GM Diet Beef

The common misconception surrounding the General Motors diet is that the GM diet is only about eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. This puts off a lot of people that love a good non vegetarian dish in their daily meal routine. Those folks that are predominantly non vegetarian can find it difficult to follow a diet that is deprived of meat since they are prone to suffer from anxiety attacks and intense cravings if they go without eating meat for a prolonged period of time. But, the good news is that the GM Diet is not all about fruits and vegetables. The GM Diet has a fair sprinkling of meat that can be eaten at various points during the seven day program. We have some great chicken recipes that work really well. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let us take a closer look at our meat options that work well while on the GM Diet.


Beef is an essential item on the GM diet grocery list. Beef is eaten on the fifth day of the diet. This is because beef is rich not only protein but also in fiber. It is also rich in iron and protein that help in muscle buildup and optimum organ function. However, keep in mind that beef must be eaten in controlled amounts since it also contains high animal fat. It is thus best to eat meat during its designated diet day in order not to interfere with the overall weight loss program.


Chicken is a great substitute for beef. Chicken works really well for individual that do not eat beef. (primarily due to religious and cultural reasons) Chicken is used instead of beef on Day 5 of the diet. Keep in mind however that chicken must be served lean and free of skin.


For those that prefer fish to any other kind of meat can use it as a substitute for beef or chicken. Fish is high in protein, niacin and folic acid and it has a natural flavor not found in other types of meat. It is also ideal when eaten along with the many vegetable dishes since it does not affect the diet. Keep in mind that fish must be served grilled. Grilling it is a great choice since it reduces the need of cooking oil and yet keeps its flavors intact even after grilling.


While most people can feel a little deprived with the limited meat choices on the GM diet, what they cannot complain is the lack of dairy. Dairy products can be eaten while on the diet. Dairy products such as eggs, milk and yogurt form an essential part of the diet. Eggs can be consumed during days 5 and 6 as a meat replacement. While yogurt can be eaten during Day 4. Milk is essential during Day 4 as it is paired with bananas. Milk and yogurt however should be fat-free so that they do not contribute to the buildup of calories in the system.

Tips for Non-Vegetarians

Following a diet can be strenuous, it deprives individuals of their favorite foods and forces them to eat meals that they are reluctant to eat. Remember that the success of any diet does not solely rely on the type of foods or the diet plan itself, a diet can be successful only with a person’s determination to lose weight. Keep this in mind when you plan on starting the GM diet week. It is best not to think about the absence of meat but of the various options you have to mix and match different vegetarian and non vegetarian options during the week.

Lastly, you always have the GM Diet power soup. We have other soup recipes that are great to eat and work well with your weight loss goals. Meat broth can be mixed together with vegetables and other spices to make a highly energizing soup. You can eat this soup during lunch and dinner to your hearts content to keep those hunger pangs and meat cravings at bay. This is a great way to get all those necessary nutrients into your body while at the same time feel full and enjoy a tasty meal.


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