Benefits and Drawbacks of GM Diet

GM diet presented by General Motors helps deal with obesity, burning calories and keeping in figure, in a few days.

The regimen of individuals rest on upon their needs, it may be weight loss, weight gain, escaping food allergies, leisure, dropping cholesterol etc. An individual’s diet may also be inclined by the religion or beliefs he/she keep an eye on. Whatever the goal, a diet has to be a well-adjusted diet and guarantee all the nutritious necessities to the body. It must benefit an individual to stay healthy and fit.

While many individuals around continue empty, millions are trying to discontinue eating. Dieting offers a better way to fight the bad fats. There are many diverse diet plans tracked by individuals like Atkins diet, Mediterranean diet, the South Beach diet or diet plans for dropping fat and address other fatness anxieties. One such diet plan was presented by General Motors which can be widely used for fitness and losing weight in just seven days. Sounds stimulating? Read on, to know what are the benefits and drawbacks of General Motors diet or what we commonly call GM Diet.

The advantage of the GM diet must also be complemented by a dependable workout routine, as according to diet specialists and pros, the nutrition unassisted with workout will not work and would leave the individual tired and weak.


Benefits of GM diet

GM diet is tough. While it slashes off the added calories off your body, it delivers some more assistance along with it. It will just take seven days to enjoy the benefits of the GM diet.

  • Aids slip weight efficiently, almost 3 to 5 kg in a week

As one of the most popular benefits of GM diet is for you to lose weight after a week for almost 10 to 17lbs. That is the reason why GM diet became popular for so many years and still a lot of people are following this diet since there are individuals attested this diet to be effective but as we all know not all of them accomplish their goal in the long run.

  • Supports burning extra calories

It will burn calories as you need to do workout as well while on this kind of diet. Limiting your calorie intake plus burning them by doing enough exercise will definitely make you lose weight effectively.

  • Develops digestive system

Since GM Diet is strictly fruits and veggies at the first two days of this plan your digestive system will surely progress and prepare your body to be better than the usual. As we all know fruits are good source of nutrients that helps our body to be stronger.

  • Offers enough of energy

Several individuals say that it gives them enough source of energy even if they are restricting their calories.

  • Advantage in managing with obesity

Just like any other diet, GM diet does have an advantage to manage obesity since it is proven effective to lose weight.

  • Helps carrying back your body in figure

If you feel like you need to lose weight as soon as possible then trying GM Diet will surely get you in your figure at no time.

  • Helps manage with sicknesses triggered by extreme weight or fats
  • Maintaining and stay fit and healthy
  •  Helps progress approach and emotional firmness due to its cleansing system


Drawbacks of GM diet

Ask your specialist or a nutritionist to find out if the GM diet will work for you. Talk to individuals who have tried it. It may cause difficulties like hair fall, dry skin or headache in first few days. It may not suit all, so be careful while choosing any kind of diet plan.

Take the view of a dietician about the GM diet before you try it. Drink lots of water to retain your body hydrated, when you are on the GM diet. Drinking lots of water may support you overcome its drawbacks. It has showed advantageous for many fat individuals. If you want to drop weight and burn fats, you can give the GM diet a try. A slenderer you may be just seven days away.

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  1. I am on my third day and I have lost one kg by now . But today I cheated and I had walnuts and soya chips.Will it affect my weight loss adversely ???

    • Likely it will, walnuts are concentrated fat and chips are junk food full of bad oils not to mention soy is bad for the body and hormones. Sorry…

  2. I cheated on day 1 i was craving for bread .. so i ate 1 slice of white bread with wonder soup at night. Will this ruin my diet. Should i restart?

    • Hello 🙂
      Hang in there..
      I will say start over, wheat will ruin your body and your weight on any given day. Yes I would start over…

  3. May I check if I can have sun dried apricots as a snack on day 1 and day 3?

  4. i am only 14 years old is it okay if i do this diet ?

  5. Im on my day one. But the question is will this diet affect my hair fall rate? If so how do I control it? Does it have any other major side affects apart from the above listed?

    • If you hair falls out from a simple 7 day cleanse diet, you have serious to moderate underlying health issues. It’s not the diet. However the diet then is not right for you if this is an issue.

  6. I am going gym d aerobics for past three weeks but I feel I again more weight than bfre am so confused plz help me

    • Working our has little to do with weight loss. Your diet, when you sleep, etc plays a much great role. I can lose wight easily and not workout at all. I am not saying not to exercise, your diet is vital.

  7. hi..

    Am diabetic.. Want to follow this diet.. Don’t discourage by asking me to visit a doc
    . Am desperately wanting to reduce weight . Please give me so tips

  8. I have thyroid problem, will GM diet suit me,

  9. How many days gap should be there between two GM diet my sister wedding is about to come and wanna reduce around 30kgs 🙁 pls help me out n if we eat in control after this diet will it reduce weight permanent?

    • 2 weeks best, you can do a week wait after the first time. It can help lose good weight bit if you don’t make a lifestyle change you will on 100% of all diets out there just gain it back plus more…

  10. hy!! m 5″4 and my weight is 70.4 kgs….want to shed some extra fat…… is this really effective ?

    • This diet can be very effective, however after the diet will be the true test. No diet, not 1 can guarantee a thing unless you make a lifestyle change.

  11. Thnkw!! i wana start it frm today….. can i hv .. lemond with warm water in the morning?

    and… cn u tl me the exact diet chart and schedule so that it vl b easy for me! plzzz….

  12. thnkw so mch sir/mam !

    bt i woke up at 10am …cn i start d diet now without workout….? cn i do workout in the evening …? the resultes vl b good or not?

  13. I heard this diet causes the yoyo effect

    • Any diet will cause a yo-yo effect if you don’t change your lifestyle afterwards. It is not worse. It actually is a very stable realistic plan. Likely the person that said that spends more time blaming diets then their dietary habits. Dietary habits and lifestyle are the issue, not a simple 7 day plan.

  14. Can i consume warm water instead of normal water n can i also have green tea early in d morning …….der will be ny side effects

  15. I have normal weight but I want to loose my body fat, will this diet help me do that or will it only result in lower weight and higher body fat?

  16. I am taking warm water with honey and lemon, it is good or not, while fallowing this gm diet

  17. I am in the 4th day of gm diet did I eat 4 bananas in this day with normal milk, is I reduce weight this week

  18. U told that in day 5 with tomatoes l cup rice want to take, with rice with curry want to take please tell me

  19. good morning, i have belly fat and love handles. i need to lose about 4 kilos, do you think this diet will decrease my chest size? i have somehow big chest (my sister once lost hee chest while dieting) thank you in advancd

    • Sure, it can help, however you need time as well and a lifestyle change. Once you know how the next 7 days goes, you will know what needs to be done next and I am happy to help.

  20. Hi, i am in the 4th day and i ate 3 of dates in the 3rd day is that okay or not?
    and i did not exercised at all is that not helping to lose weight? and tomorrow i will exercise till the last day. and another Q. after this diet will i gain weight again? and i will try to reduce my food and start with healthy lifestyle.

    Thank you.

    • dates are not at all OK, they are pure sugar. Yes you will gain weight unless you make a lifestyle change. NO diet, not 1 can help you keep weight off without you doing something about it afterwards. Exercise has to be light the first few days because there is no protein on this plan to rebuild muscle.

  21. I have started this plan from 20 Apr 2015, now in day three.. going good.

    Magic soup was modified .. I mean, a pinch of salt was added to the soup…
    How much should it affect my weight reduction?
    Day three I feel like food cravings are dominating me… I am hard time controlling!!!

  22. Wooww, its feel so good im on a 4th days and i am felling good, back with the energy with the Banana shake and with the soup(Especially cabbage and brocoli with tomato). I just want to know if i can continue this Gm diet back to back cuz i really need to reduce 16 kg .

    Im 5′ 10 and my current weight is 96kg. Please advice

    • best to wait at least 1 week in between you 1st and 2nd round, minimum 2 weeks after that. however that week stay gluten and sugar free, eat similar to days 5 and 6.

  23. I am tea adict. may I take tea once or twice a day While doing “gm 7 days diet”. Will it work then also.

  24. I go to gym regularly. Today is my 1st day of gm diet. I tried earlier also but due to cravings left that in between.
    Is Doing heavy exercises during gm diet will be wrong.

  25. Hi since it is peak summer here in India, is it okay if we have a cup or 2 of yogurt/buttermilk, everyday while following the diet.

  26. I am 5’1” and my weight is 55 kgs. Should I go ahead with this diet?

  27. Hi, just got over with the second day of my diet and i don’t seem to have lost any weight till now. Is that normal? How early should i expect to start losing weight?

  28. Hi, weighed myself in the morning on the thrid day. Only 300 grams lighter. I weighed 65kgs and now i amt at 74.7 after two days of following the diet. From Which day should i expect to see some substantial weifht loss?

  29. hey…i have big thighs …will gm diet help me to reduce my thigh fat???

    • it can, however normally when someone carries their weight mostly in one area it’s a sign of underlying health issues for example high cortisol, estrogen dominance, etc

  30. Hello
    Today is my fst day of GM DIET its afternoon now n going good till now little down with my energy level I wanted to ask can I have milk tea once with some salt plz suggest

  31. On fifth day can i have chapati without oil,instead of brown rice

  32. Hi,

    Want to shed some weight off my tummy. Will GM target that or will it eat into the muscle mass ?
    Can you please shed some light over it.


    • this is a short detox plan (3 days), eating into muscle will vary per person but it should be little and yes it targets fat, That’s what’s great bout this plan, it does not detox long enough to really affect muscles too much. You will lose water weight (any diet this happens) and should hopefully lose some good fat.

  33. Please let me know how to maintain after completing 7 days. i have tried this GM diet twice but later could not maintained. pls help

  34. Hi..i m going gym from last 1 month, but have lost only 1 kg aftr following proper diet plan and once i have done this gm diet but i dint lose even 1kg..why it happened?
    Should i do it again?

  35. Hi is there any substitute to milk as I cannot tolerate milk

  36. Hey,

    I have completed 3 days of my diet and have lost only 1 kg. Infact, on day 2 I lost 1 kg (my weight 55.67kg) and on day 3 my weight went up to 55.77kgs. I am following the diet completely, no cheats or deviations and I am not even consuming salt. Is this normal? I am a little disappointed and demotivated to continue. Please suggest.

    • what did you eat day 2? Why no salt? you are likely retaining water and totally bloated. salt, a quality salt is needed.

  37. I had watermelon, pomogrante, cantaloupe and papaya on day 2. I thought salt leads to water retention which is why didn’t consume salt

  38. oops that was Day 1. Day 2 I had a baked potato, corn and peas salad, 2 carrot, sprouts salad and cucumber and tomato

    • having No salt ( a quality salt) is a great way to mess up your health and bloat and retain water. Second looking at day 2 you are not reading the program carefully here at all. This is not the plan hence why you are not at all showing weight loss. So sorry. I suggest reading each day here very carefully. Too much salt yes can lead to water retention, but this only if you have too much.

  39. I tried GM diet 2 Times, in ana interval of 1 week. In first GM Diet Session I lost 3.5 Kg & in second 2.7 Kg. But, I gain weight around 3kg, in a week after GM diet plan ends….Could you suggest , what should be the diet plan I should follow now ??
    Thanks in advance

    • what do you eat in between plans. on any diet, 100% of them a lifestyle change will be needed afterwards or else. then happy to let you know a possible good plan

      • Thanks for your prompt response….I had simple coffee & tea with sugar & wheat ( chapati) apart from regular vegetables. A such no fatty stuff…Please help me to guide with a good diet plan ( I am vegetarian)

  40. i am on my 4th day and i lost 3kg till now, if i exercise would it help reduce more weight ?
    and can i follow the GM diet next week too ? or do i have to leave a gap? because i really need to lose weight

  41. Hey can I eat red beans on day 5 instead of rice. And what about this gm diet during periods??

  42. Hi..i started with day one and till eve had apples throughout, for dinner I had one apple with 2 mixed fruit juice and little sprouts..Is it ok for a beginner?

  43. hi.. I am on day 2 and seem to have retained water a lot as I feel bloated too much…. what do u recommend?… I followed the diet completely.. no cheating

  44. I cannot eat tomatoes. I will probably end up puking after the first bite. Are there any other alternatives for tomatoes ?
    Will I gain back after the GM diet is over? On non diet days I consume 1500 to 1800 calories and spend half an hour in the gym . With this lifestyle, will I be able to maintain my new weight ?

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***Before asking your question, please understand that we are only here to help and these are our opinions. Also make sure you read and understand the entire diet before doing it. And also see a doctor if you feel you need approval to do so. If you plan to exercise during the diet, you cannot do heavy weights and heavy workouts (We state this on the Exercise page), you need to have the correct amount of protein. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Thanks You