cooked with a little amount of oil?
    Thank you again

  152. BTW in my country i rarely find brown rice, can i have white rice instead?

  153. I’m afraid got confused on the brown/white rice thing. Thanks for answering my questions. This is my last question hopefully.
    Well my day 7 will be this sat. and my sister’s wed. is on the 15th of May (6 days after finishing the gm diet) I am afraid if I will start eating normally I am going to gain the weight I lost. What do you suggest I should eat on those 6 days in order to maintain my weight as it is?? Thank you again.

    • No gluten or sugar. Eat balanced meals like good protein, good fat, some carbs and good amounts of veg. Do not snack.Hope this helps, let me know 🙂

  154. It is my 5 th day instead of tamatos can I eat orange

  155. Oh thanks

  156. I have a question on day 7th plain brown rice or else can we eat any curry or any meat

  157. I am on day 2 ..doing honestly veg today. But I took small amount of rice on day 1 evening as I craved badly. I have lost only 500g. Shud I continue or start again. Will I lose weight if I dont cheat and b strict rest of 5days left. Thank you

    • start over, you cannot have rice. I hope you can lose weight if you don;t cheat, most do very well here. however some that don’t does not mean it’s their fault, underlying health issues can slow weight loss. Most people that do do not do well though cheat

  158. Hi

    Started gm diet. By the end of day 3,lost only 700 GMs. Got frustated and ate two pulkas ( Roti’s with out oil)) and mango.Can I continue the diet? Didn’t ceat till end of day day 4.

    • the oil is not the issue it would have been the wheat, it’s a great way to gain weight.

      When do you weigh? What did you eat day 2. I would wait a day or 2 and start over.

  159. Hi,
    Today is my day 5 of gm diet!!
    I ws 62 kgs when I started this diet!!on day 3 I lost 1.5kgs and on day 5 I m back to the same weight,so feeling so irritated and frustated.
    I only missed potatoe on day 2,else I hvnt cheated at all,drinking lots of water also.
    And both the times I checkd my weight in eveng.don’t know if I did some mistake or its just my muscle weight which I can’t loose with diet..should I continue or stop if I m not goin to loose weight

    • It’s is very odd, What did you eat day 4, do not give up, you could have retained some water weight for some reason, keep rolling… The potato and good fat is a huge miss, especially for the fat…

  160. Hi,

    Today is my second day and afternoon i had a small raw carrot..will it affect my diet further ????

  161. Hi,
    I am on my 3rd day today and lost 2 kgs already.I dont drink milk.Can I just skip milk and have only bananas tomorrow and evening cabbage soup or is there any substitute for milk?

  162. Hey there
    I have complete my first week but I didn’t measure weight. After a gap of like 5 days i started again n its my 4th day. But when I measure weight today, I saw it’s the same as it was several weeks ago. I didn’t knew that we cant eat mangos so I ate lot of them during the diet.
    What’s the reason of losing no weight?
    N what abt the mangos? If I eat mangos or lichy as fruit how many I can have them?
    Can I add some oil to the vegetables? ??
    pls suggest something. My friends give a lot of neg review on gm diet?

    • hello, what kinds of oil? How many mangoes do you eat and on what days? What did you eat day 2 and 3? Whether your friends like it is nor here nor there. This diet helps folks get back to a healthy lifestyle and works great in that way. However you actually have to follow it as we say and a 5 day gap is way way too small. When do you weigh?

  163. Ok… This week I ate like
    1st day: 5-6 mangos and about 20 lichi
    2nd day: only veg whole day. But I ate some blackcurrants at night then walk about 30 mins.
    3rd day: vegetable mix with cucumber as salad. I added a little soyabin oil. In the whole day I ate about 8 mangoes and 25 lichis.
    4th day: I ate nothing till 11am and I weight at like 10.45 am. then I ate one banana.
    Thanks for ur prompt reply…
    I totally trust this plan whatever my friends say.

    • Well you may trust our plan but you are not at all doing it. Sorry not sure how I can help you are not at all following our plan here. Good luck

  164. Hi,
    I am on my 3rd day diet, i din know i was not supposed to have avocado in this diet, witout knowing i had 2 avocado on today day….but other than tat i have followed a strict diet….shud i start over or continue

    • you can keep going, that’s why it’s vital to understand the difference between vegetables. Avocado is pure fat, they may be healthy but were not meant on that day to be had. hang in there.

  165. Hello im on my 4th day and doing it very accurately, i only lost 1 kg is that normal?

  166. Day 2 lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce only 1 tsp of olive oil and the potatoes in the morning … Day 3 lots of water melon, cherry , and green salads … I weight now 62 kg used to be 63 before

  167. Today im 61.5 so i guess its working thx a lot

  168. I have actually loose weight on Day 1 and gained some back on day 2. Had roasted potato for breakfast and roasted pumpkin for lunch…

    • why 2 pure carb foods? pumpkin is not at all allowed. it is not a regular veg or near the nutritional makeup of what we suggest. did the potato have good fat? when do you weigh? Is that the only thing you ate day 2.

  169. Hi author,Today is my fourth day all is going well but when I done the weight myself I found that gained the weight when I started!!what happened I don’t know???kindly suggest

  170. Is this happened due to I ate two veg momos on third day or some smoking & panmasala

  171. Hi,
    I followed the GM diet Plan and loosed around 3.4 Kgs in 7 Days. Its amazing !!!
    I want to start the plan after how many days I can start the plan once again?


  172. HI,
    I started GM diet yesterday and so far it is ok.
    but today morning i ate baked potato without butter or anyother good fat.
    In someother post u said it is very important to have good fat on day 2.
    so can i eat butter now..or should i leave it and continue.

  173. And one more thing, can i have a protein bar instead of beef or rice or legumes on day 5, 6, 7.
    It has 3gms of sugar, 20gms of protein and 180 calories. And it is gluten free.
    Please respond to this.
    Thank you.

    • what brand, likely not, however much better than many other options, let me know. read day 7 again no meat only rice.

      • Brand name on it is pure protein. it has 4.5g of fat.
        yeah i got it meat only on day 5 and 6.
        Thanks again.

        • This is up to you, these are nothing but candy bars basically with protein powder, pure junk food sorry to say read the ingredients and you will see what I mean.

  174. Hi…

    Iam on my day 3 and did not find any weight loss until now…I ate lot of watermelon on first day and boiled veggies on second day and had lot of water…
    Does this suit to my body?

  175. Im on my Day 2
    and for lunch i had corn and chickpeas thinking they were categorized as allowed veggies but after reading these comments , I found out that its a big NO NO !
    Any advice as to what i should do now ?
    carry on to day 3 ?
    Start over?
    Burn them in a workout ?

    • Hello 🙂
      No corn is junk food really and a grain. Dead food. Chickpeas are not a veg and are pure carbs hence completely wrong that day. No, you cannot workout to correct, that is totally this Americanized myth that people pump into the media. You see, you eat say a piece of cake, here they say no worries work it off. NOT. Your body has and will continue to react to the sugar, wheat and empty calories you just ate in so many ways, your hormones, your digestion, your blood sugar and so on. However you only ate a natural carby food in chickpeas. So keep going and hang in there, hopefully all will be fine 🙂

  176. Hi i just started the diet and i am on day three but I accidently did day four what do i do?

  177. Hello,

    Can i eat edamame and hummus on day 2?

  178. Hi ,

    I am planning to take diet plan from tomorrow and there is planned get-together on 4 th day noon. Can u pls suggest a solution to plan.

    • don’t eat it. Sorry not sure what else to say. I never eat at get together, it actually feels great to no longer be trapped by junk food. or wait to do the diet.

  179. Oh yeah I started started yesterday day 1 had camomile tea and added peppermint tea also no suger of course … Had one coffee no suger no milk .. Had 1 red apple and 1 orange for breakfast .. Then throughout the day had another green apple .. 6 strawberries … At around 7 pm had 1 green apple again and was defiantly craving bread cheese potatoe lol anything really … Then my parents came over with kfc so I ended up having 2 pieces of chicken and medium fries and 1 ice cream for desert lol a waste of a day Iknow ! So I’m starting again today day 1 🙂 …

    With yesterday day 1 I feel like I didn’t eat enough fruits and I just ate them when I was either bored thinking about food or hungry .. Should I stick to hours of eating like 9 am .. 11 am .. 3pm .. 6pm ??? And eating more fruits ???

    Water I had around 7 cups and extra 2 teas 1 coffee ..

    Thank you 🙂

  180. Hi everyone on here seems to be soo confused and asking a lot of the same questions … Could you please kindly update your meal plan day 1.. 9 am Apple orange etc .. 11 am and so on and defiantly tell us what to not have .. Peas corn carrot only 300 gram daily limit ? On ~~~ veggies day only ~~~ lol I was meant to say from previous message and what type of main veggies are more suitable and how much as people on here are eating either Less or way to much of veggies … All herbal teas alowed no suger .. Coffee ok no milk no sugar etc .. Only with stevia .. And substitutes like 3 eggs instead of 300gbeef etc …
    Much appreciated .. Veggies such as mushrooms lettuce green beans califlower green capsicum etc ???
    I’m going to start mine today also 🙂
    Am hoping to lose 7kg in 7days need my jacket to fit me special occasion my tummy is the worst gained 10 kgs since winter came ! Less active and ate a lot of carbs my bad .. Losing 5 cm of fat would be amazing to lose in7days haha will see .. Fingers crossed and hope I’ll succeed with the plan …

  181. hello! today is my 5th day of GM diet and i have not lose any pounds or kgs this is freaking me out im following this diet very strictly and for the first time!! i was 120 pounds on the day first and im still the same can see any change and neither feel lighter. what should i do?

  182. hi so its my first day and since morninge ive had 1 pear 2 apples and half papaya and 3 chewing gums is it fine to have gum?
    and i wanted to ask if i can have coffee with 100 ml skim milk on all days? with sugar free tablet?

    • No no and no. This is a health food program, not a junk food program. fake sweeteners ruin your health and are bad for you in so many ways. No gum, pure junk food. No milk in coffee. Only organic stevia.

  183. HI,

    I am on day 2 and i cheated a bit. I had 3 marie bisuits. Apart from that no deviations. Should i continue or give up the diet. Day 1 was as expected

    • Well that’s a huge cheat, wheat is junk food and a diet killer. You must understand what it does to the body to understand why it’s so bad. However if you like keep going hopefully things will be OK. hang in there 🙂

  184. Hi today is my 3rd day … I put only two drops of olive oil in the soup it ok ? Can i eat tomato??

  185. i am 13, 5’11 and 80kg. can i use the gm diet(i also exercise 4 days a week)

    • please ask a parent, I cannot say yes or no at that age, so sorry. I will say beware of too much exercise if it’s intense in variety

  186. I started the diet today and already cheated (by mistake) with a tiny bite of paneer (marinated in yogurt) and less than 1 tbsp of spouts (with little salt). Should I restart or continue with the diet. I started in the morning on papaya, water melon, and continued with guava, chickoo, some more water melon and papaya.

  187. Hi,
    At this page diet details 8 bananas are allowed on day four, however in somewhere in questions answers you(author) said if we read “8” the we are following some other plan. I am really confused. Could you please clarify or give me the link of right diet plan.



  188. No problem 🙂

    I appreciate your quick response. I am not sure if at the end I will get desired results or not but I have to say your responses make me feel as there is someone to listen me(us), support me(us), guide me(us) and encourage me(us), which I (we) really needed. So keep us motivated 🙂

    THANK YOU for doing such a wonderful job!!

  189. Hello, one general question!

    Is ghee better than canola oil?

    • Well canola oil is literally junk. It’s normally rancid, machined and chemically processed, Pure Omega 6’s, stored in plastic bottles, the chemicals they use to process it are scary. Ghee amazing, well ghee from grass fed cows.

  190. Hi Author,

    I started the diet yesterday weighing 100.6 Kgs and in one day itself i am 97.7 Kgs.
    Today is Day 2 for me

    Breakfast : I had Potato and 3 glasses of water in the morning

    Lunch : Cabbage, Tomato and Cucumber at lunch with 3 cups of green tea

    For dinner Can i add Baby corn and Mushrooms in the soup of Cabbage, Brocolli, Capsicum.

    Please suggest!

  191. Hello… This is day 5 for me. I have tried the Gm Diet previously and lost 4kg on the 7 day plan. My question now is…. Can I cook the tomatoes with the beef instead of eating them raw? I wanted to cook the mince beef with the tomatoes and add spices( black pepper, cinnamon) to it. Would it affect my weight loss? Thank you for your help.

    • no spices are great and can tend to be healthy like cinnamon is good at helping regulate blood sugar. you can cook the food of course as you like 🙂

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***Before asking your question, please understand that we are only here to help and these are our opinions. Also make sure you read and understand the entire diet before doing it. And also see a doctor if you feel you need approval to do so. If you plan to exercise during the diet, you cannot do heavy weights and heavy workouts (We state this on the Exercise page), you need to have the correct amount of protein. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Thanks You