GM Diet Day 5

Continuing on with our series on GM Diet. You can  find day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 here. On the fifth day of the GM diet weight loss routine, followers of the diet are now allowed to eat beef matched with tomatoes. On this day the body’s protein requirements are addressed, but not to the extent that they will be followed up with fat. Beef is used in this case as it is rich source of protein and fiber, and it does not have to be consumed in large amounts just to fulfill the cravings of one’s appetite.

Preparing yourself for Day 5 of GM Diet

When on Day 4 followers of the GM diet are allowed to consume bananas, milk and soup, on Day 5 they will be subject to only beef and tomatoes. They loss of appetite will continue to be felt on this day, and it is no longer a surprise for them to eat only sufficient portions of been and not gore over it like before.

Due to the lack of appetite for most foods, it is important to have just small servings of beef during meals. Large servings may only make the appetite worse, and this may as well continue for the next few days. It is thus best to serve the beef with good amounts of tomatoes so that the taste buds will be brought back to life.

GM Diet Day 5 Breakfast

Breakfast may start with braised beef and soup. This will keep the stomach heavy and full for most of the day. The soup provides energy, while the meat becomes a source of protein, iron and fiber. It can be a bit boring to eat beef but it may be paired with a sliced tomato.

GM Diet Day 5 Lunch

A hamburger patty may be consumed during lunch time together with tomatoes. The hamburger may be baked or fried but not in too much fat, as it already contains its own fat material. Since the body will be producing extra uric acid, it is likewise recommended to drink extra glasses of water to flush the urine out naturally.

GM Diet Day 5 Dinner

Another hamburger may be eaten by dinner, although health experts recommend beef soup and tomatoes so that the body would feel more energized. The soup also supplements the water lost during the day.

GM Diet Day 5 Midday Snacks and Beverages

During Day 5, the only beverage allowed to be consumed is water, and not juice. It is because the body has already been given doses of juice for the past three days, and water helps a lot in flushing out the excesses for Day 5. Drink up to 14 glasses of water on this day so that the body system will be detoxified and get rid of unnecessary nutrients provided by the meat.

Recipes for GM Diet Day 5

Below are a couple of recipes for you to use when you are on day 5. These recipes are really easy to prepare and should not take you very long.

Grilled Beef Slices


  • 1 cup beef tenderloin strips
  • 1 lemon zest
  • Salt and pepper
  • Coriander


Season the meat with lemon zest, salt, pepper and coriander and rest for 10 minutes. On a hot grill place tenderloin strips and until golden brown. Serve with sliced tomatoes.

Beef Burger

  • 1 1/8 pound beef patty
  • Salt and pepper


Rub beef patty with salt and pepper then place on a hot grill. Occasionally baste with a slab of butter until patty becomes tender and reddish brown. Serve with tomatoes and cucumbers.

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  1. As part of Day5, for the vegetarian or non-beef, can we go with the GM Wonder soup all day in addition to the brown rice?

  2. instead of meat can we use pork instead? grilled pork without the fat. thank you

  3. What if I need to take a fast in between the 7 days. It is ok to continue the diet. (as i stated the diet program and now came to know about this andi need to fast on my day 4 day ( it will be without water fasting).

    • NR – The diet was designed to work as a whole. Not sure as to what will happen if you fast on day 4. I would suggest that you do this diet strictly as given here

  4. It’s day five today. I have already lost 4.5 Kg…..
    Cheers !!! :)

  5. Is it ok to have skinless chicken instead of beef/pork?

  6. On day five, is it ok to eat Tuna. Tuna is high in protein. I was just wondering if that can substitute the beef part… Please let me know

  7. pl gimme the substitute for tomatoes….. ad i cant eat tomatoes…. what else can be eaten…? i can eat chicken but no tomatoes please

  8. Today is day 4 and i only lost 1/2 kilo ! im so frusterated im doing exactly what im suposed to do and i go to the gym(light cardio)! why isnt it working for me ??

    • I lost 2.7 kg in 4 days. Where r u from ? I can help you if u interested

      • Mine is day four today and i have not lost even a single pound. Is everyone really telling the truth here or its all fake?

      • Hii, I did exactly the same what ever said in the diet but i just redused 1kg. today is my 5th day. how much rice we can have on 5th day. please help me i want to reduce 8kg. in a month because of my function. please suggest.

    • Not sure if you’re a girl or a guy, but if you’re a girl, your menstrual cycle would have impact on your weight due to additional water in your system.

  9. Hi, In the first week of GM Diet i have lost only 2.4 kgs by following exactly what has mentioned in the Diet.And also i am going to gym and doing cardio twice in a week and goimng for a morning walk.

    But I cud’nt make the soup.Is that the reason for not reducing more.
    I have another question.

    Can I continue this deit continously without giving a break for 4 weeks?

    I am Diabetic,can I follow this diet?

    Please advise.

    • No, this is supposed to be a one week thing… Don’t continue for longer than that as this is not a balanced diet… Try to do this max of once a month… Not in shorter periods…

  10. I am a vegeterian.please let me know the subsitute for beef…wht dal can be used and how can i have it?

  11. Can I eat Quinua with vegetables instead of brown rice. Quinua is also full of protein and fiber.

  12. What should I do, if I broke the diet on day 5?

  13. can ginger n garlic be addd in the soup with chicken (notbeef)

  14. Today is 4th day,I lost 6 lbs so far thank you for GM diet program…
    The menu was clear and helpful up to 4th day…for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

    thanks a lot

  15. i wud like to know the diet for day 5,6 nd 7in indian version.can i have rice nd paneer both or one of them?pl send some recipes too

  16. Hi,
    Can i consume chicken rather than beef, and what should be the quantity ?

  17. I completed 4 days and lost 2.7 kg. cheers (83.7 -81.0)

  18. I absolutely detest tomatoes and I’m wondering if there’s a good substitute for them, or if I should just not bother with this diet.

    • I was wondering the same thing?? If you find out let me know because I wonder if I should just not worry about this diet if I dont like tomatoes??

  19. Today is my first day of GM diet and I am feeling very good thanks to GM diet…
    The menu is clear and helpful up to 4th day…for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

    thanks a lot

  20. Hello, How much beef can you eat on day 5? Is it more than 2 lbs? What will happen if you eat too much beef? Thank you!

  21. Today is my third day, I am feeling light already…Very excited to check my weight on completion of diet plan.

    The menu is clear and helpful up to 4th day…for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

  22. Can tomatoes be eaten as soup? Ok at add vegetable broth? Or do tomatoes need to be eaten uncooked?

  23. hii guyzz…im going to consume chicken instead of beef….can anyone tell me how much amount i should consume the whole day….plzzz….give a fast reply….nd im on 4th day and i lost 2 kg’s….im reallly happy wid my weight loss……

  24. can i put chili into the soup or into sauteed vegetables?

  25. Today is my 4th day and I have lost 2 Kg in 3 days. i am feeling very inthuziastic today… but how many quantity chicken I need to take at breakfast? Lunch and dinner? pls tell me…

  26. hello guys.. it’s my 3rd day…i wanted to know only following the diet will help??? or working out HAS to be done????

  27. what about the option of braised beef because i am vegetarion?
    it is compulsary to eat brocolli, lettiuce and asparagus on 3rd day

  28. Today is day 4 and I am down 5.3 lbs. I thought this was a hoax but its working. Im excited! I am sticking to the regimen. I actually like the Wonder Soup, with some Mrs. Dash in it for more taste. I made it in my crock pot and let the cabbage simmer down to a consistency I could tolerate it. I also used a tri-color peppers diced up instead of all green peppers. Delicious! Day 5 is finally meat!!! I’m ready! I think I will try another week. Then take a break and start up in another 2 weeks!

  29. And let me add, I have not exercised yet all week. I will start today though!

  30. I tried the gm plan 2 months ago and lost 17 pounds, gained 3 back though. I am doing it for the second time around, day 4 and I lost 5 pounds. This sure works n good luck!


    • hi pls let me what do u took ?/?? i am also trying to loose am on day 4 .but haven’t lost any :(. can you pls help me out!!!!

  31. Hi
    Could you please suggest a clear diet plan for day 5 & 6.As i am vegetarian its difficult to find substitudes for beef & hamburg .

  32. i wud like to know the diet for day 5,6 nd 7in indian version.can i have rice nd paneer both or one of them?pl send some recipes too

  33. Today is my third day, I am feeling light already…Very excited to check my weight on completion of diet plan.

    The menu is clear and helpful up to 4th day…for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

  34. Today is my third day,
    The menu is clear and helpful up to 4th day…for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

  35. Today is my third day,

    The menu is clear and helpful up to 4th day…for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and me

  36. could you please suggest the diet on day 5 instead of nonvegetrian i required vegeterian diet

  37. i had my beef today!

  38. I was afraid to weigh myself this morning but braved the scale. I have lost 7 lbs!!!! WOWWW!! Here’s to a productive finish :)

  39. Day 5 is my hardest!!!I had tuna in water instead of beef for dinner with the rest 2 tomatoes, drank more than 3liters of water today!
    I’m sure tomorrow morning I should have lost 1 kilo!Will let you know by day 6 report! :)

  40. please send me vegeterian GM diet

  41. can i replace beef with chicken? Please reply fast

  42. Am a vegetarian. Can you pls help me with the 5th, 6th & 7th day diet details for vegetarians?

    • Hi
      i am also vegetarian. so can u pls help me 5th 6th and 7th day diet detailes.Today is my 4th day

      • In the same boat as you. I don’t see a reply. What was the outcome? Did u just eat the rice and tomatoes? I am just beginning day 5. Just got off the scales. Down 8.5 lbs!!!!

      • Hi Priya,

        You can use sprouts, Paneer , soyabeen or chickpeas they are good substitute for meat.

        For 5th day around 280-350gm of sprouts/paneer or mixed and 6 tomatoes will do.


  43. Pls send the beef soup ingredients?

  44. hey is there any replacement for beef?. is chicken ok onstead of beef on day 5. please reply me fast.

  45. can we have chicken instead have beef??

  46. what are recommended snacks for day 5?

  47. It is day 4 for me and I am feeling pretty well. I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and I have already lost 12lbs! I am a big guy so those of smaller size shouldnt compare the results but I am very happy with mine. I am looking forward to the protein aspect of day 5, I was wondering if I wanted to further continue this diet could I repeat the steps? Would that be affective (obviously not at the same rate)?

  48. Hi ,
    I just want to know what can I take instead of brown rice.

  49. its working actually

  50. Shakti August 9, 2012 at 5:53 am · Reply
    Hi All,
    Anyone could suggest a substitue for Beef
    Can i have Chicken non coated (roasted / tandoori style etc.)
    and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper)
    Also in this entire diet program is it ok to have salt
    I am trying this program for the 5th time
    didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago
    so any suggestions please……………help
    ps.i am on my 2nd day now please please suggest

  51. I planned to start this diet because i started having difficulty wearing most of my regular dresses. I am a strict vegetarian. Now my weight is about 132lbs. I would like to reduce it by 15lbs.. I am in my 4th day of gm diet. This is my first diet ever. Do you think i can reduce that much lbs in 7days or do I have to repeat this again? I havent checked my weight now, but still all my dresses seems little tight. I just want to know whether this diet plan is only to reduce weight or will it help to get slim?

  52. I am in my 5th day of gm diet. I m a vegetarian, so today for break fast I had soya chunks and 2tomatoes, for lunch, brown rice and dal. I do aerobics exercise on alternate days and no other exercises. I feel like I havent lost much weight.. :( I dont know how, but my waist width hasnt changed?? Can anyone please suggest a better option for me??

  53. Im allergic to tomatoes, is there an alternative

  54. 2dai is my 5th day and i havnt rlly seen a difference. my mom says my stomach looks a little smaller although that might because of the less food im eating. i may have lost 2 or 3 pounds but thats it :( i am following the diet percisly and i dont know wat i am doing wrong!!! :O

  55. Hi thnx for dis diet plan …. Today is my day 5th can u plz suggest me wat to take instead of meet can I go for da chicken or pander plz lete me knw….. Instead of tomatoes wat else can be eaten if it is must to eat can I eat cooked wid adding little spices….. And plz mail me 5th 6th and 7th day diet plAn for breakfast lunch and dinner……

  56. Today was day 5 as of this morning and I have lost 6lbs. I have followed the plan as written, I was quite a bite weak this morning, could not do all of my workout at the gym, and then had to take breaks while cutting my lawn. I will say that I have slept better. So I would give this a thumbs up so far. Hope it helps me change my need for SWEETS !!!!!!

  57. I`m going to start GM diet in next 2days. Instead of beef can i eat chicken ? insted of tomatos what i can eat ? please advise.

  58. For veggies :
    On day 5 – Take a tomato soup in breakfast…its not necessary that u have to take tomatoes uncooked….if not the real tomatoes….u get these Knorr’ redymade soups packets…get a tomato flavour and have in breakfast. For Lunch – grate these 6 tomatoes in a mixer and make a purey and cook it as a gravy….add some boiled soya balls with peas and make it like a sabji with not much oil….eat with boiled brown rice.
    Evening- have some lime water…home made nimbu pani or have at any juice corner they too make good.
    Dinner – repeat the lunch item again or have the Knorr’ soup again.

    Note : Remember Day 5 & 6 is for protien and carbohydrates intake. For non-veg, White meat is the source of fatless protien , or the egg white portion and for veggies source of protein are daal, soya balls (nuetrlla/nutri neggets), paneer, curd, brown rice.

    So for veggies who are confused….what I wrote above, just replace the soya balls with may be panner or daal. But remember tomato is imp to consume today & tomorrow so either u grate it and put in ur daal or paaner sabji or eat separety as salad….ur choice. Same for Day 6 just add some vegetable make sabji and have with boiled brown rice. Brown rice – take a small cup of it which u c at chai wala’s tea stall, the smallest ones….and boil that quantity…see if any starch and rinse and eat wid ur made sabzi.
    Day 7 is pretty clear as it is common for all.
    Hope this is clear.

  59. I am in 5th day diet can i replace pulkas with brown rice…because i dont like browm rice…

  60. hi need your help as soon as possible today is my 4th on 3rd day i reduce3 kgs but on 4th day was my weight was same from acc i had medicne i was down with fever so i have to continue or have to re start plz answer me as soon as possible thx

  61. I have done well the first three days, and after the fourth day I gained two pounds. I believe I followed it exactly so what’s up?

  62. can i have chicken instead of beef.Also is drinking tea twice a day in whole of 7 days permissible.

  63. Hi,I m following GM diet religiously,on 3rd i list only 1/2 Kg..have not monitored after that so as to escape discouragement. Today is my 6th day..i took 2 tomatoes in breakfast…1 tomato+boiled cabbage+ some peas+ 75-100gm of paneer with black pepper and salt..same is scheduled for dinner with some diluted veg soup in-between. Does it Ok ? Also,, will mensurational cycle afftect the result to be obtained on day 8th ??And how to maintain weight loss after completion. Kindly suggest ??

  64. how much beef should i consume on day 5? please advice

  65. . stuff from your body.on day 5,even better have a cup of rice instead of beef and the required tomatoes.Paneer,dhal- not recommended they contain surprisingly substantial amounts of calories so to be totally avoided.If hungry, have any amount of wonder soup (CABBAGE SOUP).It’s important to use very very little to no oil when making the soup or stirfrying any vegetable for that matter.It’s hard to be creative when working /cooking vegetables without any fat but some things I found quite nice was baked stuffed capsicum – stuffed with mushrooms stirfried in a bit of garlic and chopped celery.Most vegetables when baked or grilled are quite nice.Had grilled eggplant, mashes with a bit of garlic and a sprinkle of sesame seed. etc. helps to get creative with the limitations of this diet.have lost 4 kgs day 5, second time I’m doing this diet.To sustain weight loss you need to make some changes to how you eat and exercise- even just taking a brisk 20 min walk,jumping around,skipping,everything helps, no food after 7 pm latest, eat an amount of food the size of your fist every 3 hours to keep you metabolism busy, the weight will keep going.above alll drink at least 2 litres of water everyday after this program

  66. Meant to drink 3 litres of water daily on this diet to clean up your system and keep up your metabolism.3 LITRES OR 10 GLASSES OF WATER is VERY IMPORTANT.Part of the benefit of this diet is cleansing your body of rubbish

  67. Day 4 and the cravings dont seem to have disappeared. Following the diet but couldn’t stick to 3 meals today as was hungry and cranky. Can I use a combination of Chicken and brown rice on Day 5?


  69. i am a vegeterian,can u suggest a substitute of beef for the day 5.

  70. This is my second week on the diet, the first week i had lost 4 kgs. Im on day 4 on second week but i havnt lost any weight.. this is really demotivating. Can someone tell me why the weight loss is not showing up on the weight scale.

  71. Day Five Starts with 93.7Kg.. Almost Lost 3.8Kg.

  72. Can i have sprouts on day 5

  73. can i have brown rice and curd for dinner????????????

  74. Ok… Breakfast – 2 small tomatoes lightly cooked with mixed herbs – salt and paneer.
    Felt good and full till afternoon – hunger went through the roof at 1 pm, Lunch Paneer – Celery and Tomatoes, have had more than 8 glasses of water already.

    Dinner will be some rice and soy bean chunks cooked in tomatoes.

    Anu hope you are there :)

  75. Thanks to GM diet I lost 10 pounds is really great!!
    Day 1 was easy with fruits.
    Day 2 was a little challenging but I made it
    Day 3 was easy fruits and vegetables
    Day 4 I was waiting for this day I made the soup was good but hard with my stomac.and I ate only 6 bananas and 3 cups of milk.
    Day 5 I was waiting for the day to eat beef, but my stomac was not ready beef was really hard on me and I stoped the diet. I was so sorry .
    Any ways a LOST 10 Pounds .
    I drunk 14 glasses of water every day.
    Works really good
    I will do it again.

  76. Can I have Chicken instead of beef. Please reply.

  77. Day 5- with 90.6 kg

  78. Start of day 5 today and I have lost abt 1.5kg. I am guessing most of it is water weight anyways, but what the heck only 2 days left so will continue it. If I loose more by the end maybe I will try to do this diet again sometime else I definitely need to find more suitable options. In anycase exercising is hard on this diet.

  79. Arachana – the GM diet works best if you give atleast a week of break in between. So, after doing the 7-days’ of GM Diet, go back to your regular diet for a week, and then do the GM Diet again. I have been doing the GM Diet for 7 days every month since Nov 2012. I was 76 kg on Nov 20, and now, after 3 cycles of the GM diet (one in Nov, one in Dec and one in Jan), my weight is stable at 68 kg. How much weight you lose is a factor of what you weighed at the beginning of the diet.

  80. Can i have chicken instead of beef.

  81. Good day is grilled chicken ok for day 5-6 instead of meat and if so what breakfast will be

  82. hi i m anup we r vegiteria we cant eat beef wat should be eat instead of beef pls help i m going to start my chart

  83. Today is my 4th day and i loose 3 kgs already, GM Diet works

  84. Well,I thought i was invincible as I made it to day four and this followed it to the T.I was on tow glasses of banna shake and the 2 bannnas for lunch ,after whch Had a four hour drive from the aiport home .Hunger pangs took the best of me ,nd i gave in to 4 small sized kachoris (urad dal/lentil and spices and fried till golden brown and crisps) ,brought from Bombay.However ,i did make soup next and had a bowl of it as well.Should I continue this or start fresh next week?

    Haven’t checked my weight as i would like to know about it on day 7.

    But i feel so good ,it’s unreal.The caption for this should be “it gives you wings and no caffeine added”

  85. Well,I thought i was invincible as I made it to day four and this time followed it to the T.I was on two glasses of banna shake and then 2 bannnas for lunch ,after which had a four hour drive from the airport (thanks to the traffic) home .Hunger pangs took the best of me ,and i gave in to 4 small sized kachoris (Indian snack-urad dal/lentil and spices and fried till golden brown and crisps) ,brought from Bombay.

    However ,i did make soup next and had a bowl of it as well.Should I continue this or start fresh next week?

    Haven’t checked my weight as i would like to know about it on day 7.

    But i feel so good ,it’s unreal.The caption for this should be “it gives you wings and no caffeine added”

  86. what will be the quantity of lamb or mutton or chicken
    Inplace of beef

  87. i’m on day 4 . and i looses 1 kg . i m following exact diet plan. i’m lil unhappy with my lost weight, but still very happy with my energy level . i can’t even tell you how much fresh i’m feeling well.

  88. hi,

    i tried this diet last week, i was unsuccessful in following it, please tell me the best way to do it, i am pure vegetarian and it is becoming tough for me to do this, please help, and i also wanted to ask:

    1) if the brown rice is one cup cooked or uncooked on day 5, 6 and 7?

    2) what else can we accompany with brown rice on day 5?

  89. Fuck of everything and try to eat fruits first day, second day only veg, third day 6 banana and 4 glass of milk in whole day, fifth day sprouts and tomato and soup. Dont forget to drink at least 3 liter water each day..

    I lost 4kg without any exercise.

  90. hi everyone….
    trying this 2 nd time….
    lost 2 kgs 1st time… this time hope to loose a reasonable weight …. finger crossed..
    good fact is after loosing those 2 kgs i didn’t gain any weight :)… so i’m happy with that
    otherwise before trying this diet i was gaining weight every alternate day… all the best to everyone and … me too….

  91. its ok one can use veg but how to use dals.has to be boiled or whats???????

  92. im in my 4th day and have lost only one kg , i wanted to lose at least 4 kgs during this diet…i tried to excercise to increase my weight loss….but it was too tiring….what else can i try to loose more weight?

  93. i think that after eating beefy i will gain wt again
    how it will help in reducing weight
    and hamburger was diffcult to do so i did with oven grilled ate with tomatoes and onion
    do that will harm the diet schedule

  94. This is my fifth day and I feel more alive than ever. Finally today I was able to feast chicken for my day diet…the day went very excited and trust me this plan has really detoxify my body from internally. As I was getting ready for the bath, I’ve noticed that few red spots which I had developed during the previous course (although I never know how I got them) have slowly began to disappear and drastically reduced to lightness.My happiness knew no bound to find this joy :-). Moving on, below is what I’ve followed during my 5th day

    1. Morning breakfast 8.00 am – One chicken burger with clear tomato soup and three glasses of water

    2. Mid morning 11.00 am – One raw tomato and three glasses of water

    3. Lunch 1.00 pm – 300 gram grilled chicken with two raw tomatoes and three glasses of water

    4. Evening 4.30 pm – One raw tomato with three glasses of water

    5. Dinner 8.00 pm – 300 gram cooked chicken with very little oil and simmered for 25 minutes, two raw tomatoes and three glasses of water.

    Total I had 20 oz of lean chicken (without the skin), 6 tomatoes and 14 glasses of water to cleanse my system of the uric acid I had produced. Tomorrow is again a feast day :-)

  95. On 5th and 6th day can we use Cottage cheese (Paneer) instead of beef as I am vegetarian.

  96. Hi. This is for vegetarians who are searching for a better option on the day 5,6 and 7. Just click the link below

  97. what kind of bread we should use in hamburger for day 5? is it maida?

  98. I am on Day 5 – the diet has been working well along with good exercise everyday.

    Can somebody suggest a vegetarian substitute for beef.

    Please suggest the right one :) :)

  99. On day five and have lost 8.8 pounds yippee!!! GM diet works for me. today I could have beef thought I would want to overindulge but I didn’t . I’m full of a lot quicker and I don’t have the urge to overeat great for me

  100. this is talking about vegetariangm diet and suggesting to eat beef!!!!!! beef is vegetarian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 what rubbish

  101. wow its great , toady is 5th day loosed 31/2 kg….:)

  102. Hi, today is my day5 and in today morning I ate boil brown rice with tomato and curd. But after 4-5 hour I am feeling hungry. So can I eat “Chana” from Sing-Chana.

    Please reply me.

    Thanks in advance.

  103. Well, I am not following 100% of it, but can say 90%, because I can’t start my day without coffee or tea. If I don’t have it, my headache starts and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and work, so I take it in the morning. But, I am still happy with results, as today is my forth day and am already 3 lbs down feeling great. I am a vegetarian, but eat eggs. So, can I eat eggs or egg whites on my fifth day?

    Waiting for the reply.



  104. I have a question on the hamburger recipe. what else should be in the patty???

  105. hi all,
    today is my sixth day for gm diet plan and i m feeling so good not only for reducing the weight but also to be so disciplined in diet. i realize what the balance diet is and what i m taking. it is reasonably good and highly recomended…..

  106. is my 4thday of this program i strictly followed the program. but havent lost a single pound.can u pls help me out. i hve been doing intense cardio (medium nd high both) for two months and continuously doing during my diet plan.but i m nt loosing even a single pound.can any body help me plssssssss.

  107. I am on day 4 and already lost 3kgs without exercise and this is my second time after a gap of 1 month. Last time I lost 5 kgs in total and gained back 2kg within a month. This diet is surely working for me and am planning to do it once a month.

  108. I’ve successfully completed 4 days of GM diet. I’ve lost 2 kgs so far. I had horrible cravings for everything and anything sweet the past 3 days but did not give in to temptation thankfully. Today however I cheated a little as I cannot for the life of me drink milk. yucks. So I had a glass of soya milk (unsweetened) and a cup of cafe latte (with skim milk) and suffered through it, but the bananas were god-sent. I had absolutely no cravings today. Tomorrow’s beef baby! I’m thinking of roasting my huge slab of beef, any idea if that is not advisable? And is there particular parts of beef that you’re supposed to it or it doesnt matter?

  109. Any substitute for non-veg items, specifically for day 5?

  110. I m not the meat love. But im eating Fish. Can is eat samaon Buger insted of Beef Buger?

  111. don’t wee why not, try and get the same protein amount and fat that the beef has in the salmon…

  112. I am in my 5th day. Lost 7.2 LBS already…2 and half more days to go…. :-)

    1st day (7/15) = 186.2 LB
    4th day (7/18) = 180.5 LB
    5th day (7/19) = 179.0 LB

  113. beef can be substituted with how many egg whites??????

  114. Depends on what you’re going for, but 2 whites is a sub for 1 ounce of beef.

  115. Today is 5 th day … I hav lost only 1 kg … Very stressed … This is the second time I am following the diet :(

  116. And also I currently weigh 53 kg was hoping to get it down to 50 can anyone plz suggest why it does not work on sme ppl:(

  117. May want to go to the forum, sign up and post there, that way we have more space to talk back and forth :)

  118. Today is my day 5 and I have lost 7lbs so far…..hooray!!!!!

  119. Nice results TTmom :)

  120. In 2 days I lost 2 kg. hoping for good all the days.
    Pl suggest me what exactly i should follow once I complete 7 days? and can I do this diet once month(1 week in month till I reduce to what I am supposed to be for my height)

  121. Diksha, I would suggest once a month or so. I also think he asked you to join the forum to discuss what you should do after, too tough here.

  122. hi i dont eat beef can i have chicken instead on day 5,6 and 7? Also for day two can we add salt to the vegetables?

  123. chicken is OK, do dark meat to mimic the fat in ground beef or at least some dark meat. salt is fine, yes

  124. On day 5 can u substitute Tilapia (fish) instead of beef (as i dnt eat beef).

  125. since you don’t eat beef. yes you can try the fish.

  126. Hi there,

    There’s something I don’t really understand …

    On the first day, eat only fruits… On the second day only vegetables, on the third day fruits & veggies.
    But then there is this: “This soup can be used as a supplement to your diet. It can be consumed at any time of the day in any amount”.

    Does that means that I can eat this soup at any time and any amount?

    Please help …
    Have a nice day

  127. Yes, eat the soup, this is not a specific calorie diet or a fasting diet, helps curb huger, great fiber.

  128. I am from india and here beef is not easily available and though chicken, fish is also rich with proteins, so can i have grilled or roasted or tandoori like in fish? if yes then how much quantity ? I can also have boiled egg whites and tur / chana dal

    can i follow this recipe for lunch and dinner ?

    Moong Sprouts:-1/2 cup
    Boiled brown rice:-1/2 cup
    Roasted Peanuts:-3 tbsp
    Salt and chilli powder:-as per taste
    Lemon juice:-1 tbsp
    Chopped Coriander:-3 tbsp
    Chopped onion:-3 tbsp

    Mix all ingredients together except lemon juice and salt. Add lemon juice and salt just before serving and mix well.

  129. this is for day 5 6 n 7

  130. this will be going into cooker and get cooked brown rice

  131. Aditya, you can try it but it really does not look much like the diet. I understand needing to switch protein though,

  132. how abt fish and chicken then ?

  133. anybody Indian please suggest me diet for day 5 6 and 7

  134. both are fine, preferably chicken (include some dark meat)

  135. hey can we eat soyabean instead of chickn..??

  136. Yes if you have to… soybeans OK…

  137. Each day is broken down, read here to start. rice is measured uncooked. Sub rice for beef, easy as that.

  138. Thanks for sending a reply but could u tell me how much rice and other things for whole day I can eat. I means for day 5,6,7 total quantity for breakfast,lunch and dinner as well. Plz send me reply asap becaz I m on day 4.

  139. Hello, Tomorrow I will be on 5th day of diet. I am vegetarian and would like to know what substitute can I use for hamburger beef? Also Is it Ok if I eat fruits for morning breakfast and lunch on 5th day as I am fasting on every Thursday..Pls suggest

  140. Day 5 lacks veggies other than the soup, read that day carefully and follow as much as possible.

  141. hi admin,5Th DAY DIET PLAN.

    1 ) BREAK-FAST: (8.30 am-9.00 am )
    1 KATORI PRESSURE COOKED BROWN RICE+ 1 to 1 & 1/2 glass of water.

    2) MIDMORNING: (10.30 am-11.00)
    2 TOMATOES+ 1 to 1 & 1/2 glass of water.

    3 ) LUNCH: (1.00 pm-1.30)

    4 ) TEA: (4.00pm-4.30)
    2 TOMATOES CAN ADD SALT & JEERA+ 1 to 1 & 1/2 glass of H2O

    5 ) EVENING: (6.00pm- 6.30)

    6 ) DINNER: (9.30pm-10.00)
    BOILED BROWN RICEcan add salt & other spices + H2O

    is it ok for day 5 for whole day plan

  142. hi admin,

    for vegitarians 5th day menu is not clear
    can you please send me, 5th, 6th, and 7day daily diet menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

  143. Really just choose good basic veggies local to your area. Also look at the normal (meat version) day 5, 6 and 7 will help. I am not so worried about veggie changes, rather adding sugar, eating wheat, not eating wonder soup, etc…

  144. Day 5 today
    Starting weight:68kg
    I didn’t lose any weight from day 4. I ate 7 bananas yesterday, and 2 and half cups soya milk. 1 hour Exercise. Not sure why didn’t lose more today. I’ll keep on the diet till the end. I hope to lose more weight.

    • Alister, weight loss may vary – there are no guarantees but you are not following the diet at all, it never said eat 7 bananas. Also what happened to eating soup. Please everyone, we give a sample plan, try and follow it as close to exact as possible. :)

  145. today is my 5th day but have not lost anything :-(((

  146. Hi,

    Can I replace normal tomatoes with cherry tomatoes on my 5th day, and if yes, how much should I then consume please?

    Thanks in advance

  147. Day five and I’ve lost 3kgs! i’m so happy i’m not liking this whole beef thing but il try and get through the day.

  148. Hi admin …. I am following this diet … Can I have chicken on day day 5 instead of beef … Thanx

  149. Is it ok to have deer meat on day 5 instead of beef?

  150. Can is have chicken fry or gravy. Curry …. Please suggest the amount of rice and what kind of chicken has to be consumed with timing …. And also for breakfast , lunch and dinner …

    • Rice? Please read the suggested diet plan on each day – if you are a vegetarian go there, if not read the other. I cannot do what has already been done. Spices are fine, no on gravy if there are oils, sugars and such.

  151. Breakfast:
    Beef tenderloin strips
    Tomatoe Soup

    Cherry tomatoes

    Hamburger + Cherry tomatoes

    Cherry Tomatoes

    Hamburger (few bites ’cause its was disgusting) + Cherry tomatoes

    Admin, I DID NOT do so for day 5, but for the next time I do this diet, can I on day 5, add onions, garlic and worcestershire sauce for tase, to the patty? It tastes sooo bad!

  152. Author, did I do wrong for not eating my whole beef petty? But it was disgusting..

  153. What do you mean by ”another”? :/

  154. Well I am following it exactly, that is why I ate it. But for next time I will use garlic + onions in the patty, I didn’t knew it was allowed, and it makes a huge difference.

  155. I dont eat BEEF can u plz suggest any substitute fr it as in CHICKENS EGG WHITES or FISH any..plz rpy

  156. I am Sad i just lost 4pounds on day 4 :( :( :( @author @admin i did evrting rite bt in vain :-( wt to do knw :(

  157. Tomorrow is my day 5. How much brown rice I can have in the whole day?
    Please tell me a substitute for Tomato because I HATE tomatoes. I cannot eat it at any cost..

  158. Can I have curd with brown rice??

  159. Day 5 is difficult, I don’t know why you people call it ”feast day.”

    So for breakfast I took some tomato soup from yesterday, and little beef.

    Snack: Cherry tomatoes

    Lunch: Patty + Cherry tomatoes

    Snack: Cherry tomatoes


    Finished the little left soup + had a patty with cherry tomatoes

  160. now dat i hav cmpltd d 7 day diet..lost 2kg and few inches..i did a vry strict diet bt lst vry few kg..nw i want to ask d authr wt to eat nw cz i dnt feel lik eatng dat oily n bad stufs..plz tel me nw wt al to eat..thank u..and shd i eat wheat roti? Is it necesary?n wt abt brwn rice?

    • Good, you don’t need the bad stuff. In the U.S, I would never eat Wheat! Never, it is so messed up.
      Brown rice OK, I prefer organic white rice, it’s a simple starch.

      I eat meat and veg, 3 meals a day, I don’t snack or eat late. I eat a little fruit, and eventually will add some dairy from raw milk and a little raw cheese, maybe some eggs….

      • SO whts d substitute for in INDIA we daily prepare rotis of wheat plz suggest..and white rice makes u fat so i eat i avoid white rice :( plz rpy author

        • White rice makes you fat? are you sure that’s what does it? I am not a fan, but a little is OK, it’s a simple starch! Wheat is not a meat substitution so I cannot help, it is a refined carb and actually will cause weight gain, especially here in the US. What proteins do you have? curds? beans? lentils?

          • SO whts d diff betwen white and brown rice and which shd i prefer as i dnt lik to ad calories? u say? and i dint get d line ” Wheat is not a meat substitution so I cannot help” and i asked which roti shd i prefer having with vegis except wheat rotis..and protein i hav frm white egg.. actualy u nly advice abt protein intakes..thank u

  161. Tomorrow is my fifth day.. im pure veg.. so I decided to tke brown rice .. wat curry I can take alone with it like any gravy ?? Bcoz brown rice alon I can’t take it..
    And how much tomatoes can I eat ?? I’m drinking 4 to 4.5litres of water Daily.. is that ok? Or should I consume more?

    • spices are fine. gravy though? what’s in it? Tomatoes, eat enough to not be hungry afterwards. Water – that sounds fine, the real rule of thumb there is drink as you are thirsty, everyone is different. However you don’t want to under do it.

  162. Author. . I need to know the proper schefule forday5 ? For morning afternoon and night? When cn intake brown rice? Morning or afternoon? Can I have curd and little chopped onions along with it??

  163. i m on 5 day plz tell me any substitute for tomotoes quickly .

  164. any substitute for brown rice in day 6 and 7 . bread pitta or white boiled rice plz guide for tomorrow

  165. Hello how many grams of beef can i have today ( day 5 ) ?? or is it unlimited beef?

  166. KP, do you see wheat on this program anywhere? I have advised in the comments here on the site quite a bit no, so sorry. Eat whichever rice you want. In America we eat tons of refined flour, sugar and junk food. Not to mention fast food and such. But it does not mean I have to. So no matter what you eat in India or not has nothing to do with this diet or a healthy lifestyle. You have to work that out after the diet and find where you are causing issues to your body and gaining weight. I knew what my issues were, it was really easy for me although not as easy for everyone like my dear wife. It takes time. But wheat is not on this program for a reason. The whole egg is better, but you can always have 3-4 eggs whites and 1-2 yolks if you want.

    • bro bt i nvr tld wheat is on dis diet..i just askd cz in daily lif we eat..nvrmind thanks!

      • Well if it’s not on the diet please don’t eat it, people all over the world eat tons of different things, do your best here… We are all here to lose weight and make changes. Wheat can be a huge issue for so many, especially here, it;s a refined carb and overdone. Good luck :)

  167. Can I eat onion and tomato salad with beef or chicken. Are onions allowed today?

  168. I am currently day 3. Have a party on day 5 and i cannot escape from it. Can I break my diet n day 5? Will it affect adversely?

    • Sure it will, it will affect you anytime you do this. I have not broken my eating plan in 11 months, it is up to you what to eat, not the party. My point here is in kind, you have to make a lifestyle change, if not your weight will never change.

  169. Hi,
    I am following GM diet . Today is 4th day . Morning I checked my weight . I have lost 4.5 kgs .
    Kindly guide me for 5th and 6th day . I am vegiterian .
    Can I have Brown rice instead beef and hamburger ?
    Can I take toor dal and brown rice + tomato

    prakash Bangalore.

  170. Hi,
    Please let me know if I can use brown basmati rice as an alternative to brown rice?


  171. Hi,
    I have almost completed 3rd Day. I am very much confident on 4th day also.
    Please guide me on DAY 5,6 and 7. As i wont like Beef, i would like to go for Chikcen or fish. Could you please guide me for Day 5,6 and 7 with the combination of chicken and Fish. Adv Thanks for you reply.

    • Eat fish or chicken, up to you really, just don;t only eat chicken breast, you need more nutrition and a little more fat from the meat.

  172. Hi I am on Day 5 of the GM vegetarian diet. Have lost only 1.5 kgs. I have been exercising every alternate day and strictly following my diet. However my mensturals started on Day 2 of this diet, should this be the reason for not loosing enough weight? Any suggestions?

    • Yes it can totally throw you, for the ladies, it can be tougher to lose weight for so many reason, have you had kids, your cycle and so on. Just hang in there, maybe start again after you are done in 2 week or so..

  173. Hi today is my fourth day of Grm Diet and for day 5 meal is not clear to me can u clear it what i have to eat in Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner and snacks

  174. Do i make Panner with tomato curry for that day with brown rice

  175. DAY 3 :)

    BOILED MUSHROOM CAULIFLOWER ( Little salt n pepper , a spoon tomato sauce) n few grapes FOR DINNER.

  176. HI author ,
    today is my first day…. I have decided to start the gm diet and has left my body all upto this diet see wat happens…… I have read ur complete forum some doubts and clarifications as this diet need to be very specific ; I am vegetarisn and eat egg…

    Doubt no 1. glasses of water recommended with every fruit and vegetables during day 1 , 2 and 3 need to be consumed along the meal , after or before the meal.Can I take pomegranate,red grapes and sweet corn during theses days if yes how much and meal time.On 2 and 3 day during snack time can i take carrot, palak and amla juice on glass.

    Doubt no 2.On Day 5 we have to eat only tomatoes and brown rice and wonder soup, which all indian spices could be added to the tomato an browm rice pulao- salt, lemon juice and black pepper.

    Doubt no 3.we can take dry fruits except cashew nut and if yes on which days and in which meals and quantities.

    Doubt no 4: which all days we can take curd of skimmed milk ,paneer/tofu , soya ,dal and sprouts wch meal and how much quantity .

    on day 7 with brown rice during lunch and dinner can i have pressure cooked lauki ki sabzi.made with tomatoes and basic indian spices and no oil. and for dinner palak paneer without cream and oil .

    and the post important one:
    please tell me complete diet chart to be followed after these 7 days to maintain my weight after this.

    Thank Shaan.

  177. 1) Drink as you need water, always best. Do not eat much sweet corn. ON snacks, that is not what we say to do, up to you if you want to go off course.
    2) Spices are fine and you need some good oil as well for fat, meat has fat, so should your replacement
    3) No on dried fruits. People get in so much trouble with them, eat way too many.
    4) ??? you can replace a protein source for your meat. that’s it. pick one and do that.
    If you click the links in the sidebar each day or in the footer we have already given it to you :) Good luck…

  178. dear author,
    I cant find the diet chart which we need to follow after completing gm diet.

  179. Hi Author
    I just started this Monday. Have been strictly following the diet plans.Today was my Day 4. I am feeling very fresh, confident and energetic. Have not checked my weight yet – keeping my fingers cross to see it after completion of these beautiful 7 days.
    For tomorrow can I go with the below plan since i have a very very busy day and cannot get my groceries for tomorrow.
    Breakfast : tomato soup and 2 boiled eggs
    snack : 1 tomato
    lunch : White rice cooked with little oil and tomatoes
    snack : 1 tomato
    dinner : mutton (mainly bones) and tomato soup
    Please confirm

    • Looks OK to me, eat some soup if you need, normally on day 5 it is not as much as other days :)

      Amazing what pulling bad foods out of your diet can do for you….

  180. some recipe for Vegges

  181. y shd v take tomato on 5th day?

  182. Need veg indian version pls?

    i dnt take mushrooms either

  183. Hai
    Thanks for your diet plan iam in day 4 of your diet plan, can u say me what can be taken on day 5 instead of beef

  184. chicken, fish, legumes (if you do legumes add at least 1 heaping teaspoon of good oil to the dish)

  185. Hai author iam in day 4,for day5 can you say me clearly what to taken for breakfast lunch and dinner
    without beef

    • Look at day 5 it is already laid out up top – for beef you can sub chicken, fish or eggs… If you can’t have those let me know…

  186. can we have eggs on day 5

  187. wat can be replaced in place of hamburger

  188. im kn my 5th Day. i want eggs in replacement for the beef tonight. can i have a small amount of olive oil if i fry the eggs with tomatoes? will i include the yolks?

  189. Guys thx a lot to all of u.
    I followed this plan nd I loose 6 kgs in just 7 days.
    Its working. Try it..

  190. Dear Author,

    I am vegetarian and today is my 3rd day. Pls be kind to answer below doubts for day 4-7

    1) How many Banana and how much low fat milk can we take on day 4. Is it Ok If I take banana and mil only for whole day as due to religious fast I cant eat soup on my day 4
    2)For day 5 can I eat brown rice with Tur Dal and tomato. CAn U recommend any other DAL? Also Is it Ok If I prepare (Fry) Dal with one spoon Olive oil + jeera+one chopped chilly +tomato+salt . Or advise any other option to eat with brown rice
    3) Can I use sprout for day 5/6/7
    4)For day 6/7 can I prepare vegetable with same way (Olive oil + jeera+one chopped chilly +tomato+salt ) to eat with brown rice. As its hard to eat simply brown rice

    Please reply as early as possible,

    Thanks and Regards,

  191. Thanks for your reply. So I can either eat Tur Dal (Soup) or Brown rice but not both..
    I am not taking meat/chicken at all. Then can I use 1 spoon Olive oil? It would have luxury if you would have allow one spoon olive oil for cooking as steaming vegetable not at all tasty..:-(
    Also pls advise which other Dal I can use as a substitute for brown rice…like Mung beans/Dal, black gram/black lentil and how much in quantity

    Can we use green chilly or chili powderrrrrrrrr

    Pls reply

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hello…
      green chili or chili powder is fine.
      you can have the oil only in a meat meal.
      I recommend no DAL, but if you must, I would say a 1/4 cup or so. I would just stick to the plan…

  192. Hi This My Four week of gm diet and i reduce 3 and half kg in 4 week i follow the same the only thing i am vegetarian .In a week I do 1 Hour exercise in zim for 3 days and rest of 3 days i do 2 hour exercise.i maintain record everyday everyday i lost 700 to 1100 calories and take as per our guide .but don’t no why i lose only 1/2 kg in a week

    • This diet is meant to be done once, then you can try again in 2 weeks or a month. You should come out of this diet healthier and wanting to cut bad foods, this will enhance the weight loss dramatically. based on reading your post below, my guess is you are not properly following the diet, hence little weight loss. Sorry.

  193. on my Fifth day can I use Soya been Chunks with chopped vegetable a patty and use withEnglish Muffin Anglais(130 Calories) For making burger

    • Then you’re not following this diet, sorry. 130 calories has nothing to do with eating grains that are really bad for you. This is a NO grain diet. If anyone else reads this you actually have to follow this plan to achieve the best results possible.

  194. I do not eat Beef .

    Can my diet plan for Day 5 be as follows:-

    9am – Egg with tomoatoes
    11am – bowl of curd
    1pm – boiled rice with chicken and tomato gravy
    4pm – lime water
    8pm – grill chicken

    KIndly confirm

  195. kindly answer the above ..since i am on 4th day of diet plan

  196. Hello I’m on day 5 but my cravings for something sweet are killing me. I don’t want to cheat because I’m so close and I’ve had good results. Any tips? I have taken one of my fiber gummies because that is the most sweet (not-so bad) thing I have found to calm my anxiety but I obviously don’t want to take more fiber gummies because …yeah…

    Thanks for the response

  197. PRIYANKA or Anyone else: People who have Problems with taking BEEF should NOT try chicken or lamb, but FISH like, cod and salmon. Very low on Calories and Fat, Excellent Source of Protein, High in Selenium, B6 and B12 and an added advantage over beef, it has omega-3 fatty acids. It also has Zinc (thought less than beef), Phosphorus and Iron. Carnitine (an ammonium compound – good for heart, bone and thyroid hormone) also present in beef is the only element missing in salmon fish, but there in COD.

  198. Dear Author,

    Today i am on day 5 of the diet plan and have reduced around 1.5kg so far.
    Please advice me for today’s Diet Plan.
    Breakfast : 2 Eggs (only Egg White)
    Lunch : 1 small Bowl of curd Rice(brown) and tomatoes.
    Dinner : Tomato Soup

    please let me know if this looks ok.
    Thanks in Advance for your reply.

    • Why only egg whites? the only good part of an egg with the nutrition is the yoke. You are only getting some protein and not enough fat. Also dinner, you have no meat or meat substitute. My fear is you are not eating enough food or the right foods.

  199. Hi,

    Can I eat burger patties with buns or not yet?


  200. I already lost 8lbs by today, Day 5 of the GM Diet. I am having problems with beef as the only available here in the Philippines is Burger King Grilled Burgers. Will that suffice? I already finished breakfast, I am now preparing for lunch and dinner. Please advise me if its okay to eat burger with buns, no dressing just the veggies (i.e. tomatoes and lettuce) and the patty.


    • No, please never eat those. Try another meat…. Junk grains are causing your weight gain, well along with other processed foods. RUN :)

  201. Hi again,

    What other meats do you suggest that I eat? Pumpkin soup is it okay as a substitute? I really want to stay as loyal as possible to the plan, but sadly there are constraints. Hope you’d be able to help me on this.

    Thank you very much!

  202. Hi,

    What will be the replacement of tomato and beef on Day 5 please suggest as i hate tomato and other than beef i can consume.

  203. Hi,I daily consume oats with just hotwater and no sugar or milk for my that okay?

  204. I follow this diet before 15 days its give me my best result i lost 6 k.g i want to this diet restart plz help me can i take milk only night

  205. i lost my weight a bit of it,but no visible changes,what do i do,its my 3rd day today

  206. NO no cheating at all, i was completely dedicated and srtict with the diet

  207. i started with 60kgs lost 3kgs by3rd day and shocking to see i put on 1kg on 4thday, am allergic to milk and banana somehow couldnt control my hunger and had a cup of rice wid little gravy(just little) at 12pm,night on day4, can i still continue my diet plan?

  208. I am on my day 4 and have already lost 5 Kg.. feeling very excited and motivated to put in more effort.

    @Author – I have few questions for Day 5 & 6. – I am seeing a lot of posts on Beef being replaced by Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and Soya Chunks. Could you please tell me how many grams of Paneer and Soya Chunks can be consumed in a day to make sure I am not eating more of them.


  209. and also pls let me know if i can take lentil soup instead of rice?

  210. I’m on my day 3, so far good.. i have doubts regarding day5.. are eggs/ soya chunks/panner/tofu/ curd good substitutes for beef/ chicken/fish?? if so pls tell me the quantities of the vegetarian substitutes.?? please do answer my question asap — @ author.

    • They are fine, yes. It can vary on amount depending on what you have curds not so much, etc. So look up the mount of protein in each and match it to the meat.

  211. this is my 5th day, already i lost 4 kg without exercise
    today i am using paneer and chick peas for the alternatives of beef.

    now i m feeling wonderful, thank you for gm diet,

  212. Can u pls mention d qty of fish/chicken for day 5 & 6…? And its salmon or tuna..?

  213. So it is 10 ounce of .cooked meat right for day 5 & 6…



  214. Hi
    Today its my 4th day I am totally on skim milk and banana.But what combination should I intake tomorrow i.e. day 5
    *Brown Rice with red kidney beans
    *Tofu with brown rice
    *Cottage chees with brown rice

  215. hi im on day five it suggest to eat two portions of 10oz beef that is throughout the day??? and can i just eat steak all day instead of hamburger meat

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