Losе Wеіght By Lоwering Your Cаrbs

Carbs and Weight Loss

Most diets incorporate a section or a significant portion of the overall diet to cutting back on carbs. Cutting back on carbs is probably the single most common factor you will find in most of the popular diets. What this tells us is that tackling your carbs or carbohydrates is the surest way to achieve your weight loss goals. Reducing your carbs is a good thing because it means cutting back on sugar and when you cut back on sugar you know you are knocking off a few pounds right there.

Lower Carbs

Lower Carbs

Lower Carbs

Let us take a look at some low carb diet tips to help us achieve our weight loss goals. Remember diet plans like the GM Diet or the HCG Diet differ in the amount of carbs to cut back but they all suggest reducing the carb intake as part of the plan.

There а few things that happen to our body when we go through а strict low carb diet. In some cases, especially in а zero carb diet like the Atkins diet (first two weeks) where the intake is zero or pretty close to zero carbs, our body goes into а state of ketosis. Now what does Ketosis mean? Essentially what happens is our body uses all of the stored fat for energy. We turn into а fat burning machine. Also by reducing or limiting our intake of sugar the stored fat in our bodies is being used as energy. So with every move we make we are losing the fat that we have built up over the years.

Once you lose enough weight you can now start eating normally, i.e carbs can be added back into your diet plan a little at a time. An important tip to know if you are indeed losing weight or finding out if your body is in the state of Ketosis is to use Ketosis indicator strips. All you needs are these strip and you can test your urine sample yourself. You can find these strips at any medical or vitamin store. These ketosis strip come with а color code on the container to easily tell where you are in your carb loss state, I believe the closer you get to dark purple the better.

There was a time when people considered getting into the state of Ketosis was dangerous. But over the years, a lot of people have reportedly lost weight and significant amount of weight with it. This has slowly changed the mindset of people and now it has become accepted and is more or less mainstream as far as the weight loss industry is concerned. A lot of diet plans, be it old like the Atkins Diet or new ones like the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris promote weight loss by limiting carbs.

Plenty of people are amazed at how much weight you can lose by simple watching your carbs. Of course it goes without saying that it is important to first talk to a certified trainer or nutritionist before starting any diet. If you have any medical condition then it is always best to involve your doctor as well. We at GMDietworks.com always recommend talking to all three before you begin any weight loss regime, be it the GM diet or any other diet.


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  1. I’m on GM Diet and I’m on my third day now and still, I haven’t had bowel movement since Day 1. Will the diet still work?

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